More Fun with Frank , Bill Ch. 08

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I was sat in between Ron and Bill parting my legs.

Frank and the two young lads, Gary and Mark were sat watching.

My skirt was now up high in a belt like fashion around my waist, my legs splayed, looking long in my heels and in my suspender tights.

They were parting them really wide to show my fanny.

Ron’s hand had strayed down to my cunt, and as the other four men watched intently, he slowly rubbed my pussy lips and then slipped a finger up me.

“Fucking hell Anna your cunt is soaking,” Ron exclaimed to the other men.

As he said so he dipped a second, then a third finger up me and began slowly to finger fuck me.

I moaned as he did so, ensuring I kept eye contact with young Gary as I was being used.

“I fucking want some of that too,” Bill then said.

And with this he also slipped a finger up me, this was quickly joined by a second.

I sat, my legs akimbo as my two older lovers, one on each side of me, slowly mingled their fingers up my sopping pussy, each thrusting gently up me in rhythm with each other.

“Fuck me,” Gary blurted out.”Fuck me.”

“You like it?” Bill asked.”You like watching this?”

Gary and Mark stared at me,sweat was evident on both their foreheads and I was breathing very heavily.

Bill and Ron were really working my cunt now, both fingering me simultaneously, making me cream and drip my pussy cum onto their fingers as they did so.

Frank then joined in, “Hope you aren’t too shocked lads.”

They both looked across at him as spoke to them.

“We have an arrangement with Anna’s husband, we get to play with her from time to time.”

Both young lads nodded, in what seemed to be an acceptance of this explanation and of the situation unfolding in front of them.

“Shes so fucking hot,” Mark said.

“Thanks,” I said to them on hearing this.

They both turned to look back at me as I was building up to my first climax.

“You’re so sexy,” Gary added. He was staring at me now and I could see the swell in his crotch area.

“I’m going to cum soon,” I said as Ron and Bill kept pounding my sloppy cunt with their fingers.

“Fuck me harder,” I urged them.”Fuck me, go on make me cum, fuck it, fuck it.”

They both really began pounding my fanny, my juices spurting everywhere, their fingers slopping in and out of me with audible slurps and plops.

My juices were leaking heavily now as the waves of my orgasm started.

“Fucking hell. I’m cumming, I’m fucking cumming you dirty cunts.”

My first climax washed over me as I sat shaking and leaking my cum all over the guys fingers. My pussy juice dribbling onto my legs and seeping onto the floor.

“Wow!” Mark blurted out as the guys slowly slipped their fingers from me and I sat quivering from an intense cum.”That was hot”.

I was now sat recovering and the guys were all acıbadem escort chatting away, my legs still spread wide.

“Let’s have some real fun,” Bill then said.

With this he and Ron both began to strip off. I could see the two young lads looking at each other.

“Are you OK?” I asked as I sat and straightened myself up.

Frank also could sense their apprehension.

“we’ve never done anything like this,” Mark said, almost apologetically.

“No I’m not sure what is going on?” Gary interjected.

“Well lads,” Ron began. “We are all going to have some fun. Us three are going to have a good long fuck with Anna.”

At this I replied.

“Oh are you now!” This seemed to take Ron by surprise, till I smiled and laughed.

“Look guys,” I said. “The four of us have been lovers for some time now, my husband lets me have fun with the three of these dirty old buggers as often as I like. If you want too, I would love you to join in with us this time too?”

Frank smiled, then he looked at the two younger lads and spoke to them.

“If you want to, you could just watch or join in, or if your not comfortable with it then that’s fine too, don’t feel pressurised here.”

The two young cousins began chatting again and the upshot was that Mark was in a relationship and felt that if he joined in he would be cheating.

Gary was trying to persuade him otherwise, but to be honest I thought it was kind of nice that he was being faithful and true to his girlfriend.

“Sorry,” Mark said. “I can’t join in, and if Gary is joining in I would feel pretty funny watching as well.”

With this it was agreed that Mark was not up for having some fun and so he left and returned to his own caravan.

This left me, Frank, Bill, Ron and young Gary in ours.

The pace began to hot up once Mark had left.

I was soon stripped of my blouse and bra and my skirt was removed too. Leaving me in just my suspender style tights and high heels.

The three older guys were quickly stripped down to their briefs, young Gary looking a bit more sheepish as he took his shirt off and finally got stripped to his boxer shorts too.

The three more experienced guys then suggested that Gary and I should maybe get to know each other a little bit first.

They all sat watching as he and I began some cuddling and some kissing.

After a while the kissing became more passionate, and we were soon french kissing deeply, my hands straying to the bulge in his boxers and his hands moving to feel my titties as we did so.

I moaned as he began to tease my nipple and I slid my hand up and into his boxers. His young cock was poker stiff and I slowly wrapped my hand around it and began to wank him.

Meanwhile he was playing with my titty. He then dipped his head down and gently, tenderly sucked akbatı escort at my tits. He sucked for a few minutes then we began kissing again.

I continued Frenching him deeply as I wanked him, oblivious to the show we where giving the other three men.

After a few minutes I slid his boxers down to expose his solid young prick.

I then moved onto the floor as he sat back and I began to wank him into my mouth.

I licked and sucked up and down his young length (about 7 inches in length I would say) as he moaned at me.

“Oh yes, please suck it, thats lovely, thank you.”

I felt a pair of hands behind me as Ron positioned himself at my rear.

I was moved onto all fours, my arse high in the air as Ron slowly rubbed his cock against my open cunt. He rimmed around my fanny lips as he teased me.

“I want it up me,” I said to him in between gobbling on Garys young cock.

Ron obliged and slipped his knob end up me, then he rammed it home and began humping me.

Young Gary was enjoying the blow job I was giving him, his young tool was dripping some pre cum from the end of it, so I slowed down on the wanking and sucking. I wanted his young prick up me.

Ron was fucking me in good style now, slapping my arse as he humped me from behind.

“Take it, take my fucking cock.” Ron was getting in the mood, his language becoming more choice with each stroke.

I could see young Gary looking as Ron let forth a volley of abuse at me.

“Go on Ron fuck me, fucking ram it into my cunt,” I glared at Gary as I urged Ron to fuck me.

“I love it Gary, don’t worry, I wont take offence, I love being their dirty slut. Do you want to fuck me?”

Ron was continuing his pounding. Frank and Bill slowly tugging at their stiff cocks as they watched me being spit roasted by Ron and Gary.

Gary had been very quiet up to this point, but on hearing Ron calling me names as he fucked me he began to open up a little bit.

“I would love to fuck you, your such a dirty cow.”

“She’s a fucking great shag son,” Ron informed him.

“Her cunt gets really wet and she fucking takes spunk everywhere.”

The dirty talk was now flowing and I was keen to get Garys young, hard prick up me.

“Let the young lad have a go then!” Frank urged from the sidelines, both him and Bill wanking, their cocks red and stiff, both obviously enjoying the show.

I remained on all fours but was turned around to face Frank and Bill, Ron joining them in front of me as Gary put a condom on and got behind me.

He slowly nudged my pussy lips and entered my very wet and wide open cunt and he slipped his young cock into me It felt amazing to have such a young, virile lad fucking me. His young cock slipped into me easily and he began to ride me hard from behind.

I was on all fours my tits aksaray escort swinging as Gary banged away at me, my suspender tights had begun to rip in a couple of places, my high heels still on, my lipstick all smeared and my face flushed.

I was getting into the mood myself, getting off on having four cocks to play with. I urged young Gary on, begging him to:

“Fuck me, go on fuck me, ride me hard you dirty young shit, go on fuck me like a whore.”

My three older lovers all stood in front of me presenting their hard, swollen cocks to me to suck on.

Rons massive cock was straining from the pounding he had given me, my cunt juice glistening on his shiny length.

Gary was also joining in the verbal banter now.

“Fucking buck back at me, you dirty slut,” he called to me.

I obliged, thrusting my arse back to meet his humps, getting the full length of his rock solid cock up me in the process.

“You like my cunt?” I asked. “You like my fucking used pussy? Go on then fucking use it, bang it you shit, go on spunk up it you bastard!”

He continued to bang away at me, urging me on as he did so.

I moved from cock to cock in front of me, taking it in turns to suck at them all.

Gary gave a groan and announced he was going to spunk.

“Fucking cum on her son,” Ron said.

Gary then quickly pulled out and whipped off his condom.

Within seconds he was shooting hot, sticky spurts up onto my arse and onto my back, this started off a wave of spunking.

Ron began jetting off quickly as he watched young Gary’s cum flying onto me.

He shot hot, sticky, salty, spurt after spurt onto my face. His spunk splashing onto me in streams.

Frank and Bill both began to spunk at the same time adding their cum to Ron’s load …

My face was awash with cum, it was dripping heavily off me and onto the floor. I was plastered in the three dirty buggers spunk as Gary finished unloading onto my arse.

I felt so dirty but had enjoyed another little climax as Gary had fucked me.

I looked a mess, covered in cum, smeared with lipstick and my tights were by now in pieces hanging off in places.

Ron was first to speak.

“Fucking fantastic as ever,” he said.

Gary looked a bit sheepish on seeing my state, Frank telling him not to worry.

“She likes to have cum on her, don’t you love?”

I smiled as best I could with the heavy loads on me.

“I hope I’m going to get more,” I said.

“You fucking bet” Ron added.

We all cleaned up and had another drink, me in just my bath robe after having got most of the cum off me, the smell of sex still heavily in the air.

We chatted and Gary agreed to say goodbye before he and Mark left the next day.

Gary left after this drink, thanking us all for an ‘amazing’ night.

We parted with a little kiss and cuddle.

The three of us then had another drink then we all went for a well earned sleep,

I had more fun with the my three older lovers the next day.

We then saw both Gary and Mark in the afternoon as they packed to leave, Mark was very quiet but Gary was very friendly and again graciously thanking us for a great time.

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