My Freshman Year Ch. 04A

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Chapter 4A, My Freshman Year. Going to the Doctor

Chapter 4 is longer than I anticipated but when I read my diary, I get carried away and my memoires start flooding back to me, then it is like automatic-writing. This chapter is very important because it prepares us on what will happen to us for the rest of the school year and what is to come and why we are here. I also thought I would describe how to make perfect love in case other couples want to learn how to reach nirvana. Plus, the research is very educational and helpful to understanding a woman.

In the last chapter, Bill, the team quarterback had just taken 2 senior sorority girls to the school clinic to be treated for Pubic Lice and a cocktail for the way over. The clinic was closed but the night nurse, Dan who was there for emergencies, offered to treat all of us for Pubic Lice and not report it to the school. He treated 2 girls at a time because it was faster.

As they were leaving, Bill told us it would take around 1 ½ hours at the clinic. So, we all hung around the Sorority house waiting for their return to get all of the details, while drinking Margarita Cocktails, getting drunk and talking about what was happening to the girls. The more we drank the more we got turned on from the Tequila and I could feel a hint of Quaalude in the cocktail, so we were all turned on.

Since BC pills were by prescription only, which required an exam, the girls talked about what it is like getting a pelvic exam from a doctor but I had never had one before. I was surprised to hear how many girls get turned on during exams, especially by the new cute doctor at a local clinic. I felt my pussy getting wet from all the talk.

Around 30 minutes later another football player came by to pick up 2 more girls to be treated at the clinic. He made sure they got a cocktail for the trip to over also. About an hour later the first girls came back and they were laughing when they entered the room and walked up to where we sitting. We said “tell us everything that happened”!

They didn’t say a word but lifted up their dresses to show us their shaved pussies and they had no panties on. I think everyone was a little shocked at the sight. We had been told to wear a dress to the clinic so there would be less to take off. We said tell us what happened, but they wanted a drink first, and asked if we have any cocktail left and we did. They both gulped down about half of their drinks.

They sat down and started at the beginning and explained in detail about the Erotic Physical Exam as Dan called it. Wow, I was sooo turned on hearing about what happened, which included getting their pussies shaved by Doc Dan. Someone asked where their panties were and they showed us a plastic bag with both of their panties inside. They said Dan made them put their panties in a plastic bag because they had Pubic Lice on them.

About the time it took the first girls to tell us everything, the second pair of girls came back and told us the same story about the exam, with some help from the first girls. Of course, they were shaved too, then I knew we were all going to get shaved as part of the exam, turning us on even more. It was getting late and I was in a hurry to get back to the dorm so I could shampoo my pubic hair with the special shampoo Bill had given us to reduce the itching from the pubic lice.

As soon as I got back to the dorm, I took a shower and shampooed my pussy really good and it did stop the itching. I had to get off in the shower to release sexual tension. Amy and I were coming down from the cocktail so we had no problem going right to sleep.

Every night more girls got examined, treated and shaved and we heard all about each one, especially the second night, which was the Extreme Erotic Physical Exam. Finally, on Tuesday, it was mine and Amy’s turn to go and we had heard so much about it we were ready but still a little shy and nervous. Around 4:00 Amy and I started getting ready and took a long shower and prepared ourselves for the exam. Bill and a couple of players came to the sorority house with a cooler of cocktail, like they did every night during the treatment to give us support. After about 30 minutes and one drink later, Bill told Amy and I, it is time to go to the clinic and got us a cocktail refill for the way over, getting us even more turned on. Now, it was our turn. On the way over Bill told us not to worry and obey Dan’s instructions, and to finish our drink because it will help us relax so our exam go better, we won’t feel so embarrassed.

When we got to the clinic Bill parked around back, we got out of the car with Bill and went to the back door and he rang the bell. This real cute guy in a white doctor’s coat came out from a hall way with 2 girls and unlocked the door.

They traded girls, Bill picked up the ones that had been treated and dropped off 2 new ones, us. The guy introduced himself as Dan and showed us the way back to the exam room. When we walked in there were 2 naked girls already in there. One was the nurse because she only had on a nurse’s cap, and Dan introduced her as a senior bostancı escort nursing student to assist him. So, she knows what she is doing. The other girl was sitting on the end of the exam table.

That is when I recognized her as Pam, she lived 2 doors down from us in the dorm. Amy and I would go out drinking with Pam, her roommate and several other girls from our end of the hall, at the start of school year. Pam was one of the girls that would leave with a guy at night. I had never seen her naked, but I could tell she had big tits, but not this big. Being a redhead and light skinned, her nipples and areolas were a light pink color. I couldn’t help but stare. Pam still had a shower cap on from soaking in the tub, and Dan said it makes her look more naked and saves exam time.

We started talking to Pam and Dan asked if we knew each other and we told him yes, from the dorm. He said he likes doing girls from the freshman dorm, since you know each other, your more playful and fun to be with. I have examined about half of the girls in your dorm already so I know what most of you look like. Plus, you all get to see each other naked and get to know each other intimately. It is part of Zen, getting to know each other.

Dan asked what we were here for and we said our pussies itch. He replied that we probably have Pubic Lice, but he would have to do a complete physical exam on both of us to confirm. He assured us that he is a Registered Nurse so he can treat any emergency that comes in to the clinic, so I am approved to do these physicals on you. To me, this is like playing doctor and I am your doctor. So, I will need both of you to take all your clothes off for me so I can perform the physical exam.

He apologized for not having exam gowns available, saying the clinic is closed for the night, so the gowns are locked up. He said the clinic is charged for each gown used, so they would notice 20 missing per night. Anyway, with no gown on, the exam will go easier, more complete and faster since it won’t get in the way during the exam. I suddenly became embarrassed right there in the lit-up exam room with everyone looking, so I waited for Amy to go first but she just looked at me.

Dan told us not to be embarrassed because he has seen and examined hundreds of naked girls from last year and 126 girls in just the last week alone. I also know that both of you have already been naked and fucked by the players in front of other girls the other night, isn’t that right and we said yes. Plus, the other girls in the room don’t want to be the only ones naked, isn’t that right girls and they replied that’s right. He informed us that we will be required to be naked anyway for the SPE exam, and he wants us to get used to being naked in front of other people like will happen at the Mixers. In fact, you will be naked for 5 hours at every Mixer so you will start to like being naked. He also wants us to get to know each other’s bodies and this is a good way. Last, he had to admit that he just likes having naked girls around him, I think I did too.

He said he would go easy on us first and told us to kick off your shoes, so we did and the linoleum floor felt cold on my feet. Now I will count to three and both of you will take your dress off, he said 123, then we did it and we were down to our matching bra and panties. Dan had us hang our dresses on two empty hooks on the coat rack along with 5 other dresses. Then he counted to 3 again and we took our bras off and hung them on the hook. When I took my bra off the cool air caused my nipples to get hard and I looked at Amy and her nipples did to. Dan said I love to watch girl’s nipples get hard when they take their bras off, it is so cute. I got embarrassed and covered my breasts as they laughed.

Then he counted to three again and we took off our panties and were now naked as the other girls except we still had our pubic hair. We were going to hang our panties up but Dan said no, just throw them on that stack of panties on the floor. You see there are pubic lice in your panties. We looked and Dan showed us little brown dots in the crotch and said they are Pubic Lice, so you can’t even wear them home. There were already four pairs on the floor so we threw ours on top. I was a little embarrassed standing naked in front of everyone but not for long, as they were naked also except for Dan and the cocktail was starting to kick in. Dan said we look beautiful and the guys are going to love your naked bodies. Pam said this is different seeing each other naked like this as she checked us out

Dan said he knew we had already heard everything about the exam, but I will explain it just in case they missed something. Tonight, I will give you a complete physical exam that includes a breast, pelvic and anal exam. He will also have to give us an enema and douche. This exam is necessary to confirm Pubic Lice and treat it.

It is also the same exam given by doctors to get your prescription for the Diet Pills, which is required if you want to continue getting them. Do you want to keep getting the büyükçekmece escort diet pill and we said Oh Yes! Well, this will do it, and you even get the pills for free.

Next, this exam is the Pre-Trial Clinical Study exam, which is required to be in the study. This is what we call a base line exam that tells us what your body is like now, before you start taking the experimental BC pill. Then as I examine you through the semester we can document any changes in your body such as breast growth, to prove the pill works. So, we will monitor and document every part of your body inside and out.

This is also the team physical exam that is required to be on the team. All the guys had to take it, except the girl’s exam will be different. It is kind of hard to give a guy a breast and vaginal exam and we all laughed. So, we need to make sure you are healthy to handle the sex required to satisfy the guys and go to nirvana which consumes as much energy as a marathon. At the mixers, you will have sex for 5 hours and you will be exhausted afterwards.

This is also an erotic sexual physical exam where we will exam your sexuality. This will involve a SPE exam, Sexual Performance Evaluation test to check out your bodies sexually, physically and mentally. This is to complement, document and confirm Bill’s sexual study. To find out what you like and what turns you on. So we will stimulate and examine all of your erogenous zones to make sure they are all working perfectly and find out what you like sexually. This is important, because when a girl likes to do something, then she does it better, so this is a perfect example of passion. So, we want her do what she likes, which will make sex so much better for us.

Since so much of a girl’s body is dedicated to sex, she needs to know how to use it and how good it can make everyone feel. Girls need to be taught all about sex. We are taught how to walk, talk, read and even how to drive a car, but no one teaches girls about their bodies and sex, which can be complex. We will explore your body and teach you how to use and enjoy it. We don’t want girls to just lay there while the guys do all of the work, so we will teach all of you what to do. Plus, we just love to experiment on girls and their bodies, to learn and try new things, it is so much fun. We will push the sexual and erotic envelope and try new things.

We will also be studying girls loving girls. With 40 girls and 10 guys then we want you to love each other as well. You all have sex with each other and eat each other out, so do you like it, and we replied, we love it. That is because girls bodies are so magical with soft skin, so desirable and made for sexual fun for everyone. Plus, girls are closer to each other and even kiss hello when they see each other. Me and the guys love watching girls make love to each other so don’t stop. Through Zen we will teach all of you to love one another. It increases the level of love and sexual desire in the room to a higher sexual plain. We will gather and document all of this information for the researchers to study and learn from.

Another reason it is called an erotic physical exam is I get to do things to you that a regular doctor can’t. For instance, I have a naked nurse which a regular doctor can’t have, especially mine and patted her ass cheeks. Doctors examine only one girl at a time with a gown on. Here I have 3 girls at a time and your all completely naked and watch each other get examined. I also get to do a sexual exam on you and doctors aren’t allowed to. This is just the beginning, there is more to come as you will see.

Next, Dan explained that the BC pill company sponsoring the Trial Study had discussed in the past how their product, the Birth Control pill, can change a girl’s life style so they decided to find out how much and why. So, they did a study and got the school clinic and other local doctors and GYNs around the campus, to ask their patients why they were either on the pill or why they weren’t. Results were 70% of coeds were on birth control and 30% were not. When asked why not, most said because of religious reasons, next were girls that felt they were not pretty or too fat to get a guy. Next were girls that liked other girls so don’t do it with guys. Last were girls that just hadn’t done it yet.

Of the 70% that were on birth control, 29% had boyfriends or married. That left over 40% that just like sex and that is the girls we want to study, that is all of you. The study also found that over 60% of coeds on campus had sex in the last month. That is how much sex is going on. (Remember this was in the late 70s and the sexual revolution was still going strong. Birth Control pills were fairly new, before AIDS and Herpes were a problem, plus the drinking age back then was 18 and drugs were everywhere).

Dan said when the company heard about Bill’s study of girls sexuality and creating the perfect girl, they wanted to work with him. This way they can document Bill’s study to confirm if it works, and if it does, then learn how to he does it. In fact, çekmeköy escort a major sex research Institute for sexual studies, will advise and join this study. Dan said this will be the largest and most complete girls sexual study ever done, and all of you will be part of it. You can be proud of your selves for helping women to understand their bodies, your sexuality and reduce their period symptoms at the same time. This way we can do the BC pill study and the sex study at the same time.

Bill and the guys will get the girls, train them to perfection, make love to them and collect the information for the study. Then the company will document and study the findings to help explain a girl’s sexual arousal, vaginal lubrication and sexual psychology, into what turns them on and makes them orgasm. So, this is where sexual perfection is taught, practiced, perfected and documented. This will be Sex Ed 101 for all of you, but you will leave with a PHD by the end of the year. We are going to teach you special techniques of sex and fucking. You see girls are very complex physically, mentally and sexually, especially your bodies. That is why women have special doctors, OB, GYNs to take care of their body, and I am your GYN tonight. I love playing doctor, we all laughed some more.

Mentally and sexually, girls your age are full of contrast between what is socially acceptable and your new sexual feelings. For instance, girls are supposed to be prim and proper, dress conservatively, but in reality, girls are exhibitionist and that is why you dress in as little as you can, to show off your bodies. Like short skirts and bikinis on the beach. If Your mother wore your bikini to the beach at your age, she would be considered a slut. But now most girls wear them so no one thinks anything of it, so no one is embarrassed. So social norms have changed and girls can show off more of their body where they can. But for instance, girls can’t wear bikinis to class but they can at the school pool, even with the same people from class.

In fact, we found out that girls really like getting naked in front of people, like in front of their boyfriend or other people like tonight so they can seduce you. Girls are taught not to get naked or even take their panties off except to take a shower or change cloths because society says so. But that is just society trying to control you. Being naked makes you feel so free and naughty at the same time, it feels so natural. Girls get a sexual rush when they get naked because that is what your bodies are made for. How do you both feel being naked now? I bet both of you girls are wet down there, and we were.

Then we found out how much girls like having their picture taken naked because they are exhibitionist and like showing off their body. Your bodies are so perfect now, you want to remember how fine they look and share it with others. Plus, knowing someone might see that naked picture makes her feel really naughty and you get embarrassed which turns you on even more, right? Since girls like having their picture taken anyway, like models, being naked adds to the sexual excitement. So we will be taking lots of pictures of your naked bodies for the researchers to look at and study. I was really embarrassed now. Now that girls are so turned on; it leads to sex.

Girls are really told not to have sex, but that was before Birth Control pills, so that is not an excuse anymore. Society dictates that women aren’t supposed to enjoy sex and if they do they are sluts. They say it is a woman’s duty to only give sex to satisfy their husband and not enjoy it, but again that is old social norms and is just a way for men to control women, but things have changed. Sex is not only to make babies anymore. It is just a primitive human natural desire for girls to want to have sex at this age because her hormones are kicking in. So girls are trying to cope with all of this and we are here to help you through it.

Since women are designed to have babies, then they usually want to have babies. To have babies you have to have sex so girls instinctively want to have sex. Humans are the only species that have recreational sex so girls want to have sex. Girls also like having sex with guys that know what they are doing, to teach them about sex and make them feel like a woman. We will study all of your sexual desires.

Since your bodies are so sexual, you need to explore what you are capable of. For instance, studies have shown that a girl’s clit has no other bodily function except to give her sexual pleasure, orgasm, satisfaction and then relaxation, why deny it. But girls have been told not to play with it, is that right and we admitted yes. Moms tell little boys they will go blind if the play with it. See how wrong they are. So eliminate from your mind any social norms that exist outside this room and emerge yourself into what is natural, and that is sex. Dan continued, it is just human nature to feel this way and is what your bodies are made for, but you have been taught that it is not what good girls do or behave. It is so confusing and feels so wrong but feels so right at the same time. It is natural for a girl to want to explore her feelings and give her body to a man for his pleasure and to satisfy him. It makes her feel like a real woman, so giving in is more fun. Girls are not aware why they have these feelings because it is subconscious, but Bill and I have learned this through sexual experimentation.

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