My Journey Pt. 05 – The Horror

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When I got home I threw Jack’s phone number in the garbage next to my desk. It was fun but I still liked the anonymity of the gloryhole, though I continued to think about the theater for the next few days.

Three guys. Three sets of hands roaming my body. Three cocks. Three loads of cum. The allure was undeniable. Still, I felt it was too…..personal. I mean…they followed me out to my fucking car!!!

The following Wednesday I was free and returned to the gloryhole. It was my comfort zone, my safe place, as they’d call it today.

I got my tokens, went to my booth, and just sat back and enjoyed the bad audio and seedy smells. A few minutes passed before I got a visitor in the next booth. In no time I was on my knees slurping on a nice cock.

Soon followed by another. Then another. And another. It was a busy night.

It was different this time though. After I swallowed I found myself curious about who was on the other side. What did they look like? Were they older or younger? Blue collar or white collar? Slim, fat, or somewhere in between?

I sat on my heels and watched them pull up their pants through the hole. A construction worker. A landscaper. An office worker. Different ages. They were all Anadolu Yakası Escort decent looking. I felt a sense of pride knowing I’d helped them relieve their stress and had brought them some pleasure.

I got a little break and was considering heading home when the door in the booth next to me opened. I smiled. “Ok,” I told myself. “Just one more.”

An interesting thing happens when you’re a regular at a gloryhole. The cocks begin to look familiar. Repeat customers, you could say. And the cock that slid through the hole had definitely been in my mouth several times before.

It was a nice size, good and hard, but it stuck out in my mind because of the birthmark on the side of it. It wasn’t super pronounced, but there was a nickel sized patch of skin on the side of the shaft. It wasn’t raised or hairy or gross or anything. It was just a little darker than the rest of the skin on the shaft.

In fact, the guy actually took pretty good care of himself. Clean shaved cock and balls and he always seemed freshly showered. Honestly, some guys are just gross sticking their stinky, sweaty, unwashed cock through the hole. But this guy was always a pleasure to take into my mouth.

Aside Avrupa Yakası Escort from being enamored by his crotch, he was also a moaner and a gyrator. I absolutely loved hearing him groan in pleasure as I worked his load out of him.

And, of course, this time was no exception. I thoroughly enjoyed the “oooo”s and “aaahhhh”s and “mmnnnnn”s while he slowly ground himself against the wall. So hot!

And when he finally unloaded into my mouth, I rolled his load around with my tongue, enjoying it, savoring it, knowing I wouldn’t taste cum for at least another week.

And just as I had done for the 8 or 9 guys before him, I sat back on my heels and watched him through the hole, grinning, as he got ready to leave.

But then my grin was replaced by a look of horror.

Was he limping? Was that…..was that….Dr. Thompson, my Psych professor from last semester??!!!

Oh fuck!! Oh fuck!! It IS him!!!

Dr. Thompson had been in a car accident some years earlier leaving him with a permanent distinctive limp. The hair, the limp…. definitely him. And as I knelt there in horror, I realized the moaning voice bad been familiar as well.

Oh fuck. I just sucked off one of my professors…..and İstanbul Escort it wasn’t even the first time!!!

“What the fuck is wrong with me,” I asked myself.

I just wanted out of there. I needed to get home. I got myself together and started for the door. No one was in the hallway and I slipped through the store and out into the parking lot.

As I quickly walked through the lot a car passed me and slowed down. It was him. He didn’t stop though, he just kept going.

But he’d clearly seen me. FUCK!

It’s hard to think that back then being labeled a homosexual could close a lot of doors. Unlike today, if you were gay companies may pass you over for jobs or promotions. But that was the reality. Something like that gets slipped into a personal file or sent with transcripts and a career could be over before it began.

And I just blew my professor through a glory hole and he saw me leaving the building. Wonderful.

Funny thing was, I didn’t consider myself gay. I still loved women, I just enjoyed sucking cock and swallowing cum. I figured it was probably just a phase. Nothing to worry about.

On the ride home I started wondering if I’d sucked off anyone else I knew. Classmates? Professors? Neighbors? What if I had and they knew I was on the other side of that wall?

When I got home I showered and brushed my teeth. I tried to wash my perverse behavior away. I needed to straighten myself out. One thing that was for sure though….I couldn’t go back to that ABS.

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