Room Mates Pt. 01

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What the hell?! Sitting up I blindly reached for my phone to check the time. 2.07 am. Disorientated and exhausted I tried to work out what had woken me so abruptly,


Bloody hell Rosie! It may have been a while but I knew the sound of fucking and from the way the headboard was hitting the wall she was getting one hell of a ride. Pulling the duvet off my body I started to get out of bed, intent on seeking refuge in the living room but as the thumping rhythm picked up I heard her cries of encouragement through the wall and something in me stopped. Intrigued, I pressed my ear to the wall and was rewarded with another cry of pleasure.

“God Jay, I’m going to cum! Keep fucking me you beautiful bastard! Yes… Yes… More… Harder… Fuck, FUCKKKKKKK!”

Pressing my fist to my mouth to suppress my gasps I listened through the ridiculously thin walls as Rosie came like a steam roller. Between her cries, the headboard smacking the wall, the squeaking of the mattress springs and my heartbeat banging like a drummer I struggled to hear her partner.

For some reason I was desperate to hear him cum, Richard always came with a little gasp and I had always suspected that that wasn’t normal. By now my nipples were like bullets and I was desperate to get myself off but I had to hear him first. On and on he kept fucking her relentlessly, from her soft whimpers I knew she was about to cum a second time and still he was silent.

Unable to take it a second longer I slid my fingers into my knickers and began rubbing my clit in frantic circles. It wasn’t enough. Shifting my body I spread my knees deeper into the pillows and thrust my other hand between my legs, pushing two fingers into my eager pussy.

My upper body pressed into the wall as I finger fucked myself, my nipples hardened to the point of pain rubbed against the wall and I could feel the thumping pulse of the headboard flow through it into my body. I thrust my fingers as he thrust into Rosie, desperate to keep his rhythm even though it was much faster than I usually masturbated. Her soft cries gained momentum and she began yelling in earnest,


Frantically I thrust a third finger into my pussy and sobbed as my orgasm broke. I slumped against the wall as my body shook, my gulping breathing loud enough to wake the dead. I pulled my shaking hand from my throbbing clit and pressed it to my lips to stifle the noise, tasting myself in the process.

Determined to stay with him, I pumped my other hand into my spasming pussy and slid my wet fingers into my mouth, sucking and fucking myself with abandon. Without a doubt this was the dirtiest, horniest experience of my life and I didn’t want it to end but judging by the deep grunts coming from next door I knew he was close.

Pulling my fingers from my clasping pussy I gently stroked my clit as I heard him cum, a deep bellow of satisfaction that seemed to go on forever. Sliding back down on the damp pillows I licked my fingers clean and stretched. My body was ready for another orgasm but I wanted to hold on to this feeling for a while longer. Hearing them fucking had awoken my libido from hibernation and I desperately wanted to make up for lost time.

I had never had an orgasm as intense as this one, ever and I had Rosie’s playmate to thank. His deep throated cry as he came proved that Richard’s feeble squeak of pleasure was just the tip of the iceberg and I could only imagine what Rosie must have felt being on the receiving end. She hadn’t said she was seeing anyone so for all I knew he was a one night mecidiyeköy escort stand, never to be repeated.

The thought made me sad, my foray into quasi voyeurism had triggered the hottest orgasm of my life and I wanted a repeat performance. Just by mimicking his rhythm, my fingers had brought me bone deep satisfaction. I shivered as I tried to imagine how good it would feel to have his cock driving into me with the same intensity.

Grinning I stretched again and felt my juices trickling down my thighs, I still couldn’t believe how hard I had cum and all from listening to my best friend getting nailed next door. I remembered my ex’s face as he’d called me frigid and uninspiring in bed and fought the urge to laugh. Mystery Man would definitely feature in my next few masturbatory sessions that was for damn sure, for all I knew he could look like Quasimodo and he was already the best lover I had never had.

Feeling better than I had in months, I leapt from the bed and went to the kitchen for a glass of water. As I passed Rosie’s door I heard soft snores and smiled, I’d heard that great sex equalled great sleep which probably explained my insomnia. That was another thing I could happily lay at Richard’s door, the man could bore me into a coma during the day but couldn’t even fuck me to sleep at night.

Filling a glass I drank it all before refilling and leaning back against the counter, why had I stayed with him for so long? With hindsight I knew I had never really loved him and I wasn’t sure that I had even liked him yet I’d almost married the man! I was almost grateful that he’d cheated because if he hadn’t I probably would have stayed with him, oblivious to everything I was missing out on.

One night at Rosie’s and I had already experienced more passion than in 8 years with my former fiancé, albeit by myself. Raising my glass of water I toasted to my future, a Richard free zone with as many orgasms as I could handle. I almost choked as Rosie’s door opened and he walked out, tall, dark and rumpled.

His dark hair was mussed and obscured his face but aside from a pair of navy boxers he was naked. I swallowed as I took in his body, muscled but not overdone like he worked out by running or cycling and not like he spent his life in the gym. His chest had a smattering of hair which tapered down to his navel and… beyond. I shouldn’t be looking at him, he was Rosie’s but I couldn’t stop.

I wanted to run away and hide but the open plan layout of the flat gave me no hiding place, my only exit was past him. I stood like a statue and prayed he was headed for the bathroom but he ambled towards me. Shit.

“Hi there”

He stopped abruptly and blinked, obviously he was unaware that Rosie had a new roommate. Smiling to mask my embarrassment I tried again,

“Do you want a glass of water?”

He was staring at me, his dark eyes searching my face as if he was trying to process my features. I filled a glass and handed it to him. He was at least alert enough to take it from me and I smiled. I watched him as he drank, close up I could see just how attractive he was, his lips were full but not ridiculously so and they seemed to balance out against the strong line of his jaw. He looked delicious, he looked like a real man. He placed the glass on the counter next to me and ran his hands through his hair, brushing it off his face. He looked really familiar.


He stepped closer and squinted. I was beginning to get nervous when he suddenly broke into a huge grin,

“Samantha? Sammie Barratt?!”

I grinned and nodded and he wrapped me merter escort up in a bear hug which would have been uncomfortable enough given the circumstances but was made ten times worse because I was still holding my glass of water to my chest and his swift embrace jolted my arm and tipped the contents over my t shirt.

“Shit! Sorry Sammie, I’ve made you all wet. I’ll grab a towel!”

As he dashed off to the bathroom I cringed inwardly at his words, yes Jake Edwards, you have indeed made me wet, in every way imaginable. You always did for as long as I’ve known you. Wet, confused, aroused and slightly concerned if I’m being honest.

I stood there in my sodden t shirt and boy shorts and tried to get my head around the events of the evening. I wake up to the sounds of rampant fucking coming from my best friend’s bedroom. I later see my best friend’s step brother walk out, distinctly rumpled and suffering from sex brain. In all of my imaginings I couldn’t see the two of them together but if it looked like a fuck and it sounded like a fuck…

Even worse, despite fearing I had walked into some pseudo incestuous relationship I was still turned on, probably more now that I’d seen Jake almost naked and thanks to the water my traitorous nipples were blatantly protruding through my t shirt like tent pegs. I didn’t think it could get any worse.

“Here you go Sammie, clean towels and I brought you one of my t shirts.”

He stepped into me and gripped the hem of my shirt and I squealed.

“No, no it’s fine Jake! Just give me the towel!”

Grinning he looked me up and down and I felt myself blushing,

“Sorry Sammie, I wasn’t trying to get your top off. I was only trying to help.”

“I know Jake, I… I’m just surprised to see you here. Rosie didn’t say you were coming over and well… “

He tilted his head again in a gesture I was beginning to find extremely hot,

“Well what? I have to say, it was a surprise seeing you here too. What’s it been? 4 years since I saw you last?”

I nodded,

“Rosie’s 25th Birthday party. Just before you moved to the States.”

“That wasn’t my best move,” he snorted and absentmindedly started dabbing at my collarbone with a towel, “I’ve been back for 6 months and trying to make up for lost time.”

I laughed, “I know the feeling!”

He raised an eyebrow quizzically, “That sounds mysterious Sammie. If you tell me yours, I’ll share my tale of woe.”

His dabbing seemed to be moving southwards and I wasn’t exactly finding it unpleasant,

“Jake, before you say anything else I have to ask you something. And I don’t want you to feel guilty or uncomfortable because, well because it’s okay really, I mean it’s not technically illegal, just immoral but then only to some people and well, it’s none of my business really but I am staying here and I do sort of have a right to know… “

“Spit it out Sammie, I’m aging here!”

Bastard was laughing at me! Taking a deep breath I held his gaze and said what I was dreading hearing the answer to,

“Jake, are you and Rosie fucking each other?”

For a second he looked dumbstruck and then appalled.

“What the hell?! Where did that come from? Ewwww that is sick! She’s my sister!”

Now feeling even more uncomfortable than before I stared at the floor and tried to dig myself out of the hole,

“Technically she’s your step sister through marriage so you’re not even blood related so it’s not that sick.”

Looking up at him, damn he was tall, I felt the blush spread down to my chest and grimaced as his eyes followed,

“It’s just that mutlukent escort when I arrived yesterday Rosie didn’t say anything about you coming round and she went to bed and then I woke up to the sounds of… of… “, he raised his eyebrow again, this was awful! “People having sex and it was coming from her room and then I saw you come out and well, you’ve obviously been having erm, sex so… “

“So you naturally assumed I’ve been boning my sister?!”

I bit my lip to stop myself giggling, he looked disgusted and stunned and frankly adorable. I mentally kicked myself for even going there but I’d started so I had to finish.

“Well, you weren’t in there alone that’s for sure!”

He shook his head and glared at me for a second before breaking into a sly grin,

“You were listening in weren’t you?”

“Me? No! No way! I, I erm got up immediately and came out here to give you both privacy!”

He stepped closer to me and bent until his lips brushed against my ear,

“I think you’re lying Sammie, I think you listened to us fucking. I think you liked it.”

Bristling I raised my hand to tuck an errant strand of hair behind said ear in an attempt to show my nonchalance. That I ended up smacking him in the face was purely incidental. Laughing he gripped my wrist and rubbed his jaw with my hand. Dazed by the intimacy of the action I stood stunned and couldn’t formulate a response. As he brushed my finger tips over his lips, his eyes widened and he grinned at me. I had a bad feeling about that grin.

“Well, well, well. I thought you were lying but now I know for sure.”

“What are you talking about Edwards?”

“I can smell you Sammie.”

Just as I opened my mouth to squeak out a response, the bedroom door opened and a distinctly un-Rosie like face peered out,

“Jay? Are you coming back to bed soon?”

She sounded sweet at first but there was a definite edge of pissed off about her voice, obviously finding her lover pressed up against another woman would do that to a girl. He didn’t even look at her, holding my gaze and, damn it, sniffing my fingers.

“Be there in a sec Babe. Just catching up with an old friend.”

“Old?” I raised my eyebrow, “I’m a year younger than you are Jake and don’t you forget it!”

Laughing again, he released my wrist and started towards the bedroom. He stopped halfway and turned,

“For the record Sammie, I live here too and that,” he pointed to the door, “is my bedroom. Our headboards back onto the same wall. I was going to offer to move my bed tomorrow so as not to disturb you but considering I can smell your pussy on your fingers I’m guessing you liked hearing me fuck my sister through the wall. Knowing you fingered yourself to my performance adds a certain pressure but I’m certain I can overcome it.”

The blush now seemed to have consumed my entire body and as much as I wanted to deny everything he had said, I couldn’t get my mouth to work. Grinning he came back to me and bent his mouth to mine, our lips almost touching,

“We’ll catch up properly tomorrow Sammie, I do want to know what’s been going on and why you’re my new roomie, but for now, I want you to go back to bed and play with yourself guilt free while I fuck someone other than my sister. I’ll make it really loud so you get to hear everything.”

I stood shell shocked as he kissed me on the forehead and made for his room, pausing at the door and grinning at me. He motioned to me and then my room and raised both hands to indicate 10.

Cocky bastard, like I cared that I had ten minutes before I got my encore performance. I started to shake my head but he stood there comically with his hands on his hips thrusting his groin like a Chippendale and I couldn’t help myself.

I practically ran across the room and burst through my door, shooting him a wink as I went. Throwing myself on the bed I heard him laugh as he entered his room and as I made myself comfortable against the wall I just knew I was eventually going to sleep like a baby.

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