Sex for Lunch

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I sat at my desk one afternoon, working my fingers to the bone, when my phone rang. I glanced over at it, recognized the extension number and picked up the receiver. He asked if I had any plans for lunch. I told him I didn’t so he offered sandwiches and company. Sounded like a good deal to me – food and the company of the man I’d come to enjoy greatly.

About 20 minutes after our phone conversation, he tapped on my door lightly, came in, closed the door behind him and made sure the lock was pressed. I reached over and pushed the “Do Not Disturb” button on my phone.

I got up from my chair and walked over to where he stood by the door. I was much shorter standing next to him since I didn’t have my heels on, but it didn’t seem to bother either of us. He placed the sandwiches on a table in my office then bent down to me, wrapped his arm around my back and pulled me to him, his free hand touched my face, gently caressing it as we kissed.

He continued to kiss me, his tongue teased mine, his arm held me tight, but he moved me backwards toward my desk. Once my butt bumped the desk, he reached back to move some stuff on my desk out of the way and pushed me up onto my beylikdüzü escort desk.

He pushed my sweater off over my head, my bra exposed, reached behind me and unhooked it expertly, pulled it away from me then grabbed my breasts with his hands, pulled and twisted the nipples. Such pleasure so quickly caused me to moan. I tried to be as quiet as possible as there were people in the surrounding offices! He plunged his mouth onto one of my erect nipples and nipped at it, making me want to moan even louder. He pushed me back onto my desk, my bare back flat against the cold glass top, his hands up under my skirt, my lacy panties ripped away from me, thrown on the floor beside my desk. He put his hands on the inside of my thighs and pushed my legs apart.

He bent down, his head between my legs, his tongue on my clit. He licked my clit, sucked it into his mouth, bit it, let it go, took it back in, all the while, his fingers slid in and out of me slow, then fast. After only a few minutes of this, I could stand it no longer. I grabbed his head, pushed him further into me yet pulled him away at the same time while beyoğlu escort I bit my lip and had a most amazing orgasm!

Without missing a beat, he pulled me up to a sitting position and off the desk. My skirt fell to the floor. As I stood there, leaned against my desk, clad only in my garter belt and stockings, he kicked off his shoes, unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and pushed them, along with his underwear, down towards the floor and stepped out of them. He unbuttoned his shirt, but didn’t take it off, his hard cock poked out from between the front pieces of the material.

He stepped over to me, turned me and leaned me over one of the chairs near my desk, reached between my legs, touched my pussy, and spread the slick wetness everywhere. In one swift move, his cock was inside of me. One of his hands reached into my hair and pulled hard on it, my head came up, his other hand wrapped around my throat. His cock pumped in and out of me, faster and faster, the slight pressure on my throat gave me thrills I’d never had before. I felt as though I would pass out from the intensity. After a few minutes, bizimkent escort he took his hands away from my head and placed them on my hips, his cock went in and out of me harder and faster with each stroke.

He pulled on my hips to bring me further off the chair without missing a beat. I felt one hand leave my hip and soon felt his finger on my clit. He rubbed my swollen clit in the same rhythm as his thrusts into my pussy and it drove me so close to the edge that when I felt the sting of his hand on my ass, I couldn’t help but cum and drenched his balls, his hand and my chair with the juices that shot out of me. A few moments later, his hands pulled hard on my hips and he came inside of me thrusting as long as he possibly could.

A few minutes went by and I loosened my grip on the chair as he loosened his on my hips. He leaned back with his bare ass against my desk as I turned around and straightened up. His hands were pressed against the desk, his eyes closed, so I quietly knelt down and took his wet cock into my mouth. I licked him clean, like a well trained cat and enjoyed the taste of our juices mingled together.

Once I was satisfied I’d gotten all there was to get, I reached to the side and gathered up his pants and underwear for him. As he put himself back together, I did the same, picking up my clothes from various places around the office and got dressed.

We sat and had our sandwiches, played a round of on line Trivial Pursuit which, of course, he won. Lucky guy.

Wonder what’s for lunch tomorrow?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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