Surreptitious Love Ch. 15

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The Tet Holiday had passed but Nguyet and I hadn’t seen or heard from each other. We both had been busy with family matters, and I had met Tuyet, the college student, again over the break. We had gone to a coffee shop and then a hotel, and one day we had even done it at her house when her parents were gone for the day, which was one of the wildest fucks I had ever had. We also had a threesome with a friend of hers, another college girl at a different university. We even had gone back to the old house with the blue shutters. Now that the holiday was over, I texted Nguyet to see what she had been up to.

She told me that her holiday had been mostly okay. She had had sex with her coworker, as planned. She and her parents had reconciled somewhat, and our affair hadn’t been mentioned at her house. She was still living with her friend from high school, in the apartment building where she had drawn my dick in such a memorable way in November. Nguyet had shown the drawing to her flat mate, but she hadn’t been impressed or said anything that would indicate any interest in a threesome, which was maybe for the better.

It was late March now, and I and some colleagues were sent to an ESL conference to Hue—of all places—for a whole weekend. That was where Tuyet was attending university, and I was torn. Logistically, it would have been easier to spend the weekend with Tuyet, but she and I just had had quite a bash, and we had already spent a night together, back last summer. Having a whole weekend with Nguyet, however, had been on my list for a long time. As the weather in Hue was still relatively cool in March, Nguyet she could show off some of her marvelous clothes while on a long walk through the Old Imperial City.

I booked two rooms in a quaint little hotel in Hue, one of which we probably weren’t going to use. Nguyet bought a ticket for the last flight on Friday, and I had a dinner and a short conference function to attend anyway. We would have two nights together and fly back on the same plane on Sunday afternoon. I wasn’t sure how that was going to work out as my colleagues would see us together, but I was so preoccupied with that weekend that I didn’t care too much. If they did see us, we’d come up with some story.

When my fellow teachers and I got to Hue, I told them that I wasn’t going to stay at the same hotel and hinted that I would skip a lot of the conference. None of them was married and they had all been in Asia for a while, so they probably put two and two together as to why I needed to stay somewhere else. And all of them probably had plans of their own, too. I went to my hotel, checked in, and got ready for the evening. As Nguyet wasn’t arriving until past 10 at night, I went to the convention center for some talks and dinner.

Around ten o’clock, I was back in my room, took a shower, and lied down on the bed. Nguyet texted me that she was on her way in a taxi. She knocked on my door about half an hour later, and I got up to let her in. She looked a little tired from working all week, plus the traveling. We would take it easy now and probably go to bed early.

She was wearing a checked flannel shirt and jeans. She actually brought her suitcase to my room, and we kissed profusely since we hadn’t seen each other for quite a while.

“Hey, it’s so good to hold you again,” I said.

“Yeah, it’s been more than three months.”

“Do you wanna go and eat something?” I asked, as it was getting late. I knew some places, though, that were still open around the corner from the hotel.

“No, I ate on the plane. I just wanna go to bed and cuddle, since it’s been so long.”

I took her suitcase and put it on the small table near the chiffonier. We kissed again, and I began to unbutton her blouse. She was wearing a silver bra. I caressed her belly a little and squeezed her breasts. She opened the button of her jeans but she yawned profusely. We laughed; obviously, it wasn’t the moment for wild sex. I took my clothes off and went to brush my teeth. When I got back from the bathroom, she was already in bed with her eyes closed. I slipped under the covers and wrapped my arms around her.

She opened her eyes again when I touched her breasts: “It feels good to be in your arms. Just hold me til the morning!” she said.

“I’ll try. If I lose you, you reach for me, will you?” She nodded and smiled, and we just dozed off with the lamp on the nightstand illuminating the scene.

I needed to go to the bathroom at some point. It was still dark outside. When I got out of bed, I flipped over the covers, so when I got back, I saw her lying on her side, facing me. Her left thigh was protruding from the sheets and I admired her upper body. I sat down and started caressing her thigh. One side of me just wanted to let her sleep, but as we hadn’t seen each other for so long, I got pretty horny pretty quickly. I gently reached between her buttcheeks, felt the little fur there, but then told myself again not to bother her and let her sleep. We had the whole weekend, after all.

“Why did you stop?” she murmured.

“Oh, atakent escort I didn’t want to bother you.”

“Bother me? I flew over half of the country to be here. Please bother to bother me. Don’t be silly,” she was teasing me.

In the end, I guessed, I had just waited for such an invitation. I put my hand back on her waist and fondled her butt again. She leaned back so that I could see and touch her breasts, which electrified my whole body. My dick was pumping, as she reached for it. When she felt it sufficiently stiff, she turned on her back and opened her legs. No words were spoken. I just went on top of her with my elbows next to her head. She didn’t open her eyes when I got inside her. I could feel on my glans that her pussy was wet. She spread her legs fairly wide, and I flung the bed cover off. She was writhing and moaning slightly but overall it was just a quick and relatively quiet little fuck, like an appetizer.

After my dick had gotten limp, I pulled out and lied back down next to her. She assumed the same position as I had seen her in coming back from the bathroom. “That was nice,” she whispered. “But let’s sleep some more.”

We woke up fairly early in the morning, and it was raining. We decided to eat breakfast downstairs, as I had to attend some sessions at the conference. I wanted to spend the rest of the day with Nguyet, and I had a hunch that we would roll around in bed the following morning.

Over breakfast, Nguyet casually mentioned that she had fucked her coworker, the one she had thought about dating for a while the previous summer. I was sure we would get back to the matter at some point and decided to then tell her about my affair with Tuyet, the college student. Back up in our room, Nguyet offered me her umbrella and got back in bed with her phone. I put the “Do not disturb sign” on the doorknob outside when I left.

At the conference, I met some people I knew from similar occasions, but I decided to skip lunch to get back to the hotel as early as possible. So, after popping in at various sessions, I just took a cab back to the hotel. Nguyet was still in bed, watching something on her phone. She was wearing a thin summer dress but no panties, which made me hot again. As it had stopped raining, though, I asked her if she was ready to explore the city.

“Sure. I’ve taken a shower already. What about you?”

“I’ll take one now. But don’t get dressed til I’m back. I wanna watch you,” I added.

When I stepped out of the shower, she got up and I sat down on the bed, clipping my fingernails. She opened her suitcase and placed her things out in the order she was going to put them on. She opened the wardrobe door, which had a mirror on it, so that she could see herself. I looked at the whole scene and decided that I needed to move towards the middle of the bed to get a better angle. Now, the show could begin.

First, she wanted to put on her stockings. She looked at them carefully and rolled them up, but then she took off her skimpy little dress first. Her body war marvelous, like chiseled marble. Her back muscles moved under her skin, and I realized how beautiful the dimples on the side of her butt cheeks were. Now, she put one foot up on the chair and started putting one stocking on, very slowly. It was a mesmerizing sight. The hair in her butt crack showed a little and, in the mirror, I could see that she was biting her tongue.

Now that she was done with one, she put on the other stocking in a similar fashion. When finished, she turned around to let me look at her. Smiling, she asked: “What do you think?”

“Gorgeous. Stunning. Snazzy. I can’t wait to see the whole arrangement.”

She fiddled her garter belt from the suitcase and was putting it on unceremoniously when the phone rang. She came over to the bed and was standing next to me for a while. I didn’t know who it was but seeing her so close gave me quite an erection. She looked down at my dick while she was talking, pulling and letting it snap back a few times. It wiggled nicely and she laughed. I reached for her pussy to check if it was wet yet, but she chased me away. When the call had ended, she tossed the phone onto the bed and went over to her suitcase.

“Now what?” I asked. “I have a hard-on and you walk away with your wet pussy?!”

“Wait a minute. I’m not done yet,” she giggled.

She put one leg up on the chair again to admire herself and give me the chance to do the same. My dick was discharging some juice already and I wasn’t sure how long I could hold back. Nguyet adjusted her garter belt one more time and got a pair of black shoes out from her suitcase. Now she turned and got her dusty pink skirt out, which was the centerpiece today. I loved that skirt; that color really suited her.

Now she bent forward to do something with her shoes and exposed the ass with her hairy peach between the cheeks. This was an angle I didn’t get to see very often, and the view was beguiling. I was sure she didn’t need to fiddle with her shoes but only did it to have an excuse to bend over and let me akbatı escort see her ass and pussy. Now, she actually started some sort of gymnastics and, as part of the routine, pried her buttcheeks apart so I could see her dark lips and the pink flesh at the center. Then she turned around and squeezed her breasts, like she was milking herself. She wasn’t looking at me but only at her own body.

When she was done massaging her chest, she framed her bush with both of her thumbs and index fingers. Her bush was bigger than the triangle she was able to form, but now she pressed her clit with both fingertips and pulled up, so that her pussy became exposed under her bush. It was the hottest sight ever: her white naked body, her black stockings, including the garter belt, her black bush and, right smack in the middle of it, a strip of vermillion flesh. Finally, she looked up and saw me in the eye.

Naturally, I had wanted to watch her dress fully, but it was impossible. I was overpowered by desire and got up. I pushed her somewhat rudely up on the chiffonier. Her legs were wide open, and I didn’t even bother to check how wet she was. I just bit and licked her face, while she took my dick in one hand and adjusted it to her lips. As my lust had been building up for quite some time, I was eager to fuck her to alleviate the tension. She only whispered: “Try not to come on my stockings!”

I thrusted slowly, knowing I would come in a heartbeat. But, yeah, she was right, we should try to keep the gorgeous stockings pristine and, also, not to sweat too much. It was a happy slow fuck. We were smiling at each other for the whole time. As my balls were bouncing against her butthole, while her fingers were running through my chest hair.

“Do you want to go on the bed?” I asked her at some point.

“Is it worth it?” she asked back. “I mean, you are coming any moment now, aren’t you?”

Not to lose momentum, I kept thrusting but at a higher speed, and, sure enough, I came maybe two minutes later. I kept my dick inside her to plug her pussy and looked for some tissue, so we wouldn’t soil her stockings. As I couldn’t see any, I held my hand under her pussy to catch the cum that was going to ooze out. I pulled out, caught the sperm, and while I was washing my hands in the bathroom, she kept dressing herself.

She was wearing a white blouse and a black blazer with her dusty pink skirt. She looked absolutely ravishing. As it was time for lunch, we left and walked towards the Perfume River and the Citadel. On the way, we stopped for noodles.

We started eating and suddenly she said, “Ben, I’m pregnant.”

“Oh,” I coughed and asked: “So, your plan worked. Did it happen right away, the first time you tried?”

“The second. We fucked, surprisingly, in early January, not long after the two of us spent the night in that coastal town, remember? But then I got my period in January. We only did it once anyway. But then, in February I spent two nights at his house, and we did it probably four times. I didn’t get my period last month.”

“Congratulations! Are you happy?” I asked.

“Well, Ben, you know me really well. Yes, I’m happy that I’m pregnant at 31, and I’m going to have a child. But I still have to deal with my parents. I don’t know when and how I will tell them.”

“Well, yeah, of course. But you knew that before you embarked on that route, didn’t you?”

“You’re right, but that doesn’t make it any easier,” she admitted.

“Do you know anyone who had a baby without a husband? I mean you could talk to them …” I couldn’t think of any better advice right now.

“No, not really. At least not among my good friends.”

“Do your parents expect you to marry him, since you’ve spent two nights at his house?”

“No, I don’t think so. I told them right after I got back that he’s a bore and I won’t see him again.”

Noodles with beef Hue-style are one of the biggest staples of Vietnamese cuisine. We liked the food. As there was no rain approaching, we paid and sauntered across the street into the park along the river. We were holding hands and I was thinking of Tuyet. There was a slim chance that we would bump into her. I didn’t know if Nguyet wanted to discuss her plans with me further, but there was something I needed to tell her.

“What about the father of the child? Does he know you’re pregnant?”

“No, not yet.”

“Give him a chance to be a father! You need to tell him and then see how he reacts.”

“I’m pretty sure I don’t wanna marry him but, I know, it would be better to have him there and rear the child together.”

“Well, from a father’s point of view, it would only be fair to tell him that you’re pregnant. Don’t just move away. If he’s super-excited and wants to marry you, you should consider it. If he’s only lukewarm, well, then you move to Saigon and raise the child by yourself.”

“I guess you’re right. He’s picking me up from the airport tomorrow. He’s got a car. I’ll tell him then,” she promised.

As that was settled, we crossed the bridge to get to the Citadel. The aksaray escort clouds looked amazing, but I thought we might see some rain again this afternoon. The temperature was a little on the nippy side but still pleasant. We were holding hands, and everything felt like our long goodbye had started.

But that wasn’t a bad feeling. We were still enjoying our company. Her pregnancy was perhaps not the best solution, but then, on the other hand, what was she supposed to do?! Wait for Mr. Right? Well, she had already done that for so many years. I just hoped that her parents would react reasonably. They would probably blame me for introducing her to sex or perhaps putting the idea to conceive baby without a husband in her head.

At the Citadel, we bought our tickets, showed them to the guards, and went in.

“Have you been here before?” I asked her.

“Yeah, a long time ago. Like 20 years, with my parents,” she laughed. “Have you?”

“Yeah, the first time with Kiet, the 12th grader, when we had a weekend off at the old school, more than six years ago. Remember?” I told her. ‘I’ve also been here with my wife. When she was pregnant,” I added.

We walked around, and I casually checked for things that had been restored during the last few years. We talked about the vacations we took as children. Once in a while, I admired her outfit again. As it had gotten a warmer, she was carrying her jacket over her arm and had rolled up her sleeves.

“Hey, let’s take a photo!” she exclaimed all of a sudden.

She wasn’t big on social media but, yeah, after knowing each other for six years we should have one photo together. “Make sure your mom doesn’t find it,” I joked.

“My mom wouldn’t be a problem, but your wife,” she responded somewhat seriously.

We had made a loop around the northwest corner of the Citadel and were now walking back in the direction we had come from. The clouds got thicker, so we hurried across the street to a café, where we joked around about her taking off her panties. We had a good laugh at the thought.

The rain was substantial, but it was all over in less than an hour. We paid and left. The air was marvelous now. All the plants, flowers, and trees around us exuded that inimitable smell that is only around after some short, heavy rain. As we were walking along a wall, I conceived an idea. The wall was about 5-foot-tall, or maybe a little more, but I wanted her to sit up there, so I could admire and caress her from yet a different angle.

She looked at me incredulously, but I placed my coat up there so her skirt wouldn’t get dirty. When she cautioned that she didn’t know how to get up there, I told her to step out of her right shoe, then place her foot on my left thigh, and put her hands around my neck. While her 100 pounds were coming up towards me, I grabbed her waist and used the momentum to prop her up on that wall.

She smiled: “It worked.”

“Yeah, of course. Why wouldn’t it?!” I laughed.

“I don’t know. This wall is about a tall as I am. I wouldn’t have thought of sitting up here.”

She seemed chuffed. There weren’t any people close by, so she relaxed and enjoyed the view. But I only had eyes for her. Right in front of me her shapely calves were dangling. She looked cute and beautiful at the same time, which is rare. I looked up and admired her face, her graceful arms, hands, and her heaving bosom. The wind was blowing her hair around, so she adjusted the pin on the back of her head.

I took her knees in my hands and pressed them outward ever so slightly. She shifted her weight onto one side first and then the other to allow her legs to drift apart a little. Back there, under her skirt, I could see the top of her stockings and her beautiful white flesh. There were her black panties and the garter-belt straps, too. This all was covered by the dusty pink skirt. I caught another whiff of the wet-plants-after-the-rain smell.

I looked up at her face and she was all smiles. I placed my hands on her skirt to squeeze her thighs and leaned forward. She bent down and we kissed. I was holding her waist now and we nibbled on our lips, noses, and necks. As I was leaning forward, my upper body pressed her legs open. A gust of wind got into the big old tree nearby and blew some drops of water on us. We laughed and shook them off.

I put my chin on her skirt, which was stretched across her legs, and she started playing with my hair. Sheer bliss. I looked up again after a while and placed my hands on her thighs. Her skirt has snapped back a little, and I pushed it ever so slightly further up. I lowered my head between her thighs and could feel her stockings on my cheeks. As her legs were pressed from below, they reminded me of the large loaves of bread of my childhood in Germany. I reached inside her skirt with my fingertips and took a deep breath.

As powerful as the redolence of the air was after the rain, there was one smell even better than that: the fragrance of a beautiful woman’s body—the odor of beauty. Nguyet moved slightly closer to the edge of the wall again so that I could get in more. I thought of us fucking this morning, when she had already been wearing these stockings. There was a whiff of that, but also the fragrant aroma of us walking on and off for three hours. This moment, here at the old wall in Hue, breathing in the mix of flesh and sensuality, together with the sheer sight of her beauty, was possibly the most sensual moment of my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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