The Dom you Want Pt. 02

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Tea can be so evil

I didn’t own her yet, but she had surrendered herself enough that I felt entitled to enjoy her as I wished. What I wished was to take her deep in the night. My plan was to have her vaginally if she was sleeping on her back and anally if she was on her tummy. I think it would have been delicious and there was no doubt in my mind that she would have opened her body to my pleasure. Naturally Morpheus decided to show his sense of humor and I slept through the night.

When I finally woke, she was in bed beside me fiddling with her phone. I gave a yawn that would have put a grin on a grizzly bear then pulled her close and kissed her and kissed her then really kissed her. She melted up against me and made for a lovely blanket as I snoozed for a few more minutes. When I woke the second time, I asked what she had been doing on her phone. My eyes were still closed but I could hear the blush in her voice as she said “I was telling my roommate what an amazing lover you are. I hope that’s okay Sir.”

I smiled and forced my left eye open, what it found was nice enough to make the right one want to join it, “You aren’t allowed to lie or use coarse language but other than that you may speak to your friends as you wish.”

Her beautiful smile ended any possibility of retaining her virtue but before I could do anything about that she asked, “Are there any other rules I should know Sir?”

At that point only about ten percent of my synapses were firing and none of them cared about that, so I answered, “Probably, but right now I want to enjoy your mouth.”

She kept her body pressed against mine as she slid down to a position between my legs. That was a new one and just damn delicious. She then pulled the light summer blanket over her shoulders and my legs and moved a stray bit of sheet over my chest. I stroked her hair and said, “Well done Slave.” which got me another of those bright smiles. An hour later I realized that I probably shouldn’t have addressed her that way yet. At the time I couldn’t have cared less, literally, I couldn’t have cared any less. I was flaccid when she took me in her mouth, that lasted for about a millisecond then the few synapses that had been working turned off and for a nice long time I just enjoyed the pleasure she was giving me.

Somewhere around the middle of page two on my list of reasons why I love being a Dom is an entry about how oral sex works with a submissive woman. When a vanilla woman does that for you there’s an instinctive desire to help, you move, you exaggerate sounds so she knows what you like, and above all you try to hasten the process so that you finish before she gets tired of doing it. With a submissive woman you know that giving you pleasure is pleasurable to her. That means that there is no incentive to hurry or reason to help. You can simply enjoy her and let her enjoy being her for as long as it happens to take. I have no idea how long it took, somewhere between five minutes and eternity as best I could tell but eventually, I began to near. I would certainly have enjoyed moistening her throat, but I was in a greedy mood, so I reached down and gently lifted her chin. She looked distressed for a moment, probably thinking that she had done something wrong. That changed to a very pleased look when I said, “On your back, legs spread wide.” in a voice that made it clear that dawdling wasn’t an option.

I gave her a third of a second to get comfortable before I lay on top of her and a tenth of a second to prepare to have me inside her. On page one of that list of reasons why I love being a Dom, fairly near the top, is the fact that you get to have a woman like this. She was a bit wet but not wet enough and extra tight from having been taken hard last night. That meant that my rough entry was at least a little painful. I’m not sure which of us enjoyed that more, I suspect that she was a close second. I went slow for a few seconds giving her time to lubricate then began taking her exactly as I wanted to. I escort bursa was close when I began, and she got close quickly which added so much pleasure to ordering, “Remain perfectly silent and do not cum.” Both were just enough of a struggle to let her be proud of her obedience, neither lasted too long. As I spilled inside her I whispered, “You may speak.”

She wrapped her arms around me and squeezed with a strength that I found surprising as she said, “Thank you Sir.”

A woman would understand why she genuinely enjoyed the way I took my pleasure from her without even considering reciprocation, a man probably wouldn’t. The best explanation I can come up with is to suggest that they picture whatever beautiful actress they have a crush on and imagine being offered sex with them but only on the condition that you not have an orgasm. I think most of us would say yes and be damn glad we got the chance. She got to feel beautiful and desired and submissive and proud of her ability to please, any of which meant more to her than a single orgasm.

I stayed on her and in her for a nice long while. That was luxurious, bodies don’t always fit together well enough for that to be comfortable. When I finally decided to move, I went to the t-shirt drawer and reached under the stack to pull out a plain white crew neck. A few weeks ago, I had accidentally dried that one on super high which shrank it way too much to fit me. I handed it to her, and she sat up on the edge of the bed to put it on. It was way too small for her too which looked delicious and made me wonder if I should wet it down. I put on a t-shirt myself then went into the sock drawer and grabbed the smallest pair of white socks that I could find. When I turned around and lifted her feet from the floor to over her head, suddenly laying her on her back, she let out a squeak that was so cute it would have made me decorate the drawers I wasn’t wearing if I hadn’t enjoyed her so recently. She smiled and giggled as I kissed each foot then put a sock on it.

I helped her stand then asked, “Bacon and eggs, waffles, pancakes or an omelet?”

I knew what her answer would be and enjoyed hearing it, “Which ever you would like Sir.”

I patted the edge of the bed and asked her to get on her knees there just like she had last night. She looked a little dubious but my calm and cheerful voice kept it from being too scary. Once she was in position, I grabbed the tube of lube from the nightstand and greased my index finger then put it gently but fully inside her ass. Using my “loving teacher voice” as I moved my finger in gentle circles inside of her I said, “When I ask you a question like that, it’s because I want the answer.”

“Yes Sir. Waffles Sir.” Her normal voice is sexy but my intruding finger changed it to the point where it made Viagra look like baby aspirin.

“While we are at it, I want you to ask permission before you leave my sight or put clothing on.”

I could hear the smile in her voice as she said, “Yes Sir.”

A vanilla person would have found that rude, maybe even abusive. To us along with the words I said out loud I had also said, “You are worth the trouble of teaching, adorable enough to teach the fun way and liked enough to be intimate and jovial with.” She was a happy girl as I removed my finger, kissed her square on the pussy and led her to a chair in my kitchen.

I grabbed three snap clips from the little box on the dresser with my clean hand as we passed. Once she was settled in her chair, I washed my hands very thoroughly (e-coli is no joke!) then went to her. She was still wearing the restraints I had put on her wrists and ankles the night before. I kissed her softly then attached her wrists together. I kissed her softly again then attached each of her ankles to the closest leg of her chair which held her legs slightly parted but didn’t restrain her enough to be uncomfortable.

I wanted bacon so I put half a rasher on the stove then got my waffle iron out of the cabinet. bursa otele gelen escort As I puttered, we visited just like any other couple would except that I stopped and kissed her every few minutes. Once I had the bacon going and the waffle iron heating, I put a kettle on the stove and got my teapot out. The cheapest self-indulgence I know of is good tea. When we were first emailing, she had said that she liked tea, regular tea like Lipton, not flavored or fruity teas. I made a pot of an obscure Chinese black tea called Pur. That’s a tea that grows wild in a sub-tropical part of China and is aged in bricks for twenty years or more before it’s put on the market. Going from a grocery store tea to something like that is like going from a fast food hamburger to a prime cut rib eye. Everything got ready at about the same time, so her wrists were released, and she was served a big mug of slightly over sweetened tea with real cream, a homemade waffle, four strips of crisp bacon and a miniature pitcher filled with heated maple syrup. As we ate, she was very appreciative of how good everything was, but she was truly shocked at how good the tea was. I explained what it was and how the aging process took all the acidity and most of the caffeine out and added so many antioxidants that it often made peoples lips tingle. She looked dubious about that claim then told me that her lips were tingling as she neared the bottom of the cup. I poured her a refill and when we were finished eating, we sat and talked for a nice long while as we both drank our second cup.

She really wanted to do the dishes for me, so I undid the clips and let her. Another of those little pleasures of a submissive woman is that you can not only blatantly stare at her ass, you can walk over and grab it and affectionately fondle her whenever you feel like it. I felt like it a lot, so it took longer than necessary to get the kitchen straight, but it was time very well spent. When everything, with the possible exception of my penis, was in its proper place, she asked permission to leave my sight and use the restroom. I told her, “Not just yet.” then had her stay in the kitchen as I went to the guest bathroom.

If she had been a casual playmate, I would have sent her to the guest bathroom to shower or gone there with her to share a shower. My bathroom is much smaller, far less nice and a very private space for me. She was the first woman I have wanted to share it with in a long time, so I went into the guest bathroom and grabbed the super gentle soap made for a woman’s private parts, shaving cream, a fancy lady’s razor and coconut butter liquid soap. Once I had removed her restraints, t-shirt and socks I led her to my shower and enjoyed playing with her nipples while the water warmed. Once we were in the shower, I had her face away from me and put her hands on the towel bar. She all but purred as I soaped her from neck to ankles then she did purr when I got the soft shower brush off its hook and scrubbed her back. I turned her around without rinsing her off and began soaping her front. I lingered over her breasts but skipped her groin for the moment and soaped her all the way down to the bottoms of her feet and up to the tips of her fingers before I pulled the shower head from it’s holder and began rinsing her. Once all the soap was washed away, I asked her to cross her hands behind her then casually ordered her to empty her bladder. Her eyebrows shot up and she asked, “Seriously Sir?” When I nodded, she asked, “May I ask why Sir?” I told her that she was always allowed to ask questions though sometimes she might not get an answer then explained that she wasn’t going to be allowed any dignity or privacy with me and that this was the first step in taking both of those away.

The look of terror on her face as she tried to get her bladder to cooperate almost earned her a watery ravishing but finally her flow began. She tried to hide her face, but I didn’t allow it, both because I bursa sınırsız escort wanted to lap up her embarrassment and because I wanted her to see the approval on my face. When she was done, she breathed a sigh of relief then felt a gentle hand covered in gentle soap washing her intimately. I washed her carefully but quickly, even gentle soap doesn’t need to linger there, then I caressed her softly as I told her that I was proud of her being able to obey such a difficult order. I’m not sure that she had ever been appreciated the way I appreciated her before. I’m very sure that she liked it and melted into my arms then kissed me with unmistakable giving. When the kiss was over, I ordered her to shave and began soaping my own body as she did. Somehow, she managed to shave both legs and the golden triangle faster than I can shave my face and was done well before I rinsed my hair. Men complain about how long it takes women to get ready to go out. If they ever actually watched the process they would be shocked at how fast and efficient they are at a hundred different skills that we never have to learn.

After I toweled her off and wrapped a dry towel around her, we left the bathroom and I told her, “We are going out, I want simple hair and the least makeup that you can face the world with. You have 30 minutes. You may use the guest bathroom and you may close the door for as much as ten minutes.”

She smiled brightly at the fact that I was going to take her somewhere then said, “I have some laundry in the car Sir, if you tell me where we are going, I can dress appropriately.”

I smiled back then patted the edge of the bed saying, “You know the position.” This time she looked more curious than worried as she removed the towel and got back to being on her knees and elbows with her lovely rump hanging off the edge of my bed.

This time when I lubricated my finger, I also put a good-sized drop on my thumb. Once my finger was all the way inside her ass again, I said, “You don’t just happen to have some laundry in your car. You packed a bag with spare clothes and toiletries in case you spent the night, didn’t you?”

She moaned then said, “Yes Sir. You are right.”

I moved my finger a little more vigorously inside her and said, “That was a perfectly reasonable thing to do and you are not allowed to be embarrassed about things that you should be proud of here, or to give me a deceptive impression about things you have done.”

“Yes, Sir. I will try to remember that.” Her voice and the perfect view of her ass were really making me want to replace my finger with something a bit larger, but the male body does have limits.

I stopped moving my finger but left it in place as I pressed my thumb to her clit and began moving it in slow circles. That elicited a delicious “Oh God” as her body responded. She was ready to come in a matter of seconds, I gave her permission and pushed her over the edge, enjoying the sights and sounds my ministrations were causing. When she had caught her breath she asked, “How do you do that Sir? You give me powerful orgasms as casually as flipping a light switch.”

My accent is southern, but I cranked it up to full hillbilly as I said, “You had another of them organism thangs didn’t ya Girl?”

She smiled appreciating the humor before asking, “Am I not allowed to know Sir?”

I removed my hand and gave her a playful swat on the rump, “I’ll tell you but it’s too simple for you to believe. You trust me.”

That put a thoughtful look on her face, but she didn’t pursue it, “May I ask a few more questions Sir?” Just for the fun of it I slid my finger back into her ass as I said, “of course.”

“I really would like to know where we are going Sir.”

“There’s a cool flea market and antique dealer type thing near here. I thought it would be fun to see with you.”

She smiled and said, “I think you are right.” Then continued, “That thing with the two huge cups of tea and then the shower, you planned it to work that way didn’t you Sir?”

“Yes, I did, did you like it?”

“In a way, yes I did Sir, and the fact that you thought ahead to make it work is very sexy.”

“Anything else?”

“Not at the moment Sir, but I’m impressed that you can make even a cup of tea into something deliciously evil.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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