The Gigolo Pt. 03

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I smiled at him, sign me up I was all for us sucking each other at the same time. We got in position, his cock right there, I took his cock in my mouth, he on top of me swallowed my own to the base. I swallowed his cock but I made love to it, I savored it, I slurped it, I tried to make it my very own.

He pulled off my own as I worked his beautiful cock with my mouth, I spread his legs and had a perfect view of his button. I had seen many ass holes in my life, this was one that had never had a cock in it I would bet everything I owned.

I guess I thought in his line of work he would have done it all, but he later told me he only sucked cock, or a hand job. No one ever went near his ass, some tried but were told to stop immediately. I repositioned his legs so his hole was right there in front of me.

I poked it with the tip of my tongue, Tim screamed out, I ran my tongue around it, I lapped at it, I slid my tongue along his ass crack. Tim released my cock and sat on my face, he was very vocal in how he was enjoying this. I spread his cheeks further apart so I could get my tongue in deeper

“Oh Bill yes there, harder, deeper, oh please Bill please don’t stop.”

His ass spasmed as his cock shot a massive amount of cum all over my chest, I worked his tight hole till his cock stopped shooting. Tim lay on me he was worn out, his face right beside my cock, he did not have the energy to even take my cock into his mouth.

Tim turned around and sat on my cock, he looked at me his eyes still dazed by the orgasm he had just had.

“Bill you are ruining this for me, I will never find another man who can make me cum by sucking my balls or rimming my ass.”

I smiled a sly smile, I would have him, he would be mine.

“That was my plan all along to get you hooked on me then I could keep you forever.”

Tim leaned in and kissed me, he laid on my cum covered chest, he and I would need a shower. Tim got up and pulled me to my feet, we went into the bathroom he would brush while I peed. I set the shower and we got in, I scrubbed him and he scrubbed me.

I pressed him to the shower wall my lips to his, I stared into those eyes, Bostancı Escort damn I liked him so much. I could tell I was having the same effect on him as well. We dried off and went to the backyard, he and I sipped a coffee while we talked and got to know each other.

Tim was saving money to get himself into university, he wanted to take the courses he needed to get himself a decent paying job. We talked all afternoon, I would pull out something for supper then he and I could relax poolside.

We would have to run to the market to pick up a few items I needed for dinner, Tim wanted to have steaks on the bbq, I wanted a good quality cut of meat and some sides to go with that as well. He was so cute with me in the market. He carried the basket and flirted with me the whole time, we caught the attention of some of the other people but I did not care.

Once back home I would get the food ready and we would get it all cooked for us to eat dinner. I hated the idea that I only had one more night with Tim, I wanted him in my bed each and every night. We had a nice dinner I went all out, like a date candles table cloth the best china I owned.

We sat I pulled his chair for him and poured us some wine, we toasted then ate our dinner, Tim did not say much, he seemed quieter than usual.

“Is everything okay Tim? Is the food okay?”

“Oh my yes Bill it is all perfect, you are perfect, just thinking this will be our last night together.”

“Yeah I was thinking the same thing myself earlier, I really hate to see you have to go.”

We finished dinner then got it all cleaned up, we touched each other then kissed, I would so miss his kisses. We sat and watched a tv show he and I were both into, he snuggled in half on top of me, his head on my chest his arms around my body.

I shut off the tv and he and I went to bed, after a sixty nine we snuggled in close to each other. Having him half on me I was so comfortable, this felt right. We soon were both asleep, like he had said I have never slept so good in a very long time.

I woke up the next day he was snuggled in close, his hair covered my chest, my arm held him close Ümraniye Escort to me, my hand on his back. His rock hard cock on my thigh, I knew I wanted to taste that big beautiful cock of his once more.

He moved and laid on top of me, his cock on my cock his face in front of my own, he leaned in and kissed me. Could there be a better way to wake up, a hot guy on top of you kissing me. We would once again sixty nine, I would rim that hole of his then take his cock inside my mouth and have him unload his cum deep inside my mouth and throat.

Tim rolled off of me and lay there beside me, I was worn out, my cock had not shot so much cum, I had not kissed so much in such a long time. We got up and I went to the kitchen to make breakfast, I would make home made waffles, with fresh fruit and whipped cream.

He and I fed each other, we managed to get more on us than in us, he was so cute with whipped cream all over his mouth and beard. He and I stared at each other, I had feelings for him, and I was sure he had for me as well.

“Bill we better shower, I will have to get going soon, I have a few things to do today before the weekend is done.”

I did not know it but he was feeling what I was feeling and he needed to distance himself from me before he did not want to leave. We showered and kissed a lot, dried off then got dressed, I would drop him off at his place. He lived in a small apartment close to the Hotel he asked me to drop him off at.

I held his hand as we walked to my car, I opened his door and gently shut it, I stood there for a moment, I would not cry, I would keep it all together, I would not cry. I got in the car and he was wiping away a tear himself.

We drove there in silence, he reached over and put his hand on my thigh, I quickly looked at him, dammit I was falling in love with him. I pulled up to his apartment and shut the car off, he leaned in and kissed me.

“Best we do this quick Bill, I really don’t want to cry.”

We kissed and I got out and opened his door, he got out and stared at me, we kissed and I went to my side of the car. I would not say goodbye to him, I couldn’t, this Anadolu Yakası Escort could not be the end of it, we were just starting.

“Goodbye Bill thank you for the magical weekend.”

I smiled then got in my car, started the engine and put it in gear, I hit the gas peddle and rammed the brakes. I shut the car off and got out, I walked up to him and pulled him in close, I kissed him and held him to me. The both of us in tears, I held him as his body shuddered, I pulled away and looked him in the eyes.

“Tim, this is not it, I am not leaving you here and forgetting about you, I care for you deeply and refuse to say what we have here is done. I want to get to know you, I want you to come live with me, cause I am falling for you.”

I got this all out with tear filled eyes, Tim himself was pouring out tears himself. I held him to me, I was not about to let him go. Tim finally pulled himself together.

“Bill I feel the same way, but what about my past, this will haunt me for life, are you okay with having a boyfriend who was a gigolo, a guy who was paid for sex?”

“I don’t care what people think, I am falling in love with you and we can deal with each of them as we figure this all out. So Tim will you come live with me?”

Tim smiled at me, he pushed his face into my chest.

“I was wondering how I would sleep alone now that I have been in your bed with you, now I don’t have to worry about that. Yes of course I will move in with you.”

We packed up Tim’s belongings and got to my house, he put his stuff away and we had a day of just him and I with clothes on. We talked about everything, he still wanted to attend university and I would help him get to his goal.

To say it was a fairy tale ending it was not, Tim and I faced some really negative people, so many that I called my friends. I am happy to say I learnt who my real friends were and who were not. Comments were made about Tim’s past and yes by friends who should not be saying anything about a man I was in love with and they too had shady pasts which I threw in their faces.

Tim and I are still together, he truly is my soul mate, I had kind of given up on finding mine but he showed up at a birthday party as a stripper and a gigolo. My advice is don’t be so quick to judge a person till you talk with them, get to know them. Keeping an open mind and not being judgmental I met the most wonderful man who I love more than life itself.

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