The Long Weekend Pt. 05

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The next several weeks found Dominique spending more and more time at my place. I finally asked her to move in with me.

She told me that she would love to but if she did I would have to continue to be her sex slave. I readily agreed.

The following weekend we got her all moved in and the first thing she did was fuck my ass in every room of the house.

I always remained naked when home unless someone outside our group of friends was there. And she took advantage of my availability to be used quite often.

It seemed like I always had her cock in one hole or the other whenever we were both home together.

One Friday as I was leaving for work she told me she was having a party that night and I was going to be the party favor.

When I got home she took me into the play room and after prepping me for a night of wild sex she told me to not speak unless told to do so.

She then attached the waist belt with the wrist cuffs to me and then attached my hands to it. It was right then that we heard the door bell.

She told me to go welcome our guests.

The first to arrive was Rhonda. She greeted me by grabbing my cock and giving it a few strokes right there in the open doorway. She told me she couldn’t wait to get her cock into my holes again, and then she went in to find Dominique.

This went on for a half hour or so as each of our friends came in. They were all here now, Carol, Naomi, Hannah, and Rhonda.

With my hands bound as they were I couldn’t do anything with them and they all took advantage of me like this.

Dominique had told them that they could do beşevler escort anything they wanted with me except fuck me. She had plans for how I would be fucked and when.

The drinks were flowing freely and it wasn’t long before I had been forced to suck them all off and my ass was red from them slapping it.

This is when Dominique told everyone to gather around her. She had a handful of straws and told them all to take one from her.

She then took all of us into our play room. This room had all kinds of sexual related stuff in it. We had a sling and some stocks there.

She told them that they would all get to use me as they wanted for 30 minutes and the order they would go by would be with the straw they held.

The longest one would be first and then down the line. The other thing she told them was each of them had to do something different to me.

Nobody could use me in the same way as anyone else did. This would make it interesting.

Naomi was the first one drawn. She had me get into the swing.

Once I was strapped into it she stood at my head and forced her cock into my mouth.

As she was fucking my mouth she began playing with my cock. She began stroking it softly and rubbing the pre-cum I was leaking all around the head.

She kept me on edge throughout her face fucking me. She kept this up until Dominique told her she only had one minute left.

With this being the case she really started slamming her cock into my throat. Just as she was told her time was up she emptied her balls into my throat cebeci escort pulling out while it was still squirting and covering my face.

I wanted them to clean me off but they said no, it would stay there until they were all finished with me.

Next up was Hannah. She kept me in the sling but instead of face fucking me she used a small dildo on my ass, slowly fucking me with it as she began sucking my now throbbing hard cock.

When she swallowed my load she withdrew the dildo and replaced it with her cock. She then fucked me hard and fast.

Her fucking me like this kept my own cock hard even though I had just cum in her mouth.

She bent down and kissed me and this is when I realized she hadn’t swallowed my load after all because she let it run from her mouth into mine forcing me to swallow it all.

When she was warned that her time was running out she pulled her cock from my ass and shot her cum all over my chest.

They decided to take a break and released me from the swing so I could enjoy a beer with them, again not allowing me to clean any of the cum from my body.

Rhonda then bent me over the fuck bench and just started hammering away in my hole from behind.

She didn’t do anything different, just kept fucking me for her 30 minutes. When she was finished fucking me she pulled out and sprayed her load all over my back.

Now Carol wanted to do something different. She set up a chair with a huge black dildo fastened to the seat of it.

She had me lowered myself onto that huge dildo until I was seated kolej escort onto the chair completely impaled by it. She then face fucked me until I shot another load myself and she filled my mouth with hers. She then tilted my head back and I swallowed all of her cum.

Now it was time for Dominique to have her fun. She told me to stay on the dildo while she prepared for her turn.

As I sat there the others told me to start fucking myself by moving up and down on it.

When Dominque returned she had a vibrating butt plug and cock ring with her. She told me to get off the dildo and turn around.

She attached the cock ring and bent me over. As she did this she told the others to come around in front of me and each of them take turns fucking my mouth while she fucked me.

As they were doing, this Dominique played with the vibrator speed, turning it up and down as she slowly fucked my ass.

They stopped timing this since it was her fucking me and they were all involved in it.

Her manipulating the vibrator kept me right on the edge of ejaculating. She finally turned it up and I shot a huge load. But she didn’t shut it off.

She kept that vibrator humming along at full speed while still fucking me harder and deeper than before.

My cock was now so sensitive to this feeling that it was hurting. But she kept right at it.

When she finally bred my hole I shot off another load.

After we all rested some enjoying some more beers everyone left. Dominique asked me if I enjoyed the night’s sex party.

I told her I did indeed enjoy it but my ass could sure use a rest for awhile now. She laughed and said she would see about that with a sly wink.

She told me that she thinks we should start having a party like this one once a month. She also said that the next one will be just her and me with a dozen big black cocks and we both would be used by them!

I can’t wait for the next party…

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