My New Found Lover

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My name is Alex Williams, I live in an block of retirement flats you’d think life would be pretty uneventful but not so!

We have a good community spirit at Landside and just so I don’t get to be a recluse I like to go to the various functions held for, and by the local over sixty committee – and I looked forward to the weekly events like Bingo and a monthly fish and chip night and the like. We also have our own dramatic society, amateur of course and it is always great fun. That is how I became acquainted with Helen.

She like me is round about sixty five and I was not expecting at our age anything more than just a friendly companionship when she invited me around to her flat to look at her family photographs.

She lost her husband about five years back and said he was sorely missed, that I reminded her of him.

After one or two visits – and she visiting me in my flat also, the games we played like chess and the like became statutory, but after a while she smiled at me so warmly one evening and openly asked if I would like to ‘partake in anything else?’

Not quite knowing what she had in mind I asked her – and her smile was so very sweet and daunting, the slight brush of her cheek against mine so warm and the feel of her small hand resting on my thigh sort of gave me the impression that she had something quite different in mind and much more intimate.

But who would have thought Helen would want that. But those eyes told me she did; “it has really been so long since David and I … well you know, and as I said before; you do so very much remind me of him. Alex”

Sitting there and feeling her warmth as she closed to me, the gentle touch of her kisses brushing all over my cheeks and then my lips made me feel quite different towards her.

Only a while ago she was simply a friend, okay female but me thinking she would never in a month come Sundays be interested in anything more than just company.

For an older woman her kisses were just as fiery as I remember the last woman I was with called Cynthia., who was ten years my junior who had decided to leave me for another her escort bayan adıyaman age, well that was fair enough, she had her life to lead and we both came to a mutual agreement, and from that time on I assumed my sex life was over and decided to settle for the sweet and sometimes erotic memories of how it was with sweet Cynthia.

But then it was as if a miracle had struck my being and as I felt Helen’s hands begin to explore I wanted t do the same, she was sweet and charming, spoke with a very enduring voice which presently were whispers as I realised just how much she was enjoying me presence.

“I shall get some cake and tea” she announced quite suddenly and it really felt like she was really tantalizing me, she must have known I was getting fired up in my kisses, which were a little on the ‘French’ side and she was enjoying them as much as I – and there was something else too which was surprising me staring to grow in my corduroys – had she noticed? Is that why she said she would get refreshment, that she really didn’t want anything more than just the comfort of an innocent hug or two?

But I needn’t have been concerned because almost straightaway she continued that her David always insisted on refreshment before!

So I contented myself in just relaxing in anticipation of how it would be after refreshment, looking at Helen in a completely different way now and then realizing how stupid I had been before in not notifying just how attractive she was for someone her age, her slip curvy figure and legs like a thirty year old and a carriage to die for, everything was happening then and I crossed my legs to control a budding girth which was trying to get out like it had been inactive for so very long.

But all the time I was thinking; be gentle Alex, you don’t really know this woman that much, she may not like it bold and to the point, lots of women wanted the gentler wooing first.

And I thought I knew women! Helen proved to me that I didn’t and when they had something in their mind woe-betide if you left them in the lurch. And there escort baya nakkent was me thinking it was just me who was aroused.

After our well enjoyed refreshment of homemade buns and coffee she said she’d was up later and cleared the coffee table and there she was snuggled duo to me, her fingers teasing around the contours of my mouth and her whispers asking if I would like her to go further.

It was so beautiful to have a woman doing that to you after what had seemed a century ago, I’d lost my voice in the absolute thrill of it all -but I gave her the positive nod – then having the courage to relax and just let her see her my bulge, she undoing the buttons of my shirt slow and teasingly, opening it up and then feeling her finger tips begin to run over my chest in small circles as she really went to town with those French kisses we’d started before the break.

I was so in my element, feeling so right and good to be enjoying a wonderful fruitful woman again.

She continued t explore me, her fingers teasing underneath my trouser belt, undoing the buckle and her asking very provocatively if I would like for her to?

She didn’t need to finish. We both knew what she meant and when it happened, to feel a woman touching you there like only a woman could do, to feel the utter passion in her sweet body and those moans of sheer pleasure as she run her fingers up and down along my now well grown girth was heaven itself. I wanted not to be selfish, feeling that I should be doing likewise but she whispered there was plenty of time and just to lay back and enjoy, that I was so wonderfully warm and gorgeous in every way and then I felt the warmth of her mouth inside as she quite

Instinctively took all into her mouth and gave me the most wonderful slow and deep spoiling I had ever encountered.

It seemed to continue for an age, she touching me beneath, cupping and gently squeezing as she continued to move and twist her head as she took my length in various ways, so very much enjoying and hardly pausing for breath, when she did she looked up escort gaziantep anal yapan bayan at me whispering just how good I tasted and how much she looked forward to having me completely – if that was alright with me!

You just can’t imagine what that did for me, it made me feel so good that I could still deliver what it takes to please a woman and I Knew I would have no trouble binding with her, not now after what she was doing and me just feeling the strong urge to fuck her

But then and in her so matter of fact way she said that if I wanted I could enjoy her now before we fucked – yes she said that word, and the very fact that she said it made me want to do everything with her, it was soon skirt rolled back up to her waist, and those gorgeous black laced panties she wore, a little smothering there was for starters, prompting her – and with no difficulty at all, to open wide for me, then just relaxing and going for something I always enjoyed in foreplay, simply pressing my face between those gorgeous white thighs and smothering her with kisses and lots of very slow and appetizing sucks, first through her panties and then, shifting them aside, finding that so wonderful sculpture of pure womanhood to touch, to tease, to taste and enjoy until we were both simultaneously sucking and licking, and tasting each other. We spent a good hour just doing all the things we had fantasies for after telling each other those fantasies, she then said she was ready for my fuck, squeezing my girth in such a way that I knew she was hungry for it, seeing her like that, the wonderful warm and sexy smile on her face, how she opened as wide as she could for me displaying her all for my pleasure, was absolutely electric, I felt I was throbbing so very much that nothing could stop me now from entering her immediately, slipping inside and giving her a real good hard rough seeing too.

Wow! It was so good releasing the energy force in my being, feeling her squeeze me inside her as she contributed as much as I to the fuck. It is always so good to find that certain rhythm that spurs you on, the grunting and moaning that came from our lungs like there was no tomorrow, that we would both burst and explode and I would have her fuck for always.

How wonderful it was for both of us, it opened a new beginning and made life so much more meaningful, the meetings became more intensive and we would continue until we were happy and contented.

In fact Helen was my new found lover complete.

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