My Son’s Girlfriend

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All characters are over 18 years old.


Chapter One: Watching is fun.

The chubby brunette was going down on the skinny kid with a whole lot of enthusiasm, that much was for sure. Her mouth was going up and down the lad’s modest-sized cock hard and fast, and I was so close to the action that I could see the saliva glistening on his shaft.

For his part, the boy was gripping the arm of the couch with one hand while running his other hand through the girl’s hair, encouraging her to keep sucking him off. When he came, he let out a loud moan while his whole body spasmed. No need to be quiet, because there was nobody else in the house to hear him. His father wasn’t due home for another hour.

That was what Chad had thought, but he was wrong. I had left home early and had peeked in the window to watch his pudgy little girlfriend gobbling his dick in the living room. I suppose that I could have turned around and went away for a while, or made a lot of noise to alert them, but I did neither.

Instead I watched. What’s more, for better or worse, I liked watching them. A lot.


Chapter Two: Let me take you home.

Kelly was a real cutie. Chad had chosen well this time. Some of the girls he went with weren’t all that great looking; for some reason he seemed to be attracted to these emaciated types that were androgynous and unappealing to me, but this Kelly was more my type.

Kelly was only about 5’2″ or so, and by contemporary standards was probably about 15 to 20 pounds overweight, but there was no doubt she was a woman because she had the weight in the right place.

Not so much in the butt, which was nice and round but not overly large, or in the legs, which were shapely, but she sure had a lot up top, even if she didn’t show it off much. Not nearly enough for my liking at least, as she seemed to wear tops that didn’t show off what she had, but when I got glimpses, I could see she was one busty little babe.

Friendly too, in a shy way, and very polite and respectful to me when we were together. With Chad’s mother out of the picture, there was only me around the house, so I got to see Kelly quite a bit. The more I saw her, the more I wanted her.

“I have to go to Kinko’s to get some stuff copied and collated,” I announced to the two of them, who were cuddling while watching TV. “If you want, I can take Kelly home.”

Chad usually took Kelly home around this time, but his piece of crap car had been breaking down a lot lately, so I used that logic on them after he brushed me off initially.

“Look, I’ll be ready to leave in about five minutes, so if you want me to take Kelly home for you, say your goodbyes now while I’m getting my stuff together.”

“I could go with you two,” my son Chad said.

“That’s fine,” I said with a smile. “You can help me at Kinko’s, so instead of me being there for a couple of hours or so, it might only take me a little more than an hour.”

I knew that would discourage Chad from joining us, and the look on his face confirmed my suspicions. They went out to the car while I pretended to get stuff ready to take with me. Peeking outside from my bedroom, I watched Chad and Kelly giving each other a lot of affection out in the driveway.

“That’s it,” I said to myself as I strained to see Chad’s hands under Kelly’s sweatshirt while they kissed. “Get her all hot for me, my boy.”

I wondered what those tits would feel like. Was she wearing a bra? Probably, because she always seemed to be. Were they as big as I imagined them to be? She had to be at least a D cup. I pictured them to be full and a little spongy, and while I let my fantasies run wild, I re-positioned my stiffening cock inside my boxers before going outside.

“Ready?” I asked cheerfully, jingling my keys as I went to the car.

Chapter Three: Car troubles.

“This is real nice of you, Mr. Sheller,” Kelly chirped as we pulled out of the driveway. escort antep

“No problem at all,” I replied, feeling a little guilty about what I was about to do, but I was a lot more horny than guilty, and even the smell of the mint she was chewing on was getting me hot. “Oh-oh!”

As I said that, I turned off the headlights, tapped my foot on the brakes a few times, and swung off the road and into the parking area of the little pocket park at the end of the road.

“Oh no, not your car too!” Kelly said.

“What rotten luck,” I said, looking over at my passenger, who looked cute even with the limited illumination of the street lights.

Hopping out of the car, I went out and popped the hood and looked inside. Kelly came out and joined me, peering into the darkness with me.

“Can’t see much,” Kelly offered, and as she leaned forward I came behind her and held her shoulders, inhaling the scent of her.

“I can see just fine,” I whispered into her ear while moving up against her. “I could see the other day too when you were sucking my boy’s cock.”

Kelly’s body jumped as I ground myself into her, and my hands left her shoulders and came around her, finding her harnessed breasts through the shirt with no problem.

“What are…?”

“You’re quite the cocksucker,” I hissed gutturally. “You looked like you knew what you were doing.”

“I did,” Kelly said in a quivering voice, and then shocking me by arching backwards toward me. “Sorry.”

“Nothing to be sorry for,” I assured her, reaching under her sweatshirt and working my hands under her bra cups, forcing it up off of her tits, which were even bigger than I had imagined. “I was the sorry one – sorry it wasn’t me in your mouth. Damn, your tits are incredible.”

Her breasts were very natural – soft and pliant in my hands, which were overflowing with Kelly’s sweet flesh. Her nipples were stiff pegs in my palms as I kneaded her jugs roughly.

“You like this, don’t you?” I asked, surprised and excited at the lack of resistance Kelly was offering to my mauling her. “You really like me roughing up these jugs of yours, don’t you Kelly?”

Kelly’s body was shaking, but she didn’t try to pull my hands off of her breasts, and instead just let me squeeze them while grinding her backside into the bulge in my trousers.

“You fucking my kid?” I asked, grabbing her nipples and twisting them a little.

“Couple times,” Kelly gasped. “He comes – too fast.”

“I want to fuck you too, but I won’t come too fast,” I promised her, although I was so horny at this point that was not a certainty.

Turning her around to face me, I was shocked when my attempt to kiss her was met with a response that was downright feral. Her lips enveloped mine; lush and full lips that were wet and warm. Her tongue found mine, and suddenly she was trying to sit on my lap while I was standing up.

“I want to do you, but not here – please,” Kelly said, and when her searching hand found my cock through the fabric of the pants, I enjoyed the shocked expression on her face.

“Where?” I asked.

“If the car hadn’t broke down we could…”


Chapter Four: Where?

We got back into the car after dropping the hood of my perfectly fine car, and if Kelly was mad about my deception she had a funny way of showing it.

“Damn, you’ve got a big cock, Mr. Sheller!” Kelly exclaimed after reaching over and getting my dick out of the cramped quarters it had been in.

“Dave,” I told her, not wanting anybody calling me Mr. while they were about to go down on my cock.

I tried to concentrate on driving, but after Kelly’s lips slid halfway down my erection it got tougher. I tried to remember where a cheap motel was, while fighting the urge to pop my load down Kelly’s eager throat.

The Skylane, I remembered suddenly, and made a sharp right turn that sent more of my escort araban cock down Kelly’s throat than she was ready for, causing her to choke and pull up. Another sharp turn and we were in front of the fleabag motel – a dump that would have to do.

“Be right out,” I told Kelly, prying her hand off of my cock.

Thirty eight dollars later, we were in front of room 18 of the Skylane. I fumbled with the key for a second, even though the door was so flimsy I could have pushed it down, and then we were inside.

The room wasn’t much, but I didn’t care, and neither did Kelly, who had her sweatshirt off before the door clicked behind us, and quickly yanked the twisted bra off as well.

Her tits hung down to her waist – they were so big they had nowhere else to go – and her nipples were dark crimson. She wasn’t expecting anything like this, I assumed, because her armpits were thick with stubble from not having shaved in a few days. That didn’t bother me, although she seemed embarrassed when my fingers stroked their coarseness.

“Nice,” I said, and being a child of the 70’s it wouldn’t even have bothered me if she hadn’t ever shaved at all.

One thing I was hoping for was a furry pussy, since I’ve not been able to get used to that juvenile look of the bald crotch so many girls seemed to favor these days. Thankfully, Kelly had a thick and dense bush between her legs, and it was wet with excitement as I eased her down onto the bed.

“Now,” Kelly grunted, repelling my attempted foreplay and instead just grabbed my cock and slid it into her.

She was really tight, but she was the one that was pulling me close to her and forcing me into her, so her cry when my tool forced itself into her moist pussy only sent a chill down my spine.

I humped her just like a guy who hadn’t been laid in a long time, hard and fast. I came within a minute, basting her insides with a load of my seed, but I kept thrusting myself into her, using the size of my dick to stay inside of her until I got hard again.

Not having sex for about a year makes a man a bit crazy, and no doubt was a factor in my cock getting a little hard again rather quickly. A greater factor was Kelly, who was clawing at me, shredding my back and shoulders with her nails while she bit and sucked on my neck. Her animal-like behavior really turned me on, as did the vulgarities she spewed out at me while we fucked.

I rolled her around so that she was on top of me, and the sight of her big jugs swinging around wildly above me made my cock as hard as blue steel once again. Reaching up, I grabbed the dangling tits and kneaded them roughly. Kelly liked this, given her response to the mauling, and while my hands were over-matched by the size of them, my enthusiasm made up for it.

“You like these jugs of yours played with, don’t you?” I asked her while pulling at the thick pegs of her nipples.

“Fuck!” Kelly spat out, her body convulsing a little as she appeared to have a little orgasm. “Harder!”

I thrust myself upwards into her as best I could, and then watched as Kelly came big time – her face contorting wildly while she screamed loud enough to let the rest of the dump know about it.

“Damn!” Kelly groaned, her contortions finally subsiding as she settled into a slow and sensuous grind above me, her tits swaying from side to side. “I needed that, man.”

“Mm-mm… you’re still hard too,” Kelly sighed.

“I already came once,” I admitted.

“I know,” Kelly grunted, continuing to writhe on my cock, and the sweat that dropped off of her was refreshing in an erotic way. “Thought you might be all talk then, but you came back fast.”

“Not bad for an old man, huh?”

“This cock I could get used to,” Kelly said. “I like a hard-on that I can feel, and yours is like a baton. You’re getting so deep into my pussy with that thing.”

“Looking at these tits of yours gaziantep arap escort bayan does it for me,” I said. “Why do you hide these babies from the world?”

“I’m a shy girl,” she said, giggling at the idea.

“You’re shy and naughty,” I told her.

“I can be as naughty as you want,” Kelly said.


“You’d be surprised,” Kelly said, leaning back to rub her ass into the area between my nuts and the base of my cock, making me groan.

“Surprise me,” I challenged her.

“I’d like you and Chad to do me – both of you – at the same time.”

“Good grief,” I said, and the thought of being with my son and Kelly repulsed me at first, but then as I thought about it, I wondered if she was just testing me.

“I’d have to get Chad loosened up a bit,” Kelly noted. “He’s still a little conservative, but that would be so cool having both of you inside me. He could do my ass, ’cause he’s not as big as you, and you could be doing me like this.”

Kelly leaned forward for a moment, smothering me with her tits, as she imagined that Chad was sliding into her ass while she was impaled on me.

“Maybe you’d like my ass instead,” Kelly whispered into my ear while she nibbled on my lobe. “Never had one as big as yours in my ass before.”

“I know where I want to cum,” I told Kelly, rolling out from under her and putting her on her back.

Straddling her chubby frame, I put my cock between Kelly’s big jugs, sliding smoothly into the cavenous and sweaty crevice. Kelly smiled and squeezed her breasts together for me, creating an even deeper valley for me to thrust myself into.

“Like my tits, don’t you Mr. Sheller?” Kelly cooed.

“Dave,” I corrected her. “And yes, I do. I love big tits. Always figured that you had a real pair on you hidden under those sweatshirts.”

“I like calling you Mr. Sheller. Makes me feel like a nasty slut. Not disappointed in my boobs? They aren’t too big for you?”

“Hell no,” I assured her. “No such thing as that. Biggest and sweetest tits I’ve ever fucked.”

“You’re gonna cum soon, aren’t you Mr. Sheller?” Kelly asked, correctly judging that the increased speed I was sliding my cock between her tits meant that I was almost there.

“Cum in my mouth if you can,” Kelly said, moving her face down toward the top of her cleavage where the tip of my cock was peeking out each time I came forward.

The sight of that cute face, and Kelly’s mouth opened wide, did me in. I stopped thrusting and let out a loud, tortured groan, and then watched as cum blasted out from my cock. One spurt went right into her mouth, while much of the rest landed on her chin and cheeks.

A trickle of my seed drooled down her collarbone and under her arm, and when I reached down and wiped it off, it caused Kelly to giggle.

“Next time you’re going to take me to a motel and fuck me, let me know so I can make sure I shave first,” Kelly said.

“I don’t care if you shave or not. Matter-of-fact, I like you like this,” I said, sliding off of her and cuddling up next to her as the sweat started to cool on our bodies. “Rough and nasty. Save the shy and innocent Kelly for the rest of the world. I like this one.”

“You like the nasty me, Mr. Sheller?”

“What do you think?” I said.

“Because I can get even nastier,” Kelly said, reaching down and pulling on my gooey flaccid member. “I can get as nasty as your wildest fantasy.”

“I don’t know about that,” I chuckled.

“Would you like to cuff me to the bedposts next time?” Kelly mused, seemingly looking around the room for inspiration. “Spank me? Whip me a little? Do me with another girl? Or with Chad? Have me do you with a strap-on?”

“You are bad,” I told her, trying to figure out whether she was serious about Chad as well as trying to determine if I could somehow manage to get it up again so soon, wishing just for a night I was a few decades younger.

“Ever have a girl toss your salad?”

“You mean, like playing with food?” I asked, remembering a few adventures from the past with whipped cream and the like.

“No, nothing like that,” Kelly cackled, laughing at my lack of understanding. “I think maybe I can teach this old dog a few tricks though.”


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