Naughty Lingerie Show

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I had been working for more than 25 years for a big Swedish company. I have since long been an executive VP and member of the board and thus earned the right to an early retirement.

Now at the age of sixty the time had come. The policy of our company says that a senior officer shall debrief all personnel who leave. In my case Ylva, senior VP and head of Human Resource, was appointed. A date and time had been set up a few days before my last working day. Her secretary had also phoned and said that there was going to be an informal office party to my honor afterwards.

The meeting took place in the HQ’s suite of meeting rooms. We had a small pleasant room with comfortable chairs.

We met at four o’clock. Ylva had ordered a bottle of fine burgundy and some exquisite dark chocolate. She served the wine; we tasted and approved it. We started the debriefing.

I had known Ylva for many years. She was about ten years my junior and had been appointed to her present position five years earlier. But she had been with the company much longer. We had always got along well and I had had good reasons to compliment her several times for excellent work.

She was good looking with a nice figure, which she kept in shape. She worked out regularly, she jogged and was careful with her food. She was proud of being in good shape and secretly she was especially proud of her great breasts. I had seen her a few times in swimwear, both bikinis and elastic suits. Her breasts were full and round but firm and kept themselves up with just a natural sag. Of course time had taken its toll but her breasts were still remarkable.

She always dressed to make the best of her boobs but always with good taste and without being too obvious. But I was aware of that she knew how to use her charms when dealing with males.

Not only had I complimented Ylva for her work. Now and then I also gave her compliments for her looks, new hairstyle and so on. She seemed to appreciate it. At a few occasions I had also complimented her for her great breasts. It had been at dinner parties when we all were dressed up and had had a drink or three. She had worn low cut dresses that really showed off her ample bosom. I was careful though not to offend her. But she had liked it. She had blushed and said thank you. Every time during these evenings when we bumped into each other she smiled and made her breasts bounce.

Today she wore a nice suit costume in thin Thai silk. The jacket was loose-fitting with several buttons. A few at the top were undone and she showed a deep interesting cleavage.

We went on leisurely with the debriefing with much side talks about old memories. We enjoyed the wine and the chocolate. After an hour she excused herself to go to the bathroom. But it was no problem to continue when she came back.

She started to talk about an incident a couple of years ago. She got agitated and leaned forward in her chair to stress her point. I got aware of that I could see down her jacket where her great breasts were on display. More buttons had come undone. Suddenly I realized that her deep cleavage was gone and instead her breasts bounced freely.

She saw that I had difficulties to keep me eyes on her face. They wandered down her suit all the time. She kept talking but a faint, sly smile spread over her face. Her eyes shone.

When she finished her story she sat straight up again. She sipped her wine and so did I. We had by now nearly emptied the bottle.

I started to tell her a story. She listened intently to me. Now and then she smoothed out her dress and fiddled with the hidden buttons. We were in fact since long through with the formal debriefing and now only enjoyed sitting together talking.

When she answered she again leaned forward. Her jacket opened up again, even more than before. I couldn’t stop my eyes from dropping and to stare down her jacket at her lovely breasts. I heard a throaty laugh and looked up. I must have looked very guilty indeed.

“You like them, don’t you?” She stated and laughed again. “I know you always have. Well, take a good look. It’s a once in a lifetime offer and only because you are retiring.” She teased me.

I just sat there for a while staring at this lovely scene.

“Your breasts are very beautiful,” I said “Yes, you are right, I have always admired them. You look so nice. They fit you so well. You must be proud of them.”

She blushed slightly then wriggled her shoulders to make the breasts bounce. It was lovely.

“Yes, I must admit that I am proud of my breasts. It’s not many women my age and with breasts this size that can go braless and still catch men’s attention. I have even gone braless at the office now and then. Have you noticed?”

“Well, yes of course I have. Last week you had that red blouse. Your breasts swung so nicely. And your nipples showed. A couple of weeks ago you had a blue dress with a very deep and interesting cleavage. And there have been other occasions when I have noticed and admired. bayan escort I guess you like to catch men’s attention.”

“Well, I must say, you are most observant. And yes, I like to tease men. But that blue dress has built-in support. Without that not even I can show such a cleavage,” she giggled.

“I also remember that party about a year ago. You were wearing a deep red strapless dress that was cut deep in the back. Your whole upper body was nearly naked. You looked so wonderful and I kept wondering all evening how the dress stayed in place,” I said adding to this line of talk.

“Oh yes,” Ylva sighed of pleasure at the memory. “You should know that it took all my guts to wear that dress. But when I saw it in the shop I just knew that I had to dare wearing it. And you gave me such lovely compliments that evening. A bit rude perhaps but I knew that it came from your heart or maybe from some other place,” she giggled. “I knew that you weren’t half as drunk as you pretended to be. It made me feels so womanly, so sexy, just what I had longed for with that dress. I flew high the entire evening. I just loved the stares of the men.”

Slowly she opened her jacket that suddenly wasn’t buttoned at all. Her dark brown nipples were erect.

Ylva sat quiet letting me admire her breasts.

“I wouldn’t scream if you touched them,” she suddenly said very softly.

I looked up at her. Had she really said what I heard or was it only in my imagination. But her eyes told me that it was true and she smiled at me.

I reached out and cupped her breasts. I fondled them and felt their heaviness in my hands. I could not control myself. I leaned forward and kissed the round swell of her breast. I kissed a nipple and took it in my mouth and felt it harden. I kissed the other breast and nipple.

Ylva grabbed my neck and pulled my nose down into her cleavage. She pushed her breasts together from the sides. I was allowed to kiss and feel her breast all over my face.

“I have wondered,” she murmured. “I have been so curious. I have felt it when we have danced but I wasn’t sure.” I felt her hand brush over my crotch.

I looked up at her. A smile spread over her face. Her hand was back at my crotch outlining my stiff cock.

“Yes, I thought so. Yes, a nice big fat cock,” she murmured for herself. Her hand had gripped my cock through my pants and jacked lightly.

I cupped her breasts and kissed them. It was lovely to feel her warm, soft, heavy and yet firm breasts.

“My, my, I think we have had enough,” I heard Ylva say. “I think we have better stop now. The office party is about to begin.”

She lifted my head off her breasts and I looked into her smiling eyes. I was still allowed to touch her though. But then she gently pushed me away. She rose to leave and gave me a peck on the cheek.

The office party was fun. A lot of people wanted to say good-bye and wish me luck. Or they wanted free drinks and snacks. Anyhow, I had a good time. Many women hugged me with full body contact. Their breasts were pressed to my chest. That felt good.

Towards the end of the party I felt that something was put in my jacket pocket. It was a folded note. On the outside it said: “Read in private.”

I went to the bathroom and read. It said: “Sneak into the attic meeting room when the party breaks up. A few of us want to take farewell more intimate and in private.”

Of course I wondered what was up. I knew a few persons who liked to arrange surprise parties. Was this party to continue somewhere else? And who was behind it. Well, I would find out soon enough. After another half an hour the party died and I did as I was asked.

The meeting room in the attic was built under the clock tower and was roomy with a high ceiling. It was very comfortable. There was no conference table, just easy chairs in groups. It was more meant for relaxed discussions than formal meetings. It had an expensive hi-fi system and a small kitchen behind a wall.

Someone had been there and made preparations. An easy chair stood alone. Several candles were lit in the corners. On a table I found bottles of chilled champagne in buckets and an envelope addressed to me.

“We are a group of women who have put together a show that we perform at parties. You know all of us more or less. We want to perform for you as our farewell gift. For reasons that you will understand we have to hide our identities. We cannot even talk. Take the seat, enjoy the wine and shortly our lingerie show will begin.”

I was breathless. What was this? Was it a joke? If it was for real I was up for an experience. Well, I could only wait and see.

I opened a bottle and sat down sipping the champagne. I tried but couldn’t figure out who the women might be. The letter indicated that the show was somehow daring and the thought made my cock to twitch in anticipation. It had been on alert all afternoon first with Ylva and then from all the women that escort bayan had hugged me.

I had waited for nearly half an hour when there was a tap on the door and it opened slightly. An arm came in and with a remote control put out the light. The candles gave the room a soft light. The arm operated the remote again and the stereo started to play music.

The door opened in full. Outside it was dark. Shadows floated into the room and lined up in the middle. The door closed behind them.

There were five in all. They were swept in mid-thigh length Spanish cloaks in different, deep colors. Caps covered the heads and hairs and veils the faces. Only the eyes were free like on Arabic women. A tail was attached to the caps.

Suddenly a number of spotlights were lit giving pools of light spots. The music changed into a very rhythmic tune.

The shadows started to move to the music. The thin material allowed the cloaks to float out very easily. The cloaks were only buttoned at the neck. When the shadows whirled around the cloaks floated out and revealed that the shadows indeed were women. Under the cloaks they had nothing but a rich variety of erotic lingerie and high heels and stay-ups.

A light brown or beige cloak danced slowly in front of me in a pool of light and held her cloak open with outstretched arms. Her skin was pale, nearly white. Her black lingerie set was a simple, low cut bra where the nipples were above the rim. The panties were thong type with the hem high up on her hips. She must have had a Brazilian waxing because no pussy hair was visible at the sides. She also had a garter strap around her left leg in soft nappa leather. The tail was in the same material.

She turned around and wriggled her ass. Her cheeks bounced nicely. She moved around my chair and let the cloak cover my head for a brief moment. The material was silk and felt soft and cool.

A white cloak danced forward. Her skin was creamy white. She had small breasts and needed no bra but had a bandana. She had small black panties and a garter belt of white fox fur. The tail on her cap was also the tail from a white fox. She was slender, almost skinny. She turned to dance away and showed a nicely framed ass that was taut and firm.

The red cloak came up. When her cloak opened I began to understand the colors. Her skin was pale with freckles. She must be a redhead. Her lingerie was red lace and see through but with modest cutting. She was well built and not skinny at all. On the contrary, she had a full figure without being fat. Her ass cheeks moved very nicely when she turned. Of course she had a tail and a garter strap from the red fox

The brown cloak danced before me. The tail was a full skin of brown mink. Her lingerie was green. Her skin was yellowish and looked soft. A mesh bra let her full breasts bounce around. Her stiff brown nipples poked out through holes in the bra. She too had a very nice full ass that moved on its own.

Finally the black cloak with a tail of the blue fox. Her skin was olive. Her full figure was hour glass-shaped with wide hips, narrow waist and full bosom. She looked fantastic in a leather harness outfit that took well care of and emphasized her full breasts.

The five women lined up again. On a silent command they all pushed the cloaks away and let them hung on their backs. They moved freely around and helped themselves to champagne.

I became suddenly aware of that they indeed were women and not girls. Mature women in fact. I would say that they were in the range between 30 and 40 and very well kept and exercised. They looked marvelous and all had chosen lingerie to match their bodies.

A sudden tap on the door made us all stir. But the women relaxed when the door opened and two more women entered, dressed like the rest. Well, made an entrance better describes how they did it. One by one they took a few steps inside, swirled around and stopped in a pose with the cloaks wide open on outstretched arms. One cloak shimmering gray and the other black with silvery streaks. One tail of Persian lamb and one of a skin of black mink with white streaks. One in modest but exquisite cut lingerie in silver. One in daringly cut black lingerie that showed big breasts at its best and a thong that emphasized a protruding mons veneris.

The two newly arrived women were definitely older than the rest. It was also obvious that they were the leaders. The body language of the rest was very clear.

The women relaxed and lingered around sipping, well no, drinking champagne. I was handed a glass and frequently offered refills. Bottles emptied rapidly and the women giggled more and more. But not a word was said. They carefully kept the cloaks out of the way to show off to me when they moved around. I sat in my chair and watched the lovely sight.

Someone took care of the stereo and new tunes came on. They again danced to the music and the cloaks swayed around them. Sometimes they were bayan escort gaziantep spread all over the room, at other times they were together in a tight group.

As on command they lined up again, cloaks closed. The music changed to a pleasant ballad type tune.

On a silent command they started dancing again. The coats floated out and they pushed them back over the shoulders. All the bras were gone and a rich variety of breasts swayed around me. They circled around my chair shifting positions. Now and then one of them stopped in front of me and let her breasts bounce. They cupped the breasts and pinched the stiff nipples until they stood out.

The tune ended and they lined up. They all looked at me expecting something. I got to my senses and applauded and cheered. They bowed and made deep curtseys like artists in a theatre.

They spread and moved around again. I kept on cheering and clapping my hands until they lined up again bowing and curtsying.

I stopped cheering and tried to compliment them in words. But the veils made it hard to understand how they reacted.

Suddenly I saw the white fur approach the black mink and talked to her eagerly for a little while. The mink then gathered the rest around them in a tight circle. The white fur spoke in a low voice but I couldn’t hear what she said. She argued determined for a while until one by one the women seemed to agree. The red fox went to the stereo and selected a new tune.

The women moved around freely again drinking more champagne. My glass was filled by the blue fox.

When the tune changed they lined up. The new tune was slow and seductive. They danced graciously around spreading out and gathering in groups.

Suddenly the light brown cloak danced in front of me. She raised her arms to hold the cloak open and revealed that she had taken also her panties off. With the cloak open she danced forward and stopped only when she was as close as she could come. My face was at her pussy level. Her pubic mons was completely bald and her pussy lips slightly open and glistening from wetness.

She dropped her arms and closed her cloak behind my head. I was in darkness and felt the lovely scent from an aroused woman. She sank down and let her breasts touch my face. Then she was gone as suddenly as she had come.

The red fox quickly replaced her. She let her cloak be a little open behind my head letting in some light. I clearly saw her rich pussy bush. It was dark red. She was well built, and her ample breasts swung above me. She sank down and pushed her breasts into my face. Suddenly a taut nipple was in my mouth for me to suck on. If it was on purpose I don’t know but she had no objections when I started to suck.

Something flashed through my mind. I knew this woman. I saw for my inner eye a full-bodied woman with big flaming red hair. She always got my attention when we met.

“Thank you, Margareta,” I said under her cloak when she at last withdrew her breasts. “You are marvelous. I have always admired you.”

She froze for a moment and then laughed throatily. She bent down and whispered:

“Oh, you are not supposed to know who we are. But thank you for the compliments. I appreciate it. That’s why I am doing this, to show off.”

She left me and joined the others, dancing. But there was new energy and spring in her step.

I thought that I understood the fur tail code by now. And it was confirmed when the brown mink came close. Her silky pussy bush was very close in color to her mink tail and garter strap. She let my nose brush through her rich bush that was neatly trimmed. She turned around and swept her cloak aside. Suddenly her great ass bounced close in front of me. Her hips gyrated and her ass wriggled. She parted her feet and her crack opened to reveal her pussy. It glistened from wetness and her scent was strong.

On an impulse I lifted my hands to her ass cheeks and fondled them. She swayed away in surprise but then swayed back again and pressed her cheeks into my hands for a short while. I heard her laugh deeply when she withdrew.

I couldn’t tell her name but had an idea of who she might be. The suspicion got stronger when I watched her move around. It definitely was something familiar in the way she moved and wriggled her hips.

My thoughts were interrupted by the white fox. It was no doubt that she was a true blonde. Her bush was curly with light thin hair. Her slit showed through the hair. She was slender and her breasts small and perky. Her very long nipples were taut and stood out. She let her nipples brush all over my head and face. She rasped them hard against my stubble. I thought it should hurt but she enjoyed it. She moaned a few times before she withdrew.

I got no clue to who she might be. But the company was big with lots of personnel.

The women circled around to the music. They seemed to enjoy themselves as much as I enjoyed them. It gave me a breather.

The group of women tightened dancing close together until the blue fox broke free and turned towards me. She held the cloak open with outstretched arms, let her hips gyrate and wriggled her shoulders. Her whole body vibrated when she performed a very sexy version of belly dance. Her breasts bounced and she pushed her pussy forward in a number of short rapid thrusts.

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