Student and Teacher Ch. 15

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Nan, padding sleepily down the stairs, found her mother in the kitchen, getting ready to prepare a big breakfast for everyone. She must have come up to her silently, for when she placed a hand on Vera’s shoulder and said, “Hey, Mom, howya doin’?” Vera spun around in alarm.

“Christ, Nan!” she cried. “You scared the bejesus out of me!”

“Mom, calm down, it’s only me,” Nan said with something of a smirk (she had learned that from Sylvia). Then she added: “So how was it?”

Vera feigned ignorance. “How was what?”

Nan rolled her eyes. “Oh, come on, Mom, you know what I mean. How was it with Damon?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Vera said primly.

“Mom, I have ears, you know. You guys weren’t exactly quiet.”

Nan saw a blush proceed from her mother’s neck all the way to the top of her forehead, and Vera’s mouth gaped open in speechless horror. Nan almost thought her mom was having a heart attack.

“I sent him there,” Nan went on softly, “so that you’d, um, feel better. Damon likes to make women feel better.”

“I feel fine,” Vera said tightly.

“Well, that’s good. But you know we’re going to have to talk about this.”

“What is there to talk about?”

Nan looked at her mother as if she were a dolt. “Are you kidding me? We have to have some kind of—arrangement. You must see that.”

“I can’t imagine what kind of arrangement that could possibly be.”

“Yeah, well, I have some ideas about that. I—”

But at this point Damon stumbled into the room, looking pretty worn out. Nan directed a smirk at him, but he didn’t dignify it with a response. And Vera took advantage of her new lover’s arrival to say, “Okay, I gotta make breakfast now,” and obtrusively brought out pans and skillets to whip up eggs, sausages, and other things for the three of them.

There was actually little talk of any kind over that breakfast. Nan did notice that her mother winced as she sat down at the dining table; she cast a quick and disapproving glance at Damon, and he made an infinitesimal shrug and had a sheepish grin on his face. The meal was at last over, and Damon retreated up the stairs, claiming he needed a shower. Nan pulled her mother away from the safety of her kitchen and led her into the living room, where they sat on the couch.

“Okay, Mom, so what do we do now?” Nan said.

“I don’t know,” Vera said into her hands.

“You—you like Damon?”

“Certainly I like him. I did so even before . . .”

“Yeah, okay. You like what he did to you?”

Vera blushed again. “Well, why wouldn’t I? He’s quite—skilled.”

“That’s for sure. But I can tell that what he did was more than just fun for him. I’m hoping it was for you too.”

Vera looked at her daughter in amazement. “How can you—?” How can you allow your boyfriend—the guy you claim to love, and who says he loves you—to fuck your mom over and over again?

Nan understood at once what Vera was trying to say. “Really, Mom, I don’t mind. You may not believe that, but I don’t.”

Vera just shook her head in disbelief.

“So we get back to the question: What do we do now?”

“I don’t know why we need to do anything.”

“Mom, are you crazy? You’re telling me that after what’s happened, we can just go back to pretending we’re all just the same as before?”

“I don’t—”

“Look, I have a pretty good idea of what Damon is feeling. I don’t know what you’re feeling. Are you really saying that you just want this to be a one-night stand?”

Vera’s eyes widened, and she stared intently at her daughter. All manner of emotions—fear, desire, apprehension, confusion, regret—flitted over her face like a kaleidoscope. She remained silent for a long time, but finally said in a whisper: “No.”

“I had a feeling you’d say that,” Nan said matter-of-factly. Then her tone softened: “I know this is all new to you, Mom. It was all new to me too, until a few months ago.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Nan sighed wearily. She had not told her mother anything about her current living situation, and realized that the time had come to lay her cards on the table. So she did so, recounting the whole business of Iris and Brad and Sylvia and how they all interacted in that big house in Charlottesville.

As the tale unfolded, Vera’s jaw dropped and her eyes boggled. When Nan finished, there was a deafening silence that threatened to extend till the end of time.

“You—you’re not serious,” Vera breathed.

“I am,” Nan said firmly. “Maybe it’s not how most people live, but it’s how we live—and we like it. It works for us. There’s no jealousy, there’s no fighting; there’s just a lot of love.”

Vera’s breathing seemed to be getting agitated, and her chest rose and fell irregularly. “And—and you expect me to—?”

“Yes, Mom, I think it would be best if you joined us. Of course, that’s Iris’s decision—it’s gaziantep escort her house, after all. And the others will have to have their say. But it seems to be the best thing for everyone. You can easily commute to your bank from Iris’s place—it’s not that far.”

Vera just shook her head. “I don’t know if I can live like that.”

“I get that. But I suggest that you try it for a while and see how it works. And you don’t have to decide right away. Damon and I still have five more days here, and you can have him for another three nights. I hope you don’t mind if I have him for the other two nights.”

“Of course not!” Vera said with a nervous laugh. “Don’t be silly.”

“Fine,” Nan said. “That’s how it’ll be.”

The trio did all manner of other fun things during the next several days, and they all became closer and closer. Damon, realizing he had Nan’s “permission” to cuddle up to her mother, made Vera feel like a queen being fêted by her favorite courtier, kissing her openly on the mouth, even in public, and (in private) squeezing her bottom and nuzzling her neck, shoulders, and breasts when the opportunity presented itself. Vera was entranced by the attentions of this appealing man, and at times it seemed as if Nan were the mother and Vera the daughter whose new boyfriend was making no secret of his attraction.

Damon did his best not to make Nan feel neglected, but that first night with Vera had tired him out more than he cared to admit, and he had to beg off sex with Nan the next night. The night after that, Nan became aware that her boyfriend and her mother were at it even more enthusiastically than before, and when she came downstairs the next morning, Vera was sitting drinking coffee at the kitchen table, waiting for the others to get up.

“Well,” Nan said, “you’re up bright and early this morning.” I’m always a mess after Damon works me over the way he must have worked you over last night.

“It’s not that early,” Vera said.

Nan gave a close scrutiny to her mom. “You’re looking really good, you know. A lot better than I’ve seen you in a long time. In fact, you’re positively radiant.”

Vera colored prettily. “Oh, come on, dear, I’m just the same as usual.”

“You’re not. You—”

At this point, Damon dragged in. Man, did he look worn out! He trudged over to the coffeemaker, poured himself some black coffee, and brought it back to the kitchen table.

“So,” Nan said in a tone of scientific inquiry, “how many times did you do my mom?”

“Nan!” Vera cried indignantly. “You have no right—”

“I can’t remember,” Damon muttered, sipping the coffee as if it were the elixir of life.

“Can’t remember?” Nan said with immense skepticism. “Really?”

“I just—” he began.

“It was five times,” Vera blurted out. “Okay? Are you satisfied?”

“I don’t know about that,” Nan said with wonderment in her eyes, “but you must be.” Turning to Damon: “Five times, eh? I don’t know that you’ve ever done me that many times.”

“Sure I have!” Damon said, not wanting Nan to feel as if she was second fiddle. “At least once or twice.”

“How did he do it, Mom?” Nan pursued.

“There’s no need to go into that,” Vera said.

“Oh, come on! You gotta give me something. I’m not getting much from this lug.” Nan directed a mildly venomous glance at Damon.

“Well, if you must know,” Vera said with some reluctance, “it was, um, twice in my pussy, twice in my butt, and once in my mouth.”

“Not a bad distribution,” Nan said judiciously. “So you like butt sex now?”

Vera flushed and said, “I guess it’s growing on me.”

“Yeah, same here. It took me a while to get used to it.”

“Can we talk about something else?” Damon said pointedly.

That gave Vera the excuse to leap up from her chair. “Of course! What a bad hostess I am. It’s time for breakfast.” And she got right to it.

“She’s a pretty good hostess, wouldn’t you agree, Damon?” Nan said. But Damon had nothing to say.

Because of Damon’s unusual exertions, he again did nothing but cuddle with Nan the next night. The night after that was Saturday, and they would be going back to Iris’s house the next day. It was obvious that Vera was looking forward to one last tussle with Damon, given that, in spite of Nan’s offer for her mother to move in with her and her companions, there wasn’t any guarantee that such a move would actually happen in anything like the near future. So, promptly at 10 p.m., after the three of them had watched a romantic comedy, Vera made it clear that Damon was to make his way to her bed.

Nan watched them go. She was, to be frank, a little peeved at being left out of the festivities night after night, for all that she was gratified that Damon was providing such profound satisfaction to a woman who hadn’t received any for a long time. Nan had gotten to know very well the benefits of adıyaman escort regular sex and didn’t begrudge her mother the time she spent with her own lover. But still, it rankled a bit.

So, after about fifteen minutes, she pensively headed in the direction of the guest bedroom. As expected, she heard Damon and Vera engaged in some kind of energetic action, although they had discreetly closed the door to the master bedroom. Sauntering into her room, she slowly undressed. Was it time to read a book? The book on her nightstand suddenly struck her as singularly unappealing. She slipped on a nightgown and sat up on the bed, her head resting against the headboard. She felt frustrated and out of sorts.

Abruptly, she got up and started walking in the direction of where those incoherent noises were coming from. Unwittingly following Damon’s actions of several days ago, she shimmied out of her nightgown, letting it fall to the floor in the hallway, and boldly opened the door of her mom’s bedroom.

She saw Damon lying flat on his back, with Vera riding him lustily. She had put her arms behind her head, which had the effect of making her ample breasts rise up high on her chest. Nan gasped as she gazed at the incredible sight, taking in every contour of her mother’s luscious body, especially how Damon’s member had been engulfed in her pussy, emerging hard and slick as Vera bounced happily on it. She couldn’t ever recall seeing her mother naked, and the sight all but took her breath away.

“Omigod, Mom,” Nan breathed, “you’re so beautiful.”

Vera, always striving to keep control of the situation, didn’t freak out at her daughter’s interruption of this intimate act. Instead, she became fixated on Nan’s own slender, graceful, but curvy figure. She herself hadn’t seen her daughter naked since Nan was a little girl, and the transformation rendered her speechless for a moment.

“So are you, dear,” she said softly.

There was a strange pause in the action, as if time had stopped. Damon was peering in the direction of Nan while at the same time he was glorying in the sensation of Vera’s enfolding of his cock into herself. The presence of the young woman he loved and the older woman he was very close to loving was almost too much for him to endure, and he could only let out a little whimper of ecstasy.

Vera articulated what everyone in the room was feeling. “Come and join us, dear.”

Stiffly, Nan walked over to the bed, uncertain exactly what to do. She had become familiar with taking two men at the same time, but this new scenario momentarily baffled her. Then, as if enlightenment had suddenly dawned, she knew what to do.

She climbed up onto the bed and sat on Damon’s face.

At once he seized Nan’s bottom with both hands as he pasted his lips against her nether lips, which were already getting coated with her wetness. Nan wriggled a little on Damon’s face, slathering his cheeks and chin with her juices, while she stared at her mother, who had resumed her jouncing on Damon’s cock. Tentatively, Nan reached out with her hands and seized her mother’s breasts, finding their rondure, contours, and firmness a striking contrast to her own—not that she felt her own were in any way inferior. Vera made that clear by extending her own hands and taking hold of her daughter’s breasts. The last time she had seen Nan topless, those breasts were just starting to blossom, and Vera silently approved of how her daughter had become a full-fledged, desirable young woman.

After a time, the two women bent forward and sealed this new development in their relationship with a kiss.

It was a kiss that lasted a long, long time, and involved a lot of variations and modifications: sometimes Nan stuck her tongue into her mother’s mouth, and Vera eagerly flicked her own tongue against it; at other times, Nan allowed Vera to paint a wet track with lips and tongue along her cheeks, nose, eyes, and even her earlobe; later, Nan bent down and kissed Vera’s breasts, sucking on her nipples alternately and at times pressing those breasts against her face.

Meanwhile, Damon wasn’t in any way passive. He probed Nan’s pussy thoroughly with his mouth, delighting in the usual copious flow of her juices. He switched from squeezing her bottom to squeezing Vera’s bottom; he had to work by feel, since Nan’s thighs and bottom entirely obscured his line of sight. Vera, for her part, was riding him hard, and he felt his culmination approaching. At that point he slid his hand toward Vera’s clitoris, stroking it in a way that he hoped would result in an unprecedented simultaneous triple climax.

And so it happened. As he shot his seed deep into Vera, he heard both her and her daughter moan and squeal with shuddering orgasms of their own as they clung to each other, wrapping their arms around each other’s necks while their sweat-coated breasts rubbed together. Damon akkent escort managed to prolong both Nan’s climax with his mouth and Vera’s with his fingers, until finally both women fell off of him and collapsed onto each other, Nan’s head falling on Vera’s breasts as they lay sprawled in a heap next to Damon.

“Jesus Christ!” Vera cried. “I can’t believe we did that!”

But she had an instinctive sense that this was only the beginning of this most unorthodox triple union. Sure enough, after a bit of rest, Nan began paying even more attention to her mother’s breasts, which seemed to fascinate her; whether she could actually remember suckling at them as an infant was highly open to doubt, but she liked to pretend that she could. Then she slid down her mother’s sweaty body and focused on Vera’s pussy, rubbing her face against the delicate black hairs before parting her labia with delicate fingers and fastening her lips onto her clitoris. This, she noted poignantly, was the channel out of which she had emerged into life twenty years ago. Vera, for her part, shrieked with surprise and pleasure at the sensation.

It was Damon who now took action. Taking hold of Nan’s legs, he gently encouraged her to get into a sixty-nine position with her mother. Nan readily complied, and Vera was now faced with the sight, smell, and taste of her daughter’s pussy in her face. She didn’t hesitate to take advantage of the situation, grabbing hold of Nan’s bottom with both hands as she pasted her own lips on Nan’s labia, sometimes inserting a tongue deep into her daughter’s crevice.

Damon was content to watch mother and daughter enjoy each other for a time, but he knew that he would soon want to take a more active role in the proceedings. Seeking not to distract the women in their pleasant work, he drew out the familiar blue jar—which had now been placed in the top drawer of Vera’s nightstand, just as it was in the various bedrooms of Iris’s house—and coated their anuses with the cold white stuff. Then, finding himself engorged by the exquisite sight before his eyes, he stationed himself behind the younger woman’s bottom—Nan was on top of her mother—and entered it.

Both women gasped—Nan from the sensation, and Vera from the incredible sight of a man’s cock entering her daughter’s posterior inches from her face. She continued to lick her daughter’s pussy with gusto while watching Damon’s cock disappear inch by inch into Nan’s anus until it was finally lodged almost to the hilt. She could, if she wished, stick out her tongue and lick Damon’s balls, and she did that—while making sure not to neglect her daughter’s sex. There was something about watching Damon’s organ thrust in and out of that normally forbidden orifice that excited her beyond comprehension, and she was convinced that she had another orgasm just from the sight of it. Nan, delighting in the sensation of being filled, began nuzzling her mother’s pussy frenetically, also taking hold of her bottom with both hands and finding the firmness and texture of those hemispheres subtly but fascinatingly different from both Damon’s and her own.

Damon knew that his climax couldn’t be held off much longer. As both women were crying out from what he suspected were ongoing orgasms of their own, he suddenly drew out of Nan’s anus and spattered his emission alternately on Nan’s nether crevice and on Vera’s face. The feel of that hot come made Vera let out a shriek, and Damon’s discharge was soon trickling down from Nan’s bottom into her mouth and down her throat.

Damon flopped away from the women, utterly spent. Nan, reluctantly giving up the succulent taste of her mother’s pussy, spun around and gazed down at Vera’s moistened face. Then she systematically licked up as much of Damon’s come as hadn’t entered her mouth.

All three were now in a kind of coma of exhaustion, physical and emotional. The acts they had just performed were inexpressible in their novelty and boldness, but none of them had any sense that they were in any sense obscene or immoral. Damon put the matter best by whispering some words alternately into the ear of mother (“I love you, Vera”) and daughter (“I love you, Nan”).

The next morning found Vera at her customary position at the kitchen table, sipping coffee contemplatively. When Nan wandered in, the two women exchanged brief glances and even briefer smiles while Nan got her own cup of coffee. She sat down quietly across the table from Vera.

“That was . . . pretty crazy last night,” Vera managed to say.

“Yeah, pretty crazy,” Nan agreed. “But fun.”

She stopped short, then shook her head. “No—more than fun. It was . . . wonderful. Wasn’t it, Mom?”

“Yes,” Vera whispered.

“I—I never felt closer to you, Mom, than I did then.”

“Me neither.”

“We’ve had our problems over the years, no doubt about it. But I love you so much, Mom. You must know that.”

Vera reached out to stroke her daughter’s face. “Yes, of course I know that. I’ve always known it.”

“And what we did,” Nan went on earnestly, “we did out of love. Didn’t we?”


“Good. I’m glad we agree.”

Then Nan giggled girlishly. “But it was fun, too, wasn’t it, Mom?”

Vera couldn’t deny it.

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