Surreptitious Love Ch. 73

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Big Dick

Chapter 73 — Linh’s Mother is so Beautiful

“My mother LOVES your dick!” was the first message I received from Linh after our rousing afternoon at their house. Last week, Linh’s mother had coaxed me into massaging her daughter, before she left the house under some pretext. While she was gone, Linh and I had renewed our sexual relationship, before her mother had returned somewhat surprisingly and joined us. Needless to say, I ended up inside Linh’s mother, too, who was now growing keener every minute to watch me fuck her daughter. At least, that was what Linh told me.

In the next message, Linh shared that, at their house, things had changed dramatically since our epic afternoon together: Yen, Linh’s mother, took more time to give her daughter the daily massages, which she needed because of her slight handicap—Linh had suffered a stroke when she was ten and limped a little as a result. Now, however, Yen didn’t spare her daughter’s pussy anymore; the masturbation that used to happen after the massage— when Linh was alone—had now become an integral part of it. And one morning, Yen had even joined Linh in bed after she had driven the younger daughter to school.

Linh’s mother was an exceptionally lovely and fine-looking woman, who, five days ago, had mustered the courage to engage in her first threesome together with her daughter. She had—literally—opened up, and caressing her daughter’s most intimate areas had quickly become a routine, which they both had dreamed of for months, if not years. That I had kinda fallen in love with Yen was no surprise, since she combined her youthful freshness, which she had miraculously preserved, with the gravity of a respected middle-aged woman. Her soul seemed wonderfully balanced, and she exuded modesty and kindness. I liked her so much that I was afraid that Linh might feel neglected and then would blame her disability for coming in second, which I would have hated. But, perhaps, I was worrying too much: Linh loved her mom and was probably even proud that she was more beautiful than herself.

Originally, we had agreed to meet after lunch this Thursday, but on Wednesday, they suggested that I come round at 10 in the morning, so ‘we would have more time.’ They really seemed to be eager to do it again. Deliberately, I didn’t shave, as my whiskers might play their part in tickling the ladies’ thighs. I cut my fingernails extra carefully, however, since I wanted to massage Yen’s anus a little if I got the chance. I was quite anxious as, the last time, I hadn’t been able to admire Yen’s lovely butt nor pussy sufficiently.

On the way to their house, I asked myself how we could sequence the different deeds we were all keen on doing: Should we start with the massage? But who would massage whom? Well, no, perhaps we should save that for after lunch. Maybe we should go to Linh’s room first and roll around in bed a little to release some pressure?! Otherwise, lunch might be too tense. Yes, we should do something before lunch, during which then my sexual prowess could recover. Or we could begin with an early lunch, during which we could start our love play? In any case, even though neither Linh nor her mother were lewd or unrestrained in the truest sense, they both seemed open and keen enough to discover new frontiers.

When I arrived at their home, the gate was open again, so that I just rolled in. Linh stepped out of the house and urged me to come in quickly, perhaps because of the neighbors. Or the weather, as it was grey, a little nippy, and windy. Linh’s mother didn’t seem to be there, as neither she nor her Honda were in sight. I went through the living room close to the entrance to the back, where the kitchen was. There was a colander with freshly chopped greens on the table, and I could hear music playing, but then Linh switched off the radio, before she asked me to sit down and told me that her mom was going to be back in ten minutes.

Linh was wearing a red-and-white cotton house dress, in which she may even have slept. She was probably still wearing the fragrance of the night on her skin, as drowsy as she looked. Sleeping-in was unusual in Vietnam, but Linh was an excellent student who deserved to let her hair down for a few days. And as pleasing and exciting as sex was, it was also exhausting, as we all knew. After I had sat down, she pressed the fabric of her dress between her strapping legs and smiled at me.

“So, you and your mother have discovered sensuality anew?” I joked.

“Ben, you have no idea what has been going on here at the house the last few days …”

“Well, to be honest, I think I have a pretty good idea, after last Friday …”

“Yeah, I know … but you know what I mean: my mother is so horny and keen to touch me everywhere … it’s amazing. There don’t seem to be any taboos anymore … insane …” Linh was shaking her head. “But I love it … yesterday morning, like I told you, she even lay down next to me in bed.”

After a pause, Linh added quietly, blushing: “She took her panties off and then bayan escort sat on my face …”

“Great. I love it. And as long as you both want it … I mean you’re both adults … and you gotta go back to Hanoi on Monday, don’t you?’

She nodded: “Yeah, I don’t know what we’re going to do then …”

“What do you want to do?! You take a break, which is probably for the better anyway. I mean, you are mother and daughter, you know …”

Linh poured me some more warm tea. My dick was twitching slightly in my pants after Linh’s brief salacious story, and I imagined the two of them in bed together. The way Linh was sitting here, with her firm thighs, of which only the upper quarter was covered, I immediately thought of whipping my cock out and let her suck it. Or fuck her. Upstairs or right there in the kitchen. But the thing was: I knew that Linh’s mother wanted to watch us, and as I had fallen in love with Yen, her wishes were my command. The only problem was that I actually wanted to fuck Yen more than Linh.

“So, your mom said she wants to watch us have sex?”

“Well, she hasn’t said it directly, but I think she does. She keeps talking about your penis, anyway” Linh giggled. “I think she’s still puzzled or even impressed that I just took it like that …” she snapped her fingers next to her face.

“Well, as far as I know, you got some practice, probably more than your mom,” I teased her. “And my cock isn’t that big … c’mon,” I said with mock-modesty.

Linh blushed again: “Well, it’s an inch-and-a-half longer than most and also thicker. It’s not huge, sure, but it has a nice size. For Asian women,” Linh giggled again. “Believe me, I see one or two new cocks every month … yours is the biggest I’ve seen and had.”

Well, I didn’t want to argue the point and was happy that I could be of service to the two ladies.

“Speaking of seeing small cocks: You wanted to tell me a few more details about your adventures in Hanoi …”

I invited her to share some of her dorm stories, even though I didn’t want to sit here in their kitchen with a painful hard-on. On the other hand, I loved those little stories about young people’s sexual explorations.

“Well, last month, I was sitting with one of my fellow students, eating a banana, in his room. He asked me to lick and suck it like a dick, which I did for a few minutes, before I just ate it. But when he got his thing out and asked me to suck it, I felt that was too clumsy, and so I only laughed, got up and went downstairs to the little stationary shop in the building.

“Well, what do you expect after he’s been watching you giving the banana a blowjob?!” I interjected.

“I know, but it was … I don’t know … kinda ungainly. But as I was waiting in line at the shop, I thought to myself ‘Why not?!’ and went back up to his room, where I caught him jerking off. I felt sorry for him, so I just asked him if he had a condom and let him fuck me.”

Right on cue, I heard Linh’s mother roll into the yard behind my back, like the word ‘fuck’ had triggered her return. Now, she was closing the squeaky gate, and a few seconds later I turned around to say ‘hi’ to her. I was astounded how beautiful she looked again in her mango-colored, tailored dress, which reached her knees, and her short, dark-green tweed jacket, which only came down to her waist. She had her hair in a ponytail and looked lovely and stunning at the same time. She had taken off her shoes already and now put two plastic bags with groceries on the table.

We looked deeply into each other’s eyes and nodded both, before she poured herself a glass of tea. Then she turned away again and rummaged through the drawers behind me. And so I commented on Linh’s story briefly:

“That’s all? That was rather prosaic.”

“Well, what did you expect?! I told you last Friday that my sex-life at uni is rather mundane. I still like it,” she defended herself.

“Perhaps for this very reason?” I suggested.

Yen took off her jacket now and quietly said something to her daughter in Vietnamese, which I didn’t understand, of course. Unlike virtually every other time, Linh didn’t translate, though. Anyway, I moved away from Linh, so that her mother could sit between us, but she remained standing and started to peel mangoes, instead. Yes, her dress and the fruits were of the same color. When I looked at her a little more closely, I realized how muscular her arms were, probably from giving massages daily for ten years. Or maybe she played tennis in her spare time? Slightly dizzy from the stirring stories Linh had told me—of which one involved the lady standing next to me—I realized I was already heaving, just like Yen, who still hadn’t said a word, apart from the one quiet remark two minutes ago.

My dick was hurting in my pants, stiff as it was, but Linh only took a slice of mango and encouraged me to eat some myself. When her mother was done peeling and cutting, she went over to the sink to wash her hands, and I bayan escort gaziantep admired her firm, perfect butt, which was moving tantalizingly as she was rubbing her hands. I couldn’t wait to see and touch her thighs—and to lose myself between them. Before Yen finally sat down, however, she looked at me somewhat gravely again. She glanced at my crotch, where, I was afraid, there wasn’t much to see on this grey, dark day, in the shade of the table. The tension was difficult to bear, but I didn’t feel like I ought to be the one inviting them upstairs, as it was their house.

Yen crossed her legs, which brought to bear her perfect calves. Her dress ended six inches above her knees now, since she was sitting. I marveled at this gorgeous, cultivated, fetching woman and now discovered her feet, which looked like chiseled. Her blood vessels were titillating, and the arch underneath was sublime. She took another slice of mango, just like her daughter, and handed me one as well. We ate in silence, and I thought about charming Linh into telling me another story, but then her mother got up, saying she was going upstairs to change.

Of course, we all could have gotten up and joined her but, as she was already standing, I held her wrist to make her stay.

“Yen, you look so beautiful in your dress!” I told her.

I looked at Linh, hoping she would aid and stand by me. With her wrist still in my hand, Yen turned and smiled somewhat despondingly. She didn’t reveal her desire but seemed to want to wait for me to make the next step. I pointed at her chair, and she sat back down again slowly.

“Ben,” Linh said quietly, “my mother said she can’t wait much longer. She was hoping we would follow her upstairs. She wants to … to fuck a little before lunch. And then, after we have eaten, we’ll go to the bathroom together for a massage.”

I nodded, as this sounded reasonable but felt my dick pumping hard. I didn’t know, however, how we could elegantly solve this deadlock. Yen could wear this dress once again, sure, but I just did not want her to leave the room. Still.

“Yen, the way you’re sitting here in your dress is divine: you’re simply perfect,” I admitted.

Linh translated, and her mother blushed, before she smiled fairly relaxed. But then she put her fist against her mouth and nose, like she needed to sneeze or cough, looked at Linh and then back at me and said something quietly to her daughter, of which I only understood ‘Ben’ and the Vietnamese word for ‘penis’.

Linh swallowed before she relayed to me what her mother wanted, blushing:

“My mother wants to see your dick, Ben. Get it out. She can’t wait any longer.”

Well, since that was what I had come here for, and because my cock was hurting in my pants anyway, I got up and removed them together with my underpants. I moved my chair closer to Yen and draped my shirttails next to my erect rod, so that she could see it better. Linh also moved closer to be able to see the treasure past the edge of the oval table.

My dick was pretty much horizontal, only pointing upwards slightly, perhaps ten or 20 degrees, and was twitching. Sitting close to Yen, I folded her dress back to admire and caress her heavenly thighs. I didn’t stroke my dick, but as soon as I touched Yen’s skin, I felt a warm rush of blood flowing through my whole body. I had rarely experienced stronger lust and desire than in that moment. Yen opened her legs, so that I could reach inside and fondle the soft yet firm insides of her legs. Her skin was incredibly tender.

The next step was inevitable: She slid two inches towards me, and I folded her skirt all the way back to take a look at her panties. And here they were: youthfully lime green, with white lace at the top and the bottom. As the material was relatively thin, I could sense her slim fur triangle and the sensitive pearl below it. Fueled by the view of my stiff, erect cock, her body was already producing some nectar, which had caused a large and two small stains on her underwear.

“Linh, have you ever seen anything more beautiful?” I asked and moved my chair yet closer.

“No, never,” she whispered and reached under her dress to remove her panties, which she then put on the table.

After that, Linh pulled her flimsy dress back, so that we could see her pitch-black fur and pussy. I touched Yen’s snatch with my fingertips through the material of her panties, which she was only able to take for thirty seconds, though; she now hastily ripped her underwear off her legs. She put her panties next to her daughter’s, who had already started masturbating, and then leaned backward. When Yen spread her legs, I took her panties and took a long indirect drag of her savory aroma, before I reached heartily between her legs. Sticky as her lips were, we all were now listening intently to the smacking that my fingertips caused.

The ambience here in the kitchen felt like a church service. It was very quiet, apart from the slurping of Yen’s gaziantep escort lips and Linh’s panting. My cock had reached its capacity and was now pointing at the ceiling. I took off my shirt, as it occasionally wiped my glans dry. I began to massage Yen’s breasts through the thick fabric of her dress, but then she got up and asked her daughter to open the zipper in the back. Then, Yen placed herself directly in front of me and pulled her dress and bra down over her shoulders. Her breasts snapped out one after the other, and her perky nipples were pointing at me. Finally, she sat down on my left thigh and took my rod, while I—with one hand still between her legs—got lost in her shapely bosom.

After two or three minutes of moaning, panting, and groaning, I asked Linh to tell her mom to kneel on the chair. In that way, both, Linh and I could finally admire the glory of her butt crack and everything in between. Linh had slid down towards the edge of her chair but was already past the point of no return. She relayed quickly what I had asked for, though, and Yen did as I had requested without hesitation. She let her butt protrude deep into the kitchen, but Linh just shook her head, declining the invitation to interrupt her diddling to admire her mother’s stunning aromatic crevice.

Which was fine with me, as watching Linh diddling herself to my right was cute and hot at the same time. While I listened to the slurping sound of Linh’s fingers in her own snatch, I kneeled onto the floor and pried Yen’s butt cheeks apart. Perhaps these were the most beautiful ass and pussy I had ever seen: fully developed, slim and tender, sufficiently hairy, with a mind-blowing, tantalizing aroma that floored me. Literally. I thought that she might have skipped her morning shower today since we were going to end up in the massage room anyway as I became enwrapped in the most beguiling fragrance of all time. I licked the whole fissure a few times up and down, before I pushed my tongue in her anus while caressing the whole area.

Stimulated in such an arousing fashion, Yen turned her head at some point, though, and I believed I detected minor disappointment. She seemed to be saying: ‘Whatcha waiting for?!’ So, I ended my sucking, kissing, and licking, got up, and placed my glans at her sticky entrance. Now that what she desired was within reach, she gently pushed back and snapped my cock with her moist lips. Effortlessly, my shaft slid inside her wet sheath.

After the relatively quiet chamber music of our panting, pecking, licking, and wailing, Yen’s pussy added slurping and smacking, while I threw in some guttural moaning. When the ladies began to shriek in cascades from time to time, the room was filled with steam, joy, and solemnity at the same time. Yen and I understood each other blindly: while I was standing still, she kept polishing my shaft with the whole length of her splendid wet sheath. My shaft was now covered in some whitish veneer, and the chamber music had turned into a symphony. Linh seemed to have already climaxed, as she now moved her chair closer to watch the steaming, moist yet somewhat mechanical science of lustful intercourse.

“Fucking often seems banal, but this is art,” Linh remarked, still panting, after a minute.

I smiled inwardly and was exceedingly happy that, apparently, her mother and I had already raised Linh’s standards. Linh’s earlier ‘I then let him fuck me’ had, frankly, hurt my feelings. Obviously, sex doesn’t always turn out great, but a bunch of small dicks wrapped in plastic couldn’t be really all that great, could they?

Since Yen was still thrusting backwards, I had my hands free to caress her thighs, hips, lower back, and butt cheeks with my fingertips, which resulted in goosebumps galore on her skin. Moaning and groaning, I now remembered Yen’s splendid tits and reached around her upper body to squeeze those perfect dangling fruits. When I pressed her nipples between the upper digits of my index and middle fingers, another cannonade of shrieks and moans came out of Yen’s mouth and more oily whitish nectar ran past my dick.

Perhaps Linh hadn’t climaxed earlier, as she had at least two, if not three fingers in her roomy snatch again. Or maybe she was just going at it once more. Watching my dick disappear and then turn up again, I admired Linh’s meticulous masturbation efforts. Yen asked or said something to her now but she wasn’t listening. As we were nearing the finale, I pushed up Yen’s dress and held her hips firmly. I remembered that Yen had wanted me to fuck her daughter but it was too late now: what Yen and I had begun, we had to finish. Yen’s shrieks gushed higher and higher, and I couldn’t help it: I exploded inside Linh’s alluring mom and splashed all I could give towards her beautiful cervix.

Linh had, of course, noticed that we both had come and was now watching my twitching ass and dick, the latter of which was still plugging her mother’s snatch. Linh took a bit of the white juice that was oozing out at the bottom and licked it off her fingertips. Her mother was moaning and panting like she had just run a marathon, but apparently now she wanted to get off the chair on which she was still kneeling. So, I pulled out, and a lukewarm wave of light broth came running onto the chair and floor. Linh seemed fascinated but then started to laugh quietly, smacking her mouth with one hand:

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