Over the Line

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I’ve been married 9 years so you can’t tell anyone I’m telling you this, but I had an affair.
I’d thought about cheating before just like anyone else I guess but you always chalk it up to fantasy and I guess it doesn’t matter where a man get his appetite as long as he eats dinner at home right?
I got lucky with my wife who was by any definition beautiful. We met my senior year of high school where my saving grace was athletics; I might not have been that good looking but I couldn’t be beat on a wrestling mat, and maybe I tell a good joke or two. I look back on those days fondly before real life and time started to wilt the beauty of youth. At 31 I shave my head bald to hide that I’m losing my hair and the physique and energy my wife once had was stolen by our 4 kids. That’s not to say she’s not still pretty; my wife will always retain a natural beauty she inherited from her mother. We have a good marriage and don’t really fight much unless its about the money we don’t have and who’s more at fault for that.
I’ve always viewed it as a man’s job to provide for his family and I work a lot of overtime to make ends meet but it’s still not enough. It doesn’t help that my mother-in-law whispers a constant reminder to my wife that I’m not good enough for her especially since the other boys she dated in high school all have high six figure salaries.
To be honest neither of her parents really care for me, we’re just different people. I grew up in Houma, Louisiana the son of a tug boat captain and started work on the tug boats right out of high school. Even though I’m a Captain now it still doesn’t pay as well as investment banking or other high salary jobs. However, they give us good insurance and the work keeps me in shape. I may not look like I did in High School but I can carry a 10 ton shackle all day and out work any of my 20 something year old deckhands into the ground.
Both my in-laws are college educated, my father-in-law, Pat is a nurse and his wife is a doctor. Pat is tall, about 6’1” and probably weights 160 soaking wet. A good looking guy I guess, at least he still has all his hair. He’s accepted that I’m here to stay and we get along fine but I have trouble respecting a man that doesn’t do his own repair work and never gets his hands dirty. He hates that I still say “fuck” around him, but I don’t think that’s ever gonna stop; men do still cuss don’t they? I’m a sailor, afterall.
My mother-in-law Dr. Margret runs their house and never misses a chance to put me down or show that she’s the boss by degrading her husband in front of me. Physically she’s beautiful though she hides it behind a matronly appearance. With her short blonde hair, frill neck blouses, and the obvious lack of make-up she still cuts a striking figure. For as long as I’ve known my wife Margret has maintained an hour glass figure with breast that always seemed to have the fullness of a new mother, and a bottom that looks better in a pair scrubs than tight blue jeans. Her face is soft with high cheeks that reddened from a touch of rosacea, and bright light blue eyes sit atop a small rounded nose. However, beauty is only skin deep and for all of that I still want to slap the life out he
I don’t like leaving the house when I’m not at work. I work 28 days at a time and only get 14 off so I like to spend them at home but owning the only truck in the family comes at a price, and Margret for all her belligerence likes to donate shit. I guess she feels like if she donates things it counters the rest of the time when she’s an over bearing bitch. She had a gargantuan chest of drawers she’d promised to the Salvation Army and my wife volunteered me to pick it up; thanks dear. A tidbit of news she laid on me the night before I was supposed to pick the damned thing up.
“Look just go over there early since you know she won’t be awake yet and you’ll be done before she ever wakes up.” My wife tried telling me before I started bitching. Too late, I was gonna bitch anyway.
“Why the hell can’t she send your father to do it? It’s Monday and I’d like one day of rest before I go back to work.” Work wasn’t for another week but I had to try.
“Look you, know my father’s out of town this week and like I said you’ll be gone before she knows you’re there.”
I didn’t say anything but still didn’t move.
Seeing that I wasn’t convinced she continued, “Just think, you’ll earn brownie points with her without having to interact with her.” I shot a look that said you’re full of shit but before I could open my mouth she raised her hand to stop me and said, “most importantly you’ll earn brownie points with me.” She said this last bit with a lascivious smile that hinted I might earn an interesting night in bed with her. We’ve been married to too long for me to genuinely expect something more than ordinary sex but sex is sex and the promise of it was good enough for me.
I left the house at 6 that morning, which is early even for me but I wanted to make sure I didn’t have to interact with Dr. Margret. My in-laws live about 45 minutes away from us in an old neighborhood populated with ancient oaks. Looking at my watch when I pulled into Yenimahalle Escort the gravel drive I noted that it was almost 7 and I questioned whether I should have left earlier. Oh well, too late now. I got out the truck and headed for the back shed where they kept the spare key
The shed was painted green to match the house and organized in a fashion that said the owner cared more about looking like they had a nice work shed than using it. I noticed these things with resentment because under the fake rock by the door where they hid the key, there was no key. I looked in a few other places while silently cussing my wife before I walked back outside and to the house where I was gonna have to wake HER up.
I stood at the top of the steps and rang the doorbell. It was already starting to get hot today and the air was sticky as the morning dew was slowing burning off. Homes build in Louisiana pre-air conditioning were often built off the ground to allow air to move underneath. I couldn’t help staring at the crawl space wondering how many raccoons lived under there but before I had a chance to ring the bell again I heard the latch click open.
Still dreary eyed and in nothing but a white cotton bath robe, my mother in law opened the door. “Oh good morning.” she said, “I didn’t know you were coming.” I stepped in and she leaned in to give me a hug. I hated hugging her, it always felt like a lie, but as she leaned in the top of her robe fell open just enough to see the soft white upper swell of her breasts. This was not the first time she’d answered the door in a bath robe and I always took the chance to glance at her breasts. They remained firm as if to prove even gravity couldn’t tell her what to do. But my favorite thing about them was the light dotting of freckles across the top that betrayed her Irish heritage.
She hugged me and then in disingenuous concern said “I’m sorry you had to come on your days off.” Hating that game I didn’t say anything and just asked where the chest of drawers was. “It’s the the front bed room. Give me a chance to change and I’ll help you with it.” The back door opened into the kitchen with its old linoleum floor and white marble counter tops on top of white cabinets.
I tried to prevent her interference so before she could leave the kitchen I said “it’s okay. Go back to bed. I can get it myself.”
“Nonsense” she responded and headed to her room before I could say anything.
Nobody ever accused my mother in law of doing anything quickly so I figured if I hurried I could be out of there before she came back. Without hesitation I made my way to the front bedroom.
The kitchen opened up into the dining room which was monopolized by a dining room table terminally covered in paperwork. I walked past and into the hallway that led to the front bedroom. Most of the house had hardwood floors and my work boots clicked a little as I walked. The morning heat was starting to invade the house and I swear just to make me uncomfortable she never turned on the A/C.
The front bedroom was small mostly occupied by a queen size bed just to the right of the door that was covered with a patch work quilt. The only other 2 pieces of furniture in the room were a small wooden dresser between the windows and the tall chest of drawers that was supposed to come with me standing at the foot of the bed. I started removing the drawers and loading them in the bed of my truck. I was on the last set of drawers before I heard my mother in law’s bedroom door open.
She was in the kitchen making a pot of coffee when I came back in. She still had the bath robe on but at least now she had on a plain t-shirt and maroon scrub pants underneath. “want some coffee?” she asked as I walked by.
“No, ma’am. Thank you” I said as I kept walking.
With just the chest left I grabbed a towel from the bathroom and set it under the chest so I could slide it on the floor. Before I could get it through the bedroom door she called me from the table and said, “come in here and talk to me. I made you a cup of coffee.”
“I’m almost finished. I ‘ll come sit when I’m done.” I said.
“Come in here” was the response. “The furniture can wait.” she continued this time sounding more pleading then commanding.
I set the chest down and walked in the dining room. It was steadily getting warmer in the house and I wanted back in my truck with my A/C as much as I didn’t want to talk to this woman.
Sitting across from her at the table I could see that she did indeed have a cup of coffee for me. She had removed her robe and set it on the back of her chair. The thin t-shirt she had chosen did little to hide the curve of her breasts and even though I was hot she must have still been cold because I could see the outline of her right nipple. In all my glances down that robe I’d never seen so much detail. Her nipples still sat high and the faint contrast of her areola stood out against the pale skin that became visible when she leaned back. I looked down at my coffee and tried not to think about how much I wanted to see her without that shirt on.
She started Ulus Escort talking about something that I wasn’t listening to. I can tell you this with all confidence if you’ve ever enjoyed the freedom of self-control in your own thoughts never allow a woman with perfect D-cups to sit across from you at a table. I don’t know why I complain, of all my mother in law’s faults the fact that she can’t maintain a cohesive thought falls in the top 3. So even if I was listening I wouldn’t be able to keep up. So at least I was getting something out of this.
I swear I didn’t say anything for a solid 5 minutes before she stopped and said “thank you for listening. Pat never listens and it’s just nice to have someone to talk to.”
Are you fucking kidding me? Talk to? Talk to? You mean talk at. I thought. Wait… shes not coming on to me is she? No, she couldn’t be that’d be too weird.
“Anyway” she said standing. “I’m sorry to take up your time. Let me help you so you can get back home.”
“Okay” I said taking the invitation and walking back to the bedroom.
The bedroom was small so I had to lean against the door to let her in. She pressed close to me grabbing my left arm for support and I swear paused for just a second allowing her breasts and hips to linger against me. Before my erection could betray my thoughts she had moved past.
Am I dreaming? Is this for real I thought? Could this woman whom I’ve spent the last 9 years hating really be trying to seduce me? More than that, what if my wife found out? Like I said earlier it was hard to control the thoughts that wanted to throw her on the bed and fuck her till I can’t stand up.
Coming back to my senses I told her “I’ll lean the chest to me and take the weight and you just push from the bottom.” Before we could move three feet, her foot somehow got caught under the chest. She yelled in what was probably more surprise than pain. I stopped and put the chest back upright so she could get her foot out.
I went over to see if she was okay. Still bent over inspecting her foot I grabbed her arm to help her straighten up. She stood up slowly and by the time she stood up straight she was looking up at my eyes. We were as close as we were in the doorway now and I could feel the warmth of her pressed against me but this time there was no denying the feeling of my rock hard cock pressed into the soft flesh between her hips.
If she was going to do something now was the time. Curious to know if I was imagining her advances I didn’t move away or break her gaze. I felt every breath she took as it forced our bodies closer and the thin fabric between us did nothing to hide the sensation of her now hard nipples pressed into me just below my chest or the fact the even through my jeans I could feel the swell of her mons and tell that she wasn’t shaved.
She placed her left hand on my thigh and started to raise it up and between us until it was cupping the shaft of my dick. My heart was beating so fast I thought it was going to come out of my chest and my face flared with heat. This woman had total control over me; at that moment she could have asked me to do anything and I would have been happy to. Not wanting to give up control the best I could do was nothing but she reached up with her other hand and pulled my head down to her where she kissed me softly. My arms came up on their own and I pulled her closer and opened my mouth to allow her tongue inside. I slide my hand down to her ass and pulled her crotch into me.
My face was on fire with nerves as my cock swelled painfully threatening to burst when she abruptly pulled back. “We can’t do this.” Shocked and still breathing hard it took me a second to respond. And when I did the best I could manage was:
“What? Why? Okay.” I sat down on the bed rubbing my face hoping to get rid of the burning sensation and give myself a minute to compose my thoughts. Now I really was dying for the A/C, and just beginning to sweat.
“You can’t come over here anymore” I heard her say.
“What?” I said shocked.
“Its too shameful and if I see you I’ll be reminded of this.”
“That’s ridiculous. Your daughter is my wife.” I tried to reason.
“I just wanted to know if I was still attractive, if I could still turn a man on.”
“Well the answer is yes.” I told her hoping we could talk a way out of this.
“But you still can’t come over.” I just stared at her trying to let the craziness pass.
“I don’t know what I was thinking” she continued “it’s not like it takes a lot to get a man like you going. Just flash him your tits and he loses his mind.” She’d hit a little close to home on that one.
“Fuck you, you don’t know anything about me. I don’t know what’s missing in your life but you need to find it and soon.” I stood up to leave adding, “I’ll be here on Sunday and good luck kicking me out then.”
Still standing in front of me she said “at least you have something to jerk-off to now.” I don’t know if it was the condescending tone she used or the words themselves but I lost it.
I grabbed her under her throat with my right hand and lifted her onto her toes. “Jerk-off to something? Jerk-off to something? Jerk off to this!” and with my left hand I reached up and grabbed her breast. Pleased to feel the weight of them and their gentle resistance as I squeezed I looked down at her. She remained defiant and glared at me until I took her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and pinched with all I had. “Aaahhhhh” she screamed in pain. Now aroused again I threw her face down on the bed and put my knee in the small of her back.
“No…, No, please don’t do this” she begged as I unbuttoned my jeans. I put my right hand where my knee was to keep her in place while I pulled my jeans down. The air on my naked cock turned me on more. I grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her pants ripping them off her body. She hadn’t been wearing panties and the sight of her exposed pussy was more than I could take.
“Please don’t do this” she begged “I’m sorry. I’m sorry for what I said, please don’t.” I ignored her; I wanted to feel her pussy on my hand, wanted to feel her getting wet. I moved my hand slowly over the crease of her ass not wanting to miss one twitch of muscle and was not disappointed because she squirmed furiously beneath my grip, but I tightened my hold on her neck until she screamed in pain again “Aahhhh” she screamed again between heavy breaths.
“No,” she screamed. “No, don’t do this!”
The weight of my body and the painful grip had kept her in place as I forced my hand down between her cheeks. When my middle finger reached the tight skin of her anus she screamed again. I thought the neighbors could hear but I continued, saving that delicate area for later.
I paused slightly at the opening of her pussy, loving the feeling of the soft pubic hair and noticing that she was already wet. Without penetrating her I allowed my index finger to feel for her clit and started making small circles. Soon it swelled to the caresses and her body responded making my hand wet. I entered her with one finger at first while she sobbed begging me to stop. When I put a second finger in her she clinched up with everything she had trying to stop me but it just made me harder and I removed my hand and stroked myself with her juice.
Time for being subtle was over. I shifted my weight to line my cock up with her cunt. I used all my weight and strength as I shoved myself deep inside her. I was rewarded with another scream. Already inside I let go of her neck and grabbed her hair as I thrust hard inside her again. Without letting go of her hair I reached under her shirt and grabbed her breast in my hand feeling for her nipple. Anticipating what was coming I could feel her body tense just before I pinched her right nipple but this time I twisted too and pulled until she screamed. The screams cause me to thrust harder and harder.
Not to be denied everything I wanted I pulled out before I lost it. Again I reached between her legs to wet my fingers but this time I began to use her juices to wet her asshole as well. Finding new energy she began to squirm again trying to fight me off. When she swung at me with one hand I grabbed it and twisted it behind her back until she lay still again. “Wait, wait, please don’t. You can fuck me. I don’t mind. Please just fuck me, its gonna hurt if you put it in there.”
“God I hope so.” I replied and forced my thumb in her ass. Her whole body seized up as if trying to prevent me so I removed my thumb and with everything I had forced 2 fingers in her. She began to cry again.
“If you don’t loosen up I’m gonna put four fingers in your ass.”
“I can’t, it hurts too bad. Please I’ll do anything you want, please stop, it hurts.” I forced a third finger in her and began thrusting them in as deep as I could. With my dick still wet I took my fingers out and pressed the head of my cock on the opening of her ass and just as before I used my weight to push my way inside. Her body never stopped fighting and was clinching tight around me. I didn’t have to hold her down any more and grabbed her by the hips as I pulled her onto me. Limp and crying I kept pushing deeper and deeper inside of her. I kept shoving myself into her while she lay helplessly face down on the bed her hips pinned to a mattress that forced her back on me. Holding her down with all my weight my cock finally I exploded in her ass.
Now, overly sensitive, I didn’t move and stayed inside her for what felt like a long time before finally pulling out. Sitting on the edge of the bed next to her I noticed she was leaking my cum out of her ass. Our combined juices pooled and soaked into the expensive quilt on her bed.
I sat on the edge of the bed for a while listening to her sob and wondering what to say or do. My life was now over, this woman caused me to lose control and now she was going to ruin my life. I did this to myself I guess and deserve what I get. Not knowing what to say I put my pants back on, blood and all, and left.
To my shock she never said one word about it until 2 months later she showed up at the house while I was alone to pick up a crock pot. When she leaned in to give me a hug she whispered “you gonna just go jerk-off when I leave?”
Thanks for taking the time to read my story. I hope you like it. Please feel free to email me. I love to hear from people that read my stories.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

One Hot Night_(1)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


One Hot Night

It was the weekend, and I had been looking forward to this night for weeks. My best friend, Will, had moved back to our home town after living out of state for close to ten years. He had gotten a band together and tonight was the bands first gig. My wife Andrea was in the bathroom getting ready. I was setting in the living room when she called to me. I walked back to the bathroom to see her standing at the full length mirror in the nude. She turned around and pointed at her pussy and asked me what I thought. Andrea had shaved her bush bald.
I stood there looking at my wife and felt the heat in my pants grow. Andrea is 5’4”, with strawberry blond hair that goes half way down her back. She has green eyes, full lips, and the high cheek bones of a classic beauty. She is 36DD-24-34, with a perfect ass and nice shapely legs. I went to her and picked her up as I kissed her deeply. I set her down on the counter as I slid my hand to her right breast. Finding her nipple was hard as soon as I touched it I lowered my head down and took it in my mouth. As I did this I lowered my hand down to her hot, tight pussy. Rubbing her clit with my thumb I heard her moan as I stuck a finger in her tight slit. She was dripping wet already so I picked her up and turned her around to fuck her from behind as I watched her face in the mirror. As soon as she felt me going for my cock she pulled away from me and told me that I would have to wait until after we got home, she had to get ready.
When Andrea was ready to go all I could do was say wow. She had on black fishnet stockings and a black garter belt, over this she wore a black thong. With a black leather mini skirt and a black and sliver silk blouse she was ready to go. Andrea likes the feel of silk on her bare skin so she didn’t wear a bra and her big tits bounced with every step she took. When we got to Wills to give him and Pam, his bisexual girlfriend, a ride to the bar, both of them went on how good Andrea looked.
When we got to the bar I helped set the band while the woman set around and started to drink. Everyone was getting lose and having a good time. Soon it was time for the band to play and we kicked back and had a great time. Every time that Andrea got up to dance every man in the bar watched her with open lust. At the first break some of the band went out to the drummers van to smoke some weed, they asked me if I wanted to go and I said no. Andrea asked if she could go and I said sure, go ahead. Andréa had never smoked weed before and I knew that she wanted to try it. When she came back in she said she didn’t feel anything after smoking weed for the first time. I told her she had to smoke more to get off.
After another set of good music and good times the band went out for more weed in the back of the van. Andrea went with them to smoke more grass. When the guys from the ban band came back this time they told me that Andrea had gone to the bathroom. Just as the band started on there third set Andrea set down next to me and grabbed a handful of my cock. She then took my hand and put it between her legs, she had taken her thong off and her pussy was soaking wet. She looked me in the eyes and I could see that she was very turned on. So while people set all around us and Pam set right beside her I fingered her to at least three organisms in the next 5 minutes.
After a few minutes Pam asked Andrea if she wanted to dance. Andrea went to the dance floor and after a short time started to dirty dance with Pam. After watching Pam openly grab and rub Andrea’s tits while Andrea rubbed her cunt into Pam’s leg I set there with a very hard cock. I don’t think at there was a man in the house who saw them dancing who wasn’t turned on. The dance floor cleared as the two of them danced. Even the women watched, and I saw more then one woman touch herself as they danced.
Soon the night was over and it was time to tear down. After 45 minutes we had the band loaded up and it was time to go home. Will and Pam rode with other people to go to an after hours party while I took Andrea and went home. When I got to the car I found Andréa fucking herself with a longneck bar bottle. She didn’t stop until I started the car.
We where not even out of the parking lot before Andrea was on her knees in the car digging my cock out of my pants. She took all 8” of my cock down her throat at once. She gave me on off the best blow Tandoğan Escort jobs she ever had all the way home. When we got to the house she got out of the car while I put my hard cock away. When I got out off the car I heard cat calls and yells of take it off. This was coming from across the street at the apartment building where there are always people hanging around in the summer months. I looked up to see 6 or 8 guys in there late teens or early twenties all looking up to my porch. I looked over and saw Andrea standing on the porch under the porch light with her blouse all the way open and with her skirt hiked up as she stuck two fingers in her dripping wet cunt.
I open the door and pulled her in the house as fast as I could; at the same time I was so horney that I thought about fucking he right there. Andrea always gets very turned on when she flashes her tits, but she always got mad if I wanted her show her pussy, now she not only flashed her cunt but fingered herself at the same time. I locked the door and turned around to see her blouse, skirt, and shoes lying in the floor on the way to our bedroom. I walked back and thought how good her tight pussy would feel. As soon as I got to the door she grabbed me, pulled my pants down to my knees and pushed me down on the bed. She took my cock in her mouth in one big gulp as I pulled her around to eat her tight shaved pussy. She was wetter then she ever had been as I sucked on her clit and slid two fingers in her cunt while I worked a finger up her even tighter ass. After she came twice she pulled off of me and turned around to take my cock into her pussy. She rode me like she had never ridden me before. Grinding my cock into her pussy and then rising up until the head of my cock was almost out of her only to slam down on it as hard as she could.
After a few minutes of this she reached over to the nightstand and pulled a tube of KY out of the drawer. She pulled my cock out of her cunt and put some KY on the head of my cock, she then guided my cock into her tight little ass. Riding and grinding my cock deep in her ass she grabbed my hand and put it on her cunt. I rubbed her clit until she came so hard I thought that she was going to pass out. After that she pulled off my cock and slid my cock back into her pussy. She went on taking my cock in her pussy then her ass until I felt my cum starting to rise in my cock. Grabbing her hips with both of my hands I ground her hard on my cock until I came deep in her pussy.
As soon as I came in her she slid off of me and took my semi hard cock in her mouth and started to suck it hard. When she had it hard again she climbed back on top of me and told me she wanted me to cum in her ass this time. She rode my cock in cunt for a while and then slid it back up her ass. Doing this back and forth for several times she leaned over and grabbed her dildo out of her drawer and slid it up her cunt as she took my cock up her ass. This toy always makes her cum hard and fast. With my cock up her ass she was cumming so much that she was having one big long orgasm. In a few minutes I came hard, deep in her ass. As soon as I came in her ass Andrea got down on her knees and sucked my cock clean.
Looking up at me she told me that Pam wanted to come over and fuck us both and Andrea would do it if I let her go over to the apartments and get someone to fuck. She knew that I was done for a while as hard as she fucked me. How could I say anything but yes? So off she went out the door still in the nude. A few minutes later she came back with two young men. The first was Mark; he was back for the summer from the university and staying with his mother, Rita. Mark is 5’9”, with an average build. The second was Kenyata, at 6’8” tall he had to duck to enter our bedroom. Kenyata played ball for the school and was built like a bodybuilder. Andrea pulled Marks shorts down and took his 6” cock in her mouth while Kenyata slid first one and then two fingers up her dripping wet cunt.
Kenyata said he wanted some of that good head so they turned her around on the bed and Mark got behind her and slid his cock into her pussy as Kenyata pulled his paints off. Andrea told me one time that my cock was as big as she thought she ever wanted to take but Kenyatas cock was 3” longer then mine and it wasn’t all the way hard yet. Andrea took the head in mouth but couldn’t Tunalı Escort get any more in then that. She wrapped her hands around his cock and jacked him off while she sucked him hard. Soon he had grown anther 2” and said that he had never had any hot white pussy and wanted to fuck her. Andrea said alright but she wanted to be on top.
Kenyata lay down on the bed and Andrea got on top of him and started to work the monster cock into her tight pussy. After several times of sliding up and down she final took all of his meat in and just set there feeling her cunt filled to the max. Soon Kenyata started to move her up and down on his cock as Andrea had one orgasm after anther. Mark stood off to one side with a hard cock watching when I threw him the KY and told him to take her ass. He put some KY on his hand and lubed her ass up and then pushed her down on Kenyatas chest and lined his cock up with her ass. With one hard push he buried his cock all the way up her ass. Andrea let out a scream of pain and pleasure as Mark started to fuck her ass. Soon her eyes glazed over as Mark and Kenyata moved her up and down on their cocks in unison. Andrea started saying “fuck me” over and over again. I couldn’t take it any more and pulled my now hard cock out of my paints as I walked over to the edge of the bed. Andrea reached over and grabbed my cock and pulled it to her mouth as she took three cocks into her for the first time in her life.
Soon Mark shot his wad up her ass as Andrea came hard on Kenyatas cock. I felt my balls tighten just before I shoot a load of hot cum in her mouth; Andrea didn’t let a drop of cum out of her mouth as she kept riding Kenyatas hard cock. Kenyata said he wanted to cum in her mouth as well so Andrea pulled his cock out of her well fucked cunt and took him back in her mouth. Kenyata was fucking her face so hard that I thought he was going to break her jaw when he came what looked like gallons of cum into her mouth, on her face, and all over her tits. Andrea licked up every drop she could and said that she loved how good it tasted. I took one look at Andréa and could see that she was fucked out and even though Mark and Kenyata wanted to keep fucking her I told them that I thought she had enough for the night. As I saw them to the door Andrea passed out naked on top of the covers.
A few days later I walked in the house after I got off work to find Rita, Marks mother setting in the living room talking to Andrea. I walk in, gave Andrea a kiss, and turned to say hi to Rita. I didn’t get the words out of my mouth before Rita was yelling at me. She wanted to know what kind of a man I was, how could I let my wife do drugs and get high. How could I let her do nasty things with children, the fact that one of them was Rita’s son made it even worse. Rita had jump up out of her chair and was poking me in the chest as she yelled at me. Each time she moved I saw that didn’t have a bra on and that she had a nice set of tits with no bra under a very thin tank top. Not as big as Andrea’s she still had a c cup on a small, 5’2” frame. Rita has dark hair, eyes, and skin. She is 34-24-34, and has a body that women 10 years younger then her 34 years would die for. So she set there screaming at me, telling me that I wasn’t a man, I was a monster, and that someone should do something about me while I watched her tits bounce and sway under her thin white tank top. She turned to Andrea and ask her if she saw me looking at Rita’s tits, when Andrea said yes Rita said that someone needed to take care of me and she was going to do it. With that she reached down and pulled her tank top off, she then un-did her cut-offs and let them fall to the floor. Rita didn’t have any panties on.
I stood there looking at one very hot woman total nude in front of me and didn’t know what to say or do. Rita looked at me and asked me if I was going to stand there with my mouth open or was I going to fuck her. I felt Andreas hand in mine and looked over at her as she stood there smiling. Andrea asked me not to be mad. Rita had over heard Mark talking on the phone about what had happened and how Andrea promised me to have sex with a woman. When she heard this at first she was mad, then she decided that if Andrea wanted a woman it might as well be her. Rita is bi and loves to have sex no matter if it was a man or a woman. And she said Türbanlı Escort that from the first time she saw us she wanted to fuck both of us.
Rita had gone over to the house just a little while after I had gone to work. She had talked to Andrea all morning about what had happened the weekend before, she also told Andrea that she had wanted to see if we would play with her but didn’t know how to approach us. By noon Andrea and Rita were fucking each other, by 3 they had cum so many times they had lost count. By the time I got home at 5 the plan was born to fuck with me.
I reached out and took her in my arms; pulling her to me I stuck my tongue deep in her mouth as I ran my hands first to her tight ass and then up to her firm tits. I picked her up and put her on the dinning room table as I pushed her back and got down on my knees to eat her pussy. After I made her cum at least three times I stood up and pulled my cock out of my paints and lined the head up with her wet slit, pushing in I buried my cock in her tight cunt all the way.
Rita moaned as soon as I entered her and started to fuck her. I grabbed her legs and put them over my shoulders as I rammed my cock in her as hard as I could. I then took her left leg and put it on the other side of my head so her legs were together as I fucked her and reached up to play with her tits. Andrea got up on the table after she stripped and lowered herself down on top of Rita’s face. I made Rita hold her legs together as I pounded her pussy and reached down to rub her clit. Rita had one orgasm after anther as she passed on what she was feeling to Andrea’s pussy. After pounding her cunt until I was starting to get weak in the knees I felt my balls start to tighten as I watched Rita tongue Andrea’s puss. I came what felt like gallons in Rita. As soon as I pulled out of Rita Andrea turned around and started to 69 with Rita and sucked my cum out of her.
I went and set down in my recliner as the women ate each other on my table for the next 20 minutes. They then came in to me, Rita got down on her knees in front of me and started to suck my cock as Andrea lay on her back on the floor and lick and sucked on Rita’s cunt. Andrea went back to the bedroom and came back out with her favorite sex toy and the KY a few minutes later. She stood Rita up and lubed her ass up before turning her around and setting her down on my hard cock. Andrea then guided my cock to Rita’s ass and helped me work my cock into her tight little ass.
Andréa knows how much I like to fuck women in the ass so she wanted me to fuck Rita’s tight little ass. Rita had never had anyone fuck her ass so it was extra tight as I slid my cock into her. After I had worked it all the way in her Andréa slid the dildo in her cunt and turned it on. This made Rita cum as soon as it was turned on. When she orgasmed it felt like I was in a hot vice that wrapped all the around my cock, every time she came it felt like someone tightened the vice. Soon, too soon, I shot a load of cum deep in her ass as Andréa sucked on her clit. I pulled my half hard cock out of Rita’s ass and grabbed her by the hair as I shoved my cock towards her face. Rita looked up at me and took my cock in her mouth, liking it clean. Andréa joined her in sucking my cock until it stood high and hard again.
I then grabbed the KY and used it to get Andrea’s ass ready for me to fuck. I pushed Rita down on the floor and put Andrea’s face in her cunt. I then shoved my cock deep into her ass. I had always wanted to fuck her ass while she ate a woman out. I pounded Andrea’s ass for what felt like an hour. She would stop eating Rita to tell me to fuck her ass harder. Rita had Andrea by the hair to put her mouth right were she wanted it. Andréa grabbed the dildo and shoved it into her cunt to fuck her self will I fucked her tight ass. I could see the pussy juices running down her legs as she had one organism after anther. I finally grabbed her hips and shoved my cock deep into her ass as I shot my cum into her before I fell to the floor totally worn out.
After we rested for a while we went back to stopping to eat and drink before going back to it. I came in the 2 of them at least 5 times that night and the 2 of them came countless times. One of the best times came when we ordered a pizza and the 2 of them opened the door and let the pizza man in and paid him without getting dressed. I thought he was going to die when they opened the door. For his tip Andrea got on one side and Rita got on the other and rubbed their bodies all over him. I think he shot his wad just thinking about it. That night I went to sleep with Andrea on one side and Rita on the other, one for each shoulder.

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Nurse Mom – Chapter 10 – Ashley is cumming along nicely.

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I slept in the next morning to make up for how exhausted Mom and Aunt Pam had made me the night before. When I came downstairs, they had already made breakfast, and Aunt Pam’s bags were by the front door. I sat down and ate my meal with the two mature ladies before Pam departed to continue on her road trip. She said that she was sorry she had to leave so soon, but she would make sure to stop by again on her way back.

To tell the truth, I was a bit relieved to get some time to myself to be able to do some work. Ashley was taken care of yesterday morning, Mom was satisfied last night, and Aunt Pam wasn’t going to be back for a while. I got dressed and put in a full day at work, staying late to make up for lost time. The next day I just did a normal work day since Ashley was going to be stopping by that night.

Ashley was now less than two weeks from delivery. Her belly was bulging even more now, if that was even possible. She had gotten very comfortable around me, so when she came by there was no awkwardness, we just simply milked her breasts and stretched her kitten, and threw in a little bit of play now and then.

I went to the door when I heard Ashley’s car pull up. I opened the door as she was walking up, and she came right inside, making herself at home. I sat down on the couch as she kicked off her shoes and set down her purse. I watched her casually unbutton her blouse as she walked up and straddled me on the couch. She opened her blouse to reveal her beautiful belly, which I immediately started to caress and kiss. She sat back and enjoyed the attention that I was paying to her.

My hands gradually moved around to her back and released her bra. The tight straps snapped apart as I released the last clasp, and her bulging, heavy breasts pushed the cups away, throwing the bra onto me. I tossed it aside as I looked at her milk filled breasts, already dripping at the nipples. I laid back as Ashley leaned forward, resting her belly on me and putting one of her nipples to my lips.

I started to suck, and I felt her longer hair fall all around my head as she rested her forehead on top of my head so she could enjoy the intimate relief that she was receiving. The harder I sucked on her nipple, the more flow I would get, and the louder she would moan in pleasure. It seemed like the milk would never stop coming as I sucked on a single breast for over ten minutes. Finally the flow began to slow, and Ashley leaned back, letting her nipple pop from between my lips.

I took a hold of both of her breasts as she was leaning back, and I felt the difference in how firm the two breasts were, along with being able to see the difference in size between the one that I had just relieved, and the one that was still awaiting me. Milk squirted from her full breast as I squeezed it softly. Ashley leaned forward and put her other nipple in my mouth. I went back to drinking in her sweet milk, as she continued to moan with pleasure.

I filled my mouth with her sweet, warm milk before letting go of her nipple and lifting my head. I brought my lips to Ashley’s, and kissed her, letting her slowly drink her milk out of my mouth. Ashley passionately rubbed her kitten on me through our pants as she continued to drink every last drop of milk that I had for her. I broke our embrace and went back to sucking on her breast until I had gotten the last drop out. Ashley pulled her nipple from my mouth, and laid her now softer breasts on either side of my face as she leaned against me.

Finally she climbed Rus Escort off of me, taking my hand to lead me upstairs. I watched the lovely round butt on her short frame climb the stairs in front of me. We walked into my bedroom, and Ashley immediately slid off her pants. They dropped to the floor and she stepped out of them, and climbed on the bed, kneeling with her rear hanging over the edge. I removed my clothes quickly, and moved in behind her. Since I was erect anyway, I slid my hardness into her stretched kitten. I couldn’t feel any tension at all as I moved inside, all the way until I bottomed out at the end of her canal.

I slid back out of her, and I walked over to grab the lube off of the nightstand. I lubed up my fingers well and rubbed some on her outer lips. Everything inside of her was already very slippery. I formed my fist and placed it at her entrance. I pushed forward and my fist disappeared inside of her with ease. Ashley moaned as I held one hand on her round ass, and started to stroke my other hand in and out of her throbbing, hot kitten. I turned my fist to make sure that my knuckles ran over her washboard as I continued my thrusts.

Ashley screamed into the bed as she climaxed over and over again. The erotic acts that we did with each other were more powerful and intimate than any sex she had experienced before. I knew that she had a great trust built up to allow herself to experience these things with me when she couldn’t even tell them to anyone else in her life.

I placed a towel underneath her to catch all the liquid that was freely flowing from her. I wiped up some of her juices with my other thumb, and started to work them around her rose bud. I collected more of her juice on my thumb before gently pressing it against her back door. Ashley was already relaxed for the stretching that we were doing, so she offered no resistance as my thumb slid inside of her. I massaged her back door as I continued to rub her washboard during my strokes. Ashley couldn’t finish one orgasm before the next one started.

She collapsed forward on the bed, completely out of breath, sliding herself off of my hand in the process. I sat down on the bed next to her and ran my wet hand over her belly as she slowly recovered. When she was ready, I got her up off of the bed and led her to the shower. I turned on the steam and moved the bench into position. I went back and got the large cone shaped toy and lubricant. I suctioned the toy onto the bench, and started to cover it with lube once again.

I took Ashley’s hand and had her stand with the bench behind her. I moved over and sat down on the bench, taking a hold of her rear as she started to sit down. I parted her lips as far as they would go before her kitten finally made contact with the toy. She was immediately able to slide halfway down the monster toy before her kitten became taut. I slid my legs underneath her to hold some of her weight. My erection was pointed up, tucked in between her cheeks as I wrapped my arms around her to caress her belly while kissing her neck.

We just sat there intimately as the cone shaped toy kept pressure in her kitten, allowing her muscles to stretch. Gradually I would feel more of her weight on my legs as she sank further onto the toy. When I felt like most of her weight was in my lap, I would pull my legs out a little further while I had her take a deep breath. Each time I moved, we put pressure back on the toy, and then slowly she would Sincan Escort sink further and further down onto the toy.

After nearly half an hour of sitting in this intimate position, it finally came time for me to move my legs out from beneath her all together. I moved back and got down to take a close look. Ashley was very happy to hear that she had successfully taken the entire toy inside of her. The toy was five inches in diameter at the widest point, so we had come a very long way in two weeks time, without any severe pain, or tearing like she had experienced with her last child.

I walked out of the shower, and when I came back in, Ashley’s eyes got wide when she saw what I was carrying. It was another toy, and while this one also five inches in diameter, it was simply a round silicone ball, with a suction stand on one side of it. I told her that while we had made a great accomplishment with the toy that was inside of her, that only meant that the very beginning of her entrance had been trained to relax to that size. Now it was time to work on getting more of her canal stretched so she would be truly ready.

Ashley agreed, and I set the ball down on the bench behind her. I lubed it up well, and when she was ready, I had her quickly lift up off of the cone, and sit down on the ball. The move went as smoothly as I hoped. When she squatted down on the ball, her wide open kitten devoured the top half of the ball with no trouble. Her lips were now showing just under half of the ball sticking out from under her. I slid the cone off of the bench and set it aside.

I lifted her legs and slid mine underneath as I sat down on the bench face to face with her. I reached one hand underneath and started to massage her clitoris as we passionately kissed. Ashley reached down and started to stroke my erection that was pinned against her pregnant belly. We kept the intimacy going while we waited for her kitten to stretch deeper and deeper.

I moved down so I could take a closer look. Ashley’s kitten had accepted about another half inch of the toy up inside of her. I moved around and sat behind her. I started to put some lube on my erection while I told her to lean forward. She put her elbows on her knees, leaning away from me. Her hips twisted, and her kitten simply pivoted around the ball as it stayed stuck in place on the bench.

I slid up close behind her, placing the head of my penis at her back door. I put one arm around her, holding onto her pregnant belly, as I guided my hardness with the other hand. She was still relaxed, and the head slipped past her rose bud without much resistance. Once I was past the entrance, I felt the toy inside of her kitten pushing hard against the wall of her back door. My member slowly slid in, shifting to the side to get past that massive intruder that was inside of her tiny body.

Ashley moaned in a little bit of discomfort as I worked my way deeper inside of her. Once my hardness was all the way inside of her, I had her lean back against me. I felt the toy suddenly plunge deeper up into her kitten as she moved her weight back onto it. The ball slid up further inside of her, massaging my member as it moved. I brought my other arm around her, moving my fingers onto her pearl. I started to slowly massage her clitoris as my other hand worked on her nipples.

Ashley exploded. The sensations from having her nipples teased, her ear nibbled, her clitoris massaged, her back door filled, and the massive Sıhhiye Escort ball plunging ever deeper inside of her simply sent her over the edge. She started to climax harder than she ever had before. She was trying to squeeze the life out of my member as she also clenched down on the ball. I felt her juices dripping out past the ball, followed by little bursts of pee as she squirted onto my fingers during her uncontrollable orgasm. Her squeezing was now mostly on the bottom side of the ball, which ended up plunging all of the way up inside of her until it hit tightly against her cervix.

She was having more than one orgasm, but I honestly couldn’t count how many she had since she barely quelled her screaming before she started again, and her squeezes just came in even pulses, while she gasped for breath in between. I kept rubbing on her breasts and clitoris while she went through her five minute climax.

My ears kept ringing as her screams slowed once I stopped rubbing her clitoris and nipples. I stayed there with her, planted deeper inside of her than her kitten would ever allow. It took forever for her heart to stop racing, and for her breathing to catch up again. When she was finally not out of breath. She told me that she had never felt anything like that before in her life. She put her hand down to her kitten to feel for the toy, but all that was left was the suction stub just barely sticking out of her, still holding onto the bench.

I told her to slide forward and stand up. Ashley slid the toy off the end of the bench until the suction cup came loose. She weakly stood up, pulling herself off of my member as she tried to get her balance. It was an amazing sight when she turned around. I could see her bulging even more just above her kitten as she stood there with the toy planted firmly inside of her. I told her that she should keep it there as long as she was comfortable to get the best results.

Ashley was just beaming with pride at what she had accomplished. She looked down at my hardness and came toward me. She put her hands on my legs, and went down to her knees. She put one hand on my cock, and the other cradling my balls as she started to stroke. She looked up at me and thanked me for being the perfect partner for what she needed right now.

She then turned her head down and swallowed my entire length. I was incredibly turned on by one of the kinkiest nights I had ever experienced, and I was as hard as I could ever imagine. She smoothly ran her lips over my shaft as her velvety throat was gliding around my head. She gently squeezed my balls as she repeatedly backed all the way off of me and then slid me all the way back in her mouth.

I started to moan as I got closer to climax. Ashley felt my balls tense up. She backed away, quickly and took a gasp of air, then buried my hardness deep inside of her as my cum was already shooting down her throat. She massaged my balls as my cum filled her stomach. She backed out a bit and started to tease the head with her teeth, lightly dragging them across the skin while swirling her tongue around it.

Ashley stayed there as my orgasm slowed, sucking every drop of my cum out of me. When she had swallowed every last bit, she sat up, and said that she didn’t know a better way to say thank you for what I gave her. She stood up, and I had her sit back on the bench once again. She got the toy to suctioned to the bench once again, and I pushed down on the bench while lifting her up.

Slowly, the toy inched out of her kitten. She moaned in pleasure as it finally came back out. I turned on the water and started to rinse down the toy, before turning the water up under Ashley’s kitten, rinsing it out thoroughly. She kept glowing with pride as we intimately washed each other off.

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More Than One Way To Skin A Cat (Part 2)

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There’s more than one way to skin a cat, I’ve heard it said. It’s also true that there’s more than one way to break someone’s will. Normally I like to do it up close and personal, so that I can feel the moment when they give in. But it can be fun to do it from a distance.

While I was spending the two days breaking one slave, there was another slave I decided to break without even laying a hand on. I left her in the main room of my house, in clear sight of the door. There was just one catch: the closer she got to the door, the harder the device inside of her vibrated.

The mechanism was wonderful. Blackened metal provided strength and structural support, while leather provided padding against chaffing. It was open at the back, for cleanliness and to leave a hole open if I desired one. Some plumbing took care of any mess that could come from the other side.

Then there was an induction coil that powered a rabbit vibrator, pressed up against her G-spot and her clit. The design was beautiful in its simplicity. The induction coil was right beneath the front door of the house (with other ones under all the other doors out of the room). The closer she got to it, the more power the vibrator could draw.

I had calibrated it so that the pleasure overwhelmed her about three steps in front of any of the doors.

This meant that she was effectively trapped in the antechamber of my house, naked except for the device tormenting her, reduced to begging for food and drink from my passing staff and never having any privacy for the washroom.

But she could see freedom (and be seen by anyone approaching the house) through my glass front door.

I’d watched her first escape attempt, just before I’d gone down to the dungeon to break my other slave. She’d run for the door, for about three steps. Then the pleasure really sunk in and she had to fight against it, with firm, deliberate steps. As the pleasure mounted, even that became impossible. She feel to her knees, then began to crawl.

Just as I planned, she had a body shaking orgasm about three paces from the door. There were a few staff members in the room, just to see her humiliation. She sobbed even as she came, embarrassed to be so powerless before so many people.

It had put a real bounce in my step when I made my way down to the dungeon.

I’d later heard (and watched the recordings) that she’d been unable to move from that spot for an hour. She was hit by orgasm after orgasm and they’d sapped her of all ability to think, let alone move. When they started to become painful, she’d begged the staff (a Tandoğan Escort few of whom were still watching) to drag her away from the door.

One of the men eventually did drag her away, but not before making her suck him off. On my instructions, they were to stay away from her asshole (that was for me to take), but the servants did know they were allowed to make deals with her for blowjobs. Did I say she’d begged for food and water? I neglected to mention the part where she’d done it on her knees with a dick in her mouth. How forgetful of me.

Speaking of begging, she was currently begging me. I was in a good mood from the breaking and branding of one slave today, so I was inclined to be generous. My generosity had manifested by helping this slave get closer and closer to the door, so that she could go on her way.

She’d already fallen to her knees and her begging had become increasingly frantic. “Please, don’t bring me any closer! Please, it’s too much.”

I was dragging her by her hair, but it wasn’t the pain she was fighting against. Two days of constant stimulation had her always on the brink of orgasm. Even as she fought against me and begged me to stop, I saw the characteristic shake of an orgasm wracking her body.

“You don’t want to be freed?” I jerk her hair again, and she sprawled forward a bit more. The shaking became more intense and she had to bite out her words around involuntary moans.

“No! Please don’t bring me any closer to the door! I never want to leave!”

“Even if staying means being my slave?”

“Please I’ll do anything!”

I smiled at the sweet taste of success. She was already almost broken and I hadn’t even had to do most of the work.

“Will you prove to me you want to be my slave?”

“Yes, please, ooooooh, anything!”

The orgasms were making it hard to talk. I let go of her hair.

“If you want to be my slave and move away from the door, you’re going to have to satisfy me first.” I motioned to the slave I’d brought with me and she walked over and began to lube up the asshole of the girl in front of me.

“I’m going to stand with my cock in front of your asshole. You’re going to have to force it inside and get me off if you want to be allowed to move away from the door.”

Another orgasm shook her and I had to repeat myself to get her to understand. Once she understood, she was eager to please. I positioned my cock and gave her the go ahead.

She moved back quickly into my cock, thrusting her hips into me. I used one hand to Tunalı Escort guide my dick, which the other guided her hips. There was a moment of resistance, but she didn’t seem to care. She ignored any pain that the sudden entry could bring and pushed me all the way in.

I sighed in delight. Her asshole was incredibly tight. It felt amazing. She was frantically pumping her hips, trying to make me come as soon as possible. It seemed to be rough on her; there were whimpers of pain mixed in with the moans from her frequent vibrator induced orgasms. But she didn’t slacken the pace.

Unfortunately for her, I’d come within the last hour. It wasn’t nearly as easy to get me off as she thought it would be. After several minutes, she began to whimper out of hopelessness. I decided to make her even more worried.

“If you don’t get me off soon, I guess I’ll have to throw you out. You know it will be even worse outside the door, don’t you?”

She was crying now, large ugly tears.

“If you beg me to punish you whenever you pace slacks, I might let you keep trying. Beg to be my slave and be punished!”

I emphasized my point with a sharp smack on her unprotected ass.

“Please punish me! Please make your me your slave and punish me whenever I’m bad!”

I began to slap her ass furiously. Whenever I was buried in her, I’d relent for a split second. But I punished her for incessantly whenever I wasn’t she quickly realized what was going on and unconsciously began to pick up her pace.

I was finally getting near to coming. Almost against my own will, I began to thrust into her, matching my timing to hers. The occasional slap served to remind her of her pace and she didn’t slow, even when her body was shook by an orgasm.

“Beg me to blow my load in your tight ass. Beg! Me!” Two more slaps accentuated my point.

“Please master, please come in my ass!” She added a little twist and grind at the end of each thrust backwards and it proved to be enough. I rained down blow after blow as I came and she responded perfectly, picking up her pace as much as she could. It milked every last rope of cum out of me. After a few seconds I stopped, contented.

“You have one last task, slave. Clean off my cock and make me believe that you like it!”

I went to stand in front of her and grabbed her hair, but I barely had to pull to get her to suck me. She sprung to her task with an alacrity born of desperation. She licked the shit and cum off of me with abandon and I rewarded her by roughly dragging her away from Türbanlı Escort the doorway. She cried out from the pain of being yanked by her hair, but she didn’t fight against me. All the fight had gone out of her.

Being in her mouth had made me hard again and I was eager to take her in another way.

She was whimpering, quietly savouring the ending of the savage pleasure I’d subjected her to.

“Do you still want to be my slave?”

She looked up at me, looming over her, with my cock straight as an arrow. I saw hope die in her eyes as she looked around and realized she had no other option.


The word had a deep solemn weight to it.

I bent down next to her and drew her into my arms. I stroked her hair gently. She started crying.

“Shhh. It’s okay. You’ll enjoy being a slave.”

Her tears became tears of relief as I opened the contraption that had tormented her for days. It had been keyed to my biometrics; only I could take it off. It came out of her with a soft sucking sound. It was still covered in the lube I’d put it in with to avoid chaffing when her own body ran out. That was good. I didn’t want her to be dry when I fucked her.

I gently lay her down on the ground and crouched over her.

“Do you want me inside of you?”

She knew the answer she was supposed to give. Her head nodded, a silent yes.

I gently pushed my way inside of her. I wrapped my arms protectively around her, holding her face against my chest as I rocked inside of her. I was far kinder than the vibrators had been, but she was still over-stimulated. She began moaning and clutching me. Her fingers began to dig into my back.

I relished the feeling as another indication of her total surrender.

She was still tight, even after the torture of the past two days and I enjoyed the gentle sensation of her walls gripping me. Sometimes tighter, as I forced her through another orgasm, sometimes more gently as she recovered.

I fucked her gently for fifteen minutes, before I felt my need begin to grow. I quickened my strokes, but kept them gentle. She’d given herself up to me. This was her reward. Soon enough, the quickened pace brought me right to the edge and I felt the burning satisfaction of shooting my load inside of her.

I held her even more tightly as I came.

“You’re a good slave,” I told her, “and good slaves get rewarded.”

She cried in relief. I saw the change in her then, from a lack of hope to a new purpose. Now she’d be the perfect slave.

This had been a good day. I’d broken in two new slaves and found two new reliable methods.

I hummed to myself as I got this one bundled up to be taken for a hot bath. Maybe I should get them to pleasure me at the same time. Or perhaps I’d have one torture the other.

With resources like mine, there were simply so many options!

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My 1st time as a bottom

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At the time I was a 23 year old man, about 180 pounds, 5’10”. I have brown hair and brown eyes. Tan skin with a lean but muscular body. I have been straight my whole life but recently I had only gotten a blow job from one guy before and was interested in bottoming for the first time. I always fantasized about submitting to men and watched gay porn. One night I was extremely horny and was cruising around the m4m pages on Craigslist. Like usual I was striking out and no one would respond or I would be too scared to respond. Until I found a link that was straight to the point. It was titled Uncut Thick for Sex Now. So I shot a email and found out a little about him. His name was, let’s say, Rick. I only sent one face pic and he sent 3, 1 of his face and 2 of his cock and body with his phone number. I was extremely nervous as we texted each other back and forth then sent he his address and told me to come by.

I hopped into a car I was borrowing from my friend for the week and was heading to Ricks house. On my way I got rear ended at a stop light, how ironic. Luckily there wasn’t any damage and I countined on my way nervously. He lived in the town across the river. I reached his house, parked where he told me to park and walked up to his house. I saw that the door was Yenimahalle Escort open a crack and I shook as I reached for the door knob. I slowly walked up the steps because there was someone else’s apartment and I didn’t want to wake them up. This apartment door was opened just like the main door and I walked in.

The room was dark but I could make out that I was standing in a living room. I heard a TV playing but I wasn’t from that room. I looked around as saw light peering from a room off the living room. I looked in and there was Rick laying on a full sized bed watching gay porn, playing with his fully erect 8 inch uncut thick cock. He looked just like the pictures. Rick told me to come in and take my clothes off. He sounded so authoritative so I did what he said and it turned me on while I was taking my clothes off I was starting to get hard. My fantasies were going to come true. He got off the bed and told me to get on my knees. He stood in front of the TV with porn still on. I was completely naked with another mans big cock inches away from my face. I reached up and started stroking his large cock and he started moaning and told me to suck it. I was shaking as I inched forward and licked his head. I had Ulus Escort no idea what I was doing, so I start to imitating what the porn stars do and start bobbing my head up and down taking more and more of his rock hard cock in my mouth. Ricks dick was so thick my jaw was hurting after a couple of minutes. I completely submitted to him and inside I knew I was his bitch. I looked him in the eyes and licked his balls with his huge cock on my face. I slapped myself with it. I licked and played with his head with my tongue. Rick was moaning and told me to get on the bed on all fours.

I got up and turned around and assumed the position. He started licking my ass, I never had that done before and it was the best feeling I felt yet. Then Rick put some lube in his hands and started rubbing my tight virgin hole. He slowly inserted his index finger and I moaned with pleasure my cock got rock hard. He started moving it in and out and shortly I was following it with my body so when he was pushing his finger in I would back my ass up and it would go harder. He said “I’m going to fuck you now”. I replied with a weak yes, due to embarrassment, excitement and ecstasy. He pulled me to the edge of the bed and started to put his cock in me. I felt the sharpest pain I think I ever felt as his dick head poked through my asshole for the first time. He stoped and said “Damn your ass is tight, I need more lube”. Rick poured more on his shaft and my hole and started to fuck me again. This time it went right in. I moaned loudly from the pain and pleasure. He started to thrust faster and faster. I could hear the sound of his pelvis hitting my ass and felt my fat ass giggling with every stroke. I reached back and spread my ass for him. As he continued to grunt I continued to realize how sexy it was to get another man off. After a while he used his strength and turned me on my back and slid my whole body to the edge of the bed. I lifted my legs instantly and presented my ass to him. He grabbed my legs and started thrusting. I loved watching his muscles as he was pounding my ass and holding my legs. I was so hard I finally was jerking myself off. Rick told me to cum on my chest. I kept jerking and he kept fucking my ass until I shot my load all over my chest and he groaned loudly and shot his hot cum deep in my ass.

We laid down sweaty and naked together for a minute. I was cover in my own cum and Ricks cum was leaking out of my now gaping asshole. So I took a shower with a big smile on my face and thoughts about what just happened running through my head. I got dressed thanked Rick and he walked me out. He said, ” If you ever want more dick let me know”. I said “yes sir” and walked awkwardly with my ass in pain to my car.

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Mom banged hard by my tution sir

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Big Tits

Hi this is Raju and this the story of how my mom got fucked by my tutorial sir.my dad is in foreign and he visits us only 5yrs once and mom is a housewife.My mom is velamma 36 yrs old .she looks like a typical south Indian lady very fair and long haired which extends upto to her ass her boogs are so huge like watermelons and are round any man will due to suck it her lips are pink in colour and so sexy her navel is some fatty but it’s curves make it so hot .Her ass will giggle when she walks and are huge making her a sex goddess.she is 5’4 inch height and looks like a sex symbol.
Every uncle in our area are of font of mom they will rape her in their sight itself many try to flirt with her and she never minds tem.she is such a devoted wife to my dad.But she is definitely wanting for an affectionate and loving man to satisfy her needs.But because of me she was quite.I have seen her mastrubating in bathroom I have seen many times.When she goes out in rushed market man man will touch her hot body and many have enjoyed.M any of them are dying to fuck her body.
I m very weak at maths and mom told me to go to a sir who is neat by our street.His name is Manikam 60 yrs old red hm.he is a good man but very strict in academia.he is married man but her wife left her because he is very strict I went to him after some days hr conducted xam but I didn’t attend it.he got angry at me and told to bring my parents and I told Mom abt it and mom came with me to his house.Mom wore a white Saree and is very transparenttat her huge melons and clevage are visible and hr is absolute hot.we went inside the house.Manikam Sir came to the hall and he told Mom to sit.Manikam sir is very black and have bald head and fat belly 6’9 inch tall black giant.He haven’t seen mom during the admission now he looked at her and stunned at her looks and hr can’t talk such a beauty is mom.He now told abt my marks and performance and he told tat special care must be give to me and mom told to give it.He asked mom her mobile number tat he will tell abt my marks and performance and mom had given her personal number to him.After tat he asked mom abt dad and mom told abt tat dad 5yrs once visit and sir asked how r u managing vela without ur hubby with a smile and mom also smiled at him.How could it hubby left such a beautiful wife alone here.Onething vela ur hubby is an idiot and mom doesn’t told anything abt it.Then went to our house.
At night 10 o’clock mom had an message in WhatsApp tat from an unknown number.Hi it’s me…. Is the message.Mom saved it Manikam sir and that moment hr started to chat with mom and he always flirted with her and mom too chatting with him till 4am full of jokes and some sexy chats also that too continued for 2 months one day on chatting mom asked him can I call u honey and he said yes and he asked her hw could I call u and mom told anything ur wish and he called her baby.Mom told him tat I will bite ur cheeks da and he suddenly replied I too bite it Di.Then mom asked him to change his profile pic but he refused and mom told if he changedit she will give kiss and suddenly hr changed it and nw hr asked kiss .mom asked how can I give u .Hr told first in phone and next in ur house.Mom told OK and now Manikam called her and she gave kisses and she asked him to give he too gave kisses and now he asked mom wer will u kiss me mom told him in forehead eyes cheek and…… Manikam asked tats all ah ……Mom told him to come to house and now mom started to wore a white Saree and some jewels and she looked gorgeous.Thr door bell rang and mom went to open it and it was none Rus Escort other tan Manikam sir.Mom asked me to go to friends house and enjoy the movie and I asked money and went out .I was eager to watch the fucking of mom and sir.so I went out and peeped moms room through the ventilation.Mom asked him to come inside the bed room and now she closed the door my heart was pumping and eager mom getting fucked by an man not my father.Now he hugged mom and started to suck her lips very strong as his lust for fucking a women after15 yrs till his wife left him .mom also wanted a good fuck and both were so hot nw mom kissed him on his forehead cheeks throat ears he too kissed her and he is more hard and fire and fast to fuck he bite moms lips and sucked the sweet juice and moms lips were red and after 15 min mom asked him do u luv me and he told her yes baby and mom asked him will u marry me and he told yes and he now removed his gold chain and wore on moms neck and told her to remove dad’s Mamgalyam and she removed it and nw ur r my wife dear vela and I hav the only right to hold ur hot body.and mom smiled hearing it.

I’m all yours and u can do anythingu want my hubby.Now he removed moms Saree and was shocked moms huge melons wooooow wat a big boobs vela I’m lucky to have such a huge titted wife and now he removed her blouse moms huge melons are hanging in an black bra and are very huge now he pressed it with both the hands and now moms started moaning ahahahahahahahhaahahahaha and now he removed her bra and now her huge coconut boobs hanged out it was very huge 36g in size and round her nipples got erect and looks like grapes and get areola is very dark and big round and black and is sexy to see he was shocked to see such a big melons of mom and opened his mouth wow vela u hav some amazing melons don’t worry they going to secret milk soon now he started to press the melons hard with his big arms his arms can’t hold those titties.he started to suck it and mom started to moan ahahahahahahahhaahahahaha hubby hubby ahahahahahahahhaahahahaha and ahahahahahahahhaahahahaha hubby hubby hubby hubby ahahahahahahahhaahahahaha he bitten those nipples and sucked her boobs very rough and hard he had sucked both the melons for more than 30 min he had manhandled both the melons and see,e d it very hard And rough Mom is filled with more pleasure as she moaned ahahahahahahahhaahahahaha ahahahahahahahhaahahahaha hubby hubby ahahahahahahahhaahahahaha hubby and now he removed moms skirt and moms sexy white thighs are so sexy and she wore a pink panty and her umbilicus looked like a big hole hr licked it and turned mom now he removed her panty and moms pink and soft pussyy is seen so sexy and her big fat butts which giggles which is 44 in size so huge and sexy.
Now mom is fully naked in front of a man who is none other than my father.Now he removed his shirt and showed his manliness tat is his hairy chest broadand fully of black hair most women like tat black hairy chest of men now he removed his pants and mom was shocked to see his underwear his Python is so huge and now he removed his underwear and now mom was shocked to see his cock it looked like a black Python 11 inch long and 4 inch girth his testicles are so huge and looked like a cricket ball and filled with liters of cum.his cock is so erect and is surrounded by full of black hairs now he carried mom with his strong arms and dropped on the bed and he stood on bed and made mom to kneel down and asked her to suck his cock.Mom told him tat she never tasted cock and she is eager to suck his cock Sincan Escort like a slut and now he removed the foreskin of the cock and showed near moms face and now mom took the cock in her hands and is huge and looked like a iron rod and now she licked the glans of the cock and is tasted like a precum and it tasted very good and mom startedto lick it and now she started to fuck his cock she sucked like a slut and she liked it she also licked the huge testicles and sucked his balls now he plucked moms hair and started to fuck her mouth and only half of the cock has gone inside and now he started to fuck in throat mom started to gag and he enjoyed it mom can’t breathe as his cock suffocated her now he took out his cock and now he made mom to lie on bed and now he came near her hips and pressed her navel hard and started to lick it and now he licked her thighs im and now came near her pink pussy the smell of moms pussy made him more strong and now he licked her pussy mom moaned in pleasure ahahahahahahahhaahahahaha hubby yes ahahahahahahahhaahahahaha hubbyahahhahah and now he licked and now inserted his fingers mom had enjoyed it for first time and now she sqirt more and he licked it he inserted his hard tongue and licked inside and sucked her pussy and bite the skin over the pussy mom shouted ahahahahahahahhaahahahaha hubby yes hard and now she again squirted in pleasure now he stood and now laid over moms soft body and hugged her tightly and started to smooch her and lick her all over the face throat ear and now sucked and bite those lips and now he pressed his cock near moms pussy and now he started to suck moms melons hard and bite her nipples mom shouted ahahahahahahahhaahahahaha hubbyahahhahah ahahahahahahahhaahahahaha hubbyahahhahah ahahahahahahahhaahahahaha hubbyahahhahah ahahahahahahahhaahahahaha hubbyahahhahah ohohoohohohohhmhmhmhmhmhmohohoh shshshshhshsshhshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshshsshushsushsushsusb and now he inserted his huge cock inside her pussy and started to fuck her pussyy his black cock is perfect match for tat pink pussy mom shouted ahahahahahahahhaahahahaha hubbyahahhahah ahahahahahahahhaahahahaha hubbyahahhahah ahahahahahahahhaahahahaha hubbyahahhahah ahahahahahahahhaahahahaha hubbyahahhahah ohohoohohohohhmhmhmhmhmhmohohoh shshshshhshsshhshshshshshshshshshshshshshshs and he sucked and bite her nipples and manhandled both the melons hard and fast mom pussy is pounded hard by an man who was not my father now he slowly increase speed and now he bite moms throat and nipples moms huge melons were dancing up and down and is very good to see .
Now he has inserted 3/4 of his cock and now increased his peed and now mom shouted ahahahahahahahhaahahahaha hubbyahahhahah ahahahahahahahhaahahahaha hubbyahahhahah ahahahahahahahhaahahahaha hubbyahahhahah ohohoohohohohhmhmhmhmhmhmohohoh shshshshhshsshhshshshshshshshshshshshshshshs and he stated to fuck very hard and slammed her pussy mom shouted ahahahahahahahhaahahahaha hubbyahahhahah ohohoohohohohhmhmhmhmhmhmohohoh shshshshhshsshhshshshshshshshshshshshshshshs and squirted many times he is still fucking with great speed And he kissed her and enjoyed her totally and he manhandled her boobs his cock now reached the deepest portion of moms womb and After45 min he shouted ahahahahahahahhaahahahaha yes velamma my dear I m going to cum inside your womb and make u pregnant my love Ahahahahahahahhaahahahahaand both shouted ahahahahahahahhaahahahaha hubbyahahhahah ahahahahahahahhaahahahaha hubbyahahhahah ohohoohohohohhmhmhmhmhmhmohohoh shshshshhshsshhshshshshshshshshshshshshshshs Sıhhiye Escort and he released lot of cum has settled inside moms womb and mom too orgasmed both kissed on. And smooched with lot of love mom told hubby I luv u and he also told tat he too loves her .now he took out his cock And moms pussy is filled with lot of sticky cum and it is beautiful to see it. Both kissed and hugged now they took rest for 20 min and now he made mom in prone position and fucked very hard inside her pussy and mom shouted ahahahahahahahhaahahahaha hubbyahahhahah ahahahahahahahhaahahahaha hubbyahahhahah ohohoohohohohhmhmhmhmhmhmohohoh shshshshhshsshhshshshshshshshshshshshshshshs and ripped her hole now he fucked her in side ward and her huge coconut boobs hanged and jumped in and out .he now released some fresh cum inside her womb and now he is till fucking her with his erected penis mom got so tired she can’t shout .now he sucked and bite her nipples and sucked her melons e pressed her melons and manhandled both melons.Now both were tired and both had some rest and relaxation and he is still smooched mom and enjoyed her all over the body now after 30min rest he made her to fuck like dog and pound pounded hard her pussy tat sounded taptaptaptaptaptaptaptoktoktoktoktotktotktototkttoktotktotkotkto and mom shouted ahahahahahahahhaahahahaha hubbyahahhahah ahahahahahahahhaahahahaha hubbyahahhahah ohohoohohohohhmhmhmhmhmhmohohoh shshshshhshsshhshshshshshshshshshshshshshshs and he spanked her ass hard with his strong arms and bite her back and licked and sucked her melons and bite her nipples hard.now he inserted his cock inside moms ass and
mom told to slow down and he inserted it but is very tight and mom told tat she never got fucked in ass holes and now he smiled don’t worry baby vela I will tear ur ass holes and ripe it u all my love my wife .now he fucked it and mom moaned shouted ahahahahahahahhaahahahaha hubbyahahhahah ohohoohohohohhmhmhmhmhmhmohohoh shshshshhshsshhshshshshshshshshshshshshshshs and he released lot of cum inside her ass holes too and he also got tired.h e laid and both smooched and kissed .
Manikam fucked and sucked and enjoyed mom and he has enjoyed my mom totally and he released all his 10 yr sperm in my moms womb mom too enjoyed it very much and she liked it he fucked her all holes and whole night they hav been fucking till mrng 8 and I now I hav saw moms Hong hav many love bites and he really fucked her hard and mom pussy is oozing lot of sperm and both of them s cum is all over the bed .Mom slept well and she can’t even walk properly mom naked my went inside the bathroom and took bath and she washed the bed .
There are more bite marks and love marks on moms body .after some days Manikam fucked mom on daily basis and Mom too enjoyed it.after 1 month mom told him that she missed her periods and is definitely a Sign of pregnancy and he told to divorce dad and she did it and now she married Manikam sir.All were shocked but no one bothered it and now after marriage he fucked whole day and night and now after 2 months mom got pregnant and after tat he took super care of mom as he is a rich man he made many workers for mom and healthyfood my father hasn’t done it mom had more love towards him And he still fucked her daily after 6 months moms abdomen got so huge and now on scan it showed triplets inside the womb and Manikam was very happy mom too after tat he took more care of mom in the 9th month he done baby shower for Mom and now after tat mom gave birth to triplets and now moms melons are swollen with more milk and he drank more milk tan the child .after 6 Mon he started to fuck mom and he drank her milk and now mom got some fatty look her melons now become huge he slammed her and always fucked her and mom enjoyed it they lived a peaceful life and now mom is a absolute wife for him………..

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Welcome Home Baby Ch. 02

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


It had been a month since their last threesome, sandy was getting eager for another and kept telling Robert.

Well tonight he had a surprise for her.

Luckily it was his day off and he had been planning this for 2 weeks, everything had to be perfect.

Looking at the time, it was 7 pm she would be here in a few minutes. So he sat on his favorite couch as normal and waited for his lovely wife.

The door opened and in walked his beauty.

“Hi baby!” she yelled.

“Hi love, how was your day?”

“You lucky bastard, you got to stay home all day while I slaved at work.” she said teasingly.

“Come here love, let me rub those aching shoulders.” he said.

Slowly and seductively she walked over to her husband and sat between his legs.

“Mmm.” she moaned as he rubbed her shoulders through the thin material of her white blouse.

Kissing her neck gently he rubbed those aching shoulders, his cock springing up, “damn I can never get enough of this woman!” he thought.

Sandy felt his growing erection and moved back against it, rubbing her little bottom teasingly on it.

“Sandy baby, you are making me ache.” growled Robert into her ear.

“So let’s go to the bedroom baby and I’ll make the ache go away.” she giggled.

She stood up before him, her white blouse clinging to her flesh, and her skirt showing off her beautiful set of legs..

“Mmm baby let’s go.” he said and took her hand as he walked her up to the bedroom.

Once inside Robert laid her back onto the bed and kissed her neck, opening her blouse revealing her lacy white bra, kissing down between he tugged it out of her skirt.

Quickly he sat on her middle taking her wrists, he produced a set of cuffs he had hidden under the pillow and cuffed her hands then raised them and cuffed them to the headboard.

“Baby!! Kinky!” she exclaimed.

“You have no idea.” he smirked, then produced a black blindfold, he covered her eyes, now all she could see was dark.

He slipped off her and slowly tracing each thigh with sincan escort his fingers, he grabbed her ankles and “click” the cold metal made her shiver as he cuffed her legs open to each side of the bed.

Then he gently slid off, looking at the time he noticed it was 7:25 pm…it was nearly time.

He kissed each thigh keeping her in anticipation, each kiss inching the skirt higher till it was way up just below her covered undies, and then the doorbell rang!

“Oh my god! Robert let me up!” she screeched.

“No baby, don’t worry whoever it is, I’ll get rid of them.” he said as he walked out of the room.

Sandy shifted nervously in the bed as she heard male voices, not quite capable of understanding what was being said. Then she heard the front door close, and Roberts’s footsteps coming back up.

As the bedroom door creaked open, she tried to lift her head and asked, “baby, who was it?”

The bed creaked as she felt him kneel on the bed and once again began to kiss her thighs; “shhhh.” was all she heard.

Then he started caressing her nipples through the lace fabric covering her breasts, kneading them lightly, and as his lips closed over the aching nipple her body shot up instinctively, little whimpers escaping her.

His hands running down her sides, over her naked legs and up as he tortured her aching nipples.

“Oh God! Robert!” was all she could manage.

Suddenly she felt a second pair of hands, running through her hair and a finger over her lips.

“Robert, oh my god Robert who is there?” alarm and shock ran through her.

The hands and lips upon her body didn’t stop yet a familiar whisper in her ear relaxed her,

“It’s me love, relax baby, Scott is here to help out a little.” he whispered in her ear.

The she felt it, a cool blade running down her tummy and the lips at her erect and pained nipples had stopped, the blade ran down till it reached the top of her skirt and with a quick tug it was ripped open. Sandy’s body jerked in surprise.

Then sıhhiye escort warm fingers were moving down to her panties stroking her mound then lower, till he was stroking her wet warm folds from above. Sandy moaned in pleasure.

Suddenly she felt lips sucking her wet panties and the cold metal tugging the side of the panties and in a sec they were ripped off revealing her middle section all naked to whoever was there.

Hands stroking her covered nipples again and kisses upon her lips, she guessed it was Robert. Kissing him back as Scott began to lick and trace her pussy with his tongue.

Then suddenly he inserted two fingers in her and her whole body shook, she wiggled and squirmed and he licked and fingered her amazingly.

Then Robert stopped kissing her and as she tried to talk she felt his cock being shoved into her mouth, eagerly she sucked at it, her tongue and lips tracing his tip, then down the shaft as he guided it. Then with one swift moment he held her head still as he plunged deep into her mouth, gagging her, yet he knew she was experienced and could adapt to this easily. Relaxing her throat she got over the gagging and braced herself to be mouth fucked by Robert.

While Scott was now too eager to slip his cock into that amazing pussy he had been eating, he stood back and pushed down his pants and threw his shirt aside, his hard cock standing at full attention now and begging to be satisfied. He knelt in between her open thighs and dove deep into her, sending her body into a frenzy, his cock buried so deep in her she couldn’t move she was impaled at both ends.

Then slowly he began moving faster and faster.

Robert however had other things in mind. He uncuffed her hands and slid himself from her mouth, ordering Robert to sit her upon his lap.

He grabbed the lotion he had set aside and squeezed some onto his palm, then rubbing it over his hard cock, stroking a few time as he watched his wife being fucked by Scott.

He then knelt in behind her, and added more lotion yet this tandoğan escort time onto that little hole left untouched, he probed her tight hole gently with the lotion , one finger penetrating her gently, she tensed a little and then relaxed as he probed her further.

“God!” Scott groaned.

He could feel her muscles tensing around him gripping him tighter and he was going mad.

Then she went wild in his arms as Robert slowly pushed the tip of his cock into her tight hole, she screamed.

Then pain was soon forgotten as he was now deep inside her, he could feel Scott moving in and out of her through the light membrane.

This made it even tighter for Scott.

They both started moving together in union one would side in one would slide out meeting in the middle.

Sandy in between screaming and bucking, beads of sweat running down her chest, her hair wild and her whole body filled.

Then both men picked up their pace, their grunt and growls filling the room as things sped up, the tightness was sure to make them explode soon.

Scott felt it coming and Robert and sandy could feel it too, the expansion of his cock as he swelled up inside of her and then the hot semen shot deep into her. Sandy screamed as her first orgasm took over her.

Yet he didn’t stop moving inside her, he kept moving.

Robert’s cock was soon to explode, she is soo fucking tight he felt like a hard grip was stroking him, he picked up his pace and his hand snuck down to her clit, he massaged her clit fast, as his cock pounded in and out of her forcefully, Scott felt her tighten knew she was near, and was amazed and his cock started shooting more cum deep inside her.

Sandy’s hands ripped at Scotts shoulders as her third orgasm washed over her and she screamed, not caring who could hear, she felt both men cum deep in her and bucked wildly until she laid there spent, impaled by two cocks.

Robert slowly slid himself from his wife and laid back pulling her off Scotts spent cock and into his arms; he removed her blindfold and kissed her lips gently.

Scott too out of breath turned and snuggled in behind her limp body.

She turned over to Scott and kiss his lips, then whispered, “thank you!”

Turned to her husband who now said, “welcome home baby.”

Sandy broke out in laughter and said, “thank you love.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Walt and Rhonda Ch. 12

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


“I’ve been thinking,” Rhonda said as they finished dinner. Walt looked at her and saw the mischievous expression, the slight smile. Her eyes twinkled. They had had several conversations since trying anal for the first time, about inviting back Frank or Danielle. Some of those talks had resulted in hot sex. Most had continued during sex, as they wound each other up in discussions of threesomes.

“I think I’m ready for it,” she continued, clearing the plates.

“Danielle?” he asked hopefully.

“No silly,” she chided teasingly. “Frank. I’m going to call him.”

Walt flashed back to their discussions, remembering his wife expressing her desire to be sucking Frank’s cock while Walt fucked her, or taking both of them at once, in her pussy and her ass at the same time. His cock began filling.

“When?” he asked.

“Soon, I think,” she told him softly, sitting next to him. “First I have to find out if he’s willing to come back.” She took his hand and stroked it. “This isn’t the same as picking up a guy I met in a bar, or at the rental car counter, you know,” she told him, smiling, recalling some of her past partners. “I’ve never had anyone back for a second time. He’s the only one I’ve ever considered it with, so this is new territory for me.” He felt her soft fingertips in his palm. “Then I have to find out if he’s willing to do me with you here.” She looked at him with narrowed eyes, the corners of her mouth turned up in her tantalizing fashion. “In the same room.” The corners of her mouth turned up more. “Watching him fuck me.” Walt had to admire her skill; she was seducing him with talk of fucking a guy she had the hots for, and doing it in front of him. His cock stirred in response; oh, he thought, she knows me too well.

“Once you get him to agree to do it with me there,” he interjected, playing her game, “it’s only a short step further to both of us doing you.” He leaned to her and kissed the tip of her nose. “You’re making me hard.”

“I know,” she giggled, “I like you hard.”

They embraced then, still sitting, and she adjusted herself to sit across his lap, one arm around the back of his neck, the other holding his hand in her lap. She played with his fingers as she spoke. “Are you going to be okay with another dick in the room?” she teased lightly. “Some guys, I understand, have an issue with that, you know; the gay thing.”

He laughed jovially. “You’re funny,” he chided her, and kissed her again. “Admittedly, I have not spent much time around the male erection, other than my own,” he said with a smile. “Certainly not as much as you,” he added. “Not including porn, the only two hard cocks other than mine I have ever seen were, hmm-m, let’s see,” he pretended to think. “Oh, yeah,” he said, as though he just remembered. “They were both in your mouth.” She laughed with him, and they kissed, then stood and finished cleaning up after dinner, talking as they worked.

“You liked watching me suck those cocks, didn’t you?”

“You already know that,” he replied, and playfully slapped her ass.

“Yeah, but I like to hear it.” She stood still for a second, and he wrapped his arms around her from behind. He put his mouth to her ear. “I loved watching you suck those cocks, seeing you enjoy yourself; it was so hot, and made my dick hard for you,” he hissed, knowing his warm breath would make her spine tingle. She wriggled her ass back into him appreciatively.

“M-mm, that’s nice. You know how to make a girl feel sexy.”

“You ARE sexy, Rhonda,” he whispered. “And not only when I watch you suck cock, either. He kissed her neck and felt her shiver. “You’re always sexy.”

“This won’t be the same, you know,” she commented, “he’ll be right in the room.”

“Will that make you hot and horny?” He released her, and they resumed their washing and cleaning up.

“Oh, hell yes,” she replied as they finished. She continued as they moved to the den. “Two hot guys who both want me, and two hard cocks to play with?” She laughed as they sat on the sofa, facing the television, but neither one moved to turn it on. “You bet it will! The question is,” she asked, getting serious, “will you be okay with it?” He looked at her, waited for her to continue. “It won’t be just looking from another room. He’ll be right there, live and in color, flesh and blood,” she described. “He won’t be just a faceless cock to you, he’ll be a real person.” She looked at him earnestly. “Like when Danielle was here,” she said, “but we’re girls, we understand. Guys are … I don’t know…


“For lack of a better word,” she kidded. “As soon as there is more than one in the room, the competition starts, it seems. Whether sports or work or family or fun or drinking; it’s always an egotistical score keeping. I can’t imagine sex is much different!

“So you think we’ll be comparing cock size?” he joked.

“Probably! And if you’re even on that, it’ll be a contest for who can fuck me better!”

He looked at her with a sincan escort tight grin. “Would that be so bad?”

“Not for me!” she blurted. “I win either way!”


“I’m meeting him for lunch tomorrow.”

“Really? You finally got the nerve up to call him?”

“Actually, we’ve spoken on the phone several times this week,” she related, “just casual chat at first, you know, to get reacquainted. But yesterday I invited him out, and he said yes.”

“Great,” he said, prodding for more information. “What’s the plan?”

“Easy there, big boy; calm down,” she teased. “I’m playing it by ear for now. I’m not planning to just order a salad and ask him if he wants to come over and double team me with my husband!” She grinned, and wrinkled her nose in amusement. “Although that would be hot!” she added.

“So you’ll just sit there chatting with him, thinking about having two cocks,” he teased back, “getting all wet and excited, and pretend to have polite conversation? Talk about shopping?”

“No silly,” she smiled, but answered more seriously “I plan to slowly bring up the subject of our last encounter, and tell him how much I liked it, and feel him out.”

“You mean feel him up?”

“Well, no,” she defended, “but I’ll let him if he wants to!” They laughed. “No, like I said, I’ll play it by ear, see how he reacts.”

“And if he resists?”

“Who could resist?” she asked, and they laughed again. “No, if he seems resistant, I’ll try harder, as long as he doesn’t flat-out deny me.” Her voice lowered, and she took his hands. “I really want this, Walt. The more I think about it, the more I want it.”

“M-mm, and I know how you get when you want something.”

“You got that right,” she confirmed. “So, if he resists, it might take a little more time.” She stepped into him and snaked her arms around him, settling into his embrace. “But I WILL have my two favorite cocks!”


“Nice to see you again, Frank,” Rhonda said sweetly as he stood from the table, and then came around to pull out her chair as she sat. Before taking her seat she kissed him on the cheek, and as he made his way back to his chair she admired, “What a gentleman, holding a lady’s chair for her. You are a delight.”

He sat and flushed a little. “My parents taught me that manners count,” he admitted. “But it’s always easier with a beautiful woman.” She blushed a little, and felt a rush from his compliment. “You look good, Rhonda.” She thanked him, and congratulated herself on wearing a nice skirt, not overly dressy, but casual date nice. He poured her a glass of wine from the bottle and they toasted, and sipped, and looked at each other in silence. Finally he spoke.

“Well, that’s a little awkward,” he joked, and she laughed with him. “After our phone conversations went so well, too.” He grinned sheepishly. “I was a little hesitant to see you, out of fear of just that moment – not knowing what to say or do once we were face to face.”

She laughed and touched his hand. “Sorry if I made you uncomfortable,” she said. “I confess that seeing you again was, well, a little anxious for me as well.” She hid her face as she felt herself blush again. All her prepared speech seemed inadequate and inappropriate now that she was here, and she felt a twitter in her stomach. He was just as handsome as she remembered, and a twinge of memory surged inside her, remembering their last encounter. “Okay,” she blurted, “I’ll go first.” She took a breath. “I really enjoyed our time together, and I remember it fondly.” She looked at him, held his gaze. “Very fondly. And often,” she added.

She watched his face relax as the corners of his mouth turned up. “Well, that’s a relief!” he kidded. “I was trying to prevent myself from hoping that you would feel that way, that nothing was wrong…. We didn’t really discuss it in our polite phone conversations.” He raised his glass to hers. “Here’s to you then, Rhonda. You are the sexiest, most wonderful and giving woman I have ever met.” They clinked glasses, and he added,” and yes, our day together is never far from my memory, either.”

Satisfied that he was still interested, she inquired, “So, how has your life been since? Any new prospects? New women in your life?”

“Actually, I have been on a few dates since then,” he responded. “Nothing serious. Or , uh-m…intense.” He looked at her, scrutinizing her, she thought. “Actually, I admit that it’s been hard not to compare them to you.”

“That’s probably not fair,” she joked, “I don’t think you should be expecting them to all be as, ah-h… willing as I was when we met!”

He laughed with her, then clarified, “It’s not just the, shall we say, adventurous nature,” he said, “although that kind of stands out.” He shook his head and smiled. “It’s your way, the life in you, the way you carry yourself and conduct yourself,” he explained, “your easy conversation and welcoming personality. Like this conversation, how open and free you are, sıhhiye escort so comfortable with yourself. Other women I’ve met,” he stalled, and thought. “They seem, I don’t know, pale in comparison. Does that make sense?”

She thought back to other men she had met and had sex with since she and Walt had begun playing, contemplating the difference between them and Frank. Yes, she thought, It does make sense. Because you’re the only one I ever wanted to see again, to talk to, to – what? To have… a relationship with?

“I understand,” she said, leaving the rest momentarily unspoken, then suddenly unable not to divulge her feelings. “I enjoyed your company as well.” She looked him over, giving him the same scrutiny he’d given her. “My turn to confess, I guess,” she said, touching his hand again, this time holding it loosely in hers. “You know that my husband and I are having … our adventures,” she said. “Before the day we met I had been with several other men who I had, ah-m, adventures with.” She felt the blush again, and wondered why this should embarrass her. “But I never saw them again, they were, well, one-offs. I suppose.” She paused, and struggled for her feelings, discarding her prepared speech, which was much more direct. “I guess maybe because we spent real time together; first. Maybe.” And maybe, she thought, because there is a connection between us. It was hard to deny.

“Maybe,” he repeated, agreeing.

“Anyway, I wanted you to know,” she started, “I thought you should know that I’ve never called any of them back. Ever.” She took a sip of wine. “You’re my first,” she added coyly.

“Well, I’m honored,” he said with too much drama, then more sincerely added, “And glad.”

Another uncomfortable silence ensued. Rhonda didn’t know how to restart the conversation, and wondered at her jitters. Try as she might, sitting across from him, talking so openly of her feelings, she couldn’t think of him as only a hard eager cock. That was what she wanted from him, wasn’t it? But she was distracted by the cock’s owner, and she found the distraction to be both pleasant and hard to ignore.

She took a deep breath. “It was fun though, right?” she tried.

“More than should be legal,” he grinned.

Silence settled on them again. Why was this so difficult? she wondered. All I have to do is tell him I want to fuck him again, and when he agrees, to tell him that Walt wants to join us. She laughed to herself. Ass! You were so confident! And now you stammer like a schoolgirl!



“Wow, where did you go just now?”

“What? What do you…”

“I called your name three times,” he chuckled. “You were, I don’t know, somewhere.”

She laughed at herself. It was just too easy to like this man, and she felt a little selfish for having him here, hogging him to herself with another wonderful man at home, thinking some other woman somewhere is alone, wishing for just one of them. They talked a little while longer, about life, and work, and Frank’s daughter, until lunch was done and Frank was paying the bill, and then fell again into an uneasy silence, only this time the pause was pregnant with possibility.

“So, he asked as they stood from the table, Frank once again holding her chair for her, “what are you doing the rest of the afternoon?”


She fell back on the bed and watched him finish undressing, admiring his bare chest, the unruly hair showing a little bit of gray on his mature torso. She spread her legs invitingly as he dropped his pants and boxers, exposing his growing erection. Her hand slipped lazily between her legs, finding the wetness she knew was there, and gazed at him longingly.

“Are you starting without me?” he asked as he folded his pants.

“Sorry,” she said, smiling up and admiring his body as it moved toward her confidently. “Couldn’t resist.” She held her arms out to him as he climbed onto the bed and approached her, settling his large frame over hers. She wrapped her arms around him as he settled into her and they kissed, delicately at first, then with growing surrender to the passion they felt. She felt his organ press into her stomach, now fully hard, hot and as delicious as she remembered. She pressed up against him as his hands found her breasts.

He moved his head down to her chest as she slid her hands to the back of his head. He kissed and teased her breasts, not focusing on the nipple immediately, then slowly working his way to the center of her fleshy mounds, his tongue trailing in light circles to her crinkled nub. She pressed his head into her chest as he took a nipple in his mouth and sucked, then nipped and pulled with his teeth as she groaned, the passion running through her to her pussy.

God, she thought, I can’t wait, and she manipulated her hips up, opening her legs to surround him, trying to direct his stiffness to her opening, but managing only to feel the hard shaft rubbing her lips. She pulsed tandoğan escort her hips up, stroking his veined shaft, feeling it slip in the wetness spilling from her as she coated his member with her juices.

“I want you,” she hissed passionately, speaking into his hair as he sucked her nipple. “I want your cock, I need you to fuck me. Hard.”

He lifted his head and looked at her with a quizzical smirk. “Are you rushing me?” he grinned. “You make me wait weeks, and now you’re in a rush?” She felt his hips pull back slightly, teasing her as she urged his penetration. “Are you in a hurry?” he grinned. “Don’t tell me,” he quipped, relaxing his hips into hers now, “your husband is coming home soon?”

“Don’t be silly,” she said, “you know that he knows.”

“But he won’t come home to catch us?” As he asked, she felt his hips angle back, pulling himself away until the head of his cock dropped between her legs. She moved a hand between them and grasped his shaft, aligning him at her opening, waiting for his weight to plunge him into her. “Are you nervous he’ll come home and catch us?”

“Not at all,” she told him, and she exhaled sharply as his cock pressed into her, fully seating itself into her wet pussy, filling her, and sending warm and wonderful sensation up her spine to her brain. She lost her train of thought as she wallowed in the feeling of first penetration, and took several heaving breaths as he began to slide slowly out, and in.

She opened her eyes, unaware that she had closed them, and saw him looking into hers. “No,” she repeated, breathily now, “if he came home and saw us, believe me, he wouldn’t be upset.” She began thrusting back against him, slow, languorous strokes, sliding his full length in and out of her cunt, caressing her slick walls with his mushroom head. “As a matter of fact,” she told him,” I think he would enjoy watching.”

“Really?” he asked. “He wouldn’t mind seeing me fucking you? Seeing another man’s cock in you?”

“I watched him a few weeks ago,” she confessed abruptly, “with another woman; God it was so hot, seeing his cock go into her.” She sighed as he plunged into her, harder now. “She made me put him in her. I never dreamed … It was so hot, so exciting, and seeing him so horny and enjoying himself, taking her …” She gasped as he pushed harder; shorter strokes, and she wrapped her legs behind his back, opening herself fully, feeling his pubic bone banging her clit. “I watched his cock fuck her, watched it going in, fuck, it was so sexy….”

She felt him hold still and pull himself up, holding his arms straight, extending his torso above her. “Really?” he asked, “you’re not teasing me?” She nodded, and he smiled, delightfully. “You are amazing, Rhonda. Your attitude towards sex is so, I don’t know. Unusual? Healthy?”

“He wants to see me,” she said, and pulsed her muscles, gripping his cock with her cunt. She felt herself blush. “I have a confession, actually. The first time, when you were here, he watched us. He was watching from outside, in the yard.”

He lunged inside her, hard. “Fuck! Are you kidding?” He was pushing hard, short, forceful thrusts as he spoke, grunting with the efforts, and she felt her breath driven out of her with each penetration, feeling him reaching deep inside her. “He watched me fuck you? He watched you give yourself to me?”

“Actually, he was late, ugh, and missed, ugh, the beginning,” she managed, feeling her orgasm build as he slammed her pussy. “He saw, ugh, me suck you, ug-hn, sucking your cock, omph, your wonderful hot cock! Oh, fuck me!”

“Oh, fucking Rhonda, you dirty girl, you,” he grimaced, and she felt his body clench, “you nasty slut of a wife!” He held still inside her, and she ground her hips up, trying to coax her climax from him, but only managing to keep her arousal at a plateau, as he goaded her. “He watched you suck my dick? Saw you take my cock in your mouth, and cum on your face?”

“Yes!” she shouted. “Yes! He loved it! And I loved it too, knowing he was watching me.” She surged against him, up onto his cock, but he was holding himself still, forestalling his climax. “After you left he made me reenact the parts he missed!” She pumped her hips up, and he responded, driving into her frantically. She felt him tense again, knew he was close. “Oh, fuck me! Make me cum, Frank, make me cum on your cock!”

And then he groaned, and bellowed, and she joined him in crying out her delight as her orgasm exploded in her, taking her body and shaking it as she felt her pussy turn mushy and slick as he spent himself inside her, and the delicious sensation of her pussy filled with cum brought her orgasm back to its peak, a second one, or just longer, she didn’t know, didn’t care; she just rode it and enjoyed it, letting it own her as he fucked her through it, deep and slow and hard, until he relaxed and exhaled, lowering himself on her, breathing heavily into her ear as her body trembled and the ripples of ecstasy subsided and withdrew, leaving only a tantalizing tingle in her pussy, the promise of additional orgasms just a hint away. She relaxed, and felt his breath on her, until he slid up and out, and shifted off to the side.

She turned to face him, her head nestled in his shoulder, one hand slowly caressing his chest.

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Vegas Honeymoon

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Over dinner one night with a group of friends, we decided to take a trip to Las Vegas over the next long weekend.

We had all met on line playing a political simulation game. Jay and Denise were married and Jay played the game with us. I had met Mark through the game and moved across country to be closer to him when I was offered my dream job in his area.

Eventually my lesbian friend Kate moved out to California for law school from my home state and helped me with my homesickness. It was good to have a friend from home close by.

The five of us had so much fun together that our gay friend John decided to move closer to the rest of us to teach at the local college when his relationship with a well-known local politician ended badly. We all told him never to trust a Republican in California, but of course he didn’t listen to us.

Mark always teased me about being able to watch Kate and I together some day and there were days I thought about it. Kate was pretty and she had amazing eyes.

Mark called an old friend of his and arranged for us to have a huge suite for the weekend. The flight was uneventful and Mark won a thousand dollars in the slot machines at the airport. It was going to be a good weekend.

We took a limo to the hotel and the room was beautiful. Jay and Denise got one room while Mark and I took the other king sized bed. John and Kate shared the smaller room with 2 double beds. Mark and I wanted to catch the Lakers game and everyone else wanted to go explore the hotel so we all split up for a little while before dinner. We had tickets for dinner and a show in the main room so we were all meeting then.

Mark laid in the huge bed watching the game as I came out of the shower. I joined him on the bed as I dried off. Half time came around and I was starting to get horny. I kissed Mark’ neck and he pulled me closer to him on the bed. He pushed me down on the bed kissing me as the commentators sat in the Staples Center going over an amazing first half.

His hand slipped under the robe I was wearing and started to stroke the insides of my thighs. I opened my legs for him and he found the fire between them. His thumb stroked my clit and waves of pleasure ran up my spine.

He stopped and began to kiss my thighs. His warm breath on the insides of my thighs began to make me melt. He spread my legs wider apart and licked me hard from front to back. I couldn’t help but moan with every lap his tongue made at my slit. As his tongue teased my clit, his fingers stroked my g spot. Orgasm was inevitable. I begged sincan escort him to finish me off as he laughed.

I came with enough force to cause me to black out for a few seconds. Mark stood up and dragged me to the edge of the bed. He dropped his Dockers and boxers. He was rock hard. I tried to get up to play with him but I was too weak from round one of our lovemaking.

He lubed up by rubbing his head up and down my soaking wet, sensitive slit. Mark was rather large so he took his time entering me. Once he forced himself inside, he waited until I got used to him before he pounded away. He filled me well and sex with him was the best I ever had.

He quickened the pace as half time wrapped up at the Staples Center. We both came together as Shaq scored and our friends came back to the room. Mark hurried up and got dressed. I adjusted my robe and laughed as Denise knocked on the door to our room.

Mark dove in the bathroom as I told Denise to come in. He shot me a dirty look as he closed the door behind him.

“What were you two doing?” she asked with a smile.

I giggled and she then asked what I planned on wearing to the show later. I showed her the little black dress, which was one of my old standbys for faculty dinners for Mark’s school.

Mark came out of the bedroom dressed and tried to get back into the second half but his mind was somewhere else. Thank goodness the Lakers won or I would have never heard the end of it.

W e went to dinner and watched the show. It was a drag queen review with men who looked better than the stars they were impersonating in the first place. The show was great and we teased Mark that he’d make a great looking woman on the way to the casino after the show.

After a bunch more drinks and a bit of gambling, John started asking Kate to marry him since they were in Vegas and all and that’s what you do in Vegas, you gamble, see shows and get married.

A few more drinks and we were off to get a marriage license. It made sense to Kate. She would get a huge discount on law school and medical insurance and John would get a roommate who could cook more than Top Ramen. It wasn’t like he was having any success finding a gay man to do that for him.

We went to the Little Chapel where all the stars got married and Kate picked the Elvis Internet Package. After a few cell phone calls and instant messages to friends on line who also played the game with us, so they could watch the wedding via a web cam. John and Kate stood at the alter, sıhhiye escort Kate in her usual casual attire and John in his Dockers and gay pride golf shirt. The Minister was dressed up like The King, the final years, and sang “Jailhouse Rock” as Kate walked down the aisle. John had a dopey smile on his face. It was hard to tell if that was from the alcohol or the emotions of the moment. The minister asked them to face the camera as they said their vows and 15 minutes later John and Kate were man and wife.

We went back to the casino where I won a close to three thousand dollars playing blackjack. Eventually we all went back to the room and settled in with room service and a case of beer we picked up prior.

The alcohol flowed freely and Denise was soon asking Kate what it felt like to be a lesbian. Kate told her that being with a woman was better because a woman knew exactly what felt good and where. The more Denise and Kate drank, the more they were touching each other. I was curled up on the couch with Mark and he whispered in my ear that they were turning him on. He kissed my neck and got me warmed up. His hand was slipped up my dress and he was discovering I did not wear any panties to the show.

Jay was telling us tales of his days in the Navy and the fact that he was Bi-sexual. John was quite interested his stories. We soon discovered our friend was a porn star in his younger days to support himself when he ran away from home at 15.

Soon Kate and Denise were making out on the couch while Mark and Jay watched and John scoffed at them. Kate was helping Denise out of her clothes and motioning to me to join them. Mark told me to join them because it would really turn him on.

I was making out with Denise as Kate went down on her. I kept Denise from screaming as Kate licked her in ways that even Jay, the former the porn star had not. Mark was hard as a rock as my sweet pussy was sticking in his face. He leaned over and started eating me out as I sucked on Denise’s pert little B cups. Kate was bringing her to her second orgasm as Mark started sliding two fingers in my soaking wet pussy. I came for him in record time as Kate and Denise switched positions. Kate told her how to lick pussy while Mark took me from behind. I looked up and John and Jay were making out on the couch opposite of us. I laughed and whispered back to Mark that it was one hell of a wedding night for the happy couple. Mark and I finished what we were doing and settled on the couch in each other’s arms to watch our friends explore each tandoğan escort other’s partners. I think this gave new meaning to the term wife swapping.

Pretty soon John and Jay were naked and exploring each other’s bodies. Jay had John lying on the leather couch face down and he was running his tongue down the length of his spine. Soon Jay was rimming John and John was moaning like crazy. Jay told John that he wanted him to always remember his wedding night as he pulled John’s ass closer to him and slowly entered him. John cried out in pain as Jay entered him for the first time. He held still and told John to relax while John’s ass got used to Jay’s rock hard cock. Shocks went up and down John’s spine with every thrust of Jay’s huge cock.

The sight of the two guys going at it really turned me on and I showed Mark how hot I was by sliding myself onto his already semi-hard cock. He just sat there as I rode him like a five and dime pony. The drugs and alcohol in my system took away all my inhibitions and Mark’ as well. We didn’t care who was watching us. We mated like animals and I’m really surprised that security wasn’t banging on the door to tell us to keep quiet. Seeing Mark like this, it was hard to believe that by day, he was a mild mannered college professor turned writer. Me, I was a wild child, so no one doubted me being a tiger in bed.

John and I came at the same time so the room was pretty noisy. John kept begging Jay to stop fucking him but John was now Jay’s bitch and Jay wasn’t gonna let him get off and leave him hanging. Jay continued to bang the hell out of John until John was cumming again and Jay was filling his ass with the white hot cum from his aching balls.

John’s eyes rolled in the back of his head as Jay finished then he fell into a heap on the couch as Jay smacked him in the ass and called him an amateur. Jay got up and grabbed his pack of cigarettes off the coffee table.

“After a lay like that, I need a smoke.” He said as he went to light up. He took a long drag of his cigarette and then told Denise it was her turn.

They got up and went off to their bedroom while Kate, Mark and I watched poor John try to catch his breath. Kate and I went to our rooms to get pajamas on while Mark pulled up his boxers and gave John a fresh drink. Kate sat on the couch with John while Mark and I cuddled together. We drank some more and talked about the show. John got up eventually and announced he was going to bed. Kate said she’d join him. They got up and left the room. Mark and I turned on the TV and watched it for a bit before going to bed.

About twenty minutes later we heard Kate moaning like a mad woman and John yelling “consummate this bitch”. I looked at Mark and started to laugh my ass off. Guess it was really good wine and John wouldn’t be bothering the sheep anymore for a good long while.

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The Present

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The morning dawned clear and cold. I rolled over, feeling the flannel sheets rub against my naked form, and looked for you. As usual, you had left for your morning run, leaving me alone in the bed, the sun streaming through my window, lighting on the hunter green bedspread. I rolled over a little, and could still smell you on the pillow.

I breathed in the warmth of your scent on the sheets, and smiled softly. It was then that I saw the note you’d pinned to the pillow.

I studied your forceful handwriting, and was instantly curious about it’s meaning. The note said “My lil J, today is your special day. I’ve got a treat for you. Be sure to shave carefully, and be ready for me when I arrive home. I will bring dinner, and arrive at 7 sharp.”

My cock twitched, as my mind ran through a number of interesting possibilities. I had no clue what you had planned, but knew that you’ve been expanding your horizons recently. The months that we’d spent sharing one home had changed both of us some. I had become more competitive, and aggressive, and you’ve become a bit more open.

I flipped off the covers, and padded off to the bathroom to shower and begin my day. I saw the signs of our usual daily ‘power play’. You’d moved my shampoo, conditioner and soap to the furthest corner of the shower. I laughed, and turning on the hot water, began to switch things back, muttering something about “my house, my bloody rules. I keep my stuff HERE damnit,” laughing softly as I mutter.

As I begain to move your things, I noticed another note. This one simply read “I know what you’re doing. Your clothes are laid out in the spare room.” I laughed heartily, knowing that this was a step up from our usual game.

I showered as quickly as I could, making sure to VERY carefully shave myself. When I felt smooth, and ready for you, I stepped from the shower, and walked naked to the spare room. We’d turned it into a small playroom, with a pool table, and some other…toys hanging on the wall. I shivered lightly, looking them over, and imagining the uses we’d put them to, and will continue to. My arousal was growing, but I had HOURS to kill before you’d be home.

Your chosen outfit was very tame. I was a bit surprised. There was a black tshirt, black pants and brand new bright red silk boxers. I dressed in the chosen outfit, and came downstairs to make some breakfast.

The day passed in a blur, my eagerness growing with each passing moment. Each tick of the clock brought you closer to me, and I knew and loved it.

Finally, 7pm arrived. I heard your key in the door, and ran to greet you. My jaw hit the floor when I saw how you were dressed. I saw a total vision of slutty beauty. You were wearing a tight red mini skirt, one that was so short it showed off the tops of your thigh high fishnet stockings. The black leather boots that encased your legs came halfway up your thigh, fitting skin tight, and highlighting the curve of your perfect calf muscles. You had on a red matching sport bra, tight against your chest, showing off your perky erect nipples. I could almost smell your arousal as you saw my reaction to your outfit.

I took a moment to look you up and down, from your hair, worn short and bouncy, to the high heels on the bottom of the black leather boots, and just stepped forward, my lips locking onto yours, tasting you, and feeling your tongue probe my mouth.

My fingers danced across your flat stomach, teasing your tight muscles there, and flicking my fingers across your navel ring. I gave it a little tug, and pulled you even closer. My cock was grinding into you, pressing against your waistline, digging into you and begging for your attention. You slid one hand down and began to stroke me through my pants, slowly sliding your fingertips over my cock. I could feel it, and moaned into the kiss.

I stepped back from you, your hand beginning to work the zipper of my pants. You smiled coyly and just said “and did you dress as you were told, mine?”

I guided your hand into my pants, letting you feel the silk that was encasing me. You simply smiled.

You zipped my pants back up, growling lightly as you did so. Your hand left my stiff cock, and took my hand. You lead me to the big leather chair that I love so much, and pushed me into it, slowly coiling your body atop mine. I could feel your desire, and your pleasure at being this close to me.

As you smiled at me, your eyes took on THAT look. I know it well, it means that you have a surprise for me, and always a surprise that I will like.

You said, “Tonight is your night. I’m yours, I shall do whatever you like.”

My eyes opened wide, and I knew that this was not all you had planned. With a surprised look, I leaned into you and kissed you deeply. “There could be no better present, my dear.”

Our lips locked in a mute embrace, our tongues teasing each other, slowly flowing back and forth, tasting each other, and sharing our love. I put my hand in your hair, grabbing it in my fist, and pushed you down, crushing your lips into sincan escort mine, moaning softly into our kiss. I could feel your body react, melting into mine, and accepting, loving the force of the kiss.

I pulled from the kiss, and smiled wickedly. “I think that you should put on a little show for me, dear one. Strip. Make it erotic and turn me on,” my voice taking on the tone of command that drives you wild.

You uncoiled yourself from my lap, and took a step to the side. Your lovely ass was mere inches from my face, and I reached out with my tongue, tasting the leather of your mini-skirt, feeling the firmness of your perfect ass pressing against my tonuge. As you bent over, folding yourself almost in half to adjust your leather boots, I could see your pussy poking out from under your skirt. My fingers found their way to it, lightly rubbing your clit. You moaned softly, and took a step away, “I thought I was stripping for you,” you said with a wicked grin.

I just laughed, and waved my arm to let you continue. At that moment, there was a soft knock at the door. I cursed in a whisper, hating that we have been interrupted. You just smiled broadly, and said “good, the rest of your surprise is here.”

You answered the door, and I watched your lovely ass sway, knowing that you’re adding a little extra wiggle for me. I heard a woman’s voice as you answered the door, she was teasing you. “I’m glad that I’m not working the street any longer, nobody would go for me with YOU around,” she said with a laugh. I couldn’t see you at the front door, but heard your lips smack, and got even harder thinking of you kissing her.

“Who’s that baby,” I asked, hoping. You simply laughed, and said, “she is our toy for the evening. This, my dear, is Tina. She and I are here to treat you like a king, and serve your desires.”

My jaw dropped again, and Tina walked across the room, gently lifting my chin up and laughing softly. She turned around slowly, pushing her tits up at me, and then caressing her ass. Her little black dress appeared to be painted onto her. Every little curve on her was being shown.

“You have chosen well, my dearest. Her tits are lovely,” I said with a wicked grin. Tina laughed, and you walked up behind her, and begain rubbing her nipples through the fabric of her dress. “Yes, very firm and big, aren’t they, my J,” was your very evil reply.

I looked up, saw the sight of you nibbling on her neck, and asked, “You’re sure?” You began to nibble on her ear, whispering something to her.

Tina stepped forward, and sat in my lap. She giggled wickedly, and began nibbling on my ear. She said, “Your lovely woman has given me rules. No kissing me, and while you MAY be able to fuck me, you may not cum in me. That belongs to only her.” I laughed and said, “Well, Tina, then settle in for the show. My sweetest one was just about to put on a show for me. You too should enjoy this.”

Tina curled her hands around my neck, pulling it into her, and began licking slowly. I could feel her hot breath on my neck as she said, “well well well, you have quite the hot lil slut, don’t you?”

I chuckled into her hair, and said, “Yes, she’s the best.”

Tina laughed and added, “This should be fun. It’s been a while since I have fucked such a well toned woman.”

My eyes lit with mischief, and I just said “Maybe she will be fucking you. Don’t get TOO presumptious, slut.”

Tina’s eyes rolled back in her head, and she begain stroking my cock. I looked up and could see you reaching down to rub your pussy. I smiled, and said, “Lift the skirt. Let Tina see what you’ve got going on down there.”

You blushed a little and pulled your skirt up over your waist. The leather creaked a bit as you pulled it against your tight stomach. I reached forward, slipping my fingers between your smoothly shaved pussy lips, reaching all the way to your clit, rubbing gently. My fingers toyed inside you for just a moment, before I grinned wickedly, and looked at Tina. “Would you like a taste of this lovely pussy,” I asked her. She eagerly pulled my fingers into her mouth, sucking my fingers clean.

She looked over at you, and simply moaned at your taste. “It’s the sweetest little cunt ever, isn’t it Tina,” I asked with a wicked laugh. She just nodded.

I saw you unzip your skirt, slowly pulling it down, showing off your perfectly shaved pussy, the little stripe of hair just above your clit was already showing signs of wetness. As she saw it, Tina shifted in my lap, clearly enjoying the show.

I slid my hand down Tina’s stomach, feeling her warm flesh, and lifted the bottom of her black dress, showing her pussy to you. As I slid over it, I could feel the silk thong that was covering her, and pushed it aside to make sure that you had a clear view of her.

You stared into her pussy, and said, “You should see this. Her clit is already swelling for us.”

“All in good time my K. I want to see all of you first,” was my reply.

You laughed softly and stepped sıhhiye escort out of the skirt. You turned around, bending over to show me your perfectly firm and toned ass. My cock ground into Tina, giving her an idea how much I cared for you, and how horny you always made me.

“Your man certianly enjoys the view,” she said.

You laughed in reply, “well, of course he does. This body is well worked out, and he is always on about it.”

She laughed and reached between her legs, lightly rubbing her swollen clit for you. “Stick your fingers in, let me see you fuck that hot little pussy,” you order her.

I can feel her lean back further, and look down over her shoulder, seeing her fingers disappear into her wet pussy, her fingers coming out shiny and then diving back into her. My cock throbs against her ass, pressing into her crack.

I watch you pull your skin tight sports bra off, showing your tits, standing perfectly proud, round, with erect nipples. I whisper to Tina, “Lovely, isn’t she? Every little crease and muscle on her body is just amazing.”

Tina simply smiled in reply, “I’m not too bad either.” She pulled her fingers out and offered them to you. “Taste me,” she said.

I watch you suck her fingers clean, seeing your clit swelling, and reacting to the taste of her pussy. “How is it,” I ask.

All you can do in reply is moan.

“Hmm don’t want you getting TOO into women, My dear. Why don’t we watch her strip now.”

I reach around Tina’s body, and pinch her clit, and use my pinch to stand her up. Her skirt is still up around her hot little ass, and I can see the thong bisecting her fleshy globes. I offer her a little spank and she jumps and yelps slightly.

I pat my lap, and watch you curl up into me, the leather of your boots rubbing against my skin through the pants. I can smell your wet pussy, begging for attention. I slip my finger over your clit and begin rubbing you ever so softly as Tina strips for us.

I whisper into your ear, nibbling lightly on it, “thank you, dearest, this is a lovely gift.” You just smile and moan at the touch of my fingers on your clit.

Tina begins moving her luscious hips to the music, slowly peeling the dress off her shoulders, showing us her grand tits. The nipples are very large and begging to be sucked on. I push you forward, and watch as you slowly take one into your mouth. Tina moans and pushes the dress off. She stands there, leaning back, savouring the touch of your tongue on her stiff nipples.

I reached around you with one arm, and the other between your legs, letting my forearm brush against your wet, swollen lips, and pulled off Tina’s thong.

There I sat, my lover naked in my lap, our playtoy showing that she’s completely shaved hairless, and wet and aroused for us. I smiled, and said, “So, it’s my night to be treated like a king? I think that one of you should go draw me a bath.” Tina smiled and asked where to go. You pointed her in the right direction, and then locked your lips onto mine. I watched your eyes follow her up the stairs.

You looked at me, blushed slightly, and said, “I want to fuck her for you. Will you let me?”

“Of course baby. We can break out that new toy we just got,” I reply with a grin.

“Oh, my. You really want to watch me FUCK that slut, don’t you?”

“Yes, baby. I want to see you use that whore with your new plastic cock, but first, you two should bathe me and wash my hair,” is my laughing reply.

You practically leap out of my lap and bolt up the stairs. I can hear you whispering with Tina, planning your strategy, or maybe just teasing each other more. You called down to me, and had me join you in the tub.

As I get to the large bathroom, I see the two of you at the sink, playing with each other’s tits. I stood there and watched a few moments, before I spread my arms out and told you both to strip me. I watched closely as you dropped to your knees, playing with my button and zipper, and Tina stripped off my shirt. I looked down to see you there, so perfect, naked, in front of me. I smiled down at you and felt your fingers as they wrapped around my thick shaft. I watched you stroke me slowly through the silk of my bright red boxers.

Finally, you pulled them down, and gave one short lick across the head of my cock. You pulled the precum from the tip, and stood. I watched you kiss it into Tina’s mouth, and stepped forward, wanting to feel you both.

I push against your tight little ass, pressing myself into the crease in the small of your back. I reach around to grab one of Tina’s nipples, pulling on it gently as she kisses you. Her moan of pleasure seems to ripple down your back and into my cock.

I sat down in the tub, letting the hot water cover me. Feeling the warm water wrapping around my body relaxes me, and arouses me with the utter sensuality of the moment. I see you step into the enormous tub first, sliding yourself between me and the wall of the tub. Tina comes to join us, standing in tandoğan escort front of me. She steps forward, shoving her pussy against my lips. I lick her once, twice, and then take her clit into my mouth. I suck lightly on it, flicking across her clit with my tongue. Your hands wander down my body, and begin to slowly stroke my cock.

I pull my lips from Tina’s, and motion for her to begin washing me. Your hands find the sponge, and begin to rub the soap onto it, and you pass the soap to her. I can feel the strength in your arms as you begin to massage mine with the soapy sponge. I rock back, moving my shoulders to tease your nipples. I can feel Tina begin stroking my legs, soaping them under the water. Her talented fingers move closer to my shaved balls, and she begins to tease me.

I turn to you, and lock my lips over yours. I push my tongue into your mouth filling you with my passion and bliss at this moment, this present you’re giving me.

We kiss for what seems like ages, while Tins slowly strokes my cock. I feel your fingers meet hers and two women’s hands begin to rub me. Tina takes a breath, and wraps her lips around my cock under the water. She sucks gently for a few moments and comes back up. I can feel her other hand soaping across my stomach, as yours joins it on my chest. The sensations cause me to tense. I call out to you in sheer bliss. As if by command, both of you stop stroking me, and go back to washing me.

Your hands leave my chest, and you begin to wash my hair. I love the feeling of how you massage my head as you wash. My eyes close momentarily, and I can hear your lips and hers right next to my ear as you two kiss.

After a moment, you pull apart, and resume my bath. The two of you clean every part of me, and rinse me off. I stand up, and let you both towel me dry, and then towel each other off, teasing and playing.

I look at you, and smile, “What I want is for you to fuck her for me first, K.”

You laugh softly, and grab my hard cock. “You sure you’ll be able to wait that long, my J?”

“Nope, but it’s what I would like, get her in the bedroom, and I’ll go get the toy” I chuckle in reply.

You grab Tina’s hair, and pull her into the bedroom. She yelps at first, but then follows closely along, loving the little bit of pain, and the forcefulness of your actions.

I hear your feet slapping against the hardwood floors as you drag her dripping (water and other things) form to the bedroom. Your forceful voice comes down the hall as I open up the playroom, “On the bed, bitch, and spread ’em.”

“Oh my, whatever you say,” is the meek reply. I reach the drawer, and pull out the newest toy in our collection. A 11 inch long, thick strapon dildo. I look at it with a bit of a shudder, knowing that you had other ideas in mind to break it in.

I almost break out into a run, hearing Tina moan. I slip into the bedroom, and sit on the chair in the corner. I watch as you reach between your legs, spread your lips and begin to stroke your clit. Your moans of pleasure are muffled between Tina’s legs. I can see her left hand teasing her nipple, and her right digging into your short brown hair, pushing you deeper into her.

I cross the room, kneeling behind you, just letting the head of my cock, wet with precum, tease your back, and between your ass cheeks. I reach around you, pull your hand from your pussy and quickly replace it with mine. My fingers teasing your clit lightly, as I wrap the strapon around you.

I pull it tight, and make sure that it’s fixed properly, so that the end of it teases your clit while you use it. I pull on your plastic cock, and whisper to you, “Fuck her for me. I’m going to watch you fuck this hot little whore till she can barely walk, and then I’m going to do the same to you.”

She can hear my ‘threat’ and moans, her eyes closing in bliss. I watch as you pull your lips from her pussy, and begin to lick yourself clean. I pull your lips to mine, and slowly lick you clean, and then kiss you.

I watch as you slide up her, slowly kissing your way up her stomach, to her nipple, gently licking and sucking on it. I watched as you abandoned her nipple to the air, and rose up onto your knees. She saw the big thick plastic cock inches from her throbbing pussy, and sighed in happy anticipation.

I watched as your ass tightened, showing off your strength, the full muscles of your thighs preparing to push your new dick into her. I can see each muscle in your back tense, and prepare for this new sensation. I Watch as you thrust your hips forward, the head of your rubber cock finding her lips. Her legs spread further open, showing off how much she wants you.

I see your body as you enter her, pushing deeper and deeper into her, watching her face to see how much she likes it, getting a sense of why there are times that I just pause, right before I enter you, wanting to savour every moment of it. I hear her moan, and see her legs wrap tightly around you, holding you in her, close to her.

You can hear me slowly stroking my cock, my deep breaths as I am entranced by this vision in front of me. I call out to you, “See why I love to fuck you so much, K?” You laugh and push yourself all the way into her. I can hear your legs hit hers, and hear the slight smack as you slip all the way into her wet pussy.

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