It Started in the Forest

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It had been a long week and we were both completely frustrated. J’s roommates were all about and it was completely too difficult to have any kind of sex with them being so busy. We were both aching but tried to come up with other things to busy ourselves. We were watching a movie when J came up with the most wonderful idea.

“V lets go look at stars.”

“It’s eleven at night, you really wanna go look at stars?”

“Yeah. I’ll make hot cocoa and we can spread a blanket out and we can watch the night sky. It’s clear out on top of that so it’s perfect.”

I smiled at him and shook my head yes. I washed my face and put jeans on while he got cocoa ready. With in minutes we were out the door. J was so excited to get out of the house. We loaded up the jeep and took off. The trip up the mountain wasn’t half bad. It was pretty exciting. We had passed a few good spots but nothing was really appealing to either of us so we continued on. Once we traveled all of the paved roads we decided that we wanted to go up the primitive ones.

The ride got really bumpy and J had to use the four-wheel drive on the jeep. The ride was starting to get me very excited by then. The seats of the jeep were already vibrating as it was, but the added motions from the rough road made the feeling increase. As I looked at my lover I increasingly became wet. I could feel the moistness of my panties even while wearing my jeans.

“I’m not sure we can go any further V.”

“O.k. Love, lets just turn around and find a spot. I’m sure we can see the stars from this height.”

J smiled at me as he maneuvered the jeep. It wasn’t long until we had found a deserted camping area. We backed the jeep into the secluded alcove and moved into the back of the jeep. J pushed the back seat up to give more room in the rear. We popped open the back and stretched out a large blanket. After getting comfortable we got the cocoa out and drank it slowly. The heat of the thick drink made me warmer and wetter yet. The idea of being alone in the forest was really a turn on.

“I love you J.”

“I love you too V.”

He kissed my forehead before I rested it on his stomach. The cool night air was moving though making me want to move closer to him. I could feel his cock grow under my arm. I wanted almanbahis şikayet him so bad. I took a hand and sent it exploring up the leg of his shorts. I found exactly what I wanted.

As I massaged his cock I thought to myself ‘J has the most beautiful balls. I love them. I love touching them. I love sucking them. And I love to hear the sound they make when they slap my pussy as he pounds my ass.’ The more I thought the harder I handled his cock and the harder he got. Without needing to be asked J pulled his shorts down so I could suck his cock. If anything J loved to watch me do this.

As I sucked I fondled his sack in my hand and rubbed firmly with a finger in the space between his balls and asshole. I loved the reaction he gave when he didn’t expect it. I sucked hard rubbing my tongue everywhere. I really wanted more than to suck cock so I stopped and started kissing up his stomach then his chest and then his face.

“J do you want to shut the hatch?” I asked him coyly.

“Uh huh”

J reached up and turned the inside car lights off and shut the hatch. I slipped off my jeans and my top as he did the same. The back of the jeep was a bit cramped but with a little maneuvering I was able to get in J’s favorite position. The blanket gave me enough padding to protect my hands and knees from the rough carpet.

“MMM V, I love looking at you like this.”

He caressed my ass cheeks tenderly grabbing one globe in each and tugging them apart. I heard him let out a small gasp as my pink hole appeared at him. He was extending his touch over my entire body rubbing up my back and under towards my breasts now. He tugged and rubbed the nipples between his fingers rubbing his engorged cock against my backside. He traced his fingertips back down the dip in my back and in between my crack, I moan with ecstasy. Pulling my cheeks apart as far as he could he bent down and panted hard near it. Chills ran up my spin and I shuttered in delight.

Without any warning he brought his face closer to my ass and started licking the crack. It was heaven not to mention a rarity. His warm tongue caressed my hole, swirling it all around it and then trying to pry it in. I loved it more than any other sexual act. It was dirty, it was nasty and it was pure almanbahis canlı casino fun. I loved it! I pushed back on his face every time I felt is tongue push into my tinny hole.

J licked upwards on my crack, up my back to my neck and heavily breathed in my ear.

“I want to fuck your ass.”

I moaned in response as he positioned himself behind me. My tight hole was putting up a bit of a fight. After several attempts I sat up and turned towards him. His cock was standing at attention and I took it in my mouth. I got it nice and wet so it would push in a bit easier. But instead of getting back on my knees I pushed him down.

“J sit against the seat please.”

As he did so I positioned my ass above his cock and then slowly guided it in. The head was swollen and difficult to get up in there but after pushing it finally popped in.

“V, you ass feels so good around my cock.”

I moved up and down trying very difficult not to let his huge cock pop out. J loved it when he could pull out until only his head was buried in me and ram it back in. It was very difficult and I was starting to get a cramp from how my legs were positioned. I noticed handles above the back seat doors and I grabbed a hold of them and used them to help myself. The head of his cock pushed up inside in my ass and it felt so wonderful. I moaned and rocked on his cock. It felt so good that I wanted to go faster. I gained more speed and moaned louder with every full stoke of his cock. Oh god it felt amazing. I gained so much speed that when I tried to fuck his cock so wear only his head was left it that I over did it and it popped out.

I screamed slightly with the pain and from the look on J’s face I knew he was in a bit of pain himself.

“V lets go home. This is fun, but I can fuck you so much easier if we were not in this car.”

He kissed my forehead, as we hurriedly got dressed. We practically raced back to the house.

“I love you J”

“I love you too V.”

Once we got home we didn’t hesitate to get into the bedroom. We dashed in and we ripped the clothes off of one another. He pushed me on the bed then grabbed some lube off of the bedside table. I pushed my ass up for my lover and shuttered as the cool gel dripped around my hole. almanbahis casino

J too the pillow I was resting my head on and placed it under my stomach.

“Lay down love”

I rested my pelvis on the pillow and relaxed as he shoved his cock back in my hole. I squealed in passion.

“V, be quiet the other guys are still sleeping.”

I bit my lip and felt as my body complied with every pump of J’s cock. God I loved his cock in my ass! I bucked back as much as I could. J’s moans were music to my ears. With one hard thrust he pushed into my entire body. He took my hands and held them together above my head.

“You like that don’t you baby.”

I moaned a response in reply.

“It’s the best you’ve ever had isn’t it?”

“Uh huh, the best.” I panted.

“Oh yeah V this is so good. Your ass it so tight. I think I might cum soon. You’d like that wouldn’t you? You’d like it if I came up your tight little hole.”

Once again I left my answer in a moan.

“Uh huh, that is what I thought.”

Not each thrust was a sharp jab. I felt one of his hands slip under my stomach and move down towards my pussy.

“V, your pussy is so wet. Is it wet all for me?”

“Uh huh, all for you.”

J flicked at my click and rubbed it between his fingers.

“J, I’m going to come.”

“No baby, not yet. Not until I tell you.”

I moaned loudly with need. He let me lay under him convulsing, trying my hardest not to come. It was so difficult not to with the way he was pulling at my clit and the sensation of his cock ramming my asshole.

“I can’t hold it J, please baby, please.”

“Oh V, I love it when you beg, just a little longer, I promise.”

“J please baby, I need to.”

J laughed slightly at my pleas.

“O.k. baby, cum.”

I didn’t need any more prompting than that. I let my juices flow over is hand and all over the pillow and sheets. I let out a deep breath and moaned with complete pleasure. J was still pounding at my ass, but it was much faster now and I knew he was near. I felt his balls against my pussy become tighter and he grabbed my shoulders to ensure that his cum went straight up my ass.

With sweat all over our bodies we laid there, him on top of me and we panted together, feeling complete satisfaction.

“I love you baby”

“I love you too J”

He pulled what was left of his hard on out of my ass and pulled me close to him.

“I could never love another girl.”

With a smile on my face I fell asleep next to him.

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Heatwave in Spokane

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It was so hot. How could September be so friggin hot? In Spokane none the less?! I striped down to my panties and bra and yet the cool night air eluded me. The hotel pool was still open, but I did not want to splash around and wake everyone up. The phone rang. I shot up to get it. So as not to wake my roomies.

“Hello?” I whispered.

“Are you as hot as I am?” Your voice asked.

“That depends. How much have you got on?”

“Boxers and a tee shirt.”

“I win.” Your laugh echoed over the phone line.

“Why? What have you got on?” I moved to the common room so there was no one to disturb the conversation.

“Well… I’m in my hot pink panties and my black lacy bra.”

“Ohhh… What I would not give to be over there to see that.” I smiled.

“So umm… You busy?” I asked in my most seductive voice.

“Don’t you have class in the morning?”

“Nope. almanbahis No class.”

“So umm… You want to do something with me in the office? I have a hard… project that needs to be taken care of… With some help of course.”

“I think I can help. I’ll be there in a few.”

I had been to your office once before. So I knew where it was… I knocked on the door and I heard you moan… I opened the door with candles to light the way. I saw you in the dimly lit room laid out on a couch, stroking your hard on. You saw me and your eyes danced with delight. I took off my long black duster to reveal my naked body.

“Baby you are beautiful.” You breathed

My pussy was drenched with the thought of you. You beckoned me to sit by you. I sat. Your hands wandered down my back and your fingers danced across my arms down my hips and on my legs. “Show me what almanbahis yeni giriş you want” You whispered into my ear.

“I think I can do this.” I said as I placed your hand on my heart. I softly guided your hand to the top of my breast and back to my heart again. I kissed and sucked on the hand and fingers of the other. I kissed your mouth with heated passion. My tongue danced with yours. I pulled away briefly to whisper in your ear.

“Lick me from tip to tail” You smiled brightly all too happy to oblige. I gasped with pleasure as you licked lazy circles around my nipples. You probed my belly button with your hard wet tongue. You moved down wards and laid me back as you sucked my clit and gently grazed it with your teeth.I felt your tongue lap back up as you whispered

“Turn over” I lay on my stomach and felt your tongue lap at my puckered anus. That sensation almanbahis giriş alone nearly drove me to orgasm. I cried out in utter pleasure. I felt your hands spread the wetness of my pussy to the tightest hole… I felt with shear joy as your finger slid into my rectum. I moaned loudly. I heard you struggle not to cum all at once…

“Please put your cock there” I heard my self moan. I felt your hard cock move to my pussy and get nice and slick then with out warning I felt your hot dick plunge into my only virgin hole. I yelped. There was some pain but at the same time, I had never felt so full all at once. Your hands were on my hips and were controlling the movements I was rocking with your hips rising to meet your thrusts I felt your cock grow and swell as sweet release came to your body. Wave after wave of hot cum poured into my ass. Oh it felt so good. I screamed your name as you came knowing that I would soon be there with you. You fingered my rock hard clit and my release was there with you. You pulled out slowly and turned me over. You lay next to me spent. I snuggled next to you laying there in the bliss of the moment.

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Luke and Leah Ch. 01

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Leah checked the address at the door, and made sure she had it right. It was a derelict bar, abandoned a year ago, which was now being remodelled and reopened. The windows were covered in paper, and the signs had been taken down, and not yet replaced.

She had the right place, so she pushed on the front door, and it opened. She went inside, and locked the door behind her. She was in an entryway, an alcove of a sort. She could see lights further inside the bar, but couldn’t see who was there.

She walked around the corner, and called, “Hello,” and someone in the back shouted, “Down here.”

Leah went towards the voice. A man was standing at the bar, looking at a laptop. He seemed to be alone. He looked up, and saw her, and closed the laptop’s lid. “Leah?” he said.


They shook hands. He looked around, then pointed to the bar. “Here’s probably best,” he said. “Sorry there’s no seats, yet. We’ll just have to stand.”

She nodded, and took her laptop out her bag, and put it next to his on the bar. She opened its lid, and waited while it came back to life, and then she started into her sales pitch. He listened, standing next to her.

He needed a marketing firm, he’d said on the phone, to deal with the advertising for the new bar. She’d come highly recommended, he said. She’d done a campaign for a friend of his last year. Could they meet, he said, and she’d agreed to, so they’d arranged it, here and now.

She talked for a few minutes, almanbahis şikayet giving her pitch. She could say it almost by rote, without paying attention.

She finished, and he seemed to have listened, but he didn’t say anything for a moment after she was done. She wasn’t sure if she should speak, or if he was thinking. She waited, just standing there.

“Are you a good brand manager?” he said in the end.

She looked at him, and said, “I am.”

“And you’ll do whatever you need to get this account?”

She nodded slowly. She looked at him, wondering what that meant.

“Anything?” he said.

She felt a little breathless. “I will,” she said. “Of course.”

He moved. He walked behind her. She suddenly couldn’t see where he was, and didn’t want to turn and look, in case that seemed distrustful. He was quiet, but she had a feeling he was watching her. He was watching, and she hoped she was what he wanted. She knew she looked good. Her suit was tasteful, her hair perfect, her heels just slightly too high. She looked good, and was good at what she did, and she was here.

Here, and so turned on she couldn’t think.

“Undo your trousers,” he said. “Slide them down a little, and lie on the bar.”

She did, her hands shaking, and lowered them to her thighs. She hadn’t worn underwear. She was naked underneath. She put her hands on the edge of the bar, and lifted herself up, then lay there, face down, as he’d told her to.

He almanbahis canlı casino stood behind her, and put his cock into her ass. With no warning, no preparation, just inside her, as if he was entitled. Using her, taking her, as if she was a whore, or the kinkiest person alive. She gasped with pleasure, and with wanting. She liked anal, although she sometimes didn’t like to admit it.

He slid into her, deep inside her, hot and hard and filling, and she was lost, she couldn’t think, and simply held onto the edge of the bar, and felt him. She gasped when he first went in, all the air leaving her chest, as if his hardness pushing into one end of her forced the air from the other. She gasped, and didn’t breathe again until he was halfway inside her, and lay there feeling herself make room and fit around him.

He slid inside, and then was still for a moment, while she breathed slowly, getting used to him. He stood behind her, and waited, and she felt herself relax. After a moment, she was ready, and he seemed to know when that was. He didn’t ask, he just began to fuck her, but he let her have her moment first.

He fucked her ass, and she felt him sliding deep inside her, sliding in the lube she’d put into herself before she left her office. He stood behind her and held her hips and fucked her, while she lay there. He was using her, doing this for himself, not thinking about her pleasure. Another time, another place, she might touch herself as she had almanbahis casino sex, rubbing herself, pleasuring herself, wanting to an orgasm too. Not now, though. Not here, like this. That wasn’t what this was. This was for him, not her. This was about her being used.

He began to move faster, getting close, she thought. She lay on the bar, and was fucked in the ass, until she was gasping on the very edge of pleasure. She lay there, feeling him, feeling him fuck her faster, until, suddenly, he groaned and came, and filled her, all thick and hot and intense.

He slid out of her. He pulled himself out, and stepped back, and did his clothes up.

Slowly, breathlessly, she stood up too. While they’d had sex, her trousers had slid down to her feet. She bent, and pulled them back up, and looked around.

“Is there a bathroom?” she said.

He nodded and pointed.

She went and cleaned up, and masturbated herself quickly, because she was turned on enough that she knew she could come in a minute or two. She did, and when she was ready, she went back out into the bar. He was looking at his laptop again, at what seemed to be financial spreadsheets.

He looked up and saw her. “Well, you have the account,” he said. “Obviously.”

“Thank you,” she said, and walked over to the bar, slowly. She picked up her bag, and closed her laptop’s lid. “Are we done?” she said.

He nodded. “I’ll sign what you need.”

“No,” she said. “I mean, are we done?”

“Oh yeah,” he said. “Yep, we are.”

She grinned, and kissed him, then kissed him again. “That was wonderful,” she said. “You pervert. I’ll see you at home.”

He kissed her, and squeezed her ass as she left, and she went to find a taxi back to her office.

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From a Dream

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I had the day off and no big plans. My roommates were gone, so I figured I would try to spend the day with having fun with a girl. I posted on CL “Looking to please a petite girl.” Luckily, I got an answer from a beautiful 5’2″ 105lbs, “A” cup Asian girl named “Tanya.” We exchanged pictures and she came over.

In person, she was as sexy as the mostly clothed pictures she sent me. Tanya was wearing a light blue, almost shear dress, tight lacy black panties and a snug tank top with no bra. Best was that her hair was still slightly damp from just taking a shower. We sat down and talked for a few minutes. She was a very experimental girl. I didn’t expect it due to her small size, but she greatly enjoyed anal sex, and wanted to start off with that.

We start kissing and removing each other’s clothes on the sofa. Tanya was very eager and without much delay, had my clothes on the floor. She was a bit more playful about me undressing her. I make sure not to touch her breasts almanbahis as my hands slid up and down her body. She my have been a little shy about her small breasts, but as soon as my hands were on her ass, she lifted up so I could slide her skirt off. Once her skirt was off, I could see through her panties that she was well shaved and excited. Again, as my hands slid up her legs, she lifted her tight ass and let me slide off her panties. I took her by the hand, and pulled her up and led her to my bedroom. She pulled back for a second, and removed her shirt. While small, her breasts were perfectly shaped and firm.

We fell onto the bed together with me on top. Our kissing and foundling each other continued. She was freshly shaved, very wet, and responsive to my touch, as I was to hers. I gently pressed a finger into her pussy, and it quickly accepted it. As I went to slide another finger in her, she reminded me of her desire to have anal first. She rolled over, onto all fours almanbahis yeni giriş with her ass in the air. She was so clean and smooth, that I had a feeling that I wanted to taste her. I kissed the small of her back, then her right check, her left, and then down the center. Each time my lips touched her she jumped with excitement. My lips were now close to her anus and she was pushing into my face. I pressed my lips to her ass, and even slid my tongue out of between my lips onto her anus. To my surprise, she didn’t smell or taste bad at all. I licked her a few more times, then my tongue entered her anus just a little bit at first then more.

Tanya couldn’t take it any more. She pulled away and told me to enter her. I applied a little lube to her warm and wet anus and took position behind her. My cock easily entered her. I took my time pressing my hard cock into her ass, slowly pressed into her, then easing out. It wasn’t long before my entire cock was inside of her. almanbahis giriş Slowly, I continued to trust into her ass, taking me time to let her enjoy the feeling of my cock inside. We speed up a little, but nothing rough. This continued for a few minutes until I felt like I was about to cum. I pulled my cock out, rolled Tanya over, and stroked my cock until I came. I aimed my load at her chin to her tits. As I didn’t masturbated in a few days, I was full of cum and almost covered her chin and gave her tits a good coating.

After cumming on Tanya, I laid down on top of her, feeling my cum between us. I kissed her and felt her hot, firm, and perfect breasts and her hard nipples. They felt great with my warm cum on them, and so slick as my hands traveled about her chest. We then rolled over, and she straddled my hips, opened her pussy, and slowly took my cock inside of her. I’d never been a fan of touching my own cum, but as she rode my cock, my hands felt every part of her, covered in my cum or not. Tanya did not need much to get herself off on my cock. Her orgasm was intense, causing pussy to get very tight and her legs to try to crush me. She collapsed on me and stayed there for a few more minutes taking in the feelings.

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Big Tits

As is often the case, one small thing set about a chain of events. One of my friends made an offhanded remark about taking it up the ass. I thought she was joking at first, but when I followed up with questions, she told me that she lets her husband do it to her occasionally, and they both really like it. The whole idea of having something shoved into my butt seemed less than enjoyable. It was a one way path in my mind. Every time my husband, Jason, had raised the subject of playing with that area, I shut him down immediately. But after my friend set the thought in my mind, I started doing some reading online. And as I read a couple of well written stories by women on the subject, I found myself getting more curious. Like a good researcher, I learned more and more and slowly grew more comfortable with the idea. Actually, more than comfortable — the concept was starting to turn me on.

I still needed to gain some comfort with the idea, so I ordered a small plug and lubricant online. A few days later, I found the package sitting outside the door. As I rose from picked up the box, I looked down the street. “I wonder if the other neighbors order such things,” I thought humorously. I took it inside and anxiously slit open the tape. There it was, the rubber object that I would be placing in my ass. My reaction was that of amusement, humor, excitement, and a bit of trepidation. I was a bit worried as it was larger in real life than I thought it would be, though it wasn’t nearly as large as Jason’s hard dick.

I didn’t do anything with it that day. It was late and Jason would be coming home soon, so I hid it away and set about making dinner. But it now became my own personal Telltale Heart. I began to think about it all the time. And the thoughts would naturally follow to wonder what it would be like getting fucked by Jason.

The next day, I had a couple of hours after work to myself before Jason came home. I turned on the faucet to pour a bath, dropped some bubbles into the water, and then walked to the other room. I stopped by the kitchen for a glass of wine. Nervously, I pulled the plug and lube out from their hiding place and walked to the bathroom. Shutting off the water, I now undressed and stepped into the warm tub. I sat there for a while. All of my focus was now on sex. My pussy simply throbbing. Hidden beneath the layer of foam on the water was my naked body and on that body a spot that had never been explored.

As I had these thoughts, I slowly ran my fingers down my chest. Languishingly exploring my body as my hand came to my clit. I leisurely rubbed it for a while before giving it a light tug and then pressing lower to feel the tunnel of my pussy. “This is what it feels like to have something inside of me,” I thought. I grabbed the plug from the edge of the tub and pushed into my pussy. “It fits so easily,” I thought as I tried to comfort myself. Plug still resting in my pussy, I now brought my hand down lower and felt the entrance to my ass. Suddenly I realized how tight and small it was compared to my pussy. I started to press my finger to the entrance and was surprised by the resistance. I became worried that maybe I couldn’t carry out my plans. I pressed harder, being careful to avoid hurting myself with my nail, until my finger found some freedom. But the tension at the entrance worried me, “How would this much pressure ever be pleasurable to Jason.”

I held my finger there for a while hoping for something to happen. I had read that my body would slowly begin to accept the intrusion. But I felt like a girl exploring her clit for the first time. I tried to control tight muscles of my ass, but just when I thought that I had learned to relax, my thoughts would stray and I’d feel them squeeze my finger once more.

Now the thought of the plug concerned me. “More wine,” I laughed, as I grabbed for the glass. I turned to sit on my knees and opened the tube of lube. I was now regretting my decision not to get the numbing tube. “I don’t want to mask the feeling of Jason inside of me,” I had thought at the time. I poured a dollop of the jelly onto my finger and then raised my butt to the air. I wondered if I’d now be picturing this every time I did it doggy style. I pressed the lube to ass and then ran a thin layer over the plug.

“This is it,” I thought with anxious anticipation. I reached around and directed the plug to my entrance, ready to take as much time as necessary to accommodate its size. Slowly I pressed more and more into me, slowly relaxing to its girth. Bit by bit, my body was accepting the rubber object. And more and more, I was starting to grow peaceful in my mind that I would be able to do it. Then, suddenly, it popped into place. My ass now firmly held the plug, its rings wrapping around the base of the plug. I wish I could say that it was pleasurable or even erotic, but instead I felt a deep sense of accomplishment in the moment. The sensation was tightness and fullness, but not stimulating. Nonetheless, I rubbed myself to a celebratory orgasm with the plug still inside me.

The almanbahis şikayet plug nearly popped itself out once I gave it a small tug. I washed it off and sat it on the side of the tub when I heard a noise in the other room. “Oh God, Jason is home!,” I panicked. Worried that he might walk into the bathroom, I quickly scooped the plug and lube into the water in hopes that the bubbles might hide them. But to my relief, he just gave a light wrap on the door to say that he was home and left me alone once more. I smiled as I imagined a conversation where I responded, “Hi honey, I’m just sitting here in the tub shoving objects up my bum.”

I cleaned up, dried off, and spent the evening watching TV with Jason that night. The plug brought a new vibrance to our marriage. With the plug speaking to me from beneath it’s pile of t-shirts, sex was now constantly on my mind. I now began to wonder how I should approach the subject with Jason. I knew that he would like the idea, after all, he’d joked about it many times in the past. But this time, I was prepared to give him what he wanted, and I wanted to make it have maximum impact.

I was in fairly good shape. I’d lost about twenty pounds over the past year, and I was fairly toned. Admittedly, I had started to work the glutes a bit more recently as I conjured my plans.

While shopping one day, I found some yoga pants that were perfect for my plan. The fabric was sewn so that they drew a bit into the cleavage of one’s butt. I tried them on and they looked fabulous. Very simple, but the black knit fabric perfectly accentuated the two lobes of my ass. In fact, I was so impressed that I bought two pair. It wasn’t a cheap shopping trip. Empowered by my new awareness of my derriere, I made several stops that day until by bags were full with shorts, panties, dresses, skirts, and the shoes to show them off.

My little plan risked becoming a lifestyle change, and yet Jason still new nothing of it. But I caught him paying more attention to my backside. Several times in the next couple of weeks, he’d come up with some excuse to talk as he’d walk up to me, hug me from behind, and casually press himself into my ass. I was loving it.

Two weekends after my shopping trip, Jason and I went to the restaurant down the street and came home a bit more tipsy than normal. Instead of turning on the TV like he normally would when we got home, he went over and turned on the radio to one of the vanilla pop stations. We sat there talking, kissing, and flirting for a while. Yet more wine numbing our inhibitions. Then one song I particularly like started playing on the radio. I stood up in the darkness and started dance. It was a bit of a bump and grind song, and I was feeling randy, and I started to playfully dance on Jason’s lap. I’d never considered myself a dancer, and I had no clue how to give a lap dance. But alcohol fueled my weak hearted attempt. Apparently though, I was doing something right. Jason shifted himself on the couch as I felt his cock grow hard against my ass. He around and started pressing my breasts into me from behind.

When the song ended, I playfully asked, “Did you like that?”

Rather than answer my question, he complemented me, “Your ass is fantastic baby.”

I smiled. “Thanks. Did I get someone a bit excited?”

His eagerness was palpable. “Did you ever. If the song hadn’t ended, I was worried that there was going to be a little incident right here in the couch.”

I sat there on the couch and continued to slowly rock against him. After a couple of minutes, I led him to the bedroom. It was time to make that “little incident” happen. We slowly undressed each other until he was naked and I only in my g-string. He lay behind me holding me with his hard dick nestled in the crack of my ass, slowly rubbing up and down.

“Does that feel good?,” I asked.

“Incredible, so soft and firm and warm. Makes me just want to bend you over, pull your wet panties to the side, and simply ravish you.”

He certainly did know how to talk to a woman. “Honey,” I said. “Is that all you think about?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, when you think of my ass. What does it make you think about?”

With a confused pause, he responded, “I think about watching you get ready in the morning in your g-string, hoping that you’ll bend over to pick something up, your pussy perfectly framed by your legs…about how great you look in your yoga pants, about how fabulous it feels when I grab it as I fuck you, or the smacking sound it makes as a pound you from behind…” He was clearly working himself up.

I was more blunt, “What about my asshole? Do you ever think about it?”

This time, there was a long pause. “What about it?,” he asked.

“Does it turn you on? Do you ever fantasize about more than just my butt? The core of my ass?”

He was clearly confused. And for a moment, I worried that I had made a significant mistake. Then he responded, “Yeah, I guess. Do you really want to know?”

I giggled, “yes.”

“I think about almanbahis canlı casino how tight and small it is. Sometimes, when you’re bent over, I want to just keep you hunched over so that I can stare. It’s hard to explain, but I guess it’s just similar to the incredible lust I have when I see or feel your wet pussy. I simply need it….”

“So apparently, my ass is a second pussy to him,” I thought.

“I think about touching it and exploring its depths. If you really want to know, one of my biggest fantasies is to plunge into you until I explode inside.”

And there it was, my invitation to speak. “Jason. It would make me so happy to give you that wish. If you really want to, I’ll do it for you. I want you to fuck my ass.” Saying “fuck my ass,” felt powerful.

“You mean right now? Fuck your ass right now? Are you sure?,” he exclaimed.

I replied, “Aren’t we eager,” I teased. “Next weekend will be special. Friday night. I want to make you think about it all week. Now what can I do for you tonight? Let me make your fantasies come true.” It felt a bit cliché, but I’m not sure that I could have noticed in his foggy haze of lust. I reached around with my hand to lightly stroke his hard cock.

I’m not sure that I’d ever seen or felt him so excited. I think he worried what he had done to deserve what I was saying to him. I had provided him with an invitation to take my virgin ass and was now offering to do just about anything else. His response wasn’t unexpected, and was something I was more than happy to do for him.

Not wasting time with any formalities, he blurted out, “I want to fuck you and then finish on your face.”

I confidently responded, “Explode all over me baby.” I love making him happy.


The week went quickly. I had used the plug several more times after that first evening, and each time, my body seemed to accept it more quickly. I started wearing it for an hour or two at a time, and each time, got used to the feeling of it inside of me after a while. I liked to secretly wear it around the house with Jason there.

Despite his requests, Jason and I spent the week with temporary celibacy, and I told him that I wanted him from doing anything about it “on his own.” I wanted him charged and ready when the time came. The closest he got to any sort of release was when I told him about the plug. He wanted to see it, and like a kid opening a toy on Christmas, I let him use it on me. I thought I was going to have to tie him down to keep him from simply taking me right then and there. I too was really turned on by letting him watch and participate.

I always get home from work a couple of hours before Jason. On Friday, I spent those hours preparing. I had already picked out what I was going to wear, but I wanted to be as clean and fresh as possible. Tonight, he would have complete access to my body. A bit paranoid, I watched what I was eating that week, and even took a couple of laxative pills on Thursday for good measure. I shaved and cleaned and scrubbed until my pussy and ass must have been the cleanest things in the house. I took similar pains on my hair and makeup. I wore my hair up, I wanted my neck and shoulder exposed.

When I was done, I walked to the bedroom and started to pull out what I would wear that evening. Tonight was a night for pushing boundaries, and what I wore reflected that. After a spritz of perfume, I slipped on the most minimal of g-strings. They were completely impractical outside of the bedroom, so small that it was impossible to keep from having one or both of the sides rest in the clefts of my pussy. And it was unlined, so it did little to retain the moisture that was now leaking from my pussy. It represented sex, and it was having a corresponding reaction. As I walked to the mirror to see them on me, the soft fabric rubbed against my clit. I knew this would be a challenging few hours.

I walked back to the closet and grabbed my shorts from their drawer. I had to order these online — I couldn’t find anything like them locally short of going to one of the several adult stores. But despite my description, my goal was to look wanton without looking like a stripper. I drew them up my legs and pulled and tugged them into place. I turned around to the mirror, and my ass looked fabulous if I do say so myself. The spandex material perfectly molded to my curves, covering only the top of my cheeks, the bottoms exposed allowing me to show off the definition between my ass and thigh. I began to wonder whether this was about turning Jason on, or about me gaining appreciation for my hard efforts at the gym.

On top, I slid into a red tube top. It was the only thing that wasn’t new — I wore it regularly in the summer. The red was a bit flashy and I like how it exposed my shoulders, but it had a practical side as well — comfortable and with a built in bra that made my breasts look good. I had matched my lipstick to the red of the top, and now it was starting to come together. I next put on my necklace, a string of small white almanbahis casino stones. Pearls were too formal, and gold too insubstantial. I had chosen this necklace because of the vague symbolism of when Jason finishes on my chest.

Finally, I bent down and grabbed my shoes. They were classy…and admittedly expensive. They would have been at home with a high end couture dress, and that’s why I had chosen them. I was the perfect mix between style and sex. Their three inch heel made my legs look long and muscular, and now my butt was looking all the more fabulous. I walked around in front of the mirror strutting. Peaking over my shoulders at the view from behind. I was hot. No other way to describe it.

Finally, I took a black crepe sarong and wrapped it around my hips. Tonight was about anticipation and unveiling, and I wanted to introduce myself slowly to Jason. I went to the kitchen and started to cook tonight’s meal. Jason loves steak, and this was one of the rare occasions when I made it for him at home. As the meat began to sear in the pan, I heard the garage door open.

Jason stepped in the door, threw his bag on the floor, and took in the scene. His gorgeous wife was in the kitchen making tonights meal. He knew what would follow. But as sexy as she looked, he hoped he could hold out.

After a pause, he walked over to me as I turned to face him. He leaned down and gave me a hard kiss. “You look incredible. I love you so much.” He drew a deep breath and closed his eyes.

I smiled, glowing, and responded, “I love you too Jason.” We held each other for a few more seconds before I told him the plan. He was to go freshen up, change clothes, and that dinner would be ready in about twenty minutes. Then I hurriedly rushed to finish dinner and set the table. The lights were already dim, but I decided that tonight would just be candles, so I set several on the table until the room was aglow in flickering light. Jason walked back in and I told him to take a seat. I walked over to him and set his plate in front of him. Our eyes made contact. Then I took a step back, reached to my waist, and loosened the tie of my sarong before tossing it to the corner. His eyes instantly dropped down my body, until he was staring open jawed at my skin tight shorts. I confidently turned around and walked back to the kitchen, feeling his gaze on my ass. I grinned. Neither of us said anything.

Returning with my own plate, Jason now spoke, “Are you sure that we need to eat.”

I responded, “Eat now, there will be plenty of time for play.”

We quietly ate dinner, the tension keeping conversation to a minimum. Music from the living room filling the silence. We were each engrossed in our thoughts.

When we had finished, I cleared the table, making several trips to his enjoyment. Desert was simple, a handful of truffles which I had picked up at our favorite confectionery. I placed them on a plate and walked back into the dining room, setting it on a table beside the couch.

“Come here,” I said.

Obeying, I led him to the living room and set him on the couch. The candles were too dim to have much affect through the doorway, so I slowly turned up the dimmer on a lamp. Standing in front of him and still allowing the silence to speak loudly, I turned away from Jason, placed my fingers at my hips, and slowly pulled my shorts to my feet before kicking them off. I took a moment to wiggle my butt. My pussy framed as he liked it just inches in front of his face. I stood and turned to face him, rubbing my hands up and down my body. I enjoyed putting on a show for him. Tonight was about drama.

I took a truffle and placed it on my tongue before bending down to kiss him. I lightly pressed it into his open mouth. He chewed and swallowed. I took another and consumed it the same. I reached for a third. As I watched his eyes, I brought it to my stomach, before taking one hand to pull my panties away from my body and slowly sliding the truffle toward my pussy. Concealed by the thin fabric, I rubbed it down my cleft, lightly coating it with my flavor. I brought it toward his mouth as if to feed it to him, but then I quickly drew it to mine before chewing and swallowing. He let out a sigh and adjusted himself as he looked up to my eyes. For a fourth time, I reached to the plate of truffles. I again brought the truffle to my stomach. This time, I pulled my panties to the side giving Jason a close view of my pussy. He swallowed and shifted in the couch. I drew the truffle lower and lower, this time circling it around before drawing it upward, toward my hot channel. I was soaked and my wetness was even starting to run down my leg. I brought the damp chocolate to Jason’s mouth. He eagerly devoured it.

I now laid down on the floor with my knees slightly bent, facing him. I placed a truffle low on my belly and motioned for him to come eat it. He dropped from the couch to the floor and quickly made it disappear. Immediately, he began kissing lower. “He took the bait,” I thought. For the next few minutes, he licked and prodded and rubbed at my hot cunt with his tongue as I moaned and writhed with clenched fists. My miniscule panties had held up admirably, but now I stood, removed them, and dropped them to Jason, before walking off into the darkness of the bedroom. Jason was close behind.

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Life of an Indian Woman Ch. 05

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This story is dedicated to my dear editor “rovijack43”. I worked on this and then gave it to him, and he completely ripped it to pieces and forced me to rework it. I think it’s much better and he deserves the credit. Thank you rovijack43.


She held him and they kissed for a few more minutes. They suddenly realized that it was getting late and that Sajad would soon be home. They got dressed again, and then as he was leaving, he said, “Same time tomorrow, Aunty?”

She smiled and said, “Same time tomorrow, Juned!”

She felt a connection with Juned, which she had never felt with any of her lovers before, not even with her husband. She had an insatiable lust for sex, and he, especially for Juned who had been absolutely a stunner in bed. He had been pushy and aggressive in wanting her, he was forceful and she liked that. She had become a slave to her body’s desires and the longing that lived deep in her heart. She mainly thirsted after his full youth as he recovered after orgasms so quick, he quenched her thirst at least three times in one session. He was the answer to her prayers and Juned was gift from heaven to her. She wanted his hard young cock that never seemed to go soft. As her husband snored beside her, she had recalled all the episodes and decided that it could be ok as long as they were careful, even she didn’t care any one when Juned name came between.

After the first fuck of their lives, they became lovers in every sense even though they had to behave like the normal aunt and nephew that they were for the sake of the society. They never missed any opportunity to make love and be in each other’s arms. He became a demanding and exciting lover. During the passing of time she would encourage him to try different positions. But, still she was reluctant to go for anal although she had had anal sex so many times with her different lovers except her husband, who never asked for it. She didn’t want do it with him because she didn’t want him to think her a whore.

Juned had been requesting anal often and she told him that they would do it some time. He was very eager for it and would become angry at each new denial. He was becoming more demanding every day.

She didn’t know why, but what she did know was that she would let Juned have her ass; the most important thing in her life was to please this young boy, to do whatever he needed.

She couldn’t deny him any more so she decided that she would let him explore her just a little more, and would let him fuck her in her ass, if he had nerve to try it.

Once when he was expected, she went to take a bath and that day she decided that today she’d let him fuck her in her ass. Before his arrival, she wanted to prepare her little ass hole for his big cock. So she took the honey lotion from the dressing table and unscrewed the tube of lube. She squirted some of the lotion onto her hand and began applying it to her ass crack. She rubbed it on the hole of her ass and thus she lubricated her ass well. she inserted one of her fingers and started to slide it in and out. Then she slid her two fingers and prepared her ass for big cock. Her pussy ached at the thought. She fingered her clit, back and forth, remembering him fucking her, hard and deep. When he came she was in the kitchen waiting for him, he came directly to the kitchen and wrapped his arm around her. He moved his arms to enfold her, with both hands on her breasts. I didn’t move a bit, but she just leant her body back on him.

He held her from behind and was kissing her neck while massaging her breasts and pinched her nipples. He was kissing the back of her neck, moving his hard cock slowly in an out against the cheeks of her ares. He took one hand and rubbed it between her legs feeling her moisture dripping from her cunt. ” Why is my sweet aunty in the kitchen?” he asked her. “Just waiting for you, have you locked the door?” she replied to him. “Yes! I’ve locked it,”

“What are you thinking?” almanbahis he asked her, pushing his bottom hip forward to her as she pressed his semi erected cock into her ass crack.

“Nothing more than about you,” she replied,

“What about me?” he asked. “You don’t know how I love you and I am scared, do you love me?” “Yes! Aunty I love you. I would marry you if we could,” he replied.

“Okay,” she said, pulling out of his arms and reached to the kitchen counter. “Let her prepare something for you.”

“No,” he said, grabbing her hand and pulling her into him and hugging her tightly, she also wrapped her arms around him. He kissed her checks, her neck, nibbled on her earlobe and said. “Stay like this aunty.”

She raised her eyes and looked at him, but just smiled, she thought about him, she was seriously in love with this young stud. “May I ask something?”

“What?” she asked.

“What you’re so lost in thought about.”

“I’m feeling that I am drowning in you, trusting you in ways I know I shouldn’t.”

“I also feel that I am in love with you, aunty, You are a beautiful woman, you know that and I told you I would marry you. ” he said holding her against him, cupping her breasts and then moving one hand down her belly, seeking the wetness between her thighs. “You’ve a more beautiful and tighter cunt than a young girl.”

“Thank you, alas, how I wish, we could marry.” she smiled, knowing he was not kidding. Then her one hand slipped and reached to his cock she grabbed his cock and started to stroke it lightly. “Aunty, it really feels nice when you are stroking my cock, please a little faster, please and cup my balls.” He said kissing her. “Let’s go to the bedroom,” she said to him and they went. There they lay in bed in each other arms. Soon she opened his shilwar and he opened her shilwar. Now they were naked but not fully wearing their qameez.

She grabbed his throbbing cock in her hand and asked him jokingly what plans he had made for that day. “I want to enter you from your back door today.”

“You’ve never tried the back door thing? What, so you’ve never fucked anyone up the ass?” she asked, putting her arms around his neck and beginning to brush the back of his hair.

“Never, in my life,” he responded.

“Do you like Asses?”

“I like them but I love yours,”

His eyes were incredulous, and she could feel his mouth was watering.

“So when are you going to fuck me up the ass?”

“”Oh aunty you’re going to allow me to fuck that sweet ass of yours?” he asked her with disbelief.

“Yes! Juned, you wanted it,”

“Get on all fours. I feel like I am going to die and want it now.” He said.

“No! I want to see you when you fuck me in my ass. Let’s do it this way.” she had wanted to lie on her back and watch.

“No! I wanted to fuck you from behind with a full view of your full ass.” he indicated that he actually preferred dogie style; head down butt in the air.

“Ok! You tell me what you want. She just want to please you. “She lasciviously replied.

“Get on your knees.”

She turned over on her stomach and worked her knees up until her ass was in the air and her legs were spread, presenting her ass to him. “Do it now, fuck your aunt’s ass Juned.”

She heard his breath coming fast; he was so excited for this. He quickly settled on his knees between her legs. She could imagine the lust in his eyes. He leaned back to get a good view of her bottom. She reached both hands back, going down to the floor on her shoulders, and opened herself to him, using her fingers to spread her cheeks as wide as she could. She was waiting for his cock, but Juned had another idea in mind. He bent and I felt his breath on her thighs, he put his mouth in her ass checks and kissed all over, and then he started licking her ass crack. He was rimming her anal crinkle and fucking her dirty hole with his tongue, while fingering her clit.

The almanbahis yeni giriş sensations made her weak and dazed with lust. He grabbed her hips to keep her from moving, licking her asshole. She was feeling much shame so she hide her face in her arms and said, “Juned, Please, don’t,” but she was feeling too much excitement and in her heart, she liked it. She didn’t want to but couldn’t help pushing her hips against his mouth.

He didn’t obey her but started using his tongue more eagerly now, back and forth over the soft crease. She felt his tongue stiffen, probing a little into her ass. “Stop it Juned now, please do something new,” She said to him.

He stopped and he spit onto her already wet and lubricated by lotion ass and squeezed it against her asshole.

She felt him adjusting his position behind her. He grabbed her hips and pressed his cock against her. She felt the tip of his cock brushing along the crack of her ass.

He spread her ass wide open, and slid the head of his cock into the opening of her ass; he eased forward and pushed gently. She had to consciously work at surrendering to the force of his cock, so she relaxed her muscles enough to make it easier for him to get it in. He increased the pressure and the head of his cock spread her asshole open. Slowly he slid his cock head in her tight ring of ass muscle.

“Its going in your ass, aunty,” he growled, his cock was pushing at her tightened hole.

“Just be gentle.” she told him.

He slid the length steadily inward, and he fully entered her with much pain. The pain was excruciating, but his prick had successfully gone in her ass. There had been much resistance and then her ass sucked greedily at his cock, the tip of his cock pressed into her sphincter and he pushed past the very edges, slipping into her anus with slow, deliberate pressure.

She became aware of him inside of her, plunging further and further into her depths. It was painful but she encouraged him as he went deeper into her ass.

“Feel that, aunty? That’s my cock in your ass. My entire cock!” she heard the pleasure in his voice.

“Yes! You’re in my ass, I feel it.” she replied with excitement.

He waited for a while and after some time His cock started up with a steady pace and kept it up. He had started gently, but then he began to hump her ass with a passion.

He grabbed her hips and thrust himself into her center, making her moan. He was slamming into her; she felt this huge cock deep inside her. His cock felt to her like a steel rod, coring her to a searing hot depth that went far deeper than her own belly. He pounded into her, harder and harder, his ball sack slapping her pussy as he rammed her as deep as he could go. The flesh around her asshole flower was opening as he pulled back, easing almost all the way out of her. She could feel the tip of him, the ridge that had felt a little painful, easing out, and then back in.

“Slowly. Please, do it slowly.”

He was moving very fast now, in and out of her ass.

“Oh, Aunty your ass is so tight around my cock, it feel’s better than anything I could think of or even dream about, It is a different experience for her. It is tight, hot and surprisingly flexible,” How does it feel to you?” he asked her with a smile. “So nice! So interesting, so amazing. “she replied with a little moan. “Did you want it?” she pressed back against him, feeling how hard he was inside of her. “Do you like fucking any ass or only my ass?”

“I like asses but I love your ass.” He said.

“Ok fuck your auntie’s ass, Juned; this is your Sameena auntie’s ass.”

“Tell me Sameena aunty, am I the first here?”

She told him “Yes, you’re the first”, although he was not.

He was groaning, driving harder against her, and she met his thrusts, rocking against him. He was pulling her back to him again and again. She loved the feel of him grinding into her, the sound of his grunts and moans. almanbahis giriş His lust, his pleasure, his excitement sent her soaring, and her fingers moved and reached over to her clit. Her fingers became wet and slick with her juices as she rubbed her clit.

“Oh, Juned! Fuck! Don’t stop! Fuck your Sameena auntie’s ass Hard,” she gasped.

Her hand reached back for his hip, wanting to shove him into her. Sensing her eagerness, he began, using all of his weight to drive into her, half-strokes, rubbing against that spot.

Such a wonderful full feeling! she loved it when his balls slapped against the front of her pussy.

His big hands began to rove over her hips, and then moved to her lower back and waist and eventually up to her shoulders. He was so slow and gentle and sensual, he was as an experienced boy now.

“Oh, fuck your Sameena auntie’s ass!”

He began thrusting his hips so hard that the sounds of his hips striking her ass echoed. His hands kneaded her breasts and then squeezed her hard nipples and finally his hand, which had been brutally fondling her breasts, pulled them away from her body, all things that were guaranteed to make her final crest to orgasm that much more intense.

His hands slipped down to her thighs and he inserted his fingers in her cunt and a thumb was rubbing her clitoris. She shot off like a canon. He was giving her pleasure in both of her holes.

He could hold back no longer and pushed into her one last time, with a grunt, before releasing his load like a canon deep inside her ass. He came so hard, and she felt the cock ejaculating round after round of sperm, filling her.

Her asshole, too, reacted. Her already tight butt clenched hard on his cock in time with her spasms, grabbing and relaxing, holding him deep in her, squeezing him like a cock-ring.

Such a wonderfully full feeling! She loved it when his balls slapped against of her pussy. She was looking back at him as he fucked her ass.

She groaned when he slid his cock out of her,she felt his semen was leaking from her and was dripping out of her ass at the tenderness of her flesh, and the aching hole he left when he went. He collapsed beside her, gasping for breath, looking at her through half-closed eyes. It took him somewhere, too, she thought. She didn’t know if it was the same place—but she knew she loved going there.

For a while she was really happy with her life with her virile young man taking care of her sexual needs, but she always knew that one day it would come to an end. Sure enough that day came when Juned broke the news that he had been admitted to Delhi University. He told her that he didn’t want to go, and that he wanted to stay with her. In all honesty she also wanted him to stay for her own selfish reasons, but she was not selfish enough to ruin his life, for he was still a young man and she couldn’t risk his future and her reputation in thier small town.

“How could you think of passing up a chance to get a degree that will make your life so much better?” She asked him. “Do you want to dig ditches for the rest of your life?”

“Don’t you understand I love you?” he pleaded with her.

“I love you too, but I won’t ever stand in your way.”

“I thought you would be happy I would not leave you but you seem almost mad at me,” he cried out.

They talked for hours and she finally convinced him that she didn’t want anyone but him, but for his sake she wanted him to go to university and that she would wait for him to return. That day they had sex non-stop for hours, doing everything to each other they had ever done until they could do no more.

The next day she learned from a neighbor that he had left early that morning for Delhi and she was shocked that he would leave so abruptly without even saying goodbye. She waited and waited to hear from him, but eventually she came to realize that he was gone from her life, leaving her alone once again. A few weeks later her husband came home from jail, but he was a broken man, and was of no use to her as a sexual partner, not that he ever had.

Soon her son also got admit ion in University, and left . Now she was alone at big house.

To be continued…

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Knotty Pleasures

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Ass Hot

It was a warm spring day. The birds were singing and the breeze was light. The sky was clear and sunny. Gabby and Steve were enjoying a hike to one of Gabby’s favorite waterfalls. The day was perfect for a leisurely hike.

Round trip, the hike was about 7-1/2 miles long. It was a fairly easy trail with a slight incline. They had both hiked this trail several times. But, for some reason, Steve had fallen a little behind today.

Gabby could not figure out why Steve seemed so distracted. She summed it up as him being tired. He did have every reason to be tired, she thought. This morning’s fun had been quite exhausting, and it was still fresh in Gabby’s mind. Every time she focused on Steve, tingles reached down to her core.

Focus on the trail, she kept reminding herself. But at times, it seemed a little too difficult. Anytime she spoke above a normal tone, her throat reminded her of the screams that had accompanied the multiple orgasms Steve had caused. Her dampening panties were another reminder. Steve had come so many times and so hard, that his seed was still seeping out of her.

She decided to focus on the woods around her. The simple beauty was breath taking. Old hemlocks shaded parts of the trail. Other parts were dense with laurel. Occasionally, a smaller trail would veer from the main trail. They had explored most of them, but not all.

As she was reminded yet again of how great a lover Steve was, she decided that they would explore another of these smaller trails today.

Steve was trying to keep up with Gabby. He loved this hike as much as she did. But every time he caught sight of her, his eyes were drawn to her ass.

Gabby had a beautiful body, but her ass was amazing. He loved to walk behind her whenever he had the chance. The natural sway of her hips was so enticing that he always felt his cock begin to twitch. Watching her backside today though, proved to be very distracting.

Not only was she beautiful, but she knew how to move as well. This morning’s activities had reaffirmed that fact. Memories of her hips grinding atop him almost took his breath away.

His cock was slowly getting hard again, and all he wanted to do was bury it in her warm, wet pussy. To hell with the hike. He wanted her. “But, if I wait, it’ll be that much better. I’ll wait,” he thought. But this was going to be extremely difficult. Especially with that ass right in his face!

Steve considered himself a very lucky man. He was very proud to be seen with this beautiful woman. Men of all ages went wide-eyed whenever Gabby walked by. Her curves were so feminine, and sexy as hell. Her long, blonde, wavy hair was the envy of any woman he knew. And when splayed across a pillow it seemed to form a halo above her heavenly body. Her pale, smooth skin glowed in any light, and begged to be touched. At 5′ 7″, Gabby had a small frame. But not too small. She had gorgeous, perky breasts that looked good in anything, especially his hands! Her lips were thin, but had just enough pout to them to get her way anytime. But her eyes were what first attracted him. Gabby had eyes as blue as a summer sky. And the lazy lift gave them a seductive twist. She was beautiful from head to toe, and she was his.

Gabby came to the mouth of the smaller trail she had been looking almanbahis şikayet for. Before turning and proceeding down the small footpath, she stopped to wait for Steve. He was just so slow today. But, she couldn’t be upset at him.

“Remember,” she told herself, “he’s probably tired.”

She watched him as he slowly approached her. He was so amazingly handsome. His tanned skin combined with that dark hair just drove her wild. Beneath his clothes his skin was as fair as hers. His blue eyes were so electrifying, made more so by his dark hair. And, at 6′ 7″, he made her feel small and so feminine. His large hands were rough from years of hard work, but were so soft and tender when he touched her.

“Just like when he touched me this morning!” she thought.

The memory of his hands roaming her body, caressing every inch of her, inside and out, caused a stirring between her thighs. “My god, I’m getting turned on again. I’ve got to stop and focus on the trail,” she told herself.

“Honey, I’d like to try this little trail today. Are you up for it?”

“Yeah. That sounds good. Go ahead. I’m right behind you.”

He was pretty close now, so Gabby proceeded down the path. She needed to refocus on the hike now. Neither of them was familiar with this path and she would hate to be caught by surprise and trip. Focus, focus, focus. But it was so hard, when she could now smell him. She hadn’t realized he was that close. Clean, sweat, musk. It was an olfactory overload. The stirring between her thighs intensified and her mind wandered again to this morning.

“Oh, shit! Ooowww!” Gabby went down. Within seconds, Steve was by her side.

“What happened?”

“I guess I wasn’t paying attention,” Gabby replied, embarrassed. This was the exact reason she had tried to get her mind off of her husband.

“Are you all right?”

“Yeah, I think I just twisted my ankle. It’ll be okay in a few.”

“Well, let’s get you a little more comfortable. We might as well take a quick break.”

Steve helped her to a nearby fallen tree. It looked like a good place to rest, and the thick green moss offered a cushioned seat.

As Gabby limped along, her embarrassment faded. With Steve this close to her, she lost awareness of everything but him. His scent. His touch. His warmth. Oh, God. I’ve got to stop, she chastised herself.

Steve was experiencing something pretty similar himself. With Gabby’s arm around his neck, he could think of only one thing. He felt his cock begin to get stiff. He wanted her so BAD! Later, later, later. It’ll be better later. Besides, she’s hurt right now. The self-berating wasn’t helping much.

It seemed an eternity before they made it to the tree that was only a couple of yards away. As Steve helped her sit down and was removing her arm from around his neck, their eyes met and locked. With their faces just inches apart, it was too much for either to take. They met in a hasty and passionate kiss. Both her arms were now wrapped around his neck, and his fingers were lost in her hair. Their tongues dueled as they explored each other’s mouth. Greedy and hungry, they quickly decided that kissing was not enough.

Steve’s mouth quickly found the tender spot on Gabby’s neck, and began to kiss, lick, and suck. His almanbahis canlı casino hands found the bottom of her shirt and hastily pulled it over her head and off her back. Her nearly transparent bra was basically demolished as he ripped it off in his mad haste. He needed to taste her, and the sooner the better.

As he began to ravage her breasts, Gabby found his throbbing member. It was making a rather large tent in his shorts. She wanted to touch it. She needed it bare. Her shaking fingers didn’t want to cooperate, but she finally got his shorts open. As she pulled the front of his shorts and underwear down, she was eagerly greeted with a slap from his throbbing rod.

Steve was a large man with a very large tool. Gabby loved it and really wanted it in her.

She wrapped her fingers around it and began pumping up and down.

Steve quickly decided to return the favor. He made quick work of the button and zipper of her shorts and managed to get them and her boots off without compromising her fragile position.

Now she was naked except for her thick white hiking socks. Steve had to step back and admire his wife’s beautiful body glowing in the sunlight. With her legs spread open before him, he had an unobstructed view of her nearly shaved cunt. The neatly trimmed golden brown triangle just above her labia was gorgeous. He liked this look and made a mental note to see her like this more often.

Gabby had leaned back on the fallen tree to accommodate her husband’s view. Legs spread open; heels resting on the log, Gabby began to feel a soft breeze play across her now naked bottom. It felt so good, she reached down and began to play with herself. With her finger making slow circles on her clit, Gabby’s breath began to quicken. The mixture of rough bark, and soft moss on her ass almost put her over the edge. She needed more.

Her small pout brought Steve back to the task at hand. He stepped forward and kissed her again. The taste of her mouth was intoxicating. She grabbed his cock and began to fuck him with her hand.

Gabby was panting heavily now and small moans escaped her lips. She needed more and quickly grew impatient. She tightened her grip around his member and began to pump harder and faster.

Steve moved his lips down to her breast and began to hungrily suckle them. His fingers made their way lower. Trails of fire were burned into Gabby’s skin as his fingers went lower and lower. When, at last, he touched her secret place, she inhaled sharply. Her hips began to rock as he now moved his fingers over her clit, the way she just had.

Gabby’s legs were now wrapped around his waist, and she began to pull him closer with her heels. Steve moved his fingers even lower, until he felt the pool of juice just beginning to flow from her. His fingers entered. Two at first. Steve slowly pumped them in and out of her tight pussy.

“Yes! More baby. MORE!”

Steve slid in another finger. God she was so hot. He began to pump harder and faster, as he slid in a fourth. He loved to see Gabby squirm and jump. He began to play with her clit with his thumb.

Gabby’s head was thrown back, her eyes closed.

“Oh, God! Yes! I’m going to come. Make me come hard!”

With that, Steve slid his thumb inside her and pushed. almanbahis casino Her body tensed, and then began to tremble. His fingers were quickly coated with her juices. Warm, wet, sticky, sweet honey.

Quickly, before her orgasm was finished, he removed his hand and slid his rigid member into her welcoming pussy.


He slid his cock as far as he could. When he met the wall of her pussy, he stopped to allow Gabby to adjust to his enormous size. Then, he pushed hard. He buried the rest of himself in her, as she gasped and screamed. He loved being inside her tight snatch. And soon, he was pounding her throbbing pussy wildly.

Gabby’s nails dug into his shoulders as he pushed all of himself into her over and over again. Her moans grew louder and louder. As another climax took over her, Gabby’s moans took on an animalistic character. Her hips began to grind into the soft flesh surrounding his groin. Her wild abandon was causing his own climax to rapidly approach. Each time he thrust forward, he could feel her give more and more. He lifted her legs over his shoulders, and pushed as hard as he could.

“AUGH! YES! GIVE IT TO ME!” she screamed.

“Come for me baby. Cover my dick with your sweet honey!”

With that, Steve drove it in one last time as hard and deep as he could possibly go. Gabby’s inner muscles clenched around his rod, and began to spasm as her orgasm took over. She screamed out, and Steve’s cock almost doubled in girth as his seed began to fill her. It was pure bliss as Gabby’s contracting muscles milked every last ounce from Steve’s cock.

Neither of them were done yet. Steve pulled his cum–covered dick from inside her. He positioned it at the entrance to her ass.

“Is this what you want, Baby?”

“Oh yes, Steve. Fuck my ass!”

Steve slowly guided his slick cock into her ass. When the head popped through, he paused. As Gabby’s ass became accustomed to the intrusion, she started to moan. Little by little, Steve guided his rod further into her tight ass.

“Oh, God! Yesss! You like my ass. Don’t you, Baby?”

“Oh yeah.”

Steve began pumping his dick in and out of his wife’s tight ass. With each thrust, he felt her muscles contract and relax. Not only did he love to look at her ass, but he really loved fucking it. The way she screamed when he rammed his cock all the way into her, drove him wild!

He began to speed up his rhythm and Gabby’s moans began to get louder. Before he knew it, he was ramming his dick into her ass with amazing speed. Gabby’s moans took on an animalistic guttural sound. Her ass was suddenly like a vise, squeezing his rod until he felt his own orgasm approach.

Steve began to pound harder, until Gabby’s scream brought them both over the brink. Like a bomb, both of their orgasms exploded as one. Steve held on to his sweat-drenched wife until her spasms stopped. Only then did he realize that he, too, was drenched in sweat.

Slowly, he let his flaccid cock slip from her ass. He noticed that her cum had collected there at the base of his dick. Damn! She had come a lot! He wondered if he could get her to come even more! “Maybe later,” he told himself. Right now, he needed to tend to her injury.

“How was that?”

“Mmmm. Yummy. I could go for more! But, I’ve gotta say, this tree is wearing out my ass!”

“Well. In that case. You ready to go home?”

“Only if you promise me more!”

“You got it!”

And with that, Gabby and Steve began to limp back to the car.

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John’s Surprise Ch. 02

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Janie sat at her desk thinking about what had happened to her over the weekend. She knew it was her idea to take John to the porno theater, but she never dreamed she would enjoy it as much as she did. Since that fateful Friday night, every time John got a hard on she insisted that he stick it in her ass. Even she was surprised that her ass was not sore from all the pounding it had taken.

“Janie, you still with us?” came the female voice.

Janie snapped out of her reverie and saw Molly, her beautiful co worker, standing at the doorway to her office.

“I’m sorry. What did you say?” Janie inquired.

“Mr. Thompson wants us to change the meeting to this Friday,” Molly told her. “He wants to know if you can be ready by then.”

Janie looked around at the papers on her desk. It was cluttered with all of the different proposals that she had thought of for her sales pitch to the toothpaste company that was coming out with a new product. She and her team, including Molly, had come up with several ideas on how to promote it. Now all she had to do was get the story boards drawn up and ready for the proposal. She was not sure she could make it by Friday.

“Why does he want the meeting moved up?” Janie said with panic starting to creep into her voice.

“He has a plane to catch that night, and he won’t be back until the following Thursday,” Molly informed her. “And he wants to be here for the pitch. The client is agreeable to doing it early. He wants to make sure that we are.”

“Why didn’t he tell me? Why tell you? I am the one in charge of the account.”

“He did try to tell you, but you weren’t answering the phone,” Molly said. “He got a hold of me and told me to tell you and to check to make sure you were alright.”

Janie nodded her head. She knew her daydreaming of the past weekend had made her forget about everything else. She was so wrapped up in it she did not hear the telephone ring.

“So are you alright?” Molly asked.

“Yeah, fine. Just had something on my mind.”

“Like what?”

Molly and Janie had been friends ever since they started at the advertisement company four years ago. They were hired on the same day and have been teamed up on every project sent to them. They told each other everything, from boyfriends to night clubs to sexual experiences. Janie told Molly to close her office door. When Molly sat down Janie told her everything about her weekend with John. Before Janie was finished with her tale, Molly was trying not to show how turned on she was. But the sounds of her nylons rubbing under her skirt gave her away.

“Oh, my God,” Molly said when Janie was through. “That is something that I have never tried. Did it hurt?”

“Not as much as I would have thought,” Janie said. “It did at first, but then it felt wonderful. Since then, whenever John and I have sex, I make him put it in my ass to finish.”

“When my boyfriend’s have wanted to do that, I got too scared to do it.”

“I would have never tried if John would have suggested it,” Janie said. “But, instead, he just did it. And I am happy that he did.”

There was a knock on Janie’s office door. Molly got up to open it and John stood on the other side.

“Hi, Sweetie,” Janie said. “What are you doing here?”

“I thought I would take you to lunch,” he said. “Interested?”

Janie said yes and then invited Molly to come with them. Molly declined, but at John’s insistence, finally agreed. They went to a little Mexican restaurant across the street from Janie’s office building. As they sat and ate, they all talked about the proposal that Molly and Janie had to do on Friday. Janie noticed that Molly kept glancing over at John. Whenever John made a joke, Molly would laugh the hardest and touch John on his hand or arm. Janie smiled at him when he looked over at her. He was a little afraid that Janie would get mad at him for how her friend was acting. But she never did.

When the meal was finished, John gave Molly a hug, which Janie felt Molly made last a bit too long, and gave Janie and hug and passionate kiss. The two women walked back into their building and up to Janie’s office.

“What was all that about at lunch?” Janie asked her friend.

“What are you talking about?” Molly asked innocently.

“You know what I mean,” Janie said. “You were openly flirting with John. I can understand. He is a very handsome man, and highly successful, but not in front of me. We are living together, for Christ’s sake.”

Molly turned a bright shade of red. She apologized profusely for doing it and said that since Janie had told her of her and John’s experiences, she was now seeing him a little bit differently.

“I know that I should not be thinking that way, but as soon as I saw him at the door, I couldn’t stop myself. I’m sorry, Janie. If you don’t want me to continue to be on your team, I will ask to be moved to a different one in the company.”

“Don’t be silly, Molly,” Janie said. “You and I have been through a lot together and I would not want you to help anyone other than me.” Janie smiled at her almanbahis friend and said, “Let’s get through this proposal, then we will worry about what to do about your situation.” Molly agreed and they did not speak of it for the rest of the day.

There were four people in Janie’s ad team: herself, Molly, an older woman named Tammy, and Dan, the only male member of the team. For the next three days all of them worked into the late night to get the proposal on Friday right. Most of the time Janie sent Tammy and Dan home around 8pm because they had families still at home. She knew how much it would mean to her to spend time with her children, if she were to have some, no matter how old they were. That left her and Molly to stay as late as they could to finish it up. On Thursday night, when everyone else had gone home, the two of them put the finishing touches on the proposal. Both were very happy with it and figured that they could not lose with it.

“These last few days have been exhausting,” Molly said as she kicked off her heels and put her feet up on the conference table. “I can only imagine what it has been like for you and John.”

“Yeah,” Janie said. “It’s been rough going home, feeling ready to jump his bones and finding him sound asleep. I tried waking him up last night with a blowjob, but he didn’t even move. Thank God tomorrow is Friday. It is my turn to pick our night out again.”

“Ohhhh! Anything exciting planned?” Molly asked.

“Maybe,” Janie said with a mischievous look in her eye. “It all just depends on how we do tomorrow morning. That will affect my mood for the whole day.”

“Tell me!”

“Like I said, if everything turns out for us in the morning, the night may be just as good,” Janie said, again with the sly look.

“You mean it will turn out good for you,” Molly said. “I will be at home with a bottle of wine, big bowl of popcorn, and an old movie.”

Janie smiled at her friend. Molly had no idea as to what Janie was planning in her head.

The meeting the next morning went off without a hitch. Janie presented her team’s proposal and the clients loved it. They said it was perfect, and one of the executives said it was exactly what he was thinking of when they created the product. When the meeting was over, Janie invited her entire team to her office where she took out a bottle of champagne from her little refrigerator, and popped the cork. When each of them had a glass in their hands, Mr. Thompson came in to Janie’s office to congratulate them once more. Janie offered him a glass, but he refused and told them all that there was no drinking on the job, but since it was in celebration, he would overlook it if it was only one glass each. When he left, they raised their glasses and toasted their client. When their glasses were drained, Tammy and Dan left Janie’s office and headed to their own. Molly hung back at Janie’s request.

“What’s up?” Molly asked.

“You have any plans for this evening?” Janie said.

“Just what I told you last night, why?”

“Meet me at my house tonight at 7,” Janie told her. “You are coming out tonight with John and I.”

“I do not want to be a third wheel, Janie,” Molly said.

“You won’t be. Besides, how can I let one of my best friends stay home all alone on a Friday night?”

“Won’t John be a little disappointed? I mean, you have been here at the office all week working on this proposal. Don’t you think he will want you all to himself tonight?”

“I already told him about my plans,” Janie lied. “He is fine with it. He told me that since it was my turn tonight, that whatever I decided to do was ok with him.”

“7 o’clock it is, then,” Molly said and she left Janie’s office.

Janie was nervous as she took her shower when she got home. She was going to make sure she looked her best tonight for both John and Molly. As she thought about what she had in mind for the evening, she started getting excited. She rubbed her hands along her breasts, tweaking her nipples so they stood out from her chest. She moved her right hand from her breasts, along her tummy, and through the patch of hair she kept at her pussy. Janie started to play with her clit with her right hand while she pulled and twisted on her nipples with her left. Her plan ran through her mind and she could see how it would all happen, if everything went right.

Janie took two of her fingers and slowly pushed them into her wet pussy while using her thumb to keep pressure on her clit. As she fucked herself with her fingers, Janie could feel her orgasm start building inside. She started using her fingers on her g-spot. That, combined with the feelings her thumb was causing on her clit, made Janie cum harder than she could ever remember. Her legs practically gave out on her and her whole body shook as her orgasm went through her. When she pulled her fingers out of her pussy, they were covered in a sticky white fluid. Janie, thinking of John’s cum when she saw it, jammed her fingers into her mouth so she could suck them clean. She loved the taste of it and kept putting her fingers back almanbahis yeni giriş into her pussy to get more until there was no more to be found. She finished with her shower, got out and dressed and was ready when John got home.

While John was in the shower, Janie called Molly to make sure she was getting ready to come over. Molly told her she was about to leave when Janie called.

“Well, then what are you doing talking to me on the phone? Hurry up and get over here.”

“I would probably already be there if you hadn’t called,” Molly said. “If you let me go, I can be there in 10 minutes.”

“Bye,” Janie said as she hung up the phone. She heard John turn the water off for the shower, so she went in to the bathroom under the guise to check her make up once more. John had just pulled back the shower curtain when Janie walked in.

“You look great,” he said.

“Thanks. You need to hurry. I have reservations at 7:30, so we will need to leave soon,” she told him.

“I will be out in a minute,” he said.

As John grabbed a towel and started to dry his hair, Janie sank down on her knees and took his cock into her mouth. John took a deep breath as he felt her tongue slide down the underside of his tool and her lips wrap around the shaft. Janie bobbed her head up and down until she felt John’s cock harden. When he was fully hard, she took him out of her mouth so she could lick all around it. She took his balls, one at a time, into her mouth and sucked on them gently as she stroked his shaft.

“I know that I have been neglecting you this week, baby, and I am sorry,” Janie said. “I plan on making that up to you tonight. I stopped by the video store on the way home and bought a couple of porn movies for us.”


“I like watching them as long as I can do it with you,” Janie said. “Who knows, maybe I will act out some of the things we see in them tonight, like we did last week.”

Then she dove back on his groin, taking his cock all the way to the back of her throat. John groaned as he felt Janie’s lips wrapped around the root of his cock. She sucked and bobbed on his member for all she was worth. She used her left hand to rub his balls as she sucked on his shaft. She had been sucking on him for a little while when she felt his balls rise up and his shaft start to throb. She knew he was going to cum and she could not wait to taste it. John grabbed her blonde hair with both of his hands and let loose with a torrent of cum.

She swallowed and sucked, and swallowed and sucked for a minute before John was through with his orgasm. Janie finally released his cock from her mouth. She squeezed it from the root of the shaft all the way to the head so she could be sure she got every drop. When the final bead of his cum appeared at the end, Janie licked it off. She gave the head of his cock one last suck, then kissed it. Janie stood up and gave John a kiss just as there was a knock on the door.

“Who could that be?” John asked.

“It’s Molly,” Janie said. “I invited her out with us tonight. She worked so hard with me this week, I felt that she deserved a good night out.” She saw the amazed look in John’s eyes and quickly said, “Don’t worry. She won’t interfere with my plans for later.” She then turned and walked out of the door, closing it behind her. “Because she is part of them,” Janie said to herself as she went to let her friend in.

Molly stood at the door wearing a nice red blouse and black skirt with black heels. Janie was similarly dressed, except her blouse was white. And there was spit all over the front. Something that did not escape Molly.

“What did you spill?”

“Huh?” Janie looked down. “Oh, I got wet when I gave John a hug as he got out of the shower. I will go change. C’mon in. Make yourself comfortable.”

Molly watched as Janie opened the door to her bedroom. Molly caught a quick glimpse of John standing naked in front of their closet, his cock semi-hard still from the blowjob he received. Molly saw that, although not at full hardness, it was still one of the bigger cocks she had ever seen. Janie quickly closed the door and Molly’s view was gone. A few minutes later, both John and Janie came out of the room and were ready to go.

They went out to dinner at one of the best seafood restaurants in town. They talked about the meeting earlier in the day for most of the time, before Molly asked John about his own business. John was the manager of a furniture distribution center, and was responsible for over 50 furniture stores in their state. It was his job to make sure that they all got their merchandise on time and that everything that was supposed to go out did.

For a man of 28 it was a job with a lot of stress, but he was the best at it. When he was done filling them in on what was going on at work, then finished their meal with idle chit-chat. After dessert, Janie said she wanted to go dancing, so they went to a club that she and Molly had been to before. John was not big on dancing, but the two women did manage to get him out on the floor for a couple of songs. almanbahis giriş After a few hours there, and some drinks, they headed back to Janie and John’s apartment.

When she got out of the car, Molly started to search in her purse for her car keys.

“Thanks for a great night, you guys,” Molly said as she headed for her car.

“Where are you going?” Janie asked. “The night is not over yet.”

“What do you mean?” both Molly and John asked.

“Come inside,” she told them. “It is still my turn and this is not how I want my night to end.”

Looking confused both Molly and John followed Janie inside the apartment.

“Molly, you said that you were going to spend tonight at home just watching a movie, right?”


“Well, why go home and do that, when you could watch one here with John and I?”

Janie smiled at Molly. John looked over at Janie and gave her a knowing smile. He figured out what her plan was. Janie was going to try to get Molly involved in their play. He looked Molly over and thought that it would be a lot of fun if she were to join them.

“Is it ok with you, John?” Molly asked.

“Sure,” he said. “You agreed to come out with us, so you have to stay until Janie says her plan for the night is through. That is one of our rules.”

Janie smiled and winked at him, thankful that he made up that “rules” part on the spot. Janie closed the door and told Molly to sit on the couch in the living room while she and John made some popcorn and got some drinks. Molly sat down and the other two went into the kitchen. There was no door separating the two rooms so John kept his voice low.

“What exactly are you planning on doing?”

“I am getting ready to watch a movie with my boyfriend and one of my best friends. Why?”

“I think I know what you are up to, and I don’t see why you didn’t let me in on it.”

“You think? What is it that you think I am doing?” Janie asked as she put a bag of popcorn in the microwave.

“You are trying to get Molly involved in our sex lives,” John accused. Janie just gave the same mischievous look she gave Molly Thursday night. “Listen, I don’t mind. Molly is just as beautiful as you are, but are you sure she is going to be into it?”

Janie looked out at her friend sitting on the sofa. “No, but I don’t see her minding it that much. I told her about you and I last weekend and she started rubbing her legs together, she got so turned on. And, when we went out to lunch at the beginning of the week, she was openly flirting with you. You think I didn’t notice that. She has not had a boyfriend in almost a year, and she is not the type to go out for a one night stand. After watching one of the movies I have bought, she will be so turned on we can do whatever we want with her.”

“And what is it that you want to do with her?”

“I will go with the flow.”

John gave a little laugh as he poured them all some wine. “What happened to you?”

“What do you mean?”

“You used to be this reserved girl who hardly ever did anything adventurous. Now, after last weekend, you are like an untamed sex kitten that has let all of her inhibitions go to the wayside. Why is that?”

“After watching that movie in the theater and having you fuck my ass when we got home, something in me snapped,” Janie admitted as she pulled the popcorn bag out of the microwave and poured it into a large bowl. “Now I want to do all the things I was afraid to do before. I was afraid to have my ass fucked, but it felt so good, I don’t want to miss out on anything else because of fear. Now, let’s go to our guest.”

John and Janie went into the living room and gave Molly her drink. As John sat down on one side of the sofa, Janie put one of the movies she bought into the DVD player.

“What are we going to watch?” Molly asked.

“It’s a special feature,” Janie said. “I got it today on the way home from work just for tonight.”

When the menu screen popped up on the TV, Molly nearly choked on her mouthful of popcorn. Janie pressed the OK button on the remote and the movie started.

“Are you serious?” Molly asked.

“Yeah. What’s wrong?” Janie said.

“We are going to watch porn? That was the movie you picked up just for tonight? What were you planning on doing?”

“Let’s just watch and see what happens.”

The first scene came up and it was a young girl knocking on a door. Inside the house, a man answered the door and told the girl to come in before he yelled to his wife that the babysitter had shown up. He was happy to see her and told her that he and his wife should not be out for long. When they left, the girl went into their room and was looking through their dresser drawers. She found a video tape and put it in the VCR. The movie on the tape was a home movie of the husband and wife having sex with another young girl. As the girl watched, she started to take off her clothes and play with herself. As she was rubbing her clit to orgasm, the wife walked into the room, claiming she had forgotten something. When she saw the state that their babysitter was in, she called out for her husband to come up. They proceeded to yell at the babysitter, get her naked and start taping themselves having sex with her, with the husband starting off by fucking the girl’s pussy before fucking her ass.

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Hot Therapist Gets Seduced

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It was our usual Tuesday night appointment. I have been seeing Michael for about 6 months now. Michael is my therapist, and he is about as sexy as they come, not just physically, but mentally as well. He has the most inviting bedroom eyes, soft full lips, and sexy hairy chest that I had ever seen. He has engaged me in some of the most mentally stimulating conversation and sexual fantasies that I had ever experienced. During our sessions, the sexual tension is so fierce that by the time I leave his office my pussy is dripping down my leg. I decided that this is the night that I was going to take my fantasy of him into the physical realm. My appointment was at 8:15 and it was the last of the night. I sat in the waiting area with intense anticipation of what was about to take place. I was wearing nothing but a black lace garter belt with fishnet thigh highs and red paten leather stiletto boots. My tits were completely exposed underneath my full length fur coat and I was wearing a black lace thong, which exposed my full ass and accentuated every detail if my hot wet pussy.

Michael finally came into the waiting room to get me. He was completely unaware of what was about to take place. He sat in his usual chair while I removed my coat…slowly…seductively so that almanbahis şikayet he could enjoy every last second of seeing me expose myself to him. I left myself completely vulnerable to him, trusting that he would be receptive to my advances. The nipples on my very ample breasts were erect longing for him to wrap his sexy lips around them. I couldn’t make eye contact with him at first, because I was so overwhelmed in the excitement of the moment. I took my usual seat, facing him with my legs spread apart, allowing him to inspect every inch and every curve of my body. I glanced down at his cock and could see that it was exploding with excitement in his pants. I never noticed just how substantial it was until now. I knew that Michael was very oral so I began to lick my finger then slowly drag it down to my breasts while he watched. I circled each breast then slowly began to move my hand down to my pussy. By this time my pussy was so wet that you could see the white cum inside sticking to my fingers as I spread open both of my pussy lips for him to see. I rolled my clit between my fingers as I watched him enjoying the show. I could hear his breath getting louder and more intense with every passing moment. I finally got up and bent over the chair. I took both almanbahis canlı casino hands and spread open my ass exposing everything to him. By this time Michael was out of his chair and ready to join in.

He dropped to his knees behind me and gripped my hips tightly. He then began to nibble and bite the inside of my legs and make his was up to my ass. The way I was bent over he saw my fat pussy lips and ass and the same time. He began to stroke my pussy so lightly with his soft tongue. He loved the taste and smell of my pussy all over his face. He then inserted a finger into my pussy then slowly inserted it into my ass. He never felt such a tight ass gripped around his finger. He continued to lick my pussy and move his finger in and out of my ass. He heard me start to loose control as I started to moan…but he wasn’t ready for me to cum yet. He put his hand on top of my head and forced me to kneel on the floor. He then spread open my cheeks and ran his tongue up and down the crack of my ass…until finally he stuck his entire tongue into my ass. He circled it and stuck it in until I was about to explode in his mouth. He then stopped to remove his pants.

He instructed me to stand up and bend over his desk. He loved this view because now almanbahis casino he could see just how enormous my pink clit was. He loved to see me vulnerable and exposed. Michael moved toward me with his rock hard fat cock knowing that this is what we both wanted all along. He put only the first inch or two in to tease me for a while, then I started to beg for more. I reached behind me to try and force him to give me every inch of his cock, but he remained in perfect control giving just enough to drive me crazy…Then when I least suspected it he slammed his entire dick inside my soaking wet pussy. He could feel how hot my tight wet pussy was wrapped around his cock. I know he felt my pussy start to convulse all over his dick because I was ready to cum. I turned around and let him fuck me while he was on top. I wanted to look into his sexy eyes while I had my first orgasm with him. He pumped me faster and harder…his dick was stroking my G-spot and we couldn’t hold out any longer…. we both began to explode. As I was moaning in ecstasy he gently put his tongue in my mouth. I could feel his hot cum shooting inside of me. It was the hardest I have ever cum in my life. He then took his dick out of me and finished cumming on my tits. He made sure he covered every inch of my nipples while he started to pump his dick between my tits and cum on my face. Just the thought of his hot dick touching my tits drove me wild, I started to kiss him passionately and uncontrollably and I reached my second orgasm. It was that moment that I realized…

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I Met s Lady Buying Cigarettes

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What a night! I was having flashbacks from the night I had just had. I felt like I had been to hell and back. I was hung over and not feeling good at all. I wasn’t sure if I had a dream or if what had just happened really did. My body felt like it wasn’t a dream. My heart told me it wasn’t a dream.

I was hanging out with my buddies at our favorite watering hole. We were shooting pool and playing darts. We drank lots of beer and had some shots. I was buzzed and was having a great time.

I needed to get some cigarettes. The machine at the bar wasn’t working. I walked to the quickie mart that was around the corner from the bar. I remembered seeing a long black stretch limo parked there.

I walked in to buy my smokes and when I walked out the hottest girl was walking in. She smiled at me and motioned for me to come back into the store. I walked over to where she was.

“Hey hottie, you want to party?”

I looked at her and licked my lips. She was young and hot. She had a great body and a nice face. She looked sweet and pure. I wondered what her story was.

She grabbed some beer and some chips. She walked out of the store and started talking to me. I was like a pig in shit. She obviously had money. I wondered if she was alone or if her friends were in the limo with her.

“Where’s your boyfriend?”

“I don’t have one. My friends and I were at a party. I just had my limo driver drive them home. I’m still wanting to party.”

I couldn’t believe she wanted to party with me. Why would this beautiful girl want to party with me? There had to be more to it, I thought.

“Sure. What do you have in mind?”

“I have some pot and coke in the car. Do you want to party?”

“Let’s go. I’m Buck, by the way.”

“Buck, do you like to fuck?”

She giggled when I told her my name. I followed her into the limo. The guys would understand after I told them about this hot girl. They’d never believe me.

“I’m almanbahis Bonnie. Pleasure to meet you.”

She took a joint out of her purse and lit it. We shared it back and forth until it was done. She took out a mirror and cut up some coke. We each did some lines. She put her head on my shoulder. She smelled like flowers. I was liking this girl.

She kissed me in the limo. Her lips were soft and her tongue explored my mouth. I liked kissing her. I could see the outline of her tits in her dress. It didn’t appear she was wearing a bra. We made out in the limo. I wanted her.

She had a hotel room and took me there. We were having a great time. We were both stoned and drunk. She pushed me onto the bed and undressed me. She held my cock in her hands and pulled at it. I was so hard for this girl. My dick sprang to action.

She opened her mouth and sucked my cock. She rubbed and massaged my balls while enjoying a mouth full of my meat. I had all kinds of thoughts running through my mind. She sucked cock so fucking good. I was high and my mind was all over the place.

“I want to fuck your tits. Take your tits out of that dress.”

Bonnie pulled down her dress. She had the most amazing jugs. They were huge like watermelons. She wrapped her breasts around my cock. I fucked her tits. Her pillows felt amazing on my hard cock. I liked how my cock felt between her nice melons.

I couldn’t wait to get my cock inside of her cunt. I needed her pussy. I never needed something so much.

“I got to fuck you. I need your pussy.”

Bonnie stood up and removed the rest of her dress. All I could see was this hot girl with great tits and a fucking cock bigger than mine. Bonnie had a dick. “A chick with a dick.”

“What’s that? I mean, I know what it is. Why do you have a dick?”

“I was born a girl with a dick. Do you want me to go?”

“I just am a little shocked. I thought you were a girl.”

“I’m a girl with almanbahis yeni giriş a dick. I have great tits and a great cock. I can show you an amazing time. You’ll have the best of both worlds.”

I didn’t want her to feel weird. I imagined most men were weirded out by her. I wanted to be different. I wanted to give her pleasure. I planned on having sex with this girl.

“Sure. Why not. I mean you’re a girl. It’s not like I’m gay. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with being gay. It’s just that I thought you were a girl.”

I knelt in front of her. Her cock was bigger than mine. I opened my mouth and sucked on her dick. She thrust in and out of my mouth. I kept pace with her. I wanted to please this girl. I liked sucking her cock. She was moaning while I gave her pleasure.

“Fuck my ass! I have lubed condoms in my purse.”

She handed me a condom. I unrolled it over my cock. She got on her hands and knees. I bent down to lick her asshole. I moved my tongue all over her anus. She was pulling on her dick. She had the most amazing round ass you’ve ever seen. I wanted to fuck her.

I slowly entered her asshole. She was so fucking tight. Once I was in, I moved in and out of her butt. She was tugging on her cock. My dick felt so good up inside of her ass. Most of the girls I’ve ever been with, never let me fuck their asses. This was amazing. I had a hot girl that liked to get her ass fucked. I just wouldn’t tell people that she had a dick too.

I fucked her until I came in my condom. Then it was my turn. I was going to be fucked by her. I pulled out of her and got on my hands and knees. She rolled a condom onto her dick while she licked my asshole. It felt amazingly good. I was a bit scared because I’d never had anything inside of my butt before. I was a straight man. This was nothing I had ever thought about. I liked this girl. I had to go through with it. It was just one night out of my whole life.

She slowly almanbahis giriş eased her cock into my asshole. It didn’t feel pleasurable in any way. It hurt a lot. I knew I had to try and relax because it would hurt more if I was tense. I tried to think about things that made me happy. This was not something I ever wanted to do. I liked the girl. She just happened to be a trans-gendered girl. She was beautiful and she had a dick. I had to let her fuck me. I just thought of pleasant things to keep myself relaxed.

“Fuck, it really hurts! Go slow! Do you have any lube? Jesus!”

She pulled out of me and walked over to her purse. She just happened to have a bottle of lube inside. She walked back over to me and squeezed the lube onto her palm. She wiped the lube all over my asshole. She again tried to push herself into my tight hole. She held my hips and slowly pushed her cock into my asshole. I bit down on my finger. My insides felt like they were being ripped. She was easing her huge cock deeper and deeper inside of my anal canal. I screamed while she got herself inside of my butt hole. This was my first time having somebody fuck my asshole. I was pretty sure it would be the last time too.

“Fucking hell! Holy Fuck!”

I moaned while she took my asshole. It hurt more than anything I’d ever felt. I thought to myself I’d never ask another woman for anal sex again. I moaned like a baby while she took my butt. It was uncomfortable while she thrust in and out of my asshole.

“I need to come. Oh God!”

She blasted her come inside of her condom and pulled out of my ass. I was exhausted while we held each other on the bed. We rested a while before going at it again. We fucked several times through the evening. She fucked my asshole more times than I had ever fucked any women in their asses. I had been used all evening for her pleasure. I liked the girl. It was something that I’d never forget. She was hands down the most beautiful girl I’d ever had sex with.

I felt drained and eventually passed out. When I woke, she was gone. She didn’t leave her phone number. I just had flashbacks of when I was taken by a trans-gender girl. My life had now changed. I wasn’t sure how I felt.

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