Wayside Ep. 04 – Coming Clean

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From the author: I just wanted to say thanks to all the readers out there, especially those that gave my stories a favorite or left a comment. I really appreciate feedback, good or bad. I hope you enjoy the latest chapter!

Coming Clean

All characters are 18 years of age or older

Mr. Frank leisurely wheeled his mop-bucket down the flat hallway, making his late-day rounds. This was a very slow part of his day as the final class period wound down and students and faculty alike anticipated the end of the school day. His wheels squeaked occasionally as he pushed the bucket by the mop handle.

Rounding a corner, he found himself approaching the Nurse’s office. Seeing the door was open, he picked up his pace. He took the open door as a sign that the good nurse would be in her office, and unoccupied. He always looked forward to seeing Nurse Nicki.

He parked his bucket to the side and stepped to the open doorway. There stood Nurse Nicki, facing away from him, bent over an open storage tub, mostly from the waist with her knees slightly bent. She was on the shorter side and was wearing her standard, baggy pink scrubs. While they did nothing to display her firm, curvy body, they were at least loose fitting.

The waistband of Nicki’s scrub pants rode low on her hips. Bent over as she was, her scrub top had slipped up her back, with a good portion of her lower back revealed. Jutting out of the middle of her pink pants was a thin pink thong. It stretched nicely up her soft, pale hips.

Mr. Frank spread his legs slightly so he could adjust his swelling cock. He pictured her juicy, thick butt, jiggling inside the loose pink scrubs as she sorted through clean laundry. After enjoying the display for a moment, he decided he didn’t want to get caught or scare the young blonde nurse.

He squeezed his cock over his Dickies, then firmly knocked on the open door.

Nurse Nicki spun toward the doorway and rose to stand. Her pink, glossy smile reminded him of Cameron Diaz.

“Mr. Frank!” she said cheerfully. “Thank you for coming so quickly.”

He stepped into the office, returning her smile.

“It’s always good to come see you, Nurse Nicki,” he said pleasantly, “but were you expecting me?”

Nicki nodded, her loose blonde bob swinging slightly. “Didn’t you get my email?”

Mr. Frank shook his head, frowning slightly.

Nicki crossed the small office space to sit in her swivel computer chair. She squared up to her keyboard.

“Oh, well I got an order from Principal McNeal. It says here that there has been a change in the insurance carrier and the new plan has special requirements for any adult male with coverage,” Nicki explained, reading the message from the screen.

Mr. Frank stepped up next to her, standing as she sat at the small computer desk.

His eyebrow raised. “What kind of special requirements?”

“Oh, nothing to worry about, Mr. Frank,” she said casually. “They’d like to collect your semen. We just need a sample of your ejaculate today.”

Nurse Nicki spun the chair toward Mr. Frank and was surprised he’d moved right next to her. She found herself at eye level with his crotch. Her eyes rose to meet his.

“Is that right?” he said, looking down at her cute, round face.

A sudden squeal of feedback blared on the school-wide intercom system. The peal subsided to the hiss of static before the clear, loud voice of Vice Principal Withers boomed through the school.


Mr. Frank and Nurse Nicki turned back from the intercom to make eye contact over the rising bulge in his crotch.

A murmured hush of “ooohs” and “ttssk” stirred from Mr. Sterniolo’s Advanced Placement Pre-Calculus class as the message from the intercom went silent. Brandon Burley hunched over his desk, blushing furiously.

Thankfully, the class was small, and the period was almost over. He always hated the sound of that intercom and cringed whenever it shrieked on. His name had never been called for his entire high school career. He’d never had detention.

Mr. Sterniolo turned from the whiteboard to scowl at the small group of about a dozen students. He finished the equation he was working on just as the end-of-school chimes sounded.

“Please work through the Section 7 Trigonometric Functions tonight and be ready for a quiz sometime early next week,” the teacher called over the shuffling students.

A cloud had been over Brandon since this morning and things had only gotten gloomier. He figured he was now definitely fucked and all because of his friend, Steve.

Brandon’s favorite person in the whole school was Mrs. Fletcher, his auburn-haired busty MILF of a biology teacher. He’d been called to her classroom for detention. Normally he’d be excited to spend time with her, especially given the events surrounding her faulty projector.

Unfortunately, he suspected Mrs. Fletcher would berate him for taking advantage of her to exact humiliation from the principal. casino siteleri Then she’d march him down to McNeal’s office and he’d face the fury of a woman scorned. Then he’d be expelled.

He gathered his books and shouldered his backpack. Brandon could see Steve waiting for him outside the open door, on the other side of the hallway. His old friend, Steve. Were they still friends? He almost wished they weren’t.

If Brandon came clean to Mrs. Fletcher about what he knew, that Steve was actually the mystery ejaculator, he’d be off the hook. Could he do that to Steve, since his childhood friend had grown to become more of an overbearing jerk these days? Would Brandon be better off without Steve as his friend?

“Hey nerd, heard about detention. Sounds pretty rough,” Steve said.

Brandon said nothing and they began to walk together down the hallway. His mind had been running over all the possible scenarios since the incident that morning. There was no way out of this that didn’t involve Brandon or Steve taking the fall.

As they approached Mrs. Fletcher’s classroom, Brandon pulled Steve to the side.

“Mom texted me. She’s going to pick us up later,” Brandon said dejectedly.

“Oh great, so I gotta wait around too?”

Brandon gawked at him. “You’re the one that pulled your funny little prank,” Brandon said harshly. “Why shouldn’t I just rat you out?”

“Come on buddy! You know I’m one strike away from getting kicked outta here and graduation’s right around the corner!” Steve countered, as loudly as he dared. “You’ve been on the straight and narrow your whole life, dude. They’ll let you off with a slap on the wrist.”

They both looked around suspiciously.

“And you can’t rat me out, man,” Steve added.

Down the hallway, Mrs. Fletcher appeared in the open doorway to the classroom. She was looking in their direction, her arms crossed over her chest.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do,” Brandon admitted. He left Steve standing alone.

“Right this way, Mr. Frank,” Nurse Nicki offered, rising from the desk chair. She led him through the small office to the examination room. The brightly lit room was the standard set-up: a reclining examination table, topped with crinkly white paper, a small cabinet with assorted medical supplies on top, and an identical desk chair from the one she had been sitting on. The room had a door and a half-wall window with drawn blinds, but they were not fully closed.

Frank followed her in his quiet way, making no attempt to calm his stiffening cock. It was at full mast, straining the front crotch of his workpants.

Nicki crossed the room and opened a drawer. She turned to Mr. Frank and used her most cheery, professional nurse’s voice.

“Here is the sample container,” she said, flashing her glossy pink smile. “If you could just…” She held out the lidded cup to him. Without a consciously doing so, her eyes moved to Mr. Frank’s bulge and she flushed.

He succeeded in stifling a chuckle. He also succeeded in flexing his jutting erection. Nicki blushed further. It looked like a small animal inside his fly.

“Ah!” she clapped her hands together, laughing awkwardly. “Hahaha… Ah, yes, sorry, I tend to daydream at times…”

He regarded her with a neutral expression. “You want me to shoot my load in that cup?” he said in a flat, frank tone.

“Mr. Frank, this is a professional office,” she chided, but her smile stayed in her eyes. “Yes, we need to collect your sample, in this cup. At least up to the fill line.”

She handed it to him. Her pale, slim fingers brushed his thick, dark calloused ones. Nicki’s hand trembled slightly as she passed him the clear, lidded cup. She hoped he didn’t notice. The sample collection cup was barely bigger than a shot glass, but slightly wider and slightly shallower.

“Got anything bigger? It’ll be a mess in this…”

Nicki had to turn on her heel, she blushed so hard. She couldn’t fight the image in her mind of her fantasy: his imagined, hard penis, spitting pulse after pulse of thick spunk. Pale gobs were overflowing the cup, splattering onto the floor. In her brief fantasy, the cup was held by slim, delicate fingers. With pink fingernail polish. The same shade she now wore.

“There are napkins on the table,” she reported, trying to keep her voice as steady as possible. Stepping out of the door, she closed it behind her.

Steve found himself lingering unexpectedly that day as school released. Throngs of students surged past him in the hallways, spilling out into the sunlight through bar-handled double doors. Kids shoved into them with a KATHUNK! and the doors swung open, flooding the florescent-lit hallway with bright, natural sunlight. They’d swing shut during the brief pauses with a CHUNK!, only to be reopened with gusto. KATHUNK!

Excited conversations flowed freely during this part of the day. Rushing to practice or some extracurricular club, or just happy for a few hours of reprieve between the end of the school day and the beginning of chores at home, dinner, homework, students bubbled from place to place.

But not Steve. As the repercussions of güvenilir casino his earlier prank had settled on his shoulders, he felt uneasy. He dunked his hand into his left pocket, fingering Mrs. Fletcher’s panties. The soft, wonderfully smelling piece of fabric was a talisman of his newly stirred-up problems. He and Brandon had tricked Mrs. Fletcher into blowing him, and Steve had callously came all over the place.

‘Fuck that felt good though. She sucked my dick like no girl ever has,’ Steve thought. It made his face burn with jealousy, knowing that only moments later, his dorky friend, Brandon, had enjoyed her pussy, even came inside her.

He wondered how detention was going.

‘If her mouth was that good, I wonder what she can do with that sweet MILF pussy. It made Burley nut immediately,’ Steve thought, considering his recent girlfriends. Even having sex with them was nothing compared to Sandy Fletcher’s epic blowjob. And those girls had never let him cum inside. His mind wondered to Brandon and that naturally made him think of Brandon’s mom, Cathy.

Cathy’s soft smile, her gentle touch, and Steve always wondered about her body. But, she was happily married and Steve was just a boy compared to Brandon’s dad, so he let that fantasy slip his mind. Instead, he thought of a more practical idea.

Maybe he could peer into Mrs. Fletcher’s classroom. See what Burley was up to. Maybe even get some compromising pictures in the process. He could then pursue Mrs. Fletcher without Brandon. Maybe even fuck her.

He turned to the doors at the end of the hallway. The crowd had thinned and both doors swung shut with a CLUNK! Steve strode toward them briskly. As he reached them, he firmly palmed the bar handle on the left side door. KATHUNK!

Sunlight bathed him as he stepped out. He retrieved the sunglasses from his vest pocket and popped them on. Mrs. Fletcher’s classroom happened to be on the east-facing side of the school, which would be perfect for looking outside-to-inside as the sun set. It wasn’t quite that late, and Steve had no concept of this advantage, but he knew the windows in Mrs. Fletcher’s classroom faced the back of the school and he headed there at a long-strided lope.

Brandon approached Mrs. Fletcher. She was standing tall on purple high heels with her hands crossed under her breasts. In her glossy white short sleeved blouse, which was buttoned to the top, her DD chest stuck out like mountains. They looked enormous, looming over the shorter Brandon as he stopped in front of her. Her plump pink lips were closed tightly, and he watched them part slowly.

“Well, come in,” she said curtly before turning away from him and crossing the front of her classroom to her desk. His eyes fell to her ass in her purple-reddish skirt.

“Be sure to close the door.”

It thudded shut behind Brandon and he turned to Mrs. Fletcher. She had resumed her arms-crossed-under-tits pose, standing next to her desk. She wore shiny plum ankle strap block high heels. Her legs were encased in dark hose which led to her knee-length plum pencil skirt that matched her shoes. The blouse she wore looked almost painted on. It was a button up, collared white blouse that stretched over her chest in an inviting way.

“Have a seat, Mr. Burley.”

Brandon scurried to a seat at a desk in the front row.

Sandy’s day had not been pleasant. She was feeling conflicted and a little backed into a corner. Now she needed to get to the bottom of things.

“Are you ready to come clean?” Mrs. Fletcher asked him, pun completely accidental.

“It wasn’t me, ma’am,” Brandon said softly.

She walked across the front of the room slowly, her heels clicking. Brandon’s eyes were glued to her.

“There is no use in denying it, Brandon.” She peered out of the window on the door, into the hallway. Then she pulled the blind down on the door’s window. She turned back to him.

“You were sloppy this morning and some of your cum was left on the scene. On the desk, on the cup itself…” Mrs. Fletcher crossed back to the middle of the room in front of Brandon.

He wondered what she was implying. A DNA test?

“I tasted it,” she said simply. “It had that same nutty flavor that I remember from a week or so ago… in the janitor’s closet…”

Mrs. Fletcher trailed off, her eyes distant. Did he see a hint of a smile?

“It hit me like a shockwave when I tasted the errant ejaculate. They say certain things trigger memories, some senses stronger than others. Tasting your cum, my mind flashed right back to that AH-mazing…” Sandy stopped, cleared her throat, then continued. “I almost had an orgasm just from the taste.”

Brandon shuffled nervously in the small desk in the front row. He had no idea where she was going with this. Mrs. Fletcher stood in the middle of the room with her legs spread slightly, looking down at Brandon. She put her hands on her hips.

“I’m going to need a fresh taste,” she said, her face a stern mask.

“Ma’am?” Brandon croaked.

She began unbuttoning her blouse.

Nicki tried to focus on her spreadsheet, entering in known allergies for various students from canlı casino parental forms. Mr. Frank was still in the examination room behind her. It had been all of two minutes, but to her, it felt like an eternity.

Nicki had a thing for black guys. She always had, growing up. But her parents were very conservative and would not even consider allowing her to date until she was a senior in high school. And she was by no means to fraternize with people outside of her race.

She didn’t think it was a rebellion thing. Who knew, maybe it was. But that wasn’t really part of her personality. Nicki was cheerful and bright and usually happy. She loved her parents. Her life was kind of like Legally Blonde, except that Nicki had gone for nursing instead of lawyering.

But she couldn’t deny it. She was also very attracted to black guys, typically older ones. When she learned how to masturbate, her fantasies meandered a bit. Soon, she found that her orgasms came faster and more powerfully when she thought of a dark-skinned lover. Though she’d lost her virginity to a white guy, she had slowly transitioned to black men. Nicki couldn’t remember the last time she’d slept with a white guy.

“Focus!” she whispered aloud, shaking her head, turning her loose blonde hair gently.

She entered more allergies, working her way down the list.

“…Jennifer Anistan, poison ivy… Kagney Kox, animal dander…” Her eyes started to dull as she typed on.

“…Jenna Maze, peanuts… Nicki Haven, black cock…” Her eyes widened and she gasped, shocked that her hands had typed her own name and listed her deepest fetish. She hastily deleted the entry.

Nicki’s mind wandered to Mr. Frank. She wondered how long it had been. He was an older guy, maybe he was having problems? She should probably check, just to make sure.

She got up from the chair and crossed to the examination room. The door was closed, and the blinds were down, but they weren’t quite turned fully. She leaned in close to her side of the window, her breath fogging the glass.

Through the horizontal slats, she could see glimpses inside. Mr. Frank was seated on the examination table, which was reclined to a comfortable angle, facing the wall to her right. His eyes were closed. Her gaze scanned down. She saw that he had taken the liberty of removing his clothes and wore a hospital gown, but it was backwards, with the opening in the front. His dark skin contrasted with the white of the gown.

His eyes were closed, his face calm. Her eyes scanned down. His bare chest had sparse white hairs. Her eyes continued. From his torso, his black cock stood stoutly, one hand slowly stroking it. His feet were slightly parted, and she could see his big, dark balls hanging loose in their sack. Her view was mostly of the underside of his cock and she noticed the long, thick tube running up the bottom of his shaft. The shaft itself was also long and thick, jutting out from his tall, lanky body like another member. It even looked big in Mr. Frank’s large hand. The underside of his circumcised head was lighter in color, almost pinkish, and tapered slightly from the girth of his shaft. To her, it looked like an upside-down heart. The hole at his tip was wet and a small shiny trail made its way down into his moving hand.

Her wide eyes took in every detail as he casually stroked himself. The small collection cup sat un-lidded on the table next to him. Its shape reminded her of the head of his cock, though his knob was probably slightly larger.

Suddenly, she saw that Mr. Frank’s eyes had opened.

She gasped and quickly leaned back against the smooth wood of the closed door. Her heart was pounding in her chest. Her nipples were rock hard, and her thighs were slick inside her loose scrub-pants. She knew her little pink thong was soaked.

Had he seen her? Oh god, what if he’d seen her? She’d be fired for inappropriate behavior!

Nicki forced herself to breath and tried to relax. She put an ear to the thick door but heard nothing. As slowly as she could, she leaned over to the window and carefully peered through the narrow openings in the blind slats. She could only see the wall behind him. Nicki dared another half a step and saw the top of Mr. Frank’s bald head. Another slight shift, and she saw that his eyes were closed again.

“Whew,” she sighed, letting herself relax.

She hadn’t been caught. Probably. The image of his looming black shaft was burned in her eyes as if she’d accidentally glimpsed the sun. Her previous black lovers all had nice-sized cocks and it was hard to compare them mentally with the one she’d just seen. It certainly looked on the larger side, in her experience.

The young nurse realized she was having a strong urge to hold it, among other things. She bit her pink, glossy lower lip. It certainly wasn’t an issue for a nurse to insert a catheter or help a patient urinate. The penis was just another body part. Her education was not completely specific about assisting with a semen collection. Helping a male patient masturbate was not part of her training. But… ensuring the patient’s general health certainly was. What if he overexerted himself? She’d forgotten to note the time he started, so didn’t know exactly how long he’d been at it. If he fainted, she’d have to dress him normally. Could she handle that? He was a tall guy and she might need to call for help. And he’d be exposed. How embarrassing.

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Voyeur Continued

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All characters are above the age of 18

………Continued directly from Voyeur.

I eventually summoned the courage to phone the number on the card.

“Hello,” said a really rather husky female voice.

“The waiter at the beach bar gave me your card.”

“Ah, so you’re the voyeur eh?”

There was no point in denying it after the recent displays, so I came clean.

“Yes, guilty as charged. I must say it is very hard to resist being a voyeur with such elegant scenery.”

I wanted to listen rather than speak as she had given me her number so obviously had something to say.

“So you liked my little show off did you?”

“I would have thought that was more than obvious.”

“Yes, you were rather obvious. From the way you watched all those girly bottoms sashaying down the promenade I’d say you were clearly having impure thoughts. Am I right?”

“Right again!”

“So I pegged you as a bum man, not averse to ogling tits, but bums are your preferred area to gaze at?”

“Yes, you seem to have picked up a lot about me very quickly.”

“Oh I’ve had you in my sights for some time. I don’t just flash at any Tom, Dick or Harry.”

“Interesting, go on.”

“That’s your favourite beach bar. You take coffee there most bright days. You usually face the ocean to watch the girls, and you take a particular interest in ones with thin dresses that the sun shines through to reveal their underwear.”

“Sherlock Holmes!”

“Not really, just a keen observer of dirty old men!”

“Why a keen observer?”

“If you meet me there on Saturday at abut 11:00, wearing thin linen trousers and no pants, I might just tell you, but, and I must make this quite clear, there is not going to be any sex, so don’t get your hopes up!”

“You have already exceeded my most erotic fantasy so I’ll be there.”

“No pants, is that quite clear?”


Click, the line went dead. I checked my wardrobe: white linen slacks were clean and pressed. Whatever can this be about? Intrigued, I let my imagination run riot as I waited, like a school boy, for Saturday.

At 11:00 sharp I approached the beach bar. She was installed bonus veren siteler in my chair! Looking out to sea. Then I got it. She was turning the tables on me! With the sun nearly straight out to sea my trousers must have been nearly transparent.

I walked over, smiling, I said.

“Touché. Very cleaver, very cleaver indeed.”

“Not a bad view, not bad at all for an older man. Nice dangly balls and the bum was ok too.”

Not being used to having my assets praised, or even appraised, I sat down and ordered a coffee. My curiosity was getting to fever pitch, so I simply asked the reason for the meeting, mindful that she had already ruled out any sexual element. Her answer was as indirect as it was stunning.

“Have you ever heard of a play called La Ronde?” She asked.

“Can’t say I have.”

“Well it’s a story about ten different sexual encounters, each encounter with one person from the previous, thus it goes round.

“Among other things I am an amateur actress, and I played the part of a young prostitute in a rather explicit sex scene with a soldier.

“When we started rehearsing I found it very difficult, and embarrassing, getting my clothes off on stage, particularly in front of my ‘soldier’ who was somewhat older.

“The most anyone, including him, was ever going to see was my boobs and I sunbathe topless all the time, so what was the problem? I don’t know. It might have been because it was in a sexual situation, even if we were only acting.

“My soldier also had a bit of a problem getting naked to start with, but he only had to stand with his back to the audience, drop his pants, and slide under the bed covers.

“The bed was much higher than the audience so they couldn’t really see anything except his bum and I was supposed to be at the other side of the stage when he stripped, so I wasn’t supposed to see anything either.

“Initially the director had us screened off and lit in all sorts of cleaver ways, so that we didn’t show very much, but as we progressed I got more comfortable. I actually shed my peignoir and strutted about the stage topless, much to the delight of the director, who kept congratulating me on bedava bahis ‘getting into the part dahling’!

“I was supposed to wear those ‘almost naked look’ panties to give the illusion of being a prostitute ready for business, but somehow, as I got more daring, I ‘forgot’ to put them on, so when I shed my peignoir I was actually naked.

“Eventually I dropped the peignoir earlier and earlier in the scene and was effectively naked for most of it. I really got into the part of being a Viennese prostitute. Then I noticed ‘soldier boy’ getting a real erection! Fortunately, as he was under the covers, I was the only person who knew.

“I used to love winding him up after that. I made sure I was on the far side of the bed, not the stage, when he had to disrobe. I stood there naked, facing him, legs slightly apart. The audience couldn’t really see anything, but soldier boy was getting a real eye full as he got naked, with predictable results.

“He used to mouth things to me as his excitement became obvious like, ‘Script?’ and ‘Bitch’ but the big smile on his face only egged me on to more and more mischief.

“The culmination of the scene was when I, as a prostitute, had to fuck him: to make sure he got his money’s worth. Of course the special sheet we use was between us, but sometimes I would rub his cock through it just to wind him up some more.

“He never knew what was going to happen next, but I really enjoyed getting him worked up, so I played up to it, as I myself got more and more turned on.

“Sometimes I moved the sheet towards the audience a bit. They could see nothing, but I could see his whole package.

“If he was erect, I very carefully held his cock flat against his stomach, straddled him and slid my now slick pussy lips along it. The look on his face the first time I did this was totally priceless. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried it, but he said it is almost impossible to tell the difference between that and actually fucking!

“Some nights, if I got really into it, I got myself off and had an orgasm. I found the experience of having a real orgasm on stage quite unlike any other, so deep and powerful. Then one night I pushed him a bit deneme bonus too far and he came. He shot his whole load onto his stomach.

“God that was hot. My prostitute shagged her soldier and he fucking ejaculated! Then I was supposed to collapse on top of him as the curtain fell. I did and it did. Rapturous applause, particularly from the men!

“After that where do you go? Well one night I was feeling particularly horny and, as I straddled him, I didn’t hold his cock far enough forwards and it just slipped in. You should have seen his face! It was one thing being secretly wanked off on stage but quite another being secretly shagged.

“There was no time for condoms or anything because we were supposed to be only acting, but that night the sex scene was one hundred percent genuine. As soon as he entered me I thought. Shit, I’m being fucked in public and it’s fucking terrific!

“I came almost instantly and there was no need for any acting whatsoever. It was the hottest thing ever. Nipples sparked to clit, clit sparked back. Of course we never told anybody, but, from then on we often actually fucked while hundreds of people watched us ‘acting’ our scene.

“I always came, no exceptions, but, unfortunately, since then I find it difficult to cum without the frisson of knowing I have an audience, so that is where my little displays come from and why I did the show for you. Could you tell when I came? Honestly?”

“When you dropped the spoon?”

“So you did notice! I thought it might have been obvious but I wasn’t sure.”

“Oh it was obvious all right.”

“A lot hinges on the answers to the next questions so consider your answers very carefully. If in doubt: the truth.”


“Did you get an erection when I masturbated in front of you?”


“Did that display feature in one of your masturbation fantasies.”

“Yes again, later that day.”

“Would you come to see me in La Ronde if it was still running?”


“Well it’s not so you’ve missed that particular boat. Have you ever watched another couple make love. I mean really make love, not just a porn fuck?”


“If I offered you the opportunity to watch me and my boy friend make love, would you take it? You get nothing more than a voyeur experience, nothing at all, so would you?”

“Most definitely!”

…………..to be continued.

As always, all comments and suggestions welcome.

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Sour Notes

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Sour Notes

A prequel to the Songstress and DUO series. The musical love story of Beth and Joel

This prequel is fairly short, contains no sex and pertains to certain dialogue in ‘Songstress’ and ‘DUO Parts 1 six long, agonizing, tormenting months!

Her real name was Beth. We met online through Facebook when we both joined a couple of the same music groups. I was enthralled by her voice, and later by her stunning good looks. Still later, as I got to know her a bit better, she seemed to be a very gracious and kind person as well.

I was lonely. My wife had passed a couple of years before. I hadn’t really had the opportunity to meet anyone due to Covid. Meeting Beth, if only online, made my days brighter. We had a common love for music and a mutual respect for each other’s singing.

One day, I realized that I had fallen in love with her. I knew from the get-go, however, it was a pipe dream; to think that she could have any romantic inclinations at all towards me. I had to be a good thirty years older than her. What the fuck was I doing falling in love with someone so much younger? And to top it all off, she lived in Charlotte, North Carolina – in the United States, a thousand miles away from where I lived near Toronto, Ontario – in Canada.

I would have been content to just be her friend, to have any part of her I could. We were starting to collaborate on a couple of duets, and I was excited by this prospect. I was very careful not to let my feelings be known.

Then one day she just went SILENT! She wouldn’t return bonus veren siteler my messages. I asked her what I’d done wrong, or if I’d offended her, but no response. Then she blocked me on all her social media accounts. She had very effectively ghosted me.

Never having had this happen to me before, I read up on all I could about ghosting. It’s her problem, the articles read. You probably did nothing wrong, they said. She’s emotionally immature, they all seemed conclude.

Still, it tortured me. Let it go, my friends advised me, she’s just not worth it. So, I tried; I tried to let her go. I meditated, I prayed, I threw myself into other things just to keep her off my mind. Nothing worked. Every day my thoughts would turn to her. Every night I dreamt of her. No woman, including my late wife, had ever had this impact on me.

Finally, after all these months, I was starting to feel a little less obsessed. I was believing I could maybe, possibly, hopefully, put her behind me. She had erased my existence from her life with a few cruel keystrokes. It was high time I did the same, I had to move on.

And now this. What the fuck could she possibly want? What now, after all this time? Why now? With great trepidation I opened her message.

H.t. South: Hello Joel

Yup, sounds like her, always uses her words sparingly. Never uses two words where one would suffice.

Joel Young: Hello, Beth?

I decided to play it carefully. She answered almost immediately. She must have been waiting bedava bahis for my response.

H.t. South: yes it’s Beth, no joke. Do you have a few minutes?

Joel Young: After all these months, I guess I can spare a few. To what do I owe this communication?

H.t. South: I want to apologize.

Joel Young: for?

H.t. South: for what I did. For ghosting you, for blocking you without explanation.

Joel Young: I have to admit I never thought I’d ever hear from you again. And truthfully, what you did to me was very hurtful, even if we were casual acquaintances. However, apology accepted if you would answer a couple of questions. Why did you ghost me and block me? What did I do? Why come back now and apologize after all this time?

H.t. South: I get scared when people get too close. I thought that’s what was happening with you. I tend to run rather than face the situation. As for why I’m coming back to apologize, I’ve been getting help, and I’m learning to face my problems and not run from them.

That was the longest message I’d ever seen from her. Maybe she was trying to change, but I still wasn’t going to let her off that easily.

Joel Young: All I did was continuously support and encourage you. I gave you advice based on my musical experience. I tried to help you, and for that, I was ghosted. So, now that makes me a problem?

H.t. South: No! You really didn’t do anything deneme bonus wrong. You were always polite, kind, and supportive. I heard you even promoted my YouTube channel after I ghosted you. I think maybe you were just a bit overly enthusiastic, but it was me who took it the wrong way. For that, I’m so truly sorry.

And there it was. My resolve to get over her crumbled like a sandcastle in a rapidly rising tide on the beach.

Joel Young: OK, apology accepted, and if I’m allowed back in your life, I will back right off on the enthusiasm. Strictly music, nothing personal.

H.t. South: Well, you don’t have to go to quite that extent. I think I’m better able to handle it now. And thank you, you didn’t have to accept it after I was cruel to you.

Joel Young: I’m not the kind to hold grudges. It’s a waste of emotional energy. Everyone is dealing with something difficult in their lives, and I guess you were no exception. So…friends again?

H.t. South: Friends again. I’ve already unblocked you and sent a friend request.

Joel Young: Thank you. So where do we go from here?

H.t. South: Well, we were working on those duets. Want to continue?

Joel Young: Absolutely! I’ve worked out the bugs in the harmonies. Would you like to hear?

H.t. South: I’d like that very much.

Joel Young: K, sending you the files now.

H.t. South: Thanks, and Joel? I’m glad we’re going to be working together again. I must confess, I did miss you.

Joel Young: yeah, me too Beth, on both counts.

Neither of us could have guessed the journey we were about to embark upon…

Overture fine.

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Community Theater Act 03

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The next day’s newspaper had a review of our play. The reviewer liked it, and she particularly liked the bedroom scene. During the performance, the audience clearly gasped when they saw us in bed together, and the review suggested that the realism of that scene brought life to the entire performance.

Yes, it was quite real. But would it stay that way, I wondered.

Mrs. Cunningham had not said a word about my cock sliding into her pussy on stage. She hadn’t given me the slightest sign that anything was going on other than an acting technique, a trick to put the actors in the right frame of mind. She was a sophisticated woman. Could she really think it was all about acting and not know that I was a young man’s dream to slip his cock into her pussy?

Frankly, her silence after the performance and at the cast party had made me wonder if perhaps she was up to something as devious as I was. At this point, I was happy that I took the risk, and I was nervous about what consequences might come next.

To be prepared for the next night’s performance, and the two performances on Sunday, I decided not to jerk off, as I usually would have, so that I could keep the intensity and pleasure at a peak for the entire weekend. I did allow myself the pleasure of a few slow strokes of my flesh pole, but I was careful not to shoot a load. Not yet.

The next night, the cast arrived early to get into costumes while the stage crew checked lights and scenery. Mrs. Cunningham looked more beautiful than ever, dressed in an older woman preppy style sweater, blouse and skirt. For the play, she wore more seductive attire of an older woman on trying to attract men.

Because of the newspaper review, the audience was larger than the first night. Every seat was filled, and a few were standing in the back. I suspect that a good many men in the town were there to see Mrs. Cunningham in bed and to fantasize about being in that bed with her. She was definitely the kind of mature woman that younger and older men dream about.

All went according to plan. The play moved through its scenes and into the second act. I prepared for the bedroom. Rachel helped Mrs. Cunningham get out of her costume and strip down to her underwear. Rachel watched carefully as Mrs. Cunningham slid between the sheets.

I knew what Rachel was looking for, and I came prepared. As I joined Mrs. Cunningham in bed, I looked at Rachel and said, “Looking for this?” as I tossed out a bra that I brought for the occasion. Mrs. Cunningham smiled and laughed a bit, the first acknowledgment from her that we were misleading the audience and the crew.

I slipped off my boxers and lay there with a hardon, waiting for another chance to put it into Mrs. Cunningham. But, I was not sure if she wanted to comply again. The covers had rustled when I removed my boxers, but I wasn’t bonus veren siteler sure if Mrs. Cunningham had also removed her lingerie.

Our scene began. We spoke our lines, then embraced on the bed. After kissing her, I decided that a simple repeat of the previous night, as perfect as it was, could be improved. So I whispered to Mrs. Cunningham, “OK, let’s fuck for these small town dopes.”

At that, Mrs. Cunningham stifled a laugh that sounded like a gasp to the audience. I mounted her, lay on top of her and felt my cock rest on her furry naked nest. Seconds before her line, “We shouldn’t be doing this,” and like clockwork, I once again slid my cock down into position. Rock-hard, it was easy to find her pussy lips and make my entry. Once again, her velvety smooth cunt gave way as I buried inch after inch.

When she delivered her line, it was convincing. Everything about the scene was as convincing as the night before, if not better. Once again, I let my cock rest inside her. There was much less resistance as my dick filled her. The fit was tight and warm, sending pulses of pleasure through me, but once again I dared not try to stroke or pump in order to properly fuck her. If she wanted to pretend for the sake of a dramatic performance, then I would be her willing partner. Just to put my dick between her pussy lips was heaven, and too much motion might alarm the audience, and it might alarm Mr. Cunningham, who was back for a second time.

And there was Rachel, who was watching us like a hawk.

The scene ended, and I made a courteous exit from Mrs. Cunningham’s pussy. I still had not seen it and could only imagine that she had a fuzzy black haired cunt zone. I had figured out that her slit was higher than average. As you know, the camel toe sometimes is higher or lower on a woman’s body. Because of the angle of entry that my cock took to Mrs. Cunningham’s vagina, it seemed to me that her cunt was easily entered and that it probably had ample meaty lips. But that would remain a mystery.

Mrs. Cunningham and I wrapped sheets around ourselves and exited the bed as Rachel strained to see how undressed we were. Once again, we got away with it.

Sunday’s two performances presented a chance to double my pleasure. The scene was repeated, but I thought that now Mrs. Cunningham was expecting a surprise from me before the penetration scene. So this time I whispered to her, “Your husband knows what I’m about to do.” That sure did the trick, as Mrs. Cunningham again gave a convincing portrayal of passion.

By the second performance on that same day my cock was aching for release. I knew that after the performance I would go home and blast a load to wind down after such a week. For the second time that day I poked Mrs. Cunningham in front of a large audience.

As we rolled off the bedava bahis bed and wrapped sheets around us, I came face to face with Rachel. She had just finished high school and was going to attend my college in the fall. I looked at her and asked, “Looking forward to going to college this fall?”

Just at that moment, my completely erect cock, yearning for relief, found a seam in the sheets and popped out into view, all nine inches. Rachel looked down, her jaw dropped, and she said, “I knew you were a naughty boy.”

I laughed and said to her, “Maybe when you get to college, we’ll be in a play together.”

After bows and curtain calls, I eagerly returned to my bedroom, thought of Mrs. Cunningham, and nursed myself to a major ejaculation. What a relief to feel all that pressure released and to discharge a small lake of cum that had been building up for days.

The last performances would be the following weekend, repeating the same schedule. But on Friday came the news that Mrs. Cunningham was ill and would be replaced by an understudy. We had planned ahead, and another member of the cast had learned her lines, so someone was available. But you can imagine my disappointment.

The understudy was Mrs. Graves, who was probably in her mid-fifties. If anything, she was even more attractive as Mrs. Cunningham. Mrs. Graves was also from a prominent family in town. She was a tennis player at her country club and in good shape, with lovely silver gray hair. I decided to play the part straight and not dare to involve Mrs. Graves in the same dick-dipping exercise that Mrs. Cunningham allowed.

When we got to the bedroom scene, I kept on my tight nylon bicycle pants. My cock was completely and safely concealed, even though I knew Mrs. Graves would feel the length and girth when I lay on top of her. But that was just a normal part of the scene that I’m sure she would understand.

To my enormous surprise, when I did embrace her and roll on top of Mrs. Graves, I felt her bare pussy hairs tickling my abdomen. Holy cow! Had Mrs. Cunningham told her about how we played that scene? Was Mrs. Graves expecting me to penetrate her in front of the audience, too?

I pretended nothing was wrong and that nothing was different. The scene ended, and we both left the bed, Mrs. Graves wrapped in a sheet and me just in my tight pants.

My head was spinning. What should I have done? And how many people knew that nakedness was indeed in this play? How many people knew that Mrs. Cunningham was almost being fucked on that stage?

The next night, Saturday night, Mrs. Cunningham felt better, but Mrs. Graves again played the part. This time, I took a chance, yet again, and unsheathed my cock. I lay in the bed, under the sheet, as Mrs. Graves got into bed next to me. This time, I was aware that she was moving deneme bonus under the covers and doing something, perhaps removing her panties.

Again, as I had several times before, I rolled over on top of the wife of a husband in the audience. I raised my hips slightly to indicate my cock’s entry into Mrs. Graves’ character. Not knowing if Mrs. Graves was indeed “open for business,” I let the tip of my cock gently approach her spread legs. Soon, I felt my cock head kiss the lips of Mrs. Graves’ pussy. Just as with Mrs. Cunningham, the entry was soft and warm and smooth. And just as with Mrs. Cunningham, the first time required sustained pressure to enter beyond a few inches.

We spoke our lines and lay there while action took place on the other side of the state. Mrs. Graves and I had to lay there in silence for about three minutes until the lights came back to us. My cock was still inside Mrs. Graves, and her cunt tissue had relaxed enough to permit full entry.

When we finished the scene and the lights went dark, I took an added risk and gave Mrs. Graves several pumps with my cock. Then I dismounted, and we both prepared for the final scenes. At curtain call, Mrs. Graves and I held hands and bowed for the audience. She kissed the actor who played her husband, then she came over to me and kissed me full on the lips as the audience applauded.

I could get used to this sort of acting.

Mrs. Cunningham felt better and she returned for the last Sunday’s two performances. My cock was happy to enter her once again. But I was certain that she had confided in Mrs. Graves. How else could that have happened unless Mrs. Graves and the entire town thought, or hoped, that they were witnessing real sex on their community theater stage?

At the last performance, when I knew that my time with Mrs. Cunningham would come to an end, I came up with an idea. As we lay side by side for that last time, I whispered to her, “I’m going to cum in you tonight.”

For the last time, I mounted Mrs. Cunningham and thrust my dick inside of her. After we said our lines and the lights went down for the scene on the other side of the stage, I allowed my cock to gently slide out, then in, out and in, until I was on the verge of cumming. Our lights came back on, and as we finished our last few lines I felt jets of cum filling up Mrs. Cunningham. The audience was watching as my cum pumped into her. She seemed very emotional as she spoke her last line with me, “I’ll never forget you.”

Lights out. Like a professional, I took my dick out of her pussy for one last time.

A few weeks later, I was back on my campus for the new semester. Neither Mrs. Cunningham nor Mrs. Graves ever contacted me or let on that they were angry or happy.

Then, while I was back home during the winter holiday break, I received a written invitation to a holiday party. It read, “Welcome home for the holidays. Please join us to celebrate at the Luxury Arms Country Club Hotel.” It was signed by Mrs. Cunningham and by Mrs. Graves, and under their names they wrote, “We look forward to more acting lessons from you!”

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Cruising Ch. 03

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“What the hell, it’s still early,” Tom said, as he followed the three of them to the Disco.

At twenty seven, on his first cruise, he had made friends with Mona and Casey, both in their forties and on vacation.

Tom was on what was to be his honeymoon, but she dumped him, and he couldn’t get his money back, so he decided to take it alone.

Casey was the outgoing one, never flustered or unsure about her sexuality which ran pretty deep. On that first night, she had gotten Tom alone in the Viking Lounge, a circular bar which happened to be closed when they got there. No matter! Casey had let Tom know she was here for a good time, and went on to prove it by sucking his cock, right there, and had even been caught by another couple looking for their own hiding place.

The second night, Mona had gone through a transformation. Casey had convinced her to do a make-over like on Oprah. Mona went from being Olive Oyl to Jessica Rabbit, with Casey’s and Vodka Martini’s help.

Casey had made a point of leaving them together, Tom and Mona, after she saw the attraction. After a false start with a married man, she was back at the Martini bar with two new friends in tow, both 60 or better, wealthy, based on their appearance, and both looking for fun.

After finding Tom alone, and establishing her roomie was in fact back in her cabin sleeping it off, she had led her entourage to the Disco, which now had only adults, all the kids in bed.

Ruby and Candy, the two new women, could have been sisters, and maybe they were. Ruby had red hair, as her name would imply and Candy was blond. Both had work done, but not radical surgery, a nip here, a tuck there, and they wore their skirts short and their heels high.

Tom was enjoying the attention, even though the two new ones were thirty years older than he, and Casey was about twenty.

He had already had a sample of Casey with the BJ and would not be averse to trying her on again.

The music pulsated and the “girls” were out there, shaking their things, almost showing off for Tom. Casey and Candy danced with guys in their fifties, who were obviously on the make. This left Ruby pressed together with Tom.

“So,” she almost shouted over the noise. “How close are you and Casey?”

“We just met yesterday,” he replied.

“Really?” She eyed him suspiciously. “You two seemed pretty friendly.”

“Yes, she’s a very friendly person, as you can see.”

She was pressed against him, her cologne filling his nostrils. It wasn’t cheap, but it was a little too bonus veren siteler much for him. “So, she wouldn’t be jealous?”

“Of what?”

Her hand felt his front panel of his cargo shorts. “Of if I tried to steal you away?”

He felt her closeness and scent had already caused the wanted response. His cock was throbbing again, now over an hour after Mona, fully recovered. She found his cock and whispered, “Your very attractive, Tom, do you have a big cock?”

He laughed, feeling it grow in her hand. “You sure aren’t shy!”

“Baby, I’m here for a good time. If you can’t handle the age difference, that’s your problem. Just say so, and I’ll be gone, but judging from how your cock is responding, I think I have your attention.” She was stroking it now, and he thought she may fall to her knees right there.

“What about Candy?”

“She’s a big girl, she can find her own man!”

“Where to?”

“Our suite, baby, in ten minutes.” She gave him to cabin number, said goodnight to the others and was gone.

Fuck, man, what kind of cruise is this? he wondered. He gave her a head start, then started mentioning how tired he was from the long day.

Candy said, “Bye, Honey,” and went back to dancing.

Casey smiled that knowing smile he had come to recognize. “You only go around once, Baby, have all the fun you can!”

She put her arms around his neck and they kissed, her tongue darting out, seeking his.

After a minute, she broke and said, “Before this cruise is over, save one more dance for me, Baby! You owe me big time!”

She went back to dancing and he finished his drink. He did owe her, for the bj, for fucking Mona, and now for introducing Ruby. And he would give her a great big fuck for it!

He found his way to the rear of the ship, the last cabin door. He knocked and she opened immediately.

“I was hoping I hadn’t scared you away!”

“I don’t scare that easily.”

She had called for room service, they had delivered a Champagne bucket full of his brand beer along with another with champagne for her. They were in the common area of a two-bedroom suite, major bucks! Probably over ten grand for the week. It led to a large balcony that peered off the back of the ship.

She had changed, was wearing a black sheer robe over an equally sheer night gown that oozed of money. Black three inch pumps made her as tall as he. She held her chest out proudly and he wondered how they felt. The robe lay open, and the neckline went almost to her navel. Tom bedava bahis didn’t care how old she was, she was hot and she knew it.

“So, what do you think?” she asked.

“Nice room?”

“You know that’s not what I meant.”

“Just teasing, you look good enough to eat.”

“Hmmm, one of my favorite things!”

She flowed into his arms and he held her, and they kissed and her tongue darted out.

These older babes, he thought, he don’t waste time!

So, he didn’t either, slid his hand into the robe and found her tit, firm and high, definitely worked on, but not rock hard like those porn queens, much more like a 20 year old’s.

He teased her nipple while her hand was working on his belt buckle, in a hurry and Tom wondered if Candy was the reason. If so, they should move into her bedroom.

He tried to lead her that way, and she said, “No, I want us naked, here, I want to look at you.”

The exact opposite of Mona, he thought, so shy about her body.

Her robe fell to the floor as she struggled with his belt and he chuckled at her frustration. “Here, let me help.”

She was watching him, her eyes hungry, and his body tingled from being so desired.

He slid them down and she reached inside, while biting his tongue, and she wrapped her hand around his shaft, stroking.

Tom felt a draft behind him and heard the door click closed. There stood Candy, staring at them, and Tom felt like his girl’s mom just caught them.

“Oh, Dear,” she said, “I’m interrupting!”

Ruby ran her hands down Tom’s chest, staring at her sister. “Tom doesn’t mind, do you Tom?”

Ruby looked serious and Candy looked hopeful and Tom thought, this is fucking amazing.

He looked sheepishly back and forth. “I’ll try my best!”

Ruby said, “I’m sure you will, baby!” as she slid to her knees and pulled his boxers with her.

Candy didn’t hesitate which convinced Tom this was no accident. She stepped close, looked down at Ruby who was licking his tip.

“Oh, Ruby, he’s so big!”

“Yes, I know, I felt him at the club!” Her ruby red lips engulfed his head and she slurped the shaft.

Candy’s hands were on Tom’s chest and she circled his nipples as she tentatively kissed his lips. He shot his tongue out, and she sucked on it while Ruby sucked his cock. She tweaked his nipples and they hardened.

Tom grabbed her breast through her dress and they must have used the same surgeon. She reached behind and unzipped it and let it fall, stepping out of it.

Ruby deneme bonus rose. “Time to move!”

She dragged Tom to the bedroom by his cock, and sent him flying. He landed on his back and Ruby went back to work.

Candy undressed as she approached him, the black bra falling away, those gorgeous tits! She flung her panties for effect as she climbed on, lowering her hairless pussy onto his face.

They were tigresses, alternating positions. Ruby was trimmed but not shaved so he could keep track. Candy had mounted his cock while Ruby sat on his face. He looked up to see the old hotties exchanging long hot kisses, and he thought of his good fortune again. Great sex, no strings, even a show!

He squirmed out and repositioned them, this time Candy on her back, with Ruby licking her clit while Tom pounded Ruby from behind!

Candy climaxed at that, with Ruby slobbering up her juices. They kissed and shared it, and Tom continued to pound Ruby hard and fast.

After another minute, Ruby shuddered and exploded and Candy crawled under them and lapped at his scrotum while he continued to fuck her sister.

Ruby sprawled on the mattress, saying, “No, no more, please!” and Candy took over, with Tom behind her, and Ruby cheering them on.

His body twitched and gave, and he shot what cum he had left into Candy and she shuddered and moaned. Ruby took the opportunity to move in and drink the cum, then sharing it with her sister in a long, slow kiss.

Then she was up, running to the other room, returning. “Champagne, more champagne!”

They passed the bottle around, even Tom who hated the stuff. He looked at the two, and they smiled and held each other. “Well, ladies, you sure know how to show a guy a good time.”

Ruby spoke. “Baby, speaking for both of us, I don’t see why that Casey didn’t jump your bones!”

Candy chuckled, “Maybe she’s shy!”

Seeing the girls continue their caresses, Tom knew that his work was done here. They had gotten what they wanted from him. In fact, he would have felt used if he hadn’t enjoyed it so much.

He dressed and kissed Candy, who said, “We’ll have more cocktails, Honey, we have the whole week!”

Ruby slipped on the thin black robe and walked him to the door. She handed him a business card, she and Candy had a Real Estate company in Ft. Lauderdale.

She kissed him, gently. “That was special, Baby. If we don’t get together again, this week, give us a call when you get back home. If you are in the area and need a place to crash, one or both of us would love to have you. And we have plenty of lady-friends who would love to meet you, I’m sure!”

She patted his ass as he walked out, and Tom realized just how tired he was now. And he thought with a smile, “I don’t know if I can make it five more days!”

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Cougar and her Five Virginal Cubs Ch. 05

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Chapter Five – The Seduction

Cougar strips naked in front of her cub.

I followed Kathleen to her apartment. Her place was nice but in disarray because of her painting project. Just a one bedroom flat with an eat-in kitchen, a living room, and a bathroom, her apartment was small but plenty big enough for just her and her little dog. Looking out her windows was a whole another perspective from my house. A layout so different than my parents apartment, it was weird seeing the cemetery from her bedroom windows, the park from her living room windows, and the Boston Harbor from her kitchen windows.

Moreover, a dog that barks at everything and everyone, it was weird that Barky didn’t bark at me, even when I first walked in her place. I figured he would, as soon as I opened her downstairs front door. He always barked. Ignoring him to stare at Kathleen, while waiting for him to come to me, instead of me going to him, maybe because he sensed that I liked dogs and wasn’t a threat to him was the reason why he didn’t bark. Maybe because he already had my scent in his nose from me hiding behind the wall with the rest of my friends, while watching her climb the cemetery fence and watching her flash us her panties. Anyway, we got along fine and without incident.

“Here,” she said, as soon as she entered the apartment and closed the front door behind me. She handed me this folded, white piece of material that I figured was a drop cloth, until I unfolded it.

“What’s this?”

“Painter’s overalls,” she said. “Put them on so you don’t get paint on your clothes.”

I wiggled my foot in but my shoe got stuck in the pant leg.

“Take off your shoes,” she said laughing. She had a nice laugh and a pretty smile. She looked even prettier, when she smiled and younger, too. Actually, before I knew her age, if I had to guess her age, I would have guessed that she was in her mid-twenties. I was floored, when she told me she was 32-years-old. “You never wore overalls before?”

“No,” I said prying my foot out with great difficulty and removing my shoe this time, before sticking my big foot back in the pant leg. I’m a big guy and these overalls were just too small. There was no way that I could squeeze them over my bulky clothes. “These overalls are way too small,” I said ready to give up, forget about earning twenty dollars, and go home.

“They won’t fit over your clothes, silly,” she said laughing. “You have to remove your clothes and put them on over your underwear.” She looked down at the bulge my cock made in my Wranglers. “You are wearing underwear, aren’t you?”

In the way she looked at me with a look of lusty hunger, when she asked me if I was wearing underwear, she suddenly made me feel a little uncomfortable, sort of like that time, when Father O’Malley touched me in my private place.

“Yeah, I’m wearing underwear,” I said insulted that she suggested that I was a pervert, which I was. “Who the Hell walks around not wearing any underwear under their clothes?”

“Those flashers who just wear a raincoat and who are naked underneath,” she said laughing.

“Well, I’m no flasher and I’m not wearing a raincoat,” I said returning her laugh without totally understanding her joke.

Whether I understood her more mature humor or not, with the both of us sharing a laugh, immediately, I got over the awkwardness and felt at ease in being alone with her. She was a good looking woman and unlike the uptight older woman in the neighborhood, she was no Nun. She was fun. She was funny. I liked her and I had an erection just thinking about being in her apartment in my underwear, while thinking of her flashing me her panties, every time she climbed over the cemetery fence.

Except for the front door, the weird thing was that she had no doors in her place. There was no bedroom, closet or bathroom doors. I stood in her kitchen looking around for a place to change out of my clothes and into these overalls, a uniform that looked so much like the white suit that the ice cream man wore in his ice cream truck.

“Well,” she said looking at me, while raising her eyebrows with her shoulders and hands, “what are you waiting for an invitation?”

“Where can I change? You have no doors.”

“Oh, sorry, I removed the doors to strip off the paint,” she said pointing to the doors leaning against the far wall. “There were layers of paint on the doors and the wood veneers underneath are beautiful. I’m going to restore them,” she said with a smile. “You can change right here in the living room. I’ll turn my back to give you privacy. I won’t look. I promise,” she said with a sexy smile that made me think that she’d look.

Then, when she turned her back to me to undress to change in her overalls, I was stunned. I was shocked. I was surprised. Without the privacy of a curtain or a door, suffice to say my stunned, shocked surprise was an understatement to the sudden sexual excitement that I felt, when she was undressing just behind casino siteleri my back. Even though she said that she wouldn’t look, I made no such promise. I didn’t say any such thing about me not watching her undress.

I turned my head and watched her, as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse. It was then, when she turned suddenly and revealed her side profile to me that she jogged my memory of who it was she looked like. As if I was watching a scene in a movie that I had seen a dozen times before, I recognized her. That’s who she looks like and that’s who she reminds me of, Maureen fucking O’Hara. Oh, my God. I’m watching Maureen O’Hara unbutton her blouse. I couldn’t believe I was watching a younger and prettier look-a-like version of Maureen O’Hara undressing.

I couldn’t believe it. I just couldn’t believe it. Consumed by sexual excitement, I froze. Here’s a woman, an older woman, an attractive woman that I’ve seen around the neighborhood, but have never seen up close, haven’t formally met, and/or spoken with, that is, until today, and she’s undressing in front of me, actually behind me. With my head cocked to one side and my eyes bulging out of my head, I couldn’t believe my eyes, when she removed her blouse and stood there with her back to me. I couldn’t help myself from staring at the back of her bra. Other than on my mother and sister, I had never seen a bra that was on a woman before.

I stared at her curly auburn hair flowing over her shoulders and at her shapely and defined muscled back. Guzzling and memorizing the image of her to save for my masturbation session later, I took her bra straps and the back of her bra all in, as if she was a cold beer on a hot day. I couldn’t wait to tell my friends that she removed her blouse in front of me, albeit with her back turned to me. Hers was the first bra that I had seen that wasn’t in a dirty magazine, on a display mannequin in a department store, on a counter in a lingerie department, or that belonged to my mother and sister in the dirty laundry basket. Then, when she turned slightly to the side to hang her blouse over the kitchen chair, I saw the side of her bra cup.

Oh, my God, she has big tits, bigger tits than my mother’s and sister’s tits. When her blouse slid from the chair and onto the floor, she gave me a good look of most of her bra when she leaned down to retrieve her blouse and to hang back on the chair. My heart was pounding, my pulse was racing, and my blood was pumping everywhere, especially below my belt.

Frozen in place holding the overalls she gave me in my horny hands, I watched her, as she unzipped her short skirt and allowed it to slowly fall to the floor and collect around her ankles. As if imagining this, unbelievably, it was as if I was having a sexual fantasy, while jerking off about her. I couldn’t have picked a better sexual fantasy to have, only this was no fantasy. This was real. This was really happening now. She was stripping off her clothes right there in front of me, actually, right behind me. Having never seen a woman undress before, it took all the self-control that I possessed not to turn around and stare, while watching her undress.

There she was in her white bra and white panties, the same white panties that all of us had snuck a peek at so many times before, whenever she climbed over the fence with her little dog tucked under her arm. I remember thinking that she had a nice round ass. I remember wanting to reach out my hand and feel her ass through her panty, but I didn’t dare touch her or even have her catch me looking. Filled with guilt that she’d catch me looking, filled with sexual excitement of all that I wanted to see, I didn’t know what to do.

Except for a few flashing incident with my mother and my sister, never have I seen a woman in her panties before. I looked down at her legs and they were shapely, too. She didn’t have any of that cottage cheese stuff on the back of her thighs nor did she have those saddlebags that so many women have on the sides of their thighs. The sight of her legs made me wish that I could run my hands along the length of them, while pausing to pay homage to what was between them.

Eager to tell my horny friends every raunchy detail of all what happened. I couldn’t wait to tell my friends all that I saw. They’d never believe me that she removed her blouse and her short skirt, while she stood behind me. The guys will never believe me, I thought. I could just hear Stephen’s voice.

“Fuck you! No way! She changed out of her clothes in front of you? Get outta here. You’re lying. She wouldn’t do that. She looks like a nice woman and not a whore. Only a whore would change out of her clothes in front of you, a horny teenager.”

I heard of older women picking up younger guys and doing them, if that was what she was doing and was about to happen, or were we just getting ready to paint? Then, I remembered that rumor about her being kicked out of Charlestown because she was caught having güvenilir casino sex with a bunch of younger men. Yet, after meeting her and seeing how nice she was, I’d never believe she was that type of woman. For sure, she was no whore.

I was so naïve and a woman would have to hit me over the head with a baseball bat to get my attention. Yet, her baseball bat was her sexy body and her grand slam homerun was when she started to remove her clothes. If only I knew then, that I was about to round all the bases and score, I would have been more prepared for what was to happen. Knowing what I know now, albeit glad to play the game, I was just a spectator in her little ballgame.

“Batter up! Play ball!”

Every day, my horny friends and I lined up behind the wall to watch her scale the fence in hopes of seeing a bit of her panty and, now, here she is standing behind me so exposed in her bra and panty. When she climbed over the fence was one thing, lifting her leg and raising her skirt high enough to clear the rod iron fence in her miniskirt, but now here she is showing me the entire back side of her panty clad, round ass and her bra adorned back. Stunned into inaction, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Too sexually inexperienced to wrap my arm around her and kiss her, while touching her, all I could do was stare.

Bending at the waist and staying in that position longer than necessary, she picked up her skirt, folded it, and placed it on the kitchen chair. With her standing there in her sexy lingerie, I couldn’t believe that I was witness to a striptease show and that I was seeing Kathleen in her panties and bra. Shapely in the way of Ann Margret, she had a nice body, an understatement. I so wanted to wrap my arms around her waist, pull her closer, and hump her from behind, as my hand reached up and felt her tits through her bra. Only, it was one thing to think that and another thing to do that. Being more of a gentleman than that, I’d never do that.

When she turned to place her skirt on the chair, my eyes were transfixed on her crotch and I could see her dark patch of reddish brown pubic hair with some red pussy hairs sticking out the sides of her panties. Women back then didn’t shave or trim their pussies in the way they do today. Then, when she reached around herself and unhooked her bra, slowly removed the straps from her shoulders, and tossed her bra on the kitchen chair, holding my breath, while watching her remove her bra out of the corner of my eye, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Afraid to turn to look but needing to take a peek, so that I didn’t regret for the rest of my life not looking, she was topless. Knowing all I had to do was to turn my head to see, her tits were on display for my horny eyes to see.

My mouth fell open, when she removed her bra. I couldn’t believe she removed her bra. She was topless, but with her back turned to me. I thought I was going to faint, if I saw any part of her naked breast. Then, with her back turned away from me but now turning slightly my way to dress, I turned my head slightly to watch her, as she bent forward and stepped in her overalls. Now, I could clearly see her ass crack through her sheer panty and the entire side of her left breast, when her breast fell forward, as she bent forward to pull the overalls up past her knees. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I was so sexually excited.

I would’ve given my right nut to see her nipples. From what I saw of the side of her tit, as big breasted as Anna from the neighborhood, she was definitely a full C cup, maybe even a small D cup. She had a nice, full set of round, shapely tits, not that I was a breast expert, but I’ve seen enough Playboy pictorials to know what a tit should look like and, from what I briefly saw of her naked breast, her tit looked just like the picture in the centerfold.

Actually, her tit was the first naked tit that I had ever seen, albeit only one side of one breast, it took all the control that I had not to step around her and take a good look of her tits. I wanted to twirl her around, take her in my big arms, and kiss her, while feeling her big, Maureen O’Hara like tits. I so wanted to see her areolas and her nipples. Except for all those women in Playboy, I had never seen a woman’s nipples in person.

With my head slightly turned her way, while watching her out of the corner of my eye, I’d be so embarrassed if she caught me peeping. Little did I know, back then, that she was hoping I’d look. Little did I know, back then, that she was teasing me and seducing me. She turned to face me as she slipped the overall straps over her shoulders giving me a nice shot of her abundant cleavage and the side of her right breast.

“Well,” she said.

“Oh, sorry,” I said turning my back to her, kicking off my other shoe, unzipping, pulling down, and stepping out of my jeans, and unbuttoning my shirt.

There I was standing in my briefs and t-shirt with my back to her, while fumbling with canlı casino the overalls, when, suddenly, she walked around me to grab some empty coffee cans from under the kitchen sink. After she walked around me like that, I wished I had done the same to her and walked around her, when she was standing their topless with her back to me.

Embarrassed by my erection, quickly covering it with my hand, and excited at the same time by all that I saw of her and, now, all that she was seeing of me, I couldn’t stop staring at her. When she squatted down her overall top fell forward and I could clearly see most of her tits down her overall top. Oh, my God. I could have sworn I saw part of her nipples. Definitely, I saw part of her areola, I think or did I imagine that I saw? No matter, she was showing me more of her tits than I’ve ever seen on a woman not in a magazine.

Then, when she turned and caught me staring. I was mortified. I was humiliated. I was so embarrassed. I could feel myself turning a bright red. I didn’t know what to say.

“You’re going to have to do something about that?”

“What?” I was so embarrassed that she caught me staring down her overall top at her tits. I was so embarrassed that she was admonishing me for looking and for the pervert that I am. I wanted to flee from there and run home to masturbate over all that I saw of her. “I’m so sorry,” I said with a stutter. “I didn’t mean to stare.”

I figured she was scolding me for looking down her overall top and staring at her tits. What the Hell did she expect? I’m human. I’m a horny teenager and she was standing there topless albeit with her back to me and now she was squatting down in front of me braless and with her top falling forward and opened enough for me to see most of her breasts. Being able to look down her overall top in this way was better than what Joey imagined he saw at the supermarket, when he imagined seeing a braless woman with an unbuttoned blouse reaching for the cheese in the dairy case. Definitely, I was seeing the real thing, instead of what Anthony imagined he saw, when he sat on the ledge and he assured us that she was parading in front of her window naked.

She looked down and straight ahead and I looked down to see what she was staring at. When I moved my hand away, my cock was at a 45 degree angle and pitching a huge tent in my cotton briefs. My cock was so erect that the section where I reach in my briefs to pull out my cock to pee was pulled forward and the entire side of my cock was exposed to her. Moreover, my entire underwear was pulled forward due to my massive erection exposing part of my balls and pubic hair to her.

“That won’t fit in your overalls like that. Seriously,” she said again, while still staring at my erection, “you’re going to have to do something about that.”

“Sorry,” I said turning the other way and quickly wiggling in the overalls. Still, even to this day, having heard her say it twice, while staring straight at my erect cock, I wondered what she meant by saying that, ‘you’re going to have to do something about that’. What did she expect me to do? Did she want me or expect me to pull out my cock and jerk off in front of her? Now wondering if I should have, I always regretted that I hadn’t.

“Stupid ass, you should have pulled your cock out and masturbated in front of her,” I imagined hearing Stephen’s voice in my head berating me for not giving her a masturbation show. “She practically invited you to do just that, you stupid ass. You’re such a stupid ass, you stupid ass,” I imagined him continuing to berate me.

I did have the urge to reach inside, pull out my cock, and jerk off in front of her, but I wasn’t that perverted. I wasn’t that depraved. I was so young and she was such a nice, pretty lady. Things, especially regarding sex, were different back then, not to mention that I was an innocent, virginal eighteen-year-old in the apartment of a woman old enough to be my aunt.

I wonder what she would have done had I pulled out my cock in front of her and started stroking myself. Would she have screamed? Would she have called my parents? Would she have reported me to the police? Or would she have watched me masturbate and cum for her? I read about women in Playboy who got off watching a man jerk off. Only, I couldn’t do it. With no one knowing I masturbated, that is, except for my mother and sister, not even my friends, I always denied masturbating, even though we all masturbated. Nonetheless, I didn’t want to be deemed a pervert, especially if that’s not what she meant by me doing something about my erection and masturbating in front of her.

Even for me to see the back of her panty and bra, along with the side of her breast, enough for her to see my bulge tenting my underwear, I was so horny that I thought I would cum right there. Back then, I jerked off a lot, always twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. On those days that I was really horny, such as that day, I’d masturbate three and sometimes four times a day. For some reason, I hadn’t jerked off yet that day, which made me even hornier. I so wanted to jerk off now, especially after all that I saw of her bra, her panties, and a good portion of her tits and all that she saw of me.

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Demanding Older Lady Boss

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Big Tits

“Did you want to see me Miss Smith?” I asked, putting my head round my bosses office door. I hoped it wasn’t important, it was the end of the day and I had a date with a six pack of beer in my fridge.

“Ah, come in James” she motioned, “have a seat.” Her friendly demeanour was encouraging but being told to take a seat sounded like it may take a while and I just wanted a beer after the day I’d had.

She was standing looking out of the window as I entered the office and she sat down opposite me in her executive leather chair as I took my seat on the other side of her desk. Her office was spacious and modern and her large glass topped desk meant I could see her cross her legs as she sat down. Miss Smith – Christine, was vice president at our company and was renowned for being firm but fair in both business and towards her staff.

Miss Smith was late forties, approaching fifty, and figure wise she wasn’t slim but wasn’t overweight either, she had one of those figures that looked like it was built for sexy fun and she had a great pair of legs for her age. It was obvious she still exercised to keep in shape and possibly keep the stress at bay. She wore black business suit today with a knee length pencil skirt and cream blouse beneath her jacket. Her legs looked great in her black nylons and ended nicely with a sexy pair of 3 inch black patent stilettos. I’d sometimes thought about what I’d like to do to her and sitting across her desk from her I suddenly realised just how sexy she was.

“James I’ve got an important marketing report I need to get out for a client meeting in the morning and I need some help. I wondered if you might be able to stay back and help me.” I tried to appear enthusiastic about it but she could probably tell it was only half hearted. “I’ll make it worth your while if you can stay” she said when she guessed my feelings. Ah well, I was only going to get drunk in front of the TV, I might as well earn a couple of hundred extra dollars instead, the money always came in handy.

A big smile crossed her face when I agreed and we set to work on her project mapping out the requirements on the conference desk on the other side of her office. I couldn’t help feeling fleeting moments of sexual tension between us as we worked relatively closely together bent over the papers on the conference desk and I kept getting glimpses of her lacy white bra beneath her blouse which only made me think even naughtier thoughts about her. And the way in which she looked at me over the tops of her spectacles when she asked me a question made me think of thoughts I really shouldn’t have about my boss.

We tackled the work with fervour and managed to get it completely finished after about 2 ½ hours or so, much to both mine and Miss Smith’s relief. And instead of heading straight home for my long awaited beer Christine poured us a large gin and tonic each from the executive drinks cabinet in her office. She sat on her glass desk and I sat in a comfy chair nearby as we chatted about the project and other generalities and my eyes couldn’t help but wander over those black nylon legs and high heels. She caught me looking at them and I blushed slightly, realising I had been rumbled.

“Do you like my legs James?” she asked.


“Do you like my legs?”

“Erm, yes Miss Smith.” I answered somewhat tentatively.

“I do like to keep in shape if I can.” she told me.

“Yes, I can see, you have a great figure…”

“What, for a woman of my age you mean?” Christine retorted.

“No, I mean you have a great figure, period.”

“Oh James, flattery may get you everywhere you know” she said with wicked flirtatious glint in her eye.

“I do hope so” I said, becoming a little more confident with the enrolling scenario.

She set her drink down, placed her hands on her knees and then, ever so slowly began to draw them up her legs, gently pulling her skirt as she went.

“Would you like bonus veren siteler to see more of my legs James?”

“Yes, I’d love to.”

“Good, I think you deserve a little treat after all that extra hard work you’ve done for me.”

I smiled as her skirt was drawn higher showing me more and more of those lovely silky black nyloned legs of hers.

“Would you like to do something else for me James?” she asked in a voice that was filled with seduction.

“Yes, of course Miss Smith.” I replied, hoping she meant what I hoped she did, “What is it you would like me to do for you?”

“I want you to fuck me James.” she said matter of factly as her skirt moved higher to reveal her stocking tops to me. I couldn’t believe my luck. “I want you to make love to me, take me, here on this desk, right now.”

Her beautiful stocking clad legs were by now fully exposed to me, her skirt just stopping short of her panties, which still remained invisible to my eye. Her legs looked sensational, silky shiny nylon shimmered over the lovely length with her dark stocking tops held in place by a lacy black garter belt. She stroked her thigh as she spoke to me.

“Are you sure Miss Smith?” I asked her.

“Oh yes, I’m sure James. I want you to fuck me.”

She opened her legs and so that I could see between and finally glimpsed her lacy black panties as she stroked the inside of her thighs.

“Does this turn you on?” she asked.

“Oh, yes Miss Smith.”

“Do I turn you on?”

“Yes Miss Smith, so much.”

“Good, then come here, James, I want you to take me.” she said beckoning me towards her.

As I stood from my chair and made my way to her desk she slipped off her jacket and began to cup her breasts through her silky cream blouse. As I reached her she pulled me to her and our lips and tongues met hungrily. My hands ran through her soft blonde hair as our passion filled embrace became hotter and hotter. My hands replaced hers and cupped her breasts, feeling their fullness through the silk of her blouse and the lace of her white bra. She gasped as I fondled her breasts and threw her head back as I licked and kissed her neck.

She undid her blouse and slipped it open to reveal the fullness of her breasts to me.

“Touch me James.” My hands began to fondle her tits through the lace of her bra and then I slipped a hand inside one cup and began to touch her soft skin, feeling the nipple stiffen against my hand. She gasped as I began to touch her and pulled my mouth to hers again, thrusting her tongue against mine. She pulled my head down to her and uncupped her left breast for me to suck on.

“Oh yes James” she gasped softly as my lips closed around her stiff nipple and I began to run my tongue over and around it, gently nipping it between my teeth.

My hand crept to her knee and I began to slide it slowly along her thigh, feeling the silk nylon brush against my fingers as it climbed. I stroked her luscious stocking tops and then made circles on the skin of her upper thigh above as her anticipation of me touching her grew.

My hand finally touched her between the legs, feeling the soft lace of her panties and her wetness seeping through and she gasped loudly as I reached her.

“Oh James I’m so wet, touch me there.”

I could feel her damp juices on my fingertips as I stroked her through the lace of her panties. Pulling them aside I at last touched her wet pussy lips and began to stroke in between, finding her hard little clit bud easily as it protruded fully from its hood.

“Mmmm, James, you have a lovely touch” she encouraged me before gasping as I slid my finger inside her, feeling how, soft wet and warm she felt inside.

“Miss Smith you feel beautiful” I told her as she steadied herself with one hand on the desk and played with her breast with the other.

“Go down on me James, lick me out, taste me” she urged.

She bedava bahis opened her legs wider as I knelt between them, my hot breath on her stockings and bare thigh.

Reaching beneath her skirt I slowly pulled her panties down and off over her shiny high heels and again she spread her legs for me, showing me her beautiful blonde trimmed bush and pouting pink wet lips in full. I could tell from her shortened breathing that she could feel my breath on her as I gently pulled her lips apart with my fingers and ever so gently began to probe in between with my tongue.

“Ooohh, yes James, that’s so nice.”

“Oh you taste so good Miss Smith” I told her lapping her sweet juices into my mouth. Exploring her fully with my tongue I teased her clit and put it as far into her hole as I could and all the time she gasped and groaned in sheer ecstasy.

“I want you to come on my face Miss Smith” I said as she pushed her hot mound into my face.

“Yes James, make me come.” She began to writhe and flinch under me as my tongue flicked and rolled around her clit and my fingers probed inside her. Then as her moans became louder and more frequent I felt her begin to shudder and I knew she was about to come. I pushed her over the edge as she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me tightly to her hard mound pushing tightly into my face as she came, dripping her oozing juices into my mouth and over my face.

Christine slid off the desk when her climax had subsided and immediately knelt down before me.

“I want your cock James” she said unbuckling my belt as I undid my shirt. I was as hard as nails for this beautiful woman, my boss, and I couldn’t wait to fuck her. Unzipping my fly she pulled my pants down around my hips and then pulled the waistband of my shorts down over the straining head of my hard prick.

“Oh, I love it James” she said grasping my shaft in her hand and sliding her lips over the tip of my cock and down along my shaft. She was exquisite.

The feel of her soft wet mouth as she sucked me was unbelievable, it felt like I was being sucked inside out, this lady certainly knew what she was doing. Her hand caressed my balls as she sucked and licked me and I groaned uncontrollably as her mouth repeatedly slid along my throbbing shaft.

“Take me now James” she said pulling her mouth from me, “I want to feel you inside me now.”

She stood and sat on the edge of the desk again and pulled one stockinged knee up around my waist as I got between her legs with my thick cock in hand. Steadying herself with one hand behind her on the desk she grabbed my cock and guided it towards her hot wet hole.

“C’mon James, fuck me. Put that thick cock inside me, I want to feel it deep inside me” she urged as she placed it between her lips.

In one long slow push I slid my long cock inside her and she gasped as it inched its way deeper and deeper into her.

“Oh yesss James, that’s it” she hissed.

“Oh Christine, you feel fantastic” I replied. But with a sharp look she said in retort

“It’s Miss Smith to you James and don’t forget.” It was obvious she loved the control and power aspect and I was happy to let her have it. I was going to give this dirty older bitch just what she wanted.

I slid my cock in and out of her wet cunt and she lay back on the desk as I grasped her nyloned ankles and pumped deeply into her. She gasped and moaned and cried out “Yes, Yes” repeatedly as we fucked there on her desk and I even pulled her legs over my shoulders and licked her high heels just to give her that extra feeling of control.

I puled my dick all the way out and slammed it back in one hard thrust and did this repeatedly, making her shout out loudly in joy and pain.

“Do you like that Miss Smith” I asked as I slammed into her.

“Oh I love it, give me your cock James” she whimpered. I was only too glad to oblige.

I pulled out, “Turn over Miss Smith, deneme bonus I want to take you from behind.”

She slid off the desk and stood before me, kissing me quickly and sticking her tongue in my mouth. She turned round and bent over, grabbing the edge of the desk for balance and I stopped and stepped back to take in the view.

“My god, Miss Smith you look sensational” I told her as I looked at those long black stockinged legs in her high heels rising all the way up to her tight ass, her skirt pulled up over it, with her pussy waiting, dripping for me, ready to be screwed again.
“Thank you James, now fuck me again, I want to feel your cock in me again”

I stepped up behind her and slid my cock slowly all the way inside her again and grabbed her hips as I thrust into her. She moaned loudly as my hips slammed against her asscheeks, my cock burying itself deep inside her. She turned and looked at me with sheer pleasure in her half closed eyes.

“Put it in my ass James, I want to feel you in my ass.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes I’m sure, put it in there now.” she instructed.

Pulling out she reached behind and spread her ass cheeks wide apart and I nudged the tip of my glistening cock against her tight asshole.

“Yes James, go on. Fuck me there” she urged, and so ever so slowly I squeezed my cock into her tight butt. God it was so tight in there but the juices in which my cock was coated helped to ease things a little.

“Aahhh, Yesss” she hissed as I slid into her little by little. “Yes fuck my ass James.” God it felt so tight but great with it and gently I began so slide in and out of her. She reached beneath her and began to finger her cunt with two digits as I fucked her.

“Yess, don’t stop James, I want to come. Fuck my ass and make me come.” This bitch was really dirty, nothing like the prim and proper business lady she appeared to be during normal office hours.

She came again as I pumped into her and unable to take the tightness any longer I pulled out and slammed my cock back into her tight wet twat to make her orgasm last even longer. I slowed to let her catch her breath.

“Now it’s your turn James” she said pulling away and turning to face me. She pushed me back into the armchair and straddled my cock, lowering herself slowly down onto the full length of my pole. When I was fully embedded within her she paused to catch her breath and then began to ride me allowing me the pleasure of being able to stroke her stockinged thighs and garters as she played with her full bouncing tits. Then she turned away from me and continued to ride me squatting down hard on my cock and gasping as I grabbed her asscheeks and pulled her down onto me harder.

“I want you to come in my mouth and on my face” she told me as she rode me.

“Oh miss Smith, yes I’d love to.” As if I had a choice in the matter. She stood from me and my wet dick slapped back against my stomach. Pulling me to my feet from where I lay in the chair she knelt before me again and cupping my balls with one hand and grabbing my shaft with the other she began to suck on me again. I knew she must be able to taste my silvery pre-cum and her own juices as she sucked me and it only seemed to spur her on. God this lady could suck.

“Oh, Miss Smith, I’m close to coming” I gasped as I felt my spunk beginning to build. Her hand was a blur as it pumped my shaft for all I was worth and unable to hold out any longer my spunk shot in thick streams into her waiting open mouth and onto her extended tongue which lapped at the tip of my spurting cock.

Her face and mouth were dripping and covered in my creamy goo and she laughed as she lapped it up and smeared it further across her face. My shaking legs and spent balls made me sink back into the chair as she sucked me dry and licked my shaft clean.

“I told you the extra overtime would be worth your while didn’t I James” she smiled.

“Oh Miss Smith, I’ve never felt anything like it or met anyone as hot and sexy as you.”

“You’ll get promotion if you keep saying things like that” she teased, “In the meantime I think I’ll have you as my “personal” assistant.”

I couldn’t wait to see my new job description.

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Discovered Passion Ch. 03

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It was early morning and the first hint of daylight filtered through the bedroom window. Bursts of wind caused Barbara’s log cabin to creak and crack indicating that the winter storm continued. She was snowbound, the two mile road out to the highway blocked by drifting snow. Blizzard conditions would most likely play out through the day before a cold front from the north would move in to bring plunging temperatures and sunny skies. It was the way of the north in late January, from mild and snowy to whiteout conditions to freezing temperatures and brilliant sunny skies, the cycle unending. But her cabin was warm and snug; the snow banked up around the entire building sealed it from cold drafts.

Barbara became aware of the soft warm breasts of her friend Donna pressing against her back. As consciousness returned she pressed back deliciously as she recalled the events of the previous day.

Barbara had been enjoying a sexual affair with Jim, a young mining engineer. They had been meeting for sex in her cabin for several months. She had become uneasy with the possible long-term impact of an eventual break-up with him and had considered stopping the sex if not the relationship. Donna was well aware of her assignations with the young man and Barbara had sought her advice.

At the time, Donna, the wife of the Mine Manager for whom both Barbara and Jim worked, was not ‘getting any’ as her stressed out husband seemed incapable of performing up to his normal capacity. Her need for sex became inflamed one afternoon as Barbara detailed her erotic experiences with her young stud. Donna encouraged Barbara to continue with her dalliance and to enjoy sex to the fullest. They then exchanged personal stories about sex with other men and found that they had both bedded one particular guy at an earlier time and somehow found themselves discussing group sex.

They overcame their normal sense of social niceties, and decided to attempt to seduce Jim, a man some 25 year younger than they, into a threesome. Jim required very little seducing and the first day and night of three way sharing had been letter perfect, playing out as if scripted despite their inexperience with group sex.

Barbara glanced over her shoulder to notice that Jim, who had been sleeping on the other side of Donna, was no longer in bed with them. Donna stirred with her movements, kissed the back of her neck and whispered, “Morning Barb, go back to sleep, it’s still dark outside.”

Barbara twisted around under the covers to face her friend and said, “Where’s Jim? Surely he didn’t leave in that storm!”

Donna responded in a lazy voice, her eyes still closed, the need for more sleep dulling her mind, “Relax, he’s on your sofa, it was too crowded for three to sleep in this bed. You’re going to have to get a bigger one if we plan to do this again.” She giggled at what they had just done and the thought of repeating it. “He found your sleeping bag, stoked up the fire place and fell asleep on the sofa. I think we wore him out.”

Their bodies slowly melted together separated only by flannelette knee length nighties. Barbara pressed her hips tight up against Donna’s and pulled up the hem of her nighty, Donna raising her hip to assist. Their bare legs intertwined erotically. Barbara caressed the swell of Donna’s breast before tweaking a hard nipple that pushed through the thin cloth. Donna pulled Barb’s nighty up and slipped one naked leg between hers.

“Barb baby, I thought the deal was to sample Jim’s prowess with his morning erection. I’ll bet that is what he is planning. Shouldn’t we wait for him? Oh God.” Barbara had just pulled one of her tits out over top of her nightie and bent her head to suck a nipple.

Barb lifted her head for a kiss, and said, “That’s the plan, but maybe we should warm up a bit. You know, be ready for him, bodies and pussies prepared. If you think he had a hard one last night, wait until you feel his wake-up hard-on.”

She went back to the nipple, sucking and licking it gently. Donna was in heaven with the nipple play and pushed her knee up between Barb’s spread legs to rub against a wet slippery pussy.

“How do you know that Jim is in the sleeping bag?” Barb had pulled both tits out over the top of Donna’s nighty and was rubbing her face between them while licking and sucking like a starving baby.

Donna gasped, “I went out to check on him about midnight.” She caressed Barbara’s ass cheeks, running her hot fingertips along the crease.

“Did you just say hello? Or did you chat for a while,” Barbara asked in her hurry to return to her feast.

They sat up as one, lifting their nighties up and off before scrambling to get back under the sheets. Their bodies intertwined like a pair of snakes twisting in the sun, legs and arms and mouths and hands desperately seeking engagement.

Finally Donna panted, “I heard him get up to put more wood on the fire so I went out to see. He had settled in on the sofa in the sleeping bag.” She reached casino siteleri down and slipped two fingers between Barb’s legs and felt her pussy.

She continued, “He climbed out of the sleeping bag naked to greet me. He looked gorgeous in the light from the fireplace; a beautiful body, a handsome face, his eyes filled with desire and a big hard-on to prove it. We kissed without words. I knew he would fuck me. Oh God it was hot!” Barb paused with a nipple in her mouth to spread her legs allowing Donna to slide a finger into her.

“He pulled the sleeping bag to the floor, crawled back in on his back and beckoned me to join him. It was a bit of a struggle, the bag a little tight for two, but I finally managed to get in and on top of him while he zipped it up. There was very little foreplay, just kisses as he worked his cock into me. He said, ‘Do you want to play a bit?’ I was so horny I said, ‘just fuck me’.

It was like a wet dream, strange setting, howling blizzard outside a log cabin, bathed in the red glow of the fireplace, in a sleeping bag with a young man much younger than I, his hands clutching my ass cheeks as we screwed non-stop until we got off. But it just seemed perfect for the occasion. It was so much more than ‘wham, bam, thank you Mam’. We almost tore the bag apart when we got off.”

“You bitch,” groaned Barbara as she pulled her lips free of a nipple, “we promised each other to share and share alike.” She pinched the nipple hard with her teeth before sucking it deep into her mouth.

She pulled back suddenly, “You’re right, we shouldn’t be doing this. I want a fresh start when he comes to bed with us. You go back to sleep, I’m going to have a quick shower to smell good for him.” One final long suck on each nipple, and she bailed out of bed.

Donna lay there a few minutes but sleep would not return, her blood was flowing and her body was alive and aroused. She slipped out of bed and joined Barbara already soaking in a warm shower. They stuck to the business of showering, restraining any desire to continue their foreplay while still enjoying the feeling of their slippery bodies rubbing against the others in the tiny shower stall.

They helped each other powder and towel down. Barbara produced a vial of scented oil and applied it between her legs and along her slit. “He likes the taste of this on my pussy,” she giggled, “he bought it for me. Want some?” she asked without offering the vial.

“Hmm, sounds exciting, I wondered whether he would do oral,” Donna replied as she placed her hands on Barbara’s shoulders. Eyes locked, their tits touching, Barbara applied the oil between Donna’s legs.

Barb whispered, “Spread a bit Donna, I want apply it all over, he has a very busy tongue.” They both groaned as she slipped on oily finger into Donna’s trembling pussy.

Donna’s eyes closed as Barbara continued to slide her oiled finger in and out. “Are you sure that you never played with a pussy before baby? You’re very good at it.”

Barbara eased her finger out, they kissed and she said, “No never, I have often thought of feeling your tits in the past. Remember that time at a convention when I helped you with your bra? You were standing in front of a mirror and I was behind you. Your tits were hanging bare, but I was only thinking about what they would feel like in my hands. Touching your pussy is a revelation and very exciting.”

“I hear him moving, methinks it is time to get back in bed.”

Jim was up, the fire had burned down leaving a bed of hot coals, so he pulled on pants and shirt and retrieved more wood to stoke it back up before heading to the bathroom to wash up. He peeked into the bedroom to see his play partners sitting side by side, holding a sheet up high enough to cover their nipples.

His mind was full of fantasies about bedding two ladies at one time. He just might get to fulfill the one about alternating his cock back and forth between two pussies. Whatever, this would be a morning to remember.

“How may we serve you master,” Donna giggled as Jim tossed his shirt and pants to one side. She squeezed Barbara’s hand as Jim turned to face them, his thick hard cock sticking vertically up along his ‘six-pack’ belly.

Jim pulled the sheet off of the ladies and smiled, “You can start by sitting side by side on the side of the bed.” This morning it would be he who was the ringmaster and he sensed that the ladies were eager to follow his lead.

Jim watched two very differently built ladies scrambling in response to his request. Donna, pretty and robust and heavy breasted, Barbara plain featured, thin and gaunt with an eye catching thigh gap. They relaxed and allowed their knees to part as they waited for his next move. His predatory eyes fed their lust and eliminated any inhibitions. Donna’s dark bush speckled with gray contrasted with Barbara’s curly orange one. They had obviously collaborated as both were trimmed to a vertical strip ending dramatically at the tip of güvenilir casino their slits. His cock throbbed as their legs spread.

Barbara reached for his shaft and pulled it to her mouth. He gasped at that first touch of her hand and flick of her tongue, a confirmation to him that a woman desired him. It released him from any guilt that he might feel for using their body for his pleasure. He sucked in his breath as she cupped his balls while licking around the knob, her eyes peering upwards to measure his pleasure.

Donna moved in to join her friend. Jim trembled as he pulled their heads to his crotch. He lifted one foot to a stool to provide space for Donna to suck in one of his balls. Barbara swallowed his shaft until the knob brushed the back of her throat.

Jim was in blowjob heaven living out the unique situation of being pleasured by two women experienced in oral sex. Donna scraped her teeth teasingly over his knob causing his toes to curl and his hips to thrust forward. He grit his teeth in an effort to maintain control.

He pulled his cock free and stepped back before dropping to his knees in front of them. Barbara spread her legs as he bent to kiss his way up her inner thighs to her pussy. He ran his tongue along her slit, back to front, enjoying the taste as much as the excitement that he was eliciting from his mistress.

As Barbara settled back braced on her hands, Donna leaned in to kiss her and fondle a tit. She was as aroused as Barbara, her own pussy cramping in response to Barbara’s gentle cries of pleasure.

Suddenly Jim was parting Donna’s legs. His unshaven cheeks teased her velvet skin as he kissed and licked his way to her pussy. She quickly assumed the same position as Barbara, leaning back on her hands while opening her legs to receive the attention of the young stud’s hungry mouth. He flattened his tongue and rubbed it along the length of her slit.

Oh God, it had been some time since she had enjoyed the feel of a man’s mouth on her. She almost got off as he applied a long deep lick along her wide open slit, finishing off at her swollen clit. She came even closer to orgasm when a finger worked its way in beside the tongue before sliding back to tease her butt hole.

Jim had worked himself into an extreme need to fuck someone as the two women grew more excited and ready for sex. He rose up and moved between Barbara’s legs and forced his spring-loaded shaft down to her pussy. She grasped it and rubbed the purple knob between her slippery lips. He teased her, enjoying the sounds of anxious whimpering as she attempted to pull him into her by tugging on his hips. He thrust his hips forward, his cock easily slipping into her waiting love tunnel.

Jim pulled her forward until her pussy was at the edge of the bed allowing him to gain full entry. They settled into a cadence, she timing her hip movements to each of his thrusts while he rubbed his cock side-to-side and top to bottom as he moved in and out.

Jim grit his teeth, his mind focused on the delicious feel of Barbara’s velvet pussy around his cock, simulating the sensation of tiny hot tongues licking his shaft as his knob parted the folds of her liquid vagina.

He glanced at Donna who had assumed the same position as Barbara, her eyes hooded with desire as she anticipated her turn under him.

He would have to move to her very soon in order to successfully live out his fantasy so he pulled out of a protesting Barbara to quickly move between Donna’s spread legs. She forced his erection down and rubbed it on her wet gash.

Donna was better prepared to receive him than she had been the night before. He had needed to enter her with a series of short thrusts to get it all in her. But this time his cock entered smoothly in one long stroke, eliciting loud groans of pleasure from each of them.

He continued fucking her as he pushed her onto the bed, she assisting by using her elbows to scrunch backwards. They were unaware of Barbara inching back with them, desperately waiting for his return.

Jim lowered his body totally along Donna’s, wanting the feel of her soft belly and tits pasted up against him as he dug his knees into the mattress to provide anchor for deep hard thrusts. She hooked her legs around him, digging her heels into the back of his thighs, her arms clenched around his neck while she mindlessly whispered, “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” in his ear.

She got off in an explosion of twisting arms and legs, thrusting her hips upward, lifting him up in her delicious agony still impaled on his hard cock as she exhausted her energy. Her arms and legs dropped back to the bed and she laid spread-eagled heaving for breath. Jim was submerged in the ecstasy of a hot mushy pussy around his shaft and continued to slow fuck, the desire to cream her ran teasingly through his thoughts.

Events were moving too quickly. His vision had been to move back and forth several times between pussies. But one lady was canlı casino already off and he was personally ready to erupt. He pushed up off of her, waiting to the last second to withdraw his greasy cock, still so stiff it was bent upward like a banana. He was so close to getting off that he was not sure he could make it back to Barbara, her eyes wild in anticipation as she waited on her back, legs spread and knees up.

He groaned, “Won’t take long baby.”

“Don’t need long, just get over here,” she demanded.

He was barely in her when it happened. One deep thrust as Barbara jammed her hips upward on his entry. They remained locked together as he unloaded several streams of burning cum. The stroking began once more as Jim pushed up on extended arms to view his lover writhing gently under him as they milked the final pleasure of his slow erotic strokes.

He was barely aware that Donna had moved over them as he and Barb lived out their rigid orgasm and now lay on him in a sort of group hug, her tits grinding his back as she kissed and bit at his shoulders and neck.

“My God, that was the hottest hour of my life,” Donna gasped.

Jim pushed upwards to allow Barbara to escape from under this mess of arms and legs. She scrambled free clutching her pussy to prevent cum from dripping on her bed sheets as she raced for the bathroom.

Jim rolled to his back and free of Donna as she settled on her knees beside him. She was radiant, face flushed and her eyes sparkling with pleasure and energy. Her great tits dangled in front of his eyes. He

reached between her legs to feel and play with her swollen pussy lips.

“You better join Barbara baby. I do recover quickly and if you hang around another few minutes, you’ll be on your back again,” he whispered.

She moaned, “Is that a threat or a promise?” She was trembling in excitement as he deftly rubbed her pussy lips together, massaging them gently, using one finger to locate and tease her clit. She had always loved to be felt after sex, but it had rarely occurred in her experience. She was ready for more.

He pulled his fingers out and whispered, “Go Donna, let me recover for a while, I was too excited. I wanted to go longer. It’s still storming; we’ll have all day and maybe another night. I’ll do better next time.”

She bent over him, swinging her tits in his face, “You’re sure about that lover? I have to make this day pay, I’ll probably never have another chance like this. Promise me there’s more.”

He kissed each nipple and whispered, “I guarantee it.”

Donna grinned as she slipped off of the bed. “Probably a good idea. To wait I mean. We need a break for breakfast don’t we, for energy if nothing else. Especially you trying to please two horny women at once.”

“How am I doing?” Jim asked mischievously.

Donna bent over him once more, ran her tongue around his lips, before slipping it into his mouth and then whispering, “I have never enjoyed a man in bed more than you.” She walked seductively away from him, pausing to look back over her shoulder in her imitation of Marilyn Monroe before joining Barbara in the bathroom.

Preparations for breakfast brought back a sense of normality to the threesome. The ladies were wearing jeans and blouses while Jim had donned his heavier clothes. He was going to shovel out the entrances after breakfast and bring in more firewood. The wind had lessened and the snowfall decreased as temperatures began to plummet.

The telephone buzzed for the first time in days. Barbara answered, “Oh hi Steve, guess you are calling to see if I’m alright. Not to worry, I am good here, lots of food, heat and water, and I know that your schedule will be full clearing the mine site and roads. I’m good until tomorrow, no need to rush out to open my road. Oh, and if the Manager calls looking for his wife, Donna is trapped here with me, so let him know. He’s out of town but was aware that she was coming out to visit me. We have his skidoo so if we need to get out we can. Okay, late today or tomorrow some time would be fine. Don’t work too hard. Bye.” The call had been from the mine Surface Superintendent who was responsible for road and yard maintenance.

Smiles all around, their adventure could continue uninterrupted, no rush to complete their odyssey of sexual experiments. They settled down for breakfast, laughing and joking as if all was normal and that they had not spent the past 24 hours screwing each other.

The ladies competed to serve Jim more coffee or toast or jam or whatever, touching his neck seductively with soft fingers, or brushing against his shoulder with a hip or a breast. The object of this attention smiled contentedly like a master in mediaeval household, occasionally sliding a hand up between the legs of whoever was serving him.

But he had work to do and arose from the table, kissed each lady on the forehead and donned his parka, fur hat and mitts. The ladies giggled at the sight of their paramour bundled up like a Russian peasant in winter.

They cleaned the table and washed the dishes as they listened to him clumping around shoveling and retrieving wood. They stood side by side over the kitchen sink as he made his way down to the lake on snowshoes.

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Dark End of the Street

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“Honey? I really need to get to work, okay?”

“I know, Mom. Sorry. I just really needed to talk to you. I know I’m supposed to be all grown up now that I’m in college, but sometimes, I just need my mom.”

Her mom felt a lump growing in her throat so she swallowed hard to make it go away.

“I’m glad you do, Megan. I miss you so much, and I love when you call. I just don’t have a lot of time right now.”

“Oh, sure. I knew you were getting ready for work. I just needed to say ‘hi’. I’ll call you later, okay?”

“It’s always okay, honey. You know that, right?”

“Of course I do, Mom,” her 19-year old daughter replied.

“Okay. Well, have a wonderful day!” her mom told her, feeling horrible for not being able to spend more time on the phone.

“How could I not, right? I mean I’ve got organic chemistry and calculus today, so it’s pretty much gotta be a wonderful day,” he daughter quipped.

Her mother laughed then said in a more serious tone, “Your father would be so proud of you.”

There was a brief moment of silence before Megan said, “I know he would, Mom, but thank you for saying that. I just miss him so much, you know?”

“Yes. Yes, I know,” her mom said quietly.

There was another pause before she said, “Okay. I really, really have to get to work.”

“Mom?” Megan said before the call ended. “Please tell me you’re not still walking to work. Please?”

The long pause told Megan all she needed to know.

“Mom, if something happens to you…,” her daughter said, the emotion welling up in her voice.

“It won’t,” her mother replied, knowing she couldn’t possibly know that. “I’ll be careful. I always am.”

“That’s what Dad always said. But sometimes being careful isn’t enough.”

“I know. Bye, honey,” her mom said not wanting to get into it again and no longer as concerned about not talking to her daughter if meant talking about that.

Nicole Benson was 43 years old and a practicing psychologist. She and her late husband, Jeremy, had loved running together almost as much as they enjoyed making love, and both of them had dearly loved the intimacy they’d shared for sixteen years.

One of their favorite routes took them past the upscale building where she worked in downtown Seattle via a rather seedy neighborhood in Seattle’s Central District which had grown worse over the last ten years due to the influx of drugs and the crime that followed. Because of that, it had been given the nickname ‘the war zone’.

That route was one of the few things she had left that made her feel like he was still alive and somehow almost with her. She wasn’t delusional and knew that wasn’t true, but the connection she felt whenever she walked through the place where he’d been killed was so strong, she couldn’t give it up…no matter the risk.

And because she was fully grounded in reality, she was fully aware of the risks. She knew because he’d been killed there just over three years ago when he went for a run without her because she wasn’t feeling well. It was her ‘time of the month’ and the worst day of her period, and although that rarely kept her sidelined, it was particularly bad that morning, and she just couldn’t work through the cramping even after having taken some Ibuprofen.

So Jeremy had suited up and went out alone. She felt terrible at not having gotten up to hug him or kiss him when he told her he’d back within an hour. She’d just lain in bed and quietly told him, “Okay. Have fun.”

It was several hours later before she knew, but when he didn’t return after an hour, his stated runtime, she began to worry. However, she knew he might have felt particularly good and extended the run without bothering to call her because she needed to rest.

When a second hour passed, she began to panic. After another thirty minutes, she forced herself out of bed and got dressed. She grabbed her keys and started driving around thinking she might somehow find him alongside the road with a sprained ankle or the like. He rarely took his phone because he didn’t like having to deal with the rectangular-shaped object that was uncomfortable no matter how he carried it, but he’d taken it with him that morning, so her concerns ran wild knowing he could have called were that the case.

Two hours later, she was at wits end, and when she finally gave up looking and pulled into her driveway, her blood ran cold when she noticed there was a police detective waiting for her.

He introduced himself as Detective Walden, and Nicole tentatively said, “Hello.”

When he asked if she was Mrs. Jeremy Benson, her knees went weak, and when the detective said, “Ma’am, I’m sorry to have to inform you that your husband…” they buckled.

Nicole fell to the ground and began sobbing. She only partially heard him let her know there’d been a shooting at the end of one of the streets they ran on in ‘the war zone’. It had still been dark out that December morning, and there wasn’t a functional street light for well over two hundred casino siteleri yards in either direction. It was one of the darkest and scariest places either of them had ever been, and yet they were both trusting souls who truly believed that as long as they minded their own business, no one would take the time to bother them.

After all, they ran in sweats during the winter and didn’t carry any money or anything of value—with the exception of Nicole’s wedding ring or on days like today, Jeremy’s cell phone.

Nicole was aware she’d somehow ended up back inside the house and that the detective was still talking when she heard him say, “We have no idea who did this or why, but I promise you we’ll run every possible lead to ground until we find out what happened.”

Still in shock, Nicole managed to say, “Thank you, Detective. I’m sure you will.”

She may have even smiled, but couldn’t remember. He asked if there was anything he could do or anyone he could call, but Nicole knew she had to tell Megan herself. Her daughter had gone to Jeremy’s parents’ home out in Auburn, a modest-sized city south of Seattle, for the weekend.

As difficult as it had been to hear the news herself, it paled in comparison to having to tell their daughter who nearly came unglued when she heard.

Unable to drive, she dialed their number and spoke to her father-in-law first, who then handed the phone to Megan who’d screamed and shrieked then turned and began hitting her grandfather on the chest as a way of trying to cope with the worst news of her life. He’d just gently grabbed her hands then wrapped his big arms around his granddaughter and held her until she stopped crying.

That first week was still a blur. Nicole had had to ID his body, a gruesome task that had been almost as bad as telling Megan. Then there was the funeral and the burial, and everything else that went with it; things she’d never even thought of until reality forced her to deal with them.

Jeremy’s parents had been her rock through it all. An only child, Nicole had never known her father, and her mother had died five years early from cervical cancer. Without them, she had no idea how she’d have gotten through it, and even now, she still leaned on them when the memories overwhelmed her.

At the time, she’d never stopped to consider how hard it had been on them, but Jeremy had also been an only child, and Nicole had apologized several times since for being so shortsighted and self-centered. Both of them had assured her they understood and that it had been their privilege to be there for her when she’d needed someone the most.

After hanging up with Megan that morning, she locked her door and headed out. She hadn’t gone three blocks before realizing the place where she’d lived for so many years was now in danger of being absorbed as ‘territory’ by the gangs that controlled the turf just one more block away. There had been a slow, steady creep of infringement as the drug wars escalated and the gang activity increased, especially over the last three years.

Even so, she couldn’t bring herself to move and leave the only place she and her husband had ever lived together. Even more important to her, it was the place where Megan had lived from the day they brought her home from the hospital until the day she left for college just three months ago.

A few minutes later, she entered ‘the war zone’ where graffiti covered virtually every square inch of free surface area on either side of the street. The sun was up so the lack of lighting wasn’t a big deal, and yet she still shuddered against the cold December wind as she kept walking.

It wasn’t uncommon for someone to whistle or cat call, but most mornings, the streets were empty as most of the ‘activity’ took place from dusk to dawn. That’s when the deals went down and gunshots rang out, more and more often as the months went by.

As a mental health professional, Nicole was convinced that anyone, even drug dealers and gang-bangers, could change if given the kind of psychological tools needed to do so. Her in-laws, who loved her dearly, had suggested more than once they considered her a bit too idealistic if not downright pollyannish. Naive or not, Nicole had to retain her faith in humanity because she feared that if she ever lost it, she’d be no different than those who’d killed her husband.

So with all that on her mind, she tried to shift her focus to the day’s events, as she continued on her way to work. She had a new patient scheduled for 9am, and his intake file had intrigued her. His name was Nicholas Abrams, and the similarity of their first names wasn’t lost on her. He was being seen for PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder. She saw that he was a police officer as well as a former Marine who’d been in combat two different times, and her first question was why he wasn’t using the VA (Veteran’s Administration) rather than a private practitioner like herself. As a police officer, she new health insurance was offered to him, but she güvenilir casino had no way of knowing whether or not he’d rejected it for some odd reason. For whatever reason, he didn’t list having insurance and would be paying out of pocket. It was none of her business, but it had crossed her mind a time or two. She was still debating whether or not to even ask when she arrived at the place where Jeremy had been killed.

His body had been dragged off after being shot three times when he evidently ran by just as a huge deal was going down. Nicole would probably never know the exact details, but Detective Walden later informed her the police believed he’d said something to the group of young men as he got close. Knowing Jeremy, it was probably nothing more than, “Good morning!” or maybe, “Excuse me, guys!” as he tried to go around them.

She’d been told that the only person who’d ever talked to the detectives said he believed at least one of those young men thought Jeremy was a cop. Even though that made no sense to her, Nicole had no other alternative but to believe that’s what happened. This quasi-informant said someone reacted immediately and pulled a gun shooting Jeremy twice in the chest and once in the head when the shooter and another gang member jumped in front of him to shield the exchange of drugs for money.

It was over in seconds. To her, it was a brutal, violent, senseless death. But to them, it was nothing more than the elimination of a potentially dangerous ‘detail’ they couldn’t risk not taking care of. And just like that, his life had been snuffed out, while the lives of those who’d loved him had been forever altered.

She moved quickly through that fateful place, the area Detective Walden had called ‘the dark end of the street’ and within another three blocks, she reentered civilization and in one more block, was in an entirely different world unsullied by gangs and violence.

She took the elevator to the third floor then headed down the hall to her office where her administrative assistant cheerfully greeted her the way she did every day.

“Good morning, Dr. Benson!”

“Hi, Kathy. How are you today?”

“Wonderful! And you?” the older woman asked just as cheerfully.

“Great,” Nicole said, not wanting to get into an actual discussion in which she’d have to explain the many things that had once again crossed her mind on her way to work.

“Well, your 9 o’clock is in Room 1,” Kathy told her.

Nicole looked at her watch and it was only 8:45.

“How long has he been here?”

“Oh, he was waiting for me when I opened up at 8:30,” was the reply. “I let him in and had him fill out the standard forms, and I have to say, he’s…very handsome!”

“Oh,” was all Nicole said.

“He has the most gorgeous-but-sad eyes I’ve ever seen,” Kathy said as she continued bubbling away. “And he’s tall and he’s, well…you’ll see.”

“All right. Let me get settled and I’ll be with him by nine.”

Nicole opened her office door, sat down at her desk, and turned on her computer. As it booted up, she poured herself a cup of coffee Kathy always had ready, then opened the file on this young man with the ‘amazing eyes.’

She hadn’t met him yet, as he’d only made an appointment and done so on line. She still didn’t have much information on him even after reviewing the forms Kathy had had him fill out.

She did note he was 27 years old, and that he, too, had a daughter. His was only four years old, and Nicole smiled when she thought back on how precious and sweet Megan had been at that age. She quickly reviewed everything else she could find then sat there and sipped her coffee until exactly 9am.

She popped a couple of Tic-Tacs in her mouth to kill the mocha flavor she so dearly loved but others often found offensive, picked up the file, then walked across the hall to Room 1 and tapped on the door.

She opened it, then almost as cheerfully as her assistant said, “Good morning!”

She closed the door, walked over to him, and extended her hand, “Hi. I’m Doctor Benson.”

Her patient stood up, smiled back at her, then said, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Doctor Benson. I’m Nick Abrams.”

Within a second or two, Nicole realized that everything Kathy had told her was true—and then some. She was 5’7″ and in the heels she’d changed into once she got to work, she was 5’10” and he was still a good 2-3 inches taller than her.

But it was those eyes that really caught her off guard in spite of the early warning. They were indeed ‘sad’ but they were also captivating to the point of being mesmerizing. His smile was nearly as gorgeous as his thick, dark hair, but it was the eyes she found simply amazing.

“Please have a seat,” she said as she tried not to stare.

She opened his chart, but before she could say another word, he spoke.

“I had no idea you were so beautiful,” he said, in a friendly, rich, baritone voice accompanied by that incredible smile of his.

Nicole still got complimented canlı casino fairly often, but at 43, she no longer felt beautiful or anything close to it, and the compliment seemed particularly nice because it had been offered so sincerely.

Because she still ran, her one relief from the non-stop stress and grief that had haunted her for nearly the entire first two years after Jeremy’s death, her body was still in very good condition. She was more critical when it came to her face even though it showed no visible signs of someone over 40. Her skin was still tight and free of even a hint of wrinkles, and that included her eyes, the place that usually gave away a woman’s age before anything else. Perhaps she was just too self-critical, but she’d never describe herself as ‘beautiful’ anymore, but were she forced to do so, she might be willing to say she could be considered ‘attractive’. Not gorgeous, by any means, by maybe…attractive.

Her shoulder-length hair was almost always worn up at work, and this day was no exception. Even so, she had no way of knowing her new patient found it as attractive as her very-pretty face and her obviously well-toned body. He wasn’t a flirt by any means, he just found himself unable to keep from saying what he’d said and didn’t regret doing so.

His comment surprised her to the point she hadn’t responded some 3-4 seconds later as she sat there trying to make sense of it.

She kind of shook her head slightly, smiled again, then said, “Oh. Well, thank you. That’s very kind of you to say.”

“I know this is a professional relationship. I was just so surprised when you walked in that I had to mention that. I hope it came across the way I meant it.”

He smiled again then added, “I’m not sure what it was that I was expecting, but it definitely wasn’t…”

He used both hands in a way that indicated he was referring to her as a ‘package deal’ and finished his comment with, “This,” as his hands helped her make the connection.

Nicole had been flirted with at work before by male patients, and were she to be honest, it had happened for as long as she’d been practicing. It didn’t happen very often anymore, but it did still occasionally take place.

She paid no attention to it the entire time she was married, as Jeremy was her whole life. After his death, she’d had no interest in dating, and especially not one of her patients, so she’d ignored it then, too.

So why had his comment made her feel like she didn’t know what to say when saying things was how she made her living?

Only then did she see the gold band on his left hand, and that was enough to snap her back to the cold reality of trying to help him in whatever way he needed.

“So…what brings you in, Nick?” she asked assuming she could use his first name.

He didn’t object and replied, “I uh…I can’t get the image of my wife’s death out of my head.”

His reply shocked her even more than his kind compliment or his very surprising appearance.

“Nick, I’m so very sorry,” she said immediately with total sincerity. “Do you feel like telling me what happened? If not, we can start somewhere else and move toward that later on.”

“No. It’s okay,” he told her. “I just don’t want anyone at work knowing I’m here. Well, no one besides the person who gave me your name, anyway.”

Her forms told her he was a cop, but she asked where he worked anyway.

“I’m a City of Seattle police officer,” he told her.

“And if you use your insurance…” she said as the ‘light came on’.


“Okay. But as a veteran, can’t you use the VA?” she asked now thinking that might be an option.

He smiled again then told her, “Ironically, I make too much money.”

“Oh, I wasn’t aware that mattered,” she replied.

“If you’re wounded in combat, you’re in a higher category for treatment. I wasn’t, so I’m way down the priority list. I am eligible, but only if I earn about $15,000 less per year than I currently make. So as it is, that isn’t an option for me.”

“I had no idea,” Nicole told her. “Okay. So if you’re ready to talk about it, please tell me as much as you’re comfortable sharing.”

Nick leaned back, exhaled loudly then said, “We were driving home from dinner just over two years ago this month, and I wanted to save some time and cut through a part of town my wife didn’t care for. Our daughter, who’d just turned two, was in the back in her car seat, and even then I didn’t think much about it. After all, I’m a cop who always carries a weapon, and I was a Marine, so just driving through someplace is no big deal, right?”

Nicole didn’t answer, she just sat there and waited for him to continue.

“Anyway, I turned into the Central District just a few blocks from here when we both heard a loud, ‘Pop! Pop!’ My wife, Cindy, asked me if that was a gunshot, and I calmly said, ‘Yeah, but it was just a pistol. No need to worry, right?”

“And?” Nicole finally said.

“And a few seconds later, three rounds hit our car. I didn’t even know Cindy had been shot for a couple of seconds after that.”

“Nick. I’m so sorry,” Nicole said again.

Without acknowledging her comment, Nick said, “That’s because the round that killed her came from directly in front of us.”

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Dear Cum – Licky Lovegroove

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I think we can all heave a huge and much-needed sigh of relief at the knowledge that we’ve all nearly reached the end and there isn’t much more of this shit. So, splash yourself out a glass of pink poison, give it a little swirl in the glass so it refracts the light, and then chuck it down your throat not letting it touch the sides on its way down. Just consider it a medicinal necessity. And with that, let’s go ‘to the letter’. Dear Crumbs in the bed Girl,I am fucking a “hot wife” almost every other night while her husband watches. I usually enjoy this sort of arrangement, but this particular husband insists on giving me orders like a drill sergeant every second of the encounter. It’s really starting to affect my performance.How do I get him to just sit down, shut off, and jerk off while I give his wife the orgasm of her life?Thanks!Stud WallingDear Stud,Excuse me for being pedantic but you are a bloke aren’t you? And by bloke I mean a proper blokey bloke and not some wishy-washy Bohemian type with a frilled shirt and shoulder-length hair or some god-awful piece of hippy shit. Because, if you are a bloke then what could be simpler than following instructions?Now, I’ve known a lot of men-folk, and intend to get to know quite a few more. Whilst I wouldn’t use the words inspirational or creative to describe any of them, the one thing you can guarantee is that give them a nice bit of flat-pack furniture or some fiddly bits of plastic and some glue, all accompanied by endless pages of non-sensical instructions and they are happier than pigs rolling in shit.As a wife of some experience with several of the rides available on the used car lot, I have spent innumerable years training each and every one of my spouses in their bedroom duties. I do not make such an investment in their general education out of the goodness of my heart. No. I do it so that they have a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities. Specifically, for them to provide the exact sexual pleasuring I require delivered within the manner and time frame I have decreed. The last thing any wife wants is their chosen hubby getting all creative in the bedrooming department.Now if I’m enjoying myself in a series of marital clichés; his mouth feasting upon my cherry-bite nipples, my finger wiggling in his tight anal star, a vibe pulsing yummily within my sloppy near-orgasmic snatch, the last thing I want is him getting all ‘inspired’ and sticking dowel F into hole W. If I want dowel F in Hole W, I’ll tell him, but I don’t. I want Lips A pursed tightly about Clit B with just a little gentle nibbling from Teeth C coupled with sporadic lashings of Tongue D through the soaking morass of Cunt E. Then as my pleasure starts to rise, he can extend Hand F to find either Nipple G or Nipple H, whereupon he can engage in some light frotage, teasing and tweaking. Tongue D can now commence its assault on Clit B with firm flicks interspersed with more extended upward licks from perineum I through Cunt E and back to flicking at Clit B. Fingers J and K on Hand L can now be inserted into Anus M and commence rampant fucking of Canal N with their tips rubbing up against the vibe buried in Cunt E. At this point, Hips O will start bucking wildly bahis siteleri and Thighs P and Q will squeeze tight about his face. Hand R will grab Hair S, keeping him fixed in position as I grind Cunt E across Tongue D, Nose T, and Mouth U. He should now release Hand F from their position on Nipple G or H and press down on Stomach V as I ride his prostrate and obedient spousal Face W to my well-deserved and much-needed Orgasms X, Y, and Z.And to be completely honest, Wally Stud, if a simpleton like my husband can follow instructions successfully, then I can’t, for the life of me, understand why you can’t.Yours exasperated at having to deal with such inane shit and wondering whether Rashid does home delivery at 4.00 in the morning because the fridge seems almost bare again,Cum Girl (Mrs)Beep de beepity beepYay! Dick pic!Well, well, well, look at that fine example of masculinity. Now that most certainly is a big black cock. Not sure I can widen my pupils far enough to take it all in. And what a get-up; you don’t get many cocks all dressed up in a silk turban and matching cape. I’d know that dick anywhere though I’m not sure why it’s been sent to me. Ahhh, that explains it. He’s sent it to his entire friend list. No doubt he got over-excited and slapped that monster down on the keyboard in wild abandonment. It is, of course, Princess LaVonne herself, the one and only, too black, too gay, and too holy for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, Mr, and this is a complete misnomenaclature, Little Richard. Well, it was sweet of him to share but I’m not going to get myself too excitable, though maybe, just perhaps, he might like to give that baby an away day vacation in my botty hole if he’s got no other takers. I’ll just pop him off an invite and whilst I await his reply, let’s go ‘to a letter’.Dear Crumble,My wife keeps losing her head just because I keep falling for anything in a skirt. Any advice on how to make marriage number six last?Yours,HenryDear Tentpole Tudor,You’ll have to excuse me but I think I might be a bit squiffy. Besides, I’m struggling to see what your problem is.Now the thing with us wives is that we are creatures of emotion, our every action and reaction defined by our ‘moods’ and you, as a mere humble ‘wife lover’ can’t really be expected to attune yourself to our wild and unpredictable behaviours. Certainly, it is one of the many, many reasons that we shouldn’t be expected to make important decisions or be left in charge of anything; with the possible exception of ovens and hoovers and washing machines and irons. So the mere fact that your wives react so unpredictably to minor bouts of infidelity is, I’m afraid, just the way of the world.But, well done you for all your tremendous dedication. Too many menfolk give the position of spouse a single attempt and then, when the inevitable fracturing occurs, retire to the nearest public house and spend the rest of their days starring into the bottom of a pint glass. Which, of course, is entirely unhelpful and results in far too many wannabe wives clogging up WI Cake Sales and spending 24/7 in the firm and attentive grip of vibrating pleasure accessories; which is doing absolutely nothing for global warming.Because none of us canlı bahis siteleri really want to be left on the shelf gathering dust bunnies in our nooks and crevices. So keep going, Henry, you are giving the world and, especially us wifely types, a good servicing. And what bit of skirt doesn’t want to discover what a gentleman keeps tucked away in his rather obvious and splendid codpiece. Certainly, I know I’m game. That’s ‘game’, not ‘on the game’ though if you do want to shower me in various expensive and sparkly gifts that might be a girl’s best friend, then who am I to complain.Yours perfectly willing to invite you to enjoy the tender caresses of my petal-like lips whenever you desire. It might not be a red-and-white rose but it is carnivorous and knows how to suck the goodness out of any meat trapped within its tender embrace,Cum Girl (Mrs)Ps. Is there currently a vacancy for the position of Mrs Henry and would the successful applicant be likely to receive any diamonds?Pps. Fancy meeting around the back of The Queen’s Head next Tuesday for a bit of a hanky-panky by the bins? If you bring your chopper, I’ve got a nice bit of flesh for you to bury it in.Diamonds, as is well-recorded, are a girl’s best friend but that certainly wouldn’t prevent me from being friendly with some pearls or emeralds or rubies or even some lesser stones. Even good old-fashioned cash is acceptable if Bitcoins are not available. As a truly modern wife of financial expectation, I do insist that any potential husband does come accompanied by a dowry and I am always keen to emphasise that the position of Mr Cum is of a temporary nature and that the current resident shouldn’t get his slippers too settled and should always ensure that they have a backup bed available for them to go and scratch their bollocks, fart, and snore of a nighttime. And talking of potential Mr Cums, it seems like there might be a female version offering herself up in the final letter.That’s the final letter. We can all rejoice that this shitstorm is nearly complete. So for one last time, let’s go ‘to the letter’.Dear Mrs Mmm Girl,I seem to have developed a disturbing weakness for wives. Other people’s, obviously. Single girls just don’t do it for me and I guess you could say I’m a bit of a wife lover. I don’t know why but they make my knees go weak and all I can think about is kneeling between their deliciously spread thighs and giving them the pleasure they deserve. Fortunately, my neighbour’s wife is fat and ugly, so I reckon I’m okay on the being godly front, but there’s a niggling doubt right at the back of my mind that tells me this is perhaps not the healthiest of routes.What should I do Missus? (mmm)Yours, with trembling knees,Desirée MuffDear Desires Muff,Finally. At last. A letter that truly understands the devotional requirements of wife worshipping. Banish doubt, sweet little Desirée, and allow yourself to wallow in desire.Now it might be the case that your neighbour is a fat old trout with all the sexual allure of a fat old trout, but cast your net wider, or even use your free weekends to stalk about the used car lots nearby to see what wifely models are on offer. You might not find yourself a Lamborghini but I bet canlı bahis they’ve got quite a few Mazda MX5s knocking around for you to sample.So place that wife on her pedestal where she belongs, resplendent in her divinity. As you, unworthy acolyte crawl in subjugated need. Eyes gazing smitten and adoring into her perfect visage, hand in front of hand, knees scraping across the floor, breasts swaying with your every progression as your buttocks wiggle in hope and expectation, and your unworthy yet so unbelievably achy, pulsing, and dribbling sex coats the top of your thighs with your hopeful nectar.Should you be blessed, Desirée, your tongue might be allowed to graze its way along the arch of her foot’s instep, the taste of her thickening on your tongue and invading your mouth as you dissolve into worshipful bliss. Maybe you’ll be allowed to cleanse and suckle her pinkie piggies. One by one. Pulling them into the pool of your salivating mouth. Tongue delving between each one to pay homage to her hidden flesh.So much hidden flesh to explore, gradually revealed to your insistent, barely contained need, her incomparable sex obvious and pouting before your ogling, upturned eyes, her ambrosia bubbling betwixt her spread, swollen labia. A glorious pink, fleshy flower oozing provocatively with barely suppressed want.And if you are good. If you are a perfect pleasure. If, mind blank, body trembling, mouth panting with Desirée’s desire, you ascend those parted thighs towards that humid entrapment of your obsessive adoration in total subjugation, she might invite you on with a ‘come hither’ smile as she guides you into the nurturing heart of her soaked cunt.After which, no doubt, she’ll fuck, use and abuse you until you are just empty, mindless, flesh trapped for all eternity as her wanton, desperate sex slave. And what could possibly be nicer than that?So cast aside doubt, Desirée, and embrace your future as some wifely goddess’ sexual plaything and fucktoy. You know you want to.Yours feeling rather pleased with myself for having started some sweet little thing on their journey to becoming useful and worth inviting around for ‘afternoon tea in the bedroom’,Cum Girl (Mrs)So there we have it, our story is done. The ‘not very spectacular’ has ‘not very spectacularlised’. Wives have found lovers and lovers have found wives. Advice has been dispensed and we are all better, and dare I say it, wiser for the experience. And what’s more, it is time for me to clear away the empties and climb the wooden hill to Bedfordshire. But, just before I go a few words of thanks.Thank you to my fellow authors and Lushland denizens for supplying the questions. So thank you to Armagnac, Brookell, Daisy Chained, Darkside, Deviant Susie, Dronette56, Elektra, JamesLlewellyn, Jocd, Kiteares, and O’Cuin. Also a special thanks to the anonymous extra set of eyes for volunteering themself to verify this excessively wordy, light-on-content, with barely any sexy bits, monster. I need to say a very special thank you to Daisy Chained for her support despite my obsessive behaviour.Finally, I must thank you, dear Saddo, for persevering through these 11,500 words and to all of you who have read, commented or written to me about any of the twenty-four stories I’ve published in my Omnium quest an extra special ‘Thank you’.I’ve been Cum Girl. You’ve been a lovely bunch of Saddos. Goodnight and may your days and nights be fulfilled and blessed with pleasure.

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