Jasper’s Touch

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Jasper felt so good as always. His warmth passive and constant inside me as he did what he always did when we fucked, he paused clutching my shoulders so tight in order to get a maximum penetration- leaning behind me as I was bent astride the kitchen table – with cushions heaped neatly beneath my front for my comfort.

Jasper was always the considerate lover. He liked everything to be as perfect as could be including when we fucked. He simply adored experimenting ;trying me in different positions which was always nice; and I felt one lucky guy to have as a loving partner and someone so caring as Jasper.

“It feels so good with you, Pete” Jasper whispered, adjusting his stance slightly which created a wonderful sensual sensation inside me, “How does this feel?”

Still in the trance of his fuck, he withdrew his heavenly cock out of me which created a sort of squelching sound which is the best way to describe it, but almost immediately inserted it again with a prominent thrust. Then he repeated the action several times, withdrawing and then inserting and I felt my rear end dancing about like jelly.

“That feels good Huh Pete? He breathed as he paused again, deep inside me – and I felt the intense throbbing again which really set me up for what was to come.

I whispered that it was wonderful and I knew he was having the time of his life. I knew too he would give me the most wonderful oral seeing too bahis firmaları after the fuck, when everything there would be numb and well worked and very wide , the feel of his tongue rimming me was delightfully thrilling, he’d lick and suck me up like there was no tomorrow, and by the time he had spent some time doing that, he’d want what he called a second round, but usually this time with him laying on his back on the rich pile carpet and me crouching over him.

I loved that almost as much as I liked it bare back. It put me in charge and I was able to give his swollen cock my full attention.

I discovered the joys of smothering him was something that we both utterly loved the feel of his mouth around my balls and cock and then my ass, slowly easing down until his face was covered with my down and under, which he called aptly; going to Australia.

He urged me to move this way and then that; so that he could get the very best of me, with him doing all that was fantastic enough; but when he stretched back my foreskin revealing my knob and sucked my p-hole that was so very sensitive, the feeling was out of this world and he would suck and suck until it spurted like a proverbial volcano. And even then he wanted more of me, his passion seemed to be forever – he just grabbed my expended cock – squeezing it as one squeezes a toothpaste tube, and sucked up the residue, bringing it to life again – dragging both my kaçak iddaa cock and balls over his face which was glistening with my hot fresh spunk.

His smile said it all and I loved him so much. I loved and cherished him doing all those things to me with so much fervour and zest and always looked forward to our weekends when most of our time was spent with wondrous foreplay and fucking,

I craved for the taste of him in bed, when we’d simply nourish and enjoy each other, the scent and taste of him was always out of this world. Feeling him grow so big in my mouth as I slowly sucked to enjoy the full flavour and nectar. We seemed to take it in turns so each could savour the feel and taste of each other – and then it would happen simultaneously which was equally as thrilling.

He was beautiful – he had a cock which I adored and could not leave alone, from the time we met until the time we parted. It was beautiful and for the week between our meets I could still taste the earthiness of his sweet cock and most of all I could still feel it wedged deep inside my hole like it belonged there.

It felt so beautiful I ached for it when we were parted But Jasper being the sweet guy he was, spared no expense in presenting me with an replica of his tackle Japanese style, those Japs certainly know a lot about how important sexual pleasure and gratification is.

It almost felt ;like the real thing, but in the middle kaçak bahis of the week when I was pining for it, it certainly eased my pent- up urge for cock – and with a little imagination, which I am good at, the magical feel and vibration of this cute vibrator gave me many soothing fucks and solved that mid week crisis – sometimes with the added bonus of hearing the sound of Jasper wanking over the mobile phone. Delicious!

But come the weekend I was always ready for the real thing, to feel Jasper’s wonderful primed heated cock inside me once more. Those always thrilling manoeuvres as he gave me quality time with so much sensuality, the ribbed condoms were magnificent – I always enjoyed them, and when he plastered me in edible paint which was a real thrill, his warm tongue licking over every intimate part of me until I was absolutely writhing for his hard stiff fuck and no messing, And he would give it to me, and how! He enjoyed spanking too, over his knee, sometimes he liked to spank me soundly over my tight jeans, other times when I wore my boxer shorts , or just bare ass, he spanked me until I plead for him to stop, my ass cheeks like big red plums. It bloody stung, of course it did, but knowing it was something Jasper so enjoyed from time to time I relented, but the feeling of his deep coconut oil massage afterwards soothed the pain away, and better still the way he said he loved to fuck me after a spanking.

It was all so very wonderful and I always yearned to be quality ass for him. It was just something about his touch that spurred me on to do anything he wanted; and I know I have so much more experiences to enjoy with Jasper.

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Jason’s Trip to Mexico Ch. 04

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Jason was pushed into the jail cell by the two officers causing him to stumble and fall, landing on top of a large snoring drunk inmate as the cell door clanged shut.

“OOOOFFFFF!” the large hairy sweaty inmate exclaimed as his eyes flew open and he glared at the naked blond stud that landed on his belly. “I’m so sorry, the cops threw me in here and I tripped.” Jason said while moving quickly off of the inmate and sitting on the end of the cot.

The inmate was about 6ft 2 and 250 lbs. With black curly hair and a close dark trimmed beard and mustache. He had thick busy eyebrows and a straight nose and very dark eyes, dark skin and was ruggedly handsome. He looked like an outdoors/blue color working type man with very solid arms and chest with curly black hair covering his arms and sprouting from his chest where the long sleeve checkered red and white shirt was unbuttoned. He was wearing jeans and a belt with a large belt buckle and snake skin cowboy boots. Jason saw a cowboy hat that was perched on the corner of the cot.

The hairy inmate rubbed his eyes and sat up looking intently at Jason. “You American?” he asked in very good English. “Yes… Thank god someone speaks English here!” Jason exclaimed with excitement. “I used to live in L.A. for many years before the migra deported me.” The big inmate said as he reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out a pack of Marlboro’s and a lighter. “You want one?” the inmate looked at Jason as he stuck the match and lit up the cigarette. “No thanks I don’t smoke. Jason replied.

“My name is Carlos Gutierrez.” the hairy man said as he took a deep drag from the cigarette and turned his head and blew it out of the corner of his mouth and sticking his hand out. “Jason Reed.” Jason said as he grasped the big man’s hand in a tight grip.

Carlos narrowed his eyes looking at Jason up and down. “How the fuck did you end up in here and why are you naked and smelling like cum?” Carlos asked with a smirk.

Jason began to tell him the events that led him to be in Jail. As he told the story Carlos continued to observe Jason intently his eyes wide open until the story was finished. “Damn that is fucked up dude, I can’t believe those cops did that to you man.” Carlos said. “Yeah it is fucked up! This was supposed to be a vacation.” Jason said his eyes downcast. “How did you end up in here” Jason asked.

“Well I got into some trouble at the cantina here in town.” Carlos said stubbing out his cigarette on the floor. “I had a lot to drink and I was fucking horny. I got a big cock and the bitches are always teasing me but then they chicken out when they see it and won’t let me fuck them.” Carlos said with a sneer. “Oh man that sucks.” Jason said.

“Yeah there was this hot bitch walking in front of the cantina, long black hair, big tits and a big round ass, man she was HOT!” Carlos said as he reached down and groped his crotch. Jason saw a large bulge running down the right leg of Carlos’s tight jeans. “She was staring and smiling at me and I figured she was coming on to me big time getting my dick hard. So I went out to her and grabbed her ass and tried to kiss her. Damn she started yelling and slapped me and said I was trying to rape her. Turns out she is El Capitán’s daughter and he sent his two goons to the cantina and they arrested me.” Carlos said with a grimace.

Jason blanched with the mention of El Capitán, remembering the beating with the belt, the spanking and the huge cock that was rammed up his ass. “What about those guys?” Jason nodded towards the two dark stocky Mexicans that were both passed out snoring on the other cots; they both had shaved heads and were wearing wife-beaters and tattoos all over their arms from what Jason could observe. “I dunno who they are, or what they did but they were already here and passed out drunk even before I got thrown in this hole.” Carlos replied.

“I gotta get the fuck out of this hell hole.” Jason said shaking his head. Carlos contemplated that as he took another drag on his cigarette blowing smoke out to the side. “Well the way things work in Mexico is, you sometimes can make a deal with the cops and pay a fine and that makes the problem go away.” Carlos said shrugging his shoulders. “My money is back at the hotel; could you lend me some money or maybe pay both of our fines so we can get out of here? I promise to pay you back.” Jason pleaded.

“Hmmm, I dunno.” Carlos said scratching his head. “I don’t got a lot of money and the cops might want a lot to make this go away.” Carlos replied. “PLEASE…I’ll pay you back extra as soon as I can get to the hotel.” Jason said. Carlos pondered this while gazing at the gringo.

He saw the big smooth muscular arms and chest, the big round pecs with large swollen pink nipples. Damn, those big round muscular pecs and pink nipples kinda look like a bitch’s titties. Carlos thought as he reached down and groped his enlarging cock in his jeans. He lit up another cigarette taking a drag then blowing it out the güvenilir bahis side of his mouth as he looked down at Jason’s cock. He saw the silver trail of cum leading from Jason’s flaccid cock head leading down to his thigh that had begun to dry and crust over. Hmmm, It looks like this guy shot a load but he said the cops fucked him in the ass. I wonder if he gets off on getting fucked? Carlos pondered. Carlos had not had a good fuck in a while and he was very horny and this gringo was going to have to earn his help.

“We may be able to work things out, but first you are going to have to do something for me.” Carlos said with a lustful glint in his eyes. “Uh, what kind of favor?” Jason asked. “Well, it looks to me like you got off on getting fucked because I can see where you shot a load from your cock.” Carlos said leering at Jason as he blew smoke right into his face. Jason coughed nervously, “Fuck, I can’t take any more of this shit, my ass is sore!” Jason grumbled.

“Well I guess you’ll have to stay here and take more cop dick up your ass.” Carlos said with a sneer as he stubbed out his cigarette. Jason’s shoulders dropped and he put his head down completely defeated. Fuck I gotta get out of here and this is going to be my only way. Jason thought.

“Ok, but you gotta promise to go easy on me.” Jason replied. “Oh baby I will treat you like a princesa!” Carlos said his face lit up with excitement. “Take off my boots.” Carlos ordered. Jason got down and began to pull of the cowboy boots and socks.

Carlos stood and began unbuttoning his shirt revealing a pelt of thick black curly chest hair covering his muscular chest and belly and arms. He unbuckled his pants and Jason saw he wasn’t wearing any underwear as Carlos lowered them taking them off. Jason gaped at the semi hard fat uncut cock that flopped out hanging down to Carlos’s knees. Oh shit he does have a huge cock. Jason thought with apprehension, knowing what was coming.

Carlos lay back down on the cot with his legs spread and his huge cock thickening and pulsing with desire. “Come over here and suck my big cock baby and get it nice and wet.” Carlos said, his eyes half closed with lust. Jason got on the cot putting his face close to the big growing rod, smelling Carlos’s sweat and ripe balls. He looked down at the pink mushroom head peeking out of the dark foreskin and with each throb of the cock the head began to emerge from the retracting skin until it had popped out glistening and rising until it stood straight up.

Jason grabbed the base of the huge rod which he could barely wrap his hand around and brought his mouth to the big pink mushroom head. He began licking around the head and shaft causing Carlos to moan. “Oh yeah baby … just like that” Carlos said his eyes closed in ecstasy. Jason then stretched his mouth wide to accommodate the fat head as it went deep into his mouth hitting his throat as he began to bob his head on the huge cock. “OOOOOOOHHHHHHH fuck that feels so good…you suck better than any bitch!” Carlos groaned as he reached down and began to caress and rub Jason’s buzzed head.

Jason kept bobbing up and down on the huge cock his jaw beginning to ache from being stretched open so wide. “I sure hope he shoots his load soon so maybe he won’t be able to fuck me. Jason thought as he continued to suck the big pole. “Suck my balls baby.” Carlos whispered. Jason took the big glistening prick out of his mouth and began to lick the hairy golf ball sized balls. The scrotum was drawn up tight as he licked each ball salty with sweat as the huge rod throbbed and leaked clear precum from the head. Jason continued to lick and suck on the big hairy balls as he jacked Carlos’s huge cock.

Carlos reached down and put his hand on the top of Jason’s head, lifting his head off of his balls and stared at him in the eyes with lust. “Come up here and lay on top of me baby.” Carlos said. Jason moved himself up lying on top of the hairy stud, feeling the thick pelt of curly black chest hair rubbing against his smooth chest and belly. Carlos wrapped his big muscular arms around Jason’s torso and brought his face very close to Jason’s gazing deeply into his blue eyes.

Jason looked into the half closed dark eyes as he felt Carlos bring his lips to his mouth. He felt Carlos’s tongue enter his mouth and begin deep kissing him as Carlos began to run his hands over Jason’s back and down to cup his butt cheeks. As Carlos deep kissed and probed his mouth with his tongue, his hands massaged and groped the melon ass globes spreading them apart and he felt a finger begin to rub against his hole.

Jason gasped as the finger began probing and entering his tender hole causing Jason to clench his ass cheeks tightly together.

Carlos stopped kissing him and gazed into his blue eyes. “Relax baby….let daddy play with your tight little hole.” Carlos whispered lustfully as he brought his fingers up to Jason’s mouth entering with the first two digits. “Get them nice and wet baby.” Carlos türkçe bahis whispered as Jason began to suck the salty fingers. He brought the glistening fingers out of Jason’s mouth and brought them down to the tight hole as he began to circle and lightly probe the hole. “Please….. It’s so sore. “Jason moaned as the fingers entered his tender butthole spreading the lips apart and sliding in deeper. Although Jason’s hole was tender, the probing of his hole was causing his ball sack to rise up and tighten and his cock was beginning to engorge.

Carlos felt Jason’s cock begin to get hard against his belly. “Oh baby your little cock is getting hard, I think you like your hole played with.” Carlos whispered grinning as he pushed his fingers deeper into Jason’s hole pressing his prostate gland. “OOOOOHHHHHHHH!” Jason moaned as the thick fingers massaged his gland causing his cock to throb and leak clear precum. Carlos brought his mouth back to Jason’s and began to deep kiss him probing his tongue deep into his mouth as he worked his fingers in and out of the hole and pressing deep and massaging the gland.

Carlos stopped kissing Jason and gazed lustfully into his blue eyes. “Sit on my cock baby.” Carlos murmured. Jason moved to stand up putting a foot on either side of Carlos’s waist and then squatted down. Carlos watched the beefy blond, his erect pink cock straight up against belly with the bulging biceps and big pecs squat down while Carlos reached down and grabbed the big melon globes with each hand spreading them apart until the pink tight hole touched the oozing mushroom head of his cock.

Jason felt the fat mushroom head against his hole and he began to let himself ease down on the huge cock slowly grimacing in pain. “OOOOOHHHHH.” Jason moaned as the fat cock began to spread and slide in his slippery hole. Carlos watched the beefy stud squatting down on his big prick, while he reached up and began to flick and pinch Jason’s pink nipples. “Yeah baby take my big cock up your ass….fuck you feel so good!” Carlos groaned as he began to thrust his pelvis as he advanced his cock up Jason’s chute.

Jason finally hit bottom feeling Carlos’s big balls against his cheeks his asshole stretched wide over the huge cock as he began to flex his huge muscular thighs riding up and down on the pole.

“Fuck baby slow down or you’re gonna make me shoot!” Carlos whispered as the beefy stud bounced up and down on his big prick. The cot was squeaking loudly as the two men fucked and Jason’s hard cock bounced up and down as he rode the cock. Carlos reached down and began jacking Jason’s fat cock as the blond muscular stud bounced up and down, the huge cock sliding in and out of his hole.

“OH baby I’m so close!” Carlos murmured his eyes closed as he thrust deeper into Jason’s chute. Slap…slap…slap….slap….slap…slap…the fucking increased and the cot squeaked louder as the two sweating studs fucked. “OH FUCK I’m gonna SHOOT!” Jason cried out as Carlos rammed his big cock deep, shooting hot cum in Jason’s bowels. SPLAT… SPLAT… SPLAT… Jason began shooting ropes of come all over Carlos’s furry chest.

The loud fucking woke up one of the other inmates in the next cot; they both were drug dealers that were in and out of Jail frequently. One of the thugs opened his eyes and looked over, his eyes widened in disbelief and then narrowed with lust watching the beefy muscular blond riding the hairy man’s cock. The dark stocky inmate then closed his eyes pretending he was still asleep. Jason now spent, began to lift himself off of the softening cock and then laid down next to Carlos who put his arm around Jason and began kissing and nuzzling his ear. “Damn baby that was a hot fuck.” Carlos whispered as he pulled Jason close to his hairy chest.

They heard the officers talking loudly and sounds coming from down the corridor so Jason quickly got up and moved to the end of the cot, while Carlos stood up and began to get dressed. Once Carlos had his clothes on El Capitán appeared and stood outside the cell glaring at both of them as he tossed Jason’s shorts, jock strap and tank top and sandals into the cell, through the cell bars. Carlos asked the officer a question in Spanish and they began to argue back and forth sometimes looking at Jason. Jason watched them arguing hoping that the situation could be resolved while he quickly dressed.

Finally Carlos nodded and reached down to his cowboy boot where he removed a wad of Mexican money that was stashed the lining of his boot. “Buddy I’ve got some bad news. I only have enough money to pay my way out of here. He wants double to get you out and I don’t have that kind of cash.” Carlos said looking sadly at a crestfallen Jason. “Can you please do one thing for me at least? Go to Playa Azul hotel and ask for Juan at the front desk and tell him I need his help and he has permission to bring my wallet from the hotel room.” Jason pleaded.

“Don’t worry I will make sure he comes even if I have to drag him here myself” güvenilir bahis siteleri Carlos replied with a grin as he patted Jason on the back. “Well dude I gotta get outta here….and hey, uh …take care of yourself man.” The handsome Mexican said.

“OK, I’m counting on you Carlos.” Jason replied. The hairy Mexican stood and winked at Jason as the cell door opened and then handed over the wad of cash to El Capitán as he walked out of the cell and the door clanged shut. El Capitán leered at Jason for a few seconds then followed Carlos down the corridor to the front of the jail.

“Geez I hope Carlos comes through for me.” Jason pondered as he lay down on the cot and began to doze off and fell into a deep sleep. He dreamed that he was in a stone chamber and was standing naked, his hands and feet bound with rope. El Capitan and the other two officers Tapia and Martinez along with the two airport officers Ruiz and Sanchez who were all behind him off to the side staring at his naked body leering and groping themselves.

Ahead of Jason was a man sitting in a large wooden carved chair wearing dark robes with a white collar. He had a dark trimmed beard and mustache and was balding on top with a rim of dark hair around the back and sides of his head. He had a large hooked nose and an intense piercing gaze. “Please sir, are you the judge here? These police officers have me tied up and I am innocent!” Jason pleaded.

The man smiled down at Jason with sympathy and kindness, “I am not here to judge you my child.” The man’s voice was very faint like it was coming from a great distance. “Nor can I help you with your physical bonds, but do not fret as that is only temporary.” The kindly man said with a smile. “Well, what can you do then to help me get out of here?” Jason pleaded. The robed man looked down at Jason with sadness.

“There is a battle within you, a torment of your own making that only you can resolve. You will not find peace until you overcome your fear and accept your true nature; that which the creator has designed you to be. Otherwise, you will deny yourself true happiness.” The robed figure said solemnly as he stood and began to walk away behind the chair to an open door. What the heck is this dude talking about and what does this have to do with me being tied up?” Jason wondered.

“Vivir con miedo es como vivir a medias…” The voice becoming a whisper as the figure began to dissolve through the door. “Wait! What does that mean?” Jason cried out as he felt the 5 officers move closer and began to grope his ass and body pinching and slapping his butt cheeks.

SMACK! Jason’s eyes flew open as he felt a hard slap to his butt. He saw the two Mexican thugs with the shaved heads and tattoos standing over him. They had both stripped down naked and he saw their arms and tight muscular brown torso’s were covered in tats. They both had hard fat uncut cock’s as one of them pushed Jason back down on his back and straddled his chest, pinching Jason’s nose and forcing his mouth open. When Jason resisted, the thug slapped his mouth hard causing Jason’s lip to swell and the thug then forced open his mouth as he shoved his cock in. “MMMMMMFFFFF!” Jason gurgled as the fat greasy cock was shoved in deep to his throat.

Jason felt the other thug pull his shorts down and off his legs and then lift his legs bending them at the knees so that Jason’s legs were spread wide open and his ass was hanging off the edge of the cot. SMACK…SMACK… SMACK…SMACK… the thug spanked each ass globe hard with his hand then lined up his throbbing hard cock with Jason’s hole and rammed it in balls deep. MMMMMFFFFFFF! Jason gurgled with tears in his eyes as the fat cock rammed in and out of his butt and the other cock rammed in and out of his mouth.

SMACK…POP….SMACK…POP… SMACK…POP….SMACK…POP… Jason was brutally fucked at both ends while the two thugs uttered things in Spanish, moaning with pleasure while they used his ass and mouth. After about 20 minutes of hard fucking, the thug at his mouth rammed his cock in deep shooting a hot load in Jason’s throat causing him to gag and gurgle as he was forced to swallow. Soon after the other thug rammed his cock deep shooting spurts of come up Jason’s butt. The two thugs pulled their cocks out of Jason’s mouth and ass both laughing and joking in Spanish as they began to get dressed leaving the blond muscular stud lying naked on the cot.

Jason reached down and pulled up his shorts then turned on his side and curled up in a ball while he heard the thugs continue to laugh and joke in Spanish. This is a fucking nightmare….I can’t take any more if this. Jason thought huddling on the cot in the dank jail cell. About 10 minutes later, Tapia and Martinez opened the cell door calling out the names of the two thugs. They sauntered out of cell grabbing their crotches and smirking at Jason as they walked by. Jason stared at the floor in humiliation and anger as they left and the cell door clanged shut. “I guess those assholes got someone to bail them out…Where the fuck is Juan…I gotta use the bathroom soon. Jason wondered. “Hey Tapia…Baño?” Jason called out to the officer as he was following Martinez down the corridor.

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Bathtime Can Be Such Fun

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I thought I was all alone in the house and decided to take a bath, not realising that my older brother had let one of his friends stay over at out house the night before.

I went into the bathroom and started to run myself a nice hot bath, lighting a few lightly scented lavender candles around the edge of the bath tub, adding some gorgeous mint smelling bubble bath, watching it foam up. I stood in front of the mirror and undressed myself slowly, humming softly to myself.

I didn’t hear the door open but when I looked up I saw him standing there, smiling at me, my brother’s friend Steve. He was tall, short brown hair, gorgeous brown eyes that you could get lost in for hours. He closed the door, leaning casually against the sink and asked if I needed someone to wash my back.

Well I have always had a bit of a thing for him, and finally I’d got my chance, there was no way I was going to miss out on this. Looking up into those big brown eyes I tried to sound casual and said “sure”.

He started to undress before my eyes I couldn’t believe bahis firmaları it. Slowly revealing his muscular body to me, he slid into the bath behind me, his legs outside of mine I could feel his cock pressed against my arse and I could feel that it was hard, I couldn’t believe that this was finally happening! It had happened many times in my dreams and I hoped so much that this wasn’t yet another one of those.

Steve slowly started to wash my back, rubbing my shoulders, and it felt great, so relaxing and intimate. I couldn’t stop the soft moans escaping my lips as he lent forward and started to kiss the back of my neck. He whispered in my ear that he’d always wanted to fuck me, with that I felt my pussy get wetter instantly.

I turned my head to kiss him a long, slow, lingering kiss, and told him that I had always felt the same way but didn’t think he would be interested in his friends little sister. His strong tanned arms reach around me as he started to wash my breasts, rubbing the lather all over them, gently pulling on my nipples.

His kaçak iddaa hand slowly crept between my legs as his hand found my clit slowly rubbing it in circles, so gentle but so nice. He said we should go into my room, so getting out of the bath we both wrapped a towel around us and walked into my room, locking the door behind us. As soon as the door was shut he had ripped the towel off of me and pushed me down onto the bed, he told me to close my eyes, which I did eagerly, awaiting his touch. I suddenly felt his hot breathe on my pussy then he licking and sucking at my clit hungrily, his hot tongue sliding in and out of my now dripping wet pussy. Then he took off his towel and turned around so that his big hard throbbing cock was touching my lips as he started to lick my pussy again, blowing on it gently.

I opened my eyes seeing his big hard cock in front of my face; I had never sucked a cock before but couldn’t resist this huge one right in front of me. I flicked my tongue out across the tip, running my tongue up and down his long cock as he groaned kaçak bahis into my pussy. Thinking that I must be doing something right I continued and I started to suck the tip of his cock gently, he thrust it further into my mouth as I started to suck him harder, tasting the pre-cum on his cock as he fucked my mouth.

Steve must have sensed that I was going to cum as he stared to suck my clit harder, scraping his teeth over it gently, there were three fingers deep inside me fingering my pussy hard and fast. My juices going all over him as my hips were grinding onto his face.

I rubbed his balls gently as he thrust into my mouth, moaning with pleasure as we both started to cum. He pulled out of my mouth as he started to cum, spraying his hot cum all over my tits as I came too. He started to rub the hot cum into my tits and it felt great, all thick and sticky. He laid there for ages just playing with my cum covered tits, my nipples rock hard.

A while later, I don’t know how long it felt so right just laying there in each others arms, he rolled off of me and we lay next to each other on my bed, he put his lips next to my ear, I could feel his warm breath on me. He whispered “I think we need to go take a shower now”. But that’s another story!

To be continued!

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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“Oh, hey, Leyton! I was hoping you’d call. How’s everything going up there, cuz?”

“Good. We’re getting close to making our quota for the entire season a couple of days early. Best season ever,” he told his younger cousin.

“I knew you’d do a great job. You should have had your own boat a long time ago.”

“That’s very kind of you, Meghan, but I wasn’t ready until this year. Thanks for the vote of confidence, but there’s so much to learn and know about running a crab boat, it still scares the hell out of me.”

“Well, I had no doubt! You’re probably the smartest guy I know. And the cutest, too!”

He let the comment, one in a long and growing string of such comments, pass and said politely, “Hey, is your mom around by any chance?”

He heard his 18-year old cousin sigh then say dejectedly, “Yes. She’s here. Hold on.”

A second later he heard her holler, “Mom! It’s Leyton. He wants to talk to you!”

“She’ll pick up in a sec. So…when will you be home?”

“In about five days if all goes well. A week if not. We’re pretty close to full and this string we’re hauling right now is solid gold. We’ll pull the last pot in about 32 more hours then head in and offload the crab. We’ve got some maintenance to take care of and we’re completely out of supplies so we’ll need a couple of days in port. But yeah, no more than a week no matter what.”

“Cool! Well, good luck and I can’t wait to see you!” she said just as they both heard a click.

“Leyton?” he heard as Meghan signed off.

“Yes! Hi,” he said almost too enthusiastically.

“How are you?” she asked. It sounded perfunctory, but they both knew it had a deeper meaning.

“I’m okay. The better question is, ‘How are you doing’?”

There was a lengthy pause and he could tell she was having trouble speaking.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to talk about it,” he assured her.

“No. I’m fine,” she said as she did her best to pull it together. “Or at least I will be.”

“I wish I had something to positive to say,” he told her sincerely.

“There’s really nothing to say, Leyton,” she told him. “He’s gone. It’s over.”

“I swear to God I don’t get it,” he replied. “You’re the nicest, most beautiful woman I know and he just walked out on you? I mean, what the f…hell, is wrong with him?”

There was another long pause and the unmistakable sounds of a woman trying not to cry.

“I guess I should let you go,” he said not knowing what else to say.

“No. Please don’t hang up, Ley. Please?” she said her voice still thick and heavy with sadness. “Now that your mom is gone, you’re the closest thing I have to a best friend. So please, don’t hang up. And…and we need to talk.”

He wanted to mention that she had a daughter, but he knew Meghan was a typical 18-year old girl who was both flighty and boy crazy. His cousin had even brashly let him know she found him—her first cousin—very attractive. Like her mother, Meghan was gorgeous, no doubt about it, but just the thought of it gave him the creeps. Whoever first glibly said, “Incest is best,” must have been a pervert or had a few loose screws. Leyton found the idea utterly disgusting. At least with his cousin anyway.

But his Aunt Laurel was a different story. Well, kind of. He found it strange that his own mother, a nice-looking woman herself, looked nothing like her sister. They’d joked about one of them being adopted or switched at birth many times, but their mother, his grandmother, told them until the day she died they were her baby girls.

She’d always give them ‘the look’, squint her eyes, and say, “Both of you!”

Leyton smiled as he thought back on how many years he’d had the worst kind of crush on his Aunt Laurel. His mom’s younger sister had always been, and even now at 38, was still what he called ‘a total babe’; a cougar who seemed to have no idea how hot she was; a sexy MILF in the most unsuspecting way. And although he’d sworn to never, ever tell her, let alone act on his feelings, he’d had the worst kind of crush on her for her for as long as he could remember. Even so, he’d come very close to saying something just before he left for his first King crab season as the skipper of a boat he’d be paying on for many years to come. Even worse, he’d actually done something he feared he might never live down.

Laurel was hurting so badly from the breakup that it hurt him, too. Deep down, he knew something else…no, he knew exactly what else…was bothering her too, and that’s what she meant by ‘needing to talk.’

Her husband of 19 years, his Uncle Denny, short for Dennis Granger, had come home one day from work and out of the blue told her he was leaving. There’d been no warning, no hints, and nothing to make his beautiful wife suspicious. He just announced that turning 40 made him feel like his life was over. He felt trapped, he’d told her. He ‘needed space’ and worst of all, he needed to be with other people.

Laurel was still in shock as he went upstairs and packed. She was too stunned to even ask questions as he nodded to her without saying a word before leaving. bahis firmaları

Evidently, it hadn’t taken long for ol’ Uncle Denny to be with ‘other people’ as Meghan saw him with a girl who’d graduated from high school three years before her within a week of her father walking out on them.

At first, she couldn’t make sense of what she was seeing. It looked just like her dad’s car parked a little ways down a side road, and the guy sitting in the back seat looked a whole lot like him. But that guy was kissing someone who looked exactly like Amanda Cooper, who was just 21-years old, and well, that just couldn’t be.

It made no sense to the point she drove right on passed the car and kept on going as her brain tried to find an alternative explanation. Finding none, she made a reckless U-turn in the middle of the busy highway and went back to see for herself.

This time, there was no absolutely no doubt. She saw the sticker on the his front windshield that allowed him to park in the faculty area of the university where he was a professor of English literature. He was indeed the man in the backseat and he was very deeply engaged a full-fledged lip lock with Miss Cooper.

Meghan pulled in behind his car, got out, and walked right up to the rear passenger window and tapped on the glass. She ignored the shocked look on their faces as well as his lame attempts to explain what he was doing as he rolled down the window.

“I’ve taken your side since the day you walked out on us. I told Mom this was temporary; a phase. I said, ‘He’ll be back because he loves us both.’ I’ve listened to her cry herself to sleep every night since then and you know what? I’ve cried, too. But as of right now, I’m done crying. And I’m done believing in you.”

“Meghan. Honey. Listen,” he tried to say.

“Save, it…Dennis,” she said calling him by his given name for the first time in her life. “I don’t know who you are, but you are not my father, because my father could never do this to us. My mother deserves someone who’ll love her and you most certainly don’t deserve her!”

She looked around him at Amanda and waited until she looked back at her before Meghan said to…Dennis, “I hope this…floozy, or some other…bitch of yours…breaks your heart like you did ours. You two deserve each other.”

She hadn’t spoken to him since and vowed never to do so again.

And then there was ‘the incident’.

Leyton’s mother, Lisa Kirkland, had passed away a little over a year ago from breast cancer, and he’d leaned on her sister, Laurel harder than he’d ever leaned on anyone. He’d never known his own father, and he had no brothers or sisters, so his Aunt Laurel was his only real family and the one who’d been there for him day in and day out for months just as he’d been there for her as she grappled with the lost of her sister and her best friend.

And then her husband had walked out leaving her even more devastated than the loss of the best friend she’d ever had. After that, she’d needed Leyton even more than he’d needed her and needed her terribly. Even so, things stayed relatively normal, even when they poured their hearts out to each other late at night, until the night before he left when it nearly got out of hand.

Leyton shook his head and ended the rehash of the past playing out in his head as he heard her voice on the phone.

“Leyton?” she said quietly just in case Meghan could here her. “I don’t even know where to begin. Saying ‘I’m sorry’ is so…completely inadequate. But I am so very sorry. I just don’t know what else to…”

“I kissed you,” Leyton said as the shame welled up inside him again. “So don’t blame yourself, okay?”

“That’s irrelevant. I’m the adult here,” she said before catching herself. “Sorry. I know you’re 23 and an adult in your own right and you’ve been mature beyond your years through it all. But still, I’m the one who should have never allowed that to happen.”

“It’s not your fault, Aunt Laurel. We were both in a bad place. We were emotionally wrung out and, as much as I hate making excuses, we were both vulnerable. We’ve poured our hearts out to one another more times than I can count since Mom died. And then after Shit-For-Brains walked out on you…”

That always made his aunt laugh, and it had the desired effect when he needed it most.

“Right. The Human Dick With Feet,” she said repeating another of Leyton’s names for his aunt’s soon-to-be ex-husband.

He’d always called him ‘Uncle Denny’ but he wasn’t actually related by blood and wasn’t therefore really his uncle the way his late mom’s brother would have been had she had a brother. Now, he was just Shit-for-Brains.

“Feel better?” he said cheerfully as though he’d just kissed a child’s boo-boo and made everything go away.

“For a few seconds,” she said sweetly. “But I don’t know how I can face you again, Ley,” she said the sadness in her voice returning.

“By accepting it for what it was. A mistake. One made in a moment of weakness. That’s it. We look passed it and forget about it,” he said as confidently as he kaçak iddaa could.

There was a very long period of silence.

“Aunt Laurel?” Leyton finally said.

“I’m here,” she replied quietly.

There was a shorter pause before she said, “I’m just not sure I can. Look passed it, that is.”

Leyton’s tone softened considerably.

“You have to. I…I still need you. And you know you need me. If you turn away from me because of this…”

For the first time in months, his own voice cracked. He stopped talking immediately hoping she hadn’t noticed, but he knew she had.

The emotion showed through in her voice again when she said, “I won’t turn you away, Leyton. Ever.”

“You’re all I’ve got…Laurel,” he said omitting ‘aunt’ the way he’d done…that night.

“I know…sweetheart,” she said giving in and replying with the word she’d used in return.

“Look, I’ve gotta go. We’re on our last string so…”

“I understand,” she said quietly. “When will you be home?”

“Less than a week,” he said without providing the details he’d given to Meghan.

“I miss you,” she said hating herself for saying it because while she did miss him, she couldn’t stop herself from ‘missing’ him, too.

“Fuck!” he said after making sure to turn away and cover the mouthpiece so she couldn’t hear him.

“So um…I’ll see you…both…in a few days, okay?” he said hanging up before she could reply.

He’d avoided calling the first three weeks he was gone for this very reason. He knew she’d be worried sick and he also knew he was being a shit for not at least letting her know he was okay. But no matter how long he’d fantasized about his beautiful aunt, there was no way he was ever going to allow anything like what happened that night to happen again.


“That Night”

“How long will you be gone this time?” Laurel asked.

“A month, give or take,” he told her.

He saw the sadness in her eyes and it killed him to think of her being in that big house with only Meghan who was not only no help but more than a handful. Laurel hoped that in another year or two she’d come back to her senses and settle down, but for the last year or so her daughter had been out of control. There was a short pause after her dad moved out, a brief calm like the eye of a storm that was marked with depression and sadness. But within a week, she was back to partying all night and sleeping all day.

Laurel didn’t know for sure what her daughter was doing, but she had her suspicions. Oh, she knew she was drinking—a lot. She was pretty sure Meghan was getting high and most likely doing other drugs. As much as that worried her, Laurel was worried sick she was sleeping around with a lot of guys, and the fear of her getting some kind of incurable STD drove her crazy. But was also she doing other things that might land her in jail or, unthinkably…dead?

Through it all, at least she’d had Leyton. He was always there for her. She’d even given him a spare room in the house even though he still lived at his mother’s place most of the time as he worked his heart out to pay the mortgage and other bills. He needed to sell the place and find an apartment, but he just couldn’t leave the only place they’d ever lived. At least not yet anyway.

Leyton was everything Denny wasn’t. He was ambitious, hard-working, intelligent, kind, caring, and incredibly handsome. Denny had been hired as an associate professor at Seattle University, but he had little interest in publishing and unless he started getting published, he would ‘perish’ and never be granted tenure. He was a very handsome man when she married him, but over the years he’d let himself go. He’d gained a ton of weight and was drinking more with each passing year. The one possible sign she’d missed was the way he’d started taking care of himself that last year. He stopped drinking and started going to the gym—a lot. He bought new clothes and spent a lot of time at the office, ostensibly writing papers. Only later would Laurel realize where he’d actually been and what he’d been doing—just not with her. With her, he was cold and distant and very unavailable and she’d all but lost interest in him.

And then Meghan had gone off the deep end, and several months after that, her sister had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. She was at an all-time low that night before Leyton went to sea.

He’d been gone several times before for a month or more as he’d worked on a crab boat since he turned 18. One of those trips took place not long before Denny left and she’d handled it reasonably well. Denny didn’t talk about things like feelings or emotions and especially not ‘the relationship’ so Laurel didn’t even bother explaining how devastating the loss of her sister had been to her. After all, he’d told her he was real sorry—twice—after Lisa died, so what more could she expect?

And that’s where her very attractive, very young nephew came in. She found it hard to imagine that he was still single, let alone not even dating anyone. Then again, she knew that after the death kaçak bahis of his mother, he hadn’t felt like making conversation and sitting through boring first dates listening to social chit chat as they got to know one another, and she was the lucky beneficiary of his availability.

From his perspective, it had been so much easier to just hang out with his aunt who needed to talk about their loss as much as he did. She’d always been special to him, and the older he got, the more he appreciated her intelligence and insight. Maybe one day, Meghan would, too. For the time being, she was off being a teenager while he and Laurel hung out sharing their misery night after night.

It was getting late that fateful evening and Leyton said he should probably get back home. Laurel objected and asked if he could stay there.

“You’ve got your own room, Leyton. Why drive all the way home?”

“Because I have a bunch of little things I’ve got to get done before I leave,” he explained yet again.

“I know,” she admitted. “I guess I just can’t bear the thought of not seeing you for an entire month.”

Leyton stood up and Laurel walked him to the door in silence.

“It’s not going to be easy for me, either, but at least I have my work to keep me distracted,” he said when they ended up by the door just standing there and not even looking at one another.

Laurel finally spoke.

“It’s funny, you know? I…I feel closer to you than I ever did to my husband. In fact, other than your mom, and perhaps our mother, I’ve never been this close to anyone else in my whole life, Leyton.”

He still couldn’t explain why, but he’d sort of extended his fingers and touched her hand with his as they stood very close to one another. At first it was just a touch. Then her finger was gently rubbing against his. Up and down. Slowly and softly. That turned into her hand in his and moments later, he was holding both of her hands as they stood face to face.

He was looking down, neither of them speaking, as Laurel finally looked up at him. Leyton had slowly raised his head and when their eyes met she leaned over and put her face cheek to cheek with his for a second before kissing him softly on it. And although that’s all it was physically, there was an unmistakable kind of…tension…between them. A strong, almost palpable…sexual…kind of tension.

As she pulled back, Leyton inexplicably turned his head ever so slightly causing Laurel to pause briefly. When she did, he softly kissed her sort of half on the lips and half off. He felt silly and ashamed but before he knew it she did the same thing to him and then it happened.

He kissed her. It wasn’t a friendly peck between nephew and aunt. It wasn’t a goodbye kiss. It was a very real kiss on the lips and Laurel was most definitely kissing him back. Shame welled up in him even now when he found himself getting hard as he recalled the way her tongue had touched his for the briefest of moments.

Somehow he’d managed to find the will to pull back before anything more happened, and although neither of them wanted the moment to end, she did so, too, albeit very slowly.

Neither of them could look at the other even after he’d gently let go of her hands. They stood their in silence for another moment before Leyton cleared his throat then quietly told her goodnight.

As he struggled each day to understand what happened and why, or perhaps to try and pretend it hadn’t happened, he was sure she had battled the same kind of emotions he’d felt ever since…the incident.

They hadn’t spoken since, and Leyton knew this had to be addressed before he came home so he’d fired up the ship-to-shore radio and called her. Unfortunately, the call hadn’t resolved anything and he would be heading home to the same situation still not understanding anything any better than he had when it had happened.


Present Day

Within 36 hours after hanging up, every tank onboard the crab boat was stuffed with some of the best King crab Leyton had ever seen. He needed the money in the worst way, yet he was most happy for his deckhands who would each take home just over $40,000 for a month’s work. Well, it was 32 days total, but they’d worked an average of 20 hours a day and while hauling pots, many worked well over 48 hours straight without sleep and very little food. But that kind of money was the reason crab fishermen endured some of the worst weather and the harshest and most dangerous working conditions on earth.

Before he headed to the little airport to board a plane back to Seattle, the boat was cleaned, maintained, and fully stocked except for perishable foodstuffs, and ready to go for the Opilio Crab season which ran from October 15 through the 15th of May of the following year. That meant he’d have just under a month back home before heading back to Dutch Harbor, Alaska, and back out to the Bering Sea.

His last official act was handing each of his guys a check for $41,312.08. Well, his greenhorn, the one new member of the crew, was only entitled to a half share. But for a 19-year old kid, twenty grand was a fortune, and when Leyton told him he was welcome to come back as a full crew member for Opilios, the kid nearly knocked him over when he bear hugged the young skipper, promising him he’d be there ready to go.

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Before I begin this story, I have a confession to make. I am a geek. Not the kind that bites the heads off chickens in the sideshow, but the kind that does something almost as weird. I collect comic books and related memorabilia. Yes, I know that this isn’t considered too strange anymore, but you’re probably thinking about what is called the accidental collector. That’s the guy who amassed a few boxes full in his childhood and can’t stand to part with them for fear of parting with some of his youth as well. I’m referring to the hard core collector who has dozens of boxes, in climate controlled storage where each magazine is carefully encased in sealed plastic bags and the entire lot is inventoried and cross referenced by title and issue number on meticulously kept spreadsheets. I definitely fall into the second category and if that isn’t enough, there’s something else that sets me apart even from my peers… I’m a woman.

Oh, I’m not saying that I’m the only collector with two “X” chromosomes. I do see other women at conventions and the like though most of them are the wives or girlfriends of collectors. However, we are greatly outnumbered by the guys. Now this wouldn’t be such a bad thing, except that most of the guys are geeks too, lacking in even the basic social skills. Gee, I guess that makes me even more different. I’m a female comic collector who can carry on an intelligent conversation about things that aren’t related to my hobby (passion?) and I’m well versed in the social graces.

Please don’t misunderstand me. It’s not that I look down on my fellow comic enthusiasts. In their own way, they’re a really fun group of people. And I’ll admit that I’ve taken advantage of my gender at more than one event. During the last several conventions I’ve attended, I’ve had virtually all my meals and a few snacks bought for me by adoring fan-boys who are just itching to brag that they had a conversation with a woman who understands and appreciates their collection. Yes, it’s shallow and inconsiderate of me to use them for a free meal but I assure you it’s never something I initiate. It always starts as a straightforward invitation for me to join them and they just pick up the check. (Gee, maybe they do have a few social skills). I, of course, always protest and offer to at least pay for my own meal but invariably lose the argument.

This particular story that I want to tell you about took place at the Mid-West Toy Faire, a gathering of dealers, collectors and enthusiasts from several states. I’m not a toy collector, per se, but I often find these are good ways to make contacts among those who collect comic related memorabilia. Plus you usually get a sneak preview of the new stuff the toy companies have on the drawing board, just to whet your appetite. .

And that’s where it all happened. I was looking at a table of items that were part of the silent auction. My primary fandoms are Spiderman and Batman. Unlike some of my fellow collectors, I didn’t mind crossing over between publishers. DC and Marvel both have titles I like and ones I don’t like as well. Spiderman has long been a favorite of mine because he’s still so human despite his superpowers. As for Batman, well, there’s something about that dark, brooding, vengeful demeanor that really appeals to me. And as luck would have it, there on the table was the newest Batgirl action figure, donated by the toy manufacturer.

I scanned the auction sheet, trying to determine how the bidding was going. It was nearing time for the auction to end, about an hour left before the bidding sheets would be collected and the winners tabulated. At this point the toy wasn’t out of my price range but I saw that one bidder in particular seemed very interested in it also and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to survive a bidding war. Well, in for a penny, in for a pound, and I certainly wasn’t going to get it if I didn’t make a bid. I quickly wrote my badge number and bid amount on the sheet and then left to look at some other items.

When I came back around to the figure, I noticed that

9 had out bid me; not by much but enough to keep it interesting so I upped my bid and walked away. This time, I kept an eye on the table from across the room and saw someone over at that table; I made note of what he was wearing and waited until he left before I perused the bid sheet again. Yes, that was him,

9. Glancing once more at the bids, I could see that the amount was nearing my limit. I thought about pulling out of the running for the other things I wanted and just concentrating my resources here and then an idea hit me.

I looked around for

9 again, hoping I could make a deal with him. I’d done it at other cons. After all, every geek has his price and this one didn’t look like he’d be too hard to negotiate with. So I scanned the room looking for the guy and not having much luck. In most circumstances spotting a man who is 6’2″ tall, has stringy brown hair, horn rimmed glasses and wearing an Incredible Hulk T-shirt wouldn’t be hard to spot. However, in this crowd, he might just as well be wearing bahis firmaları camouflage out in the woods. Finally, I spotted him, put on my best fan girl smile and walked up to him.

“Hi, I’m Babs,” I said.

“Ty,” he sort of mumbled as he nervously looked past me.

“So Ty, what’s it going to take to get you to pull out of the bidding on the Batgirl figure?” I pointed vaguely in the direction of the table where the toy waited for a winner.

“Pull out?” he repeated as if he didn’t really understand what I was asking.

“Yeah, stop bidding so I can make the winning bid and take her home. I’ve got a pretty extensive collection of stuff in various fandoms and I’m willing to barter some of it if you agree to pull out.”

“Oh,” he said, comprehension finally dawning on him. “Sorry, but I can’t do that.”


“Yeah, I’m not really bidding for myself. My buddy’s in a seminar on toy design and I’m keeping an eye on his auction items for him. You’d have to talk to him about pulling out.”

Shit! I was dealing with a damn proxy holder. I looked at my watch and wracked my brain trying to remember what time the seminars ended for the day. It dawned on me that the auction would most likely end first or he wouldn’t have sent this geek to take care of business for him. Only one way to approach this situation

“So, Ty, what’s this guy’s limit?”

“Limit?” Again he sounded like he had no clue what I was talking about.

“Yeah, I know he’s got you watching several items. He must have told you that there was a certain dollar figure to not go above. Or is this person you’re bidding for filthy rich?”

I was surprised that he actually laughed at that. “No, he’s not filthy rich but he did mention a priority list and Batgirl is his number one priority.”

Damn the luck! I could pull out of the bidding on the other items which would allow me to pour all my resources into this one item but without knowing how high he was prepared to go, that wasn’t the best move. I could potentially end up with nothing. I needed to find a quiet corner and think through my options.

“Well, Ty,” I said, unable to hide my disappointment and sarcasm, “thank you very little. You’ve been most unhelpful.”

I turned and walked away without looking to see if my words had had any impact on him. Once I made one more scan of items I was interested in, I developed my strategy. It might not get me the action figure I so desperately wanted, but at least I wouldn’t go home empty handed either.

The next 20 minutes were terribly frustrating. I’d make a bid and then good old Ty would come along right behind me and make one that was just slightly higher. There were ‘auctioneers’ strategically posted to make sure that no one simply camped out on an article and intimidated people from bidding on it. You placed your bid and you moved on or you were asked to leave by an auctioneer. After a while I felt like I was in a weird game of musical chairs and I kept wondering when the music would stop next. At one point I actually saw him grinning at me and my temper flared. How dare he mock me with that impudent smile? It made me wonder if his story about bidding for someone else was even true but I didn’t want to get close enough to him to check out his badge number.

When the moderator announced that there was only 5 minutes left until the bidding closed, I knew that the crunch time was at hand. I was teetering on the edge of my spending limit and I had to hold fast to my strategy. No one else had bid on the Batgirl for quite a while and it was now down to the two of us. He’d made the most recent bid I decided to bide my time until the closing seconds and outbid him by even a few cents. Nervously, I glanced at my watch, hoping that the moderator was keeping track of time as closely as I was. At the final 30 seconds I walked over to the table and began to place my bid. I finished writing my badge number and was just beginning to write a dollar amount when the moderator called for the auction to close. Hurriedly, I scribbled in the amount I was willing to pay and hoped that it would go through.

The auctioneers began moving people out of the room so that the results could be tallied and posted. As I walked out of the room, I saw Ty in the hallway. He was talking in an animated fashion with another young man and I wondered if this was the mysterious Mr. 69 or if he was just bragging to one of his buddies about pulling one over on the fan girl.

“Hey, Babs!” I heard someone call from down the corridor.

I turned around and saw Mike, the moderator of a comic based email list that I belong to, waving his arms like he was trying to take flight. I waved back to signal that I’d seen him and began walking in that direction.

“A bunch of us are going out for pizza. Ya wanna join us?” he called out.

“Sure. When?”

“We’re meeting in the lobby in 15 minutes.”

“See you there.”

It was nearly two hours later when I returned to the great hall of the convention to pick up my auction items. kaçak iddaa I stood in line for about five minutes, waiting my turn to get to an auctioneer and pay for my goodies. I gave her my badge number and she collected a bag with the bidding sheets attached to it. As she ran down the list of items I noticed one thing was missing. At the same time I heard another auctioneer rattling off the purchases of the man in the line next to me. More importantly I heard his badge number.

“Sixty-nine,” I said, not too quietly.

“Yes?” he said as he turned to me.

“You’re Mr. Sixty-nine?” He smiled broadly; a wicked twinkle gleamed in his eyes. “Well, you can call me Six.”

I pulled my attention away long enough to hand over my money to the auctioneer and take my bag of goodies. Then I stepped aside but stayed next to him; assuming he’d somehow gotten the Batgirl and hoping I could still acquire it. When he was finished with his transaction he turned and saw that I was still there.

“Hi, I’m Babs,” I said as I extended my right hand.

“Ooh, you’re the lady Ty was telling me about.”

Great, so I wasn’t going to be able to blindside him with my charm and humor. “He did?” I asked, trying to figure out my strategy.

“Yeah, he said you were the only other serious bidder on the Batgirl action figure.”

I chuckled at the understatement. “Yes, I was bidding on her.”

“That is so cool. You wanna see it up close, out of the packaging?”

“Oh sure, taunt me. Tease me. Rub my nose in the fact that you got her and I didn’t.” I tried to temper my sarcasm with a smile but I’m sure it looked as fake as it felt.

“No, really, I thought maybe you’d be as excited to get it out of the packaging as I am.”

I took a moment to really look at this guy. What I saw surprised me. Although he was apparently a grown man, there was a little kid inside him. He hadn’t made these purchases for their collectable value. He really wanted to play with them. That was virtually unheard of amongst our kind. There was a very real excitement behind his brown eyes that instantly attracted me to him.

“Yeah,” I heard myself say. “I’d love to. Say, you wanna come back to my room and talk?”

He seemed as stunned to hear my invitation, as I was to hear myself give it. Admittedly, in our circle there weren’t many women, as I’ve already mentioned and those few could hardly be called aggressive or even assertive when it came to the opposite sex. Yet I had just invited this complete stranger to spend some time alone with me.


“Okay, I need to speak to a friend before I duck out, Why don’t you meet me by the elevators in five minutes?”

“Sure,” he responded before he took off towards the doors of the hall.

I went in search of Mike and explained my predicament as briefly and succinctly as I could, knowing that he was sharp enough to pick up on the nuances of what I wasn’t saying.

“So you want a safe call?” he asked.

“Yeah, if you wouldn’t mind.”

“Not a bit. I’ll call you in one hour and then hourly after that. If you’re in trouble, you say ‘raspberry’. If you want me to stop…”

“I’ll work the word ‘batbabe’ into the conversation.”


“You got it.”

“Be careful, Babs.”

“He’s probably harmless but I’d rather have a deep cave when I didn’t need one…”

“Than not have one when you did,” he finished for me.

“Yeah, thanks, Mike,” I responded giving him a grateful swat on the shoulder.

I sauntered out of the hall and noticed that Mr. 69 wasn’t standing by the elevators. For a moment I wondered if he had blown me off but then I saw him walking quickly down the hall, now carrying a backpack. I gave him a quizzical look as he hurried towards me but he didn’t seem to notice.

“I grabbed my computer. I thought you might like to see some of my other toys. I’ve got pictures of them burned to CD.”

“Great, I’ll have to show you my collection when we get to my room,” I answered as I pressed the button to call the elevator.

It was only a few minutes later that we were on the second floor of and heading for my accommodations. This particular hotel was located next to a historic old train station and they’d built their theme around it which included taking about a dozen old Pullman cars and converting them into suites. It was towards one of these, The Diamond Jim Brady, that I directed Mr. 69.

“Wow! How did you score this?” he asked as we climbed the steps to the car.

“The hotel lost my reservation. I had my confirmation number and they acknowledged that it came from them but that there was no such number in the computer. I raised holy hell with the desk clerk and I think she put me here just to shut me up.”

“This is so cool!” he responded as we stepped inside and he took a look around.

“Well it’s home for the weekend.”

I directed him to set up his computer on the desk and then pulled up another chair to sit it so I could see this toy collection. He slid a CD into the drive and took me kaçak bahis on a virtual tour of his toy collection. I was amazed at the scope of his horde, which spanned many different fandoms and interests. There were Transformers galore as well as action figures from both DC and Marvel. I wasn’t surprised to see Lord of the Rings toys but the Matrix toys took me completely by surprise.

“Holy spit!” I exclaimed. “That’s Trinity.”

His excitement seemed to triple. “You like The Matrix?”

I blushed a bit. “Well, actually, I’m a Carrie Ann Moss fan.”

“Nothing wrong with that,” he confirmed.

I was completely engrossed in his pictures when the ringing of the phone startled me. Fortunately, I only had to reach across the desk to pick it up.


“Babs, it’s Mike. You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“Positive. I’m just sittin’ here lookin’ at pictures.”

“Okay, I’ll call you in an hour.”

“Later,” I said absently as I hung up the phone and went back to perusing the photographs.

When the picture show ended I flipped open my computer and showed him my collection. Admittedly the toys and memorabilia weren’t nearly as large as his but he was still impressed. I showed him my method of cataloging my comics as well as the related items and a curious look came over his face.

“This is amazing. There’s something very different in the way you’ve set this up.”

“Occupational hazard.”


“Yeah, I’m a librarian.”

He tried to hide his shock but failed. “Librarian? Babs the librarian? Sorry, it just doesn’t sound right.”

I laughed so he knew that I found it funny too. “Well, actually my name is Barbara but I’m known in the fandoms as Babs.”

“Oh, okay. That sounds better.”

I steered the conversation away from our collections and tried to get to know him better as a person and not just a geek with a toy that I wanted. I learned that he was the training director for an insurance company and that he had grown up in Hawaii. In fact, I was so caught up on his life story, I didn’t realize how much time had passed until the phone rang again.

I nearly jumped out of my skin at the sound and quickly grabbed the receiver.


“You okay, Babs?”

“Yeah, I’m just sitting here with the guy who got the Batbabe.”

“Say again.”

“Remember me telling you about the action figure I was bidding on? I’m talking to the guy who won it.”

“Did you mean to say your code word?”

I stole a long sideways glance at my new friend. “I sure did.”

“Okay then I won’t bother you anymore tonight but please check in with me as soon as you get up in the morning.”

“Sure thing.”

“Good night, Babs”

“Night, Mike.”

As I hung up the phone I could feel that I was being watched.

“Boyfriend checking up on you?” he asked.

I laughed mockingly. “Not likely.”

“How come?”

He seemed genuinely interested.

“Well, in order for that to happen, I’d have to actually have a boyfriend. And if I did he’d probably be here with me cuz I just can’t see getting involved with someone who didn’t appreciate my hobbies.”

“Yeah, I know how that goes. The mundanes just don’t understand us.”

He had a rueful smile on his face and I wondered if he experienced the kinds of rejection that I had from members of the opposite sex.

“I figure the right guy will come along eventually. And if he doesn’t, well, there’s always masturbation.”

I could tell that my frankness surprised him. I considered being even more frank and simply blurting out that I wanted the Batgirl enough to pay nearly any price but something held me back. Something told me that he might actually enjoy this more if I made a game of it.

I stood up and stretched for a moment before shutting down my computer. He stood up too and looked conflicted. I could tell that he wasn’t sure if I wanted him to leave or stay so I walked to the small fridge on the other side of the sitting room.

“Can I get you something to drink? I’ve got Coke, ginger ale and bottled water. Oh, and I picked up some interesting wine this afternoon from a local winery. It should be chilled by now.”

“Thanks, water would be fine.”

I tossed him a bottle before grabbing one for myself and then settled on the sofa. He joined me and let his head roll forward and side to side, stretching out the muscles.

“Stiff?” I asked.


“Would you like a neck rub? I’m told I’m very good at them.”

He smiled mischievously as if he discerned that my true intent was to get my hands on him.


I moved back into the corner of the sofa and let him sit in front of me. Once he was settled I rested my hands on his shoulders for a moment to let him get used to my touch and then began to slowly massage.

“Um, Six, would you mind taking your shirt off? It would make this a lot easier.”

He hesitated before answering and then didn’t address my question.



“I’m known around the fandoms as DK.”

I waited for a few minutes but he didn’t take off his shirt nor did he say anything about it and so I went back to rubbing his shoulders and worked my way toward his neck.

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On Her Knees Ch. 03

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***All characters are over 18 and are fictional. Any resemblance to any real-life persons is purely coincidental.


It was the last day of their senior year at the university. In a few days everybody at the party would be dressed in a dark blue gown and cap, ready to receive their diplomas and head out into the world. They were done with their classes, no more homework or tests to worry about; tonight, they just wanted to have fun, do crazy games, drink all night and possibly get laid. They have the rest of their lives to worry about their future, tonight they wanted to let loose and have some fun.


Sandra Meyers, Sandy to her friends. She spent the last four years in her dorm room studying, rarely having any fun. She did go to a few parties, but only if she knew she would get out of it early so she could go back to her studies. It’s not that she didn’t want to go out and fun, she was just worried that if she spent too much time drinking and partying her grades would suffer. She was a straight A student her whole life and didn’t want to ruin that. But after four years, she realized she never had any kind of fun and now was the time to let loose. But it wasn’t just partying she wanted to do, she had another goal in mind for herself. Something she has never done and was aiming to do it tonight and get it out of the way. She wanted to finally give a guy a blowjob.

Sandy wasn’t a virgin, she lost that in her senior year of high school. But she has never been a slut, never slept around with a bunch of guys. She has been with a total of five guys, but each one she was in a relationship with. She did pretty well dating guys in general, she was about 5′ 4″, dark brown hair, and an amazing body with 38D tits that she often tries to keep covered up. As much as she didn’t mind getting men’s attention, she knew the power her breasts had when it comes to attracting the wrong kind of men.

It surprised even some of her closest friends that with each of those guys she had slept with, she has never gone down on them. She has given them hand-jobs, and a few times allowed them to do anal, but she has never had a dick in her mouth. She has let a few of her ex-boyfriends go down on her, and she knows how selfish it has made her be, but she could never bring herself to go down on a guy.

It’s not that she didn’t want to do it, she has watched plenty of porn over the years and enjoyed watching those women go down on those guys and imagined herself doing the same. Her biggest fear was that she would be incredibly bad at it. Unlike when she has sex, it’s the guy that mostly does the work. She would put in her share when she could, but men liked to be in charge during sex and she let them do what they wanted. Hand-jobs were much easier; it was basically just rubbing your hand up and down the shaft and making sure you don’t pull on it too hard.

From what she could tell with blowjobs, there was a lot more work involved. A lot more to do with your mouth and tongue, and there making sure your teeth stayed away from it. And there seemed to be plenty of tricks you needed to do to keep the guy hard, and she wasn’t sure how fast or slow she needed to be with the guy. And then there was the question of playing with the guys balls, she had no idea how to involve them if it came up.

The biggest thing she was worried about was when the guy finished and ejaculated. She wasn’t sure if she was more comfortable letting the guy cum on her or in her mouth. She was worried about the idea of having to swallow, even though her friends say they’ve done it and it was no big deal. Her previous boyfriends came on her body, but on her stomach or tits, never on the face. If it came down to it, she would prefer they cum on her tits, it would be easier to clean up.

She confided in her dormmate, Cathy, who she has become great friends over the last four years with her dilemma, which took her completely by surprise. She always thought that Sandy was kind of prudish, although she would never tell her that to her face, but she never would have expected this. So, when Sandy said she wanted to give some guy a blowjob she was happy to give her advice.

They spent the last two weeks, when they weren’t studying for their finals, going over the details. Cathy made Sandy practice several times with a banana; Sandy thought it was ridiculous but Cathy pointed out how they are similar in shape and feel and that if you can go down on a banana without damaging it then you’re doing a good job. She saw the proof when the first time she practiced on a banana her teeth broke off the banana peel in several places. Cathy was shocked by how bad she was at it and they went over everything that Sandy did wrong so that she wouldn’t do that to an actual guy.

So, for two weeks she practiced on a banana, and Cathy gave her all the advice she could give. She told her different methods she could do with her mouth and tongue, how to control herself from using her teeth, how to recognize when to speed up or slow down, bahis firmaları and what to do with the guys balls. Cathy agreed with Sandy on making the guy cum on her tits was the best option, she felt that Sandy was too new to this to be swallowing.

After they both determined that Sandy was ready to perform her first blowjob. Sandy’s original idea was to just find a guy to go out with and eventually go down on him. But Cathy convinced her that it would take time for that to happen and by then she would make her usual excuses to back out of doing it. She told Sandy that she should just find some guy to go down on and get it out of her system fast before she changed her mind. At first, Sandy thought that was an insane idea, but as she started thinking about it, she began to like the idea of doing something completely out of character for herself. She never acted like a slut before, it would be fun and exciting to act like one just one time in her life. So, she decided to just go for it with some random guy and they both decided that picking out a guy at one of the big frat parties on campus that would be held after finals would be the best time to do so. The only question left was who it was going to be.


In contrast to Sandy Meyers, Jason Mertz had a similar problem in that he has never had a blowjob. He has been with a total of nine women, six of whom he was in a relationship with, and the other three were just hookups. He couldn’t blame the three hookups, they just went straight to the sex on those situations, and that doesn’t always involve blowjobs. But with the women he dated, it was just bad luck with them. Those women weren’t bad, they were a lot of fun, and the sex was great, but he keeps seeming to be getting involved with women who didn’t like giving head. He always asked, but would never pressure them to do it, he didn’t want to be that kind of guy. He was having bad luck in that area whenever he dated a woman.

It came to the point that it became an obsession for Jason. He could get sex easily with women, but never a blowjob. He has gotten plenty of hand-jobs, they were always good to get when it was offered, but ultimately it was something he could do himself.

Twice he tried to buy a blowjob, thought it was a good way to experience having one since he was having bad luck getting on his own. But unfortunately, bad luck followed him there as well. The first time he tried to buy one was with a street walker who took him to an alley behind a dumpster, where she surprised him by kicking him the nuts and running off with wallet while he was down on the ground. The second attempt was with a stripper who took him to the private champagne court for more privacy; but as soon they were about to get started some yelled that they were being raided by the cops and he had just gotten his pants back on when the cops came in to the private room. Worst yet, he paid the woman in advance and never got his money back. But it was still better than being busted for solicitation.

He confided in a couple of his friends about this. They were shocked that he never had to opportunity to get a blowjob. Between his friends they counted seventeen women who gave them head and they knew how often their other friends have gotten blowjobs as well. They had no clue as to why it was only Jason getting that kind of bad luck. They suggested that he tries to buy a blowjob from a hooker, but Jason shot down that idea without revealing he past troubles with that to avoid embarrassment.

His friends had one good idea for him, he would have much better luck at their fraternity’s big end of the year blowout parties. Everyone gets off at those parties because finals were over and all the stress was gone and all everybody wants to do for one night was go party and get laid if they could. Jason wasn’t entirely sure about that; in the four years he has been at the frat house he has never been lucky enough at any of those parties to get a blowjob. But he thought it was a good chance as any to get one. And even if he didn’t, he would still have a good chance of getting laid which he would love just the same.


Sandy has been at the party for a few hours, focused on her goal, but at same time trying to have some fun. She played some of the beer games, winning some of them. Danced all night to some of her favorite songs, and was hit on by plenty of guys, and even buy a few girls as well. At one point she made out with a football player and was seriously considering going down on him, but he got so drunk that he passed out and two of his friends had to drag him back to his dorm. There were other guys she considered, but some of them were too pushy or behaved way too inappropriately with her. Although the goal was to just do it with some random guy, she still had some standards.

Near the end of the night, she was beginning to give up and figured she should just go home and wait until her next relationship to try giving a blowjob. She was worried about using this as an excuse to kaçak iddaa just delay her plans, and was considering just staying a little longer; that was until a drunken basketball player had his eyes set on her and drunkenly went after her.

“Nice tits,” he said and went to grab one of Sandy’s breasts.

Sandy easily pushed him away before he had the chance to grab her breast and he fell to the floor. She decided she had enough and headed for the front door. That’s when a man slammed into her and his beer spilled all over her blouse. The man was Jason, and it wasn’t entirely his fault. He was watching a beer pong match between a friend of his and another football player; when his friend one the last round, he tried to chest bumped Jason in celebration, who was not ready for it, knocked him back and that’s when he slammed in to Sandy.

“What the hell?” Sandy yelled at him. Her favorite white blouse was now covered in a brown colored liquid.

“I’m so sorry,” he told her.

“This is my favorite blouse,” she yelled at him.

“I can make it up to you, I have a blouse that could fit you in my room, upstairs.”

“You have women’s clothes lying around in your room?” she asked.

“It’s left over from an ex-girlfriend. I tried to give it back to her but she said she didn’t want it and asked me to throw it away. Luckily for you, I forgot to do it.”

Sandy thought about it for a second; she didn’t want to go back to her place covered in beer. So, she took up his offer and followed him up to his room. His room was at the top floor of the four-level house, off to the corner. He fought well for that room particularly for its chance for privacy. Although he loved being at the frat house, he took his classes seriously and need a good place to keep up with his studies.

When they got to his room, Sandy was surprised about how normal his room looked compared to the rest of the house. It was a little messy around the area of the bed, but the rest of the room was well kept. She wasn’t fond of the four posters of half-naked women around his room, but she seeing the posters of the bands that she also enjoys listening to.

“I’m Jason, by the way,” he said after realizing he never introduced himself.

“I’m Sandra, but everyone calls me Sandy,” she replied.

Jason searched the back of his closet and found a red shirt that his ex-girlfriend left behind and handed it to her. He also handed her a rag he found so she could wipe off the beer that spilled on her face.

“I’m not sure it matches the rest of your outfit, but it should fit you,” he told her.

“Thank you,” she said with a friendly smile and took the shirt from him.

She put the shirt on his desk and began unbuttoning her blouse. Jason just stood there watching her; he wasn’t sure if he should just leave and give her privacy, or continue watching. She didn’t seem to mind that she was unbuttoning her blouse right in front of him and decided to continue watching and sees what happens next. Sandy let the blouse drop to the floor and was now standing in front of him in her pink lacy bra.

Sandy wiped her face with the rag and then wiped up the top of her breasts where some of the beer made its way under her shirt and wet her tits. She was then about to put on the red shirt Jason gave her when she saw him staring at her large breasts. She didn’t realize what she was doing at the time she took off her shirt, she just wanted to take it off to change it. She blamed it on the drinking she had been doing; she’s not drunk but she does feel a light buzz going on in her mind.

“What?” she asked. “Never seen big tits before.?”

“Oh, I just… didn’t expect… um… do you want some privacy?”

Sandy laughed. “You’re cute,” she told him.

She thought his awkwardness was very cute. And over all, she thought he was a very cute and sexy guy. She wasn’t planning on it at the time, her original plan was completely forgotten, but she thought this was the right opportunity. She was already half naked for him, and he was definitely getting him hard from what she could tell from the bulge in his pants. This was her perfect opportunity.

She walked up to him and pushed him back against the wall. And without giving him any warning, she kissed him on the mouth. This surprised Jason, he was the one that usually made the first move. But he quickly accepted it and put his arms around her and held her close to him as he began kissing her back. He was about to guide over to the bed, but she stood her ground and made him stay against the wall.

“Don’t you want to go to the bed?” he asked.

“I have something else in mind,” she replied.

She slowly got down on her knees and began taking off his belt. This was the moment that Jason was waiting for, and it was also the moment that Sandy was getting herself ready for. Jason was so excited that he was beginning to worry that he was going to blow his load too soon and tried his best to maintain his composure. And despite how confident she kaçak bahis seemed, Sandy was very nervous about giving a guy she just met not five minutes ago a blowjob and was overthinking every piece of advice she had gotten as she was taking off his pants.

She got the pants off and then the boxers. His erection shot straight up to her face which took her by surprise. Although she had seen some hard dicks before, she had never gotten one this close to her face.

“Let me know when you’re about to come, ok?” She asked him.

“No problem,” he replied.

She spat some saliva a few times on her hand and began jerking him off, something she knew how to do. Jason was impressed by how well she was jerking him off. But she was only doing this to give herself more time to relax her nerves before she opened her mouth for him.

She jerked him off for a couple of minutes before she decided that enough was enough and opened her mouth just quickly too his dick into her mouth. Jason loved the feeling of her warm mouth engulfing his dick; and although it felt incredibly weird for Sandy, she enjoyed having it in her mouth. She had her lips sealed around the shaft as she began bobbing her head back and forth; her tongue massaging it every time it went into her mouth. She kept a steady pace at first, she didn’t want to get him too excited and finish too soon, and Jason enjoyed that it was going at a good pace.

At one point, she did one maneuver that Cathy taught her where she just sucked on the foreskin like a lollipop while as she rubbed the shaft with her hand. She looked up at Jason and could see that he was definitely enjoying it. Their eyes locked on each other’s, he liked that she was looking at him as she was sucking on his dick, it added to the pleasure he was receiving.

Sandy went back to sucking on his whole dick and quickened the speed of how fast her head was going. She was enjoying what she was doing and was surprised at how easily she was giving a blowjob and wished she had done this years ago.

Without giving it a thought, she started taking the whole shaft into her mouth; letting it hit the back of her throat as she started gagging. She pulled out the dick when she felt like she need some air, and then tried it again. She liked the thrill of herself choking her with Jason’s dick and did it a few more times before she went back to giving a regular blowjob. Jason was getting too excited seeing her gagging on his dick, he was afraid he was going to cum in her mouth too fast and did what he could to concentrate on holding back his eventual ejaculation.

She reached under her skirt and put her hand in her panties and began playing with herself. Jason could see what she was doing and it got him even more excited. Everything she was doing was what he has been fantasizing about. She was going at a perfect speed for him, her tongue was working wonders on his dick; he wished that she played with his balls a little bit but he didn’t mind it as much. He just stood there, enjoying an amazing blowjob from a beautiful big breasted woman.

He wanted it to go on forever, or at least longer than he normally goes before he usually finishes. He could usually go twenty minutes with regular sex, and he had exceeded that time. A few times he felt himself about to cum and did everything he could to hold back so he could get a few extra minutes. Sandy was wondering herself how much longer it was might take for him to finish, but she loved what she was doing and wanted to enjoy every second of it.

Eventually, Jason couldn’t hold out much longer and felt his dick getting ready to explode, and remembered Sandy asking him to warn him when he was going to cum.

“Ok, it’s almost time,” he told her. “I’m going to cum soon.”

Sandy heard him, but just kept going. She was making herself cum from fingering her clit as she was sucking him off.

“I mean it, I’m about to blow,” he said.

But Sand just kept going.

“Ok, I can’t hold back, here it comes,” he yelled at her.

This time she listened to him and got his dick out of her mouth. The original plan was to get his dick out of her mouth in time and aim it for her tits for better cleanup. But because she kept on going with the blowjob too long, she didn’t have time to get him to aim for her tits and Jason shot his load right into her face. Several streams of hot white ooze covered her face.

She got off her knees and Jason got a good look at what he had done to her. About half her face had cum on it and some of it dripped down on one of left tit and even got on her bra a little as well.

“I’m sorry,” he told her. “I didn’t know that was going to happen.”

“It’s ok,” she told him. “You did warn me several times, I just didn’t listen.”

She took the rag she used before to clean the beer off of her to now clean the cum off her face and tits. While she did this, Jason had gotten his pants and boxers back on and then got on.

“Did I get everything?” she asked.

“Looks like it,” he replied.

He took the rag from her, and tossed it in the hamper. Sandy put on the red shirt that Jason gave her, the whole reason she was originally in his room and picked up her beer stained blouse from the floor.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32