Daddy’s Lunch

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A short story in which I visit daddy at work. Please comment and leave me some feedback, I haven’t wrote anything in a long time so my story isn’t great, but they will get better again!

I pop into daddy’s workplace wearing a cute little floaty summer dress, the one you picked out for me this morning. It is light and girly, not too over the top but just enough for a soft amount of sophistication. I always adore my outfits when you pick them out, it makes me feel special and extra pretty. I walk into the garage and ask where you are; you’re working in the pit so I make my way over. You don’t hear or see me until I am sat, my legs dangling over the edge and I cheerfully say “Hi Daddy! I brought you lunch.” whilst spreading my legs and letting my dress ride up my thighs.

I am not wearing anything underneath and I just know you can smell my needy little cunt. You growl and let out a “Mmm fuck” which makes me giggle.

You put your tools down and grind your face into my cunt, spreading my legs and lifting them onto your shoulders. I know that there are some members of staff around from when I walked in so I try to not let out an obvious moan but your tongue feels so good as I’m already so needy for you, the drive to work and thinking about you has made me more desperate for your touch than when I left the house. Your gloved fingertips are pressing into my legs as your tongue works it’s way around my clit. I have one hand on the ground, pressing into the concrete trying to görükle escort keep myself up whilst the other is tangled in your messy dark hair. My hips begin to grind into your face, you know I am getting close to an orgasm and my little needy whines are driving you insane. You stop what you are doing and come up and kiss me, your eyes filled lust. You finally take off your oil soaked gloves and get out of the pit, pulling me up after without saying a word. The car is abandoned in mid job as you drag me in the direction of your office, past your staff who have quite clearly just saw what has happened. I am embarrassed but this is not the first time daddy has made his stance known to his staff, they’re more than aware that you are daddy and I answer to you.

We get into the office and I am practically used to close the door as I’m pushed quickly up against it, your mouth immediately on me. Your full soft lips are eager to be on my skin again, your tongue dancing with mine. I can taste myself on your tongue and I let out a little moan as your hand grips my neck. I can feel your cock bulging through your pants, pressing into me and I am desperately awaiting but but enjoying your kiss.

You pull back from me, your hand still on my neck and direct me over to your desk. I am pushed backwards onto it until I am lying on my back. Your desk is metal and my senses are heightened with the coolness of it, my nipples reacting. I can feel them stretching the lace of bursa escort bayan my bra, the friction adding to the sensations in my body. You lower yourself down and spread my legs again, going back to my now soaked cunt.

My head drops back and I let out a gaspy “Fuckk” as your finger enters me the same time as you snake your tongue around my clit.

You work my clit so easily then add another finger, picking up the pace. I’m writhing on the desk and it doesn’t take long before I’m gasping “Daddy, please.”

But daddy doesn’t let me cum until I ask properly, it is one of my rules. I’m too needy and close to string a sentence together but I know I can’t cum until I ask.

You stand up between my legs, removing your fingers but using your thumb to brush over my swollen and sensitive clit. I catch my breath as the sensation changes, the rough pad of your thumb feeling different to your warm tongue.

“Baby, do you need something?” You voice is heavy with power. I can only nod pleadingly, my eyes big and round staring up at you but you don’t take that as an answer. “You came to work to tease daddy, didn’t you?”

With a little smile I reply, “No daddy, I was bringing you lunch.” Before I had finished the word lunch your cock slams into me, causing me to let out an unexpected scream, my hand quickly reaching up to cover my mouth, conscious of the staff and potential customers. You pull my hand away and start thrusting into me, hard and bursa escort fast. My head drops back over the desk, my cunt being stretched. Daddy’s cock is big and thick and I am just small, the feeling of being stretched is something I am always up against when you fuck me. But it was the exact feeling I was craving for when I walked into your workplace. Your fingers go back to my clit, causing my body to jerk against you. It’s not long before I am close again and you know it.

“Do you need to cum baby?” you ask, your voice low and filled with desire.

I immediately respond with “Yes please daddy!” You growl and pick up the pace, both with your fingers and your cock.

“Cum for me baby.” Hearing those words, I immediately release, my body shaking and convulsing as my orgasm rips through my entire body. I forget where I am and my voice escapes, no longer being conscious of where I am as my screams echo in the room. You watch as my body becomes limp, which is when you allow yourself to cum. You turn animalistic, your hands gripping my thighs and your moans turning into deep growls as your hot cum begins to fill my cunt. I look up at you and you grab the back of my neck, pulling me up so you can kiss me. My moans dancing in your mouth as you begin to slow down your thrusting, your balls emptied.

We’re both breathing heavily as we begin to take in what just happened. You pull away and kiss me on the head and I put my head on your chest, feeling you heartbeat. Your cock is still inside of me, your hand on my hair. You kiss the top of my head and say “Thank you for lunch baby.”

I giggle and reply “You’re welcome daddy.”

“Now baby, are you able to go and grab us some food while daddy finishes the job you made me leave, hmm?”

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Together, Forever! Ch. 06

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When Colin called the next afternoon, Victoria decided to play it cool and let him do the chasing for a change. He had showed some definite interest and she wanted to test it out just a little. “Hi Victoria. It’s Colin.”

“Oh, hi Colin. How are you?”

“I just wanted to call and let you know how much I enjoyed last night.”

Victoria smiled into the phone as she cradled the receiver closer to her ear. Just hearing his voice brought a picture of his face to her mind. “I did too,” she said.

Colin got right to the point. “So, how does your schedule look for this evening?”

She had a business dinner planned with Tom along with one of his business partners here in Los Angeles. She was seriously thinking about transferring out here. There was really nothing holding her back in Texas except Madelyn and she would understand. Besides, Colin was here. She knew that she could reschedule with Tom if necessary, but she wasn’t ready to drop everything for this guy just yet. Where was the fun in that? “I can’t tonight, Colin. I have a dinner date.”

“A dinner date?” he questioned, surprise showing in his voice. Victoria smiled secretly. “With who?”

She decided to cut him a little slack. “I’m having a business dinner with my publisher and a colleague of his here in Los Angeles.”

“Are you planning on just working this week or are you going to give yourself some time to play?”

“That is what I came to L.A. for,” she said, knowing full well she was speaking only in half truths. The real reason for this trip was on the other end of the phone.

“Well, now you have another reason for being here.” He hinted at the obvious.

“Is that right?” She laughed. It was a lot of fun to tease him.

“You’re damn straight.” He had such a sexy laugh. It made Victoria want to climb right through the phone after him.

“Colin, I’m in town for one week and one week only. It’s booked solid. I’ve had a wonderful time with you and I hate to cut it short, believe me … but I have a job to do. I hope you understand.” Inwardly, Victoria hoped that her plan didn’t backfire on her. She wanted to be pursued.

“Victoria, I don’t want to get in the way of your job. I think you can swing both. That is, if you really want to.” He paused, waiting for her to respond to that. He was having a hard time reading her. He didn’t want to pursue her if she wasn’t interested, but something told him she was and he wanted her, wanted her worse than any other before her … even Marisa.

Victoria paused, wanting to encourage him but not so obviously. What was she going to say to him now? It was clear he wanted to know where she stood. “It’s not that I don’t want to …” she began, searching for the words.

Colin helped her. “I tell you what.” She took a deep breath, hopeful that he’d take the pressure off her shoulders. She really didn’t want to be overly aggressive with him. Something told her he wanted to do the chasing. “What if I meet you after your meeting is over? Just tell me where you’ll be and I’ll do the rest.”

Victoria smiled. He was interested. She played one last hand. “I’m not really sure what time we’ll be done, Colin. It could go on forever. You shouldn’t have to wait.” She stopped, wondering what he would do next. It was a lame excuse and she knew it. She desperately hoped that he’d push the issue and go through with his plans. There was nothing she’d like better than to spend another evening with him.

“Victoria, I don’t care how long it lasts. I’ll wait as long as I have to.” Victoria smiled and silently let out the breath she had been unconsciously holding. “You know, you’ve already gotten under my skin and I’m not about to let you go back to Texas without knowing that you’ll be back. In fact,” he added, “I’m not sure I’m going to let you leave in the first place.”

Colin’s words only confirmed Victoria’s nothing that she had captured his interest enough to keep him hooked. She decided to stretch this görükle escort for every inch she could get. “You know, we only met a couple of days ago. You sound so sure of the fact that you want to be with me, yet I have a hard time believing that when you obviously can have your pick of all of Hollywood, not to mention any girl or woman that has seen your latest movie, that you would want to be with me.”

“Victoria, you don’t give yourself enough credit. Why would I want to be with anyone else when you’re around? I have never met anyone like you before and to be quite honest with you, I have never felt the way I do with anyone I’ve ever been with before you.” Victoria could feel the tears start to form in her eyes. She desperately hoped he meant everything she was hearing.

“Colin …” He quickly interrupted her.

“Victoria, let me finish. You have this presence … a force that drew me to you that first night. It’s invaded my heart and my mind. I haven’t been able to sleep in three days and I couldn’t let go of you and these feelings if I wanted to!’

Victoria was stunned and wasn’t sure how to respond. This was going just the way she had dreamed it would, but how could that be? This couldn’t be real, could it? “Colin, I don’t know what to say after all that …”

“Just tell me where you’ll be tonight and I’ll be there.”

With her heart in her throat, she said, “The Bistro Gardens.”

“What time is your dinner meeting?”

She told him and he said he’d meet her there afterwards and that he was looking forward to it. Victoria agreed in the end, barely getting the words past the lump in her throat.

Sitting in the restaurant with Tom and his colleague, Steve Cameron, Victoria was engaged in a wonderful conversation about her aspiring career as a children’s author. They were both convinced that she needed to give up teaching, move here to Los Angeles and focus only on her writing. Tom was going on and on about the quality of writing she possessed. “Vicky, with the work you’ve already published and the work I’ve seen in your portfolio, Steven and I have agreed to make it worth your while to follow the course that we’ve presented to you. We want to ensure that you’re happy with us and will be for many years to come. We sure don’t want to lose you to the competition.”

“Now Tom, you know I would never do that,” she commented with a smile, taking a sip of her white wine.

“Victoria, we’re going to make sure that doesn’t happen,” Steve added. “We’re willing to do whatever we need to do to make this happen for you and for us.” Victoria was having a good laugh over that and dreaming about her future with this company and Colin, when she saw him. He was sitting about three tables over, watching her with intense eyes. She hadn’t known he would actually wait for her here, but there he was … sipping on a glass of wine and watching her carry on a lively conversation with these older men. By now, Victoria’s mind had flown over to his table and she knew that her eyes had conveyed that message to him as well. As she reached for her glass of wine, her eyes were glued to his features. His hair had fallen into his eyes and he watched her with an intense gaze. Victoria felt herself slowly slipping into a daze, lost in his eyes, even as she sat that far apart from him. Her eyes dropped to his full, sensuous mouth and she felt her own mouth go dry just thinking how his lips felt on hers. Her thoughts were jolted back to reality as she realized that Tom had been talking to her. “Vicky, where have you disappeared to?”

Quickly shifting her gaze away from Colin to Tom, she took another sip of wine. “No where. I’m here.” She smiled quickly at Steve and then set her glass down. Standing up, she made apologies and said she’d be right back. Both men stood as she pushed in her chair and glance back over to Colin’s table, seeing he had disappeared. She excused herself to go to the powder room, needing to regain bursa escort bayan her composure and that’s where she ran into him. He was leaning nonchalantly against a pillar near the back of the restaurant. “What are you doing here?” she whispered, walking up to him.

Colin quickly looked her over. She was wearing a white silk skirt slit high up her thigh, and a deep blue silk shirt that set off her eyes and the color of her hair. Her hair had been swept up on top of her head and her nails were manicured and left natural. She was wearing high-heeled sandals that matched her skirt. “I told you I would wait for you.”

“I know,” she whispered, looking behind her at the two men still engaged in a conversation at her table. “I just didn’t think you’d be here.” She looked back at him and smiled. “You’re making it hard for me to concentrate on business.”

“Then you might as well leave now,” he said, taking her by the arm and pulling her close to him. She could smell his cologne and it made her head whirl.

Quickly stepping back before she lost sight of her reason for being here, she said, “Colin, I’m still in the middle of my meeting.” Victoria felt her resolve slipping as he watched her with eyes that sparkled. She knew she wouldn’t be able to concentrate anymore and finally agreed to meet him out front. She felt just like a teenager about to slip out of the house to meet a boyfriend that her parents didn’t approve of. Colin quickly leaned over and kissed her before heading out the door. Watching his retreating form, Victoria took a deep breath and went back to her table.

Both men stood again as she just stood there, gathering her purse and briefcase. Looking directly at Tom, she said, “Tom, I’m sorry but something’s come up. Are we finished here?”

Tom’s questioning gaze caught Victoria’s and she felt a twinge of guilt. Steve quickly sat back down, answering for Tom. “Yes, Victoria. I apologize for keeping you so late.” Looking down at his watch, he added, “It’s time I went as well.”

“Vicky,” Tom said, sitting back down and taking a sip of wine. “You’re going to think seriously about what we’ve said, I hope?” He looked at her intently and she knew he was asking more than what he said.

“Of course,” she said.

“Will I see you again before you leave for Texas?” Steve asked.

“I’m not sure, to tell you the truth.”

“I hope you really consider moving to the area, Victoria. We can work more closely if you were here. But we’ll do what we can to keep communication open even if you decide against it.”

“I’ll consider it, I promise.” Then with a nod to both men, she hurried to the front door. As she stepped out, a limo driver opened a door directly in front of her and she saw a hand reach out and wait. Smiling, Victoria stepped forward and took it, stepping into the limo and Colin’s waiting arms.

All her resolve to make Colin wait and yearn for her, fled out the window as that limo door closed and Victoria found herself wrapped in Colin’s warm arms. She was the one who was yearning for him! His face was hovering close to her own and his cologne reached out and caressed her face … or was it his hand? She felt very warm and very safe and instinctively, she leaned in closer to him as she watched him through half closed lids. “Do you know how very beautiful you are?” he asked. She nestled close to him and then suddenly he laughed. “If you don’t stop looking at me that way, I’m going to have to kiss you.”

“All right.” Her soft laughter joined his. She couldn’t have torn her gaze from his if her very life depended upon it. Like a movie in slow motion, she watched his lips lower to hers as a wonderful and warm feeling closed over her. Victoria’s eyes closed and she savored this moment … clung to it like it would be her last. Slowly, oh so slowly, his lips descended, brushing hers. She could feel their warmth before they even touched her. A soft moan escaped her lips as he deepened bursa escort the kiss, his tongue reaching out to caress her own. She took him in, her arms encircling his neck and her heart pounding. A beautiful song softly came over the radio, filling Victoria’s ears and heart with their words … “If I never knew you, if I never felt this love, I would have no inkling of, how precious life could be …”

Colin pulled away slowly and Victoria felt like she had been drugged. She opened her eyes and saw him smiling down at her. They wound up at her hotel room and she didn’t have to ask, he just followed her in. No words were spoken as he took her into his arms and held her close.

Victoria held tight to him as they stood by the door locked in an embrace. No kissing … no fondling, just his hand slightly stroking her back. Her head rested quietly on his chest. Victoria closed her eyes and slowly inhaled his scent … clean, musky, sexy. Stepping gently away from his embrace, she turned on the light, walking into the sitting area of her hotel suite. The draperies were pulled back to show the spectacular view of the lights of Los Angeles below.

Colin followed Victoria to the window, taking her into his embrace. As they looked out over L.A., she softly asked, “Do you want some coffee?”

“It’s not coffee I want,” he whispered in her ear, his embrace tightening.

She turned in his embrace, her eyes locked with his. “What do you want?” Her eyes blazed with his and suddenly Colin wanted to protect her … to love her for a long time.

“I better go.” He smiled down at her with a tender look.

“Any special reason?”

He laughed softly in the dim light of the hotel room. “A very good one. You’re driving me crazy, Miss Harrison. And if I’m expected to behave myself, I’d better go.” Victoria pouted as Colin pointed out, “You said yourself that you wouldn’t go out with me again if it was just to go to bed. So, we’re not.”

“Always the gentleman,” she teased.

He kissed her on the forehead, pulling her close as he said, “Besides, you’re leaving in a couple of days and I’ll still be here.” She pulled back from his embrace, disappointment shining in her eyes. She didn’t want to talk about the fact that she was going to have to leave him sooner or later, but here it was … staring her right in the face. “I really want us to start this relationship out right and going to bed isn’t going to do it, no matter how badly you or I want to.”

“Relationship?” she questioned. “Is that what this feels like to you?”

“Yes, I think it can be.” He watched her, scared to admit how much he already cared about her … scared to admit he’d be devastated if she left. “I want to carry this to the end, wherever and whenever that is going to be. I honestly don’t think it’s going to end when you go back to Texas. We’re too closely linked to one another … already.” He emphasized this point by pulling her back into his embrace, his cheek resting on her forehead. “You’ll be back. Of that I’m certain.”

Victoria didn’t say anything. She was too choked up to reply to his impassioned words. “If you look inside yourself, Victoria, you have to admit that you belong here. The job can follow you.” She knew what he had said was true. Her publisher was here in California and was practically begging her to be closer. If she had to, she could also find a teaching job here. All she had to do was take the California version of the EXCET test, but Victoria had to admit … she was scared. What if she came this far and then things didn’t work out like she wanted them to? What if Colin was just saying these things and she left everything behind to come? But then she thought that this is what she had come for. She wanted him and now she needed to be near him. She didn’t know what to do.

He stepped back from her, holding her at arms’ length as he watched her. Kissing her lightly on the forehead, he said, “All I’m asking for is a chance to love you, Victoria. Everything else can be worked out.” He sauntered over to the door and turned back to gaze at her. “Until tomorrow,” he said and then opened the door. ‘When?!’ she wanted to know but he walked out, leaving her breathless and wanting with definite questions about her future.

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To Sir, With Love

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“No one, not even Bobby, can make you feel small unless you let them. So if that’s how you’re feeling it’s because you want to,” her younger sister told her.

“What kind of new-age nonsense is that? Why would I want to feel like this?”

“Palmer, you’ve always been a people pleaser. With Dad, with your teachers, with every guy you ever dated, and with Bobby since you met him. You’ll do anything to make someone else happy, but you don’t know how to be happy yourself.”

“That’s crap, too, Elaine! How can someone not know how to be happy? Maybe I prefer finding my happiness by making my family happy. What’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing as long as you’re happy, too. But you’re not, Palmer. You’re miserable. And you let Bobby walk all over you because you’re afraid to stand up for yourself. But it’s not just you we’re talking about here. You have two small children to think about.”

“I am thinking about them. Ellie and Jax are the most important things in my life! You know that, Elaine.”

“Yes, I do know that. But ask yourself this. Where do you fit in? How important are you…to you? Don’t you deserve to be happy just like them? Don’t you deserve to feel the way you try and make Bobby feel? You know, the husband who doesn’t appreciate anything you do, and who also makes every decision for you while managing to make you feel worthless.”

“He’s just…busy. That’s all. He works really hard taking care of us. I have the privilege of staying home with my children because of that. So maybe he’s not the most romantic guy, but he’s a good provider, and he takes care of us.”

“For God’s sake, will you please stop defending that man? Yes, he makes a lot of money, and yes, you can stay home and be with your kids. But it’s more like you’re a prisoner here than…I don’t know…a princess.”

“A princess? I don’t want to be a princess, Elaine. Where is that even coming from?”

“I’m sorry, sis. I honestly don’t know. It started with ‘p’ like prisoner, and it was all I could think of so I said it. Look, it’s late. We’re both tired. I need to get home and you need to get some sleep. Bobby’s coming home tomorrow so…”

“No. No he’s not,” Palmer said quietly. “He…he called just before you got here and told me he’d be gone another two or three days.”

“What? Oh, my heavens! Palmer, what is the matter with you?” Elaine asked trying not to be furious with her sister.

Palmer shook her head, and that’s when the first tear fell.

“I…I don’t know, Elaine. I just don’t know. I can’t seem to make my husband happy, and I’m at wits end trying to do that. Maybe…maybe after I get the boob job things will be better. Bobby likes big breasts, and that’ll make me more attractive to him, you know?”

Rather than chide her even more for being such a doormat, Elaine put her arms around her sister and said, “You need to sleep. We need to sleep. We’ll talk more tomorrow. But unless this boob job is for you because you want it, don’t do it. Not for anyone and especially not for Bobby. Okay?”

She knew it was a waste of time because she knew her sister too well. Palmer blamed herself for everything wrong in her marriage when everyone else knew the problem was the demanding, arrogant, self-centered ass she was married to.

But Palmer Cunningham could never admit that because if she did, the entire house of cards her failing marriage was built on would collapse in an instant, and being Mrs. Bobby Cunningham was who she was and all she wanted to be. Well, except for being happy and as long as she believed that was tied up in the jerk she was married to, that would never happen.

Then again, to her 40-year old sister, Elaine Knox, being happy was an impossibility as long as her sister clung to the ridiculous notion that being happy meant making other people happy. But for now, she was too tired to tackle that beast yet again so she told her sister to go to bed then headed home to her loving husband and two wonderful children.

When the phone rang sometime after she’d fallen asleep, Palmer opened one eye and saw that it was a little after midnight. She picked it up and said hello.

“Hi. Is Bobby back yet?” a female voice asked.

“I’m sorry. He’s still gone on business. May I take a message?”

There was silence then the phone went dead.

Confused and then concerned she hit ‘redial’ and got an immediate answer.

“Downtown Bar, Jess speaking,” a male voice said.

“Oh, hi. Um…I just got a call from this number, but it was a woman,” Palmer said.

“Oh, yeah. That was…Sophie,” the man said.

“May I speak to her? Is she still there?”

Palmer heard a woman saying, “Hang up the phone, Jess! Just hang up.”

“Yeah. Um…sorry,” was all she heard before the line went dead.

She sat there in stunned silence. Elaine had told her several times she thought Bobby was having an affair, but there was no obvious evidence that was true. And yet a woman had their home phone number and had called asking for her husband by his first name expecting him to be back when he’d originally görükle escort said he’d be back.

She felt like she might throw up then immediately began wondering what she could have done to drive him to such extremes.

Palmer didn’t tell her sister about the call when she came back to visit the next day, but she did intend to confront her husband this time no matter how difficult that might prove, and for her, it was always extremely difficult to stand up for herself.

The two days passed, and Bobby had been home for maybe an five minutes when Palmer decided it was time. She’d happily welcomed him back then after bringing him a drink, she said she wanted to discuss something but not until the kids were asleep.

“You’re not backing out on the boob job.”

He clearly wasn’t asking her but telling her.

“Don’t even think about that. You know how important that is to us, right?”

Palmer couldn’t look at him as she quietly agreed.

“Then what is it?” he asked now getting testy.

“Let’s just wait, okay?” she said with a weak smile hoping to avoid a tirade.

“No, we’ll discuss it now! I don’t like the way you’re hemming and hawing around, Palmer. So just say it already,” he demanded.

Without looking at him she forced herself to say, “Are you…are you having an affair?”

“What? That’s insane! Why would you even say a thing like that?” he said getting loud very quickly.

“Bobby. Please. The kids.”

“I don’t give a damn about the kids!” he roared. “Where in the hell did you get this crazy idea?”

“Her name is Sophie, isn’t it?” Palmer found the strength to say. “Is she…bigger…than me?”

Bobby turned away as his raged faded.

“How do you know about her?” he said quietly.

“I just know, okay? So…is it true?”

Now getting angry again, Bobby got up and stood in front of his wife.

“Yeah. It’s true. But can you blame me? You’re never interested in sex. You don’t even make any effort. In fact, you go out of your way to find excuses not to have sex with me. Hell, for all I know, you’re givin’ it to someone else!”

“Bobby, that’s not true. I’ve never been unfaithful to you. I try to always look nice, I work out, I watch my diet, I wear nice…”

“Oh, just stop!” he bellowed cutting her off. “Sure, you go to your spinning classes. I’ll give you that. But you’re hardly what I’d call ‘hot’. You used to be pretty, but you’ve never been hot. That’s why we need this boob job. I need you to be attractive to me, Palmer. Can’t you understand that?”

That night as her husband took her hard and relentlessly, she didn’t feel anything but numb. She knew she’d forgive him, and she knew he’d want to…fuck her. And she knew she’d let him. The only thing she dreaded was having to tell Elaine, because telling her meant she’d have to endure yet another lecture on her need to stand up for herself.

“How did that feel, baby?” Bobby said after he came inside her.

“Wonderful, honey,” she told him not even caring if he’d used a condom with this Sophie woman as he shot his load inside her.

He rolled over and said, “Tell you what. You get yourself some nice D cups, and I’ll be all over you like that all the time. I promise.”

“Yes. That’ll be really nice,” Palmer said not really knowing what she was saying as she fought off the urge to cry.

Bobby was sound asleep five minutes later and Palmer got up to shower and douche and try and wash him away even as she found herself forced to admit Elaine had been right. But if she was what did that mean? How would Palmer even go about ‘standing up for herself’ when she had no real idea who she even was anymore let alone what she needed or even wanted?

She came very close to crying in the shower, but just couldn’t let go. For now she would get some sleep then talk to her sister and go from there.

The following morning, the kids were thrilled to see their daddy and Palmer pretended everything was just fine.

Ellie was four and a talker. She couldn’t stop telling him how much she loved him and missed him and all the things she’d done while he was away. Jax was two, and all Bobby had to do was ‘blow bubbles’ on his tummy to win him over. They had no idea their father was a colossal prick nor should they have to care about such things.

As much as this affair hurt Palmer, Bobby was still her children’s father, and she couldn’t begrudge them being happy to see him. She, however, was very happy when Bobby told her he’d be going back on the road again the next day after spending the day at corporate headquarters in Seattle.

Elaine came over about 10am after having dropped her kids off at school and gone to spinning class.

“Hey! Where were you this morning?” she asked her sister.

“How was class?” Palmer asked dreading ‘the talk’.

“Good. Like always. That hot young guy was right in front of me today! I just wanted to play with his tight little buns the whole time!” she said. “But no matter how fast I pedaled I never did catch up to him.”

Palmer laughed bursa escort bayan politely then said, “I swear. If I had a husband like Joe, I’d never say things like that.”

“Oh, come on! It’s just girl talk. I’d never cheat on Joe. He’s perfect for me.”

“Yes, he is,” Palmer agreed. “You’re very fortunate, Elaine.”

Her sister was three years younger, but had both of her children were older than Palmer’s. She and Joe had married relatively early but waited to have children because they loved being with each other so much. Bobby and Palmer were both over 30 when they married, but they’d waited to have children because Bobby didn’t want them. Palmer had had to beg him repeatedly for years before he agreed to have a child, and after Ellie was born, he’d demanded she get her tubes tied. She drug her feet for months, then when she’d gotten pregnant with Jax two years later, he’d blown a gasket and told her if she didn’t get ‘fixed’ this time, it was over.

So, four months later, she’d undergone major surgery to avoid Bobby having to get a vasectomy on an out-patient basis and be put out for a whole 72 hours or so.

And that’s when he’d really gotten onto her about getting a boob job. Palmer had very nice, full-B cups, but Bobby wanted more—a lot more. He wanted his wife to get E or even F cups, but she’d somehow managed to talk him down to a full D.

She already thought she’d look like a freak by making that big a change overnight as a ‘mere’ D, let alone the way it would affect her back and her ability to exercise. Even so, she was on the verge of finally giving up and scheduling the procedure when she learned of the affair.

“So…where were you?” Elaine asked again as she poured herself a glass of orange juice. “I know you weren’t in bed making love with Bobby so…what’s up?”

“I didn’t feel like going out,” Palmer told her quietly.

“You okay? Spinning class is your favorite thing. You never miss. What’s going on?” she asked.

“Bobby’s having an affair,” she told her sister directly.

“What? Are you serious?” Elaine asked as she sat down next to her sister.

“He admitted it. Last night.”

“That…fuck!” Elaine said. “Who is this…bitch?”

“Someone named Sophie. She called here and I re-dialed the number.”

Palmer explained what happened and how she got up the nerve to confront Bobby. Reluctantly, she also admitted how he’d berated her and turned things back around on her.

“And you forgave that bastard? Palmer, for heaven’s sake, what is wrong with you?” her sister said clearly exasperated.

And that’s when the tears came. Elaine couldn’t ever remember seeing her big sister actually cry except for when their grandfather died when they were very young. She reached out and held her close and let her cry without either of them saying a word.

“I…I just don’t know what to do, Elaine,” Palmer finally said.

“Yes, you do,” her sister said in a supportive tone. “You just don’t want to do it.”

“You mean leave him?” she said as though it was unthinkable.

“Ding, ding, ding! That’s the one,” Elaine told her. “I’ll be happy to help. If you need me to be there when you tell him, just let me know. I’d love to see that smug prick’s face when you finally do.”

“But…but what about the kids? I can’t do that to them.”

“In the kindest way possible…Palmer—stop being a martyr.”

“A martyr? Why are you being so cruel?”

“Cruel? I’m just being honest. Bobby is a dick. He’s conceited, self-centered, selfish, and frankly he’s unworthy of you. You need to do this, Palmer. You have to do this. Your marriage has been over for a long time. Everyone knows that except for you. There’s nothing here to save. And your children will be better off if their mother is finally happy. So, please, please do this. Tell Bobby it’s finished so you can start over. Please?”

“I don’t know, Elaine. I mean, what if I did get the boob job and things change? They could, you know,” Palmer said trying to talk her sister out of her belief the marriage was a sham.

“Palmer? Leopards don’t change their spots. Ever. The only choice you have—the only sane choice—is to get rid of him. Tonight. Do not put this off even one more day, you hear me?” Elaine said adamantly.

“I…I don’t know if I can,” Palmer said. “And what if I do, and then I never find anyone else? I don’t want to live alone the rest of my life, Elaine.”

“Oh, my God! Do you have any idea how beautiful you are? I wasn’t going to mention this, but the hot guy asked me where my gorgeous sister was today! And that guy is freaking gorgeous himself!”

“He…he was just being nice, I’m sure,” she replied quietly.

“Palmer? You have always been prettier than me, and you still are. In fact, you were the prettiest girl in high school and you still look amazing. I’d kill to have skin like yours! For crying out loud, people always think you’re my baby sister. How do you think that makes me feel when I’m three years younger than you? You look amazing for any age, but for 43 you’re just bursa escort insanely beautiful. You won’t be alone forever. I can promise you that. In fact, you won’t be alone for one day unless you want to. So stop hiding behind all the self loathing and shame. You’re gorgeous! Did I say I’d kill to look like you?”

Palmer finally smiled and said, “No, you said you’d kill to have skin like mine, but…thank you for saying that. I wish I could believe it.”

“Well, we are going to get you signed up on some dating sites, and then you’ll see! Trust me on that!”

“Dating sites? I’m not even divorced yet. I’m not even legally separated! What do you mean—dating sites?”

“A mere formality, my dear. There’s a world of difference between what Bobby just did to you—and this may not be the first time, Palmer—and dating someone before your divorce is final. Very few men will care, and you can trust me on that, too. Shoot, I bet Cute Guy from spinning class would go out with you in a New York minute!”

“Cute Guy? Come on! He’s what? Twenty-five? Maybe?” Palmer said actually kind of enjoying the conversation. Not that she’d ever go out with someone that young, but it made her feel almost alive to talk like this.

“So…can you do this by yourself?” Elaine asked getting serious again.

Palmer wasn’t sure she’d have the courage, but felt reasonably confident she could and told her sister, “I…I think so.”

“If you lose your nerve you call me. I don’t care what time it is. I’ll be here ASAP, okay?”

“Okay,” Palmer said. “And Elaine? I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“Yeah, I know,” she said before offering her sister another big hug.

“Don’t you dare chicken out. You hear me?” Elaine said just as she was leaving.

Palmer had Bobby’s favorite meal ready for him when he got home, and Elaine had agreed to watch the kids for her. She was so nervous she thought she’d throw up several times, and when she finally heard him come in, she nearly did.

“Hey? Where are my kids?” he asked with saying hello or asking what smelled so good.

“They’re at Elaine’s,” she told him.

“Oh! I see. So…you’re finally making some effort to be available, huh?” he said giving her the once over. “You’d think by now you’d know to wear something I like, but, okay. I can work with this.”

All during dinner Palmer worked up her nerve as she politely replied to whatever thing Bobby was going on and on about at work.

When he finished he said, “Tell you what? I’ll load the dishwasher if you go change into something nicer. How’s that sound?”

He was smiling at her like he was really offering her something special when, suddenly, and for the first time—she hated him. Just looking at him disgusted her. She finally saw what Elaine and their mother had been telling her for years. Bobby was an insufferable ass.

“That’s okay. I’ll take care of the dishes,” she said coldly.

“Okay. Great. That’s your job anyway. I just thought I’d be nice. Let me know when you change into something I can stand to look at. Oh, that black number would perfect,” he said as he refilled his wine glass and turned to walk out.

“I want a divorce,” Palmer said firmly.

Bobby laughed as he turned around.

“Oh, that was good!” he said pointing at her. “You almost had me there for a second!”

“I’m not kidding, Bobby. I want a divorce, and I want you out of my house,” she said without shaking.

He walked slowly toward her then said, “Oh you do, do you? You want me out of your house?”

“Yes. Before the kids come home tomorrow,” she told him now feeling afraid as he towered over her.

He leaned down and hollered, “Who do you think paid for this house, you ungrateful slut? Who do you think makes it possible for you to stay home all day and take spinning classes and get manicures and buy all those expensive clothes you wear? Huh?”

He put his finger in her face then yelled, “Answer me!!”

Palmer somehow kept her composure and said calmly, “I am very grateful for everything you’ve provided for me and our children, but I’m through being made to feel like I’m worthless, Bobby. And I will not share my bed with a man who can so easily sleep with another woman. So while I admit you’ve given me a very nice house and many nice things, what you’ve never given me is love. You intimidate and you bully and you treat me like…garbage. And over the years, you’ve robbed me of dignity and self worth. So thank you for the things you’ve given me, but I want you out because of the things you refuse to give me.”

“Yeah? Okay, fine. I’ll move out. But I’ll take everything to include the kids. You’ll be left with an empty house you can’t even afford to pay taxes on, and I’ll be sleeping with one hot woman after the other—women I’m actually attracted to!”

He glared at her then said, “Just like I’ve been doing for years.”

Palmer forced her way around him, and as she left the kitchen Bobby hollered, “And you can sleep on the couch tonight. I’m sleeping in my bed! The bed I bought with my money, you ungrateful bitch!”

Palmer barely slept that night, and for the first time since she married him, she didn’t make breakfast for her husband that next morning. She did make enough coffee for them both, but she was done doing anything for him that a judge didn’t require her to do.

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Total Bliss

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We are in a hotel room, you are in a free standing tub with candles lit all around taking a bubble bath. I walk in in my robe and offer to give you a massage while you are soaking. I lean down behind you and start with your shoulders and move up and down your arms resting on the tub. You smile and give a slight moan of relaxation with your eyes closed. The sight of you there, and the sweet smell of your Lavender/Vanilla bath salts makes my hunger for you grow.

I take the massage a bit forward, toward your breasts. My hands slide down your wet chest into the water, and find your beautiful breasts. Your nipples are rock hard in the warm sud filled water. I slide them between my fingers and tweak them causing you to take in a deep breath.

I slip off my robe to keep from getting it wet. I then return to your breasts, I lean over standing up to get better access with my breasts hanging just over your head. You lean your head back, and decide to taste them while görükle escort I am enjoying yours. I can hear the metal of my nipple rings clang against your teeth. You tug on the nipples a bit with your mouth which sends an electric bolt through me, and causes me to breathe deep and let out a moan.

A few moments later, you decide it’s time to take this to the bed, so I help you out of the tub. I dry you off, enjoying the sight of you. I lead you to the bed which has Vanilla scented candles lit all around it as well. I pull you close to me, your sweet scented skin on mine our breasts mashing into one another. I kiss you softly, then our tongues start to dance together with hungered passion. I lower you to the bed. The candle light gives you an angel’s glow and makes me want to devour you. We return to our kiss, and your hands start to roam.

You find my nipples and roll them between your fingers playing with rings as well. Then one hand bursa escort bayan slides its way down to my clean shaven pussy, which is on fire. You slide one finger into my wet slit and find my hardened clit. This makes me kiss you deeper with more passion, and moan into your mouth. I break the kiss, and move to your neck while your finger works it magic on my clit. I have to slow my kisses on your neck so not to put a hickey on it in my frenzied excitement.

You have me on the brink of an orgasm so I stop you and pull your hands up over your head. I don’t want to cum yet. I kiss you again. Then I move down to your breasts of which I have hungered for since the tub. I suck on the hard nipple and rub my tongue ring over it causing you to arch your back to me. My hand moves down to your pussy and slides into your slit, across your clit, and into your hole. Up and down, in and out I move. Your hands go to my back, and dig in.

You moan “Oh bursa escort Baby”. You then take one hand and find my pussy again. I move a bit to give you better access. Your fingers again start to fuck me as mine fuck you. We return to our kiss which turns into hungered deep passionate kiss. We both are moaning and moving with the fingers that are fucking us. I have to break the kiss to moan out “Oh Baby, Fuck Me”, as I am on the brink of orgasm.

You are close as well and moan out “Oh Fuck, Oh Baby, Oh fuck”. I then let loose with mine as I moan out “Oh Baby, Fuck me, Please Don’t Stop, Oh Yes, I am Cumming”

That brings yours to an explosive orgasm, and you scream out “OH SHIT BABY, I’M CUMMINGGG!!”

After we both come down off of the aftershocks, we collapse next to each other in a tangle mess of limbs as our breathing slows. I look over at you and see the candle light shining on your sweaty beautiful body. I reach over and caress your face. You kiss my hand gently and take a hold of it and move it to your heart and hold it there tightly. You drift to sleep with a sweet angelic smile on your face. Just before I drift off to dream as well, I smile and know that I have been given a gift of Heaven, an Angel to love forever.

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CSU Tales Pt. 01: Ann

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Big Tits

CSU Tales: Ann

Author’s note: CSU Tales are a loosely related set of stories detailing certain fantasies based on my college years. The characters, Ann, Betsy, Cindy, Lisa, and the narrator, are based on real people. We all met at our university’s Chritian Student Union (CSU) and all of us were born again Christians. However, we were not nearly as uptight as outsiders might think. At least, some of us weren’t. The names of people and organizations have been changed to protect those involved (including me!).

Also, I am looking for an editor (or editors) to help make my stories better, especially with regard to characterization and flow.

The clock chimed, breaking me out of the malaise I had been in for the last few minutes. The minute hand, slightly askew, tried desperately to point at twelve while the obedient minute hand pointed precisely at the six. “I can’t do this anymore,” I said, looking up from my books. “I just read the same paragraph three times and I still don’t know what it says. I think it’s time for a break,” I said in exasperation.

“Yeah, me, too. I’m about to pee in my pants,” Ann said, giggling.

I laughed. We had been studying since four o’clock and it felt like my eyeballs were about to burst, along with my bladder. Probably one of the reasons I was having trouble concentrating. “Yeah, me too,” I said as I stretched and groaned.

Ann leaped out of her chair at the kitchen table. “Race ya!” she yelled, peeling off toward the hallway. I jumped out of my chair to run after her. It was a small house and a short race. I caught up to her as she slammed the bathroom door in my face.

Ann was giggling uncontrollably. “I win, I win!” she hooted with glee, her voice muffled slightly by the door.

I hadn’t realized how much I actually needed to pee until that very moment. And it felt like I needed to pee, at that very moment. “Ann, if you don’t hurry up, I’m going out in your backyard and doing it where God and everyone can see me,” I threatened.

The giggling on the other side of the door stopped. “Don’t you dare,” she said, actually sounding concerned. “You can use my parent’s bathroom, just don’t move anything.”

“Okay,” I said, power walking toward her parent’s bedroom before she had even finished speaking.

I stood over the toilet and sighed in relief as my bladder released a stream of urine into the bowl. It seemed like it would never empty, but eventually, the stream became a trickle and then stopped. As I pulled up my underwear I could feel a drop of urine soaking into the fabric. “Dammit!” I swore under my breath. Oh well, you know what they say, “You can shake it in your fist, you can bang it on the wall, but until you put it in your pants. the last drop will never fall.” I washed up and walked into the hallway where the odor of buttered popcorn buffeted my olfactory senses. My stomach rumbled.

Ann looked up from the microwave when I walked into the kitchen. “Feel better?” she asked.

“You have no idea,” I said dramatically.

“Actually, I kind of do,” she said, giggling again, as she had been doing all night. Nights like these were what made my friendship with Ann so special. Her company and that of the rest of our group made the grueling task of studying somewhat more bearable.

Taking a moment to break the fourth wall, I need to describe Ann’s physical appearance. She was cute, maybe not what most guys consider “hot,” but still, she was cute. Her smile could light up a room and also serve as a warning that something silly was about to happen. She was about five feet four inches tall with shoulder length brown hair. Although she was not skinny, she was far from fat.

“When are Betsy and Lisa supposed to be here?” I asked. They had planned on joining us after they were done with activities with their respective families.

“I think Lisa said that they would get here around seven,” she said. “Betsy’s brother has their parent’s car tonight so Lisa is going to pick her up.”

I was the only male in a close-knit group made up of five friends, Ann, Cindy, Betsy, Lisa, and me. It was awkward at times because the girls would talk about almost anything in front of me. I appreciated the trust they had in me and that they felt comfortable enough to be relaxed in my presence. But sometimes… let’s just say I really didn’t want to know any more about their menstrual cycles.

We ate our popcorn, turned on the TV and then turned it off again because there was nothing to watch. Oh well, at least it wouldn’t serve as a distractor. Whenever I studied with Ann or any of the other girls, I always had a good time.

We talked about our plans for the future and Ann interrogated me about a girl that I had admitted to liking. Eventually, our conversation drifted to our plans after college. “For a graduation gift to myself, I think I’m going to get a boob job. Mom said she’ll pay for it if that’s what I want to do,” said Ann.

Far from being görükle escort titillating, this comment made my heart sink. This wasn’t the first time she had said this, or even the second. I knew that Ann had tiny breasts from observation, and because she had talked about them in the past. She wore padded bras a lot (which I had helped wash and fold more than once) so that she looked like she was at least an A-cup. In reality, she was somewhere around a 32-AA, which was about as small as bras got. She had mentioned getting implants several times since we had become close friends. It was touching that she would share that with me, but it made me sad that she thought she needed to change her body to give herself confidence.

These conversations didn’t happen frequently, but they happened enough that it concerned me that her self image was so low. I usually countered with some version of, “Ann, I’m sure your breasts are beautiful, and any man who loves you will love you the way you are.” I wasn’t the first friend to ever tell her this, but I was the first male which I felt like should carry some weight. However, I don’t think she believed me any more than she believed her female friends.

We had both grown quiet, mindlessly chewing popcorn and staring into space. I really wanted Ann to have more confidence in the way she looked now, not with implants. Ann was a people pleaser, like me, but I felt that this was a line that she shouldn’t cross. She needed to please herself, not alter her body to please people who might not even care. I just didn’t know what I could actually do that would help her understand that, but I cared too much about Ann to not at least try.

“Ann, I’m sure your breasts are beautiful, and…” I trailed off, my thoughts racing. You know how sometimes a thought pops into your head and you speak before you think, which often ends up embarrassing you or someone else? I did it all the time, I couldn’t seem to help it.

“And what?” Ann asked, trying to figure out what I was saying.

“Ann,” I said, “I always tell you that I’m sure your breasts are beautiful, and I think that’s true, but I haven’t seen them, so maybe that’s why you don’t seem to believe me. There’s only one way I can know definitively and hopefully convince you that I’m sincere.” The words came tumbling out of my mouth. I wasn’t even sure they made sense.

Ann looked at me in confusion. It wasn’t an unusual reaction because I spoke rapidly whenever I was excited about an idea. “How do you think you can really convince that you’re telling the truth?” she asked.

I decided to plunge ahead. “Well, um, can I see them?” I asked very quietly. My face grew hot as I waited for her answer.

Her eyebrows shot up. “What?”

“Can I see them?” I asked again, with a bit more confidence.

Ann looked at me suspiciously. She knew what I was asking, but I guess she wanted to be sure. “Can you see what?”

“Your breasts,” I said.

Ann’s face instantly turned red. “No, I don’t think so,” she said abruptly. “Besides, I’ve seen the way you look at Jenny Rhodes so I don’t think you really like small boobs.” She sounded angry, something I hadn’t seen very many times, and now that anger was directed at me. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling.

“Uh…what are you talking about?” I said. I felt my stomach tighten up. Jenny came to CSU meetings every now and then. Jenny said of herself that she wasn’t really, “a church kind of girl,” but she liked the company and we also enjoyed hers. She was fun to talk to and she always had a smile on her face. And…she had an enormous rack. And when I say, “enormous,” I mean it. According to my female friends she was at least a G-cup or maybe even an H. I tried not to stare, but damn, it was hard sometimes. I had jerked off to the image of her tits more than once.

“I’ve seen you looking at her boobs,” Ann said accusingly.

“You have?” I asked, my voice rising at the end of the sentence.

“Yes,” she said. “You do a pretty good job of hiding it, but I’m around you too much to miss it. Oh, and Jenny has noticed, too. But she thinks you’re a nice guy and she really respects that, at least when you talk to her, you look at her face instead of looking at her chest. So, anyway, don’t tell me you like small boobs. You’ll just be telling me what you think I want to hear. Anyway, it makes me uncomfortable. I didn’t think you thought of me like that. I mean, in a sexual way.” she finished, quietly.

“Ann,” I said, with as much earnestness as I could, “I don’t think of you that way,” emphasizing the word ‘don’t.’ That was not completely true. I had beat off to the image of every one of my female friends, even though I felt ashamed when I did so. I was usually able to avoid using them as sex objects in my masturbatory fantasies; but every now and then…I just couldn’t help it. I was perpetually horny.

I began to feel calmer as my heart slowed down. I really felt this was the right thing to do. I was dedicated to this. “Ann,” bursa escort bayan I said, “there are no such things as bad boobs. I don’t care how big or small they are. Besides, Jenny’s are just kind of ‘out’ there. They’re hard not to notice. Anyway, no funny business,” I insisted. “No feeling you up, just looking and giving you my real, male opinion.” My voice betrayed the touch of anxiety that I could not completely rid myself of. It terrified me to think I might have damaged, or even ended, our friendship. “It was just an idea,” I said after a moment. “Let’s just forget about it.”

“That’s probably for the best,” Ann said, sounding detached.

My mind was in overdrive, imagining the worst possible scenarios. I couldn’t tell if she was just a little unsettled, or now, suspicious of my motives for being her friend. We sat on the couch eating popcorn silently. The silence was nearly palpable.

Finally, Ann spoke. “Why did you ask me that question?”

Instead of saying, “I told you that already,” which would have been condescending, I turned to her and said, “It’s like I said. I don’t like it when you run yourself down. I’m not out for a sexual thrill. I respect you, and our friendship, too much for that. I just want you to know what a guy really thinks about them. I’m not saying I won’t get a sexual thrill. I’m still human. I just want you to have a better body image and I can give you a perspective that your female friends can’t.”

I could see her turning this over in her head as she chewed her popcorn. After an interminable amount of time she spoke, but this time she looked at me.

“Did you mean what you said about not touching, no funny business?”

“Absolutely, I just want you to know what I think, from a male perspective,” I reiterated.

I can admit to myself now that part of me was getting hopeful that I would get to see her breasts, and not just to tell her what I saw as a guy. I was already thinking about masturbating to the image of whatever I saw, once I got home.

“Okay,” she said slowly. “but you have to be honest with me.”

“I promise,” I said. I was wearing athletic shorts (a major no-no when hanging out with female friends, even if you don’t sexualize them) so I imagined that my ‘honesty’ would be pretty apparent.

We were still sitting on the sofa. I turned my body to face Ann and she pulled her legs onto the sofa and sat facing me, her legs crossed. Ann closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Then she exhaled and said, “Here goes nothing.” With that, she reached down with both hands, grabbed the hem of her t-shirt, and pulled it over her head. Her eyes were still closed; she was breathing so rapidly I thought she might hyperventilate. Ann’s bra was white, with two triangles of fabric that bulged outward, but only a little bit. I could see the swells of her breasts under her bra, so she was not flat chested in a literal sense. Still, she wasn’t kidding when she said her breasts were small. And to tell you the truth, I wasn’t getting very excited. I hoped that I had not been lying to her. Maybe I wasn’t having the reaction I expected because her nervousness was rubbing off.

“Promise me you won’t laugh,” she said.

“I promise,” I said, “ because there won’t be any reason to laugh.”

With her eyes still squeezed tightly shut, she took a deep breath and exhaled forcefully. She reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. She shrugged it off and dropped it in her lap. Her face was flushed. She continued to stare at her lap, afraid to meet my gaze. After a few seconds, she looked up, staring at me, anxiety and fear written clearly on her face.

“Well,” she said, her voice trembling, “what do you think?”

I looked her over, I looked at her breasts. They were small mounds on her chest spaced fairly far apart due to their small size. They were capped with long, pink nipples that sat upon puffy areolas, making her breasts looked pointed. They were tiny, and they were beautiful. I could feel my cock swelling rapidly as animal lust vied with human objectivity. I guess I had been wrong about my body not reacting. My cock was become so hard it was painful, due to being confined in my underwear. The desire to touch Ann’s breasts was so strong, I was now the one trembling, but I was able to exert self-control.

“Ann,” I said, “they’re beautiful, and they are desirable. You are desirable. I want you to know that I’m being as honest as I can, and I can prove it.” I stood up from the couch, making the large bulge in my athletic shorts very noticeable. Ann gasped and her face turned red.

I looked her straight in the eyes. “You did this to me,” I said. “Seeing your breasts gave me this erection. I won’t be able to stop thinking about them until I masturbate. That’s as honest as I can be, and as you can see, it’s something I can’t hide or control.”

After a moment a small smile ghosted her lips. “Thank you,” she said, “for being honest. Now sit back down, please.”

I sat down bursa escort and pulled my legs up under me, still facing her. What I expected to happen was that she would put her bra and shirt back on and I would go jack off, because I hadn’t been kidding about that. But she wasn’t making any effort to put her clothes back on. She sat quietly for a moment, chewing on her lip.

“Um, I wasn’t kidding about needing to masturbate. I need to get rid of this before Lisa and Betsy get here,” I said, indicating the bulge in my shorts with a nod. She stayed silent, still chewing her lip and looking at her lap. Finally, she seemed to make a decision. She looked up at me.

“Do you want to touch them?” she finally said, so quietly I almost couldn’t hear her.

“Touch them? I told you I wasn’t doing this so I could take advantage of you,” I said. It took a lot to say that in a calm voice. I was uncomfortable and excited at the same time. What I really wanted to do was touch them the moment she asked. But I didn’t want to take advantage of one of my best friends. But I was so horny. My heart was beating so fast there was a roaring sound in my ears. “I just can’t do that,” I said.

“Please?” she pleaded.

I exhaled loudly. That was all I needed to hear, there was no way I could stop now. I reached out my hands and put one on each breast. These weren’t the first breasts I’d ever felt, but this was special, to know that Ann trusted me enough to do this. I squeezed them slightly, feeling the flesh compress as I squeezed it. I could feel her nipples push into my palms as they lengthened and pushed out. She closed her eyes and sighed.

“That feels good,” she murmured.

My penis throbbed in my pants, twitching from time to time. After hearing her sigh and saying that it felt good, instinct took over. I couldn’t help myself. I leaned over, took my right hand off of her left breast, and replaced it with my mouth. I looked up into her eyes as I swirled my tongue around her nipple and areola.

Her eyes flew open. “What are you doing?” she said in alarm. I switched from swirling to sucking while massaging her other breast with my free hand. Its hard nipple poked insistently at my palm. A moan escaped from her mouth and the look of alarm was replaced with a look of sheer bliss. She closed her eyes and moaned again. I was in heaven.

“Suck my whole breast into your mouth,” she said urgently. “Suck on both of them!”

I was happy to oblige. I sucked her whole breast into my mouth. I began sucking on her other breast, switching from one to the other. Ann was panting, and I was afraid that I was going to cum in my pants. She began breathing raggedly. “Suck harder!” she said. “Squeeze the other one as hard as you can. Don’t stop!” Ann wasn’t yelling, but she was speaking insistently.

I couldn’t believe how assertive, and wild, Ann had become. This was a side of her that I had never seen. She was was now gasping. “Oh God! Oh God! Don’t stop! Dontstop; Dontstop; Dontstop, DON’T STOP!” Ohgod…itfeelssogood! I’m think I’m about to…oh yes! Oh yes! Oh, God, yes! I’m having an orgasm!”

I could feel her entire body trembling as her orgasm ripped through her.

“Oh my God, oh my god, oh…..” her voice trailed off as her orgasm subsided.

“I’ve never felt that good in my life,” she said. “Even when I…” suddenly she stopped speaking, and looked embarrassed.

“‘Even when I’ what?” I asked. I had a pretty good idea what her answer would be, but I wanted to hear her say it. She had had her orgasm, but my lust was still coursing through my veins and it felt like I had an iron rod in my pants. My cock needed to hear her say it.

She looked down and her voice got very quiet. “Even when I masturbate,” she mumbled.

I put my finger under her chin lifted her head up to look at me. “Hey,” I said, “that’s perfectly normal. And right now, honestly, it sounds really hot. You better get dressed,” I said, “or we might do something we’ll both regret. Because right now? I’d like nothing better than to pull out my erect cock right here on this couch and have you stroke it with your hand until I cum.”

Ann’s eyes got wide.

“Don’t say anything,” I said. “Because if you say anything that even remotely sounds like approval, I won’t be able to stop. But I hope you do realize one thing. Your breasts are beautiful, and they are erotic.” I grabbed my erection through my pants in emphasis. “I hope that you believe me.”

Ann nodded her head. “I do…Mark…thank you. It’s going to be hard to stop thinking they’re too small, but what we did, even though it can’t happen again, I think it really did help.”

“I’m glad,” I said, and I meant it.

We could see headlights lighting up the dining room as they shone through the windows.

“Oh, crap!” I said. I looked at my watch; 7:02.

“Lisa and Betsy are here!” said Ann in a panic. She began frantically putting her bra on.

“Um, I gotta go to the bathroom!” I yelled as I ran down the hallway. I ran into the bathroom and shut the door, making doubly sure that it was locked. My heart was beating like a cheetah on speed. The doorbell rang. I heard Ann open the door and greet Lisa and Betsy. Although I couldn’t make out what they were saying. I heard laughing.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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This story is not what you would consider a “stroke” story. If that is what you are looking for, you might want to try another story.

————- ———————–

The following story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance between actual persons, living or dead (or just confused) is entirely coincidental. Please do not copy/redistribute the story, in part or in total, without the author’s permission.

This story takes place in the fictional city of Springfield, California several hundred years in the future, so don’t go looking for it on a map. And in my little fictional world, there are no unwanted pregnancies or STD’s, except as plot driving devices. The author encourages the practice of safe-sex.

————- —————

“Tomorrow . . .”

————- —————

“Where the fuck are my earrings?” Wendy shouted from bathroom where she had spent the last forty minutes making adjustments to her hair.

Cindy rolled her eyes but couldn’t help but grin. She’d never met anyone THAT smart with THAT kind of a mouth on her. She had been sitting there patiently waiting for her date to get ready, but Wendy always took forever. Cindy’s work clothes were folded neatly on the table of Wendy’s apartment where they had been for an hour. She was blessed with the ability to be ready at a moment’s notice. It pissed Wendy off to no end.

“Have you checked your ears?” Cindy replied loudly, plopping down in a chair and waiting for her companion to finish getting ready. Not that Cindy really cared if Wendy hurried. She wanted that night to last a while.

Wendy peaked out from the bathroom and stuck her tongue out at Cindy. “Smart ass,” she said before returning to her search with a melodramatic huff.

“Better than being a dumb shit,” Cindy shot back. She glanced over and saw the earrings on the nightstand, but she didn’t say anything. She was enjoying listening to her lover’s tirade about the nature of missing objects far too much to let the moment end.

Her attention was drawn to something else in the room as well. Boxes and boxes of Wendy’s belongings. That put a serious damper on her mood, and it obviously reflected on her face.

“No sour expressions,” Wendy said as she walked slowly into the room, her elegant blue gown clinging to her slim body like a glove. “You promised.”

Cindy shook her head. “I just . . .”

Wendy sat in her girlfriend’s lap and pressed a finger to the saucy brunette’s lips. “We both knew that tomorrow was coming. I’ve got to go, and I’ve been putting it off long enough thanks to you,” she said, grinning before giving Cindy and sweet, sweet kiss. “And it’s not like we won’t ever see each other again. So promise me again . . .”

“Okay, okay,” Cindy replied. In the two years they had been together, Wendy had always managed to get her way. The woman had a way with words . . . no wonder she was a writer. “I promise. The rest of the night is just about having fun. There,” she muttered, faking submission. “Are you happy?”

“Always!” Wendy said, making her way back to her feet. She quickly spied the earrings, then shot Cindy a dirty look. “Bitch.”

“Takes one to know one,” Cindy replied, shrugging her shoulders. She gave the other woman a once over. “So you decided to go blonde?”

“I wanted to see if it was REALLY more fun,” Wendy replied, making one last adjustment to her hair. “Not bad for an old lady.”

“You’re only thirty-seven . . .”

“But a veteran of life!” Wendy shot back with an outrageous and horrible French accent.

“That’s the last time I let you watch cartoons about a talking skunk,” Wendy said by way of a completely insincere complaint.

“It’s a habit I picked up from dating someone so childish.”

Cindy rolled her eyes. She was only four years younger than her companion. But in actuality, Wendy tended to behave more like a kid than her (slightly) junior counterpart.

“Am not.”

“Are too.”

“Am not.”

“Are . . .”

It had been Cindy’s turn to sneak up on Wendy and plant a kiss on those lips. Then she kissed Wendy’s neck, smelling that sweet citrus-like perfume she preferred.

“None of that,” Wendy said with a smile. How she had ever managed to find someone so beautiful and passionate who would be willing to put up with her skinny ass was beyond her comprehension. Cindy was stunning in her little black dress that conformed nicely to her athletic body, and it was almost tempting to blow off other plans to start a night of debauchery. But she wanted their last night together for a while to be special, so she playfully pushed the amorous younger woman away and gave her a slap on the ass.

“Simmer down now,” she said. “So where are we going anyway?”

“Nuh unh,” Cindy replied. “You don’t get to know until we get there.”

“Spoilsport,” Wendy said, but not at all unhappy about her lover’s behavior. She knew that Cindy was taking the idea of separation hard, but she was doing her best not to let it show. “Well, görükle escort I’m as ready as I’m going to be.”

Cindy grinned and offered her “date” her arm. Wendy accepted it and leaned against her companion, allowing herself to be escorted to Cindy’s ever-so-cute MiniCooper.

“What? No limo?” Wendy complained with a fake pout.

“This is a limo,” Cindy replied with a straight face. “It’s a baby limo.”

“Ah. I see,” Wendy replied, waving an arm extravagantly and then slowly worked her way into the passenger side of her carriage for the evening.

As Cindy pulled out onto the street, Wendy rested her head on the woman’s shoulder.

“You’re making it harder to drive,” Cindy grumbled.

“I have COMPLETE faith in you to NOT crash”

“Yes, but you’re an idiot.” Cindy grinned, watching as Wendy fiddled with the controls to her radio. The woman was a brilliant writer and amateur philosopher, but she had a complete inability to navigate electronic devices. Eventually . . . after many, many, many attempts, found a station that she liked . . . and that Cindy despised.

“What did I tell you about country music in my car?!”

Wendy shrugged. “I don’t remember. Whenever you start getting bitchy about something, I just tune you out.”

“And I put up with you why?” But Cindy let the offense go . . . this time. Soon Wendy was humming along to an old Garth Brooks tunes, quite pleased with herself about conquering the “radio demon” as she liked to call it. No matter how often Cindy tried to get her to do it, she for some reason refused to call it XM radio. Since its infusion into pop culture, Wendy had developed an unusual disdain for the letter “X.”

“Did you ever finish that manuscript, by the by?” Wendy asked.

Cindy rolled her eyes. She loved reading Wendy’s books, but HATED acting as a proof reader. She was never sure how to provide constructive criticism on romance novels trimmed with Wendy’s particular brand of humor. “You KNOW I have. I finished it yesterday afternoon when I was waiting in the lobby.”

“You never told me what you think.”

“I loved it as always,” Cindy replied. “Though I’m not sure if it’s going to sell as well as your last one. I don’t think that the reading public is going to feel comfortable having a lesbian character in there.”

“I figured it was time to let my readers know a little more about ‘me.’ Hopefully they’ll forgive me this one time.”

Cindy sighed. “If they don’t, then they never deserved to read you.”

Wendy kissed her lover on the cheek. “Ever my protector, aren’t you?”

“Ever and ever,” Cindy replied. The phrase was a running joke or comment between the two, and had been for the years they had known each other.

Wendy was looking out the window of the car, and suddenly leaned forward with a gasp. They had just pulled into the park lot of . . .

“The Grand Old Show-House?!” she squealed in delight. “Wait . . . isn’t ‘1776’ playing her this week?!”

Cindy tried to look innocent and failed miserably. The Grand Old Show-House was an amazing playhouse with incredible acoustics. And more importantly, everyone who attended a play there was treated to a wine and cheese extravaganza before each play and during intermissions. It was one of Wendy’s favorite places to go, and she had been wanting to see 1776 again. It was one of her favorite musicals.

“How much did this cost you?” Wendy asked suspiciously, glancing out of the side of her eyes. “You really shouldn’t . . .”

“Shut yer mouth,” Cindy said primly. “I wanted to do this for you and so I did. Tickets are non-refundable, so just deal with it.” She felt her hands grow a little clammy on the steering wheel. ‘It’s the least I wish I could do to make you stay,’ she thought.

Cindy parked the car and quickly rushed around to he passenger side door, offering her arm to Wendy and then escorting her to the ticket window. Wendy’s arm was wrapped around her girlfriend’s and their hands were clasped. They got several disapproving looks from other patrons, but neither of them gave a rat’s ass about what anyone else thought.

They found their seats and Wendy wasted little time ordering her first glass of wine. She had been somewhat limited in recent months in regards to her alcohol consumption, but had decided to throw caution to the wind that night. Cindy was driving, so she’d have to be careful, but her lover INSISTED on them both having at least one glass together.

Wendy raised her glass. “A toast,” she said warmly.

“And what EXACTLY are we toasting?” Cindy replied curiously.

“Us,” Wendy said. “To you . . . to me . . . and to two incredible years.”

Cindy felt a lump in her throat, but smiled anyway. “To us,” she responded. They intertwined their arms and sipped from their glasses. Then they kissed, and neither of them were even tasting the wine at that point.

The curtain rose and the crowd went quiet. Cindy spent more time glancing over at Wendy than she did at the stage. bursa escort bayan It didn’t matter much . . . she pretty much had the music memorized. She couldn’t even remember how many times she had gotten to Wendy’s place and this soundtrack had been playing at full blast while Wendy was sipping Chardonnay and prancing around in that old blue terrycloth robe and shouting “It’s hot as hell . . . in Philadel-phia!”

Wendy was swept up in the theatrics of it all. It was a good company and they really seemed to be enjoying performing as much as the crowd enjoyed watching. Her mouth moved along with each and every single word, and she sometimes mentally chastised herself when she got a word or moment of inflection wrong. She also glanced Wendy’s way from time to time and noticed that her date was paying no attention to what was on stage.

‘I wish I could make this easier for you,’ she thought somewhat sadly. She sipped her wind and leaned back in the plush chair, listening to John Adams launch into his rant about the nature of Congress.

————- ————-

Hours later . . .

————- ————-

Despite her internal turmoil, Cindy was happy about how the evening had gone. Wendy had been grinning from ear to ear the entire play, and that grin had stayed with her all the way out to the car. Wendy had insisted on stopping for ice cream afterward (even though she was mildly lactose intolerant and didn’t have much of an appetite anyway) because she knew how much of a chocolate-chip-cookie-dough-ice-cream fanatic that Cindy was. The athletic brunette mumbled something about Wendy trying to make her fat as she scarfed down a double-scoop in a cup. Wendy found the idea of Cindy EVER being “fat” to be amusing if somewhat ludicrous. The girl had an energy about her that hat attracted Wendy to her almost instantly. All of Cindy’s clients thought the world of her, and Wendy understood why. And with each passing moment, she became increasingly interested in getting that sweet woman back to Wendy’s place to finish off the night in the right way.

Cindy had similar things on her mind as she parked her little car right outside the complex where Wendy lived. Arm in arm, they took the long way back to Wendy’s front door, stopping at the gardens that Wendy had liked so much and listening to the night birds chatter away. Cindy had to talk Wendy out of her plan to toilet paper another resident’s landscaping . . . the resident in question was a disagreeable old bat who never had a nice thing to say about anyone. Wendy had traditionally responded by being as annoying sweet as she possibly could, just to get on the old lady’s nerves.

When they finally got to Wendy’s door, the slim woman turned around and leaned against the heavy wood, her hands behind her back and resting on the door knob.

“What?” she said coyly. “Did you think you were getting invited inside? What would the neighbor’s think? I have a reputation to uphold!” she added, using an exaggerated Southern-bell accent.

“Yeah, but your reputation is one of being a shameless hussy,” Cindy shot back. “But I suppose I could just wait out here if you prefer. Of course, my other clothes are in there,” she added, a little more demurely. She hooked the straps of her little black dress with her thumbs and pulled them over her shoulders and slowly downward until her firm breasts threatened to pop out.

“Cindy!” Wendy say, positively aghast . “What are you . . .”

“”I don’t think I put this dress on right,” Cindy purred. “It seems to be falling off.” The dress crept downward another inch, with her nipples on the verge of coming into view.

Wendy turned around and quickly unlocked her door. As soon as the deadbolt slid to the side, she was spun around again and lifted from her feet by her much more fit lover.

“Carrying me across the threshold?” Wendy asked, suddenly almost shy. “You think you’re in love with me or something?”

“Ever and ever,” Cindy replied, kissing Wendy long and deep as she pushed her way through the door with Wendy still in her arms.

‘She’s way too light,’ Cindy thought idly as she carried her woman to the bedroom. ‘I wish she’d put on a little weight.’ She was glad that it was dark in the apartment . . . Wendy wouldn’t approve of Cindy’s thoughts, and she could read her face like a book. Cindy quickly put her thoughts aside. She wanted to make the rest of that night as special as she could.

She lay Wendy down on the comforter. The only illumination they had was from the night-light next to the nightstand, but it was enough.

“I’m gonna take good care of you,” Cindy whispered, running her hand up the front of Wendy’s dress until she reached that slender neck.

“You always have,” Wendy replied, waiting for her lover to lower her lips down just a little further. Then she felt that kiss . . . the kind of kiss you waited a lifetime for. Soft and strong . . . hot and heady . . . a mixture of fine wine and hot coffee waking up your nerves bursa escort while making your head spin! She responded by touching the side of Cindy’s knee and then slowly stroking her thigh. “How did I ever deserve you?”

Cindy didn’t respond. She just helped Wendy roll onto her stomach, then slowly unzipped her dress. She peeled it away from Wendy’s body, exposing the soft cotton undergarments she wore. Wendy actually preferred silk, but it tended to irritate her skin those days. She undid Wendy’s bra and pulled it off, then sat next to her lover on the bed and placed her hands on the woman’s shoulders.

“Ooh, what did I do to deserve this?” Wendy asked as Cindy began the gentle kneading of her slim shoulders.

“You were a sexy woman that I can’t keep my hands off of,” Cindy said, kissing her lover on the back of the neck. She loved the little shiver that such an act incited. She touched her tongue to the goosebumps that had popped up all over her lover’s neck.

“You’re just making it worse you know,” Wendy whispered.

“I plan on making it all better in just a minute.” She had meant that to sound sexy . . . it didn’t sound that way in her head. She moved on though, kissing her way down Wendy’s spine and letting her hot breath caress the small of the woman’s back.

Wendy turned her head to get a better look at her “seducer.” She bit her lip . . . ‘She’s too damn beautiful to be hanging out with me all the time anyway,’ she thought. ‘But tonight . . . she IS with me.’

Cindy stopped her tender attentions for a moment and reached into her purse. She had a small bottle of warming KY in there. She spread it on her hands, then returned those hands to Wendy’s shoulders, beginning the shoulder rub all over again.

“Hmm . . . I think things might get a bit messy,” Wendy cooed.

“I was rather planning on it.” Cindy stood up and peeled her dress off. She had gone braless that evening and her underwear barely qualified as an actual garment. She straddled Wendy’s back (while making sure not to put too much weight on the woman) and ran her hands from the back of the ribcage all the way up to Wendy’s neck.

“Hey,” Wendy said, almost chuckling. “I thought I told you to watch the hair.”

“Oops,” Cindy said, not caring much about Wendy’s hair. “Just means that I’ll have to find another place to put my hands.” With that, she pushed one hand between Wendy’s slender thighs and pressed a slick finger into the girl’s sex. Long, slow movements from top to bottom ensued.

Wendy was quite content just to lie there and let Cindy work her magic. Her lover’s compassion was only surpassed by her capacity for passion. And she felt a growing warmth in her body that only a lover’s caress could entice.

“Let me turn over,” Wendy said. “I want to look at you.”

Cindy raised herself and helped Wendy turn over. She wasn’t sure how much her lover would be able to actually see, but she didn’t much care.

But Wendy’s eyes had adjusted easily to the dim light, and was captivated by the eerie blue glow that washed over Cindy’s taut body. The woman had always taken pride in her appearance, and her job kept her on her feet a lot. Wendy was beginning to buck her hips a little against her lover’s finger, and that edged Cindy on. One or two fingers alternated between deep penetration and rubbing-the-surface action. Wendy placed her fingertips on the soft fabric over her woman’s mound and started to rub. She really couldn’t do much from her position, but it wasn’t always about the result . . . sometimes it was just about the action.

“That’s it baby,” Cindy said with a chuckle. Both women always thought that “talking dirty” was corny, but that just made them do it to make the other laugh. And when she heard Wendy snickering, Cindy knew she had done her job. “Give it to momma,” she continued. “You know what . . .”

“Shut up!” Wendy laughed.

Cindy leaned over and kissed the woman on the mouth, making it take a long time. “Make me,” she sighed.

Wendy mustered her strength and held her lover’s face close and gave her a kiss of her own. And they kept it up for seconds . . . minutes . . . Wendy didn’t know how long. She knew she was cumming when it finally ended. Her orgasms weren’t particularly vigorous, but they made her feel wonderful just the same.

“You DO realize that I owe you one?” Wendy sighed. “And no saying ‘It doesn’t matter’ or ‘You don’t really need to.’ My night . . . I get to taste you.”

‘Damn,’ Cindy thought. ‘She headed my excuses off at the pass.’ She smiled. Wendy was always smarter than she was. “Okay, where do you want me? Okay, THAT was a stupid question.” She shimmied up the bed on her knees, placing one leg on each side of Wendy’s face and then grabbing the headboard. She lowered herself gently onto her lover’s face, making sure not to put too much pressure on her neck. She felt her underwear being pushed out of the way and then that gentle tongue slipped inside.

Wendy savored the taste of her lover’s pleasure center. She could tell that Cindy had just recently shaved . . . too smooth and delicious. She pressed in for a few licks, and then sucked on each inner labium in turn.

“As fresh as the first day I laid eyes on it,” Wendy said approvingly, burying her tongue in that perfect quim.

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Weight Issue

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Hi, my name is Steve and I am writing to tell you of an exciting weekend my wife and I just had. It all started about six months ago after I had stacked on a small tummy, and Julie wanted me to get rid of it. Julie said that if I got rid of the tummy she would do anything I asked for a 48 hours, no saying no.

Well I did and I called her at her word. After I brought a couple of bottles of Jules favorite sparkly, as we settled in our comfortable lounge room, sitting on our couch with deep snugly cushions and high back, the warmth of the open fire lighting the room, we started the excitement with a slow game of strip jack naked/ truth and dare style. Julie laughed as I was stripped completely and she was wearing her plain label supermarket bra and knickers. But the game had just begun.

With a couple of extra cards I started to win, I told my little conservative wife to tell me her dirtiest sex fantasies and she started to talk, telling me of being naked in public, being fucked by total strangers, being fucked in the arse, of licking out a another woman after being fucked by me and other men. Being full in every hole filled with male come and just smelling of sex. After the next round, I told her to get a bowl of warm water, to strip and wash her in front of me.

After Julie thought she had finished I said that she had missed a couple of bits. I told Julie that she had to squat in front to me and wash inside of her cunt using as many fingers as could fit. Using a little soap she slipped a finger in side of herself and I said she could do better, so Jules then slipped 3 in and finger fucked herself on the lounge floor, and I just said more. So with one hand holding her cunt open she slipped all 4 fingers in and played with her clit with her thumb. I just sat next to her and played with her tits and slipped my tongue in her mouth. As she started to come I told to roll onto her side and wash her arse hole the same way. God I wanted to slip my dick in there, but I just watched as she slipped 1, then 2, finger in to her arse, and I pulled on her nipples and fingered her cunt. Again she started to climax, started to yell she wanted some cock, any cock, lots of cock, so for the first tine for the night I fucked her and filled her cunt full of come.

The weekend was only hours old so I told Jules to go and shower and put on the same old clothes that she had started in, Julie came out of the bathroom and I told to get in the car and to do what I said. As I started to drive I told her put on the blind fold sitting between the seats and then relax, after a few minutes of her asking where we were going I said this would do, I stopped and told Julie to get out and feel her way round to my door and open it. Lit only by the interior light I told Julie to take off her top, her track pants, her bra and panties, leaving her nipples standing erect for the cool breeze, her damp pussy still hot from her fingers and my fucking, her arsehole still tender from the invasion of her own fingers.

Then I told her to play with herself again while standing there naked. She asked if anyone could see her and I said she was already naked so who cared. The two of us just slowly began playing with her body, her bum, her cunt, her sensitive nipples, her neck and her succulent mouth. God she was hot as all hell and she stood there dripping my love juice down her legs. I gave her one of my old T-shirts that she wore as a nighty some times, it just covered her cunt and clung to her nipples with sweat I told her to get back into the car and started to drive towards an all night supermarket.

As I pulled in I asked Julie to take off the blind fold and said that I wanted her to go in and find the most exciting vegetable that she would like to masturbate with and buy it, only after giving it a test run by slipping it into her cunt, in the supermarket to see if it fits, and I would be watching close by. Julie asked what type of slag I thought she was, and all I said was, that was what we were going to find out, plus she promised NO saying NO, also we knew she loved having all sort of toys, so feeling her pussy again I knew she was really excited by the idea.

Well after feeling some carrots, turnips, cucumbers, bananas, she settled on a zucchini, about 2 ft long and as thick as a child arm. Just as she looked like she was going to slip it in, a young supermarket kid walked in and started stacking fruit. I walked past Julie and said DO IT in front of him and give him a show and then walked down the isle. By the time I got to turn round Jules had lifted the T-shirt so her partly shaven fluff could be seen, she wet the zucchini with some spit from her fingers and started to slip it into her pussy with eyes shut tight, she slipped it in and out till the kid saw her in action causing him to spill the stack, he stopped, looked at her cunt on display, spread around the monster, then started picking up the fruit without taking his eyes off her. She stopped, winked at him, pulled it out and went to front görükle escort of the shop and paid for it. He looked at me so I just shrugged, and walked out to car.

Even before I could get in Jules knelt down, opened my zip on my fly, pulled out my hardening cock and holding it in one hand and my balls in the other, she sucked me off right in the well lit supermarket car park, taking me deep in her mouth, changing from long deep wet, to short hard sucking. As I came, Julie took it out of mouth and let is spray on her face, she then pulled down the neck and let my come dribble onto her tits, I then gently massaged her breasts, letting the come spread and start to stick to the T-shirt. I walked her round to her door, got her in and kissed her passionately, I then told her to put on the blindfold as I start to drive. It was close to 3 in the morning and I knew the clubs would be closing and their would be more fun to come and sure enough there IT was.

Two young guys where hitching, so I pulled up just past them, and opened the back door. They got in and said they were going towards our way. After some small talk I said the reason Jules had the blindfold on was that she had lost the bet, and she was my slave for the night and had to do anything I asked. They said bullshit so I asked if they would like a quick feel up and blowjob.

I then told Jules to climb through the seats, get her gear off and give them a good time without removing the blind fold, she was not to know their names, what they looked liked, just how they felt. The next thing I knew, Jules was through between the seats giving me a good view of her bare arse and was soon naked, with one of the guys slipping a couple of fingers into her tight cunt and kneading her breasts while she took the large swollen cock of the other stud deep into her throat and slowly sucked him with his hands holding her head in his lap. As she came up for air and was about to swap I said we were at our place and would they like to join me in comfort. As I pulled up into the driveway Jules, still nude, climbed out and I helped her inside. I showed the boys the bar, put on a porno video, and sat Jules down on the couch where we had started the night. I again kissed her hot mouth, played with her tits and pussy and told her she was going to be taking so much come that she would still be full in days to come.

The boys came and sat down, one next to Jules, the other between her legs just inches from my fingers in her cunt. As I slipped my fingers out, the guy on the floor slipped his mouth on to her cunt and started to suck and lick her out. . Her hand just grabbed my cock and started playing with it while with the other hand she grabbed the other cock next to her and pulled it into her mouth and started sucking and licking it in true erotic passion. All four of us just moaned in pleasure, there was my innocent little Jules still with her blind fold on, a young stud standing on the couch while she sucked on his hard cock, teasing his balls and arse with a dainty finger, Jules legs spread wide her open her cunt getting slurped on and her arse filled with a big finger by another young stud, her hand pumping on my stiff prick. With a muffled cry she climaxed and collapsed back on the couch.

After gaining some composure Jules, started to touch and feel all three of us, kissing, licking and telling what she wanted off each on of us, first she licked and suck on each of our cocks taking them deep between her lips and into her throat, then she tongued our balls taking each of our nut bags into her mouth and rimmed out our arse holes tasting each of the three of us, one at a time. Then each of us finally got to fuck that cute cunt till we came and filled her pussy full.

The first guy who had the biggest cock laid her on her back, on our glass top coffee table and rammed his prick into her sloppy hole, till his hard prick was fully imbedded in there and slowly fucked her sliding in and out while her swollen cunt lips gripped that glistening shaft and Jules played with her engorged clit, at the same time he was pulling and twisting her excited nipples and sticking his tongue in her hot mouth and left exciting love bites on her neck.

he with his two hands grabbed her arse off the table top, opening her pussy even wider and came deep in her cunt .After they slid off all that was left on the table was a smear of her sweat from her back and arse cheeks and a small trail of cunt slime and his come. I licked the moisture off the glass top mixing all the tastes together.

The other guy made her sit on his prick facing us and fuck herself holding her red swollen pussy flaps open so we all could see that big purple headed cock in her tight cunt filled with the first guys come. He grabbed and squeezed her pert tits with one hand and with the other slipped a knuckly finger into her tiny arse making Jules bounced and pushed herself down on his finger while she shrieked with pleasure. After he came Julie slumped bursa escort bayan against the kids chest and let the let all the love juice seep out of her cunt, two loads of come and her own honey running out of her fat pussy lips, over the shrinking cock, trough the crack of her bum and down his tight balls and onto the couch under the two of them.

After they had finished I rolled her on to her hands and knees and opened her legs showing off that slick cunt with red swollen lips sliding my thumb into her arse and then the rest of my hand into her cunt slowly fucking it in and out as hard and fast as I could, Jules thrust her hand between her legs and pulled my hand out begging me for the real thing, so I put my hard throbbing prick into her hand which she in turn rubbed it up and down that wet mess of her cunt flaps and then into her well fucked hole so, I started to fuck her from behind. After a couple of minutes I pulled out and slipped it into her tender arse and continued fucking that well lubricated back passage making her scream with joy, her coming hard till I filled that backdoor with my come.

Next she told us she wanted us, all of us together and she told how. The guy with the biggest cock was to sit on the couch with his cock in her cunt, the other guy to ram his prick in her arse and fuck it till she could take no more, I was to sit on the back of the couch and watch them fuck her senseless, while she could swap between telling me how they were doing and sucking my cock. If I lasted to when they had finished I could have her anyway I wished, and feel and taste their come that was inside of her. After the guy in her slippery arse had fucked her with all the force he could muster, mixing his come with mine, Jules just went wild on the fat cock in her cunt bouncing up and down, grunting and groaning with abandonment of pure sex, and when the big guy said he was going to come Jules jumped off his prick and with two hands aimed the spurting come at her mouth, face and tits, scooping up come with her hands and tasting off her fingers or rubbing it into her tits

I asked Jules to stand up and to tell us how each part of her body felt what she would like in that area She started with her face and said it felt sticky and she said the thought of going to the beauty pallor and some girl giving her a facial only to realize that what she was cleaning off was layers of come excited her. She then slipped a finger around her lips and said her mouth was a mixture of feeling, sore in the jaw from sucking cocks, licking ball bags, and reaming tight arse holes while the taste in her mouth was that of come and sex and said the only way it could be better was if she had a glass of bubbly to wash it all down with. One of the boys quickly handed her one. Her hands trailed down to her tits and said they felt full and eager for more while her nipples were still erect and excited but very tender from the pulling, twisting, biting, and general workout we ALL had given them.

Then to her legs, she said the mix of juices were still running down her thighs made her think of the two studs who she did not know, or had not seen, but had fucked all of her and come deep inside of her, me who had watched them and mixed my seed with theirs inside and over her, her cunt juices that opened and eased the sex they all enjoyed, all of this she could taste as she wiped her thighs with a couple of fingers and licked them clean with her tongue.

She turned and patted her arse and told us it felt good despite the attention it had received the kissing, biting, licking and the cocks that had been up her backdoor, slipping a single finger in to the first knuckle she said it was tender but she would do it all again if she got the chance. Bending at the waist Jules touched her pussy and said like her arse that her clit, pussy lips, and deep in her cunt were tender but aroused. It had been fucked, played with, licked and bitten, sucked and slurped, and fucked by three of the biggest cocks she had ever had. She said anything else it or the rest of her body got tonight would have to be gentle and with feeling.

The two studs just started clapping and said it was the best sex they had ever had, but as it getting light they had better get going so we all could rest. While the boys dressed Jules, still blindfolded, lent against me and let me trail my hands and touch all those parts she had told us about, her hand found once again my hardening cock. She asked her studs to sit on the couch and a hand on each side of the boys on the top of the couch, bent at the waist and asked me to slip her favorite cock into her and fuck her for the last time tonight, while she told the studs what a great husband I was.

And she did, the best as a lover, a provider, a fuck, some one who let her be what she wanted be, understood her needs, and cared for her, all the time in between the panting and small climaxes she was enjoying. Both boys just sat, listened while tenderly playing with bursa escort and kissed those tits that swayed above them.

After I came Jules asked me to show the boys out safely as she was going to bed. I slipped the studs our number and told them to give us a buzz, but no names, as I still did not want Jules to have any idea who they were. I went inside crawled into bed beside Jules and fell fast asleep.

When I awoke later that afternoon Jules was still asleep so I rolled her on to her side and slipped my cock into her pussy and slowly rocked the two of us till she woke in a sexual state. She slipped my cock out of her and rolled me onto my back, mounted my cock, and stretched herself out on top of me letting me feel her muscles twitch and relax and her tingly soft skin, her cute bum and pert breasts flat against my chest, and kissed me deeply, thanking me for a great night and hoped that I enjoyed it as much as she did. She then said that she said she needed a wee and a shower. So I said okay but she had to do it standing up in the shower with me watching. She set the shower to warm and stepped in, then lent against the tiles in a corner, she opened her flaps so I could see all of her womanhood exposed and open, and let go a bladder full of golden piss.

I dropped to my knees and let the piss nectar spray against my face and into my mouth. I then lent forward and licked her pussy clean of both the left over come from last night and the droplets of her remaining pee. As we got out of the shower the phone rang and it was Jules girlfriend reminding her of the of the girls night out and she would pick her up at 7.00 in only 2 hours, I told her to go but she had to bring me home something special. When she asked what I meant I said a young piece of cunt for both of us to enjoy. With that Jules got dressed up to the nines and left with her lift. I went out to the local for a couple of drinks and a game of pool with a few mates. Just before closing I got a message from the barmaid telling me to go home as my wife said the crumpets were hot and sticky and I would miss out if I were not there soon.

I arrived home in time to greet Jules at the front door and she stepped aside to introduce me to a young girl who was the direct opposite to Jules, Jules being 30’s slim, pert breasts, slim waist, tight (but accommodating) arse, ect. Ect. But this chick was anything else but Jules, many years our junior being just under 18, while attractive, she was short, cuddly, a full but round bum fitted into a skin tight pair of jeans that hid nothing, a enormous set of tits squeezed into a massive black bra under a see through T-shirt.

She introduced her self as “C” and said that she had met Jules in the ladies at the strip club where they were having their girl’s night out. “C” said to Jules how the male strippers had made her randy with their cute bums, tight chest, and the occasional cock that was quickly flashed for the ladies. Plus how she had not had a decent fuck since her boyfriend had gone to jail 2 months ago as all his mates would not touch her in case the boyfriend found out.

After they shared a few drinks and chatting about sex and what they enjoyed, Jules had told her that it was my birthday (?) and we both enjoyed a open sex life and she could join us for a night, if “C” wanted to, as a bit of fun as my present for all to share. At which time Jules walked back into the room with a tray of drinks, dressed only high heels, black stockings, red satin teddy, and a tiny white lace apron. She asked how I thought I might like my gift from her.

Well what is a man to do? I suggested to Jules that seeing that she was relaxed in her teddy, and “C”s assets were on display that perhaps “C” might like it if Jules helped her out of those tight jeans. “C” started to unbutton the fly but I told her to stop and let Jules do it, but she had to do it while on her knees behind her. Jules had to reach round “C” to undo the fly so she started to turn her head but again I told Jules not to turn away from such a beautiful butt but to rub her face into it and to enjoy to aroma and tastes, as she lowered the jeans. As she did this I walked up to “C” and kissed her deeply and passionately on the mouth, letting my hands and fingers travel from her neck to her bra with her nipples like acorns poking through the black lace, the lower to her belly and down to the matching panties.

As I slipped a finger inside the lace I stood back and looked “C” deep into her eyes. I asked her how she was. She said she was very horny, from the kiss, from the effect on her nipples, from the finger toying inside her panties, but especially from the thing my wife was doing to her bottom. I asked her to tell me how it felt.

She said that no one had made love to her arse before, standing there one of my hands holding hers, my other hand still in her knickers playing with her clit and pussy lips, she told me of the nibbles and kisses on her arse cheeks, the width of her tongue that traveled down her crack to her virgin hole, to Jules lips and mouth that seemed to suck her insides out, to the now pointy tongue worming in and around her feeling like a small penis. The backs of her panties were resting below her bum cheeks, her knickers being held up by my busy hand.

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Pushing His Luck

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Her favorite wine was out of stock and, with just two stores in town, he felt the mounting tension. He had very little time left. The second store, mercifully, had two bottles.

With small towns, everybody knows everybody. Commerce is second to gossip. The shopkeeper was deep into her story and the person in front of him had lots of questions about so and so and who was on whose property line. His chances of being on time were slipping away with every syllable.

Another fact about small towns is that the local police have no sense of humor. 15 mph does not mean 16 mph. He was tempted to abandon the streets and run six blocks. The last 200 yards were about 75 too many.

He pulled into Her driveway one minute late. With a sense of dread, he rang the bell and let himself in, as was the protocol when presenting himself at Her home.

She was sitting in the great room with Her back to the door, never a good sign. He knew what was expected of him and got right to it.

Without a word, he opened the wine to let it breathe while he prepared himself for servitude.

First priority was to strip down and fold his clothes neatly before placing them out in the mudroom. Next order of business was unpacking the groceries.

He respectfully approached the Lady of the house. She reclined in Her favorite chair in front of the fire. With his head down, he kneeled in front of Her presenting Her wine. Without so much as a sideways glance, the Lady of the house took the offered wine and sampled it for proper vintage and vintner. She gazed at the dancing flame tips through the scorched window of Her vintage potbelly stove. The wine pleased Her sophisticated palate.

The stress and tension created by his tardiness began to ease as the minutes passed. Kneeling at Her feet was comforting.

Normally this was the time when the Lady of the house would collar him. She did not. Half a glass of wine later, he felt Her hand stroke the back of his head.

The Lady rose to Her feet and extended the wine glass. Knowing his place, he took the glass and followed Her. She made Her way across the room görükle escort toward the hallway. She passed the bathroom and tapped Her nails on the door. He followed Her into Her bedroom and returned Her glass.

She stood in the middle of the room and waited for him to carefully exchange the vintage dress for Her favorite robe. He backed out of the room, never turning his back to Her as protocol dictated.

He drew Her bath. When the water reached perfect temperature, he added the appropriate oils and salts. He returned to the bedroom to find an empty glass waiting for him on the night stand. Once again, he backed out of her presence. He returned with a fresh glass and found that She had moved to the bathroom.

He knelt at Her feet and held up the second glass of red. She accepted the wine and he gave the faucet a twist as the water level reached its target.

The Lady turned away from him allowing him to remove Her luxurious robe. His shaky hands removed Her bra as gently as he could manage. He took his time gently worshipping Her body the way She had trained him. A light scratch here, a gentile kiss there. He breathed in Her intoxicating scent. Back on his knees, he reached around Her and slipped his thumbs under Her panties near Her sculpted hip bones. Slowly he slid the lace down Her silky thighs to the plush bath mat. He tenderly kissed the dimples above Her tailbone. She stepped out of Her silk panties and snapped Her fingers.

This was another reminder of his failure to arrive on time. He knew what She wanted and he handed her the silk panties. She dropped them immediately and snapped her fingers even louder.

With a sharpness in his stomach, he realized She wanted something else to teach him the importance of being on time. Resigned to his fate, he headed for the mud room.

He made it back to the bathroom quickly with his own underwear in hand.

She had slipped into the tub while he was gone. Kneeling beside the tub, he presented his underwear. Grabbing the back of his hand, She pushed his underwear deep into his mouth without touching the offending bursa escort bayan garment.

Her control and power over him produced a smoldering glow that was unmatched. A rush not found any other way. He had tried in so many different ways to achieve the delicious rush, but could not find it. Nothing came close to the euphoria of deep sub space at the hand of a powerful woman.

He was confused by the paradox of how shame and humiliation forced upon him was such an addicting drug and yet feelings of shame and humiliation from his own thoughts were crippling to his self esteem.

He began the ritual of bathing Her in the perfumed waters. He loved bath time. Few opportunities allowed touching Her body without strict protocols in place. The Lady would often close Her eyes as the restorative liquid soaked into her beautiful reclining body. He took these opportunities to steel glances at Her gorgeous form.

The Lady knew of his selfish indulgence and would often catch him in the act, resulting in a few more red welts during his training sessions. She tugged the underwear from his mouth and waved Her hand. He was excused to prepare Her evening meal as She continued luxuriating.

When the Lady of the house put him under contract and collar, part of the contract stipulated he was to build and tend a vegetable garden for Her. Tonight’s menu was a light organic garden fresh salad and a high end cheese plate.

With Her evening meal plated, he returned to Her just in time for another of his favorite privileges. Helping Her out of the bath and toweling Her dry. His heart would race as he touched every part of Her without actually being able to feel Her skin on skin. It was such deliciously dreadful tease and denial.

The Lady selected a fragrance for the evening. He placed a cherished drop here and a cherished drop there. All the special places She had taught him to perfume her. The robe came next as well as the memory foam slippers.

He fell in step behind Her as She left the bathroom and unexpectedly turned towards Her bedroom rather than where Her dinner bursa escort waited.

As She lay back on the bed, his breath caught, hearing Her clear Her throat. This protocol indicated he was to make eye contact with Her.

Eyes locked, She slowly ran Her hand down, parting the robe and exposing Her breasts. Pulling at the belt, Her robe continued to part. He could see from the corner of his eye that She was bringing Her knees up. Her sex was surely exposed at this point, but he knew better than to break eye contact. He knew She was squeezing Her nipple with one hand as the other hand explored Her clean shaven pubis.

He was fighting for every lungful at this point, the sweat rolled down his temple.

With a spark in Her eye, the Lady of the house brought Her hand up from Her sex in a deliberate move. Slowly placing Her index finger on Her gifted tongue and wrapping Her lips around it. She pulled Her finger slowly from Her mouth and he could hear Her throaty moan.

She knew how to drive Her houseboy right to the edge. She used that finger to point to the floor with a little twirling motion. His punishment was about to get much worse.

Sitting on the rug with his back against the bed, it began. Her breath slowed and somewhere deep in Her chest, he heard her arousal growing. The mattress began to move behind him. Her body was rocking the bed as She pleasured herself. She made a real show of it. He was forbidden to watch.

He swore to himself he would never be late again. He would purchase a case of Her favorite wine and store it in his basement.

The bed continued to rock as Her moans grew louder. He was breathing just as hard as She was now. His cock straining in its little pink cage.

The Lady of the house spoke for the first time since he had arrived. With a husky voice on the ragged edge of Her own bliss. “You are excused. I want you out of this house before I finish. You don’t deserve to even hear me come. You have 30 seconds to leave. Get dressed outside in the driveway! now go!” She commanded.

He ran through her house nearly tripping twice. If he didn’t make it out of her house in time, Her punishment would be even worse. Grabbing his stack of clothes, he raced through the mud room and out into the cool night air. Nude with little cover from the passing traffic.

Then it hit him. “My underwear! Damn it, I’m screwed!”

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Tinkerbelle’s Ethereal Workout

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Beginning with her first day in kindergarten and lasting all the way through high school, Belle Hazeldine had always been the shortest girl in her class. At just under five-feet tall, she was by all measurements a petite & small girl!

Because of her diminutive stature, upon her arrival at Louisiana Bayou State College, her sorority sisters had immediately nicknamed the pretty new freshman ‘Tinker-Belle,’ and when they later selected ‘Peter Pan’ as the theme of their upcoming Halloween party, Belle already knew without asking what character she would asked to play.

Like the fairy in the story, Belle was tiny, slender, and also incredibly cute! No, she wasn’t exactly a blonde, but instead had light brown hair styled in a shoulder-length pixie-cut to go with her large brown eyes, an adorably cute face with a pouty little mouth, and a compact and curvy little body complete with a luscious round-little-butt.

On the morning of October 31st, Belle was sent to Max’s, a costume shop that the sorority patronized, to pick up their outfits for the night’s festivities.

As she approached the address on Harrington Road, she suddenly felt that something was wrong with her vehicle. That wobble could only mean one thing: a flat tire. The intersection ahead said Fordham Lane, so she made a careful right-turn to get out of traffic. There, just ahead was an empty parking lot where she supposed she could change the tire.

Yes, it was definitely a flat. She got out of her car and opened the trunk, looking for the necessary parts she’d be needing. She knew basically what to do, but the truth is, she’d never actually done this sort of thing before, and was at a loss as to even how to operate the jack.

Fortunately, at that very moment, another car pulled in behind her, driven by a very muscular-looking woman with short platinum blonde hair.

“You got a problem, Babydoll?” the woman asked.

“Kind of,” Belle replied. “My tire’s flat, and I’m kind of new at fixing this sort of thing.”

“Well, I believe I can help you with that,” the woman said, getting out of her vehicle.

Belle gasped at the sight of her… this woman was REALLY built! She must have been a professional bodybuilder or something like that, because her arms, shoulders, torso, and legs were all amazingly buff!

She was also tall… Belle guessed close to six feet in height. Her age seemed to be somewhere in the mid-forties, although with that deep tan it was difficult to say with any certainty. The woman smiled broadly at the younger girl as she approached and offered her hand.

“I’m Charmaine Carson,” she announced, “the owner & proprietor of Charmaine’s Gym.” And with a hand gesture she motioned to the building on the lot. It looked old and completely deserted.

Belle smiled, introducing herself, as the woman then proceeded to go about fixing her flat. The girl couldn’t help but be awed at how strong this woman was, effortlessly operating the jack like no big deal, lifting the spare tire from her trunk as if it was a six-pack of paper towels, and then speedily removing the bolts before then making the replacement.

“I really appreciate this,” the girl gushed. “I can’t tell you how grateful I am.”

“Think nothing of it, Babydoll,” the woman smiled, giving Belle’s body the once-over in a way that made the girl blush.

“You’re really strong,” Belle said, feeling foolish as she said it, as she thought she was coming across like a groupie.

The woman simply smiled and winked at her.

“There you go… all finished!”

She hadn’t even broken a sweat.

“You must work out a lot,” Belle found herself saying. “Your arms are so powerful… and they’re even thicker than my legs!”

The woman’s eyes travelled slowly down Belle’s body to her legs, before then returning to the girl’s face.

“I’m sure your legs are lovely,” she laughed. “Although I suppose we’d have to get those bluejeans off before we could say for sure!”

Once again Belle found herself blushing.

“Say,” the woman began. “You have time to check out my gym?”

How could the girl refuse? She nodded, and the muscular woman then led the way to the front entrance.

“So, what brings you out this way on this fine morning?”

Belle explained about picking up the costumes for her sorority.

“Tinkerbelle,” the woman laughed! “Yeah, I can see that… you’re perfect for it!”

As they reached the entrance to the building Belle quickly perused the sign over the door.

‘Be Young and Beautiful… CHARMAINE’S GYM… the delightful and affordable place for today’s young woman-on-the-go to keep the kind of body she wants & needs to attract that special someone!’

It all sounded so old-fashioned and corny, Belle görükle escort thought, but she didn’t say so out loud.

As they entered, the girl couldn’t help but notice how old-fashioned everything looked. It was all free weights, stationary bicycles, and such.

“You don’t have much in the way of modern electrical training equipment, do you?”

“That stuff’s all bells-&-whistles, Babydoll,” the woman laughed. “Check out these arms and tell me I need modern weight machines?”

Belle timidly approached and felt the woman’s biceps. They were rock hard. She continued running her hands along the older woman’s muscular arms & shoulders as the lady smiled.

“A pretty little thing like you doesn’t need muscles like these,” she said to the girl. “But I could give you a few exercise tips to keep your pretty body slim & trim… would you like that?”

Belle nodded.

“When don’t I get you something to change into?” she asked, before then rummaging though a drawer and finding an old-but-clean leotard, which she handed the smaller girl. “You can change right in there,” she directed, pointing to the locker room.

Belle hadn’t planned to work out that morning, but how could she possibly refuse? Besides, she found the older female bodybuilder to be highly attractive in a way that she’d never thought possible regarding another woman.

The leotard the woman had thrown to her was the correct size, but it was also quite skimpy & revealing, the girl thought. She felt like she was hardly wearing anything as she emerged from the locker a couple of minutes later.

“Don’t you look beautiful!” the older woman gushed upon seeing her. “Turn around… let’s check you out… mmmmm, your little butt looks amazing!”

Belle found herself blushing, but also secretly enjoying the other woman’s effusive praise. She even found herself preening in an effort to further show off her figure, and it appeared to be working!

“That is one luscious body you’ve got there, Babydoll,” the other woman observed, almost wistfully, to the girl’s great satisfaction. “Now come over here and let’s get you stretched out.”

The bodybuilder explained the importance of stretching before beginning a work-out as she then showed the girl how to stretch properly, her hands moving freely along Belle’s legs, arms, & shoulders as she helped stretch her out.

“You seem to be a little tight,” the woman mused aloud. “Perhaps I should give you a massage… on the house… would you enjoy getting a free massage, Babydoll?”

“That sounds wonderful,” the girl agreed, nodding her head.

The other woman smiled.

“Over here,” she ordered, patting a nearby massage table. Her eyes were staring into Belle’s as the girl approached. The girl noticed that the woman was licking her lips.

After assisting the smaller girl up onto the table, the older woman handed her a large bath towel while also grabbing a small bottle of massage oil. Belle positioned herself face down onto the towel.

“Hold on a sec, Babydoll,” the woman stopped her. “You’ve got to lose that leotard first.”

Belle sat up and turned to face her.

“You want me nude?”

She looked questioningly into the eyes of the older woman. She could see the desire reflected in them.

“This is happening,” she thought to herself. “This woman wants me.”

The girl then slowly began to peel the garment down over her shoulder. Again, the older woman smiled and licked her lips.

“You know… I know a way of getting that thing off of you so much faster,” the woman laughed.

She then reached over and ripped the skimpy garment in half, before then yanking it completely off of the younger girl’s body, leaving Belle both startled and now totally nude. The girl instinctively lifted her hands in a futile effort to cover herself, but the older woman merely chuckled as she then turned the girl back around, positioning her face-down.

“I couldn’t massage you properly while you were wearing clothes,” she smiled. “And don’t worry about that old thing,” referring to the torn leotard still in her hand. “Besides, it was so much more fun taking it off like that!”

If Belle felt any discomfort at now finding herself lying completely naked on a table at the complete mercy of this woman, she tried not to show it.

“I guess I just wasn’t expecting that,” she said softly.

The older woman then affectionately patted her pretty rump before then beginning to oil-up her beautiful-young-body.

“You have really beautiful skin, Babydoll,” she announced, as her fingers quickly worked their way into the muscles & sinews of the girl’s neck, back, & shoulders. Belle soon forgot about her clothes being ripped off of her seconds earlier bursa escort bayan as she began relaxing under the woman’s magic touch. “How’s this feel?”

“Good,” the girl whispered, almost inaudibly.

It wasn’t long before the woman’s hands had moved their way down to Belle’s curvy little behind, oiling up the girl’s legs and thighs before then concentrating exclusively on kneading the muscles of that beautiful butt.

“This is such an incredibly nice ass,” the woman said. “Do you like having me massage it?”

Belle moaned quietly in response. The woman laughed.

“My fingers are certainly enjoying this,” she laughed. “So are the palms of my hands.”

They squeezed the pretty girl’s tush, eliciting another moan.

“Your body is so gorgeous,” the older woman added, her voice growing somewhat husky, before she then leaned over and lovingly planted a warm-wet-kiss right on the girl’s delicious behind.

Belle gasped in surprise, but said nothing. The massage continued. Seconds later the girl found herself slightly raising up her rump in the hopes that the bodybuilder might plant another smooch on her luscious derriere.

It worked, as she did exactly that.

The girl wiggled her ass appreciatively, as the powerful woman then kissed her curvy butt several more times.

“This is turning out to be my lucky day, Babydoll,” the woman murmured before then forcibly turning Belle over onto her back and then passionately kissing the girl on her mouth, while her hands began exploring the pretty girl’s young and supple body. “You taste delicious!”

Belle realized that she was being seduced, but she was enjoying it way too much to object. She allowed the older woman to begin sucking on her small breasts as her aggressive mouth then worked its way down to the girl’s awaiting pussy, which she sucked on greedily. The smaller girl cried out and arched her back as she allowed her body to be taken over by the powerful female bodybuilder, whose hands were now cupping the girl’s ass while her mouth continued devouring Belle’s pussy.

“This workout isn’t over yet,” the woman announced, her mouth coming up for air from where she’d been busily licking just seconds before. “Let’s now get you doing some aerobic-exercises, shall we?”

“Do we have to?”

“I’m afraid so,” the woman laughed.

And with that she bodily lifted the younger girl up off the table, carrying her over to where the exercise bicycles were neatly lined-up. Belle was amazed at how effortlessly this woman lifted and carried her. She was just so strong! It really turned her on!

The woman set the girl down, helping her climb up onto the seat, and then directed Belle to begin pedalling away, while she stood close behind her, her hands on the girl’s shapely ass.

“Faster,” she urged, squeezing Belle’s behind. “I can feel your muscles moving, Babydoll!”

The pretty younger girl luxuriated in the feel of the older woman’s powerful fingers kneading and massaging her butt while she began working up a sweat.

“Your luscious bottom looks so incredibly hot right now,” Belle heard the woman say, as the girl continued pedalling away. She could almost feel the woman’s eyes devouring her as her heartbeat increased.

After a few more minutes of this, she was finally allowed to stop and catch her breath.

“I’ve got one more workout for you, Babydoll!”

Again, the bodybuilder effortlessly scooped up the smaller girl and bodily carried her into the adjoining weight room, where she positioned Belle standing on a barbell, bending her over so that she could now grab at a bar attached to the wall.

The girl felt very exposed in this position, with her ass sticking out, and she wondered what kind of workout the other woman could possibly have in mind with her positioned like this.

She soon found out.

“I call this my ‘strap-on workout,’ and it’s something I just now invented,” the woman merrily announced, as Belle looked back over her shoulder to see that the female bodybuilder was now wearing what appeared to be a man’s penis strapped around her lower waist.

“How is this going to benefit me?” she dared ask, and the woman laughed in response.

“I haven’t yet considered that,” the woman responded, as she then mounted the pretty girl from behind.

Seconds later her strap-on had slowly eased its way up into the smaller girl’s pussy and she began vigorously fucking her doggy-style.

The petite girl moaned aloud as she was taken in this way, the strap-on gliding its way back & forth inside of her while the older woman laughed and tightly clutched the girl by her ass & hips, penetrating her deeply with every thrust.

“Are you enjoying this, Babydoll?” the bursa escort woman cackled. “Because I know that I sure am!”

“Yeah… yeah… yeah,” Belle managed to repeat as she was repeatedly rocked.

The older woman laughed and slapped at the girl’s curvy butt, eliciting a cry from Belle while continuing to joyously fuck her.

The bodybuilder took the pretty girl several more times that hour, once in the missionary position, and once in the reverse cowgirl, but mostly doggy-style. Belle had no objections whatsoever.

“This ‘strap-on workout’ is my favorite,” she said at one point, causing the older woman to laugh.

Afterward they both showered together, with the woman essentially giving the girl a complete tongue-bath before finally cleaning her off in the traditional way with standard everyday soap and water.

“I’m hoping to see a lot more of you, my beautiful babydoll,” the woman said, as they toweled off afterwards. “I have so many more ‘exercises’ I’d like to explore with this gorgeous body of yours!”

“Yes, ma’am,” the girl replied, sincerely. “I hope you do.”

They kissed, deeply and passionately.

“Do I need to fill out any paperwork before I leave?” the pretty girl inquired.

“I don’t think that’ll be necessary,” the older woman responded. “I know where to find you.”

They kissed again, and Belle returned to her car.


A couple of minutes later, the girl arrived at the costume shop on Harrington Road to pick up the Halloween outfits ordered by her sorority.

“Are you at all familiar with that gym around the corner?” she found herself asking Max, the proprietor, as she paid for the costumes with a credit card.

“And what gym is that?”

“The one right over there,” the girl pointed. “On Fordham Lane.”

“I don’t know of any gym on Fordham Lane, sweetie… and I’ve had this shop for over forty years!”

“It’s called ‘Charmaine’s Gym,’ and I just now left there!”

The man’s eyes widened.

“Charmaine’s gym?”

“Yeah… I had a flat in the parking lot, and Charmaine herself fixed it for me… afterward she showed me around the place and offered me a membership!”

The man was now staring at her with his mouth open.

“I don’t know what you saw, little girl,” he said slowly. “But there’s no such place… and certainly not on Fordham Lane.”

“But I was just now there,” the girl insisted.

“Listen to me, sweetie… the last business that existed on Fordham Lane was the ‘Babydoll Lounge’ owned by a woman named Carson… she died when Hurricane Charmaine blew through here back in ’78… it killed a dozen people, including her.”

“But I saw her…” the girl’s voice trailed off.

“You saw somebody,” the man agreed. “But there’s no gym there… there’s nothing there!”

“But you said there was once a club there?”

“Yes, there was… the ‘Babydoll Lounge,’ the first gay-girl bar in Louisiana, or so I’m told… it was destroyed by the hurricane!”

“Hurricane Charmaine?”

“Yep… that’s the one.”


After loading the costumes in her car, Belle immediately returned to the parking lot on Fordham Lane.

Max wasn’t lying. There was nothing there.

What had just happened? Who had fixed her flat tire? Who had repeatedly fucked her doggy-style with a strap-on?

The girl returned to her sorority house and dropped off the costumes. She really didn’t feel like partying tonight, but her sorority sisters insisted that she dress up in her Tinkerbelle costume.

“You’re like one of the major players in ‘Peter Pan,'” Emily Dawson reminded her.

That night the party was a big hit, and everybody told Belle that she looked incredibly cute dressed up in her tiny little Tinkerbelle outfit, cut short enough to show off a LOT of her pretty legs & body.

The girl wandered somewhat aimlessly through the room, wondering how soon it would be before she could excuse herself and return to her room without anybody noticing.

“Nice outfit, babydoll,” she heard a female voice call out. She turned to see a tall, dark-haired pirate-girl (e.g. dressed in a pirate outfit) addressing her.

Belle immediately approached her.

“What did you just call me?” she asked.

“I said ‘babydoll,’ because you look adorable in your Tinkerbelle costume,” the larger girl responded. “Why, did that offend you?”

“No, not at all,” the girl responded, staring into the pirate-girl’s eyes, looking for some hint of recognition.

“You’re really pretty,” the other girl said, staring back at her. “You want to sit down and talk with me?”

“Sure,” Belle responded, looking for a chair.

“Sit here,” the girl offered, motioning to her lap.

And without a second’s hesitation Belle did exactly that, hopping up onto the girl’s lap, at which point the pirate-girl smiled broadly.

Her hand immediately came to rest on the pretty girl’s thigh.

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Gardening with Granddad Ch. 21

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Chapter 21: The BIG Day

After Merv left we continued drinking champagne and Carl got back to work prepping me for the ceremony. Following our triple play action I was looking used so Carl began working his magic once again.

Reapplying powders, creams, makeup he amazed even me as he applied shimmering silver gloss to all of his work. He had removed my wig yet had created breathtaking beauty as I sat in the chair admiring his product. I asked Carl if he had time to fix my tattered hairdo and he said there was no need he had brought a different one for the ceremony anyway.

He hauled another box over to the makeup chair and produced a two-foot high silver white stunning hairpiece. It was magnificent and my first one hadn’t compared to this. I imagined Marie Antoinette in this spectacular piece!

Finally I was ready. Trevor had disappeared and now returned to the living room with my outfit in hand.

“Holy FUCK! Trevor, what in fuck is that?” I asked gasping with the creation he held forth.

“This my dear is the final version!” Trevor purred.

He held in front of me a microscopic version of the earlier fitting. The fabric was 20 inches in length and white sheer. He and Carl helped me step into the circular fabric. It came to the top of my nipples, barely, and my cock and balls hung below.

Trevor then asked me to step into the equally micro thong that completely flattened my cock and balls. The fabric barely reached the bottom of the thong. The sides of the thong were see thru plastic and it looked as though I had a tiny white patch over my crotch. Thru the fabric you could see everything, tits, ass, and micro white cock cover. He then placed a tiny white lace garter on one leg and asked me to step into white string strapped stilettos, 9 inches in height. I then was given elbow length sheer gloves and Carl fastened the enormous drop diamond necklace and earrings on me. When they stepped away and I could see my reflection in the mirror they had created the ultimate porn wedding queen.

Tears came to my eyes and Carl screamed, “Don’t you dare cry, this took hours!”

We all laughed and Trevor and Carl got ready wearing almost the same outfit as me except in pink. When they were ready, Carl unzipped a garment bag and removed a tiara and 18 foot veil and placed it on top of my silver wig. I was complete.

Trevor was at the top of the stairs and called down, “Ready Daddy come up!”

My Father appeared and my jaws dropped. He was wearing tight black leather chaps and a matching codpiece. His hairy ass was exposed. On top he had a black vest that exposed his hairy chest and had on a cap. I knew it was a wedding as he had on a small boutonniere.

“Baby you look gorgeous,” he said as he planted a kiss on my painted lips, ” just fucking beautiful, I am so proud to give you away, and your grandfather is one lucky bastard!”

“Oh Daddy, I am so happy!” I exclaimed receiving his kiss, one of the final as a single son. His thick wet tongue dove into my throat and I felt his hands, one on each ass cheek.

Trevor and Carl left saying we should have a few minutes alone. My Father’s hands never left my ass, and his tongue stayed buried deep inside my mouth. God, he was the perfect Father in everyway.

I reached down and undid the snaps on his bulging codpiece revealing the cock that had created me. His cock head glistened with pre-cum and I dropped to my knees engulfing his meat between my luscious painted lips. He leaned back watching his beautiful son turned daughter worshipping his cock. As I felt it grow I stood, turning lifting my tiny sheer gown and offered him my ass for one last time.

His cock, wet from my mouth prodded my hole. It slid deep inside me. He began pounding my tight girlish pussy while his hands grabbed onto my enormous tits.

“Baby, you are everything I ever imagined and more,” he moaned thrusting deeper and deeper inside me, ” The next time I fuck you will be my stepmother baby, and imagine first my son then my stepmother wanting my cock!”

And with that he erupted, his cum gushing inside my ass. God, I wanted it so bad. I wanted everyone to see my own Father’s cum dripping from my pussy, as I became my Grandfather’s bride. He pounded his cock until every drop had been released inside me and we embraced kissing deeply for what seemed like an eternity.

“It’s time baby,” he finally said leading me down the stairs of the loft. As we reached the back gate to my Grandfather’s yard, Carl stood there giving me a huge bridal bouquet of white roses tied with white leather ribbons. The Trevor left to walk down the path, followed by Carl, then my Father and me, the bride.

As we entered the yard that had been covered in an enormous tent, I didn’t know what to expect, but nothing prepared me for what was waiting. Gathered were men, lots of men, the work crew from the company, Merv, and friends of my grandfather and father’s I had met but had no idea they knew or were into anything like this.

The guests were dressed in leather, görükle escort ripped up denim, and jockstraps, it was an unbelievable site. I was embarrassed and turned on by being dressed the way I was. Almost at once the whistles and catcalls started. I knew that I was in for a wedding like no other and was immediately excited and relaxed instantly.

Then I saw my Grandfather! Standing at the front of the group he was wearing skintight white leather chaps with a silver studded codpiece that barely held his monstrous hairy cock and balls. The vest he had on had a single button and his massive hairy gut and thick barrel chest practically forced the vest open. He had on white leather boots and gloves. He was smoking a foot long cigar that was at least 8 inches thick. It was a jaw-dropping site. When I reached him my father forced his tongue down my throat in front of everyone and then Granddad rammed his tongue in alongside Daddy’s. The guys went wild screaming and shouting their approval. When their tongues finally released my mouth the minister stepped out on the patio. He wore a black collar, black thigh high leather boots and the smallest black leather g-string imaginable. It held what looked like a fucking firehose! He was maybe 60, 6 foot 4, 325 pounds, shaved head and was COAL BLACK. If it had not been my wedding day I would have run off with this fucking monster God.

The ceremony he lead was basic and made me promise to obey my grandfather. Then came the ring exchange. Two of the crew wheeled out a massage table on wheels. Granddad reached over and ripped my dress off leaving me in my veil, thong and stilettos. More screaming and shouting from the guys encouraged him. The Minister ordered me onto the table.

The top was rolled up like a pillow and the Minister handed my grandfather a huge, thick needle, cork and a bottle of poppers. I noticed all the guests had also been passed poppers on silver trays. Granddad forced them under my nose and told me to start inhaling. As I did he clamped one nipple putting the cork on one side of my nipple.

“Just keep snortin those things babe this will only hurt for a minute,” he glared. Then the needle rammed through my nipple! Before I knew it the Minister was forcing a 0 gauge ring through my fake tit. Granddad was now on the other tit and the needle was through. The Minister did the same thing putting a ring through it. Everyone was cheering and my tits had THICK silver rings 4 inches in diameter through my huge dark nipples. They looked fantastic.

When I stood the new rings dangled from my monster 40 d tits and received huge cheers from the crowd. Then the Minister pronounced us man and wife. We stood in the receiving line and as each guest went through shaking my Granddad’s hand, their tongues eagerly entered my mouth and their hands freely grabbed my ass and tits, depending on their preference. And Granddad did nothing to stop them.

Then it was time to party. Carl and Trevor removed my veil and I was left to mingle in just my heels and thong. The groping was nonstop and I was in heaven! The pot, poppers, beer flowed. And the guys were not shy about shedding a few more clothes, some enjoying the pool, others feeling good enough to take advantage of Carl and Trevor. Granddad had barely paid any attention to me since the ceremony and seemed to be enjoying the guys, drinking and smoking right alongside them. I didn’t mind given all the attention I was receiving. He had shed his chaps and vest and looked magnificent in his codpiece and boots.

I noticed the Minister leaning up against a wall in the shadows enjoying a huge thick joint alternating it with his mega size can of poppers. A grove of bushes hid him from most of the guests and I noticed as I moved around the garden he hadn’t taken his eyes off me. I just kept moving in his direction until finally I needed to walk past the opening to reach the next group of guys. As I did, his gaze was piercing. This might be my only chance.

I walked towards him, his expression not changing.

“Thank you, the ceremony was great, especially the ring part,” I said.

His black paw, the size of a baseball glove, grabbed my head forcing it towards his face. His cobra thick tongue forced my lips apart and smothered my throat as he tongue fucked me. His hand was on my ass and I felt a finger between my thong and cunt hole.

FUCK! This was my wedding and he could care less. He was taking advantage of the bride right at the reception where anyone could catch us. And I was frozen in his grasp. My hands touched his chest. It was rock hard and massive. I moaned under his spell. I could barely breathe his tongue was so thick inside me and his fleshy lips completely covered my mouth.

Between my legs I felt a fireplace log that the Minister had rammed in under my thronged pussy. I began to hump it as he deep throated me and fingered my ass. His tongue darted out of my mouth and he grinned looking into my face. I looked down at the log.

” O MY GOD!” I gasped. He had bursa escort bayan undone the snaps on his g-string releasing his black log. The log was no log; it was his cock. It was shocking. Uncut, it was at least 8 inches thick and my guess my somewhere around 14 to 15 inches long. I had never seen a cock like it. In fact, I would have doubted its size if it hadn’t been in front of me.

I didn’t even wait to be told. I was on my knees trying to get every inch of black flesh into my mouth.

“Now you are a fuckin hot bride,” he said riding my face pushing his cock in inch by inch. I didn’t even care about the wedding, the guests or my Granddad. In fact, this God could even replace Merv.

I couldn’t take my eyes off my thick glassy painted lips surrounding his huge black club that was completely shaved with monstrous balls bobbing beneath it. His massive black paws reached under my arms and he lifted me upwards and pushed me into the adjacent garden shed.

“No fuckin way anyone’s gonna stop me breakin the bride’s cherry,” he laughed. With one lift, I was on the table in the shed and the Minister had buried his shaved head in my gaping pussy. My legs, wearing the 9 inch stilettos were over his black bear shoulders and my ass was spread for his pleasure.

” O my god, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS,” I screamed as his tongue darted in and out of my cunt that still contained my own Father’s cum.

The man who had just performed my wedding ceremony was now the first man to own me as a married girly boy. My wedding day could not get any better!

Rising from my well-lubricated pussy, he spit on his log thick cock and without even a second thought rammed the full length into my white married boy cunt. For several seconds I went completely dizzy and the shed darkened. I was impaled on what could have easily been a human baseball bat. And my black fuck machine was about to show me no mercy.

Still wearing his collar and boots he continued to ram every inch of his flesh into my cherry bride hole.

” JESUS FUCK ME HARDER!!!!!!!!” I screamed and spread my ass open as far as I could for the biggest cock I had ever seen.

” You like my big ole nigga meat don’t ya fuckin white trash?” he demanded.

” Yes Sir YES I love my nigga master’s cock, I am your white trash pussy, fuck me with that nigga meat!” I begged.

” You’ve never had a cock this good have ya slut boy?”

” NO never I want it so bad I need it so bad!”

” What’s your grandfather husband gonna say about this bitch?” he laughed, ” now that ya found yourself a new cock master to won that hot piece of white cunt.”

” I don’t care what he thinks,” I cried knowing I couldn’t live without this stud cock, knowing my pussy would never go back to any other cock ever again.

” I’ve never loved a man like I love you,” I cried my makeup starting to run as I forced my tight bubble boy pussy onto his raging cock. ” I am yours forever, no one will ever compare to you, I might be married but you are the real man I need, I want, I love.”

He roared with his approval of my submission. ” Well, I got a big surprise for you whore.”

With that, an older man wearing a robe came into the shed carrying papers. All he said was “Sign here.”

I signed the papers and he handed them to the Minister. As the robed man left my Grandfather came through the door, his jaw dropping at the sight before him.

” What the fuck!” he snarled directly at my cock master.

The Minister threw the newly signed papers at him laughing and saying, ” She’s mine now ya stupid ole fucker, divorced and mine.”

My grandfather managed, ” But I don’t, what the hell ……”

He was clearly shocked looking at the papers. The Minister had tricked my Grandfather having him sign the papers as part of the wedding ceremony, then having me sign them in the shed.

” Your granddaughter here seems to be addicted to nigga meat, real man cock,” the Minister said calmly, ” We’ll work something out Gramps, but she’s mine now, we can either have another ceremony in public and I can embarrass your pathetic white ass or we can do this my way.”

” Please Granddad please I begged,” still riding black cock, ” Please I love you Granddad but this is what I really need, the Minister is more.” I couldn’t bring myself to say it at first.

Laughing the Minister rammed his cock into the back of my cunt, ” More what bitch, tell your ex-hubby, I’m more what?”

” O granddad I’m so sorry, he’s more man than you’ll ever be,” and reached towards my new owner taking his thick pink tongue into my waiting mouth.

” Come on Gramps, come over here,” the Minister ordered.

My Grandfather approached silently.

” Look,” barked the Minister. Granddad’s jaw dropped as he stared at the 14 inches of thick wet black cock pounding my tight white pussy.

Granddad went around the other side of the table and reached for my legs pulling them completely back so my ass was spread as far as possible bursa escort and he could see the entire spectacle.

” Baby if this is what ya want, let’s see how much of that will really fit in my girl’s trash cunt,” said Granddad.

My god he is actually enjoying this. At that moment I realized my Grandfather probably had NO limits. There was no fuck scene he would not encourage. He had introduced me to family sex, married me, divorced me and had offered me at the alter of this black GOD.

With my Grandfather holding my smooth tanned legs in mid-air and my ass being ravaged by my new owner the Judge reappeared performing my second marriage ceremony of the day. I promised to love, honor and OBEY my Master and the Minister promised to abuse and fuck me as his white trash. When asked who gives this whore away, my Grandfather smiled and offered my cunt in marriage.

The Judge handed the Minister a leather and metal contraption that he fastened around my waist and clamped around my panty covered cock that was bound like pussy and which was now put into chastity and flattened into a silver mound resembling a metal vagina. The minister ripped my panties off from under it once it was secured.

” That will NEVER be touched again, you are now pussy forever,” he grinned.

” Please just fuck my ass Minister please I need your cock breeding my pussy, seeding your bride, owning your trash’s hole PLEASE I BEG YOU FUCK ME!” I screamed wanting his ultimate gift of man juice.

” I think your bride is ready to really know what cum is all about,” my Grandfather encouraged, “and I’d like to see her get what could have been mine if you don’t mind,” he asked my new husband.

” Oh ya I don’t mind showing ya Gramps, this slut’s gonna be havin more nigga babies poppin outta her than any piece of white trash I ever fucked.”

The Minister then grabbed a huge bottle of poppers taking heavy snort after snort as he began thrusting harder and harder into my needy pussy.

He threw the bottle on the floor and started ramming with the full force of his 325 pound black manhood. His baldhead was covered in sweat that dripped onto his massive and beastly barrel chest. His enormous black hands grabbed my mega size fake melons.

Then he erupted. With a roar that stopped everyone in the yard from speaking he bellowed, ” Take my fucking cum you fucking piece of useless white trash, let your nigga master fuckin own your young white cunt.”

” JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!” I heard Granddad say.

I looked down at my ravaged ass. Not only was the Minister’s cock covered in cum, but my ass my spewing forth cum load after cum load not being able to hold the liquid that was being emptied into it from his cock.

” YES god YES please I want your baby in me now please fuck your cumload deep inside me Minister please fuck me never stop fucking me ever PLEASE!” This was all I lived for now. My own Grandfather was watching me as my newly married pussy was taken for the first time.

The Minister finally pulled his glistening black club from my soaked hole. He traded places with my Grandfather holding my legs in the air and told my Grandfather to come around and get a real good look at his ex-wife’s cunt.

My Grandfather did exactly what he was told and was obviously pleased with the result.

” I’ve never seen a pussy cum like that or hold that much cum,” he seemed delighted to say, “In fact, that cunt looks good enough to eat!”

There, in front of the Minister, my own Grandfather buried his face in my freshly fucked boy pussy and ate the flowing juices of my ass mixed wit my new husband’s fresh squeezed cum.

” Ya Gramps, eat my cum from your granddaughter’s pussy, this is gonna be one fuckin wild family I got myself here,” he said wrapping his muscled arms around my legs and propping them up so my Grandfather’s tongue could get far inside my pussy walls.

“Ya like that black cum don’t ya fucker?” asked the Minister.

Without taking his tongue from my hole Granddad simply moaned and nodded diving in for more juice.

He finished cleaning my pussy dry and the Minister released my legs.

Ordering my Grandfather the Minister said, “Now Gramps, go introduce the new bride and groom, don’t explain nothing just go fukin do it.”

Granddad left the shed and stood in the exact spot we had been married less than an hour before. ” Gentlemen, I have an announcement to make, it gives me the greatest pleasure to introduce you to the Minister and his new wife, my ex-wife and grandson Jimmy.”

At first, everyone was silent. Then as we appeared, me still in full wig, tiara, necklace, stilettos, tits and now wearing my new chastity belt, being carried onto the steps of the patio by the giant black Minister still wearing his semi-hard cock swinging almost to his knees, the whistles and screams from the guys started slowly building into a total frenzy.

My new husband placed me on the wooden table atop the patio and told me to stay on my hands and knees ass propped for all to see, tits swinging. Placing a hand on each cheek of my ass, the Minister spread it open yet again. He guided his hardening cock back into my just fucked and eaten pussy. The cheers and screams grew louder and louder as everyone gathered around for a prime viewing position.

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