A Devilishly Delightful Dental Day

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Normally I hate going to the dentist, but today was different. My regular dentist had retired, and a new young, handsome dentist had taken his place. The dental hygienist was an absolutely gorgeous, very vivacious woman with lovely, long, brown hair with reddish highlights in it. The exam by the dentist had gone quickly with the two trading lightly veiled sexual banter. I soon learned that they were engaged. I thought they would make a handsome couple.

What made my day was that as the lovely dental assistant, Elexus, moved around of the chair, she kept looking at me closely, her lovely brown eyes taking my body in.

I’m a woman, and I really felt the vibes coming from her. I had on a rather sheer blouse and my sexy, lacy slip and bra showed through. I kept getting glances from her at my rather full breasts. My nipples showed through, hard points that were getting harder the more she looked at them.

I lay back in the chair with my elbows out to the side. She kept brushing against my arm, and I could feel her firm thighs against my arm. I moved my arm once, then decided to leave it there and see what she would do.

As the dentist looked in my mouth, and checked my teeth, she moved to stand beside me. Lexus leaned over to help, and my elbow was right against her crotch. I didn’t move it an inch, and as she worked, leaning over, she pressed her pussy against my elbow. It couldn’t have been accidental. They carried on their spirited jokes, with sexual innuendos, and I couldn’t help but feel that he knew exactly what she was doing. I cut my eyes over to her beautiful face, but she seemed to avoid eye contact with me, as if she were all business.

Her prominent pubic mound pressed against my elbow, and as she moved, it pressed firmly as if she were subtly masturbating against it. She was not hunching it, but as her pubic mound slid along my elbow, I could actually feel the furrow of her pussy slide along the bone of my elbow. Damn! I lay back, closed my eyes, and just let the sexy feelings flow over me. I consider myself bisexual, and absolutely loved every minute of it.

Hearing the two tease each other with little sexy jokes, and being aware he must know exactly what she was doing, got me hotter by the minute. I would have loved to have slid my hand down and rubbed my now dripping pussy, but I let my pussy simmer, and could feel my clit getting hard, and my pussy lubricating freely. My nipples continued to grow firmer. I managed to cut my eyes down when he took his fingers out of my mouth and found them tenting the thin material alarmingly! I must have been giving them quite a show of my arousal.

Damn she was really doing a number on me, and I loved every second of it. I wondered if her fiancé had a raging hard-on watching her almost fuck my elbow. For their benefit I wiggled my hips just a little and squeezed my thighs together, just to let them know it was affecting me. I decided to play their little sex game too!

Finally the dentist was through, and told me that my teeth were fine and only needed a cleaning, and Lexus would ‘take good care of me’, his exact words. He gave her a quick kiss and told her he would see her later, and to lock up after I had left. I was the last appointment in the day, and all the other office help had gone home.

Lexus excused her self, and told me she had to make sure the doors were locked. I slid my hand down inside my pantsuit, and rubbed my very hot pussy through my panties till I heard her coming back.

“Well, we are all alone.” Lexus said as she came back in. She leaned over and began to clean my teeth. Once again she moved to the side and her thighs slid against my arm, and pressed firmly against it. I held my arm steady and enjoyed the feel of her pussy pressing against my flesh. Her mound was firm, yet soft as she moved, working back and forth putting the cleaning paste on the dental tool, then rubbing it back and forth. As she did, her pussy rubbed against my arm.

Finally I could stand it no longer and as she moved away a little I raised my elbow slightly to press firmly against her crotch. She looked down at me and her beautiful brown eyes sparkled. I pressed upward still more, and saw her eyes closed for a moment.

“Lexus, I love the feel of your pussy against my elbow. Would you like me to move it, and put my hand there?” I asked as she took the tool out of my mouth momentarily.

“Ohh, God, I’d love it. This has gotten me so excited! I was teasing Pat, and he could see I was rubbing my pussy against your arm just to tease him. I’ve never done it before, but it really got him hot. I could see him having to adjust his cock behind you a couple of times. He’s hinted at me having a threesome with a woman, but I just didn’t know. Today I decided to see what he would do. He loved it. I could tell you didn’t mind.” She hesitated a moment. “If you had moved your arm back, I wouldn’t have done it. I could tell you were enjoying it too.”

“Lexus, I consider uşak escort myself bi, and have had several wonderful love affairs with women. I knew you had to be hot as I am. You were driving me wild with your elbow. I just rubbed my pussy while you were out checking the doors.” I said turning toward her.

I reached out and ran my hand around and cupped her firm ass and pulled it closer to me. She stepped closer and I dropped my hand down and ran it up her leg. She wore a dress uniform, and I slid it up her stocking clad leg. She sighed as my warm hand moved between the stocking top and her panties. She spread her thighs a little and I ran my hand around to the front and rubbed her pubic mound. She gasped as I ran my knuckles gently up and down her pussy, pressing inward slightly at the top.

“Ohh, that feels so good, I’m so hot. I’ve never done this before. I’ve thought about it, but never actually been with a woman before.” She gasped as my knuckle pressed inward finding her clit. I moved my knuckles up and down, gently but firmly over her clit. I could imagine it getting firmer as I rubbed over it.

“Take your panties off.” I said quietly. “Let me finger fuck you while you finish up. I guarantee you’ll love it! She stepped back, slid her dress and slip upward, and quickly slid her panties off. I got a quick glimpse of her white thighs and neat brown clad mound. She stepped out of them, I held out my hand. I took them and put them to my nose, smelled her arousal. I turned them a little and looked at the large slightly darker wet spot at the crotch. “Look how wet they are. You really got excited didn’t you?”

She swallowed, then nodded her head. I took the wet spot, and to her surprise slid my tongue out and licked it. “Mnn, delicious, I want to taste you. I love to taste a woman’s excited pussy.”

“God, I don’t believe this!” Lexus said her voice hoarse with passion. “ I have to finish you up though.” She said gulping, and moving back close to me.

I slid my hand back under her dress, and as she moved her hips back a little, I ran my hand over her firm soft ass stroking it. She skin was so soft and hot, and she trembled a little. As she worked I stroked her ass, then moved my hand up and down her hot, velvet smooth thighs. She moaned from time to time.

The cleaning tool slipped slightly and I winced. She apologized, but I told her it didn’t really hurt. Hell, I’d been the one that had distracted her from her job.

She moved to the other side, and this time I ran my hand up between her thighs. She sighed, spread her thighs a little, and I ran my hand up and down the inner surface of her thigh, teasing her. Slowly I slid my hand upward, carefully sliding a finger into the firm crevice, and found her very wet pussy. She stopped working a moment, and her thighs spread wider. I slid a finger carefully up inside her hot tight pussy.

Slowly I pressed upward, till my finger was buried as far as I could into her. She sighed deeply as I began to slowly finger fuck her. I took my other hand and ran it down and pressed inward against my own pussy rubbing my clit through my clothes.

“How much longer, till you are through?” I asked, my voice a little hoarse with the building passion, when she took the tool out of my mouth a moment.

Her voice was shaky. “About 10 minutes.”

“Let me up.” I said sitting up. She moved back and I stood up. I pulled her close, kissed her briefly, then turned her around. I unzipped her dress, pulled it away from her body, and let it slide down. She wore a lovely white slip under it and I took that off, leaving her in her sexy white bra, and white hose held up by a lacy garter belt.

“There, that looks better.” I said. I unbuttoning my blouse and laid it aside. I took off my pants and laid them aside also. Her eyes took in every motion, and looked at my body as I undressed. I slipped my panties and bra off, and was glad I wore my sexiest ones today. I slipped my shoes off and stood nude before her. I got back in the chair. I spread my thighs, and she put the protective towel back around my neck.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this. I have a good friend from dental school. I’ll just have to tell her about this. We never made it together, but kidded around a lot about it.” Lexus said moving back to finish up my teeth. She let her hand brush my breasts from time to time.

I slid my hand out and ran it up and down her thighs. I let my fingers be my eyes, and enjoyed the feel of her hot thighs above her stockings. I slid my hand back up and she spread her thighs a little wider, letting my fingers find her pussy again. I slipped my finger back inside her, slowly moving it in and out. When she began to get a little hotter, and wetter, I slid a second finger up inside her. Her pussy was wet and very tight. I wondered if she and Pat had fucked. I imagined they had, and her tight pussy would be a wonderful fit over his thrusting cock. I put uşak escort bayan my other hand down between my widespread thighs, and began to finger my pussy slowly, teasing my hard clit.

Her eyes moved down. “Your pussy is so beautiful. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen one that is completely bare. I love the look of it. I can’t believe you’re finger fucking me while I’m cleaning your teeth, and oh, God, you are fucking yourself too. God, I’m so hot. I think I’m going to have to cum. I’m almost shaking I’m so hot. Please, make me cum! Ohh, please!” She gave a quavering cry as she moved back a little, lifted her leg and put it on the dental chair, opening herself up for me.

She grabbed the arm of the chair and the upright on the dental machine and closed her eyes. I slid my fingers up inside her rapidly, and as I did I crossed and rotated my fingers, a trick I had learned years before from a very knowledgeable lady teacher who had seduced me in college. My own fingers played over my aching, and very hard clit, at the same time, in rhythm with my fingers sliding up inside her lovely body. Just looking at her beautiful semi-nude body raised my lust to a fever pitch.

Lexus began to cry out as she neared her climax. I was glad no one else was in the building as her cries echoed through the clinic. “Ohh, yes! Fuck me. Fuck my pussy! Ohhh, I’m cumming. Ohhhhhhhh! Yessssss!” She screamed as her head went back, her face distorted by passion. I could feel her pussy clamp around my thrusting fingers, and I drove them hard and fast up inside her beautiful body. Her passion triggered mine and I climaxed along with her, filling the room with my own cries of passion. I loved the feel of her pussy tightening down on my fingers, and my hips thrust upward as my passion coursed through my body. I had a fantastic climax as I drove her to a sobbing moaning climax.

Her body went limp and she had to hold onto the machine for support. I slid my fingers out of her drenched pussy. I looked over and saw that her thighs were wet with her juices. She stood panting. I slid my fingers from my pussy and they were wet and gleaming. I beckoned her to come closer and kissed her gently. I put my hand up to her face, and slid my still pussy-wet fingers to her mouth. She hesitated a long moment, then opened her mouth, and I slid the slick fingers inside her mouth. She closed her lips around them, and sucked my pussy juices from them. I felt her tongue slide over my fingers. She pulled back, her face aglow.

“I did it, I sucked your pussy juices off of your fingers. I didn’t know if I could do it, but I did, and I liked it. God, you taste delicious. That is a first for me. Thank you!” She said kissing me again. “Dammit, I have to finish your teeth.” She said stepping back and took several deep breaths to calm herself.

She leaned over me, and as she cleaned my teeth, I slowly stroked her shapely legs, stomach, and firm ass, keeping my hands out of, and off of, her pussy. I slid my hands up and down her inner thigh, and they were still wet from her abundant juices.

Finally she put the chair upright and told me to rinse my mouth. I did, and slid out of the chair. She moved to me and pulled me into her arms. Her lips met mine, and we kissed gently at first, but quickly became more passionate. I reached back and found the clasps to her bra and undid it. I pulled back slightly and pulled her bra off. Her lovely full breasts settled only slightly, superb rounded globes, perfect. I slid a hand up and cupped one warm soft breast. Her nipple was firm and erect. Her fingers did the same to me, and we stood body-to-body, hips pressing together. She had on only her low quarter shoes and her white hose and garter belt. I am tall and slender, and it made our heights almost even.

Our hands moved up and down while we kissed, becoming more passionate ever minute. Her tongue slid in and out of my mouth, and she was a very skillful and passionate kisser.

I pushed her back. “God, you are a wonderful kisser, I want to feel that wonderful tongue of yours in my pussy, and I want to taste you!” I said looking into her lovely deep brown eyes.

“I’ve never done this before.” She said a little hesitantly. “But I want to with you. Now!” She turned and pulled me after her. She led me into the women’s restroom, where there was a large soft couch, long enough for us to lie down on. I stood naked before her. I’m quite an exhibitionist and loved it when her eyes traveled up and down my body. I stay in shape and Lexus was very fit and trim too.

“You are so beautiful.” She said and started to take her stockings off.

“Leave them on, and your garter belt too. I think they are so damn sexy, and I love the look they give you. Your legs are so damn sexy, and I think the white stockings complement your legs, and frame that delicious looking pussy.” I said pulling her close. While we kissed, she slipped her shoes off.

I escort uşak sat down on the sofa, spread my thighs, and pulled her to me. I began kissing her full and rounded breasts. The large areolas were light chocolate brown, the nipples firm and jutting. I sucked one and nibbled on it with my teeth gently while I slid my hand back to her still wet crotch and cupped it. Her hands went behind my head pressing it against her soft breast. I nibbled on her firm nipple while I slid my finger along her slit once more, sliding it up and down her slippery pussy. Her pubic hair was trimmed close in a bikini cut. I found her clit, firm again, and began to slowly stroke it.

Lexus moaned against me, and I could feel her clit grow rapidly harder, under the rolling motion of my finger. I cupped her other breast and kneaded it gently, feeling it swell under my hands. This lady was very hot.

“Ohh, I’ve wanted this to happen for so very long. I watched porn movies of women together with Pat, and they always got me so hot. I think he knows that. That’s why he left us alone. He never leaves till I leave, or we make love here, on this couch. He knew I wanted you. I was teasing him, and getting so hot doing it. Ohhh, yessss, like that. Sooo good!” She moaned as I rolled her clit and strummed it rapidly with my finger. I slid my finger down and moved it up into her tight pussy. Her knees almost buckled.

“Lie down, before you fall down.” I laughed looking up at her beautiful face. She needed no urging, lay down and spread her thighs wide for me. I slid my finger up inside her once more, then another beside it. “ Lexus, you are to tight. I’ll bet Pat loves to fuck your pussy. Have you been fucking long?” I asked leaning over and kissing her soft lips. Her tongue slid out to play with mine. We kissed as I slowly finger fucked her sopping pussy. I began to rotate my fingers inside her as I pumped them in and out of her tight sex. I pulled back a little to let her answer.

“No, just the last month or so. Ohhh, yes, like that! I wanted to wait till we were married, but got so hot; I had to let him fuck me. I was a virgin in name only. I’d broken my cherry with my vibrator and fingers. Mnnn, ohh! He still has to go slow fucking me. He’s rather large and long. Oh! I guess — I’ll get –mnnn – used to him. Ohhh, yes, you finger fuck me soooo fucking good! How do you do that? Yesss! It feels so wonderful and different from when Pat does it. Mnn. So much better! Ohhh! Shit, I’m going to cum! Ohhh make me cum again, pleaseeeeeeeeeee!”

I willingly obliged her. She screamed as her body went rigid. Her hips shot off the couch, her head went back, and she cried out over and over as she climaxed. I thrust hard up inside her, driving her on. My tongue slid into her mouth, and our tongues thrust and fenced. Her orgasm seemed to go on and on, till finally she fell back spent, gasping for breath. I kissed her cheek gently and stroked her magnificent body. I was in awe; she was so beautiful and so damn sexy too. Her face and body could have graced the centerfold of any Men’s magazine.

When she had caught her breath, she pulled my face down to hers and kissed me, sliding her long talented tongue inside my mouth. She was a superb French kisser and it made me really hot. My pussy was dripping. I waited, I wanted to let her go at her own pace, but I wanted that talented tongue in my pussy.

“I really don’t know how to do this.” She said looking a little worried.

“Lexus, Honey, you are doing fine. You are a terrific French kisser, and just keep doing what you are doing. You’ll know what to do when you get to where you are going. Forget everything but just feeling my body with your hands, lips, and tongue. Just enjoy yourself!” I said knowing she’d make a wonderful lover. Most women know what they like done to their bodies, and almost instinctively do it to their partner. I’ve never had a bad woman lover. I’ve taught them a few refinements and tricks they didn’t know about.

We kissed for a while and her hands began to explore my breasts, cupping and kneading them gently. She became bolder and she moved down a little and began to kiss and lick my breasts. She sucked my nipples to make them harder, if possible, while her tongue played little games with them. Her hands kneaded and stroked my breasts till they were swollen with passion. Her eyes ran over my body as if she were memorizing every square inch of it.

I kept telling her how wonderful she was doing, and I wasn’t exaggerated. She seemed a natural. She seemed to love sucking and licking my nipples till finally they were impossibly long, hard points pushing way up, longer than I could ever remember them being before.

She switched to rolling them between her fingers back and forth, and pulled on them. She kept pulling harder and harder, as if to see how much I liked it. I loved the pain and arched my chest upward toward her. She bent down and took one nipple between her teeth and nipped it. I closed my eyes and moaned a long “Yesssss!” She bit down harder, raking the nipple with her teeth. I reached up and caught her head and pushed it against my breast and my fingernails cut into her scalp. She bit harder. I screamed in joy, not pain, and almost climaxed is felt so damn good.

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A Girl with Moonlight In Her Eyes

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


In my story Time After Time, one of the main characters, Berry Osborne (then nineteen), had a brief affair with an older woman, Eleanor Montgomery, who had her own successful business. Eleanor was in a civil partnership with Simone, a French woman; the two were also business partners with Simone overseeing the French side of their trade. At the time Berry knew her, Eleanor and Simone had an open relationship. This is Eleanor’s story. Some characters and places have appeared in earlier stories of mine.

A Girl With Moonlight In Her Eyes is a long love story—there is sex but as always, I consider it secondary to the plot. I hope you enjoy it.

Characters in sex scenes are eighteen years old or over. All characters and places are imaginary—any resemblance to persons living or dead is coincidental.

Copyright © 2020 to the author

* * * * *

“Once upon a time a girl with moonlight in her eyes / Put her hand in mine and said she loved me so…”

Once Upon a Time (1962)

Music by Charles Strouse: Lyrics by Lee Adams

2017 — London: Sofia

Let’s face it, business conventions can be bloody tedious but it looked as if this one might pay off handsomely and for that reason I endured it.

So here I was, standing alone for the moment and trying to look as if I wasn’t bored out of my head. Even the glass of champagne I held wasn’t making things much better. Sadly it wasn’t very good champagne and the bubbles were rapidly dispersing. Better a glass of cheap red any day. Still, appearances are everything at these sort of events.

We had been approached several weeks previously by the London agent of some French billionaire to tender for the flower supply and floral arrangements for his daughter’s wedding. I guess we had been picked out because the affair was to be held at one of his homes, a Victorian mansion not far from our business in the historic market town of Helmsford. I said one of his homes—I think he had a string of them from California to Hong Kong, hopping between them by private jet or yacht or whatever. Anyway, said billionaire was attending this convention and my wife was currently engaged in conversation with him. Simone is French so we decided it would be best for her to deal directly with the great man.

Which goes to explain why, for the moment, I was standing all alone, with a glass of inferior champagne rapidly going flat, and feeling bored. Looking around, I couldn’t see anybody I knew or who appeared remotely interesting. A couple of tottering Lotharios about a hundred years old had tried to hit on me but I made it clear I wasn’t interested. Even if I’d been into men, neither of these two would have appealed, particularly the one with dewlaps and loose dentures.

One largish group of perhaps seven or eight people occupied a far corner of the room, surrounding a squat middle-aged man holding court. His hands were never still as he talked, waving, pointing, gesticulating, and he looked smug and self-satisfied, probably was. Perhaps cattily, but most likely accurately, I guessed that his sleek black hair owed more to a dye-bottle than to nature. One of the group was a woman but I couldn’t see what she was like as her back was turned to me.

Looking away, I continued people-watching so I didn’t see the woman detach herself from the group and make her way towards me.

I didn’t notice her until she spoke. “Eleanor?” She had a soft accent.

“Yes?” Puzzled, I turned to face her.

“Don’t you know me, Eleanor?” She smiled. “Oh dear, I’m bereft.”

It took me a second or two then: “Sofia Marín.”

“It’s De León now, Sofia De León. That’s Augustín, my husband, over there.” She gestured towards Mr Smug-and-Self-satisfied. “He’s here on Spanish government business, something boring to do with commercial contracts. Such a coincidence to meet you here. I’m pleased to see you, Eleanor, even if only briefly. We’re flying back to Spain early in the morning.”

I’m not sure that I would have recognised Sofia if I had passed her in the street. It wasn’t just that she was older—after all, we were all older. I was forty-five so she had to be fifty-something but she had changed physically. Her previously slim, almost girlish, figure was now dumpy, her dark hair, streaked with grey, was parted in the middle and drawn back into a tight bun, and her make-up was thick and heavy.

I don’t know if it showed in my face but Sofia said: “Yes, I know I’ve changed a lot, weight gain tends to run among women in my family—add my life-style to that, official dinners and so forth, and you get what you see. You’re the lucky one, Eleanor, age hasn’t left much of a mark on you, still as lovely as ever.”

We chatted about inconsequentials for a few minutes and mentioned how our lives had gone since last we met. I told yalova escort bayan her of my business success; she had done well for herself in her chosen profession, now being a full professor at the Universidad de Granada. Then looking slightly sheepish, Sofia reached out and put a soft hand on my forearm. “Tell me, Eleanor, have you forgiven me…?”

1992 — City University: Sofia

There was an old and largely unused upright piano in one of the usually unattended back rooms of the Students’ Union. It was probably as well it was where it was—I shudder to think what might have happened to it in the bar when some of the students had had too much beer and decided a sing-song would be fun. So I said ‘largely unused’ but I liked to sit and play when I had a little free time—although it looked a bit timeworn it was properly tuned suggesting that someone had cared about it. Nobody ever bothered me much, I guess my choice of music wasn’t cool enough for the majority.

I’d always loved the piano from the time I was a very small girl. My maternal grandma had an upright and when I showed a little aptitude I was allowed to play on it. A bit later my parents arranged piano lessons for me and grandma gave me the piano as a gift. In the early days I had visions of becoming a concert pianist but fate decreed otherwise.

When I was sixteen I had to come out of two different closets and neither exit was easy for me.

The first was to my parents. I had known for several years that I was gay and decided admission was best sooner rather than later. The longer I held off, the more difficult it was likely to become.

I had started to suspect my sexuality when I was about thirteen or so and the question uppermost in my mind then was: ‘Am I weird, a freak?’ While most of my contemporaries were girly, giggly and gushing around boys I wasn’t. My instinct was to be girly, giggly and gushing around girls but kept the feelings suppressed because I assumed it was ‘wrong’. When I discovered masturbation, I realised the subjects of my fantasies were all girls and women. When a little older I tried several dates with boys, usually just to the cinema, trying to be ‘normal’ whatever ‘normal’ is, but there was never a second date with any of them. The first had sweaty hands which wasn’t very nice, particularly as he kept wanting to paw me. As we left the cinema a bus pulled up outside and I jumped on it to get away from him, shouting out it was my number. It was going the wrong way…

There were others, like the lad who had dry hands but who kept trying to feel my boobs, not that I had much at that time. (Actually, that might have been just about bearable if he’d been more gentle but he grabbed at me like a great white shark.) Then I had a date with Phil whose conversation was nothing but guffawing and gloating over the gorier scenes in horror films he’d seen and those he dragged me to. Another, a would-be film critic I reckon, must have assumed I was stupid for he spent the entire movie whispering explanations in my ear about what I could see for myself on the screen. I caught a lot of buses going the wrong way that year and eventually boys were off the menu. They might have improved when they grew up but I didn’t stick around to find out.

The moment arrived at last when I finally accepted my leanings, again at a cinema, a small backstreet picture-house. Double features had been history for at least fourteen or so years by then but this particular cinema backtracked to put on a tandem showing of the original Alien and its fairly-recent sequel Aliens. I went by myself and had just settled in my seat when I was recognised and joined by a girl I knew vaguely from school (she was a year or two older than me). We chatted until the first film started and then sat back to watch. It finally happened when the embryo alien creature burst out from John Hurt’s chest. My companion screamed and clutched at my hand and we continued holding hands throughout both pictures. I don’t think there was anything in it for her other than comfort during scary films—certainly nothing was said about it later—but for me it was a revelation, her warm hand feeling so natural and welcome in mine. I came to the conclusion then that there was nothing ‘wrong’ with me, I preferred girls and that was it. I acknowledged what I was. (I also developed a serious crush on Sigourney Weaver.)

So, at the thought of coming out to my family I was scared. I don’t know why, my parents (both doctors, one a GP, the other a paediatrician) had never shown me anything but love and encouragement and I had never heard either of them say anything remotely homophobic. But I got a fixed image in my head, an image straight from Victorian melodrama. I saw my mother sitting by the fireside weeping quietly into a scrap of lace handkerchief while my father stood by the front door, sternly yalova escort pointing to the outside world, and me, abashed and banished and slinking out, never to darken their doorstep again. Crazy the ideas you can get as a teenager.

So with a certain amount of gulping and terrified stammering, I told them. My father, a great big cuddly bear of a man, looked at me for a moment, rubbed his chin and said: “You’re sure about this?”

I couldn’t meet his eyes. “Yes, Dad, absolutely certain.”

His next remark was an apparent non sequitur. “You enjoy playing the piano, don’t you?”

“You know I do, Dad.”

“And would being a lesbian interfere with your playing?”

I wondered where he was going with this. Was he going to cut off my lessons? “No, Dad.”

He smiled. “Then what’s the problem?”

That’s when I started crying. Both came to me and took me in their arms. “Silly girl,” said dad, “You didn’t really think we’d be upset and disown you?”

I sniffled back the tears as best I could. “Some parents would.”

“We’re not ‘some parents’, we’re us,” said mum, “and whatever is right for you and makes you happy… but take care, darling. Some women can be just as bad as some men.”

The second closet to open was with my music teacher.

As I said, I’d always seen myself as a future concert pianist. Over the years I’d mentioned this to Royston, my tutor, several times. Each time he commented: “Mmmhhh!” just that, “Mmmhhh!” and proceeded to the next part of the lesson. Part of my great plan was to train at some exclusive conservatoire and be discovered as an outstanding prodigy. Then came the sad day when I realised something: I just wasn’t good enough. On Royston’s advice, I’d listened to a number of recordings by some of the greats and compared them with my own playing. Even allowing for their ages and experience, it became obvious to me that I would never match up. At my next session I admitted as much to Royston.

He nodded. “I’m glad you realised for yourself, Eleanor. I was hoping that you would. I didn’t want to hurt you but sooner or later I would have had to tell you. You’re not a bad player, in truth you’re quite good at a non-professional or even light music level. You’re just not good enough to be a great, or even mediocre, professional classical pianist. You have a choice now. You can quit now or I can carry on teaching you until you leave school. Honestly, I’d say don’t waste more money. You’re as good now as you’ll ever be.”

I hugged my tutor. “Thanks for being honest, Royston.”

“You did the hard bit, Eleanor, recognising and admitting your shortcomings, and that was probably tough. But don’t stop playing, even if it’s just for you.”

So I took his advice and played for myself and family and friends and occasionally even to entertain in care homes and the like. I developed quite a repertoire that way: jazz, ragtime, pop, light music, all in addition to the classics. And now accepting that I would never be a great pianist acclaimed by millions, I had to rethink my future. I suppose mum and dad would have liked me to be doctor but I knew that wasn’t me. But plants were me. Since my early teen years I’d had a Saturday and holiday job in a local nursery which I loved almost as much as the piano. The City University offered a three-year graduate course in botany and horticulture so I managed to get onto that, combining it with business studies.

* * * * *

One evening I was in the piano room, keeping my hand in when I jumped a little at a quiet, softly-accented voice behind me. I hadn’t heard anyone come into the room. “Canon in D Major and very nicely played. I love that music.” The speaker came into my line of vision before I could turn. A pretty, olive-skinned, dark-eyed woman with black hair, she was slim and perhaps a couple of inches shorter than I am.

“Sofia Marín,” she introduced herself and extended a hand.

“I’m Eleanor Montgomery,” I replied, “I’m impressed. I don’t think too many students in here would have recognised Pachelbel.”

“And I wouldn’t have expected to find a student who could play it.” She laughed. “In fact, I’m not a student. I’m an exchange lecturer from Spain. My field is Spanish language and literature.”

The only Spanish literature I’d ever read was Don Quixote but I’d found Cervantes’s novel boring and heavy going. For me it fell within the category of what Mark Twain described as something like ‘a book everyone praises and no-one wants to read’. I decided it wouldn’t be tactful to mention that. Instead I said: “Your English is excellent.”

“My father is a languages professor. He made sure I was fluent in English and French.” Sofia picked up the sheet music from the stand and looked at it. “I didn’t know the college had a music faculty.”

“It has but I’m not a music student,” I told her, “I play for my own pleasure.”

She escort yalova reached out and took one of my hands again, turning it over to look at both sides. She ran a finger along the very tips of mine, slightly hard and blunt from years of playing. Her own hands were dry and warm, soft and pleasant, so I didn’t pull away as I might have done with a man. “Short nails, I like that.” Was she flirting with me? I wondered, or was she simply being less inhibited than the average Briton?

“Long nails and piano-playing don’t exactly go together,” I pointed out.

“Ah yes,” she nodded, still gently stroking my hand. “There was a film some years ago starring Barbra Streisand,” Sofia continued, “I can’t remember the title but she played a typist. I often wondered how her character managed to type with the talons she had.” She indicated the piano. “Do you take requests?”

“Try me—if I don’t know the music I’ll say so.”

Sofia gave me a tiny smile, a smile with a touch of mischief. “Play ‘Misty’ for me.”

Now I really began to wonder about her. There was a film years ago called ‘Play Misty For Me’, from the 1960s I think. Of course I hadn’t been born when it came out but I had seen it on TV. It stars Clint Eastwood as a radio personality who is being stalked by a psychopathic fan.

Sofia’s roar of laughter must have been heard in the next room. “The expression on your face,” she snorted, trying to control herself, “it was wonderful! Don’t worry, Eleanor, I’m not some crazy woman plotting a terrible fate for you. I was just having a little fun. I do like ‘Misty’, though, if you know it.” She finally released my hand. I noticed as she did so that her nails, too, were short and neat.

I strummed a few warm-up notes on the piano and then played ‘Misty’ for her.

“Thank you, Eleanor,” she said when I finished, “You played that beautifully. Now, do you want to carry on here or can I offer to buy you a coffee?”

I wondered where this could be going. Still… Lowering the piano’s lid, I smiled at her. “Coffee would be lovely, thank you.”

* * * * *

I was at a meeting of the university’s LGB group (people had only just started using the initials in the early 1990s—the T would come later and the Q much later). At that time the uni set-up wasn’t so much a club as a help and support group. There were only about thirty or so of us then as plenty of others were still reluctant to come out—the student body numbered several thousand so despite the denials, I think the university’s closets were pretty crowded.

Perhaps it’s a bit sad that universities like ours needed support groups. After all,

they are supposed to be places of tolerance and understanding as well as scholarship and debate. Believe that if you want but it’s a myth. The City University had its quota of bigots, both among the student body and the faculty. When I was a fresher there was a lot of nastiness, rarely physical but certainly bitchy to the nth degree and some of the worst bitchiness came from men (mind you, a lot of that was if straight girls turned them down: “She wouldn’t go out with me, ergo, she must be a lesbian.”). I had had my share of mocking comments, some so ridiculous I actually found them funny. They included: I just needed a good man (or a good stiff hard-on) to put me right; was I the man or the woman in my relationships; how could I enjoy sex without a dick; or how could I even imagine sex without a dick; and I couldn’t possibly be a dyke because I didn’t look like a Russian tractor driver… you know, all the standard crap. Strangely, the most accepting and tolerant body was the Theology faculty.

Much of the unpleasantness abated a little when the Captain of the uni’s First XV rugby team came out. At six-seven and twenty stone or so of solid muscle, no-one was going to publicly give him grief. Funny really, for when not on the rugby field he was as sweet and gentle as anyone could be. It was quite comforting, though, feeling a huge shadow looming behind me when a couple of idiots were trying to talk me into a threesome (yukk!) to convert me and a deep voice saying: “You having trouble here, Eleanor?” It was fun to reply: “No, it’s okay, these gentlemen are just leav— oh, they’ve gone!”

Anyway, the meeting I referred to was just closing, all those with any problems or moans having got them off their chests, when a pair of soft hands came from behind to cover my eyes. “Guess who?”

“Sofia,” I said, “Who else round here has such a charming accent?” I turned and the Spanish woman kissed my cheek.

“Good guess—you win this evening’s prize.”

“Which is…?”

“How about coffee and a dish of ice-cream at the café?”

“Sold,” I said.

When we were settled at a table with drinks and luscious ice-cream treats, I said: “Are you gay too? I’ve never seen you at a meeting before. Or was that your first time?”

“I’ve been once or twice,” Sofia told me, “I hadn’t intended to go this evening but I passed the doorway after the meeting had started and thought I recognised you. When you played ‘Misty’ for me I felt an instant attraction. I wondered then if perhaps you are gay—maybe ‘hoped’ would be a better word.”

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A Kitty for Santa Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

Agent Solo stepped out of a black town car as it pulled up in front of my building. As I stepped outside, Solo grabbed me and pulled me into the lobby, away from the cars view.

“What the fuck?”

“I’m sorry, I know you don’t believe me but I swear I didn’t mean for this to happen this way.” I tried crossing my arms while I held my bag in my left hand, still looking away from her. “I haven’t been with anyone since I met you and the last thing I want is for you to run away from me. I like you, I really really like you and I need you to know that.”

I turned to look her in the eyes, eyes I had once longed to see and now only wanted to go away.

“I hate you Santana, I hate how you played me from the start. I’m only going because I’m being forced to do this, no other reason. Do me a favor and let me do my job and you do yours.”

I went to walk away and I actually thought I was going to make it when she pulled me back, turned me around and pinned me to the wall forcing me to drop my bag. Okay I know I should’ve pushed her away or slapped her or kneed her or something right? No, I stood there frozen and I saw pain in those big brown eyes, blood shot maybe not from crying but from anger. Second time I let a sexy woman pin me down, mental note for later, I may like this.

Her strength made it difficult for me to move, she was incredibly strong, deceivingly so. I could see she was trying hard not to show too much emotion but was failing miserably.

I stopped squirming and just inched myself closer to her. Kissing her lips, she released some pressure. I kissed and kissed until she kissed back. Wrapping my arms around her neck, she wrapped her arms around my waist, pulling me into her body. I don’t think I had ever wanted anyone more than how much I wanted her right then. I could feel her attraction to me, her need for us to be together in this moment. She pulled away and a tear rolled down her cheek.

I have to admit that I have no idea what’s wrong with me. I know she’s married but why would she care so much if she was married, right? I was just mad and then she apologizes and gets slightly aggressive and I kiss her. Really of all things to do, I kiss her? I always said I would never break up a marriage. I’m not that person but I don’t feel like I’m doing anything wrong, I don’t think they’re together.

“I know you don’t owe me anything but please don’t blow me off. I’m not like everyone else, I’m better than what I seem to be, I promise. Please, don’t walk away, Kitty. Just give me a chance” I held her in my arms and nothing else mattered.

“I swear Santana you better not be fucking with me because I swear I will kill you and make it look like an accident.” She smiled and pulled me in for a hug.

“I promise you, I’m worth it.” She picked up my bag and opened the door for me, her wife … no Agent Butler was standing outside the car with her arms resting on the top of the passenger door.

“What the fuck took so long?” I could sense bitterness in her voice.

“Fuck off Jane.” Bitterness, these two are definitely not a good match.

“Yes my love, I love it when you take charge.” She is evil looking, like a Disney villain.

If I had to describe her I’d say she looked like Maleficent, from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. A chiseled face and surprised eyebrows, like everyone in Hollywood, with half closed eyelids like she’s trying to be sexy. I have to admit she is kind of attractive, in the ‘I would fuck you if you weren’t such a bitch sort of way’. She’s tall, about 5’10”, in a slim lanky worm creature type. She looks too fragile to be an agent.

The car ride was awkward, I sat in the backseat with Santana next to me. Jane was in the front seat looking at her phone. I put in my earbuds and tried to the best of my abilities to figure out why drama followed me like white on rice.

At the airport a small jet was waiting for us. It had a few more passengers, but I paid them no mind as this was only going to take about an hour.

Having to once again interact with Jane we discussed the two cases in LA and what my thoughts were. Truth be told I didn’t like her nor did I trust her. She gave off a bad vibe and I had a hard time discerning whether it was because she was Santana’s wife or if it was something else, either way I didn’t trust her. I would prefer to keep her at a distance, I only gave her the obvious details, since she seems like the type to take all praise when it does not merit her. A car was already waiting when we arrived at the airport, this time I jumped in the front seat and Santana drove. Jane was forced to sit in the back alone, forced to watch Solo and I talk.

When they said Vegas hotel I thought they meant like MGM or the Venetian or maybe Circus Circus. No, it was some run down motel off the strip with roaches all over the place, old wall paper and mold seeping out of the walls, disgusting would be an understatement. This would make evidence collection meaningless. I doubted this room had been cleaned properly in years. Thankfully yozgat escort for me, Agent Solo took the lead and let me do my thing and every time Jane intervened she took care of it. By the end of my search Jane was grumpy, I was in my world and Santana looked fuckable, yum. It was hot as hell and by nightfall she was in her undershirt helping me get the evidence bagged and tagged. We were a team and Jane looked like she wanted to strangle me.

Tomorrow we would have to finish the canvassing of the area which she and Jane had done with other officers. We still had a few things to grab before leaving back to home base. I was also told by my superiors that since I would have to stay out here until a full investigation was done, I had some leeway to what I was allotted. FBI would give me money per day of services rendered and my people would do the same. I went on one of those online sites and booked a 5 star hotel and would end up making a 75 dollar profit per night, not too shabby.

See I know how far I can push and well having forced Jane to call my superiors was just a means to an end. I knew that it would take a lot for them to force me to go and they would have to make it worth my while. Them on the other hand they had no choice and their budget was crap.

“Santana where are you staying?”

“A hotel off the strip, you?”

“Planet Hollywood, have dinner with me? My treat.” I made the cutest face possible, with a little batting of the eyelashes. I didn’t care what Jane thought I was going to make her life miserable.

“I’d love to. Jane you have your own car right?”

“Yea they brought it by earlier. Why? Are you leaving me?” She looked mad and she had a box full of equipment with her.

“Yup we’re gonna go have dinner. Bye.” She grabbed my backpack and we were off.

If they were truly in a marital relationship I would have seen it somewhere when I checked up on her and none of my people told me about it so it seemed sort of odd. If I was married I wouldn’t leave my wife, I wouldn’t talk to her the way they talk to each other and I sure as hell wouldn’t let her go have dinner with some sexy ass, beautiful, smart woman like myself. Also why would she have gone out with me to dinner and that night at the bar without Jane knowing. This whole thing is just a whole ball of confusion.

“Thanks for not leaving me alone tonight. I hate Vegas when I have to work.”

“Thanks for giving me a chance.” I felt her hand brush against mine, but we knew better than to hold hands.

“Just thank your wife for being a bitch.”

“Please don’t call her that.”

“Wife or Bitch?”

“Wife, she is a bitch.” When we got to the car I wanted to push her up against it and just kiss her but I knew Jane would be watching and I still was unsure of what kind of a person she was.

“Only if you and I go dancing tonight.” I jumped in the car and closed the door as she went to the driver’s side.

“You have a deal.”

My day had been long and it was only getting longer. When Santa and I arrived at my hotel I was excited to be able to shower but unfortunately because it was late my room was still being cleaned therefore making it unavailable. I wanted to be nice and polite but I was just a little tired since I had dealt with Jane all day and my only response was I made reservations here is the number make it happen, making sure to make the gun and badge as obvious as possible. The lady at the front desk left for almost 10 minutes to try and figure out what could be done. By the time she returned I was waiting with my hand on my gun, very non-threatening I say.

“I have spoken to my Manager and we have a suite available with two queen size beds would that be something that would accommodate you?”

“Yea that’s fine.” I was ecstatic when she said suite, but I didn’t let her see that. I had seen pictures and let’s just say that I get a living room and a tub.

As soon as I had my key card in hand I went in search for the proper elevator. If you’ve ever been to Vegas you know what I mean, if not let me explain. All casino’s are extremely large and can be very maze-like. Now the rooms can often be spread out into different wing. Therefore you have to go to the appropriate elevator to get to a certain wing. As we found the proper elevator Santana and I walked in and a naughty elevator scene came to mind.

Apparently great minds think alike. Walking up behind me Santana pushed our floor number and pulled me into her body as she wrapped her arm around my waist.

The way she took possession of my body and the look in her eyes, I knew I wouldn’t deny her. I dropped my bag and pulled her head closer, kissing her with ardor, getting the need out of the way I began to tease her and coax her tongue to come out and play. Biting and sucking her lip with one final ring of the elevator to end this round.

“That was naughty Kitty.”

“Thank you Santa, I’m trying to make the list this year.”

“Oh you’re on a yozgat escort bayan list alright.”

“Ouch.” She had just spanked me. I didn’t even bother to turn around she was surely enjoying the view. “Let me guess a naughty girl should be spanked.”

“Yes Ma’am.”


“In heat too.”

Now that deserved a halt, forcing her to run into my ass.

Her hand went right around my hips pulling me into her body her lips right next to my ear.

“Does Santa want to bend over and take it like a bitch too.”

“Oh Kitty I would much rather be in a position where my pussy uses her tongue nice and slow.” She dragged her tongue right around my ear and began to nibble. I almost purred.

“You are one dirty bitch.”

“And you are a naughty pussy.”

I slapped her hand away and resumed my strut down the hall of shame.

“Behave Santa I might have to tell Mrs. Clause what you’ve been up to.”

“I would much rather show her.”

“I’m sure you would.”

Santana and I had agreed that she would shower in my room and now I was having naughty images of us in a tub and no one was getting any cleaner.

There we were headed out of the elevator in search of my suite. It just rolls off my tongue, we were basically headed down a never ending rabbits hole. Finally we arrived at the end and realized that my number wasn’t there. I figure why not try the key in the unmarked last door.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Unmarked double-door it is.

Only to run into three more doors, another double-door straight ahead and one on each side. Of course I think I’m cool, I go for straight ahead why not what do I have to lose.

Ding! Ding! Ding! I win again.

“Damn Kitty you have some luck.”

“I met you didn’t I.”

Barely passing the door I am hit with a view of the strip through the panoramic windows. Hell on wheels couldn’t compare to this room. To the left I had a high table with director’s chairs, dead center there was a large wraparound sofa and Santa was more than happy to jump right onto it.

“Make yourself at home baby.”

“I sure will.” She found the remote and turned on the nice 42″ Plasma.

“Baby you need to go take a shower.”

“In a minute dear.” We sounded like an old married couple.

Right before I walked into my room I took a quick detour to the full bar and admired my new tub. Maybe we can Christen it or maybe I can remember that I should figure out why Santana has a wife. Mood killer.

With a drink in hand I went looking for my shower. I thanked the high heavens I was FORCED to take such a nice room. But nothing compared to the sight of Santana in only a towel, dripping wet. I had forgotten to take my clothes in with me. I was so excited to shower and not be sweaty, I just jumped in. I found her in the bedroom where our bags were.

She looked fucking appetizing and I wondered how much of a struggle I would put up if she tried to come on to me. As I came out and she stopped moving and just stood while I walked towards my bag. It was cute she was actually in shock, I think. I walked over and closed her mouth with my hand.

“It’s cute but I might just have to stick my tongue in there if you don’t keep it closed.”

I turned around and dug around for my clothes, I could feel her body close but she wasn’t touching me except for tracing her finger up my arm.

“Why do you tease me?”

“No teasing sugar I just forgot my clothes. Go back to your side of the world before I throw you on that bed and fuck you till tomorrow.”

“I wouldn’t mind.” She had her mouth right next to me and her breath on my ear caused goosebumps all over my body. As I turned around my towel dropped. I grabbed her head in my hands and kissed her. She pulled me in and I unwrapped her, feeling her wet body pressed into mine I moaned in her mouth. I felt her leave a trail of kisses while she made her way down to my neck. I traced her body feeling the muscles straining. I stepped back and finally got a full picture of that sleeve and many more tattoos on her body she was stunning, she had muscles in places I didn’t even know had muscles. Even then she was so womanly so sexy.

She brought her hands down to my assets and pulled me up and into her arms.

“Fuck, we can’t do this.”

“I want you.”

“I do too but I can’t, I’m sorry.” I gave her one last kiss and tried to get down but Santa was taking me for a ride.

Turning around and laying us on the bed, my woman had a destination in mind and there were no stops. Her body on top of me was exhilarating, her knees between my thighs forcing my pussy to part like the red sea. I had been saying something hadn’t I.

Instantly her lips were on my neck licking, kissing, sucking, nibbling. I couldn’t tell the difference if I tried it was all making my pussy wet. I wrapped my legs around her forcing her body closer. Tangling my hands into her hair, I dropped my head back giving myself to her allowing her to take me escort yozgat wherever she wanted.

Her hands touching my body, my hips, my thighs, I could feel how much she wanted me. Working their way up my body finally pushing herself off of me. Our breathing was labored our hearts were thumping and she had stopped.

Opening my eyes looking for a sign of what had gone wrong.

“I’m sorry.” She tried to stand but I wrapped my arms around her I no longer wanted her to stop.

“It’s okay.”

“No you didn’t want this, I should’ve…”

“Stopped. I didn’t even try to stop you.” As she rolled off of me I held her close. “I think we both needed that. Just lay with me for little bit.”

Her eyes told the story that could only remind me of one other person, myself. Heart-broken and scared. Wondering how someone we just met could make us feel so emotional. Wondering how someone so amazing could want you. Hoping that this just might true.

“I am going to go to the bathroom and get dressed and you my ravishing beauty will stay here and do the same. Then I am taking us to get dinner.”

“Thank you for not giving up on me Tiff. I’ve never met anyone who is half as impressive as you.”

I rolled on top of her and worked my pussy onto her thigh.

“I’ll expect some reward for letting you back into my life.”

I jumped of the bed grabbed my bag, looked at her body one last time, fuck she is so sexy, and went to get dressed in the bathroom. Just one more rinse before we leave.

When I came out 45 minutes later with my hair and make up done she was dressed and laying back on one of the beds with her feet hanging of the end. I had decided that since I was in Vegas I was going to be a bit more daring and had packed accordingly, well as much as one luggage bag allows.

Donning a pair of tight leather pants, a loose royal blue sleeveless shear top with low-cut suede booties with metallic stiletto heel and leather accents I was ready to make a statement. Lastly was my black leather jacket with a motorcycle collar.

Damn it why does she have to be so damn sexy. She’s wearing dark wash low rise jeans and a white long sleeve button up shirt which is up pulled up right underneath her chest and her hands are on her bare stomach, which has two black nautical stars tattoos on the edges of the V muscle area that leads to her own personal V, they’re about as big as a post it note.

What to do, what to do, wake her and go eat, straddle her hips and have her do me till tomorrow, order in and let her sleep? Decisions. Decisions. I went and sat on the bed next to her head and traced my finger around her hair line down her ear lobe and a smile appeared with a moan. I kept going after she stayed still, down her jaw and to those gorgeous lips that make me feel like I’m in heaven when they kiss me, she kissed my fingers.

“I thought you were gonna hide in the bathroom all night.” She opened her eyes while I worked my hand down her neck down to her forearm. “I thought you were sleeping.”

“I was, but then this Kitty started having her way with me and I wanted to see what would happen.”

“I guess it’s too bad you won’t get to see how it ends.” She sat up and sat next to me while I pulled my hand away.

“I’m beginning to think this is just a dream that’ll never happen Kitty.” We were both looking down. She was right and a part of me was wondering what about us being together made sense, the fact that we worked together or she moved a lot or that she was married. None of the above.

“Do you still want to go to dinner?” I needed to figure us out and what better way than with food.

“I do.”

“Then lets go.”

I grabbed my room key and she grabbed her bag. If I have two beds then she can stay here and away from her wife. Wait what if she doesn’t want to stay here and would rather stay with her wife. Why do I want her to stay is it because I like her, I like her company, I have two beds so why not or I hate being alone in Vegas? All of the above.

“Hey Santa do you want to share the room with me? It’s big enough for both of us and that way you don’t have to go back and forth picking me up. If you want.” Damn me and having such light skin, I was blushing and this was uncommon. Why am I nervous?

She stood there and just looked at me for about a minute. She finally dropped her bag and stepped into my personal space, which obviously meant nothing to her.

“I’d love to share the room with you Kitty. Thank you, I hate the idea of having to drive back and forth and believe me your room is way better than mine.” I stepped aside and tried walking past her to the door. Santana put out her hand up blocking the door way.

With the door open Santana stood behind me. Apparently we weren’t going anywhere just yet. Her hands started at my waist and worked their way forward and under my shirt.

“You look sexy.”

“Thank you.”

Her lips found their way to my neck and the kisses worked their way up my neck to my ear. Her hands feeling their way down my body and between my thighs, around to my ass. I was feeling a burn everywhere she touched my body. My eyes were closed and she was weaving a spell with the touch of her fingertips around my body, exciting every nerve ending. Working her way up my back and around to my lace encased…

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A Black Lesbian Holiday

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The world is such a strange place. And the things people do never cease to amaze me. Seriously. I sometimes wonder if there is something in the water supply of certain cities and towns which makes men and women do all the crazy things they do. It cannot be randomness or dumb luck. I refuse to believe it. My name is Karina Brown and I am a psychology student at the University of Fulton in the city of Boston, Massachusetts.

When I first came to Fulton University, I was an enthusiastic young black woman beginning her journey through higher education. The world-famous Fulton University seemed promising. Located in southeastern Massachusetts, this small private school with only fourteen thousand students was rapidly expanding. It was ranked among the top one hundred schools in America for African-Americans. Fulton University’s student body was wonderfully diverse. The profile described the campus as evenly split between men and women. Forty eight percent of the students were black or Hispanic. Fifty percent were white. Two percent were Asian. Sounds good to me.

I graduated from Brockton Community High School in the summer of 2006. I opted for Fulton University because they were offering me a student-athlete scholarship for Soccer. My parents wanted me to go to Boston College but BC wasn’t interested in me. Neither was Northeastern or UMass-Amherst for that matter. Fulton University had recently started men’s and women’s varsity Soccer teams. They already had excellent programs in men’s and women’s Basketball, men’s and women’s Rifle, coed Archery, men’s and women’s Lacrosse, coed Rowing, men’s and women’s Ice Hockey, men’s Baseball and women’s Softball, coed Wrestling, men’s and women’s Cycling, coed Gymnastics, men’s and women’s Water Polo, coed Fencing, men’s Football, men’s and women’s Sailing, men’s and women’s Rugby, women’s Equestrian, men’s and women’s Swimming and men’s and women’s Volleyball. The NCAA ranked Fulton University among the top fifty schools in Division One athletics.

Thus began my journey. In September 2006, I moved into the dormitory at Sutton Hall in downtown Boston, the only all-female dorm at the school. Only a few blocks away was Washington Hall, the only all-male dormitory on campus. Both were considered the last vestiges of a bygone age. The school’s remaining twenty dormitory buildings were all coed. A lot of people think that being a gay tunceli escort black woman in an all-female and mostly white environment is a good thing. It really isn’t. You won’t believe how much hidden homophobia there is among women. They are less vocal about it than men, but far more vicious. My roommate was a young woman named Bridget Sanders. She came from North Jersey. I wish I could say we got along, but that would be a lie.

On the surface, Bridget and I seemed like we were the same kind of people. I stand six feet two inches tall, heavyset and dark-skinned, with long black hair which I braid into neat cornrows. I love Soccer more than I love oxygen. I’m also openly gay. I don’t hide who I am for nobody. My father, Leonard Brown and his partner, Lloyd Jefferson, taught me better than that. Being the black lesbian daughter of a black gay male household certainly made me different. I tease my older brother Jackson, who plays Soccer for Tufts University, because he’s the only heterosexual person in our family. That makes him the black sheep. All kidding aside, I love my big brother. I am proud of my family. A lot of people I’ve met had a problem with me because I was raised by gay black men. One lesbian chick I dated found my family odd. If a chick can’t handle the men in my life ( my fathers and brother ) then she’s got to go. Family first, always. I don’t compromise myself for anyone.

My roommate Bridget Sanders was a biracial gal from the big city. The privileged daughter of an African-American mother who was a wealthy businesswoman and a white father who was a career military man. This six-foot-tall, curvy, light-bronze-skinned sister was very loud and opinionated. I hate loud women. And I don’t care what ethnicity they affiliate with. I am not a loud person. I can and do speak my mind. And I’ve rarely met anyone foolish enough to make me repeat myself. Bridget Sanders seemed to me like a pampered chick. One of those rich broads who think money grows on trees. Not the kind of person I respect.

Fulton University is a wealthy private school with an annual endowment of three billion dollars. That does not mean all of the students were rich. Student-athletes like myself are usually the most broke people on campus. NCAA rules prevent sportsmen and sportswomen at Division One schools from receiving special treatment. They don’t allow tunceli escort bayan us to work except maybe for a school internship thing or a work-study type of deal. If we violate the rules and get caught, the whole athletic department could be fined and the individual who broke the rules would get his or her ass thrown out of school. Sad, but true.

Bridget Sanders was a pampered bitch who spent money like it was going out of style. I mean, she would always go shopping and return to the dorm with like twelve hundred dollars worth of stuff. In this economy, I think even rich people are toning down their spending. Yet Bridget didn’t seem to realize that or care. I am not jealous of her. I just wish someone would shake that bratty bitch and knock some sense into her. She’s like the biracial version of Paris Hilton, folks. Her parents were filthy rich and she seemed hell-bent on partying hard and drinking her way into an early grave. My father taught me that the weak deserve their fate. I agree with him. Fools like Bridget Sanders got what they deserved sooner or later.

One night, I came home to find the dorm in disarray. Young men and women were dancing and drinking while loud music played. What the fuck? The dorm rules strictly forbid drinking on the premises! I looked for the person responsible for throwing the party and, lo and behold, the culprit was none other than Bridget Sanders. I confronted her about it. Bridget shoved her hand in front of my face and told me to chill. Oh, no she didn’t! Before I knew it, I was smacking the shit out of her and she was whimpering like a little bitch. It took three grown men to pull me off her. I guess I lost it there for a bit, but she had it coming!

The next day, I was summoned to the Dean’s Office. The Dean of Students was this really nice guy named Jim. He used to be my advisor a while ago. I explained the situation to him. He talked to the Head of Student Housing and they solved the problem by sending me to Scott’s Hall, a coed dorm a few blocks away from my old one. I didn’t care, as long as I didn’t run into Bridget Sanders and her groupies. I was a little nervous about meeting my new roommate. But I soon found out I was nervous about nothing.

My new roommate was a five-foot-ten, thick-bodied, red-haired and green-eyed chick from my neck of the woods. Eileen O’Shea was her escort tunceli name and she came from East Bridgewater. She transferred from to Fulton University from Bridgewater State College and had received a student-athlete scholarship to play for the women’s rugby team. This chick looked real familiar. I soon found out why. We played against each other on the soccer field a few years back. Brockton versus Bridgewater. We lost that day, but I assured Eileen there were no hard feelings.

Eileen and I had far more in common either of us initially realized. We were both student-athletes from neighboring towns. Also, we were both queer. I’d been out and proud as a black lesbian all my life, benefit of being raised by two gay black men. Eileen was out too, and her Irish-Catholic parents were struggling with the truth that their daughter would never marry someone of the opposite sex. Personally, I don’t know what the fuss is about. A gay son or lesbian daughter can still marry and do the whole family in the suburbs thing just like heterosexuals do. My parents did it, and they’re both gay men! I told Eileen this one evening while she was feeling down about herself. She laughed, and so did I. From that moment on, we were the best of friends.

We hung out together in the city. Sometimes, we went to catch a movie at Loews theater in downtown Boston. I was pleased to discover that Eileen like science fiction movies and action flicks as much as I do. I’m a gay black woman who hates chick flicks. Needless to say, the women I befriend find me weird. Yeah, Eileen was cool. When Christmas Break came, since her folks went to New Mexico for a little vacation, I invited her to spend Christmas with me and the family.

Thus, I finally came home with a nice ‘date’. My fathers, Leonard Brown and Lloyd Jefferson, were thrilled to meet my new friend. They found Eileen charming. My brother Jackson Brown also brought home a friend. A short but pretty Asian chick he introduced as Gina Chang, his girlfriend at Tufts University. Well, that was a surprise. Gina Chang was surprisingly nice. She majored in medicine and was bright, articulate and friendly. I congratulated Jackson on finally meeting someone who was okay. My brother has a nasty habit of only dating sluts. It’s not his fault. He tends to fall for those bed-hopping, tiny-brained individuals known as college sports groupies.

As I sat there next to Eileen, I thanked God for His blessings. I’m a gay black woman whose best friend is a gay white chick. And my parents are two gay black men. And my brother is a straight black guy who’s dating a pretty but nerdy Asian chick. Isn’t life funny? I’m home for the holidays with those I love. Life is good.

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A conversation with Dee Ch. 03

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Dee is hooked.

(After my first encounter with Dee, she had enjoyed the thrill of her first online orgasms, and had become something of an addict! I said I would tell my girlfriend all about her the following morning. So, the next afternoon, Tuesday, I e-mailed as promised.)

Hi Dee.

You asked me to tell you all about my coffee morning with Sue. Well, when I arrived at Sue’s, I noticed her perfume was stronger than usual. That usually means one thing. I hung my coat on the hall stand, hugged and gave her a kiss. “You smell delicious Sue. Does that mean …?”

She curled her lip in disappointment. “Afraid so. Started on Saturday.”

“That’s a shame, because I wanted to tell you about a new lady on the net.”

“Uh huh! Don’t tell me. She wanted sex with one of her children.”

“Not at all! With me!” Sue looked at me in surprise. “What?” I laughed. “Don’t worry darling. Just the usual sexy emails.”

“Tell me all about her.” We were standing in the kitchen preparing the coffee together.

“Nothing to tell,” I said. “Except she’s 48 and stands 5’6″. Brunette. Two children living away from home. No hubby. And has no lover. And a virgin lesbian!” I laughed.

“Oh, that’s alright then. Sorry Sarah. I’m just a bit jealous of your online lovers at times.”

“But only you can love me for real. Taste my private nectar and give me astonishing orgasms. And you like me to tell you about my online sexual activities.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere.” And Sue gave me a lingering tongue-in kiss. “Did you make love on line then?”

“Her first time. Shuddering orgasm. Dee said the second was the biggest she’d had in a long time!”

“Well, Sarah, you’re the expert! And you?” her fingers were unfastening my blouse, exposing my breasts. I wasn’t wearing a bra! My nipples were hard and throbbing.

“Two as well.” I laughed. She closed in on me and ran her hand up my thigh beneath the skirt.

“Are you still wet?” she croaked!

“As ever,” I whispered as her hand reached my gusset. The touch of her hand against my panties always sets me off. I groaned in her ear. She kissed my ears and cheeks. Then my neck. Sue was always able to get me going with so little effort. “Oh my God!” My thighs were parting, encouraging more attention between them.

After spending some minutes kissing and nibbling my breasts and nipples, Sue slid down to a crouch, lifted the hem of my skirt, and dropped it over her head. I could feel her warm breath against my skin. I heard her inhaling deeply, her nose rubbing the crotch of my panties. Her hands gripped them and drew them over my thighs, over my knees and ankles. I lifted one foot to disengage the garment. The familiar mouth latched on to my labia. One hand stroked my groin, the other gathered a smear of my copious juices from my vagina, then slid between my legs until the fingers reached the puckered entrance to my other secret place.

As her wet index finger probed inside me, her tongue penetrated my jewel. I love my bottom being penetrated, hard and deep, particularly as I near the orgasm. It adds another dimension to the delirium.

She has a long probing tongue, and can work wonders with my vaginal nerves with it. Her nose flicks over my clit, sending me into involuntary jerks and shudders. I moaned my pleasure. Her hand finished stroking my groin and I knew she was fingering her own clit. Her hot breath was brushing over my vulva. Her tongue driving me wild with need. I wanted to come, but knew Sue would take her time. She chewed my labia. Took the whole vulva in her mouth and ate it.

I was delirious with joy and full of love for this amazing lady. Sue was getting really wild with lust. I could feel her own body shaking. I grabbed my own breast, my own muscles were trembling. I could feel the tension growing in my groin, spasms jerking in my belly. The excitement grew. The sensation started in my toes – up my legs and thighs. With a loud cry, the orgasm hit me with agonising ecstasy, legs vibrating and jerking out of control. I was aware of Sue heaving and swaying between my legs as her own orgasm swept through her.

We both took some moments to calm down. Sue knelt up in front of me, smiling victoriously. “How was that darling?”

“Whoever taught you how to fuck another woman did a first rate job,” I gasped, panting.

“And after coffee, you shall another even bigger one. Trust me. And you can tell me more about Dee. All the details. I want to know all about the competition!”

We chatted about local things during coffee. Then she arranged me in the corner of the settee and made love to me for ages! I caressed her gorgeous breasts, sucking her nipples. We shared two more delightful orgasms together. Sue knows all my special trigger points. And I hers!

Love you . Tomorrow? Sarah xxxx

Me again Dee.

Sorry. urfa escort Expecting guests for lunch. Have you come down to earth yet? I’ve been walking around in a dream! Later. XXXXXXX

Wow Sarah

So you’re eating you guests for lunch … lucky you … and yes … still floating xxxx

Dee xxxx

Yes Dee.

The young lady guest tasted delicious – strawberries and cream. That was her pubic hair and juices!! Are you still in love? With me? I’ve wanted to kiss you and play with badly, darling, but …. ah well. Later perhaps.

Sarah XXX

(During a short IM exchange on Friday afternoon, Dee told me she was in the bath at the time, luxuriating in a pile of suds, and playing with herself. I told her that I would get in with her, stand over her, and pee on her breasts. There was a sudden silence, then Dee cut off and went off line. Oh dear. I’ve upset her, I thought.)

Hey Dee

I’m sorry to have been so rude. Do please forgive me – just got carried away by the thought of you lounging in the soap suds, wanting to join you. Kiss and make up??

Sarah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

(But several days passed without a word from Dee. Then a short email.)

Hello Sarah,

I was so excited, but your words suddenly froze me, I had to sign off I was so upset. I have signed on today to chat, though. I still want more of you. I have a meeting though in a few minutes.

Dee xx

(We had a brief IM light-hearted exchange about my morning with Sue, but Dee admitted to feeling a bit jealous. I promised to send her a passionate email to read in bed.)

Oh Dee,

Thank goodness – so so relieved – and I’m so very sorry I upset you in the bath – but so pleased you’re back. I thought maybe that I had come on a bit strong and embarrasses you. But so pleased you liked the pix. Here are two more for you to masturbate over!! I can imagine you lying in bed, fingering your delightful secret, thinking of my fingers being there rather than your own. Perhaps I can have a quick feel while you’re at work. Sneak my hand under your skirt, and gently rub the gusset of your panties – all warm and damp. Trailing my fingers over your thighs and feeling them tremble with desire. A gasp as my fingers slip inside the knickers and touch your clit. An involuntary jerk of the groin. Gosh, Dee, do you think you might have a quick cum for me?
Sarah xxxx Ps – I’m attaching a pdf for your next thrill.

Darling gorgeous Dee.

I’m in love with you. I’ve come to make love with you. We stand gazing at one another, bewildered by this new sensation shared.

You are in my arms. I look at your lovely face and into your pleading eyes. Slowly, our lips meet in a soft kiss, my hands delicately stroking the cheeks of your bottom. Our lips chew on each other. My tongue slips between your teeth, searching for your tongue. Tongue-tips touching and exploring taste and texture. After savouring your mouth, my lips move to your nose, ears and neck. Kissing. Kissing. Kissing. You are murmuring in my ear ‘I love you, Sarah. I want you. Take all of me. Do what you will. I am yours.’ Your skin smells lovely. Delicate. Your voice low and sexy.

My hands move to your blouse, slowing unfastening each button. As I continue to kiss your neck, I slip the blouse form your shoulders, kissing the skin there. Kissing. Kissing. Kissing. My hand reaches behind you to find the clasp of your bra. Released, I slip it off your shoulders. Your breasts are revealed. Beautiful. Fairly large. The dark crumpled nipples standing proud and stiff. As I latch my mouth onto the left one, you gasp with astonishment. A ripple goes through your body. I can feel it as I suckle the nipple, making it bigger. You are squirming and calling my name.

As I suck your breasts, my fingers unfasten the waist band of your skirt, pushing it over the hips. Your white panties covering the inner secret of your body. I press you onto the bed, and tug your skirt off. You are naked except for your panties. I stare in admiration of your body. My hands caress your belly. I gently open your legs, rubbing my cheek against the inside of your thigh. Warm and silky. I can detect the scent of your pussy. Delicious. Like herbs.
My nose runs against the fabric of the panties. Now damp. The scent is sweet. Mmmmm. It is yours. Your own special scent. Heady and sexy. You explode into an instantaneous orgasm. Your body jerks as the spasm hits you.

Now it’s time to explore your vulva. I am peeling the panties over your thighs and legs. That most wonderful sight. I gasp in wonder. Your vulva, with its covering of dark pubic hair. Mmm. Your vulva is beautiful. Adorable folds of crinkled flesh, festooned from the clitoral hood. The clitoris is jutting out, a shining pearl. Priceless.

By placing my thumbs on either side, I can separate urfa escort bayan the wrinkled, dark brown almost purple – labia, revealing that most secret, mysterious cluster of flesh framing the opening to your most precious possession. A superb vagina. It is aroused, pulsating and oozing with white nectar. Dee’s very personal juices. It is eager for attention. My face moves in. My tongue snakes out to scoop out those delicious juices. Mmm. Absolute heaven.

Your are moaning loudly now. Begging me to take you. Your thighs are trembling with desire. My long stiff tongue penetrates the waiting vagina, delicious, thumbs holding the lips wide apart. My mouth flattened against the vulva, pressing hard as my tongue fucks you deep and hard. Omg! Heavenly! Your whole body is shaking. I can feel the tension rising in your loins. Your bottom is arching away from the bed. Lifting. Wanting. Agony. You are crying loudly.
Whoosh – another orgasm shakes you to the very root. You are yelling out. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yeeeeeeess!!’ I am gob-smacked by your wild passion!

As you slowly relax again, I finger your pussy, studying its contours. Feeling the soft texture if the flesh. Gently fingering your vagina. Kissing lightly the clit and its hood. Are you ready to come again, I wonder? I shall try. I think a second orgasms will be even more wondrous to watch.

Are you going to kiss my pussy as well – make me come with you?


(Several days passed without any replies to my daily messages. I knew Dee was going away for a few days over the weekend, but it was now Thursday. Then, quite without warning …)

I’m on line now, 1:10 pm, but in Amsterdam airport, on my way home. I should be on line tomorrow too, looking forward to continuing my experiences
Dee xx

(I quickly messaged her.)

‘I’m here Dee. Wanting you. Gosh have I missed you! Are you there?’

‘Thanks Sarah. Yes I am. Waiting to be called to board.’

‘So think of me as you fly home. Think of my fingers exploring your pussy. While you’re flying over the channel I’ll be writing to you.’

‘I want to make love to you Sarah. I’ll be thinking of you.’

‘You shall Dee. You’re a very horny lady .’

‘I’m so horny for you. I want to hear you cum.’

‘Opening my legs wide. Omg Sarah. Go deeper.’

‘Such a wonderful sight, Dee. Mmm … kissing your pussy lips. Slipping my finger in your bum.’

‘Opening your pussy lips Sarah. My tongue traces around your bum hole.’

‘I’m dribbling over you. Coating your fingers with my juices. Feeling your juices. You taste lovely.’

‘Licking you. Naughty but I love it!’

‘It’s all for you Sarah darling.’

‘I know.’

‘Scoop it onto your fingers.’

‘Omg Sarah. I’m so wet. I had a little tremble.’

‘Change of panties? Gosh a little orgasm? Wonderful.’

‘Wish I could take them off but in slacks.’

‘Ahhh – lovers ruin.’

‘All for you. Yep. Want you darling.’

‘Thank you lover I’m so glad. You’ve made my day getting touch again. I thought I’d lost you for ever.’

‘Never going away.’

‘But the weekend gave me some space to put things into perspective!! Back down to earth – and Sue!!’

(There was a long silence which I assumed because they were boarding. I thought we’d lost the connection. Then Dee was back.)

‘Mmmm I’m often thinking of you and Sue.’

‘Like to join us?? Watching her finger fuck me.’

‘I wish. Would you like me too?.’

‘While I lick your pussy.’

‘Oh yes, kissing your nipples now.’

‘And we all explode together. Sue would probably squirt with excitement.’

‘Not on me!’

‘No darling – on me – but not a pee squirt. An ejaculation!!! Well – not like a cock – but a little burst of juices when she comes.’

‘Oh my … that I want to see.’

‘Mmmm. Female ejaculation is fairly uncommon I believe.’

‘Watching you two fuck will be such a turn on.’

‘You’d have a long continuous orgasm!! Heaving and bucking with delightful agony
filling my mouth with your cum. Your whole body fizzing.’

‘I know, it would be wonderful.’

‘I think you must feel horny all the time!!’

‘Only when I think of you Sarah.’

‘Mmmm that’s sweet!!! LOL. You might try running your hand under the air hostess’s skirt – feel is she’s wet and waiting.’

‘In my dreams. I will be wet and waiting. I am already, thinking of my tongue licking your clit. Are you wet?’

‘Always for you darling!! What would she think if she knew you wanted to feel her.’

‘I don’t know, but I’d love to fondle those gorgeous tits.’

‘Hers or mine – or both.’


‘Lol. When can I see your boobs? I’m dying to gaze at them..’

‘I’ll see. I want you.’

‘Hey escort urfa – my watch says you are due to be flying out now!!’

‘I’m on plane already. Stewardess has wonderful tits. My imagination is working overtime.’

‘Aahhh! Are you allowed mobiles on board?’

‘No! I have to go now, sweet dreams, Omg her nipples would look great in my mouth. And she has long legs and superb thighs. Mmmmm. OMG if only!’

Darling Dee
Now you’ve settled down for the night, you may read my latest message whilst I take you in my arms and kiss your lips softly, chewing lightly. Whilst you were undressing you threw me your soiled panties, soaked in your juices from earlier. I press the gusset to my nose and take deep breaths, whilst kissing the stain. Delicious scent – so strong and herby. Like sage!

I am sitting naked on the bed waiting for you to join me, watching your beautiful lustful body emerge from the clothes. You unclasp your bra to show me the generous curves of your breasts, teasing me with them. The lovely large dark nipples. Then you come over to me, facing me so that I can take your nipples in my mouth and suckle them until they become rigid and swollen. As I make love to your breasts, my hands stroke your bottom. So smooth and pliant – my fingers pressing into the flesh, making you tremble and groan with desire. You take my head in your hands and press my face hard against your tits (there , I said it!), rolling them back and forth over my cheeks. “Oh my God! I want you Sarah” you murmur, eyes closed, running your hands down my back.

After a few minutes, you push me back onto the bed, legs hanging over the side, you thrust my hips wide, putting your head between them. I can feel your hot breath on my labia. You are panting already! Your tongue explores between them, then slips down to the sticky vagina, your nose rubbing my clit furiously. God! What a wonderful feeling, to have your face against my groin, my thighs gripping your head, pushing against you, wanting your whole being to crawl inside me. “I need you Dee,” I cry loudly, lurching against you. “Fuck me darling.”

Your stiff tongue darts in and out. I feel your other hand searching my bottom. After rubbing the rim for a few seconds, fingers penetrates the puckered opening. And … I’m cumming already. My bottom is beginning to heave. My belly’s lurching. As I jerk in an orgasmic delight, I grab you round the waist and hoist you onto the bed beside me. Throwing my waist over yours I massage my tits against yours, nipples rubbing nipples, while my hand cups your vulva. The wet and the heat are amazing! So much juice there. Still reeling with lust, I spin round, hoisting my open thighs over your face. Pushing my wet pussy over your mouth I drop my head between your thighs, taking in the most wonderful sight of your naked pussy, sloppy labia, swollen and dark coloured. The vagina is dilated, pulsating, wanting me, its juices oozing from the dark interior. So exciting. I blow gently on it. Making you shudder with bliss. I worship your vagina. I worship your pussy lips. Kissing and licking. You can’t prevent an orgasm boiling up deep inside your belly. Your muscles are twitching. Your breathing is rapid and heavy. I can feel it against my pussy. Your whole body is alive like a fluttering butterfly. You are groaning loudly. You’re crying out “YES YES YES YEEEEEESSSSS!”

Every nerve in your body is on fire with sexual arousal. It’s nearly there. Cumming cumming. YES! You are catapulted into a shattering orgasm, taking me with you. Your juices are pouring into my mouth. Delicious nectar. Tasting it hungrily. I want to eat all of you.

We slowly subside to get our breath back.

I finally find my voice. “Fucking superb darling Dee. Now for the second one. But first, I’m going to kiss you all over, starting with your eyelids and ending with your toes. It’ll take most of the night, and you’ll be exhausted by the numerous orgasms we’ll share together.”

And I crawl up beside you, taking your face in my hands, kissing your eyelids, one after the other, caressing your breasts and belly. Smelling your skin.

“Oh my God Sarah! Take me. Do whatever you want with me. I’m all yours forever and forever.”

“You are a very remarkable lady, Dee. So talented. Where did you learn to love like this. To fuck like this. To kiss like this. To orgasm like this?”

“Stop talking Sarah – and make beautiful love to me”.

(An email waiting for me the next morning.)


How can you make me cum so many times, so hard, so much, darling. You are the most amazing lover, you turn me on so much, I want all of your body, every inch. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cum, and the night is young. I wish you were here now, naked in my bed, ready for a night of love making.

Dee xxx

Sweet Dee,

It gives me enormous pleasure to be of special service to you darling. So many delightful orgasms – I’d love to see your face screwed up in agony and bliss, fingers working hard between your legs. Or perhaps you have a private rabbit? Mmmmm. Sweet dreams. I’m so relieved and happy to have you back.

Love you xxxxx

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Early Morning Dessert

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A slight movement on the bed woke me up. The room was dark, except the strands of moonlight that was filtering into the room through the half-open blinds, creating stripes of light and shade on the crumpled bed. You had moved a little, readjusting yourself on your chest, face buried sideways in the fluffy pillow. The sheet with which I had covered you up before going to sleep myself was now almost off your lithe body, laying across only your waist. Your thighs were slightly parted. You were breathing lightly, in a steady rhythm, completely at peace with your raging passion.

As I kept looking at your face, the memories of last night came flooding back. True, we went to bed after a gap of a very long time, but your animal energy had completely thrown me off balance. There was even a fleeting moment of self-doubt, when I wondered whether my forty-year old body will still be able to match up with the intense energy of your raw energy of twenty-one. But that cleared off quickly, as I realised that you were as starved as I was. It was intense, and the force with which we came blew us both off. We were also both tired, and that probably answered how blissfully you were sleeping.

A familiar stirring woke me up from my reverie. Unbeknown to me, my sight had rested on your shapely asscheeks, and my manhood was beginning to raise its head. I was thirsty to taste you, and your buns were inviting me for an early-morning dessert.

Lowering my torso, I reached down towards your waist, sniffing my way down. The smell was heady, a mixed one of our sexes, our love-juices, our passion. Your pussy was glistening in moonlight, as I brought my mouth down to softly caress the puffy outer folds of your labia. My tongue tasted dried cum, and I quickly proceeded to lick you clean, siirt escort with soft, slow strokes. I didn’t want to wake you up in a start!

As my tongue went its way past the outer lips, into your inner folds, it tasted fresh wetness! God — you were already creaming…soft droplets of pre-cum dripping along the inner walls of your pussy, giving away fresh smell of sex…my lips moved over your quivering clitoris, holding it lightly between my lips and allowing my tongue to savour its pliant softness. My palms held your smooth asscheeks, placing the thumbs across your crinkled anus, as I traced back a trail of saliva from your clit to your rosebud.

Although you didn’t say a word, I knew instinctively that you were awake, awaiting my ministrations on your lovely puckered hole. The asshole was quivering in moonlight, with the few strands of fine hair touching my nose — I could tell they were standing on edge! I pulled my thumbs across, slightly opening up your anus, and nibbling soft kisses on the entrance to the dark tunnel. You groaned, readjusting your thighs and opening up yourself more. I felt a large drop of pre-cum dripping on my thigh, and scooped it up in my finger, massaging your clit with it. You grabbed my hand, and guided two fingers inside your delectable pussy, enveloping them in your tightness.

My fingers moved, as if with a mind of their own, opening up your love hole with each corkscrew motion. Your clit was throbbing, as I took it under my thumb, rubbing it incessantly as my tongue continued to lash and probe your ass-tunnel. It was already buried about half-inch inside your asshole, and trying to open you further. Streams of pussy-juice were flowing out from your gushing wet hole as you moaned with wild siirt escort bayan abandon.

And then your ass buckled, as you came creaming. The ass-tunnel throbbed around my tongue, as a torrent of woman-juice erupted from deep inside your pussy, drenching my hand. I waited for the trembling to subside, and kept massaging your pussy. Finally, when you seemed spent, I disengaged my tongue, sliding along your body to meet your face.

Your eyes were half-open, a faint smile playing across your lips, as you put your hands across my neck, pulling my mouth close to yours. You kissed my lips, your tongue moving inside my mouth. My cum-smeared hand moved up to your chest, massaging the underside of your soft boobs. My mouth found the nape of your neck, kissing and nibbling your earlobe. Your nipples responded quickly, turning themselves into hard crinkled nub of raw nerve-ends. I offered you my fingers, as you licked your own cum feverishly, and my other hand started to play with your nipples. The pointed tips quivered as my fingers took each one under them, kneading them and tweaking them in turn. You arched your back, pushing one of your lovely titties in my mouth. My tongue circled the light brown areolas, licking playfully, building you slowly up closer to another orgasm.

Suddenly I felt a familiar tug at my own erection. Your fingers were holding my turgid flesh, and as my mouth bobbed over your titties, alternately taking each one in my mouth, your pumping became more intense. Large globs of pre-cum were already dripping from my cockhead, and I knew I could quickly lose my erection to a shattering orgasm if I didn’t move quickly. Lifting my head, I said between breaths;

– Hang on, hun — I don’t want to blast my escort siirt cum on your hand…

– Come in, baby — move inside my pussy….fast….

The urgency in your voice was matched by your tugging at my cock, as I was slowly guided towards the soft velvety opening of your pussy. My knob was flared, and I rubbed it a while on your quivering clit, making you squirm. And then it sank in, ever so slowly, past the walls of your love tunnel, like a knife through hot butter. Soft skin melted with the heat, making way as I sank deeper, only to come back and grip me in a vice. I stopped at a point when I felt I could move no further, my pubic hairs brushing your pussy lips, my heavy scrotum resting on your asscheeks.

I stayed still awhile, getting used to your tightness, and then started to pull out. You moaned in protest as my cock almost reached the edge of your pussy, and then plunged in again, taking you completely by surprise. You gasped aloud, arching your back, raising your ass to meet my invasion. I groaned in pleasure, as your tight pussy started to milk my hardened shaft. I gripped one of your buttocks for support, as you continued to feed me your titties. Your nipples were red and sore, and you still wanted to feel my tongue on them. Your lithe legs hooked my waist, pulling me deep into your womb with every downstroke. I felt a surge in my groin, and my ass-muscles clenched. My dick was screaming for a release. I wanted us to cum together. As I could feel my own cum boiling and starting to shoot up my shaft, I took your clit in my fingers and started to rub it. In an instant, you went over the top, thrashing your legs wildly, pulling me deeper. In a flash, I felt my gut wrenching, as waves after waves of hot while lava came gushing out of my love tool, flooding your tight pussy.

I held you close tightly, as the flood shook us both, filling you up completely, and then oozing out the rest on the bed. I smiled at you, kissing your cheeks, as you smiled back, whispering

– My nipples are sore — how about some more of that cream massage?

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1714 Ch. 01

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The year is 1714. In this alternate timeline on earth, females are the dominant sex. Males are kept only as slaves for hard labor and for breeding. However, weaker females are also fair game for capture and use as slaves or for amusement.


I am from Ireland originally, but have been away for so many years it is hard to remember that beautiful country. Many consider me beautiful, with pale clear skin, curly dark hair, soft brown eyes and a curvy figure. The woman who gave birth to me sold me at an early age for money, and my owners then sent me to be specially trained at the Submissive Girl’s School of the Sexual Arts to meet all their needs. As such, I was branded with the Insignia designating my training as a sex slave, and I am prized over other slaves. Those owners have long since passed way, and 10 years ago, I was taken aboard Captain Margaret’s trade ship to be her sex slave. She and the crew have treated me fairly well. I have never been kept in chains, as I am a very obedient slave, and I am good at what I do, satisfying Captain Margaret’s sexual needs every morning and evening.

Captain Margaret’s ship has good defenses and had done well during the few times we had been attacked in the past, but yesterday, during a ruthless attack, we were defeated and taken over by a pirate ship.

The bitches that took us were strong and mean, and they put chains around my neck, wrists and ankles. I was led naked in these chains down into the hold of their ship and pushed into an open cage. I was chained so that I was seated on the floor of the cage, with my knees bent and my legs spread wide, my ankles chained to each side of the cage and my wrists chained to the top of the cage, then left to await my fate with a few other girls who had also been brought over from my old ship. When our captors had left, I sat in the dark, wondering what had happened to Captain Margaret and the crew from my trade ship, hoping everyone was OK.

Later in the afternoon when things had settled down, one of the pirate crew members came down with a lantern to do a cursory inspection of the female slaves that had been brought on board. She was a huge Amazon of a woman with dark skin and thick black hair that fell in dreadlocks down her back.

She walked around a few other cages, taunting the girls, sometimes poking them through the bars, sometimes spitting on them. She finally came to my cage, and started roughly prodding my tits, belly and pussy through the bars of the cage with an iron rod. She laughed as I cried out in pain and shame and tears began to roll down my cheeks. “Well aren’t you a nice piece of fuckmeat.” she said as she started walking around the cage. She came to an abrupt stop when she walked behind me and saw the Insignia on my shoulder.

“Oh fuck yes.” she whispered as she walked back around to the front of the cage. “I heard there was one of you on board.” she said as she opened the door to my cage and started unhooking my chains. “Captain will want to see you right away, but first I want to see if you are as good as they say. I’ve heard the stories of how you sluts are trained.” She dragged me out of the cage by my hair, turned around and sat on the edge of the cage I had just been in, and pulled my face between her legs as she pulled her skirts up with her other hand. “Start licking whore!”

I did trabzon escort what I was trained to do. I started slowly, just using my tongue at first, licking up her wet slit, between her dark musky folds and up over her clit. I continued licking over her clit and circling it with my tongue, taking it between my lips and sucking a little. With one hand, I reached up and fucked her gently with one finger, then after a few minutes, two fingers and finally three, as I heard her breathing increase and felt the tension rising in her body. I brought my other hand up and scooped some of her juices onto a finger and slowly inserted it into her ass hole, probing, exploring, then fucking her in rhythm to my fingers still buried in her pussy. I licked her clit faster now, and it didn’t take me long to bring her to a powerful orgasm, as she pulled my hair harder, writhing and moaning above me.

“Fuck that was good.” she said as she caught her breath and looked down at me. “Now lick all of your fingers clean.”

She watched me with a sneer on her face as I licked and sucked my fingers clean, tasting her pussy and ass on them. When I finished, she stood up and pulled me up by my hair. She tied a rope to the chain around my neck, turned around, pulled on the rope and tilted her head, indicating that I was to follow her.

“Really good sluts like you are hard to find. Captain Isabella and us girls are really going to enjoy ourselves with you. Time to take you to meet the Captain.”

She walked up on deck towing me behind her, and Zara, as I was soon to discover was her name, knocked on the Captain’s stateroom door.

Immediately, a loud voice called from within, “Come in!”

Zara opened the door and led me in.

“Captain,” she said as she gave a short bow, “the rumor was true. I found one of the Insignia branded sex slaves among the cunts we brought on board this morning from the trade ship.”

I peeked up at Captain Isabella through lowered lashes, and she was exactly what I had imagined, a voluptuous Spanish woman with long black curly hair, a tiny waist cinched by a black leather corset, wide curvy hips, and generous creamy breasts that spilled up over the top of her black satin blouse. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, and the most frightening.

She smiled wickedly as she stood up and walked toward us from around her desk with a big sway of her hips.

“Ah, excellent,” she drawled with a heavy Spanish accent as she approached me, taking my chin in her hand and studying my face as I looked down at her tall leather boots showing from beneath her short black satin skirt.

She continued to study me as she took one step back to get a good look at my whole body. Then, without warning, she delivered one hard stinging slap first to my left breast, then to my right, all the while studying my face to gauge my reaction. I gasped loudly in pain, but never lifted my eyes from the tips of her boots.

She reached up then and firmly grasped both of my nipples with her deceptively delicate looking fingers, twisting and pulling as hard as she could, before digging her long fingernails deeply into the tender flesh of my nipples and areolas. She continued to watch my face, searching for the reaction she wanted. I cried out, a long loud wail, and with a few tears leaking from my eyes, I arched my back, pushing trabzon escort bayan my breasts more firmly into her hands.

I had been trained in the receiving of the Sadistic Arts, but no one had used them on me since my training many years ago.

Apparently, I had given her the reaction she was looking for, because the wicked smile returned again to her face and she whispered, “Fucking delightful. I’m going to enjoy hurting you as you pleasure me.” She backed away from me then, after giving my nipples one final vicious tug.

“Zara, take her to the play room and prepare her for a proper welcome. Tell the crew to meet there in an hour. We’ll celebrate the success of our loot from the trade ship today and I’ll let the girls help me break this whore in so she gets a taste of what life will be like for her from now on.” She laughed in delight, then whispered some instructions into Zara’s ear before returning to her desk to sit down and review her maps.

Zara led me out then, down one set of stairs, through a short hallway and into what probably once had been a simple sleeping quarters. It had, some time ago by the looks of it, been converted into what looked like a torture chamber. I looked at the chains and manacles hanging from the walls and ceiling. A small wooden bed frame had been nailed to the floor in the center of the room with an old ragged mattress thrown on top. I could see metal rings had been nailed to the frame at points all around the bed frame, obviously meant to chain someone to in a variety of positions. A multitude of tools for restraint, punishment and torture hung along one wall. With wide eyes I studied the chains, rope, whips, floggers, crops, canes, knives and some items I didn’t even have names for. Terror filled me as I gazed upon it all.

Zara saw my expression and let out an evil laugh. “Yes,” she said, “most of the victims brought and kept here don’t live long. But don’t worry too much, I have a feeling Captain Isabella will want to keep you around longer as her personal slave to satisfy her constant sadistic lustful cravings. It’s been a while since she has had someone good to play with.”

I gazed down at the old blood stains on the floor with a healthy amount of skepticism.

“Enough talk whore, on the bed on your hands and knees, ass facing me!” She proceeded to swat my ass hard to hurry me along. “Now, face down on the bed, ass in the air, and reach around and spread that ass so I can get a good look!”

I bent over with my face pressed into the dirty mattress, and reached my hands around behind me to pull my ass cheeks apart.

She looked down at me and laughed as she spat on my little rosebud, then roughly shoved a finger in. I tried not to flinch as she shoved a second finger in, then a third, stretching my tight opening. She fucked my ass roughly for a minute, and I could feel her spreading her fingers inside me, stretching me open more. As I writhed on the bed and moaned, still holding my cheeks apart, she laughed and said, “It didn’t look like this hole had been used much and I was right. We’ll fix that soon enough.” She jerked her fingers out, leaving my ass hole grasping at nothing. She quickly moved to the side of the bed, grabbed a fistful of my hair and jerked my head to the side and said, “Open your mouth and clean my fingers bitch,” and she shoved the escort trabzon fingers that had been in my ass deep in my mouth. She fucked my mouth with her fingers as I tried to use my tongue to suck and lick them clean.

After a minute she pulled her fingers out, wiped them off in my hair and released my head and barked “On you back now slut, legs spread!”

I turned over, spreading my legs as she had commanded. I watched Zara walk around the room picking up items as she went, then returning to the bed. “Spread them wider slut!” she yelled as she slapped each of my inner thighs. As I tried to spread my legs as wide as I could, she wrapped a short piece of chain around each of my legs, just below the knee. She picked up a wooden bar then, with hooks attached to each end, and placing the bar between my legs, hooked the chain around each leg to the hooks at either end of the bar so that my knees were forced to stay wide apart. Then she pulled the bar up and back so my pussy and ass were fully open and on display. She hooked the bar to a chain hanging from the ceiling so that I could not lower it back down. The chains around each of my ankles were then attached to hooks on either side of the bed, so I would not be able to move them. Finally, she attached the chains at each of my wrists to each end of the bar.

Picking up four metal clamps, she attached them to my pussy lips, two on each side. Then, by tying the clamps on each side to pieces of old string wrapped around each leg, she was able to spread my pussy open obscenely. I wriggled on the bed, trying in vain to ease my discomfort.

Zara laughed again at my discomfort and said “Captain Isabella wants her new property to be presented nicely to her for a full inspection.” She began to slap my thighs, clit and open pussy for fun to hear me moan and cry out.

When she tired of tormenting my pussy, she moved around the bed and began spanking my breasts. “I want these big cow tits nice and sore.” she said, and she started viciously twisting and pulling my nipples, then leaned down to bite first one nipple, then the other, gnawing on them with her front teeth, and tugging hard on them. I was sobbing and moaning loudly now, and she pulled back smiling at the reaction she was causing. “You are going to be marvelous entertainment for us.” she said as she picked up two more clamps that were attached by a chain. She attached one clamp tightly to one of my nipples, brought the chain up over the wooden bar, then tightly attached the other clamp to my other nipple, so that my nipples were pulled and stretched up and away from my body.

I cried out again. Never had I been abused like this.

Zara laughed, stood up and moved to the door. “I have to go let the girls know that they have a special treat tonight. I’ll be back soon with the Captain and the girls so the fun can begin!” She turned and walked out the door without a second glance back.

I lay on the bed, my pussy, ass and nipples aching, wondering if I would even survive this.

The hour after leaving Captain Isabella’s stateroom passed entirely too fast. Soon I could hear the sound of boots coming down the stairs.

I looked up to see the Captain walk in through the door, her crew of 13 women behind her, about half of them wearing crude wooden strap-ons, while others held various objects that I knew they meant to fuck me with. The Captain herself, now standing over me, was wearing only her corset and boots, her gorgeous full breasts displayed prominently above the black leather.

The women all gathered round, preparing to violate me, and the Captain said, “Open your mouth whore, I’m going to be sitting on it for a while. Girls, time to have fun!”

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A Foreign Education

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Chapter 1: From Pakistan to England

Yasmeen had recently moved to London from Lahore in Pakistan to study for a three-year degree course in mathematics and computing. While in London she stayed at her uncle Ali’s house for the first year of her degree course at University College London. Her uncle Ali was a benevolent man who treated Yasmeen like his own daughter and took her out to restaurants or to the cinema at least once in a week. But all was not well because Ali’s wife Nasreen grew increasingly resentful about the amount of time that Ali spent with his niece compared with the little time he spent with her and their two sons. Many times Nasreen made her feelings in this regard apparent to Ali and his niece. Yasmeen could take a hint and at the end of her first year she decided that she would no longer be a burden on her uncle and aunt nor would she get in the way of their happy family. At the start of the new academic year she would be out of their house and renting a flat of her own.

So, Yasmeen started to look for a flat where she could stay for the duration of her studies. She found a nice place in east London and therefore she was well within reasonable commuting distance from her place of study. In order to lessen the cost of living at her chosen place she decided it would be better if she shared the place with someone so that the cost of the rent could be reduced for her. She sent an email to both the mathematics and computing undergraduate mailing lists advertising the place and indicating in the email that she was looking for just one female student who was looking for a place to stay for at least one year. She specified a female flat-mate quite deliberately, as she knew that both her uncle and aunt and her family back home in Lahore would not approve of her staying with a male.

She received three replies within that same week, one of them was from a girl called Laura, another from a girl called Fatima and one from a boy named Adrian. The boy was very keen about staying with her and said in his reply that it would “be a laugh” if they stayed together and that “who cares if I’m a bloke.” Yasmeen was quick to rule him out as a possible flat-mate; she didn’t want any trouble from her relatives. This left only two more options: either Laura or Fatima. Yasmeen decided that it would be a good idea to share the place with Fatima rather than Laura, as the former would more likely have more in common with her than the latter. So she rang Fatima (she had provided her number in her email) and said that she would like to have her as her roomy and a polite email to Laura saying that she had already found someone. Yasmeen also invited Fatima, in her telephone conversation, to the flat.

Chapter 2: The Rendezvous

The next day at about 10 in the morning Fatima turned up at Yasmeen’s. Yasmeen opened the door and saw one of her classmates standing there. Fatima was tall, about 5″ 6′ and was light skinned and wore her hair loose. Her hair was one of her most striking features as it was long enough to reach down to her hips and it looked very smooth and shinny. Fatima also had quite large breasts that were hard to miss given that she was not in the habit of wearing a bra.

She was wearing a thin red top and denim jeans on her feet she wore black open-toed shoes through which Yasmeen could see that that Fatima had painted her toe nails a deep purple. In contrast Yasmeen was an inch shorter and had slightly smaller breasts, though they were not small by any standard. Her head was always covered by a black headscarf that hid from view her neck and the sides of her face. She was a little darker than Fatima but also more beautiful and her eyes were big and brown. She wore a black dress that nearly touched the ground, a dark blue jumper, and black shoes. Not much of her body was revealed and the looseness of her clothing did not allow her figure to be defined. They both recognised each other immediately, after all they did both take the same subject. They had however, never talked to each other before and did not even know each other’s names until now. Yasmeen invited her in and they hit it off straight away; Yasmeen knew she made the right choice. Fatima wasted no time; she said she was ready to move in the next day and Yasmeen had no problem with this. As Fatima was about o leave that day and as she stood at the doorstep she leaned over, kissed Yasmeen on the cheek, and then left. Yasmeen thought nothing of it and waved to her as she left. The next day Fatima moved in.

Chapter 3: Little Things

As the days and weeks passed Yasmeen and Fatima got closer and closer to each other. They talked a lot to each other about their families, hobbies, favourite films and such. They went to lectures together where they always sat together and often talked and giggled and passed written messages to each other when the lectures got boring. They got really close almost like sisters. They would spend the van escort time they had outside of university together too, going to the cinema to watch a film or to a restaurant for a meal. Yasmeen didn’t have a lot of friends here as she had only been in England for a little over a year and Fatima had moved to London from Bradford so she too left her friends behind. These two girls were each other’s best friends.

Many small incidents occurred during this time that caused the any barriers between these two to fall even more. Once Fatima walked into Yasmeen’s room while Yasmeen was changing her clothes ready for bed. Fatima had come to get her nail varnish from Yasmeen’s room that the latter had borrowed. Instead of taking it and leaving, Fatima just stood, talked, and watched. She did however, apologise for entering without knocking. Yasmeen did think that it was a bit strange that Fatima would not leave after finding what she had come in for, but she didn’t say anything. She didn’t have anything that Fatima had never seen before. Fatima seemed transfixed by the sight of Yasmeen’s firm, round breasts and thick, black pubic hair. Yasmeen had noticed this and although part of her wanted Fatima to go away another part of her wanted her to stay, watch, but Yasmeen did not want to entertain these desires any more, and so she quickly got dressed.

Many times the two girls talked about sex, and most of the time it was Fatima who started the conversation going on that topic. The girls learnt that they were both virgins and as they were both 20 years old this was a cause of some frustration. Nevertheless, both of their respective parents would soon arrange for them to get married, most probably after they had done their degrees. Some times Fatima would bring up the subject of masturbation and would say that she did it about four times a week. When she asked Yasmeen about it, the latter at first said that she had never done it, but as time went on and Fatima told Yasmeen that she didn’t believe her, Yasmeen admitted that she too did it some times but not as often. Fatima once said that she loved to rub her clit and finger her pussy. Yasmeen was most surprised by Fatima’s use of language and also a little embarrassed.

She protested mildly that she didn’t want to continue talking about this, but Fatima said “well you do it as well so you must like doing those things too. Am I right.” Yasmeen was a little more frigid than Fatima was; Fatima really loved to talk about sex and really wanted to have it soon, to an extent Yasmeen was the same but she didn’t want to show it. Given the pressure Yasmeen conceded; she told Fatima that she did like to finger her vagina too and that she did like to rub her clitoris. Fatima pushed on she asked Yasmeen if she liked tasting her own pussy juices. Yasmeen looked away in embarrassment. Famtima quickly told her that she did; that she often tasted her own cum while fingering herself. She then took hold of Yasmeen’s chin, pulled it in her direction, and asked her again this time reassuring her that there was no need to be embarrassed. Again Yasmeen conceded that yes she too liked to do that. Fatima, still holding Yasmeen’s chin, then asked if she had ever thought about kissing another girl, Yasmeen’s eyes opened wipe with shock and disbelief at what she had heard and she said, “of course I haven’t” and stormed out of the flat taking her coat with her. Nevertheless, Fatima had a feeling that maybe she had and if she really hadn’t, then she may want to try.

The day after was a Saturday and Fatima asked Yasmeen if she would like to stay in and watch a film. Yasmeen agreed and Fatima said that she would go and get a film for them to watch. So Fatima left for their local BlockBuster and rented out Cruel Intentions, a film she had seen twice already. She brought it home to Yasmeen and they sat, curled up on the sofa together with a blanked over them, and began to watch it. Fatima from the start of the film put her arm around Yasmeen who didn’t seem to mind. Fatima knew when the lesbian kissing scene would come and she was waiting in anticipation for it.

When it arrived she waited until it was over and Yasmeen had seen it and then she lunged side wards moving in on Yasmeen’s lips and she kissed her right on the lips. Yasmeen immediately pushed Fatima away with some force and the two girls looked at each other in the eyes. After a few moments of paralysis and heavy breathing Fatima slowly moved towards Yasmeen’s lips but this time Yasmeen offered no resistance. Fatima was unstoppable and Yasmeen did nothing to stop her. After a few moments Yasmeen herself took a more active part; she didn’t simply sit there and let Fatima kiss her, she kissed back opening her mouth wide and letting Fatima’s exploring tongue enter it. She kissed Fatima’s bottom lip and slipped her own tongue into Fatima’s mouth.

She could taste Fatima’s saliva and she enjoyed every drop. escort van She loved it, all feelings of guilt and sinfulness had left her by now, and she could not resist. She could not deny herself this gratification. Fatima’s lips were just so juicy, just so soft and so loving, she was in heaven. Fatima was kissing Yasmeen so passionately that if you saw it you would think this was her last day on earth. She kissed her top lip, then her bottom lip, then she put her tongue in her mouth and made contact with Yasmeen’s tongue. They rolled their tongues around and around, they were released all the years of sexual tension that had built up. Fatima kissed Yasmeen on the cheeks, first the right then the left. Then Yasmeen did the same to Fatima. The two girls continued to kiss for what seemed like eternity.

Then Fatima went a little further, she moved her hand away from Yasmeen’s head that she was holding and placed it under her blouse. She began to fondle Yasmeen’s right breast. She touched it, rubbed it and squeezed it, she moved to the left one and did the same. The problem was that Yasmeen’s bra was in the way and Fatima desperately wanted to remove it so she slid her hand behind Yasmeen to take the bra off but as she was fiddling with the strap Yasmeen wriggled and once again moved Fatima away, this time much more gently. Yasmeen said, “I don’t want to go too far.” To this Fatima replied “why not Yasmeen, I love you and want to make love to you tonight.” “But I don’t want to go too far with this, I’m scared” said Yasmeen. “Scared of what? Don’t you like me?” Fatima retorted. Yasmeen’s reply was brief and dismissive “I’m just not ready.” As she said this she got up, walked away, and went into her room.

Fatima didn’t want to push Yasmeen too far on this issue; her friendship with her was far too precious. She left it at that and neither girl said a word about the incident for a whole week, they expertly avoided talking about it, or mentioning it, they didn’t even feel uncomfortable around each other. It was as if nothing had happened. However, Fatima didn’t want it to end there and she knew that neither did Yasmeen. So after a week had passed Fatima came up with a plan. It was prayer time and Yasmeen had gone off into her room to pray; Fatima never prayed she wasn’t religious, but Yasmeen did. Fatima went to her room and took all her clothes off. First her green top, revealing her big, round, firm breasts. Then she took off her slippers, followed by her jeans.

Finally she removed her black panties very slowly as if some one was watching her getting undressed. Her pussy was now revealed and was already beginning to drip with her cum as the excitement in her grew; something told her that she would make love today to the girl she really liked. She lay on her back on the bed with her legs spread wide open. She slowly rubbed her wet pussy with her hand. She then leaned over to her desk, with the other hand she turned on the radio, and set the volume very high. She waited. In the meantime Yasmeen, though annoyed by the noise continued praying, when she had finished she stormed into Fatima’s room as Fatima had hoped she would.

Chapter 4: The Big Thing

As she barged in she screamed, “What the hell are…” She stopped short taken by surprise by what she saw. Fatima pretended not to hear her come in; she continued to stare at the ceiling. Yasmeen froze for a second to assess the situation; she figured it out so she slowly walked over to the radio and turned the volume low. Fatima continued to rub her pussy pretending to be oblivious to Yasmeen’s presence. Yasmeen knew what Fatima wanted now and it was the same thing she wanted; she was just too shy to initiate it. She felt she had missed her chance once already during the film they watched together the previous week. She was not going to miss it this time.

She walked around the bed until she was facing Fatima’s pussy. She knelt down beside the bed and moved her face closer to Fatima’s gyrating hips. She could smell the intoxicating aroma of Fatima’s love hole and could see that it was already wet with excitement. Then with as much passion as she had kissed Fatima the other day she lunged towards her virgin pussy, licking and sucking the lips for all she was worth. At this point Fatima raised her head and said, “So this is what I must do to have you.” To this Yasmeen replied, with her head still buried in Fatima’s cunt, “You will never have to coerce me again, I want to do this, I love you too.”

Yasmeen then continued to lick and suck Fatima’s love hole, she then opened her pussy lips and licked the inside of her vagina. All the while Fatima continued to rub her clit and moan with pleasure. “Oh that’s good Yas” Fatima screamed as she pulled Yasmeen’s head closer to her pussy with one hand. Yasmeen then moved the hand Fatima was using to rub her clit out of the way and began to suck Fatima’s swollen clit. Fatima moaned van escort bayan very load as she felt a wave of pleasure moving through her body. Yasmeen now worked her way up. She kissed Fatima above her pussy, then she liked her belly button and kissed her stomach. She then got to her breasts.

She took one of Fatima’s tit sin her mouth and the other in her hand. She simultaneously rubbed and kissed the breasts while Fatima laid back with her eyes have closed, relaxing and enjoying the pleasure and sensation of having another girl play with her tits. Fatima was surprised, almost shocked at Yasmeen’s amazing ability at sucking tit, Yasmeen did it like a pro. She sucked on the small erect nipple on Fatima’s large breast like a baby being nursed. She bit at it lightly and pulled it, sending small currents of sensual pain through Fatima’s chest. She licked the nipple and the rest of the breast too. ‘Had she done this before’ Fatima mused? ‘Of course not’ she thought. She was right she hadn’t done this before, but what she was doing was just right. With her hand Yasmeen rubbed Fatima’s other breast, pulling at and gently squeezing the nipple from time to time. With the fingers of her other hand Yasmeen was exploring Fatima’s hole. She fingered Fatima’s cunt sometimes with one and sometimes with two fingers. After a few seconds she would stop sucking her breasts and put these fingers in her mouth to get a taste of Fatima’s cunt, occasionally she offered Fatima a taste; Fatima was always grateful, she would lick and suck Yasmeen’s fingers as if they were cocks.

Fatima felt that it was time she returned the favour to Yasmeen and so she said, “Let me take care of you now Yas.” Yasmeen stopped sucking the tit and said “ok.” Fatima sat up and got off the bed; Yasmeen stood up too. On their feet now both girls faced each other each looking into the other’s eyes. Fatima had her arms around Yasmeen’s waist and Yasmeen her arms around Fatima’s waist. They moved their lips closer to each other and began to kiss. They kissed for a long while exploring the depths of each other’s mouths; sucking on each other’s tongues; lovingly kissing each other’s lips. Fatima’s hands were now roaming all over Yasmeen;s body: her arse, her breasts, her thighs; at this point she whispered to Yasmeen “let me undress you.” Yasmeen gave a consenting nod and a cheeky smile to go with it.

Fatima grabbed Yasmeen’s jumper from underneath and pulled it over her head revealing the blouse beneath. The jumper obviously kept Yasmeen warm because Fatima could feel the heat coming from Yasmeen’s body. The heat really turned Fatima on and before Yasmeen cooled down she pressed herself against her and held her for a few moments. Now the blouse had to come off. Fatima started from the top and slowly undid the buttons one at a time. Beneath the blouse Yasmeen was wearing a bra. However, before taking that off and seeing those gorgeous melons that she had once seen, and dreamt of many times she had to take off that headscarf. Fatima took off Yasmeen’s headscarf revealing her hair, that she had seen many times and many times she had told Yasmeen that her hair was so nice it should not be hidden away but displayed for all to see. Her hair was quite long and Fatima loved to run her fingers through it and had done so many times before. She did it this time too. While she did so they began to kiss again. Yasmeen then began to nibble on Fatima’s ear, Fatima liked this a lot. The bra had to come off. Fatima reached over to Yasmeen’s back and unhooked the bra; it slid to the ground. Finally Fatima could feel those firm, round breasts that she wanted to touch for so long. She started rubbing them and playing with the nipples that were already hard. She pinched them gently making Yasmeen moan and groan. It was time to suck them; she moved her mouth to the breasts, then she licked and sucked them vigorously, making up for lost time. She moved very fast from one breast to the other, there was no stopping her. Her tongue made circular motions around Yasmeen’s nipples and her lips sucked them.

Fatima gently, pushed Yasmeen onto the bed so that Yasmeen was now sitting on the edge. She herself knelt down on the ground facing Yasmeen who was wearing slippers on her feet. Fatima took Yasmeen’s left foot and took off the slipper, she then took off Yasmeen’s white sock. She did the same for the right foot. She then held Yasmeen’s right foot and began to suck on her toes as if they were dicks, concentrating mainly on the big toe. She licked the foot up and down it’s base and then from the base up towards the ankle. She stood up and told Yasmeen to fuck her with her foot. Yasmeen leaned back, resting on her elbows, and stuck out her foot towards Fatima’s pussy. Fatima put one leg on the bed, held the foot, and guided it to her opening. Yasmeen moved her foot about and Fatima held it up; the latter girl moaned and groaned while the other foot fucked her. Yasmeen’s foot then moved onto the clitoris; there it rubbed the hardened clitoris sending waves of pleasure through Fatima’s pussy. “Oh fuck yes Yas that’s good” screamed Fatima, at which exclamation Yasmeen smiled, and biting her bottom lip looked up at Fatima and asked “Don’t you wanna see my pussy”?

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A Tropical Welcum

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I am Helen Troy, just turned sixty this year 2017, semi-retired and of sound mind and sounder body…Ha, ha. I am a Social Scientist an Advocate and a writer. I am a radical Feminist, an activist Socialist and a volunteer agent for UNESCO which sent me on an assignment to Costa Rica regarding some heritage sites…I was totally excited since I’d always wanted to visit that part of the world. It occurred to me that my Gypsy clairvoyant Rosa had predicted an exciting journey for me two weeks before, Hmm…I had read about and seen pictures of Costa Rica; which is known for its beaches, volcanoes, and biodiversity. A quarter of its area is made up of protected jungle, teeming with wildlife including spider monkeys and quetzal birds. I was totally excited.

I arrived in San Jose on a hot Friday afternoon and was picked up from the airport by a young hot looking dude called Ramon and promptly taken to the Government guest house in an exclusive area. The high-fenced backyard was landscaped and carefully decorated in a neo-abstract style, complimented by potted desert plants. The pool looked very enticing as my clothes were literally stuck to my skin. The place was quite an Oasis. A rustic Eden set in a bloom of colors-orange, alizarine, viridian, and lavender.

Ramon who was biracial in his late 20’s had an aura of sexy ruggedness and macho male ness. His hair was very curly and his smile simply turned me on, as did the big bulge in his khaki pants. He had been assigned to escort and take me around. There was lots of food, booze and even some pot for my enjoyment. He introduced me to Luisa the housekeeper, a Hispanic woman in her early 40’s pretty with long hair and warm hazel eyes. I was surprised that they spoke English well. Ramon and I became friendly fast as we ate drank shared a joint and laughed a lot. The possibility of sex was very strong. When he finally made advances on me I responded eagerly. Well I had not been fucked in a very long time and I was long overdue. His foreplay was so fine-tuned I was soaking wet in no time. He undressed me then himself. His flat rippled belly descended to his groin, where amid the thicket of hairs sprang a huge thickly veined, cock, fully erect and propelled by a big scrotum. What a magnificent specimen I thought. My cunt began to drip onto the futon.

“What kept you waiting so long” I chided as he joined me on the futon. He growled. Then abruptly, without a word, he put me on all fours, doggie-style on the futon. I gasped as he guided the huge cock into me. He thrust and I screamed, he thrust again all the way inside, pulled back and thrust harder. I started to feel good. I swung my hips in rhythm with his thrusts. I was lost to the good feeling but acutely conscious of my cunt opening wider and stretching deeper; feeling the vibrating cock moving circularly inside me. My head floated as my body moved in a surreal dance. I lost all sense of time and place while Ramon fucked me and fucked me, plunging deeper, furiously, as he stroked my clitoris simultaneously, wrenching sharp cries from me. We were both sweating, my juices dripped freely onto the futon and in rivulets down my inner thighs. sinop escort Ramon seemed tireless as he pumped into me. I felt my pussy contracting around the big dick, milking it, sucking it inwards. I let out a loud scream as I came with a shuddering explosion…”Yea woman, yea, come for me, come” said Ramon rubbing my ass cheeks. He pulled out his cock, covered with my syrupy juices saying, “That gets me started” then, shoving his dick into my mouth.

After a brief respite, Ramon spread me on the futon and began to eat my cunt; devouring the labia and clitoris, licking my asshole, slurping into my rectum, making me gasp and whimper… Guitar music washed over us. Then he got between my legs his cock again rock hard as he pushed into me to the hilt, plunging deeply in and out of my slippery cunt. He was rampant with an extravagant lust as he fucked me and fucked me so deep the head of his cock entered my womb; his lips fastened to my tits, sucking hard. I lost control as a powerful, violent orgasm again rocked my body. I heard Ramon howling while his hot cum cascaded into my womb. He spent the night with me fucking me intermittently. I was insatiable and he was indefatigable.

In the morning I woke Ramon up by sucking his cock, making him rock hard again. I pushed him onto his back and mounted him. His burnished-bronze skin moist with desire…I sank slowly all the way down his big cock with a long-drawn sigh until my dense, soggy pubic hairs mingled wetly with his. I rocked back and forth, up and down in a slow, measured rhythm, on Ramon’s cock which was so hard and rigid. I groaned softly with the feel of the cock inside my twat. He thrust in and out of me from below in sync with my movements, his cock streaming with my thick juices. I began to moan and cry out loudly, bringing Luisa to the scene.

“Madre di Dios” she said softly as she stood transfixed at the wide-open doorway, watching us. “Holy mother, this is fantastic” she muttered as she maintained eye contact with me. I moved steadily, fluttering and squeezing my strong inner muscles, conscious of my potency. My vigorous cunt hugging his dick, my breasts bobbling, my ass undulating provocations, making him moan and thrash. I looked into his eyes whispering obscenities, moving up and down the cock slowly, sweetly, moving in counterpoint. Luisa was beside herself as she watched voyeuristically, her hand under her dress stroking her cunt feeling her own sensations rising to the boil, her cunt juices dripping onto the carpet. Frantically she stroked her engorged clitoris. I watched her for a while as I rode Ramon in full control my eyes burning into his. Ramon was totally calm…Concentrated, passive, He could go on forever without coming. I fucked him and fucked him we were combatants in a love zone. I felt like a sexual genie unleashed.

“Do you like this, huh, does it feel good?” I asked in a tremulous voice as I spun in a vortex of pleasure my cunt massaging and kneading his cock inside with strong pulsations…Ramon began to groan with pleasure, echoing my sobs of ecstasy bringing on the high tide of a powerful orgasm. I collapsed sinop escort bayan on top of Ramon, muttering wordless sounds. I heard Luisa making a keening sound as she collapsed on the floor, her body wracked with spasms while Ramon gushed hot semen into me. With both Ramon and Luisa gone for the day I acquainted myself with my lovely surroundings even took a brief walk in the neighborhood.

The next day Ramon took me sightseeing the lovely city of San Jose. When we got back and feeling horny I asked him to stay awhile, but he had to attend to some urgent business. Disappointed I deiced to swim the horniness away. I was startled and somewhat frightened as I stepped out of the patio naked.

By the pool side lay a naked muscular handsome young dude sipping a drink and smoking a joint. He was also startled since he was unaware of my arrival. He smiled sweetly and beckoned me to join him gazing lustily at my hairy cunt. His name was Gaston, an Afro-Costa Rican in his early 30’s and was the maintenance guy for the premises; he comes over to swim now and then. Holy fuck what a windfall I thought as I sat down on the towel covered rubber mat.

His skin glistened like polished mahogany and oh my God, his 12 inch very thick dick, a veritable pussy stretcher was fully erect pulsating and very inviting…My cunt ached as I took a few drags on the joint and drank some of the rum and coke. We talked and laughed for a while feeling comfortable with each other. “This is my lucky day today” he said beaming. Then he made me stroke his dick and sucked it while he ate my soaking pussy. He pushed all of the cock into my cunt and we fucked slowly, spinning on the rubber mat like two gyroscopes…intense, poignant; I watched him intently as he moved in and out of my cunt slowly, rocking inside me gently, drawing it in and out to the rhythm of my breathing for a long time…My cunt pounded with lust, gripping and milking the hard cock as Gaston fucked me hard and fast…enjoying the exuberance of our fucking…I was far away and gone, but alive with feeling, shuddering as Gaston stroked my G-spot.

My clitoris was large and hard…My body moved in anticipation of every rhythm change, every shock sound and exploding in all directions, on and on until I finally erupted mightily with a scream, my nails clawing Gaston’s back as he convulsed between my legs, grunting and spurting hot thick semen into my cunt…We rested for a long time drinking and sharing the snack he had. Gaston fucked me slowly in every position imaginable, also fucked my ass, my very first time and I came and came, again and again. He fucked me intermittently for two hours. Every nerve in my body sang in jubilation as he fucked me with dedicated intensity. He finally exploded with a roar flooding my cunt with gallons of hot cum. When he pulled out of me a river of cum rushed out of my pussy to puddle under my ass…Oh my God, it was simply incredible. We slept soundly afterwards. When I woke up Gaston was gone.

Ramon showed up on Tuesday and took me to the UNESCO center to meet the dude I’d be working with. He was an Amerindian called escort sinop Peru, a nickname. Muscular with a chiseled body and face, an ex-baseball player he was ruggedly handsome and very friendly. After checking out the site he took me to lunch where we became acquainted. Peru showered me with compliments and flattery, made me feel good. Later at the guest house I asked him in for a drink; soon the intimacy turned into a full blown sex heat. He loved my lush naked body and when he undressed my jaw dropped at the sight of his massive horse-cock, fully erect and throbbing; a cunt-seeking missile.

“Holy shit! That is one monster cock” I exclaimed. He just smiled spreading me wide on the bed and with his very long, huge tongue Peru lapped my cunt to a glorious orgasm. Then he began to shove his prodigious cock into me. I whimpered and mewled and moaned; I cried out and grunted; I screamed and wailed in exquisite pleasure…I have never ever had such a cock inside me…I writhed and thrashed as the monster cock soared into my entire body until I was completely filled with it and he began to fuck me. He fucked me and fucked me with very powerful thrusts…My orgasmic screams could be heard for miles around I was sure, the silk bed sheets totally soaked with my gushing juices. And still I screamed and screamed as I was fucked and fucked endlessly by Peru, the room filled with the wet slurpy scluck, scluck sounds from my twat…I exploded in a blinding long orgasm that shook my body violently and passed out for several seconds. Still he fucked me with a smoldering intensity as I came no-stop, then Peru with a deep thrust exploded into me an avalanche of hot cum his hard body shaking mightily…He finally pulled out of me with a loud pop and a river of cum rushed out of my cunt to puddle beneath my ass…Peru stayed all day and fucked me intermittently all over the house and still I wanted more more, fully saturated with orgasmic ecstasy.

Friday afternoon, I rested my tanned naked body on the towel covered mat at the poolside enjoying the sun after a few laps in the pool. Then I sensed a presence; opening my eyes I saw Luisa standing over me naked. I was amazed at the hairiness of her cunt, thighs and legs…She lay beside me. We never said a word to each other… Her breasts were like fruits with nipples like rubies, sweet and hard. Her eyes were like Nefertiti’s; her cunt deep and strong like a mare’s cunt; she was a tempest, her orgasms a hurricane…I wished I had a dick to fuck her with. I lost all earthly conception of time fucking Luisa…her flesh was warm and comfortable…I cuddled her my hands stroking her breasts, nipples her vulva clitoris, her hair…Stroking, stroking. I heard birdsong and smell the scent of blossoms.

My hand was wedged between her wet tepid labia. She was soft fire and damp heat, ripe, scented and damp, her cunt the color of autumn. So much of her is mystery to me. She is sea foam and moonlight, pulsing darkness and lupine fields, earth womb and bubbling cauldron of heat…We ate each other’s cunt hungrily, lapped assholes sucked clits. For two glorious hours we engaged in divine Sapphic fucking with no holds barred. We came and came our bodies wracked with spasms…Gypsy Rosa may have foreseen my exciting journey but did not tell me that I will receive such a Royal Tropical Welcum. Within a week I was fucked more than I have been fucked recently. And the fun had just started.


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Down But Still Up For Fun Ch. 06

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Big Tits

This story is a complete fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental and was not the intent of the author. There are no characters in this story that are under the age of eighteen. This is the continuation of a story that I started earlier this year. I would recommend you read the first five installments before starting in on this chapter.


The three of us lay, exhausted, in the bed. I lay on my back and Carol and Mercy used my upper thigh for a pillow. We were totally spent, but also completely fulfilled after the three of us had recovered from the wonderful sexual adventure that we had all enjoyed.

Mercy was purring contentedly, while she rubbed her smooth cheek against my soft inner thigh.

The evening was just comfortably cool, so both women crawled up next to me, and heated my body with the soft warm flesh of their own. They pulled a soft light summer blanket over us and the three of us fell into a deep sleep, nice and snug in the soft big bed.


When I awoke it was about mid-morning the next day. Both the sisters were gone, but I was delighted to see that Carol’s bathrobe was in a chair right beside the bed. I got up and out of bed, put on the bath robe, and with my crutches, headed out into the kitchen.


There was no sign of Mercy or Carol in the kitchen, so I decided to cook myself some breakfast while I waited for their return.

I fried some bacon and eggs, and put on a pot of coffee, then sat down to a country breakfast.

After I finished my breakfast and a second cup of coffee, I cleaned up the kitchen and washed the dishes.


I was just finished drying the last dish when I heard a knock at the kitchen door. Thinking it must be Carol or Mercy, I opened the door wide. My assumption was wrong, though, for there standing in front of me was a pretty young red-haired woman in her mid-to-late twenties.

“Well, well, well, what have I found,” she said with a twinkle in her pretty blue eyes. “My, don’t you look adorable, though?” she smiled.

I realized that she was referring to Carol’s pink feminine bathrobe, and I turned beet red with embarrassment.

This only brought a bigger smile to her face and she walked past me into the kitchen. “Carol and Mercy have been holding out on me, I think.” She took note of my crutches and said, “Not only a handsome young man, but a helpless one, too. That makes the situation even more sexy.”

She stood there admiring me. I knew they like to call this place their mantrap, but I didn’t think they would catch such interesting game.

“You see,” I stammered, “I broke my leg in an accident and Carole and Mercy volunteered to look after me until I get back on my feet.”

“I just bet they did,” the young woman said, as she looked me over from head to toe. “I bet you get all the tender loving care that you can possibly handle. Yes, that and a whole lot more.”

I felt totally stupid standing there being admired like a prize race horse. I could feel my face turning crimson once more.

She finally showed me some compassion and stuck out her hand, “Hi, my name is Judy. I board my horse here, but we are also the best of friends. I just came out here to exercize my horse by taking a little ride.”

I grinned back at her and took her offered hand, “My name is Jimmy, and I’m very pleased to meet you, Judy.”

I offered her a cup of coffee. Then we sat down at the kitchen table, right next to each other, and started chatting. Judy had her hair pulled back in a pony tail that made her look like a teenager rather than a mature woman. She had on a white, satin, open-necked blouse that showed just a teasing view of her cleavage. The blouse was tucked into a pair of black, tight riding breeches that showed off her pretty little butt to best advantage. On her feet were a pair of riding boots that came right up to her knees, in the English style, rather then western, with long spiked heels. All in all, she was a beautiful woman.

Judy looked at me admiring her and asked, “Do you like what you see?”

I was a bit embarrassed at being caught staring, “I think you are a stunningly beautiful woman,” I said.

Judy broke into a broad smile and said, “Well, what a nice thing to say. You are such a sweet guy, Jimmy, I can see now why Carol and Mercy were so quick to take you in.” She started to laugh at the thought of the real reason those two nymphs would take a handsome young guy like Jimmy into their man trap of a home.

I just gave her a sheepish grin in reply.

As we talked, I felt Judy’s hand on my knee. And her fingers made little circles on my inner thigh as they slowly crept higher towards their goal. All the while, her lovely blue eyes were looking deep into mine. She was like a bird of prey looking down from the heights, before swooping down and snatching its prey up in its sharp claws.

I’m only a human male, as weak as any other samsun escort guy. So her circling fingers had the desired effect on me. My cock was growing hard as her hands and fingers moved ever closer to it under my robe.

At last, her fingers reached the mushroom head of my cock and her fingers encircled it and started lightly stroking up and down the shaft.

“I see Mercy and Carol didn’t completely wear you out,” she murmured. “I do have one vice, Jimmy, that I haven’t told you about. Would you like to hear about it, sweetheart?”

I nodded my head dumbly.

“I have a deep hunger that comes over me and I have a hard time controlling it. I have a craving for a man’s juices. I love the taste of male cum. That thick creamy goo feels wonderful to me as the warm creamy stuff goes down my throat and feeds my hungry tummy. Would you mind terribly if I was to lick your balls and suck you off until you squirt all that lovely cum down my throat?”

Duuuuh!!!!! “No, I wouldn’t mind in the slightest,” I gasped.

“Oh, thank you, Jimmy,” she smiled. “I need you to turn your chair so that I can get at you with my mouth.”

I did as she asked and Judy slid to the floor between my legs. She gently pushed my knees apart and reached up and untied the cloth belt holding the robe closed. She spread the robe wide open and gave a little squeal of delight at the sight of my penis.

“Oh my, what a handsome cock you have. It’s so big, I don’t know if I’ll be able to get it all into my mouth? I’m sure going to try, though, it looks so delicious and yummy sitting there.”

She pressed forward and licked all around the mushroom head like it was a favorite flavored lolly-pop. Saliva was dripping out of her mouth and it was only a matter of seconds before my cock head was thoroughly soaked. Judy pressed it back and started licking the sensitive vein that ran under the shaft. She bent my penis back even farther and started to lick my scrotum. She took one of my balls into her mouth and very gently started to suck on it as well. She switched back and forth sucking on each ball in its turn. Now she released my balls, and moved her pleasure-giving licks even lower to the area between my scrotum and my ass hole. This she seemed to pay special attention to, licking it with fast and powerful strokes of her tongue. She lifted her head back up to my cock head and forming her lips onto an oval, she plunged her mouth over my penis. Bobbing her head up and down my shaft with each plunge, she took a little more of my cock shaft into her mouth, until her nose was buried in the down that grew at the very base of my cock. I was almost whimpering with joy and the intense pleasure that Judy was giving me with her expert oral skills. I could feel the very tip of my cock rubbing against the walls of her throat. Her throat muscles were opening and closing around the shaft, giving me even more intense pleasure. I never dreamed that anything could feel as wonderful as the blowjob that Judy was giving me right there at Mercy and Carol’s kitchen table.

I reached down between us and started feeling up her breasts through her blouse. Judy’s breasts were not large, perhaps a ‘B’ cup. They were, though, very firm. Each breast was a handful and her nipples were pointing out a quarter of an inch and were at least an inch round .

Judy pressed her breasts into my palm and made little purring noises around my cock shaft.

I whispered to her that I was almost there and I couldn’t hold back my climax much longer.

Judy really started to work on me now. She bobbed her head up and down on my shaft. She reached up and gently pulled on my scrotum with just her finger tips, teasing the cum that was boiling in my ball sack. Her mouth was like a vacuum cleaner. It felt like she was sucking a thick milk shake through a straw.

I couldn’t hold back any longer.

She was like some sort of cum vampire, determined to drain my body dry of every last drop of my essence.

The cum raced out of my balls and sped up the tube through my shaft. It sprayed into her eager mouth like water out of a fire hose. She clamped her lips around my cock shaft and continued to suck and swallow every last drop. She was determined to get all I had.

I was sprawled on the chair now, totally helpless and at the mercy of her hungry sucking mouth. I felt completely drained and too exhausted to move.

She sucked up off my penis then licked all around the area to make sure she had gotten all there was and nothing was left behind.


I couldn’t move for several minutes. If the house had caught on fire I’m sure I would have burned with it. I was that far out of it. Very slowly, I started to recover. The strength started to pour back into my body.

Judy was licking my inner thighs and still playing gently with my privates. She smiled up into my face and said, “I know, let’s get naked and get on the bed where we can really get it on.” With that she stood up and handed me my crutches.

I escort samsun took them and followed her into the big bedroom. Leaning against the bed for support I pulled off my robe and let it drop to the floor. Then I climbed up on the bed ready to watch her strip.

First, Judy unzipped her boots and pulled them off her feet. Then she reached up and unbuttoned the blouse, revealing her breasts in a sexy pink bra. She reached for the zipper on the side of her riding slacks and slowly pulled it down. She rolled the slacks down and I could see her pink panties that matched the bra. She sat on the bed and pulled the slacks off her legs. I was practically panting while she modeled her lingerie for my viewing pleasure. She moved her hips in a slow grinding motion while she reached up between her breasts and unhooked her bra, letting it slide off her shoulders and fall to the floor. She reached down between her legs and started rubbing herself through the thin material. The front panel of her panties was soaking wet in no time at all. She pushed her panties down and kicked them off. Then she picked them up off the floor and held them to her nose. Taking a big whiff she smiled and then held the soiled panties just below my nose as well.

I took a deep whiff myself, and gave her a smile of approval. They had a slight aroma of perfume, as well as the odor of her lust.

Her pussy was not completely shaved. She did leave a small heart shaped patch of red hair just above the slit of her vulva.

She started to masturbate herself with her middle finger and smiled down at me, licking her lips. “How many times can you cum, baby?” she asked.

My mouth was watering while I watched her lustful show. “It depends how horny I am,” I said. “Last night I came three or four times. But I got Carol and Mercy to cum six or seven times each.”

“Well, how did you do that if you only came three or four times yourself?” she asked me.

“Well, for one thing, I used my fingers on them, like you are using your own finger on yourself right now,” I told her. “Then I licked and sucked their pussies and their clits for half the night.” I looked into her eyes and told her, “I have pretty good control so I can hold back while the woman cums two or three times by fucking me. I don’t want you to think I’m a braggart, though. I guess you can ask Carol or Mercy about my stamina. Or you can crawl up on this bed and find out for yourself, if I’m bragging or telling you the truth.” I opened up my arms and invited her to cuddle with me in the bed.

Judy gave a little squeal of delight and crawled up into my open arms.

I pressed her body close into my own and kissed her deeply, while my hands roamed over soft flesh.

At the same time, Judy’s hands were busy exploring my body. She caressed my ass cheeks and pressed her hips into my crotch, grinding herself up and down my cock shaft. Her luscious mouth covered mine and her tongue forced entry into my mouth. Our tongues danced with each other and her tongue went on to explore the rest of my mouth.

I reached down between us and pushed my finger into her wet and ready slit. I found her swelling clitoris and I started tickling it with my finger tip.

Judy gasped at my touch. Then she held my head tight and showered my face with wet but passionate kisses.

I wanted to go down on her right then, but she held me too tightly for that. This time I would have to settle for getting her off with my finger tips. I would have to bring Judy to a tongue climax later. I moved my finger faster and faster across her clit, while she humped into my hand.

At last Judy screamed out in uncontrolled lust and took a love bite out of my throat as she soaked my hand with her juices.

I continued using my finger until her climax subsided. And then I held her in a loving embrace, kissing her ears gently while my hands caressed her tenderly.

She was as weak as a little kitten for a while, clinging to me for protection.

After a short rest, she regained her composure. I started once again, getting to my knees and then I started in on her breasts. I licked one hard nipple while teasing the other with my finger tips.

Judy was caressing and pulling gently on my earlobes and pushing her breasts into my mouth while making hissing sounds: she was sending signals that told me her passion was rising once more.

I moved my mouth back and forth, licking, kissing and sucking on each nipple in turn. After a sort while, I kissed and licked my way down and across her tummy, slowly working my way to my goal. By the time I got to her vagina she was already gushing. I put my lips to her vulva and started licking it up and down. Not forcing an entrance just yet, I wanted to play a little first. After drawing out Judy’s pleasure for just a little longer, I plunged my tongue through the lips, and then moved up and made contact with the clitoris and licked and gently sucked it for a while.

Judy’s hips were swirling. She cooed like a samsun escort bayan dove to me, telling me to keep doing what I was doing and to never stop.

I sucked just a little harder and licked her magical button just a little faster, causing even more squeals of delight to come out of her lovely mouth, as her tits were bouncing up and down on the bed.

Gradually, Judy started to lose her self control again. I held her down as best I could but she was bucking like a wild bronco. I pushed my tongue inside of her as far as it would go, taking long deep laps that sent Judy into a frenzy. She was trying to fuck my nose, she was so desperate to cum.

At last the dam finally broke and she screamed once more, expressing her wild passion.

I rolled away from her, gasping for breath. I was trying to get my own passion under control.

After three or four minutes, I finally got myself under control and crawled up beside Judy and snuggled into her body.

She turned to me still breathing hard and gasped, “Oh wow, you really are a super stud. No man has ever given me such unbelievable pleasure. I wish it was me that you were staying with, Jimmy, instead of Carol and Mercy. I could really dish out some of that tender loving care for a lover like you.” She reached down and started to stroke my penis.

All this time I was still hard. Through all of the love making so far I had not gotten off myself yet, since the two of us had left the kitchen table and came in here to play on the bed.

“My pussy is still on fire and I’m dripping all over the bed,” she told me. “You are like a magnificent stallion.”

I rolled over on my back so that my hard cock was sticking straight up into the air. “Well my pretty horse lover, if you’re still so totally horny,” I said, “why don’t you climb on this horse and take a nice long ride? I suspect that the reason you are so fond or horse back riding, is because you like the feel of all that live meat moving between your legs.”

Judy burst into laughter at my last comment and told my that maybe I wasn’t too far off the target with that last thought.

I smiled to myself, glad that she could take a comment given in jest and not get all uptight thinking she had been subjected to an insult.

“Oh yes, I can’t wait to take that hard pony and have a nice long gallop in the sack with you.” She climbed up on me and straddled my waist and slowly lowered herself onto my swollen penis. Once she had fully impaled herself, she gave out another hiss of passion.

I thought to myself, this is a very vocal lady. I had never been with a woman that made so much noise during sex. Not that I really minded. It was just something I had never experienced before in all of my young life and at first it did rattle me a bit.

“Oh Jimmy, you do have a nice sized penis. Not too big or too small, but it just seems to fit my pussy like a glove. Well, better put, my pussy fits your cock like a glove,” she giggled at her little joke.

I had to smile as well. It seemed she was out to give me, “tit for tat,” as the old saying goes.

Judy started to swirl her hips, so that she could feel me from every possible angle.

The inside of her pussy felt marvelous, like fine velvet inside of her. The way she swirled her hips made it possible to feel every nook and cranny of her warm wet pussy.

Judy was becoming a little more passionate now and she started pushing her hips down and up while at the same time still swirling her hips around and around.

The feeling was fantastic.

While Judy was working herself into another frenzy, I was doing my best to maintain my control. I guess as much as anything else, it was a matter of my ego. I had bragged to her that I could have intercourse with a sexy lady but still control and delay my own climax.

Judy was totally absorbed in our love making. She had climaxed at least three times during this part alone, and she could feel another cum building up inside of her body.

The two of us had been enjoying sex for over two hours and still I could continue giving her all the lustful pleasure she could handle.

So many times, she had been disappointed and frustrated with her lovers. They had climaxed and given out while she was still looking for her first sexual release. She felt like she had been used, when she was forced to take her vibrator into the bathroom to give herself a shallow empty climax, just so that she could go to sleep.

Who was this guy? Where did he come from? More important still, how could she lure him into her bed again and again, she thought to herself while she made love to his hard body.

She was riding him faster now. Trying to force his spike deeper with each plunge of her hips. At last the final eruption came to her, and she collapsed on top of my muscular frame.

I held her tenderly in my arms while she recovered from our last love making session. I was still buried deep in her love tunnel. I stroked her smooth flesh, running my hands up and down her sloped back. Judy was making little mewing sounds like she was a kitten with a bowl of warm cream. She felt so small and so vulnerable, cuddled up against my body. It made me feel so masculine to be her protector. The two of us felt so totally contented it wasn’t long before we fell into a relaxed sleep.

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