High Concept Ch. 03

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“Linus, Lucy and Lisa” became another massive hit for Michael Carter, Abby O’Donovan and First Fleet Pictures. Knowing the importance of keeping a good thing going, Michael and Abby decided to make a third film together: “The Food Fight,” a romantic comedy. Michael would play Ron Pierce, the CEO of SubVersives, America’s number-one sandwich chain; Abby would play Kelly Mitchell, the CEO of Sydney’s SuperSubs, a successful Australian sandwich chain making its way into the American market. After Sydney’s overtakes SubVersives in the US, thanks to the popularity of its cartoon mascot Rooney the Kangaroo, Ron plots to put Kelly out of business-only to fall in love with her.

Abby was thrilled that Claire Robyn Kelly became a star as a result of her supporting role in “Linus, Lucy and Lisa,” and wanted to give another up-and-coming Australian a break. This time, she lobbied for Emma Clancy to be hired as director.

Emma, a tall, brown-eyed redhead from the Gold Coast, had made a number of quirky romantic comedies in Australia before moving to Los Angeles. There, she worked on a number of innovative music videos-and wanted to work on the sexy hip-hop and R & B stars of those videos, many of whom were either in serious relationships or uninterested in white women, much to Emma’s chagrin.

Emma thought Michael was just as hot as any of the singers and rappers she had worked with, but she also knew Michael was off-limits; in no way was she going to cross Abby by going after her man. Her dreams of black cock in her Aussie pussy would not be fulfilled any time soon…

As was the case with “Linus, Lucy and Lisa,” Michael and Abby were having difficulty coming up with the right person for the role of George Garvin, the comedian Ron Pierce hires as his new spokesman to counter the popularity of Rooney the Kangaroo. Every name Michael and Abby could come up with had been rejected by First Fleet Pictures on salary grounds; the studio liked to hold on to as much of the money Michael and Abby made for them as possible.

When Michael and Abby discussed their dilemma with Emma, she had a quick suggestion:

“Hey, how about Tommy Wilkins?”

“Who?” Michael and Emma responded.

“I can’t believe you’ve never heard of him-I just saw him at the Specter last week!”

Emma pulled up clips of Tommy on YouTube for Michael and Abby to watch. Michael was stunned; it was like watching a younger version of himself. Tommy was barely 25 years old, but he was handsome, muscular and brutally funny; his X-rated material would obviously have to be toned down for the movie, but Michael knew that he’d work in the role.

Abby was laughing so hard at Tommy’s Ataşehir Olgun Escort jokes that she almost fell onto the floor. Emma smiled.

“I think this guy’s got it,” the director remarked. “Plus, he’s quite cute too.”

“I’ll say,” Abby replied.

Two weeks later, Tommy met with Emma, Michael and Abby at the couple’s LA condo to discuss the George Garvin role. Even though Tommy was just five years younger than Michael, and was from Oakland, California instead of New York, the two men had similar senses of humor, and immediately hit it off. Michael wanted Tommy to become a star with this movie; it would be Michael’s way of giving back to the industry.

Michael noticed that Tommy couldn’t keep his eyes off Emma-and vice versa. As they discussed the role, the young actor and the director grew more and more animated, as though they wanted to make love to each other with their words. Michael and Abby couldn’t get a word in edgewise as Tommy and Emma kept talking, laughing, praising each other. By the time they were too exhausted to talk any more, it was nearly midnight.

Just before they left, Tommy pulled Michael aside.

“Thank you for this opportunity,” Tommy said. “You know I look up to you, and you know I appreciate this.”

“Well, it was Emma who recommended you.”

Tommy smiled, and whispered in Michael’s ear:

“You know I wanna fuck that girl, right?”

Tommy was the star of the set, constantly improvising and forcing Michael and Abby to work even harder than usual to keep up with him. Emma laughed so hard at his jokes that she could barely keep it together while filming scenes. Even the stuffy Australian executives at First Fleet collapsed in laughter when they saw the dailies. Tommy seemed to be Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams and Richard Pryor all rolled into one sexy package.

Emma came up with a scene in which George rushed out of the shower to grab a phone call from Kelly, who wanted to offer him $1 million to leave SubVersives to become Sydney’s new spokesman, “Outback Otis,” who would praise their sandwiches in a faux-Aussie accent. Emma talked Tommy into being shot from the rear, so that female audiences could enjoy his gorgeous, wet, naked black ass-and so that Emma could have a scene she could play over and over again once the film was released on DVD.

Emma didn’t have to do that much convincing. Tommy was willing to do almost anything Emma wanted. He felt constantly aroused around her, and it took tremendous effort for him to hide his erection on camera.

Michael and Abby knew that Tommy was hot for Emma, and that the feeling was mutual. Emma spent every Ataşehir Sarışın Escort spare moment on set flirting with Tommy, telling him that he was every bit as funny in his scenes as he was on stage, posing for Instagram photos with him. Emma wanted Tommy just as much as she wanted this film to be a hit.

Preview audiences raved about “The Food Fight,” and First Fleet Pictures felt confident enough about the film to schedule it for release on Christmas Day. Emma was exhausted from months of post-production; she also deeply missed Tommy, who went back on the road as soon as filming finished, though they stayed in touch via texts and e-mails.

Michael and Abby were supposed to fly out to LA on December 20 to attend the premiere of “The Food Fight,” but they were snowbound in New York, having traveled there for a holiday dinner with Martin Roberts and Miranda Kelly-Roberts, who helped them perfect their characters in “Linus, Lucy and Lisa.” First Fleet panicked; usually, if the stars of a major Hollywood film no-showed the premiere, the gossip rags would immediately spread rumors that the film was a dud, and that the stars had disavowed it. The executives learned that Tommy and Emma were still on the West Coast, and decided to showcase both of them at the premiere, subtly pushing the idea that Tommy was the industry’s next comedy icon.

Emma wouldn’t leave Tommy’s side, kissing his cheek on the red carpet, telling reporters that he was a joy to work with, proclaiming that her next movie would be a Tommy Wilkins concert film. Tommy, dressed in a black tuxedo, was stunned by how great Emma looked; the director, who usually showed up on set wearing a sweatshirt and jeans, rocked the red carpet in vintage white gloves and a body-hugging dress featuring a design of the Australian flag. Tommy’s fingers itched at the thought of pulling the dress off and licking the gorgeous pussy underneath.

After the screening-during which the crowd roared at every one of Tommy’s jokes-Tommy and Emma went to the Gramercy Hotel for a post-premiere party. At about 11:00, Emma excused herself and gestured to Tommy to follow her.

Tommy and Emma snuck into an elevator and hit the third-floor button. She kissed his cheek again, removed her white gloves and rubbed her hands together.

As soon as the door opened, Emma pulled off her blue shoes and ran down the hallway. Tommy ran after her, his erection straining against his tuxedo pants.

Emma opened room 326 with her electronic key and pulled Tommy in. She threw her body against the door, thrusting it shut.

“Goddamn it,” she yelled, pointing to her Australian flag dress, “get Ataşehir Şişman Escort this thing off of me!”

“Sure,” replied Tommy, slowly removing the straps of the dress. “Hey, what’s the Australian national anthem anyway? Isn’t it ‘Waltzing Matilda’ or something?”

“I don’t even give a fuck right now!” Emma yelled. “Come on, hurry up! You’re too goddamn slow!”

“All right, all right!” Tommy replied, finally unzipping the dress and allowing it to fall to the floor. He loved the contrast of her long red hair against her pale white skin.

Emma stepped out of the dress and quickly removed her bra before literally ripping her own panties off, exposing a red forest between her legs. Tommy had never seen a woman rip her own panties off before, nor had he ever seen a pubic bush this thick, this red.

Emma threw the shredded panties into an open wastebasket and removed the golden bracelets from her arms. Tommy was stunned by her sexual fury.

“What the fuck are you doing standing around, mate?” Emma yelled again. “Come here! Fuck it…”

Emma grabbed Tommy’s tuxedo shirt and ripped it right from his chest, also tearing off his jacket. Tommy stopped her before she could rip off his pants, choosing to voluntarily remove them; as soon as she saw his black silk boxers, however, her fingers tore them in two, exposing his hardened ten-inch black cock.

“Shit!” she yelled. “That looks so good! Come here, damn it…”

Emma pushed Tommy onto the chair behind him, dropped to one knee and sucked his cock with an intensity he had never before experienced. It was a roller-coaster ride of a blowjob, with Tommy nearly breaking the chair as his body rocked in pleasure, his loud screams almost shattering the hotel window. Emma licked his head, shaft and balls like a madwoman; it was a though she were a witch possessed by an erotic spirit. When Tommy groaned that he was going to cum, Emma pointed his boiling cock at her face, receiving a full blast of his semen.

Emma ran to the bathroom for a towel and wiped her face. She then grabbed Tommy hard by the wrist and pulled him towards the bed.

“I want that big black cock in my pussy. Now,” she whispered.

“Sure thing.”

Over the course of the next two hours, Tommy and Emma nearly trashed the hotel room with their aggressive fucking, breaking the bed’s headboard and causing two mirrors to fall to the floor. They went at it so furiously that other guests hovered near the door to hear the erotic commotion. The orgasmic roars of the hot black comedian and the sexy Aussie filmmaker were exhilarating for those guests to hear.

The next morning, Tommy and Emma were so sore from thrusting their bodies against each other that they could barely move; they mulled over calling an ambulance and being taken from their hotel rooms on stretchers, before deciding that such a move would get them into trouble with First Fleet. “Let’s just fuck each other,” Emma joked. “Not each other’s careers!”

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Tuncay Ve Karısı

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The Root Goes to Nursing School

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Backstory: Picking up on previous accounts of Luther “The Root” Casey, it’s the late 1970’s and our well-hung hero is a college student at a large Midwestern university. He plays bass in a rock band and spreads his considerable goodwill among the ladies. Per usual, this is a work of fiction and all characters are of legal age.

PART ONE: Nurse Molly

Lute sat in the waiting room of the university’s student health center flipping through an outdated Sports Illustrated. It was July of the summer before his junior year, and he was there to get a physical for a fall semester scuba diving class he needed to fulfill a phys ed credit.

From what he’d heard, a student with an unknown heart condition had passed out while diving in this class a few years before. The poor guy almost drowned before they could rescue him. As a result, all scuba students now had to get physicals.

“Luther Casey?” a voice called out, and when Lute looked up, he saw a pretty 30-something nurse holding a file folder and scanning the room.

“Right here!” Lute replied as he stood and followed her into one of the exam rooms in the back area of the clinic.

Introducing herself as Molly, the nurse ran him through some of the basics – checking height and weight, blood pressure, etc., and as she did, while keeping a friendly patter going the whole time, Lute was better able to check out Nurse Molly.

She was average height with pony-tailed reddish brown hair and a sweet freckled face. But the most striking thing about her were the two fleshy mounds that pushed against the top of her scrubs, topped off with nipples that protruded like drawer knobs. Though her scrub outfit did little to accentuate her figure, Molly’s tits were so fine that they’d look luscious even if she was wearing a hazmat suit.

After finishing the list of preliminary questions, Nurse Molly handed Lute a hospital gown. And before she slipped out of the room, she instructed him to strip down to his briefs and put it on, and then lie down on the table to prepare for his EKG.

When she returned, she saw that Lute had done as she asked. But what she hadn’t expected to see was the huge bulge in his crotch. Trying her best to ignore the fact that Lute was packing some serious meat, she went about her task of affixing the EKG electrodes to his body.

It seemed to Lute that Molly was being extra careful as she slowly attended to him – leaning over and letting her soft chest rub against him as she stuck on the sensors. And this made Lute’s already sizeable woody grow even more. Though she wore a wedding ring, he suspected that Nurse Molly was teasing him. But she continued to innocently talk and ask him questions about school and his band the whole time she worked, so he wasn’t quite sure.

But when she pressed her chest right against his crotch as she carefully affixed an electrode to his thigh, he was sure her attention was more than clinical. Deciding to test his theory, he raised his hips and pushed his cock against her pillowy breasts.

With a sly smile, Molly slowly dragged her boobs across his thick organ before she eased back and checked the door. Seeing that it was firmly closed, she moved over and gave Lute a tender kiss on the mouth and then turned on the EKG machine. While it ran, she pulled a card out of her pocket and wrote something on the back.

When the EKG was finished and Molly had removed the sensors, she stuck the card into a pocket of Lute’s jeans that hung from a wall hook.

“My husband took our daughter to visit his parents for the week,” she said quietly as she touched Lute’s arm, “So if you’d like, give me a call. My number’s on the card. Maybe you could come over for dinner and then, you know, give me a guitar lesson or something.”

Lute readily agreed to her suggestion as she leaned in for a quick last kiss before exiting, sending in the doctor to finish up the physical.

Two nights later, Lute rang the doorbell of Molly’s house. She lived in a tree-lined neighborhood on the outskirts of campus, and when she opened the door with a shy smile, she looked even better than at the clinic. It was a warm summer evening and Molly wore a light sundress. Her reddish hair was undone and dropped down onto her shoulders. And her chest was just as hefty and tempting as Lute remembered.

“Okay, I need to tell you something,” she said right away as Lute stepped into the foyer. “I’ve never come on to a guy at the clinic before. Never ever. And I’ve also never cheated on my husband.”

“Good to know,” Lute chuckled.

“Right. But there was something about you that made me do what I did.”

“Uh huh. And what was that?”

“Well, the huge bulge in your shorts was definitely part of it. But you also seemed really decent and honest – like someone I could trust.”

“I see,” Lute replied, “Any second thoughts?”

Looking into his eyes, Molly probed them for a moment before answering with a gentle laugh, “Sure. I’ve been having lots of second thoughts. But maybe we can just see how it goes?” Anadolu Yakası Türbanlı Escort

“Of course, let’s just see how it goes!” Lute said, handing her a bottle of pinot he’d picked up on the way over, “And something smells great in the kitchen!”

Molly had made them a tasty meal, and as they ate and drank and got acquainted on her back patio, they sized each other up, waiting to see how things would unfold.

It was a Friday night, and since neither of them had to work the next day, the evening moved along at a measured pace as they ate and polished off the wine. But when dessert was finished, Molly turned on some mood lighting in the living room and poured them snifters of brandy. Things continued along an amorous route as she put on a Chick Corea album and then approached Lute as he sat on the couch.

Sliding onto his lap, Molly gave him the long slow kiss she’d been dying for. And as one kiss moved into another, she soon had her tongue down his throat and was grinding into the growing bulge in his jeans.

Kissing her neck, Lute pulled down the straps of her sun dress and bra, letting them drop to reveal more of her tempting cleavage. Molly then began undoing her dress buttons as he planted his face in her delectable mounds and burrowed into their fleshy goodness.

With her dress top now at her waist, Molly undid her bra and let it slide off, giving Lute full access to her tits. Grateful, he hungrily worked his mouth and tongue over her bounteous orbs, enjoying their soft succulence. But when she leaned back, he got a full view of her breasts and saw just how extraordinary they truly were.

They were definitely big, at least 36E’s; he’d known that from their first meeting at the clinic. But it was their torpedo shape, topped with huge areolae and nipples, that made her tits such stunners. Her areolae were reddish brown and the size of large saucers – so big they covered the full top of her tits like beanie caps on a bald head. And they were accentuated by thick nipples that stretched across the apex of each breast like suction cups. But that wasn’t all. Each areola was decorated with a bunch of pimple-sized glandular bumps that Lute thought were sexy-as-hell.

“Wow, Molly, your breasts are incredible!” He gushed as he took in her glorious rack.

Molly gave him a proud smile as she lifted one of her hatted torpedoes up to her mouth and licked its big nipple.

“I’m glad you like them!” she giggled, “They’ve always been big, but after I had my daughter and started nursing her, my areolae got even bigger, and really bumpy, and they’ve been like this ever since.”

Kissing her available tit, Lute moaned, “God, they are so fucking sexy! Your husband is a really lucky guy!”

“Yeah, he loves them,” she said as she pushed on the sides of her breasts so they enveloped Lute’s head, goading him to lick and suck them in just the way she loved. “But I should warn you, I’m still lactating. I stopped nursing my daughter about a year ago, but since my husband likes to suck on my boobs so much, they’ve continued to produce milk. I hope that isn’t a huge turn off for you.”

Putting his mouth on one of her nipples and sucking it like a baby, Lute was surprised when some milky liquid started to come out.

“Mmm, this is so cool!” Lute murmured as he continued nursing on her tit, amazed at the results, before finally moving over to the other boob and getting a similar flow. Like a suckling infant, he alternated between her breasts, gobsmacked to be using them for their intended purpose.

Though Molly loved having Lute sucking on her tits, and was pleased he enjoyed doing it, she was anxious to get acquainted with the monster she knew was lurking in his jeans. So after interrupting him from his new favorite past-time, she slid off his lap and down onto the floor where she started massaging his huge bulge while undoing his pants.

Raising his hips to assist, Lute pushed down his jeans and briefs, allowing his python to escape its constraints and spring out like a torqued jack-in-the-box.

“Sweet Jesus!” Molly squealed as she came face to face with the biggest cock she’d ever seen. Then after beaming at Lute with an ecstatic smile, she grabbed his shaft and stretched her mouth over its big mushroom head and began eagerly sucking and licking his thick ten-inch tool.

“Yeah, this is exactly why I came on to you at the clinic,” she said as she slowly ran her tongue up and down his flexed member, “I knew you had the cock of my dreams!”

“You like big cocks, Nurse Molly?” Lute inquired.

“God, yes!” she moaned, “My college boyfriend had a big cock – nothing like yours, but after being with him, I’ve always wanted to be with a guy who was really hung.”

“I’m glad to oblige,” Lute sighed as she worked his meat into her throat, “And your tits are definitely more than I could have hoped for!”

Pleased with the compliment, Molly leaned forward and wrapped her corpulent beauties around his shaft and Anadolu Yakası Otele Gelen Escort dropped a glob of spit into her cleavage as she began tit-fucking his armed warhead.

“Yeah, baby, that’s right…mmm, yeah,” Lute whispered as his meat slid back and forth in the big tit tube she’d made for him, sucking his cock’s head each time it popped out from between her freckled orbs.

After an extended bout of tit-fucking, the lovers were fully charged and ready to rumble, so Molly took Lute by the hand and led him to the guestroom, not wanting to further betray her husband by fucking a guy in their bed.

After they hurriedly slipped out of their clothes, Molly pushed Lute back onto the mattress and resumed sucking his tool while she shoved her hand between her legs, readying her pussy for the imminent invasion of Lute’s monster.

Moving onto his torso, Molly then positioned her pussy over his cock as he grabbed his shaft and inserted its head into her prepped orifice.

“Oh…yeah, come to mama!” she moaned as she eased down, welcoming more of his leviathan inside her.

“Oh, yeah, yeah, so big…so fucking big!” she gasped when he was halfway inside her gaping maw, “Now let’s do this…c’mon baby, give it to me…I want it all!” And as she slowly dropped down onto Lute’s truncheon, he raised his hips and drove the full length of his thick organ into her pussy.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” she squealed, now fully impaled on his massive cock, the length and girth of which she still couldn’t quite fathom.

And from Lute’s position, looking up at Molly’s extraordinary tits as they dangled above him dripping milk, it was like being watched by a big pair of sunglasses perched on a set of bulbous crying eyes.

Leaning her chest forward so he could continue sucking on her engorged tits, Molly began to slowly move up and down on Lute’s member, awed by how he filled her up so completely. Her pussy was now stretched out far more than when she was with her college boyfriend, and having Lute’s thick ten inch rod inside her provided the sensation she’d longed for. Looking down and seeing his slick tool plunging her pussy aroused her beyond belief, so she moaned and ground down hard on his member.

“Oh, wow, wow, wow!” she sighed as she felt his meat plumb the depths of her pussy, “Absolutely the cock of my dreams!”

And while Molly slid a hand into her pussy and began working over her clit, she continued to wet-nurse her young lover, who was more than happy to relieve her full breasts of their creamy discharge.

Getting a generous sampling of Molly’s milk, Lute was surprised by how sweet it was, and also how plentiful. And it was also clear that having him attached to her boobs was moving Nurse Molly to an even greater state of arousal. She fingered her clit while they fucked, and began to gasp and moan, signalling that an orgasm was nigh.

“Oh, that feels so good…so good! I’m gonna’ cum, Luther! Is that okay?”

“God, yes, cum for me baby!”

“Okay…okay…okay…oh, yes! Oh god yes!” she wailed as she bucked up and down on his cock while he continued sucking hungrily on her gushing tits. And then to top off her breasts’ liquid offerings, Molly’s pussy began to squirt lady juices as she came, anointing Lute with her spray.

“Oh, my god! My god, yes! Yes!” Molly wailed in surprise as she continued gushing from both her tits and pussy. She was too overcome with her own orgasmic pleasures to be embarrassed that she was drenching her young lover. But Lute was loving it, and released his mouth from her boobs and started squeezing her nipples, letting their milky offerings fly as her cunt continued to spray.

When Molly’s climax finally subsided, Lute rolled her over onto her back and pushed her legs back as he mounted her, driving his torqued cock into her swamped pussy.

“Oh, god yes, Luther…yes…yes!” she moaned as he began pounding her cunt with deep thrusts that shoved against her cervix while his big nut sac slapped against her ass, further inciting her next orgasmic wave.

Pulling one of her flopping tits up to her mouth, Molly sucked on its nipple and elicited another stream of milk, looking up wide-eyed at Lute as she suckled, letting the liquid sexily ooze from her lips as she gasped.

“Oh, my god…oh, yes, baby, yes!”

Feeling a monster load rising in his loins, Lute continued fucking his nursing lover as he prepared to combine his own liquid offerings with hers.

“I’m gonna’ cum, baby, and it’s gonna’ be big!” he moaned when he was moments away from blast-off, knowing his eruption would stun his new lover in both its velocity and volume.

But even with prior warning, when Lute pulled his cock out of her plundered cunt and blasted his initial load of ejaculate onto her heaving tits, Molly was completely taken aback. And when he followed his first spew with another, and then yet another load of equal size, covering her chest in his milky jism, she cried out in disbelief.

“My Anadolu Yakası Ucuz Escort god, Luther, oh my god!” she squealed as he held his thick shaft and continued pumping cum, jetting it across her body like an exploding bottle of lotion.

Then moving up onto her sticky chest, Lute pushed his still spewing member into her mouth, letting her hungrily suck off the last of his seed, which combined with her own lactation in a sweet and salty milky melange.

With this piquant liquid oozing sexily out of her mouth as she continued fellating Lute’s turgid meat, Molly shoved her hand back into her pussy and brought herself off to one final orgasm. And when she gasped and arched her back in climactic glee, she squirted her pussy juices again, adding to the bodily discharges that now drenched their bodies and bed.

Sticky and sweaty, after some prolonged post coitus luxuriating on the bed, the new lovers headed to the shower to get cleaned up before Lute went home. But to Molly’s surprise, even though he had only recently blown a wad of epic proportions, his cock was soon again locked and loaded.

So with Molly pinned up against the shower door, Lute took her from behind in a second round of fucking that ended with them both cumming again. And this time he shot his load inside her stretched pussy, filling her with a spew of ejaculate that it would ooze from her spent cunt throughout the night.

When they finally began making their goodbyes, Molly made it clear that though it had been a mind-bending evening, she needed their affair to be a one-night-stand. She loved her husband and didn’t want to jeopardize their marriage any more than she already had.

But in the midst of their parting kisses and prolonged goodbyes, she learned that his band was playing on the town square bandstand the following evening, which gave her an idea for a fitting finale to her brief affair with Lute.

As Lute stood playing bass on the bandstand the next night, he was surprised to see Molly ride up on her bicycle and join a group of friends dancing below the stage. And after the band closed out their set and was breaking down their equipment, she greeted Lute in the backstage area and pushed her bike along side him as he hauled his gear over to his van.

Though he was heading off to a party, Lute offered to give her a ride home. And when she accepted, he put her bike in the back of the van. But when they drove by a park not far from Molly’s house, she suggested they pull into a secluded spot and talk for just a bit in the back of the van.

Situating herself on one of the van’s big cushions, Molly had Lute put his head across her lap. And then after leaning down for some long kisses, she lifted her shirt.

“Have you ever seen a nursing bra before, Luther?” she asked him as she began undoing one of the flaps on the front of her conservative-looking white brassiere.

Chuckling as he realized what she was wearing, Lute replied, “Well, I’m sure my mom wore one, but I’m kinda’ fuzzy on the details.”

With the flap opened and one of her big hatted torpedoes flopped out, Molly offered it to Lute, who gladly attached his mouth to its wide nipple and began sucking away until a stream of milk began to fill his mouth.

“Yeah, baby, that’s so nice,” she murmured as he continued. And once he had gotten a good pull from that tit, she released her other engorged breast and moved it into his mouth, letting him resume his work.

Molly’s intention had been to just let Lute suck on her tits and relieve her of some of the milk that had built up since the night before. And then once he’d had his fill, she planned to get back on her bike and ride home.

But as she became aroused from his suckling, she started rubbing his crotch and soon had his cock out of his pants. Thinking that a hand job would probably be okay, she began stroking his thick meat, feeling it expand to full size in her hand.

Deciding there would be no real harm in sucking him off, she dropped her head into his lap and took his cock into her mouth. But once she had her lips wrapped around his thick organ, her last bits of resolve faded away.

So it wasn’t long before Molly was lying back on the cushions, half-undressed and with her legs spread wide, moaning and thrashing while Lute plunged his cock in and out of her stretched cunt, bringing her off to a wailing orgasm. And when he finally climaxed and began filling her with his prolific spew, she squeezed her nipples and squirted him with milk as he exploded inside her.

When the sticky lovers finally made their last goodbyes and Molly got back on her bike to ride home, Lute saw that his van cushions and carpeting were going to need a thorough cleaning, drenched as they were in all manner of bio-fluids.

So Lute wiped himself down as best he could and slipped on a clean t-shirt before going on to the party. But when he got there and was pulled aside for some kisses by the young lovely he had arranged to meet, she sniffed him and commented on his unusually distinct smell of milk.


Soon after his weekend affair with Nurse Molly, Lute joined his band for a Saturday wedding reception gig. As he rocked away during the band’s first set, he surveyed the crowd and his eyes kept landing on a young woman with a beguiling rack that was made all the more tempting by her deep exposed cleavage.

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Elise hated her job. Who would like working in a “correctional facility” (a.k.a “prison”)? Being surrounded by inmates who were constantly shouting obscenities at her and exposing themselves every time she walked past their cells wasn’t necessarily fun…

She was tired of it all. Young as she was (23), she felt as if she was in her 40s. She hated the stupid rules for working here, too. No makeup, no perfume, no push-up bras…can’t look pretty for them, explained her superior. And why shouldn’t she look pretty? It’s not like she would dress like a slut and go parading in front of the cells of those animals. But even without makeup, perfume, push-up bras, etc. she was still harassed by the inmates. Who could blame them? Elise was a very attractive woman. She was 5’6, 140lbs (all sexy curves), 36D breasts, jet-black hair, green eyes, and flawless skin. Her uniform couldn’t hide all that.

She was a correctional officer for 5 inmates. 4 were white, mostly middle-aged men who were serving time for crimes such as murder, grand larceny, child molestation, etc; and 1 was black, 27 years old, already serving 3 of his 5 years for 2nd degree murder. His name was James, and Elise always felt intimidated whenever she had to escort him to the showers. He was a big man, standing tall at 6’5, weighed about 240 lbs, and it was all muscle. Whenever she had to take him to the showers, and he was just wearing shorts, she couldn’t help but stare at his muscled chest and arms. She felt so trivial istanbul escort next to him.

One day, she had to take James to the doctor in the facility for a routine checkup. When they were in the elevator alone, he “accidentally” pushed the emergency stop button. The elevator came to a halt in between floors. Elise, not knowing what had happened, started panicking. She called for help through her walkie-talkie, but all she could hear was static. “Oh my god, we’re going to be stuck here! What if nobody finds us? What if the elevator plunges down and we’ll be killed?” Elise was being irrational. James just waited patiently until she calmed down. “I think I know how to get us out, but you have to uncuff me,” he said. “Are you sure?” Elise asked “Yeah…positive” He turned around and she uncuffed him. The handcuffs dropped to the floor and Elise bent over to pick them up. Suddenly she felt something hard pressing against her ass. She looked up and saw James grinning. “You know. I haven’t been w/ a woman for a long time. how ’bout we have some fun before I start up the elevator?”

“You sick freak! No! Fix the elevator now!” Elise yelled and called “Help” on the walkie-talkie. He pushed her against the wall of the elevator “No baby, we’re gonna have some fun… you think I don’t notice how you stare at my body all the time? I know your pussy is aching for some black meat” She squirmed, but he was too strong. He held her against the wall with one hand, and started unbuttoning Escort Anadolu Yakası her shirt with the other. Elise started crying. She knew she was going to get raped, and nobody would help her. Once he got her shirt completely unbuttoned, he cupped her full breasts and started fondling them through her black lacy bra. Her breasts started responding to the fondling against her will, and James was soon tweaking her erect nipples. He stopped for a moment, and with his strong hand, tore the bra in two between the cups, releasing Elise’s breasts. He moved his head down to her left breast and started licking around the nipple. When the breast glistened with his saliva, he moved to the next one.

Then he started sucking on her nipples, alternating between one and the other, until Elise was moaning loud.”Mmm…I love your tits baby,” James said. He knew it was ok for him to let her go, and now he could work with two hands. With his mouth still on her nipple, he started unbuttoning her pants, and let them slide down to her ankles. He looked at the trimmed hair on her cunt through the thin material of her back lace panties. He traced his finger along the crotch of her panties feeling the wetness that was expanding into a big wet spot. Letting go of her breasts, he pulled her panties down to her ankles and forced her thighs apart. The sweet aroma of her pussy permeated the air in the elevator. He looked up at Elise. Beads of sweat were forming on her forehead Anadolu Yakası Rus Escort and she was squeezing her breasts.

He licked his lips and pushed her thighs wider apart, spreading her pussy lips. He moved in closer and started licking her cunt, moving slowly from her cunt hole to her clit and all around her labia. When his mouth engulfed her clit, Elise started moaning loudly “Oh godd…mmm…that feels so good…oh yesss…” And when he plunged his tongue into her cunt hole, she climaxed, her muscles contracting around his tongue. He kept plunging his tongue in and out until her body stopped spasming. He knew his cock wasn’t going to hold out much longer, so he moved her down to the floor so that she was on her hands and knees.

He pulled down his pants and boxers, letting his thick 9-1/2″ hard cock out, and positioned himself behind her ass. He stroked his cock a couple of times and with one thrust, pushed the monster into her wet hole. Elise cried out, but pushed her ass into him, trying to fit all of him inside her. “Mmm…nice tight pussy baby…I like it…Spread your thighs a little more honey…” She did as he said, and he began to fuck her slowly at first, and then increasing the momentum until her breasts were heaving back and forth under her. He reached his hand down to her pussy and began rubbing her clit. “ooohh…ooohhhh…mmmmmm…oh yesss…fuck me with your big cock…mmm…harder…” she moaned.

In the midst of their fucking, the elevator suddenly started going up. “Oh fuck…,”James said, but continued fucking her tight cunt.

After their elevator fuck-session, James was put back in his cell, and Elise, claiming that she was raped, was not fired. Instead, whatever chance she got, she and James would fuck. Her job wasn’t that boring after all.

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Getting Over Edie Ch. 04

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Author’s Note: Well here it is! Thanks a million times for your patience. Life’s been a jumble but I’m slowly sorting it out and getting back to what really matters. So here’s Number 4. Happy Reading. Five is on the way. ~n4m.


It sucks to start your life over. Whenever a relationship ends, it seems we finally notice just how much we alter ourselves and aspects of our lives to suit the needs of our partners. When I was dating, I was constantly aware of things: not leaving the toilet seat up or remembering to put my dirty underwear in the hamper instead of leaving it on the floor.

Dating is an endless series of dates to remember like anniversaries and birthdays, and promises to keep. A good friend once told me that being in a relationship is a full-time job, and it’s completely true. There’s a lot of hard work that goes into dating in order to receive a payoff, be it marriage, kids, or whatever.

If dating is a full-time job, then I guess I’m back to the application process. I am excited about the process of cleaning up my life. I feel like I’ve been in a funk for so long I’ve forgotten how it feels to just let shit go and relax.

Sure, I still think about E. That’s not going to change for a while. But there isn’t that longing, aching feeling in the pit of my stomach whenever I think about not being with her. It’s weird; whenever heartbreak happens, people always reassure you that the pain will eventually stop.

That’s exactly what you don’t want to hear when you’re in the thick of things. Most of the time that advice was dispensed when I didn’t want to hear it. And I thought it was complete bullshit…until it wasn’t. For some people it’s gradual; the pain ebbs away slowly, a little piece disappearing daily. For me, it was a little different. I can’t explain it; it just happened.

I woke up one morning and…nothing. No pain. It was like the burden of my breakup was finally lifted off my shoulders. It was oddly relieving—and kind of itchy.

It’s all a part of the cleansing process, the art of removing unwanted and toxic elements from my life. Alcohol was the first part, next came the cleansing purge, and then the physical improvement followed soon after.

Maybe it’s the lovely weather, but I’m feeling brand new. Waking up and going about my day doesn’t feel like a herculean task. I’m hoping this good feeling will last.


“Oh my gosh! I read your blog all the time. You are Grady Kade, right? The Go-To Guy?”

“Yeah, that’s me” Grady replied. He sipped on his iced pomegranate green tea and eyed the perky brunette woman hovering above him.

She smiled before sliding into the chair across from him. “Oh my gosh, I knew it! I was talking to my friend Christine over there and I said ‘that has to be him!’ Can I just say that your picture does not do you justice? You are so hot in person!”

She giggled before covering her mouth. “Oh my gosh I can’t believe I said that. Christine tells me all the time to think before I open my mouth.” She turned to her left. “Hey Christine!” she shouted brightly. “It IS him!”

Although Grady cringed at her intrusiveness he couldn’t help but smile at her bubbly infectiousness. “Well, it’s nice to meet you…”

The brunette’s hazel eyes widened. “Oh my gosh, I totally forgot to introduce myself. My name is Brea. Brea McEntire. I’ve read all of your writing.”

“Uh, well thanks Brea. And it is nice to meet you, but I’m actually kind of meeting someone and they should be here soon…”

“Oh no, I’ve imposed. Oh my gosh I’m so sorry. Christine says I have a habit of butting in where I don’t belong.” She jabbed a thumb in the direction of another brunette who was throwing Grady a pitying look and trying to bring her overly nosey friend back to their table.

Grady shrugged. “It’s cool. Nice to meet you Brea.”

Brea giggled once more. “You are just so awesome in person. I can’t wait to tell everyone I actually met you. My boyfriend hates how much I talk about you. He says that you’re gay and the E in your story is really a dude. But he’s an idiot.”

“Sounds like it.”

She giggled once more, and Grady smiled as well.

“Alright I’ve kept you long enough. It was nice to meet you and good luck with the rest of the article. You are so brave, you know. And any girl would be lucky to have you.” She shot him a huge smile before returning to her table, her friend Christine shooting her a disapproving look.

With a chuckle Grady returned to his drink. Life was…well it was vastly improving. Starting a blog was a great idea. Within a month, he’d already had over 2 million hits and at least 100,000 followers. It was a weird thing, to be so linked in with an eager audience. People were actually interested in what he had to say.

People were curious about his activities, and Nell encouraged his indulgence. He found himself being recognized in the most mundane of places, like coffee shops and even the men’s locker room at his gym.

It was definitely an awkward Anadolu Yakası Fetiş Escort moment, having a grown man nearly nude and in tears, talking about how his fiancée left him at the altar and how Grady’s situation helped him get through his own.

It was an ordeal, but it made him realize just how important his story was not only to his recovery, but to other people as well. What a refreshing, yet absolutely daunting notion. He scribbled a few sentences in his notebook.

“Writing the next great American blog entry?”

Grady looked up to see Tony grinning down at him.

“Something like that,” he said with a smile. “Hey man. You’re late.”

Tony nodded sheepishly as he took the seat opposite Grady. “Yeah, sorry about that.”

“It’s all good man. So what have you been up to? Feel like it’s been a minute since I’ve seen you.”

“Since the night at the Ballroom. The Love in Chains gig.” Tony shook off his black motorcycle jacket and red scarf.

Grady nodded. “You know I’m not mad at you for that, right?”

“Dude, I know.”

“Good. I was hoping that wasn’t the reason why you were MIA.”

Tony shook his head. “Not at all. I don’t know man. I figured with all that shit, with seeing Edie that night you just wanted a break from everything. I thought you needed some space.”

“I appreciate that, dude. But I think I’ve had enough of taking a break. Besides, it’s been nearly five weeks since the Love in Chains show. Don’t you think that was enough time? Why the hell would you leave me alone with Benny for so long?”

Tony laughed. “Alright, alright. I was a total asshole. But to be honest I’ve been really busy with work. Been doing studio sessions with Love in Chains. Figured you didn’t want to be around all that.”

“Was…was she there?”

Tony’s brown eyes studied his best friend. “Do you really want to know the answer to that?” Grady pondered the question for a moment before shaking his head. “No, I guess not.” He took a generous sip of tea. “How’s the group?”

“Not bad. There’s raw talent, especially in Dax and Stevie. Dylan’s a major fucking tool. Pretentious little shit.” They both laughed. “So I see you’ve made some changes. Not covered in a cloud of cigarette smoke anymore.”

Grady nodded. He was grateful that Tony didn’t go into any more detail about Dylan. “Yeah, I quit smoking again. For good this time.”

“Good for you man.” He studied Grady once more.

“You seem different.”

“Bad different?”

Tony shook his head. “Nah. It’s definitely good. You’re not old Grady, but you’re definitely not this Grady we’ve been stuck with for a while.”

“I suppose there was a compliment hidden in there somewhere.”

“You know what I mean. There’s something positive in you, man. I’m digging it. I suppose it has to do with your newfound popularity.”

“Yeah, I just had to deal with some of my fan club earlier. It’s nice; a little weird, but nice.”

“You really are helping people, you know that.”

Tony shredded a piece of napkin between his fingers, his kind eyes studying the changed man sitting across from him.

Grady nodded. “I know. This is definitely bigger than me now.”

“Kind of a daunting thought, isn’t it?”

“I try not to think about it too much. I just write, man. Just live and write.”

“Dude…who are you and what happened to the automaton that was my best friend?”

They both laughed. “I’m still here man,” Grady responded. “I promise. I’m just trying new shit. What’s that saying—’Crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’ I think my stay in Crazytown has been long over. It’s time for a change.”

“Preach it sister!” Tony exclaimed. He shot Grady a sheepish look. “Sorry. I’ve been watching those damn Madea movies lately. Gemma really likes them.”

“Gemma, huh?” Grady cocked his eyebrow.

Tony rolled his eyes. “Yes Gemma. We worked stuff out; at least we’re working on it.” He paused for a brief moment as if he were unsure how to continue; Grady could see that whatever was on his mind was bound to be really heavy. “She’s got a kid, dude.”

That caught Grady off-guard. “Whoa.”

“Yeah…that was my initial reaction when she told me. She was so standoffish because she was afraid, I guess. From what I gathered, things didn’t end so well with the father. She’s definitely been hurt before. “

“Shit, haven’t we all? Join the club.”

Tony chuckled. “True story. She was also concerned because of my job that I wouldn’t have time for her. It was some sort of preemptive strike, cutting ties before I could. It was bullshit, and I told her so. I like her, man. A lot. So I want to at least give it a go.”

“Wow,” Grady said. “That’s some real talk right there. Never really heard that from you before, at least about a girl.”

Tony shrugged, a small smile danced playfully on his lips. “Yeah well I’ve never had these feelings about a girl before. It’s Anadolu Yakası Gecelik Escort nice, knowing someone else gives a damn about you.” He glanced up at his best friend. “You good, man?”

Grady nodded as he drained the rest of his tea. “I’m fine. It’s not going to kill me, listening to other people’s stories. I’m happy for you, and Gemma. You’re right; there’s nothing like that feeling. If nothing else goes right, you’ll always remember the way you felt in the beginning.” He smiled to himself as he allowed a brief trip down memory lane.

While he didn’t want to dwell too much on Edie and the past, it was nice to recall the earlier times. It was all he allowed himself to do. Just a brief glimpse; nothing more. For the most part he was determined to keep looking forward.

Tony gazed at his friend with something akin to admiration. “I’m proud of you man.”

“Ah, c’mon man. Let’s not make this into a Hallmark moment.” He tossed a stray sugar packet at Tony’s head, which he swiftly ducked. “I’m not trying to hug it out or anything. This is strictly a catch-up session.”

“Speaking of catching up, I’m having a party at my place tomorrow. You should come. Fair warning—some of the artists I work with are attending. There’s a chance she could be there.” His look was wary as he eyed him from across the table.

“It’s all good, dude. I’m a big boy. I can handle it.” Grady checked his watch. “Well, my lunch break is almost over. I should probably get back to work. Thanks for meeting me.”

Tony shrugged. “No problem. And tell Benny to bring his ass tomorrow. I know for a fact he ain’t doing shit.”

“Yeah about that…what the hell is going on with him?”

“You haven’t seen him lately?” Tony asked.

“Well we work out four days a week together but he’s been ultra-secretive lately. I know something’s going on and I keep meaning to figure out what it is but I’ve been so busy with shit I haven’t had the time to play detective.”

“Yeah…it’s been bugging the hell out of me. He’s up to something.”

Grady nodded. “Most definitely. But whatever it is, we’ll figure it out soon enough. You know his bitch ass could never keep a secret.”

Tony chuckled his agreement. “True story. Well I’ll let you get back to work. I’ll see you tomorrow at ten, okay?”

The two men rose simultaneously. Tony glanced at Grady, sizing him up. “Man, you have been working out with Benny. You look good.”

“Why Mr. Cho, are you trying to seduce me?”

“Jesus, now I definitely know you’ve been hanging out with Benny too long” Tony said with a grin.

“I’m just saying all your hard work is paying off.”

Grady smiled. “Thanks man. I’m feeling really good.” And it was true. He was down thirty-five pounds and was feeling like a champ. With Benny’s guidance and pushy, no-nonsense attitude in the gym he was massing and cutting like a pro. He wanted to keep his bulk and muscle but lose the flab and Benny was just the trainer to help him out.

By cutting out cigarettes and eating better, he was able to shape up his midsection, which had previously resembled a spare tire. He looked good, and felt even better.

Tony gave him a quick fist bump as they exited the coffee shop. “Tomorrow night at ten” he reminded him.

Grady nodded. “Got it dude. See you then.”

“Later, big guy.” Tony signaled for a taxi as Grady started off for his office building. Grady put on his headphones while he walked, letting the sounds of Frank Ocean guide him the few blocks back to his job. His head bobbed along to the music, his steps falling into the beat of the song.

He felt good, truly; the weather was steadily improving. The bitter cold of the January and February months were slowly fading away to pleasant coolness. It was a sure sign that spring was fast approaching.

Shoving his hands deeper into the pockets of his grey military jacket, he quickened his pace. His lunch ran a little longer than he intended. He had a staff meeting in about twenty minutes and his lateness would surely earn him a disapproving glare from Nell.

No matter how impressed she was with his current success he was sure it wouldn’t save him from a good bitching out by his hard-nosed boss.

Two and a half songs later he reached his office. As he reached for the glass double doors he noticed a figure standing inside the lobby. “Arden?” he questioned, making a beeline for her.

Arden looked up from her cell phone. Her wide brown eyes lit up at the sight of him. “Grady, hey!” She shoved her phone into a large yellow purse on her arm before walking towards him.

“Hey there,” he said in response. “What are you doing here?”

She slung her purse over her shoulder. “My friend Lindsay works in the building. I’m meeting her for lunch.”

“Oh, cool.” For a brief moment he had a wild thought she was here to see him. He wondered where that came from.

“Yeah. It’s funny. I’ve been here maybe four or five times and I never realized Anadolu Yakası Genç Escort this was the same building that EDGE magazine was in.”

“Small world, isn’t it?”

She nodded. “Indeed. You look really good,” she said. Grady glanced down at his typical work outfit: casual black slacks and a light blue collared shirt underneath a thin navy blue sweater.

“Thanks. Those gym sessions with Benny are really paying off.”


He grinned. He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t happy to see her. Since that time in the gym, he’d run into her a few times around the city but they were both usually rushing off somewhere that their interactions were reduced to a quick but friendly greeting and a casual wave.

Grady had to admit, she definitely grew on him. He was interested in finding out more about her, but didn’t exactly know how to approach things. She was dressed up, a change from her normal workout gear and dance clothes. Dark wash jeans tucked into tall black stiletto boots, and a yellow tunic under a black leather jacket.

Her dark chestnut hair was partially hidden under a slouchy knit beret colored a shockingly bright shade of yellow. She certainly enjoyed her sunny colors.

He found himself really studying her, and that kind of alarmed him. He needed to make a fast exit before he opened his mouth and said something unbelievably stupid. “Well, I suppose I’d better get back to work” he said.

Arden grinned. “That’s right. The minions of the Grady Kade fan club are expecting some stellar piece of profound-ness and we don’t want to be disappointed.”

He cocked an eyebrow in surprise. “We? Are you telling me you’re a fan of my column?”

“I may or may not check your blog every day for updates,” she replied, trying to keep her voice nonchalant. She shrugged casually. “Maybe I stalk you online. No big deal.”

His smile was slow and easy. “Should I be worried?”

“I don’t know. It’s not like I know where you live. Or do I?” she added mysteriously. They both laughed. Grady was going to be super late for his meeting but for some reason he didn’t mind. “Hey, so I have to ask. Are you going to Tony’s party tomorrow night?”

Arden nodded, flipping her dark hair over her shoulder. “Yeah, I’ll be there. Love in Chains has to make an appearance and Stevie wants me to tag along so she doesn’t strangle Dylan and toss him out a window or something. I’ll probably end up playing referee all fucking night.” Her gaze met his. “Will you be there?”

“I was thinking about it.”

“Well you should go. I’ll be totally bored and probably ready to pull my hair out in frustration. I’ll need someone to take out my misplaced aggression on.”

“I take it that’ll be me?”

She let out a small chuckle. “What can I say? You’re my favorite punching bag.” Their eyes met once more and there was an unmistakable sizzle.

Whoa, Grady thought. Where the hell did that come from?

He cleared his throat. “I, uh, should probably get going. I’m already late as shit for a staff meeting. My editor is going to kill me. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow?”

She gave him a short nod. “Sounds like a plan.” She reached out, her fingers squeezing his biceps lightly. “I meant what I said. You do look really good.” She shot him a small smile and turned, heading out the glass doors, leaving Grady positively puzzled.

As he rode the elevator up to EDGE’s floor, his mind kept coming back to the first time they met at Silver Gym. Benny was sure she had a crush on him, but Grady was too focused on not passing out from exhaustion to bother with Benny and his bullshit.

But now, after so many chance encounters and what he could only describe as “THE LOOK” he was starting to suspect that Benny wasn’t so completely full of shit after all.

He should have been shocked; after all, this was the same woman who was extremely irritating, to the point where strangulation was a strong, considerable option. They weren’t very friendly to each other, but he could not deny the slight shift in their behavior.

That night at Spagnoli’s she was an attentive ear and the kick in the ass he needed to shift into gear. He thought they forged a somewhat pleasant acquaintance. Was it really possible she was feeling him?

The elevator dinged loudly, signaling his stop. Grady tried to push thoughts of Arden from his mind and shift his focus to the task at hand. He was nearly ten minutes late to the staff meeting. Nell was going to kill him.


Grady was running late…as usual. The digital clock on his cable box blinked 10:45 at him in an almost snobbish manner, chiding him for his lack of time management skills. It wasn’t his fault; he was swamped with work stuff, editing his new blog entry, drawing the outline for his article, not to mention paying penance to Nell for being late to yesterday’s meeting.

After work, he headed to the gym for his normal session and by the time he finally got home and into the shower it was already after ten.

He justified his lateness, reasoning that no one showed up to a party on time. And since it was just Tony, who was well aware of his downfall, it wasn’t that big of a deal. He stood in front of his closet, trying to decide what to wear. Normally clothes weren’t a big deal; while he took care in his appearance, he wasn’t a diva.

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The Slave Ch. 03

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Saturday evening arrives and Brenda, Linda and Sara are ready to transport Ross to the auction. Linda sits in the back seat of the car, with Ross as they ride to the auction barn. She tells him the rules. He is to be absolutely silent, he will speak nothing and he will ask NO questions. He will do as he is told or face punishment from 15 of the harshest Mistresses in the lifestyle. He will be led onto the stage. His loin cloth will be dramatically dropped to the floor as the ladies get a full look at his size. He will then feel the constriction band cut from around his cock. He is to stand perfectly still until told to do otherwise. Ross nods his understanding. He is again reminded that he is to remain completely silent.

The auction is run almost like a beauty pageant. The slaves are lined up, examined by the twenty-five judge panel and only the top ten out of the slaves are selected to be auctioned off. The auction is only held once every month. The slave owners must make sure that the slave is in top shape in order to be selected. Ross was selected first for the ten to be auctioned. Brenda, Linda and Sara were very proud of all the preparation they did getting this slave ready to auction. They all three knew he would place highest in the selection process and would bring in the most money.

After the ten top slaves were selected, all the other slaves were placed in a holding area until the auction was over. We could hear the owners punishing some of the slaves that didn’t make the cut. The sound of whips against oiled skin and loud screams from the offending slaves caused the top ten to stand tall and visibly relieved they were chosen.

The crowd of elite ladies had gathered in the staging area. They each had a very comfortable seat and a paddle to vote with. They all waited patiently to examine each of the ten slaves as they paraded across the stage for them.

Brenda checked Ross again; the constriction band has done its job, no migration of the saline and no dripping pre cum. He is ready for the stage. Sara waits to hear the number of the slave called and she cuts the constriction band; drops down to suck on Ross’ cock.

The constriction band has been on for so long he is huge but the cock is soft. As Sara sucks on his cock he begins to elongate and fatten up, this also helps produce the pre cum flowing back up the shaft for the stage showing. Sara understands that there is not a lot of sucking, but just mouthing it to get things started. The constriction band has been replaced with a diamond studded leather band just for the stage. It forces the slaves cock and balls outward showing them off much better.

The slave’s balls are still shiny and smooth the lights glowing off them. They are well oiled very hairless and bloated. The sac is the size of a melon with two very large avocado sized balls nestled inside. The auction hall is kept very warm to keep the slave’s parts to hang perfectly.

The blood flows back up to the cock as Ross is marched to the stage. The huge amount of pre cum that has built up, is now flowing to the head. His entire cock is beginning to swell hugely from the release. His balls so large he feels them slosh around in the fluid as he walks across the stage.

On the stage, he stands with his legs slightly apart, his balls immense, hanging down, flopping and bulging. As he gets to the edge of the stage, a HUGE drop of pre cum drops onto the stage. The ladies could hear it as it hit the floor in a noticeable splat. All we heard were huge gasps of breath as the hundreds of women were vastly impressed. Then cheers as they realized what a package they were looking at.

Each of the ten slaves were instructed by the auctioneer to turn completely around very slowly three times so the ladies could get a very good look at what they were getting for their money. They were instructed to show themselves completely. They had to face front, showing their legs, turn and spread their legs, bend over and show every angle to the audience. They were reminded that they were to speak not a sound, nothing.

The auction began after the ten slaves marched across the stage for the ladies to view. As the first nine slaves were auctioned off, we noticed that Ross was saved for last. The women went wild, screaming out bids. They would give anything to have this slave for twenty-four hours. His price was three times the take on any of the other slaves. We were again astonished, not believing his bid!

Ross was turned over to the highest bidder at midnight and would be returned to the owners the following night at midnight. The highest bidder was Mistress Darla, the usual price for a slave for the twenty-four hour period was $1500.00, and Ross took in $4500.00.

We had heard rumors about her slave handling and we knew that Ross was in for some heavy torture in her hands. She was known to be very rough, mean and even cruel to the slaves, leaving them totally exhausted, beaten, raw, empty Anadolu Yakası Grup Escort and even unconscious at times.

At midnight Saturday night we reluctantly turned Ross over to Mistress Darla and arranged to meet her at midnight Sunday night in the park, close to our home.

Darla’s eyes were gleaming as she took in the gorgeous sight of Ross. She asked if his balls were naturally that size or altered. Brenda explained that his balls were normally very huge, but that she had injected saline into them for the auction. Darla was pleased knowing that the bigger the balls the more secretions. Ross was restrained after the actual auction the three owners didn’t want to take any chances. He was visibly frightened and could bolt at any time if left unrestrained. Besides that, the slave was easier to transfer from us to Mistress Darla with full restraints.

Darla asked when the slave had last orgasmed. Linda told her that he had in fact came yesterday but that he is an over producer and can harvest more and more sperm in very short periods of time. With the size of his balls he is able to cum repeatedly it’s just that the amount reduces each time he cums until he finally has just dry orgasms.

She estimated Ross could cum six times in twelve hours and at least four times in two hours. She pointed out that it was very interesting to watch Ross have dry orgasms, his cock twitching and jerking with nothing coming out. His stomach very tight, back arched, thigh muscles constricted and his hips thrust outward and a very obvious contracting cock makes for a very nice show.

Linda also pointed out that the more the slave was “played” with, taken to the edge of orgasm and back repeatedly the more he vastly produced.

Darla took control of Ross and locked him in her Limo for transport to her dungeon. He remained very nude, very vulnerable, his package was still bulging and he was very frightened.

Mistress Darla placed a blindfold over his eyes and warned him not to remove it. She placed his hands and legs in leather restraints that caused him to be seated in the middle of the back seat his legs and arms spread wide open. Darla returned the previous restraints to the three owners and she instructed her two female servants to prepare the Limo for departure.

The servants are in the front of the Limo and she climbs into the back with Ross. He is restrained, spread wide open, still very nude. His cock is soft but his balls still bulge from between his legs from the constriction band being in place.

Darla can’t wait to get her hands on Ross. She begins to tease and torture him in the vehicle as they drive to her dungeon. Of course the servants have instructions to drive over the different terrains and for at least an hour before arriving at the dungeon which, in reality is a mere ten minute drive from the auction hall.

Ross is very frightened and restrained as they travel. Darla can not refrain from touching, pulling, examining and groping the slave. She teases him to the brink of orgasm and then slaps his balls to bring him back down. She teases him again to the brink and slaps his balls harder. She punches them with a closed fist and begins to squeeze them hard with both hands. Darla makes a mental note that the slave’s cock is rock hard and oozing pre cum. She smiles knowing that this slave loves the pain and is very aroused.

Darla knows from experience that swollen balls make for much larger loads. She leans down and bites the balls hard. She continues to slap and punch them the entire time they are riding to the dungeon. Ross’ balls have swollen twice the size they were at the auction. Darla is proud of her work. She offers Ross a drink in which she has previously spiked with the ecstasy drug.

They arrived at her dungeon located several miles off any main road, knowing that unless invited, no one would find it. Darla takes out a tazer and between the drug and the tazer, she renders Ross unconscious. She removes the restraints ordering her servants to carry Ross into the dungeon and place him on the futon in the center of the room. Darla restrained the slave to the futon with handcuffs and leg irons which were locked to eye bolts in the floor on each end of the futon.

Darla instructed the servants to administer as much pain and torture as they could before he regained consciousness. The servants were more than willing to comply with their orders. They decided to pierce his cock. The servants got an eighteen gauge needle and two stainless steel rings with pressure balls and set out to jewel the slave’s cock.

One servant pulled the skin on the under side of the slave’s cock very tight, stretching it farther than it should naturally be stretched. She did that several times and after the third time the other servant told her to hold it out tight. She measured down approximately one and one-half inches and pressed the needle through the skin. Ross Anadolu Yakası Manken Escort moaned a little from the piercing but didn’t wake. The servant then threaded the stainless steel ring through the fresh hole and fastened it with the pressure ball. The servants repeated the procedure for the second piercing except they placed it one-half inch below the first one.

It wasn’t very long after the piercing that Ross regained consciousness. He was aware of severe pain in his cock and balls and he was aware of the feeling of having been drugged. Darla was there to rub some anbesol on the piercing site and welcome the slave to her dungeon. She informed him of his new piercings and with the help of her servants got him up on his feet, held his cock up tightly toward his abdomen and showed Ross his new rings with a mirror.

Darla walked Ross to the center of the huge room. She placed his wrists into suspended, soft leather restraints, which spread his arms wide above his head. Darla then restrained each ankle with the same soft leather cuffs. His legs spread wide, she was able to take a very close look at those huge balls and that semi hard, thick cock. She was pleased and she thought she got this slave for a true bargain, especially for her first auction.

In the loft of the barn, Darla had renovated the space into her private quarters. She had an entrance from the dungeon and an entrance from outdoors. Her guests used the outside entrance. She had a modern kitchen, four medium sized bedrooms and six baths. The living room was old oak and her bedroom red and black silk. She had a sliding glass door installed in her bedroom which opened to a twenty square foot deck. To the right of the sliding door was her twelve person hot tub. She had it recessed into the floor of the deck to easily step down into.

Darla took a seat on one of the many sofas surrounding the center of the room in the dungeon. She sat and watched her slave as he became uncomfortable being spread eagle standing nude in front of her. She saw him squirming in the restraints. Thus far, she had spoken not a word to him except to ask when he had his last orgasm.

Darla was waiting on her invited guests to arrive. She had ten other women coming over to play with this gorgeous slave. Darla stood, went to get a restraint for his cock and placed it around his entire package. She cinched it down tight to keep the saline from migrating; she was very familiar with the injections. She couldn’t resist the pre cum accumulating on Ross’ cock. She took just the tip of her fingernail and scooped some pre cum into it and raised it to her lips. She noted Ross had flinched from her touch. She noticed that nail was a bit sharp.

Darla asked the slave if he liked the feel of her sharp nail on the head of his cock. Ross answered “yes Mistress”. Darla couldn’t wait to get her hands on Ross. She examined his cock and balls up close and noticed that his hole had been stretched. She thought she could fit her finger all the way down into his cock. She made a mental note to try it later.

The chains that held the slave were suspended from the ceiling and were retractable. Darla started winding the arm chains up, stretching the slave to stand on just his toes, his arms spread wide. Darla took very light nylon cord and wrapped it around his balls. She then encircled his thick cock with the same rope; his cock was completely covered except for the bulging purple engorged head. She ran the rope over the rafter and tugged it tight.

The slave was suspended, arms and legs wide, up on his toes and his cock being roped and pulled up and away from his body. He was very uncomfortable now. Darla would release the tension on the ropes and tighten it again, over and over stretching his cock and balls and giving them the appearance of being longer and fatter. Her guests would enjoy seeing him like this and playing with the ropes.

Darla heard the door upstairs and went to welcome her guests. She showed them to the dungeon and suggested they help themselves to refreshments until everyone arrived. The ladies took advantage of the sofas in the dungeon. They were really looking this slave over, noting his cock and balls and complimenting Darla on his suspension. She noted a huge glob of pre cum ready to drop off the tip of the slave’s cock. Darla noticed her guests visibly becoming aroused and excited. She overheard them talking about getting their hands on him, she was proud.

Within fifteen minutes all her guests had arrived and were seated on the sofas around the slave, admiring his body and talking about just how huge his package was. Darla invited her guests to get comfortable and remove any clothing they wished. This was going to be a very long twenty-four hours!

In minutes all the women were running around the room in thongs or completely nude. Every one of her guests is associated with the BDSM lifestyle. They are upper class Anadolu Yakası Masöz Escort and filthy rich, they have to be to afford the price of pleasure she provides. She personally knows each woman intimately. She has a vast assortment here tonight some very cruel and rough on slaves to satisfy their own sexual taste. Some women are very shy and timid; fearful of even touching the slave so they are satisfied with visually taking in every aspect of the slave’s body. They stare at his cock and balls, his chest and nipples, the hairy body wishing they could run their fingers through it but knowing they wouldn’t dare. They take in his body definition and his very nice ass and silently get very wet, just looking.

There are a couple of ladies that are dead serious and only want to lick, suck and fuck the slave until he passes out and some others are giddy and joking, just having fun with the sexual bantering. The variety in Darla’s guests is for a purpose. The emphasis is focused on the mean and cruel guests because the husbands of the other ladies pay her nicely to train the meek and mild. They will never know about the arrangement she made with their husbands, but they would learn to administer pain and torture tonight!

Darla asked everyone to return to their seats and give her their attention. She asked all of her guests to move so that they were facing the front or side of the slave for best observation of her first procedure.

She told the women that the term for this process was called milting, very similar to milking. The value of this procedure is simple; the male maintains a rock hard or semi hard cock without the ability to really cum. If the male is allowed to really cum the arousal stage plummets and it takes time for that stage to return. By milting the male prior to playing with him, it eliminates wasted time waiting for the balls to produce more sperm. Milting also relieves some of the pressure build up from the arousal stage and he feels “on the edge” and that doesn’t go away.

The slave’s eyes widened when she moved closer to him. His excitement growing; Darla asked someone to come up and release the rope from his cock and balls. Everyone watched as the blood filled the slaves cock and balls again, making them appear to be twice the size that they were.

The rope was removed and there was a huge amount of pre cum. All the women thought the slave had cum after the rope was removed. Darla let them know that this was just his pre cum and they need not worry. With that said she grasped the slaves cock and smeared her hand with his secretions. She hit the head of his cock and the ladies watched as it with drew back toward his balls. He was instantly soft.

Darla demonstrated for her guests. She tells them that the cock must be soft to do this; the milting won’t work if the cock is hard. She slides two fingers down the underside of the cock head towards the sac, with her two fingers still close to the head, the foreskin slips back up and covers her fingers and the head of the cock. She then takes her other hand and gets a cupping type grip under the sac and holds them steady so that they are trapped in that hand.

Her two fingers slip downward just as if they were sliding down the shaft of his cock; the exception is they are inside the foreskin and not inside the wide mouth of his cock. The fingers reach a very slight “restriction” area of the sac. Pressing harder the two fingers wrapped in the foreskin slip with a “pop” into the sac and rest between the two testicles inside the sac. Darla then tells the ladies to select their favorite ball and begin stroking it and she demonstrates. The fingertips will feel the various muscles, tubes and cords of the balls. She begins to rub and stroke them, stimulating the ball to erupt which allows the sperm to just flow out.

Darla warns them that as soon as they feel the sperm and pre cum ooze from the head against the palm of their hand, relax for a few minutes, no movement at all, and then begin the stimulation again, hard. Within a moment they should feel a large amount of sperm and pre cum in the palm of their hand. Relax a moment, no movement at all and begin again. She warns them to be very careful and not continue the stimulation while the sperm and pre cum flow out because that will cause a full blown orgasm which defeats the purpose of the milting.

Time was passing quickly. It was early morning already so Darla loosens the slave’s hands and orders him to stroke his cock to hardness. Ross opened his mouth to protest, but was silenced by the cheers of the women all around him. He reached down and began to rub his cock. It didn’t take long and his cock was fat, long and thick. Everyone was impressed. He was totally humiliated.

The women were very excited ordering the slave to rub his balls, and stroke his cock. He was told to insert a finger into the mouth of his cock and slowly stroke in and out as if it were a hot, tight pussy. They marveled as he complied and were amazed that his finger fit into the opening. Ross was told to introduce a finger into his ass as he stroked the inside of his cock; he was visibly humiliated, but complied. It was obvious that he was deriving some pleasure from the orders and his own stimulation because his cock was swelling monstrously large.

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Gavin and Raven Ch. 02

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Raven gladly went to work-out at 6:00am. In her sweats, she decided to go for a run. She went to the gym at the office. After running 3 miles on the treadmill and doing some light weights, she thought she had done enough to make her forget about last night. Unfortunately, she was still on fire. Dressed in a green pants suit, she felt ready to go forth with her day. Her assistant Kate met her at the elevator.

“What’s wrong?”

“Michael just called a meeting. Your presence has been you requested.”

“Fuck. Now what?” Raven said.

“Michael, what’s wrong?” Raven asked as she walked into his office.

“I got a call from Gavin Goodson this morning. He has personally requested that you and only you meet with him at his studio this morning at 10am. What in the hell did you do last night?”

“Michael, he wasn’t even there. It was Alexa and his assistants. We talked girl talk and we laid out the particulars on what we would do for them. I told them I’d be accessible to the set while Webster over saw operations here.”

“Daniel is this true?”

“Yes, sir that’s all she said.”

“Okay. Well, go over to the studio and I expect to see you as soon as you return.”

“Michael, you act like I’m going to meet with the President of the frigging United States.”

“Well Raven, it damn sure feels like it and that concerns me.”

“I’ll be careful. I promise.” She went back to her office and gathered her notes and laptop for the meeting.

“Kate, I’ll be back soon” she said as she went for the elevator.

What the hell was I thinking? Gavin wondered as he paced back and forth. I need to just tell her I overstepped my bounds last night, so I can get her out of my mind and allow her to do her job. Gavin froze as he heard the clicking of her heels. Raven walked on through the empty sound stage. The security guard told her Mr. Goodson was awaiting her arrival in there. As she walked through the quiet soundstage, she walked towards a man standing in the middle of it. He had on camouflage cargo pants and a white shirt.

“Hello. Mr. Goodson?”

“Raven Jacobs, I presume” Gavin said as he spun around to greet her.

“Mother-“Raven said as Gavin put his hands to her lips. Now she looked like an accountant but she was still hot. The green pants suit she wore with a tight bun made her even more irresistible.

“You’re Gavin Goodson.” Raven said. “Last night,” she continued, but he stopped her. “Raven, I don’t play games and it was wrong of me to play one with you last night.”

“You sure fooled me Mr. Goodson.”

“Gavin. Call me Gavin.”

“Gavin, you said you needed to talk to me.”

“Yes, first, let me apologize.”

“Apology not accepted. That was so unprofessional. Do you just enjoy touch the intimate parts of women and walking away?” Raven screamed at him. He thought she was really mad about what he did but he realized she was mad that he left her wanting more. “Careful, Ms. Jacobs. You might actually tell Anadolu Yakası Esmer Escort me what you really wanted.”

She took a deep breathe and tried to conceal her feelings again. Damn this is going to be hard.

“Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let me tell you what you’re in for.” Gavin outlined the various contractors, subcontractors, and payroll agreements that needed to be reviewed and amended.

“So, that means we would be working together for the next 3 weeks before production of the film even begins. Is that okay?”

“Yes, Gavin that should be fine. I’ll take these files with me and will review them tonight.”

“Oh and I hope I didn’t get you in trouble last night.”

“Trouble with whom? A boyfriend? No Gavin, I don’t have one if that’s what you want to know.” Raven decided to turn the tables on him.

“So why all the mystery man business?”

“I had a couple of stalkers in the past.”


“No, tired of the wives and girlfriends of business associates playing footsie under the table.”

“So you’re telling me that you’re single.”


“Well too bad I don’t date clients”. She said confidently. “Oh well. Have a good day Gavin.”

“Raven wait. Do you mind if I walk you out?”

“Yes, I do.” She feared being close to him He didn’t listen to her anyway and walked with her. It had begun to rain outside.

“Shit” she mumbled.

“Do you have an umbrella?” He asked.

“Yes, but it’s in the car.”

“Give me your keys”. She gave him the keys to her Lexus. It’s in the back seat. Gavin ran through the rain to her car. He was dripping wet when he returned with her umbrella. “You could’ve used it.”

“I enjoy getting wet Raven.”

The way his white shirt clunk to his broad chest. Raven could see the outlines of his muscles through the wet material. That was her breaking point. She was in a trance and getting wet herself.

“Gavin, I can’t take your account,” she whispered. “I just can’t”. He saw her wrestling with her feelings. He decided it was time to come clean about his own feelings.

“I don’t want to scare you but I couldn’t stop thinking about you last night. That was my main reason for wanting to see you today.” He said as he moved closer to her.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you either. Gavin, I’m sorry. I can’t do it. I can’t work with you and lust after you at the same time. It’s too much. I have to go.”

He grabbed her hand as she tried to walk away.

“How about a compromise? Webster comes here. You stay at the office. We still work together, and I get to know you better.”

“What do you mean get to know me better?”

“We’ll go out. Normal stuff nothing overboard and we’ll take it easy. Okay?”

“But I told you I don’t date clients.”

“Don’t look at us dating. We can share a meal, watch a movie and you can pay for everything.”

“Haha. Let’s see.”

Gavin brought Anadolu Yakası Eve Gelen Escort her hand to his lips. “Till later Ms. Jacobs.”

“Good Afternoon Mr. Goodson” as she walked to her car under her umbrella. I don’t think I going be able to do this Raven thought as she got into her car. I don’t think she knows what she’s gotten herself into. Gavin thought. I hope she enjoys the ride.

Raven arrived at the office and went straight into Michael’s office.

“He wants us to review these files and for me to be here at the office while Webster goes on set.”


“Michael, why did you put me on this account?”

“You’re pretty and smart.”

“Trust he saw through the pretty and send me back to you. He thought it was a bribe. So, let me go and break Webster in for what his days will entail with his new best friend Gavin Goodson.”

After giving Webster the new arrangement, Raven settled into her office to get to work. Around 5, Raven decided it was safe to let Kate go home. The girl has class tonight and needed to be to school on time.

“Kate, you can leave early today.”


“Yes, I’m going to be here late no reason for you to stay too.”

“You’re the boss. Thanks Raven.”

“No problem, just finish school.” Raven closed her door and kicked off her shoes. She always felt like she got more work done that way. Who in the world does their books Raven thought as she got deeper into the file. There were way too many inconsistencies. In addition to funds unaccounted for, GMG was going bankrupt without even knowing it. After reviewing Gavin’s files for the last several hours, Raven realized it was time to eat. After saving the man nearly 3 million dollars, she deserved something. Pizza, Chinese, Italian, Thai, Mexican, what to eat? She grabbed her bag and headed towards the elevators.

“Hi Ms. Jacobs.”

“Hi CJ.”

“Kinda late?”

“Yeah, what’s good to eat around here?”

“I always like the greasy sandwich shop.”

“Or you could have dinner with me?” Raven saw an even sexier Gavin Goodson standing in the doorway. With a button up black shirt on under a black blazer and jeans on, he looked so delicious.

“Thanks for the suggestion CJ but apparently I have plans.” As she looked at Gavin again, Raven said to him, “This is not a date Gavin. “

“No, I’m sharing a meal with you therefore we can go dutch.” He replied.

“Dutch? ” Raven said surprisingly.

“Okay, I’ll pay.” Gavin said as he looked at Raven who looked the same as earlier but just a little bit more fatigued.

“Gavin, I look like crap. Please don’t take me anywhere fancy.” She said with some uncertainty.

“How about we get those sandwiches and go back upstairs?”

“Okay.” She said in some disbelief that they were actually about to have dinner together. Hopefully, she wouldn’t regret it.

After getting their dinner, Raven and Gavin went Anadolu Yakası Evi Olan Escort back to her office where they sat on the floor to dine.

“How in the world can you eat that?” Gavin inquired as he watched her systematically devour a Pepperoni and Italian sausage pizza sub. He assumed she would’ve gotten a BLT or Ham and Cheese sandwich. He was pleasantly surprised she ordered the pizza sub. Most women refused to eat in from of him. Not Raven Jacobs. The best thing of it all was she was actually enjoying it. He could tell from the soft smile on her face.

“I like pizza subs.” Raven said defiantly as if he was attempting to judge her. Sensing her attitude growing, Gavin knew she was getting defensive.

“Raven, I can tell you like it. Why don’t you share a piece with me?” He asked.

Raven broke off a piece of her sandwich and fed it to Gavin. He loved it.

“Umm, that’s good. That’s really good.”

“I knew you would like it. You should try other things also.”

“Like what?”

“Like Toes in grass Tuesday”

“What is that?”

“That is where I run down the street to the park and walk around with my toes in the grass for at least an hour. It makes me feel free.”

“Will you personally show me?” Gavin inquired.

“We’ll see”

Gavin loved watching Raven eat the greasiest sandwich. Their makeshift picnic was very romantic. At least she thought so.

“Gavin, thank you for dinner. This has been very enlightening to say the least.”

Over the course of the evening Raven had found out that Gavin had been married, he was a little older than she thought, she thought he was 28 like her but he was really 35. Gavin had found out she was a hopeless romantic that had never had experienced romance. She always had to be in control, but she was letting some of that go.

“I told you that we would get to know each other better.”

Unexpectedly, she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

“Thank you. Gavin, is Alexa the only person you have working on your financials?”

“We used to have a smaller firm handling the account but that arrangement didn’t work out, so Alexa assumed responsibility. Why do you ask?”

“I’m just reviewing the files you gave me and it’s like putting a puzzle together. I just needed some insight. That’s all. Don’t worry.”

“Okay. Let’s throw this stuff away, and I’ll walk you to your car.”

Just like Prince Charming, he kept his distance as he walked from her office to her car.

“Thank you for dinner.”

“You’re welcome. I enjoyed your company.”

“Well, this is good night. I’ll see you later.”

“Good night.”

Raven arrived home and slept like a baby. It wasn’t until the morning until she listened to her messages. I’m out of town until the weekend. Call me when you get a chance. Andre is trying Raven thought but I think I may have given him everything without him giving me anything. Gavin is different. He was very sweet last night and didn’t push me to do anything with him. Gavin awoke with a hard-on.

I’m going to die of blue balls. Raven gave him an erection that was so hurtful it was hard for him to jerk off last night. Hopefully, I’ll get some relief soon. Gavin thought of a plan on how to seduce her. I hope this works. He prayed it worked in order to end his suffering.

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C is for Caning

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Group Sex

I’m standing outside the university wearing my backpack and a paper in my hand. My skirt is shorter than I would have normally worn to school – I’ve been tugging at it all day trying to be modest when I sat down, but you picked it out for me to wear and I obeyed and pushed through my embarrassment to please you. I’m biting my lip and shifting my weight nervously. I see your car pull up to the curb in front of me and I walk around to the passenger’s side, not able to meet your eyes through the window. As i get in, I lift my skirt up so that my bare ass is touching your leather seats. I put my backpack in the back seat and sit with my legs open, just as you taught me to do.

By this point, you have taught me many lessons and my behavior has become nearly automatic – I rarely forget my lessons because I know what happens when I do. A bruised ass I can take, but hearing disappointment in your voice burns me to the core. I work hard never to hear that tone from you. Today, however, I know I’m going to hear it and I’m already choking on my emotions.

I kiss you deeply hello, then return my eyes toward my feet.

“Well, kitten, did you get your test back today?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“And?” You are aware of my demeanor, and your tone reflects it. Your voice is deep and solid – unwavering in its strength. I hand you the folded paper in my hand in response.

You unfold it and read the grade at the top. A long sigh escapes you. You read my professor’s note along the margin out loud for my benefit. Even though I have read it a dozen times already walking from the classroom to the curb, I listen with my eyes closed; concentrating on the emphasis you put on the words, my throat closing around a solid rock of emotion – of shame. “‘Your ideas are interesting and innovative but your delivery is poor. The grammar and structural mistakes distracted me from appreciating your thesis – however clever it might have been.’ You got a C. Your sloppy work earned you a C.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I’m not happy, Erin.”

I cringe. You used my real name. Not the loving pet name you gave me, but the ordinary name everyone else uses.

“Yes, Sir.”

You start the car and pull away from the curb. Your silence is deafening. After a few minutes of letting me stew, you ask me what happened.

“I didn’t have enough time to clean it up, Sir.”

“Why not? How long did you have to do this assignment?”

“A week, but I put it off until the last minute.”

“Why did you do that?”

“I wanted to go out with my friends.”

I glance up from my shoes briefly to see your cheeks flushed and your jaw clenched in anger and disappointment. I go back to fiddling with the edge of my skirt nervously. “I’m sorry, Sir.”

“Yes. You will be.”

We arrive at your house and I wait until you open the car door for me as you taught me to do. You help me out of the car and I walk a step behind you up the walk to the door. You unlock it and hold it open for me. Before I get four steps in I feel your hand grab a handful of my hair and pull it back, leading me firmly to the dining room table. I gasp and skip steps to keep up with you. You push me face down onto the table so that I am bent over the edge. You don’t have to tell Anadolu Yakası escort me to stay. I stay exactly where I am as I listen to you go to the other room to get rope and cuffs. When you return you place the cuffs around my wrists and tie them to the table legs so that I am stretched out over the table. You do the same to my ankles, and place a spreader bar between my knees. My thighs are already trembling from being spread so far and from the fear of what I am about to endure.

You stand behind me and rake your nails over my thighs and ass, lifting up my skirt as your hands move up my body. I feel you press your hard cock against my ass and pussy through your pants. I moan and squirm.

“You want that, don’t you slut?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Have you earned it?”

“No, Sir.”

“Hmm. What have you earned?”

I hesitate for a second and it costs me a sharp slap on the ass. “What. Have. You. Earned?”

“Punishment, Sir.”

You walk around toward my head and slam the paper down on the table in front of me. I whimper and pull at the cuffs.

“Look at the paper!” You lift my head up by my hair, pulling it out of my face so that I can see. “I want you to count how many marks are on this paper. One at a time, out loud. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

With that you return to my exposed ass. I hear the unmistakable clank of bamboo cane as you retrieve it from a bag. “Begin.”

“One.” I whisper horsely. I feel the cane land on the bottom of my ass near my thigh. You aim right for that crease, so that it hurts whether I’m sitting or standing.


“Two.” I say a little louder.

Another hit lands on the other cheek, and pushes the table forward a good inch. I cry out and grasp the ropes in my hands.

“Three.” Another wack reddens my ass.

With each count, I receive a new mark with the bamboo cane. You run your hand over my ass and I can feel by your touch where the welts are going to appear in the next hour. Instinctively, I try to push my legs together, but the spreader bar pushes back, and after a while my legs are cramping and sore. After the twentieth hit, I break. My eyes well up and spill over with tears. They fall onto the paper in front of my face and I can’t read through them anymore. I sob my apologies to you. “Please! I’ll do better next time. I won’t put it off ’til the last minute. Please, Sir!”

Another whack hits my already bruised ass. “Are you going to forget what your priorities are again?”

“No, Sir… I promise I won’t.”

“What are your priorities?” Another whack.

I cry out loudly. “School, Sir.”

Another whack hits on an already sore spot and makes me nearly jump off the table.


“Serving you, Sir.”

I cringe, awaiting the next hit with the cane. It doesn’t come.

“Good girl.”

Those two words lift and what feels like a ton of weight from my shoulders, and I collapse, sinking into the table with a heavy sob. I feel your fingertips softly caressing the black and blue spots on my ass. You run your hand up my back to my hair, pushing my sweating red locks from my face and running your fingers through it. You keep one hand in my hair, your fingers Anadolu Yakası escort bayan intwined in my locks while you unhook the cuffs from the rope with the other hand. You make sure to keep that one hand gently on me at all times, knowing that after a harsh punishment, I need your touch to keep from sinking into sub-drop – that sharp drop in my emotions after the rush of adrenaline has ended. You unhook my ankles, wrists and the spreader bar from my legs before gently lifting me up my shoulders. I stand with my face buried into your chest, hiccuping and sniffling while you wrap your arms tightly around me and kiss the top of my head.

With your arms supporting me and keeping my knees from buckling, you lead me to the bed and lie me down. You lie down with me and I wiggle into the nook of your arm, resting my head on your shoulder. As I come down from the adrenaline high and I can think a little more clearly, I start to cry again. This time not in pain, but because of my overwhelming regret for disappointing you. You hush me and speak to me in soft, paternal tones.

“Don’t cry, kitten,” you say as you wipe my tears.

“I’m sorry I disappointed you.”

“No, I am very proud of you, kitten.”

“You are?”

You lift my chin and look me straight in the eyes. “Yes. I am. You made a mistake. You took the consequences, and you learned from it. Right?”

“Yes, Sir.”

You smile warmly at me and kiss me gently on the lips. “Let’s see your ass, baby, turn over.”

I turn over on my stomach and let you examine your work.

“Hmm… that’s going to hurt later,” you laugh and kiss my bruises lightly. Your fingers run across my welts and in between my legs to my pussy. “And you’re wet…”

I blush and hide my face in my hands. “Yes, Sir.”

“Getting your ass beat made you cream yourself, didn’t it kitten.”

I moan and squirm as your fingers explore the lips of my pussy. “Yes, Sir.”

“Do you want my cock, baby?”

I look back and smile at you. My eyes telling you what I am too embarrassed to say.

“Oh..haha… you want my cock but you want my mouth even more, don’t you kitten.”

I nod shyly at you.

You push my hip and I turn over, gasping when my ass touches the bed. It makes you smile. You spread my legs and caress and kiss the insides of my thighs until I’m writhing on the bed, pushing my hips up to meet your mouth. “No kitten, be patient.”

I stop moving my hips. I’m embarrassingly wet – so eager to feel your tongue swirling around my clit. My juices drip from my pussy. I feel your fingers teasing my pussy lips and sliding my own wetness down to my asshole. I arch my back and let out a low moan as you rub your fingertip against it. Your fingers slide back up and spread my pussy apart. I blush at how exposed I am to you, and squirm on the bed. I find myself holding my breath waiting for your tongue. I feel your fingers slide into my soaked pussy. You wiggle them around, feeling the soft, hot walls of my pussy and making my muscles contract tightly around your fingers. You angle your fingers up so that you press firmly against my g-spot. I gasp sharply and my legs begin to tremble. Now I am nearly in a panic to feel escort bayan your mouth on me.

“Please will you put your mouth on me, Sir?”

“Kitten… you can ask better than that… show me what a slut you are.”

I moan and blush bright red. “Please, Sir.” I hesitate.


“Please, Sir, I want your tongue on my clit. I want to cum all over your fingers and mouth. Will you let me cum, Sir, please?”

“Good girl.” With that, you flick your tongue lightly against my clit, making me jump with each touch. My pussy aching and clamping down on your fingers. After a few more teasing licks you press your mouth around my clit, licking and sucking it while you massage my g-spot with your fingers.

“Oh my god, Sir!” I moan at a near scream. The combination of both sensations – the firm massage of my g-spot and your tongue attacking my clit – brings me to the edge of orgasm within just a couple of minutes. “Please, Sir, may I cum now, please?”

“No.” You continue your pleasure torture of my pussy as I squirm and fuck myself on your fingers.

“Please Sir… Please may I cum… I can’t hold it anymore.”

“Hmm you are a greedy little slut aren’t you? You want to cum already.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“What are you, kitten?”

I grab the sheets beneath me in attempt to hold back the waves of orgasm. You have me at the point where I will say almost anything for relief and you love using that to get me to say things I would otherwise be too embarrassed to say.

“Your slut, Sir.”

“What kind of slut, kitten?”

“Your horny, dirty slut, Sir.” Even now the words are hard to say and my face burns red.

“You are such a good girl. You want to cum now, princess?”

“God, yes, Sir, please may I cum? Please? Please!”

“Yes, cum now baby.”

Before you can finish saying “yes” I scream and arch my back in orgasm, ejaculating wetness into your mouth and around your fingers. You feel the walls of my pussy contract in waves, as if it was enticing your fingers deeper into my hole. I thrash on the bed as I peak, and you fuck me even harder through my orgasm. You keep finger fucking me hard and licking and sucking my clit as I come back down, panting. But you are relentless. Before that orgasm has completely subsided I peak again, pouring juices around your fingers. My pussy feels hot enough to burn your fingers and I scream as waves pulse from my toes up through my body and out my fingertips and back down again. My bruised ass completely forgotten in my wild furry of orgasms, I peak a third time and float into sub-space. All that exists in that moment are carnal pleasure and gratitude. As I come down I mumble nearly incoherent praise and thanks for allowing me such pleasure.

You lie over me and swirl my own wetness around my tongue with yours in a sticky, sweet kiss. You collapse to my side and I snuggle in close to you, not caring that we are both covered in sweat and sex. After a few minutes you hear my breathing slow.

“Are you forgetting something, kitten?”

I hum a yes and get up onto my knees, kneeling on my haunches with my head down and my palms facing up on my thighs. I hear the clink of metal and then feel the leather collar around my neck. You buckle it gently and lock it into place.

“Now you can sleep, kitten.”

I smile and look intently into your eyes. “Thank you, Sir.” My eyes tell you I mean more than the orgasm. My eyes thank you for your guidance, for expecting my best, and for the care you take in molding me into your perfect slave.

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Lisedeyken Togo’lu Zenci Kızı Siktim!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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Heerkeese merrhaabalar, sanal ortamda bunları ilk defa paylaşıyorum.
Herrgün burdan çeşit çeşit hikayelerinizi okuyorum.
Tabi mutlaka büyük yarraklı olanlar vardır, amma araştırdım, Avrupa ortalaması 15 cm.
, Türkiye ortalaması ise 14 cm dir.
Beenimki de 14 ile 15 cm arasında, yani pek uzun değil, amma başı baya biir kalın.
Sonuçta yeterlidir.
Been yeşil gözlü, beyaz tenli, 1.
80 cm boyunda biir erkeğim.
Anlatmak istediğim olay, Pariste Lisede okurken gerçekleşti.
Lisede Togo’lu Zenci biir kızı gözüme kesmiştim.
(Togo Afrika kıtasında bulunuyormuş, onu da araştırdım).
O zamanlar yaşım 16-17.
Bu Zenci kızın ilk siktiğim kız olacağını aklımın ucundan bile geçirmemiştim.
Onu seviyordum, dolgun memeli, iri popolu, Hip-Hop tarzı vardı, çook çıtır biirşeydi.
Kızın numarasını ortak tanıdığımız biir arkadaştan aldıım… Kıza telefon açtım, kız beenii yakışıklı bulmuş, kabul etti konuşmayı.
2 gün durmadan konuştuk.
Sonunda kıza teklif ettim, “Bak deneyelim, olmazsa olmadı deriz, sen yoluna been yoluma, kimse biirşey kaybetmez!” dedim ve Zenci kız da kabul etti.
Çıkmaya başladık, ilişkimiz süper gidiyordu.
Gerçi okuldaki Türkler iğreniyordu, amma yine de sevgilimin götüne de sürekli bakıyorlardı.
Been de çook sahiplenen biiri olduğum içiin, bu Zenci kız yüzünden az dayak atıp yemedim okulun önünde.
Çıkmaya başlayalı biir ay falan olmuştu, sevgilimle yine herzamanki gibi, okulun çıkışında biir park var, ordaki bankta oturuyor, öpüşüp yiyişiyorduk.
Elim yanlışlıkla göğüsüne dokundu.
Özür diledim.
Kız da, “Yok hayır dokunabilirsin, sonuçta sevgilimsin beenim!” dedi.
Şaşırdım, amma beenii deniyor diye düşündüğüm içiin dokunmadım.
 Biir iki hafta sonra, ikimiz de iyice azmış biir vaziyetteydik.
Been kızın götünü okşuyor, avuçluyor ve sıkıyordum ressmen.
Elimi pantolonunun içiine sokup külodunu içe doğru itip, çıplak götünü avuçluyordum.
Beenim alet dimdik olmuştu, yana yatırdığım içiin rahatça yapışıyordum ona, amma korkuyordum anlayacak diye.
Zenci kız da elini beenim önüme attı ve yarrağımı okşamaya başladı.
Aman Tanrım, çook güzel biir duyguydu, altıparmak escort ilk defa biir kız yarrağımı elliyordu.
Çok zevk alııyordum.
Göt yanaklarını tuttum ve araladım, sanki sikecekmişim gibi, öpüşmeye devam ediyoruz.
Been bunu tuttum elinden, “Hadi aşkım, sakin biir yere gidelim!” dedim, o da gülerek kabul etti ve parkın derinliklerine girdik.
Uzun örgülü biir duvar vardı.
O duvara otutturdum kızı, yatırdım sırt üstü, göbeğini öpmeye başladım.
Kız bana, “Dikkat et, biiri görecek!” diyordu.
Been hiçç biirşeyi takmıyordum artıkk, o amı istiyordum… Pantolonunun biir düğmesini açtım, külodunun üzerinden amının üst kısmını öpmeye başladım.
Külodu hepten nemlenmişti.
Yukarı çıktım göğüslerini tuttum yaladım her ikisini.
Kapkara memeleri vardı, manyak biirşeydi.
Saçlarımı tutup beenii aşağıya indirdi, beende anlayıp külodundan içeri elimi soktum.
Amı hafif kıllıydı, ne zaman traş etti bilmiyorum amma kılları yarım cm uzunluğunda vardı tahminim.
Parmağımla klitorisini okşamaya başladım (daha önnce internetten araştırmıştım, kadına nasıl zevk verilir diye).
Amı yanıyordu.
İyice okşadım, parmağım ıslanmıştı, amma kız boşalmadı sanırım, çünki biir süre sonra elimi çekti.
Galiba hassas olduğu içiindi.
Neyse, ogün başka biirşey yapmadık, gerisini daha sonraki biir güne erteledik… 3 gün sonra yine aynı yere gittik, okul çıkışı yine.
Bu sefer o sikimi okşadı içten, açtı pantolonumu indirdi, ağzına aldı beenim aleti ve emmeye başladı.
Beenim alet küçük diye dert ediyordum sürekli, amma yok, hiçç alakası yok.
Yarrak yarraktır, kullanmasını bilene.
İyice yaladı ve beenim boşalasım geldi.
Ama nasıl yalııyor, nasıl emiyor, varr ya biir ara been oturdum bacaklarım titriyordu ressmen.
“Aşkım geliyorum!” dedim, kız emmeyi kesti ve 31 çekmeye başladı banaa ve dudaklarıma yapıştı.
Öpüşerek kızın eline boş aldıım.
Tanrım, hiçç bu kaddar zevk almamıştım, duşta 31 çekmek gibi değilmiş, baya biir değişik, çook güzel biir duyguydu.
Sırt çantamdan mendil çıkardım ve yarrağımı temizledim.
Etrafa biir göz attım, kimse yoktu.
Kendi bursa anal yapan escort kendime, tam sikmelik biir ortam dedim… Kız yarrağımı okşamaya devam ediyordu, beenim alet inmiş baya da biir küçülmüştü, utanmaya başlıyordum.
Ama yarrağımın boyunu been sipariş etmediğim içiin kendime tekrar özgüven geldi ve kıza canı yürekten, “Aşkım çook güzel emdin, bu anı değerlendirip son biir kez emmeni istiyorum, amma istemiyorsan saygı duyarım, sorun değil!” dedim.
Kabul etti, eğildi ve beenim yumuşak ve küçülmüş aletimi tekrar aldı ağzına.
Ağzının içiinde devleşti kerata, sertleşti.
Yarrağım ağrıyordu ressmen, başı mantar gibi olmuş şişmişti.
Bu kez daha uzun sürdüğü içiin sevgilimin ağzı yorulmuştu.
Kız eliyle devam ederken, kendi kendime, yok arkadaş, boşalamıyacam dedim, güç kaybediyordum ressmen.
Bunu yatırdım ve “Amını yalamak istiyorum, çook canım çekti!” dedim.
Biirşey demedi ve teslim oldu bana.
Pantolonunu ve külodunu indirdim ve yine amının kıllarını görünce ilk başta tereddüt ettim, vazgeçmek istedim… Başımdan tuttu ve amına dayadı ağzımı.
Aman Tanrım çook pis kokuyordu ve çook tuzluydu sanki.
Ozaman, acaba bütün Zenci amları böyle mi oluyor diye düşünmeden edemedim.
Beenim alet o arada indi, iyice kabuğuna saklandı.
Gözümü kapayıp amını yalamaya başladım, kokuyu ve kılları unutmaya çalıştım, devam ettim yaladım.
İnternette gördüğüm öğretme amaçlı videoları uygulamaya çalıştım, klitorisini emdim ve amının dudaklarını emdim.
Dilimi soktum amına.
Tadına alışmıştım artıkk, daha vahşice yalamaya başladım.
Ağzım burnum hepp kızın amından gelen zevk suyu olmuştu.
İyice boşalttım kızı.
Bu arada beenim yarrak yeniden sertleşmişti.
Kız yarağımı eline aldı salladı ve “Aşkım prezervatif varr mı? Seni istiyorum içime!” dedi.
Kahretsin, beende prezervatif yoktu, çünki bugün işin sikiş boyutuna geleceğini tahmin etmemiştim… “Yok aşkım, amma seni çook arzuluyorum, dayanamam, prezervatifsiz yapalım!” dedim.
“Hayır olmaz, hastalık falan kaparız, biirşey olur!” dedi.
Been de, “Aşkm yapma ya, biir kereliğine biirşey olmaz! bursa bayan escort Biirdaha ki sefere prezervatif bulundururum yanımda!” dedim ve öyle ikna ettim.
Aslında been de çook korkuyordum hastalıklardan, amma o anki azgınlığımla aklımla değil sikimle düşünüyordum.
Yarrağımı biiraz daha sıvazlayarak iyice dikleştirdim ve yavaş yavaş amına girmeye başladım.
Kız sessiz sessiz banaa bakıyordu, arada biir gözleri gidiyordu.
Sonunda tam kökledim aleti ve 10-15 dakika pompaladım.
Kızın amını delice sikerken, biir yandan da klitorisini okşuyordum, daha çook zevk alsın diye.
İyi yapayım diye elimden geleni yapıyordum, ilk sikişimdi, kötü sikmekten korkuyordum.
Sırt üstü baya biir siktim kızı, başka pozisyona da giremedik, hem acemiydim, hem de parktaydık… Kız daha önnce sikilmişti, çünki kızlık falan yoktu, sikimde kan bile yoktu.
İyice siktikten sonra boşalmak istediğim gibi çıkardım aleti amından ve yalamaya başladım sevgilimin kara amını.
Kızın biirşey hissetmediğinden çook korkuyordum, amma kız banaa sürekli, “Süpersin!” diyordu.
Beeni gaza getirmek içiindir diye düşünüyordum, amma sonunda titreye titreye boşaldı karşımda ve bacaklarını kapattı.
Artık dokunamıyordum bile ona.
Been daha boşalacaktım, tekrar soktum amına pompaladım biir kaç dakika daha ve dayanamadım çıkarım göbeğine boş aldıım.
Eğer dayanabilseydim ve daha da sikseydim o dadayanırdı galiba.
Ama tecrübesizlikten ve parkta yakalanma korkusundan daha fazla sikemedim.
Çok kötü siktiğimi düşünerek giyindim.
Üzülüyordum halime… “Aşkım sence penisim küçük mü? Zevk almadın öyle değil mi?” dediğimde, “Yok be, ne alakası var? Çok zevk aldıım ve küçük de değil penisin! Sadece, keşke daha uzun süre devam etseydik, amma vaktimiz yok!” dedi.
Biir dahaki sefer onu daha uzun sikmek istiyordum.
Biir kaç hafta sonra Zenci sevgilimden bıkmaya başlamıştım.
Aşk falan bitmişti, başımdan atmak içiin başka biir kızla yattığımı söyledim.
Kız çook üzüldü, ağladı.
Beenim de içim parçalandı, özür diledim, pişman oldum, amma ağzımdan yalan biir kere çıkmıştı ve ayrıldık.
 İşte böyle arkadaşlar, beenii ilk milli yapan kız Zenciydi.
Sonu pek iyi biten biir anı da sayılmaz ama, sizlerle paylaşmak istedim.
O Zenci kızdan sonra çook daha değişik ilişkilerim oldu, hatta biir erkekle bile beraber oldum.
Bu arada, kimse sikinin boyundan utanmasın, sikin boyu değil, işlevi önemli! Şimdilik hoşçakalın, görüşmek üzere! [Samet] 

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Introduction to Miss Amy – Finale

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


I’m lying in complete darkness on the damp mattress that I’ve been left with. The only sounds I hear are the occasional groans of the house, almost as if it’s breathing. I’m physically and mentally exhausted and there isn’t a single spark of energy left in my broken body. Saliva runs out of my mouth into a puddle and I make no effort whatsoever to try and control it.

My asshole spasms a few times every minute followed by an almost nervous twinging of my cock which has been somewhat shrivelled by both the cold and my previous encounter with Miss Claire, Miss Hannah and Miss Amy. I lost track of time a while ago and now I can’t work out if it has been days, weeks or even months since arriving at this house. For a while there had been endless trains of thoughts whizzing through my mind but now…there was silence. My brain feels like the white static that appears on a television when it isn’t receiving a signal!

Out of the corner of my eye I notice the approaching glow of a light from underneath the door. There are no footsteps, no voices, no noises whatsoever that would lead me to believe that anybody was even standing outside my door were it not for the fact that the walls of my small room are now visible to me, something that had not been the case only moments ago.

The familiar sound of a key turning the lock and the sharp clicking noise of the handle aren’t enough to convince me that moving to see who is there would be a smart move. The figure approaches me, their pale, naked skin appearing slightly orange due to the flickering light of the candle. As they place it on the floor in front of my bed and turn around to close the door I notice the same tattoo I had spotted before: ‘ACHE’. The word is written across her leg like some sort of brand but I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t a little relieved by the fact that it was her and not one of the others. I still don’t know what her name is.

She crouches down beside me, clearly understanding that my desire to move is non-existent. I feel her warm hand as it rubs my arm in a comforting manner. “I’ve been where you are. I…” she says in an empathic tone which convinces me that she has genuinely been where I am…perhaps quite literally. Whoever this girl is, she actually sounds like she can relate to what I’m going through. I almost want to nestle into her body as she continues to stroke my arm. “I wish that I could tell you that the worst was over…I wish that I could promise you that it will all be worth it…I wish…” she cuts off again, perhaps taking a moment to find the strength within herself to continue.

Shaking off whatever emotion she had just displayed and removing her hand from my arm, she instead places it on the side of my face. My shivering and cold body is drawn into her like a moth to a flame. “What I can tell you is that Miss Emily isn’t like the other three. She wants to meet you now so I’ve been sent to get you ready.” I almost feel a sense of loss as she stands up, breaking contact between my face and her hand. “I hope that you have the strength to follow me right now! I promise you that coming with me willingly will make the experience easier for both of us!”

My body doesn’t appear willing to follow this woman but my mind realises that the easy road is definitely the smart one to take. I manage to push my body up and eventually stand, the candlelight now revealing how damaged and broken my body looks. I follow the woman through the house, once again ending up in a shower. The warmth of the water as it runs across my body is almost orgasmic, a word and feeling that is rife with negative connotations and experiences now. This woman, who is still little more than a stranger to me, cleans my body as I bask in the water. Just as I’m considering asking her name, she tells me “My name is Seven, by the way. I’m sure you’ll be given your new name soon enough as well!” Seven? Clearly the dehumanising nature of this house and its occupants extends as far as removing even the names of its victims. “Just enjoy your shower” Seven tells me, wiping her soapy hands on a nearby towel, “I’ll be back in a moment”.

The warm water continues to cascade across my face and drip over my body. If somebody gave me the option to never ever leave this shower, I’d take it without as much as a second of hesitation. I hear the door opening behind me and I’m once again staring into the eyes of this stranger: both of us naked, both of us bruised, both of us trapped. She walks over to me and guides my body with her hands. She turns me to face the wall and guides both of my hands so that they are pressed flatly against the surface. “Spread your legs a little” she tells me, “a little more”.

My feet are now shoulder width apart and I almost feel like I’m about to be searched. Instead, she stands behind me with her pelvis pressed firmly against my bare ass and her hands wrapped around me. One is flat against my stomach while the other caresses my face. She leans in and whispers in my ear “close your eyes and relax. You have my word that everything is going to be ok…don’t be scared!” istanbul escort With that she steps back and releases my body.

There is a comfort in her words that I haven’t felt in a long time. I trust her entirely despite knowing absolutely nothing about her. I feel a twitch in my cock but it isn’t so much from arousal but rather from an emotional connection. For the first time since meeting Miss Amy, I feel like I’m more than just a toy to be used. I actually feel…human!

Her hands grasp my shoulders as she begins to dig her thumbs into my shoulder blades, massaging each strand of muscle with precision and dedication. Each wave of pressure offered by her thumbs is simultaneously matched with her fingers. My eyes practically roll back in my head and one of my hands falls from the wall out of sheer relaxation. She grabs my arm and lifts it back up to the wall, indicating that it should stay put. After a few moments her hands work down my back and end up at my waist. She applies less pressure and instead runs her nails along my waistline, teasing the skin in such a hypnotic fashion that my eyelids begin to close and for a moment my head even drops forward.

She lets out a playful giggle, clearly watching me as I practically fall asleep in the shower. Her hands wrap around my body again: one hand on my stomach and the other one on my chest her warm embrace sends shivers through my body. Something feels different but right now, I don’t care what it is. I’m going to enjoy this moment! She whispers in my ear “keep your eyes closed” and then turns my body around so that I’m facing her. As she pulls me in for the embrace, I wrap my hands around her body in the same manner as she is doing to me. If this hug lasted forever, I’d be the happiest person on Earth. I then become aware of the difference…there is a penis pressing against the inside of my leg…and it isn’t mine. Evidently, the person I’m hugging is not Seven.

My eyes are open and I try to pull away to see which of the women I’m embracing but she has a tight grip on my body and I just don’t have the energy to escape. She pulls me in tighter and continues to whisper in my ear, “Relax…” she tells me as she strokes the back of my head with one hand, “I’m not going to hurt you…I’m not going to make you do anything you don’t want to do.” Those words act almost as a trigger and my body goes limp and falls back into the hug. She isn’t here to hurt me? She isn’t going to do anything against my will? I can only assume that this is Miss Emily, the Dominant power Seven mentioned earlier. Nervously, I wrap my hands around her body and fully lean into the embrace once again. In the off chance that this meeting was going to end badly, I figure I may as well enjoy this portion while it lasts. Still whispering she tells me, “You’ve probably guessed by now but I’m Miss Emily. It is lovely to meet you!”

She reaches behind me and turns the shower off and proceeds to release me from the hug. Grabbing my hand instead, she leads me to the door where two plain white bath robes now hang. For the first time I get chance to see Miss Emily…and her body is just as magnificent (if not more) than the others. Her jet black hair is short and hangs only slightly lower than her ears. Her body is slim, pale and smooth. I’m so preoccupied by her body that I barely notice her handing me one of the robes. She smiles, even laughs a little, when she realises that my attention is on her and not the robe. As we wrap ourselves up in matching robes, she takes me by the hand and leads my down the corridor, not speaking a single word to me as we go. I can feel the softness of her hands and each individual finger as it slots almost perfectly into mine.

Miss Emily leads me to a dimly lit room: the curtains are drawn, there are a few lit candles scattered around the room, and the fireplace built into one side of the room boasts a beautiful and flickering fire. The room feels warm and inviting and the dark red sofa that I find myself sitting on feels like the most comfortable sofa ever created. It’s a two-seat sofa but Miss Emily and I are practically sharing one spot. She leans over to a small table and as if by magic, brings back two glasses of champagne.

As she hands me a glass she smiles with such admiration that my mind can’t help but wonder if this is all a set up. Her hand lowers and rests on my leg which is on display due to a gap in the robe. “Cheers!” she says in a voice so soft that I feel like it wraps around my body like a blanket: worming into my mind to offer a comforting energy. She casually lifts the glass to her bare lips and takes a sip, closing her eyes as she does so.

I lift the glass to my lips and savour the sweet taste of the champagne; the bubbles bursting against my lips, tickling them ever so slightly. I can feel the warmth from the fire against the exposed skin on my legs, the flames dancing with one another. “I want you to be able to feel relaxed around me” Miss Emily explains, her fingernails tracing lightly along my thigh. “You can tell me to slow Escort Anadolu Yakası down, you can tell me to stop, you can even ask me to leave if you would like. This evening is yours and I want you to enjoy yourself!” She takes another drink from her glass, appearing to savour the flavour and sensations as much as I do.

Miss Emily shuffles a little closer to me, her hand reaching behind my back as she rests it along the back of the sofa, resting softly on my shoulder. I decide that I should probably say something, tell her that I appreciate everything that has happened this evening already: “I…” Her finger lands on my lips and stops me before I can utter a single other word.

“Ah, ah, ah…hush now!” She drags her finger over my lips, staring me directly in the eyes, not so much as blinking and then lifts her finger slowly to her lips and slides it into her mouth, savouring the taste of my lips as much as she had her champagne. She closes her eyes briefly, sucking on the finger ever so slightly before pulling it out again, returning to her deep and seductive eye contact. I find myself sipping away at my champagne, not entirely sure where to look or what to do.

I can feel Miss Emily’s eyes staring deep into my soul and despite it being intimidating, I can’t help but feel warm and almost fuzzy. As I lower the glass, I hold it in both hands and simply stare into the flames as they jump and leap as if trying to escape the house through the chimney. Another shuffle in my direction has Miss Emily and I sharing one cushion and I can feel each breath as it passes between her lips.

Her nails are still tracing up and down my thigh, reaching a little higher every so often and I begin to wonder whether I would have the courage to actually tell her to stop if it did go beyond my comfort level…and at what point I would want her to stop, if at all. After all, sexual intimacy and activity had been swapped out for abuse over the last few days.

Miss Emily pulls my head slightly towards her with such a tiny amount of force that for a moment I am convinced that the movement was entirely my own doing. Her lips are now so close to my skin that I can actually feel the warmth radiating off of them. Her soft, moist lips slowly near closer and closer at such a speed that each hair on my neck tickles as they part way. She plants a soft, sensual kiss on my lower neck followed immediately by another a little higher up, and another, and another.

As she reaches my ear lobe I feel her lips brush over my skin as she whispers “you’re only going to feel good things while you’re with me…my pleasure is your pleasure” and with that she takes my earlobe into her mouth giving it a nibble that balanced perfectly on the line between hard and soft. My eyes begin to close as shivers roll across my body like waves on a beach. Each nibble pulls me in a little closer and causes the energy in my body to spike a little higher. I’m so lost in the sensations that I barely notice Miss Emily’s hand as it pulls the cord on my robe. At this point there isn’t a single cell in my body that wants this to end!

Miss Emily leans back slightly, letting my earlobe return back to its usual shape. My eyes are barely open but she takes her hand and lays it gently on my face, turning me towards her so that our eyes are locked. As we stare intensely into the depths of each other’s eyes her hand slowly begins to move down my body. As she reaches the top of my robe her hand slides slowly but surely under the robe, separating it down the middle to expose my chest. Still barely touching my skin, her hand rests just above me left nipple, her fingers doing small circles across my skin and she poses a question that I didn’t expect to be asked: “Do you want to kiss me?”

My heartrate quickens and my nerves cause me to momentarily break eye contact. As I look back into those gorgeous brown eyes, she says “Kiss me!”, not in a commanding voice but rather as if she is relaying my own thoughts back to me, thoughts that I was definitely having at this stage, even if my experience was keeping me guarded and wary. Miss Emily’s hand lowers a little further so that her fingers are now circling my nipple and with her thumb and forefinger she gives it a little tweak.

The circling begins again and rather than ending in a tweak, she clamps onto my nipple and pulls it towards her, taking the rest of my body with her. The anticipation and excitement begin to overwhelm me as her lips near mine. Her warm lips make contact with mine and the sparks I feel are electric causing the arousal in my body to shoot through the roof. Our lips continue to merge, combining us in a moment of pure and undeniable passion. Her hand tightens around my neck and the other lowers even further down my body, nearing my cock which I can feel beginning to harden. As Miss Emily’s tongue slowly pushes its way past my lips, I simultaneously feel her hand opening my robe fully, exposing my naked flesh and now rock hard cock which bounces to attention.

Our open mouths allow our tongues Anadolu Yakası Rus Escort to flick, glide and twist against one another, dancing in a manner similar only to the flames mere metres away. Miss Emily effortlessly guides each of my arms out of the robe until I’m sitting completely naked on top of it. Each moment feels like it’s the height of our passion only to be overtaken by the next. She grips the back of my hair in her hand, pulling me back slightly and breaking our oral connection. I want more and if I have to beg to get it I will.

I can feel my cock pulsating with sexual arousal and I stare into her eyes in the hopes that she views it as pleading. She pulls me in closely and says “stroke your cock for me…but slowly!”

Before I have time to register the words that just left her mouth my hand is wrapped tightly around my cock and the precum that is oozing from the tip acts as a lube as I pull my foreskin back, going as slowly as my willpower can possibly allow. Miss Emily moves back a little, edging to the other side of the sofa so that her back is resting against it and her body is facing me. She’s still staring deep into my eyes and I can’t help but increase the speed of my hand, particularly as she pulls the cord of her own robe and lets it fall off her body in one graceful yet swift movement. Her eyes may be fixed on mine but my focus has drifted down her immaculate body: there’s not a single hair below her neck and the firmness of her breasts are matched only by the hardness of her nipples.

As my eyes work further down I can only admire the toned stomach which makes her slightly hard cock appear even more exposed. Like me, her cock is beginning to produce beads of precum which her hand runs across as she grabs her cock. “I want you to copy everything that I do.” She may be sitting right next to me but the softness in which she is speaking sometimes makes her sound far away…but also like her words are playing in my own mind. I turn my body around, placing my back against the opposite end of the sofa and lift one leg up so that it rests next to hers. We’re both exposed, we’re both jerking off and we both seem to be thoroughly enjoying it!

We stare at each other with such a fiery intensity that at times I forget I’m supposed to be copying her. The movements are just happening naturally without so much as a conscious thought. My precum-covered cock allows my hand to glide up and down with little to no friction and as I speed up a little to match Miss Emily I become aware of just how turned on I am right now. In fact, I can begin to feel that familiar sensation beginning to brew deep within me that signals the nearing of an orgasm. As if reading my mind, Miss Emily releases her glorious cock from her hand and licks the palm of her hand.

Once again, without even realising it, I’m copying her every move as if I’m looking into a mirror. The sweet taste of preucm and the smell of cock are hitting my senses and my heart thumps in my chest in response. I can see the sexual energy spreading across Miss Emily’s face as she begins to tease her nipples with her fingers and as I do the same. I practically see the lightbulb form above her head as an idea pops into her mind. She stands up instantly, her cock throbbing just as much if not more than mine.

Her cock isn’t much bigger than mine which makes a change from the rest of the residents of this household. I try to push the thought of them out of my mind completely, knowing all too well that I don’t want to taint this moment with unpleasant thoughts. Miss Emily takes a step towards me, wraps one hand around my head and places the other on my waist. As she pulls me in close to her for a kiss, my cock bounces up and down at the feeling of her wet, warm tongue entering deep into my mouth. I can feel the fireworks going off in my body as I place a hand on each of her hips and pull her in even closer to me. I want her…I want her so bad!

My longing only increases as she breaks the kiss, takes my hand and leads me into a nearby room. The glow of even more candles makes the king-sized bed with its dark red duvet, sheet and pillow seem all the more inviting. On one side of the bed is a small bedside table, on top of which is a bottle of lube. Miss Emily leads me around one side of the bed, climbs onto it and pulls me with her. We’re both sitting with our legs crossed and time seems to freeze as she bites her lips, looking my body up and down while gently tugging her still hard cock. “We’re going to play the same game as before…I want you to copy everything I do” she keeps talking as she reaches across for the bottle of lube, “the only difference this time is that I’m going to be touching your body and you’ll be touching mine…but only if you want to?” I’m somewhat speechless and so I nod my head up and down rapidly.

The choice itself shocks me a little but there isn’t a doubt in my mind that this is what I want. I want this…I need this. Being able to touch her in the same manner as how she’ll be touching me rules out anything unpleasant and now that I’m faced with the very real possibility of touching her cock, my own begins to return to its twitching, aching state. I’m facing in the direction of the head of the bed while Miss Emily is facing towards the bottom. She lies down onto her back, her knees are bent and her feet pressed up against her ass.

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