High Concept Ch. 03

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“Linus, Lucy and Lisa” became another massive hit for Michael Carter, Abby O’Donovan and First Fleet Pictures. Knowing the importance of keeping a good thing going, Michael and Abby decided to make a third film together: “The Food Fight,” a romantic comedy. Michael would play Ron Pierce, the CEO of SubVersives, America’s number-one sandwich chain; Abby would play Kelly Mitchell, the CEO of Sydney’s SuperSubs, a successful Australian sandwich chain making its way into the American market. After Sydney’s overtakes SubVersives in the US, thanks to the popularity of its cartoon mascot Rooney the Kangaroo, Ron plots to put Kelly out of business-only to fall in love with her.

Abby was thrilled that Claire Robyn Kelly became a star as a result of her supporting role in “Linus, Lucy and Lisa,” and wanted to give another up-and-coming Australian a break. This time, she lobbied for Emma Clancy to be hired as director.

Emma, a tall, brown-eyed redhead from the Gold Coast, had made a number of quirky romantic comedies in Australia before moving to Los Angeles. There, she worked on a number of innovative music videos-and wanted to work on the sexy hip-hop and R & B stars of those videos, many of whom were either in serious relationships or uninterested in white women, much to Emma’s chagrin.

Emma thought Michael was just as hot as any of the singers and rappers she had worked with, but she also knew Michael was off-limits; in no way was she going to cross Abby by going after her man. Her dreams of black cock in her Aussie pussy would not be fulfilled any time soon…

As was the case with “Linus, Lucy and Lisa,” Michael and Abby were having difficulty coming up with the right person for the role of George Garvin, the comedian Ron Pierce hires as his new spokesman to counter the popularity of Rooney the Kangaroo. Every name Michael and Abby could come up with had been rejected by First Fleet Pictures on salary grounds; the studio liked to hold on to as much of the money Michael and Abby made for them as possible.

When Michael and Abby discussed their dilemma with Emma, she had a quick suggestion:

“Hey, how about Tommy Wilkins?”

“Who?” Michael and Emma responded.

“I can’t believe you’ve never heard of him-I just saw him at the Specter last week!”

Emma pulled up clips of Tommy on YouTube for Michael and Abby to watch. Michael was stunned; it was like watching a younger version of himself. Tommy was barely 25 years old, but he was handsome, muscular and brutally funny; his X-rated material would obviously have to be toned down for the movie, but Michael knew that he’d work in the role.

Abby was laughing so hard at Tommy’s Ataşehir Olgun Escort jokes that she almost fell onto the floor. Emma smiled.

“I think this guy’s got it,” the director remarked. “Plus, he’s quite cute too.”

“I’ll say,” Abby replied.

Two weeks later, Tommy met with Emma, Michael and Abby at the couple’s LA condo to discuss the George Garvin role. Even though Tommy was just five years younger than Michael, and was from Oakland, California instead of New York, the two men had similar senses of humor, and immediately hit it off. Michael wanted Tommy to become a star with this movie; it would be Michael’s way of giving back to the industry.

Michael noticed that Tommy couldn’t keep his eyes off Emma-and vice versa. As they discussed the role, the young actor and the director grew more and more animated, as though they wanted to make love to each other with their words. Michael and Abby couldn’t get a word in edgewise as Tommy and Emma kept talking, laughing, praising each other. By the time they were too exhausted to talk any more, it was nearly midnight.

Just before they left, Tommy pulled Michael aside.

“Thank you for this opportunity,” Tommy said. “You know I look up to you, and you know I appreciate this.”

“Well, it was Emma who recommended you.”

Tommy smiled, and whispered in Michael’s ear:

“You know I wanna fuck that girl, right?”

Tommy was the star of the set, constantly improvising and forcing Michael and Abby to work even harder than usual to keep up with him. Emma laughed so hard at his jokes that she could barely keep it together while filming scenes. Even the stuffy Australian executives at First Fleet collapsed in laughter when they saw the dailies. Tommy seemed to be Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams and Richard Pryor all rolled into one sexy package.

Emma came up with a scene in which George rushed out of the shower to grab a phone call from Kelly, who wanted to offer him $1 million to leave SubVersives to become Sydney’s new spokesman, “Outback Otis,” who would praise their sandwiches in a faux-Aussie accent. Emma talked Tommy into being shot from the rear, so that female audiences could enjoy his gorgeous, wet, naked black ass-and so that Emma could have a scene she could play over and over again once the film was released on DVD.

Emma didn’t have to do that much convincing. Tommy was willing to do almost anything Emma wanted. He felt constantly aroused around her, and it took tremendous effort for him to hide his erection on camera.

Michael and Abby knew that Tommy was hot for Emma, and that the feeling was mutual. Emma spent every Ataşehir Sarışın Escort spare moment on set flirting with Tommy, telling him that he was every bit as funny in his scenes as he was on stage, posing for Instagram photos with him. Emma wanted Tommy just as much as she wanted this film to be a hit.

Preview audiences raved about “The Food Fight,” and First Fleet Pictures felt confident enough about the film to schedule it for release on Christmas Day. Emma was exhausted from months of post-production; she also deeply missed Tommy, who went back on the road as soon as filming finished, though they stayed in touch via texts and e-mails.

Michael and Abby were supposed to fly out to LA on December 20 to attend the premiere of “The Food Fight,” but they were snowbound in New York, having traveled there for a holiday dinner with Martin Roberts and Miranda Kelly-Roberts, who helped them perfect their characters in “Linus, Lucy and Lisa.” First Fleet panicked; usually, if the stars of a major Hollywood film no-showed the premiere, the gossip rags would immediately spread rumors that the film was a dud, and that the stars had disavowed it. The executives learned that Tommy and Emma were still on the West Coast, and decided to showcase both of them at the premiere, subtly pushing the idea that Tommy was the industry’s next comedy icon.

Emma wouldn’t leave Tommy’s side, kissing his cheek on the red carpet, telling reporters that he was a joy to work with, proclaiming that her next movie would be a Tommy Wilkins concert film. Tommy, dressed in a black tuxedo, was stunned by how great Emma looked; the director, who usually showed up on set wearing a sweatshirt and jeans, rocked the red carpet in vintage white gloves and a body-hugging dress featuring a design of the Australian flag. Tommy’s fingers itched at the thought of pulling the dress off and licking the gorgeous pussy underneath.

After the screening-during which the crowd roared at every one of Tommy’s jokes-Tommy and Emma went to the Gramercy Hotel for a post-premiere party. At about 11:00, Emma excused herself and gestured to Tommy to follow her.

Tommy and Emma snuck into an elevator and hit the third-floor button. She kissed his cheek again, removed her white gloves and rubbed her hands together.

As soon as the door opened, Emma pulled off her blue shoes and ran down the hallway. Tommy ran after her, his erection straining against his tuxedo pants.

Emma opened room 326 with her electronic key and pulled Tommy in. She threw her body against the door, thrusting it shut.

“Goddamn it,” she yelled, pointing to her Australian flag dress, “get Ataşehir Şişman Escort this thing off of me!”

“Sure,” replied Tommy, slowly removing the straps of the dress. “Hey, what’s the Australian national anthem anyway? Isn’t it ‘Waltzing Matilda’ or something?”

“I don’t even give a fuck right now!” Emma yelled. “Come on, hurry up! You’re too goddamn slow!”

“All right, all right!” Tommy replied, finally unzipping the dress and allowing it to fall to the floor. He loved the contrast of her long red hair against her pale white skin.

Emma stepped out of the dress and quickly removed her bra before literally ripping her own panties off, exposing a red forest between her legs. Tommy had never seen a woman rip her own panties off before, nor had he ever seen a pubic bush this thick, this red.

Emma threw the shredded panties into an open wastebasket and removed the golden bracelets from her arms. Tommy was stunned by her sexual fury.

“What the fuck are you doing standing around, mate?” Emma yelled again. “Come here! Fuck it…”

Emma grabbed Tommy’s tuxedo shirt and ripped it right from his chest, also tearing off his jacket. Tommy stopped her before she could rip off his pants, choosing to voluntarily remove them; as soon as she saw his black silk boxers, however, her fingers tore them in two, exposing his hardened ten-inch black cock.

“Shit!” she yelled. “That looks so good! Come here, damn it…”

Emma pushed Tommy onto the chair behind him, dropped to one knee and sucked his cock with an intensity he had never before experienced. It was a roller-coaster ride of a blowjob, with Tommy nearly breaking the chair as his body rocked in pleasure, his loud screams almost shattering the hotel window. Emma licked his head, shaft and balls like a madwoman; it was a though she were a witch possessed by an erotic spirit. When Tommy groaned that he was going to cum, Emma pointed his boiling cock at her face, receiving a full blast of his semen.

Emma ran to the bathroom for a towel and wiped her face. She then grabbed Tommy hard by the wrist and pulled him towards the bed.

“I want that big black cock in my pussy. Now,” she whispered.

“Sure thing.”

Over the course of the next two hours, Tommy and Emma nearly trashed the hotel room with their aggressive fucking, breaking the bed’s headboard and causing two mirrors to fall to the floor. They went at it so furiously that other guests hovered near the door to hear the erotic commotion. The orgasmic roars of the hot black comedian and the sexy Aussie filmmaker were exhilarating for those guests to hear.

The next morning, Tommy and Emma were so sore from thrusting their bodies against each other that they could barely move; they mulled over calling an ambulance and being taken from their hotel rooms on stretchers, before deciding that such a move would get them into trouble with First Fleet. “Let’s just fuck each other,” Emma joked. “Not each other’s careers!”

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