Wedding Weekend Ch. 02

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The next day, I headed back to the airport to pick up Paul and the rental car. Paul and I hooked up with some other friends who had arrived in town and spent the day around Louisville, even seeing where they make Louisville Slugger baseball bats. When everyone in the wedding headed to the rehearsal later that afternoon, I headed out to the airport again to pick up Gloria, a very cute, petite girl of Korean ancestry who’d been my neighbor in the dorm during senior year. Gloria was actually one of two people I had major crushes on during our senior year of college ÔÇô the other was Neha, a cute Indian girl who would also be at the wedding. Unfortunately for me, nothing ever happened for me with either of them because they both had serious boyfriends in college. In fact, Neha had married since graduation.

It was great to see Gloria again and she was looking hot. Even though we weren’t in the wedding, we were both invited to the rehearsal dinner so we got back to the hotel, checked Gloria in and went to change into nicer clothes. I knew we had some time to spare, so I wasn’t rushing to get changed and was surprised when Gloria knocked on my door. We hadn’t seen each other in a long time, so she wanted to hang out together instead of sitting alone in our rooms. She had already dressed and dolled herself up and looked even hotter in her sleeveless little black dress and black stockings. I told her I hoped she wouldn’t mind me changing in front of her and she reminded me that as neighbors in our dorm she had seen me in as little as a towel coming from the shower, so she wouldn’t be exposed to much that she hadn’t already seen. That made sense so I went ahead and swapped my t-shirt for a dress shirt and shucked my jeans.

“What’s that you’re wearing?” she suddenly asked. I thought the shirt was obvious so she must have meant my boxer briefs ÔÇô long like boxers but tight like briefs. I lifted the tails of my shirt to show her. “Come here, let me see those.” So I walked over to where she was sitting and let her have a look, worried that I’d pop a boner right in her face and embarrass myself. Then she reached out and touched them and immediately my dick started growing. She ran her hands up the sides of them, feeling the material, but when her hands went around to my ass I knew this was going somewhere else. She never even looked up at me, just stared at my growing bulge. Finally, she slid the briefs down and let them drop to my ankles as my cock popped out. She lifted my cock up and sucked it into her mouth as her other hand went down to cup my balls.

I couldn’t believe what was happening! I was actually getting a blowjob from Gloria, longtime object of my desire, and we weren’t even drunk! Horny as I was from last night’s reminiscing and the fact that it S─▒hhiye Escort was Gloria’s lips wrapped around my cock, there was no way I would last very long. Didn’t matter, though, there was no reason to try to prolong it. I just enjoyed her hot mouth sliding up and down my shaft, her tongue tracing circles around my head and her small, delicate hand pumping at the base. I didn’t want to run my fingers through her hair, assuming that she’d spent some time on it when she’d dolled herself up, so instead I took off the shirt I’d just put on, knowing this was going farther than just a blowjob. I started pushing my hips at her face as I felt the intense pleasure peaking, then I blasted a load of cum down her throat.

She continued to suck and swallow, letting my cock drop out of her mouth as it began to soften then looking up to find me naked.

“That was fantastic,” I told her, “and now it is your turn.” I kneeled before her and pulled on her legs until her ass was on the edge of the seat. I flipped up the hem of her skirt, revealing black panties under her hose. I pulled them both down and off and set them aside then ran my hands back up her inner thighs from her knees to her pussy. Her black hair was sparse and neatly groomed and I could see her juices collecting between her lips, so I leaned in to lick them up. The noises she made indicated that she enjoyed this so I kept it up, also slipping a finger into her.

Her pussy was hot, smooth and silky to the touch and I couldn’t wait to slip my cock into it. I concentrated on bringing her to orgasm since I could feel my cock already waking up again. She obviously had no qualms about mussing my hair since her hands were buried in it and holding my head in place. As I sucked her clit and pumped my finger in and out of her pussy, I rolled my eyes upward to catch a glimpse of her face, almost as if to convince myself I was actually with her. Her eyes were closed and her head was rolling side to side as she let out more noises which seemed to be building in volume and intensity. I slipped my finger out of her pussy and slid both hands under her ass, feeling her smooth, soft skin, and lifted her pussy against my mouth while ravaging it with my lips and tongue. She was helping by rocking her hips and pulling my head down until she suddenly started to quiver all over, giving me a mouthful of flowing juices.

After a very intense and satisfying orgasm, she settled back onto the chair and I raised my head from her lap. I stood and helped her to her feet and we made out. I turned her around and unzipped her dress, helped her out of it and hung it over another chair. Holding her from behind, my mostly erect cock pressed between her ass cheeks and grew some more. Tando─čan Escort I cupped her small breasts still inside her black bra, feeling her nipples pushing outward, then undid the front clasp and tossed the bra aside. My hands returned to her now bare breasts and toyed with her small, hard nipples while I kissed her neck. We were still in front of the chair she’d been sitting on, so I suggested she climb up on it, kneeling with one leg on each padded arm and lean forward against the back of it. This put her pussy at the perfect level for some from behind penetration. I rubbed my hard cock back and forth over her clit and teased her opening with the head before pushing in.

Her pussy was amazing ÔÇô it felt like it was lined with silk or satin and was just tight enough. I started out holding her hips while pumping in and out, but leaned forward to cup her breasts as they hung, playing with her nipples again. She was pushing back against me and moaning and I slipped one hand down between her legs to play with her clit while I fucked her. She surprised me by cumming again so quickly, again seeming to quiver all over, which felt fantastic on my prick. When she seemed to have finished, I pulled out of her despite not having cum myself. I indicated for her to stay in position and maneuvered under her so I was sitting on the seat of the chair. She then lowered herself from the arms down to my lap and impaled herself on my waiting staff. This position put her petite breasts right at mouth level, so I began licking and sucking her nipples as she bounced herself up and down on me.

The feel of her pussy was amazing sliding up and down my tool and I relished every second of it, still astounded that I was in this situation with her. I looked up at her face again to reassure myself and she smiled down at me then pressed her lips against mine. My hands were coursing up and down her back and over her smooth ass as her tongue probed my mouth. I felt my second orgasm beginning to build and eagerly anticipated blowing a load into her steamy pussy. With my hands under her ass, I helped her slide all the way up my tool before dropping all the way back down. She was leaning on the back of the chair, her tits again in my face getting a tongue lashing, and riding me vigorously. It wasn’t long before all the blood in my body was in my groin and I exploded in orgasm, crying out in pleasure as I did. She rode me for a few more seconds before coming to rest on my lap as we held each other.

I don’t know how long it was before we realized we’d better get going to the rehearsal dinner. We continued to touch each other and kiss while we dressed and she sat immediately next to me on the large bench front seat of the rental Tunal─▒ Escort car on the way to the restaurant. We cooled off a little in public with everyone at the dinner, but were still smoldering for each other. I wasn’t worried at that time about finding another opportunity to be together despite the fact that tonight I’d be sharing my room with Paul (his girlfriend was arriving in the morning) and Glo would be bunking with Sarah, who was arriving later that night. I knew I’d have a room to myself tomorrow night.

The dinner was great fun, having so many of us together again and meeting the bride’s family. When it started to wrap up, plans were laid for moving the party to a bar. I had to head back to the airport to pick up Sarah and was pleased when Glo volunteered to go with me. Once we were on the road, Gloria offered to give me a blowjob as I drove. I deferred, telling her I’d rather fuck her in the airport parking lot right here in the front seat of the car. She had no problem with this proposal and went ahead and peeled off her hose and panties again, tucking them into her purse. While she massaged the bulge in my slacks, my hand was under her skirt toying with her clit.

I was an expert at the Louisville Airport by now, so I made my way to a good spot for a quick fuck and parked. Glo lay back on the seat as I knelt between her legs. She opened my pants and pulled out my cock, giving it a few strokes before I lay on top of her. I slipped into her silky pussy and again it was pure bliss. We pressed our lips together and our tongues explored each other’s mouths as she raised her hips to meet each of my thrusts. We knew we didn’t have much time, Sarah’s plane was probably already on the ground, and this wasn’t really a romantic moment, this was just passionate fucking. I could taste the salty sweat on her neck as I planted kisses there, resisting the urge to suck for fear of leaving a mark, while she moaned softly in my ear. She then surprised me again by cumming suddenly, her body shuddering beneath me while her moans became quivery. Feeling the tremors through her pussy brought me to my climax as well and I filled her with a load of my creamy cum.

We took only a moment to recover, then straightened ourselves up and zipped off to the passenger pickup lane. We were relieved Sarah wasn’t standing out there tapping her foot waiting for us so Gloria jumped out and shot inside to find her while I aired out the car. Glo was back with Sarah in a matter of minutes and we all had a quick reunion right there by the car before jumping in and finishing it on the way to the hotel. Gloria took Sarah up to their room while I went to mine, where I found Paul looking somewhat green. Something from the rehearsal dinner hadn’t agreed with him and he was suffering as a result of it. Consequently, when the plans to meet at a bar were squared away, Paul decided to pass. Most of the rest of us went out for a few drinks and reminisced, but didn’t stay out too late because of the wedding the next day. When we got back to the hotel, Paul was already snoring so I just went to bed myself.

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Wilmington Woman’s Club Ch. 22

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Chapter 22

Katy Becomes Disabled

Just prior to Christmas, Katy Dide, sick and tired of the long hours involved in the lay-overs involved in her job as an airline stewardess, took advantage of an accident that occurred when a sudden turbulence caused her to take a violent fall, hurting her back and right leg. Katy was helped from the plane after it landed, and taken to the hospital for further examination, was admitted, and remained in the hospital for three days.

Katy took two weeks off, one for being disabled by the accident, and another two as vacation time after telling her superiors that she was still feeling a lot of discomfort and needed the extra time off.

She returned to work but worked helping out at the ticket windows rather than fly as a stewardess. On the second of March, Katy made arrangements to have her own physician, one Dr. Marion Fissurelli, examine her further. She had met Dr. Fissurelli on the golf course several months earlier; had dated him once, and found that he was attracted to her. But then she met Jessica and Walter, and had not bothered returning his calls.

“I had hoped to see you under different circumstances, Katy. But needless to say, I’m happy to see you again. Now what seems to be the problem?”

“I’m a stewardess with Piedmont, and during some turbulence on a flight I fell as we were coming into Wilmington. I banged up my leg… um, they took care of it at the emergency room. And I had a short hospital stay for my back. That was during the holidays. I’ve returned to work… not as a stew, but doing odd jobs where needed. But I’m really concerned about my back. I don’t know if I can fly again. It really hurts, and well… I don’t know, but aren’t back injuries serious?”

“Some are very serious, Katy, but why don’t we have a look, eh?”

Katy groaned as she removed her blouse, and took off her bra although it wasn’t necessary for Dr. Fissurelli to check out her back.

She saw immediately the effect that baring Haymana Escort her breasts had on him, and thought about being in the hot tub with Walter and Jessica until her nipples hardened; knowing it would further excite Dr. Fissurelli.

As the exam proceeded, Dr. Fissurelli hemmed and hawed, then told her, “Katy, I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with your back. Just take it easy for a couple days and you’ll be as good as new.”

“But Marion, may I call you Marion, Doctor?”

“Yes, yes, of course, Katy.”

“I… I really hurt my back, and going back to work will probably cause me to worsen the situation.” Before he could reply, Katy ran her hand over his burgeoning member and cooed, “Why I’d do almost anything if you could say that I had some sort of disability because of my fall.”

“You… You’d do anything?”


“And what mightalmostinclude?”

“It might include a blowjob here and now.”

“Umm, well…” He was already taking his dick out. “Let me tell my receptionist that we’ll be busy for a while, so she won’t interrupt us.”

“That’s a good idea; you won’t want to interrupted, Marion.”

Katy waited until Dr. Fissurelli finished with his receptionist, then knelt at his feet with her hands on his knees and gently forced his legs apart.

Fissurelli braced himself against his desk, as her hands moved knowingly up his thighs until they reached the bulge in his slacks. Katy looked up at him and placed her hand on his erection, rubbing it until he groaned aloud.

She smiled up at him hefting his cock in the palm of her hand. “We’re going to have so much fun,” she said, as she examined him. “Hmmm, oh, my, you’re a nice big boy aren’t you?”

He was average sized, and not circumcised, but she spoke more for effect than anything else.

Katy skinned it back until the head of his cock was fully revealed; and planted a soft wet kiss on the tip. She ─░ranl─▒ Escort kissed it again, and that turned into a French kiss that had her tongue swirling around the crown and buckled his knees.

“Do you get many blowjobs, Marion?” she inquired innocently.

“Nuh… no!”

“Do you like it so far?” she asked before engulfing the entire cockhead and sucking forcefully on it.

“Oh, YES!”

“Ummm, you have a sweet taste!” she said after taking him from her mouth. “Let’s get these trousers off, shall we? I want to see those big balls of yours.”

Moments later, Marion stood with his slacks and boxers pooled around his ankles.

“You really have a beautiful cock, Doctor.”

“Can I play with your breasts?” he asked in a small voice.

“Of course you can. May I lick those big balls of yours? I promise I won’t do anything to hurt them.”

“Um, yes, sure… of course.”

As he touched her breast, Katy reached around him with one hand and grabbed his ass. The other hand circled the base of his cock and then she proceeded to rub him over her face and mouth, taking pains to insure that she wet him thoroughly in the process.

Feeling his legs shake, Katy had the doctor sit down in his chair and resumed rubbing him over her face while humming happily to herself.

“Mmmm, I just adore your big old cock. Mmmmm, oh, yes, I sure …suck, suck, suck… do!”

The warm saliva in her mouth began to accumulate, and she spit on the head of his cock and watched delightedly as it ran down the length of him on opposite sides until it reached his testicles.

Katy closed her eyes and said a silent prayer of thanks to the tricks Jessica and Walter had taught her about fellating a man. She tightened her grip on his as her head began bobbing up and down.

Whipping him from her mouth, she told him: “My goodness, I don’t think I can get all of this marvelous wiener down my throat!” This, of course, was a lie, Karap├╝r├žek Escort but made the doctor feel like a king.

Several sucks later, she removed him from her mouth, and holding him in both hands, began jerking him off and licking his testicles, using her tongue to lick figure- eights on each in turn.

She looked up at him, swept the hair from her face, and asked, “You want to tell me when you’re gonna come, honey? I’d like it if you came all over my face. Would you like that?”

His breathing changed ever so slightly before he replied, “Oh, yes! Yes, I’d certainly like that!”

“Okay, I know you’re close, honey, let’s see what we can do to make it really nice for you.”

Taking him back into her mouth, she swirled her tongue over his cockhead,

His cock began to expand, and she quickly removed him from her mouth and pointed him at her face. Seconds later he erupted, splashing a gob of cum on her right cheek. This was quickly followed by a second, long string of gooey semen that went from her right eye to her chin.

Katy closed her eyes, and continued jerking him off. He followed with successive spurts that hit her on the temple, ear, and hair. When his penis finished pulsing, Katy kissed it and licked it clean, then slowly scooped up the remnants that were plastered over her face and swallowed them, the good doctor having refused her offering to him first.

Katy went to the sink and washed her face and hair off and dried herself with paper towels while the doctor fixed his trousers and replaced his white smock.

“So, we have a deal?” she said.

“We do. Let’s see, can you be back here in three days?”

“Whatever for?” she asked innocently.

“I’ll need to examine you further. Back injuries require it. Then too, you’ll need a certain amount of x-rays, and documentation to support your claim.”

“And another installment of payment?”

“Mmmm, that too.”

“Well, you’re the doctor.”

“Katy, would you by any chance be free this Saturday?”

“Yes, but you wouldn’t be thinking of taking me out in public would you?”

“Oh… right. Can’t do that, can we?”

“No, but here’s my address, come on over… say eightish? We can test my back in other ways… all right?”

He smiled, “Saturday, eightish it is.”


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Weekend Visit

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Double Penetration

She was already drunk when he got to the party. They hadn’t been dating for very long, but he liked her a lot. Since he was only in town for a couple of nights, he had gotten them a hotel room. From the way she was dancing with her friends, he could tell she wanted him. He looked at the bottle she had been drinking from; it was a 5th of rum with maybe a single shot left. She was a small girl, and hadn’t eaten much before she drank, so it was hitting her hard. Finally, it was her decision to go back to the hotel.

When they got there he could tell that she wanted it even more, but as she was drunk and he not, it was out of the question. Since he wouldn’t touch her in this condition, she decided to do a lil bit for him. She laid him on the bed so his legs were hanging off. Then she kissed him, slowly and firmly. She slowly unbuttoned his shirt, leaving a trail of kisses where the buttons were on his firm, well built chest. Finally the shirt was off. Licking and biting the whole Pursaklar Escort time, she removed his belt and pants. As she slid his silken boxers off, his 8 inches sprung free. Knowing it was impossible to fit the whole thing, she licked and sucked until he started moaning. She knew he loved her tongue ring. Finally taking as much as possible, she sucked until he came, hot and wet into her mouth. It was a big load and she almost gagged. But then, as they hadn’t been together in a long time, she understood.

She went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth, taking off her clothes at the same time. When she came back, he lifted the covers, inviting her to snuggle.

When she woke up in the morning, he was already outside on the porch, totally naked still, drinking coffee. As they were on the 6th floor, he figured no one could really see anything. She came out and leaned up against the banister. Noticing that he was growing Rus Escort hard upon seeing her, she decided to tease him a little bit. Straddling him, she rocked her hips back and forth, stroking his cock with her lips. When he couldn’t get any harder, she kissed him thoroughly, and then got up, telling him that she would be in the shower.

He gave her time to shave her legs and wash her hair, then got up to join her. He got into the shower right behind her, pressing his rock hard cock on her ass. He reached around and grasped her full breasts. Kneading them gently, he kissed and bit her neck until her breathing came in gasps. He let his hands travel down, admiring her firm stomach and her nicely shaved mound. She spread her legs a little bit to allow him better access. He knew exactly how to make her cum and within moments she moaned his name and his hand got a little bit wetter. He sat her down in the tub and spread her legs. He had a Sincan Escort tongue ring too, and knew how to use it. She’s loud, he thought. After a while of teasing her to the brink then pulling back, he picked her up and she put her legs around his waist. Leaning her against the shower wall, he pulled back and tried to enter her. She was tight, even after all that foreplay, so he went slow. Finally, all 8 inches were in comfortably, and he started moving, teasing her. He knew she liked it deep and firm. While he brought her closer and closer to the brink, he used his mouth on her nipples. When she was right on the verge, he bit her neck softy but firmly, making her cum instantly. Wanting to finish in the bed, he put her down and turned off the shower. He handed her a towel and she dried off. He picked her up and carried her to the bed. Laying her down and sliding on top of her, he entered her again. She crossed her legs over his back and let him do the work. As she came closer and closer to the edge again, she screamed his name. Getting close himself, he went harder, and faster. Right as she screamed again, he shuddered, legs jerked a couple of times and he collapsed onto her. As she relaxed, playing with his short hair, she said, “long time no see.” He chuckled into her chest. God he liked her.

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When I Woke Up

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When I woke up in the morning, I dressed and left fairly quickly. It’s always awkward in the morning, it’s always about trying to figure out what somebody sounds like in the morning. It’s tough too, your ears are ringing from the night before, mouth dry and pasty because you don’t have a toothbrush to wash out Jack Daniel’s in your teeth, and your clothes and hair smell like smoke. Something I personally hate. She didn’t have a voice to me, we talked a little bit, and I left, heading outside and realizing immediately that I had no idea where I was. The elevator was a blur, the lobby a fog, and the street a wonderful breath of fresh air and stab of panic because you had no idea that every street in what I assumed was Toronto looked the same.


We were at this club, um Joker I think, and I wondered if I was ever going to get laid again. It’s always a game – until you don’t get any for a couple of weeks, or months and then you start to look a little ragged around the edges. Woman troll you know, and they can smell an orgasm free man miles away.

I standing Kolej Escort at the bar, shikawang music elbowing around me, yelling, no, screaming for a tequila. I turn to leave, and there’s this THANG, beauty in a black dress slick and tan, just waiting for her turn. Wow. Instant hard-on. I ate her up, and the alcohol helped. Having two shots of tequila already, made me bold, suave, beautiful and ready to wear.

We danced for the night. I forgot I had friends there, except when I ran into them after she and I decided to get more acquainted in the corner behind the fake palm trees after she went to the washroom. I was leaning against these fake trees just waiting, when she came out and went straight for my ear, sucking it down, wet, soft, warm and breathy. I could hear her gently sucking on my ear, making my whole body go hard and weak. I wanted to lift her skirt and take her right there.

Instead, I reached down and cupped her buttock. Beautiful. Firm, round, full to grasp, I pulled her to me, so she could feel what she Kuzey Ankara Escort was doing to me. She moved down my face, stopping briefly so I could taste her tongue. Then it left my mouth and snaked down my chin to my neck, sucking hard, making me gasp. As she did that, she pulled me to her, letting me know what I was missing.

We left shortly after. I remember the lobby now. It was in a quiet area behind Yonge and Eglinton, an apartment building that smelled about 30 years old. Not raunchy or stale though, just a nicely kept, older apartment building that held a quiet respect and manner about it.

I didn’t really notice all that much about the ride up to the apartment, I was so busy tasting her lips, making her breathe heavy while my hands made advances on all parts of her through her black ebony dress. I was trying to make her cum right through her dress. Each time though, she would stop me, panting and giggling, once going down on me in the cab. Funny thing is, the cabby never even blinked. Not once.

Couldn’t Maltepe Escort understand how he could do it, the cabby, knowing that someone was getting a blow right behind him – hearing the slurp of her mouth on my cock…jeez how does one mind their own business with something like that?

She was doing a number on my cock too – I couldn’t believe all the things she could do with her mouth. Her first pass was right to the base of my cock, wiggling her tongue side to side to tease the bottom of my cock while she swallowed my head whole. I wasn’t sure if I could breathe if I tried. She began to work the base with the tip of her tongue, continuing to swallow my head. I could feel the heat from my balls rising.

All of a sudden she changed and started to piston up and down, up and down, closing her mouth on the tip and then plunging back down to the base. There was no way that I was going to hold out for wherever we were going. I grabbed the side of her head to say “I’m coming” and she just kept going, so I came. As soon as the cum hit her throat, I could see her eyes widen and twinkle. Then she closed her eyes and I felt the tip of her tongue begin to stroke from the base of my cock all the way up, as if to coax every drop from my quickly softening dick.

“Holy Shit.”

“Where’d you learn to do that?” she just smiled and winked. I frenched her and couldn’t wait for the ride to start.

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Welcome Home Surprise

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“Damn, that was a long day” said Courtney as she walked in the door, “I thought I was going to be there forever.”

“About time you got home,” Adam said, “i’ve had a surprise waiting for you for hours now.” He walkd up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist settling in behind her. Courtney moaned as she felt the man she loved embrace her, she felt safe in his arms.

From the day they met there had been a connection between them, it started out innocent enough with them becoming quick friends, but soon developed into something neither of them had expected. Within just a few months they had fallen in love and neither could deny the feelings for one another very long. Courtney is 26, about 5’2 on a good day, medium length light brown hair, sparkling brown eyes, D Cup breasts, and a beautiful heart shaped ass.

Adam was drawn to her almost immediately when they met, but was too shy to say anything and let the friendship evolve on its own, using his awkward nerdy charms to win her over. They could always brighten the others day just by being a part of it, and the days where they didn’t get to meet were alike to bring in prison. He just turned 30 a few months back, at 5’10 with brown hair and blue eyes he was nothing special to look at, though not hard on the eyes at the same time.

“Come with me,” he said, “I have a special evening planned for you and me that might just take your mind off of work.” She began to speak, but he shushed her, took her hand, and led her to their bathroom. In there she found a drawn bubble bath with lit candles circling the tub, there was soft relaxing music playing on the stereo, and her favorite fall scent in the air.

Courtney looked at him almost tearing up, “Baby, you didn’t have to do this for me, but thank you. You don’t know how much I need this after the day I had.”

“Oh, this is just the beginning” he said with a mischievous hint in his eye, “I want you to relax and when you are ready, come meet me in the living room.”

He kissed her on the lips and closed the door behind him as she began to undress and sink into the tub. The water was perfect, and she soon felt the days weariness fade away in the warm relaxing tub. Ten minutes had passed and she decided she had enough waiting to see what her thoughtful boyfriend had planned for the two of them. Courtney grabbed a towel and made her way into their bedroom to find some comfortable clothes to put on. Instead, on the end of the bed was a note that said “put me on” next to a loose fitting tank top and a pair of her favorite boyshort panties, the ones she wore when she wanted to drive Adam wild.

Courtney now had an idea about what was instore for the couple as she dawned the outfit. Before she left their room she glanced in the mirror, taking taking quick stock of her appearance. She looked beautiful no matter what she wore, and even more so when she had on less. “Still got it” she said to herself as she headed for the bedroom door.

When she got to the living room she found her fireplace had been turned on, a few more candles were lit, but Adam was nowhere to be found. Confused, Courtney took a few steps forward and was quickly caught off guard by Adam sneaking up behind her and planting a soft kiss on her neck.

“You know I hate surprises, and now you try to give me Turang├╝ne┼č Escort a heart attack by sneaking up behind me?” Courtney said, feigning anger.

Adam didn’t buy it for a minute, they were always fighting and hitting each other, but never once had it been real or out of anger, it was just one of the games they played with each other.

He didn’t say anything as he gently scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the couch. “I know how hard you have been working lately, and I wanted to give you the perfect night to make up for all of that hardship” he said as he sat her down beside him.

He reached his arm up to her cheek and slowly drew her in for a kiss, as he did this she leaned in and closed her eyes. Their lips met and just like the very first time they kissed, she saw fireworks. Her lips felt warm and tingly, her breath caught in her throat, and her heart skipped a beat. He took her hand with his free hand and gave her a loving squeeze as he started to work his tounge into her mouth to dance with hers. As she was distracted by the French kiss tango they were performing, his hand started to drift from her cheek and down to her barely covered breasts. There was not much fabric in the way so his hand slid right into her tank top and onto her exposed tits. Courtney drew in a sharp breath as his hand squeezed her right breast and started to play with it.

Adam pulled away from her mouth slowly and started to make his way down to Courtney’s neck, planting soft kisses along the way. Meanwhile his hand had begun to explore her left nipple , gently twisting and pulling until it started to get hard, once he had achieved that he moved onto the right breast to start all over again.

Courtney was beginning to moan with lust with what Adam was doing to her, he always seemed to know just how to turn her on and right now she was on fire. He had moved from her neck up to her ear lobe and began to gently suck and bite it. Another moan escaped from her lips when he bit her, it didn’t really hurt, but she loved that brief flash of pain that he inflicted as he pulled her ear with his teeth slightly.

Courtney was on fire at this point, she pulled away from Adam and whispered “fuck me now” as she tried to strip off their clothes until he stopped her. “No, sweetie, not yet,” he said as he pushed her back and pressed his lips against hers once again, though this time he did not stay there.

Adam began to kiss his way down her body, stopping for a brief moment to gently kiss and bite each nipple as he journeyed lower and lower. He stopped when he was on his knees on the floor between her thighs, looking up at her with a devilish look on his face. He decided that it can’t all be sweet and loving play, he had to tease her just a bit otherwise it would just not be them, and so he started to kiss up and down her thighs inching ever so close to her pussy, but never coming into contact with it. His arms reached behind and then underneath her to her ass cheeks and started to kneed them as he started to kiss her pussy gently, though to her disappointment, over her panties which right now she wishes she had never put on.

“Please, Adam, stop teasing me and let me cum already. I will do anything you want after, I just need you to get T├╝rbanl─▒ Escort me off right now” Courtney begged. He would hold her to that, but at a later date, tonight was about her and since she had asked so nicely, he decided to give her what she needed.

Moving his hands up from her ass he grabbed the elastic of her panties and began to slide them off and down her legs. As he looked up at her she thought he was finally going to fuck her brains out because she knew he had to have a massive errection by now, but he wasn’t ready for that just yet and lowered his face between her thighs once more.

He gave her entire pussy a long hard lick up to her clit where he began to give it some much needed attention. He started off with a few teasing licks around it and then began to really play with it. Courtney gave a long hard sigh as she knew relief would be coming soon and began to work up to one of the biggest orgasms of her life. While Adam was sucking on her clit, he began to work a hand up between them and make its way to her pussy. Courtney was moments away from her much needed climax when Adam thrust two fingers into her pussy and continued his assault with his tongue. She couldn’t hold back anymore as her thighs clamped around Adam’s head and screamed out “OH YES, ADAM FUCK ME!”

It was almost a full minute before she relaxed her thighs enough for Adam to finally come up for air. Adam smiled up at her as she looked like she has just run a 5k, her hair was disheveled, her face was flushed red, and she was struggling to catch her breath.

Adam kissed his way back up to her and sat beside her on the couch, patiently waiting for her to calm back down from her high. A few minutes passed and neither of them spoke a word, nothing need be said, they knew it already. Courtney loved this man with every fiber of her being, and she knew he felt the same way.

About five minutes had passed since he came to sit beside her on the couch and she had finally regained her composure. She knew the lengths he had gone through for her tonight, setting up the most heated and relaxing nights she had ever had. All of the stress and tension she had building up from work was forgotten, and she knew she had to return the favor for all he had done.

As Adam was going to get up she pulled his hand back to force him back down on the couch. This time it was her with the devilish hint in her eye as she followed his example and slowly kissed her way down his body to her knees on the floor. Courtney unbuckled his pants and together with his boxers, pulled them down and off of him. What she got though surprised her, she knew he was hard, but she did not realize just how hard he had gotten after going down on her. He looked almost twice the size he usually was, and definitely much bigger around. “Impressive” she thought.

Courtney reached out and took his throbbing cock in her small hand and began to work it the way she knew he liked. Adam let escape a moan as she began to stroke him up and down at a steady pace. Her grip began to steadily tighten and her hand started going faster as he leaned his head back and enjoyed the fantastic feeling she was giving him. He knew she really didn’t care to give blow jobs, and he was alright with that, her soft hands felt Ukraynal─▒ Escort amazing around his cock, she knew just how to get him off.

“Adam went to so much trouble for me today,” Courtney thought, “I really want to do something special for him.” With that her mind was set and she knew just what to do, glancing up at him, they locked eyes, looking at each other with a look that said I would do anything for you. Courtney then began to lower her head into Adam’s lap and gave the head of his cock a few tentative licks before taking the whole head into her mouth.

Adam let out a loud moan as he was not expecting this, the feeling of her soft, warm mouth around his cock was undescribable, he felt as if he had died and gone to heaven. She knew he wouldn’t last long the way the night had been going, and as she began to bob up and down on his cock she used her hand to stroke the parts she couldn’t get her mouth around. Adam was close now as she was working his cock like a porn star, Adam was just simply amazed she had his cock in her mouth, not to mention the fact that she had somehow managed to get over half of it in and not scrapped her teeth this whole time.

He was close to cumming and decided if he ever wanted to get head again he had better warn her so she could back off. “Babe, i’m about to cum” he said almost out of breath, the feeling was so good he was reluctant to ever let it end.

Adam heard Courtney mumble something, though he couldn’t quite make out what it was with her lips around his dick. Wanting to make sure she knew he was about to cum he repeated himself to her, and that is when she backed off of his dick, looked up at him, and said “go ahead” and with a wink she wrapped her lips around his cock again.

He couldn’t take another second after that and let loose what felt like a gallon of cum in her mouth. She did her best to swallow everything, but some had escaped around the sides of her mouth as he rode out the biggest orgasm he had ever had.

When he finally came down from his orgasm, he looked down at her as she slowly withdrew his cock from her mouth. There was cum still around the side of her mouth as Adam started to get up, “I’ll get you a towel.”

She smiled at him and said “no need” then wiped the cum from her mouth with her finger, stuck the finger in her mouth, and swallowed the rest.

Adam was in shock by now, he never dreamed that she would be willing to go that far, and it just reaffirmed to him that she was indeed the girl of his dreams. He pulled her onto the couch with him and kissed her lips with all of the passion he could muster. He loved this girl, and he always would, nothing was ever going to change that.

As she sat there next to the man who had stolen her heart, she knew that even though work, and life, and everything outside their home try to keep them down, her life was perfect because she had him.

They soon fell asleep there on that couch wrapped in each others arms for several hours until the first rays of sunshine began to peek in the window. Adam woke first, saw his beautiful girlfriend in his arms and kissed her on the forehead. She began to stir and soon opened her eyes to see him sitting there, watching over her as she slept.

He began to recall the events of last night and started to get hard again. Courtney noticed this and reached out her hand to grasp it. “I have the same idea” she said, “but how about a shower first stud.” Taking the hint, Adam lifted Courtney into his arms and carried her to the bathroom so they can start their day off together fresh and clean, because they both knew they wouldn’t be that way for very much longer.

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Wiring Problems

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As a network consultant, a lot of smaller businesses hire me to come install their network and then maintain the systems. The initial installation is always the hardest because I need pull all the wires. If it’s just a simple office area I’ll do it myself, running the wires over all the drop ceilings and fishing them through the walls. Usually a couple days is all it takes. Bigger jobs will usually require me to hire one of a couple other firms I know to pull the wires.

This job was a pretty small one. Half a dozen offices behind a dress boutique with office computers and a few small servers. The lady in charge, a Ms. Dempsy, seemed nice enough, not at all hard on the eyes, and her secretary was even hotter, tall slim, great facial features, and oh yes, a nice set of size B tits which were well displayed by what she wore and really great looking legs. In the three visits I had to the location so far, I hadn’t seen her in anything but a mini-skirt and low cut blouse. Come to think of it, pretty much all of the ladies I had seen in the offices were good looking and wearing very high end fashionable dresses. I figured that they were connected to the boutique and got a really good discount.

I arrived with my rolls of wire and tools to get started on a Tuesday. The initial part of the job wasn’t too hard, pull wires around the ceiling space by moving from office to office and throwing the wire through the ceiling space created by the dropped ceiling and then fish them down into the walls to boxes under the desks through holes I make. Pretty routine stuff, if not a bit warm due to effort and working up in the hot ceiling spaces.

As the day wore on it got pretty warm with half of me sticking up into the ceiling space or crawling around on the floor under the desks. I was used to it though and had worn a pair of shorts to try to stay comfortable. What I hadn’t counted on was just exactly how good the ladies in the offices looked, and I felt like I was continually hiding or readjusting my hardon. I caught a couple of the ladies checking me out and even flashing me a bit more than was necessary as I was on or coming down the ladders. As I was laying under one desk trying to fish the wire out the hole I had cut in the drywall, I looked out before sliding from under the desk, and was surprised to see a pretty good looking lady sitting in the desk chair, leaning over watching me. The way she was leaning, her tits were squeezed up on her chest until they were about to fall out of her top, and her legs were spread wide enough that I could easily see what appeared to be a red lace panty with some brown curls sticking through, and stockings, rather than pantyhose. I have to admit I did stare long enough to tell that she had a pretty large wet spot on the crotch of those panties, which of course made my dick grow hard one more time.

The day had gone pretty much that way until lunch, when I decided it was time to take a break and eat. I looked around for a bathroom, and only found one.

“Does anyone mind if I use the bathroom? It looks like there’s only a ladies room.” I asked the secretary.

“Oh sure. We only have one back here, but then we’re all ladies!” She said with a huge grin. “By the way. I’m Angie.”

“Hi Angie, I’m Mike. ” I replied as I took the hand she offered before heading back to wash up and take care of my business. I closed the door, and not finding any lock, shrugged and washed my hands. There were two stalls in addition to the sink, a rather large shower stall with a chair visible inside the clear glass cube, and a fairly large sofa, which had me a bit baffled, but then I wasn’t used to using ladies rooms. I stepped into a stall and closed the door. I was sitting down with my shorts around my ankles when I heard the door open. Not wanting to cause any problem I called out.

“Just be warned, I’m in here.”

“Oh, no problem. I don’t mind.” I heard a very feminine voice say. I looked at the floor under the door and saw the feet go to the next stall. I figured that I might as well keep my visit short and leave her to her privacy when I saw a pair of red heels kick off. I recognized them as belonging to a very good looking woman from one of the offices. I guessed she was about thirty, fairly well built, with a very pretty face and short cropped dark hair. Her arms looked like she worked out regularly and were also well tanned. If I wasn’t married I probably would have looked to try to get into her dress, even if she was a bit younger than I was.

I was about to get up when I saw her feet on the floor turn to face away from the toilet and a tiny red thong panty fall to her ankles. It didn’t take my dick long to respond to two facts. First she had to be sitting half naked next to me, and second, her pantyhose weren’t, they were stockings, which always turned me on.

“So what do you guys do here?” I asked, trying to be sociable in what felt kind of awkward to me.

“You saw the little shop out front? We design all Kazan Escort the clothes in there.”

“You mean the dresses?” I asked, recalling looking at the price on one of the dresses and nearly falling over in shock.

“Oh not just the dresses. Also all the lingerie too.”

“Oh. Like the nighties and stuff?” I asked remembering a rack along the back of much more delicate stuff than dresses.

“Uh huh.” She said as she reached down and pulled her panties off over her feet. Her hand disappeared and a moment later the tiny thong panty flew over the top of the partition between us and landed on me. “This is one of my designs It was done for a particular customer who wanted to really show off her features, if you know what I mean.” She said with a smile in her voice.

I picked the tiny material off my shoulder and held it out to look at it. It was a very delicate red lace triangle, held together by several small silky straps. It looked as if it wouldn’t really hide much at all.

“Very sexy.” I answered, my hardening dick growing until it was sticking up between my legs, encouraged by the scent of her pussy on the tiny bit of material. I held them down below the partition for her.

“Oh, no you can keep them.” She said as she stood up. “I don’t wear them at the gym anyway.”

She opened the door of the stall and stepped out. I heard her wash her hands and decided it was time to leave. I stood up, tried to tuck my hard dick into my pants, mostly unsuccessfully, and then opened the door. I was fully expecting to be alone in the bathroom, but to my surprise the lady from the next stall was standing next to the sofa, completely naked except for a pair of white cotton socks, her dress and stockings tossed on the sofa.

“Oh damn.” I mumbled, trying to back into the stall again.

“Oh, no, come on out, it’s ok.” She said over her shoulder. “I’m not bashful.” From where I was standing I could see every inch of her body from her perky b cup breasts to her brown curly bush. “Just a hazard of a single bathroom. I’m just changing to go to the gym.” She said as she pulled a stretchy top over her head and down over her tits, leaving her only naked below the waist. She turned around and bent over, stepping into a pair of workout pants which she had to work up her legs they were so snug. “I hope it doesn’t bother you to share a bathroom with us.” She said as she stayed bent over, working the tight material up her legs, her pussy sticking out at me invitingly.

“Um not at all.” I said, trying to ignore the twitching in my dick.

“Good!” she said a she finally stood straight up and pulled the black material up over her firm ass. She turned bent over again, putting her shoes on and tying them, her pussy, now covered in the stretchy material, no less prominent. “Hope to see more of you later.” She said with a grin a she turned to leave.

After she left I quickly stuffed my hand down into my shorts to try to put my dick someplace a bit more comfortable, and was shocked when she stuck her head back into the door, catching me that way.

“I forgot to tell you… I’m Mary, third office over… Nice dick by the way.” She said with a grin before disappearing again.

It was at least a minute before I managed to get enough control of myself to walk out of the bathroom.

“I see Mary introduced herself.” Angie said with a smile as I walked out of the bathroom.

“Um yeah.” I replied, still a bit unsure.

“She’s harmless. Used to be a model so she’s not too bashful, if you know what I mean. I’m about to eat, would you like to join me?” she asked sweetly.

“I was just going to eat a quick sandwich.” I said noncommittally.

“No point in being uncomfortable.” She said as she stood up from her desk. She led the way down a short hall to an empty office that had been converted into a pleasant break room. Like all the offices it was mostly glass along the hallway wall, but it was outfitted with a few overstuffed chairs, a sofa, table and chairs in the center and of course all the usual appliances.

“Have a seat.” She motioned as she headed to the fridge for what I presumed was her lunch. I sat in a chair and got my water and sandwich out from my small cooler and leaned back to enjoy a quick bite.

“So do you do this kind of work a lot?” She asked as she spread some dressing on a salad.

“Often enough to make a living, but not enough to be rich.” I replied with my standard answer.

“Hmmm You seem to be good at it, I would think there would be a lot of demand for this kind of work.” She said as she sat down in a seat across from me. She crossed her legs and set a bottle of water on the table next to her before taking a bite of salad.

“Lots of people want to go with a big company. There is a perception that us little operators aren’t as trustworthy or something.” I said after chewing my bite of sandwich.

“Oh. Are you?” she asked



“Well, Ke├ži├Âren Escort I have a high level of integrity and I maintain a million dollars bonding.” I said between bites.

“That should be enough to satisfy most people. Have you ever had a problem?”

“So far not. Although I have found a lot of interesting things on some of the computers I’ve worked with.”

“Like what?”

“Well… at one place I did, I found that one of the employees was running a porn server from the companies server farm. Had to turn him in to the company of course, but some of the live camera feeds he had going were interesting.”

“Like what?” she asked, unfolding her legs and leaning forward.

“Well… Most of them seemed to be housewives doing chores naked around the house and such. He had one house set up so that you could click from camera to camera and find her doing anything from housework to taking a shower. I had to admit, it was pretty hot watching her scrub the floor butt naked, her big tits swinging around free.”

“Oh, you’re a tit man then?” she said with a grin.

“Um.” I said suddenly uncomfortable with where this was going. “I guess so, but I tend to prefer the whole package, if you know what I mean.”

“Uh huh. You enjoy watching tits but you like a good pussy too.” She said bluntly, smiling at my discomfort. “Don’t worry, we talk that way all the time around here. Part of the business of making specialty and sometimes erotic attire is understanding what the customer wants. I kind of had you pegged for a leg man… Let me guess… You like stockings better than hose.”

“Actually I do.” I answered as I looked down at her legs involuntarily, realizing that she had spread her knees far enough apart that I could look up her short skirt and see the tops of her stockings and her powder blue panties.

“And let’s see…” she said leaning back and looking at the ceiling, which made her panties even more prominent under the dark skirt. “I bet you like to have sex with your women partly dressed instead of completely naked?”

My dick practically jumped in my pants, adding to the discomfort I was feeling.

“I guess.” I answered non-committally.

“Oh you can tell me. It’ll be our secret. I like to try to guess what men like.”

“Ok… yes, I prefer my women half dressed rather than naked.”

“I thought so. I bet you’re a lace man too, right? If you were going to buy something sexy for your wife it would be a long lace gown with a lace teddy?”

Actually she had hit the nail pretty close to home. I did prefer lace and the last time I bought my wife something sexy to wear it was a lace teddy. “I guess so.” I answered, feeling a bit odd.

“I thought so.” She said as she ate the last bite of salad. She ran her finger around the edge of the container, scooping up some of the remaining dressing and then sucked it off her finger seductively. She stood up and walked to the door. “Thank you for the lunch conversation, it was very… interesting.” She said before she went out the door, her eyes clearly staring at my hard dick in my shorts.

It took me several minutes to will my dick back down to normal proportions as my mind suddenly jumped to how she would look naked. After that few minutes I drained my water bottle and then headed out to get back to work.

I walked over to her desk, where I had set all my equipment on the floor and crouched down to look at my list of what to do next. “I think you’re next.” I said without thinking. Then I looked up quickly at her face. “I didn’t mean it that way.”

“You didn’t? I don’t know if I should be offended for saying it or for not meaning it!” She said sternly, before breaking into a smile. “Just pulling your leg, what do you need from me?”

“Well, I need to get a wire pulled in down under your desk.”

“Oh, well, I can let you work down there if you want, but I have to be able to reach the phone.”

“No problem.” I said as I dug out my template and dremmel tool. She pushed back from the desk and let me crawl under. Lying on my back I put up the template and pinned it in place before starting to cut the hole. The saw isn’t exactly quiet, so when I heard the phone ring I stopped what I was doing so she could answer it.

“Hello Dempsy’s apparel.” I heard her say to the phone as she scooted her desk chair forward on the carpet. “Yes.” She said listening to the person on the other end. “I can look those up. Just a moment.” She said as she moved in closer, putting one stocking clad foot on one side of my legs and the other between them so she could reach her computer.

I lay there on my back looking up her short skirt, my mind wandered to wondering what she would look like without her blue panties. I had no idea if she knew I was looking or not, but then it was really too dark to see much anyhow. Her conversation seemed to be taking a long time as she looked for some numbers K─▒z─▒lay Escort of something on the computer. I felt her foot move, now pressing against my crotch as she twisted in the chair a bit farther. I would have said she didn’t realize she was touching me, but her foot lifted from where it was sitting on the floor between my legs to gently rest on my hard dick, her toes occasionally wiggling on it. Her call finally ended and she pushed her chair back, pulling her foot from my front.

“Sorry about that. Thank you for waiting. I’m not sure I could have heard what I needed to otherwise.”

“No problem.” I replied, still feeling a bit flush. I started the cutter again and finished the hole. As I slid out from under her desk I had a clear view up between her legs, which now in the light, rather than under the desk, allowed her pale blue panties to be visible, along with a darker spot in the middle of the panties crotch. “I’ll be back in a bit.” I said as I stood up and headed to the back room with a box of wire.

It took me nearly half an hour to get the wire to the correct wall, working it over the drop ceiling tile by tile to the top of the wall near Angie’s desk. I set my ladder in front of her desk and climbed up to drill a small hole in the top plate of the wall and push a wire down. I had just finished drilling when I felt a hand slide up and down my bare leg, each time, working a bit higher up under my shorts. It was incredibly distracting as I tried to push the small wire down the hole and into the wall. It got even more distracting when she reached my hard dick and squeezed it through my briefs. Under other circumstances, I would probably go ahead and let her have her way, but I was standing pretty much in public with a woman’s hand grabbing my dick. Not a good way to stay out of trouble.

“Coming down.” I said in warning as I started to climb down the ladder. The hand disappeared and I saw Angie walking back around her desk with a cat got the canary look. I grabbed the items I needed and crawled under her desk again to fish the wire out of the wall and put the box in. I was lying under the desk with one hand stuffed inside the wall when I felt her hand on my pants again, this time undoing my belt.

“Aren’t you afraid of being caught?” I asked as she pulled my belt open while I tried to grab it with my only free hand.

“No. We’re alone for at least another ten minutes. Are you worried about getting caught?” She said as she moved my hand out of the way and undid the button of my shorts.

“You could say that.” I said as she pulled my zipper down and spread my shorts apart.

“Ohhh nice dick. I’d really like to see more of it.” She cooed as she bent over farther and started trying to pull my pants down.

“You really need to see it that bad?” I asked as I gave up trying to hold onto the wire inside the wall and pulled my hand out. I moved my head so I could see her face and looked up at her from under the desk.

“Ok.” She said scooting forward on her chair, pulling her short skirt up and spreading her legs. “Tell me that with my naked pussy on display you aren’t going to look?”

There was no doubt that her blue panties had long since disappeared and she was sitting with her naked pussy fully on display for me. I could see beads of moisture on the delicate lips, that were spreading like flower pedals before me. “You’re right, I’ll look.” I said, staring at her wet lips and tiny wisps of brown curls.

“So I don’t have the same right? Do you think women don’t like to look too?” she asked, looking straight at my eyes.

“I guess I never thought about it too much. Guys like to look, I didn’t think women liked to look that much.” I answered from where I was still laying on the ground, once again staring at her wet pussy.

“Oh trust me, we love to look and on occasion, touch.” She said with a grin. “Now I take it you like what you see, how about a peek for me?” She asked as she slid her chair forward and bent down to reach for my shorts again.

Reluctantly I lifted my butt off the ground for her to pull my shorts and briefs down enough to see my hard dick. What was the worst that could happen? I could lose the contract? I mean, I’m the one laying on the ground so it would be pretty hard to make me out to be the aggressor here. I allowed her to pull my shorts and briefs down in one motion, my hard dick springing free to stand at attention.

“Ohhhh nice looking cock.” She cooed as she continued to pull my pants down until she was working them over my boots.

“That’s probably not a good idea.” I said with real concern this time.

“Don’t worry stud. I’m going to put your shorts back on in a second.” She said as she pulled my briefs from my feet and tossed them aside under the desk. True to her word she worked my shorts back on and slid them up my legs. “See that wasn’t so bad was it?” She asked sweetly as she pulled them up over my butt. Instead of closing them up, she reached into the opening and gently squeezed and stroked my hard dick. “Feels as good as it looks.” She said quietly.

I damn near jumped out of my skin when the phone on her desk rang. She quickly let go of my dick and pulled her chair up to reach the phone, answering it as professionally as if she had just been writing a report.

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Wet Dreams with Spirit

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This is the story of the Lady Gypsy and the Oak Spirit. Our gypsy woman was wild – wild with repressed desire – searching for a release. Her patient shire horse slowly hauled her gypsy caravan through the summer dusk of the English countryside.

The oak tree attracted her – somewhere to camp for the night – under its ageless boughs. The night grew darker as she settled down for the evening around her small campfire. Tired but longing for release she leant back against the oak tree, her pulled up her gypsy skirt and began stroke the naked plump moist playground that she exposed.

The sensations that that touch released were breathtaking – her head fell back as she gasped with delight – mmmmmm.

A slight noise startled her and she froze. She could see a pair of naked legs across flickering campfire light. Above the legs in the darkness a sexy dark voice said “Oh, don’t stop Gypsy; I am enjoying this as much as you.”

To prove his words he dropped to his knees and she could see his cock – standing free – hard as a log and glistening at the tip. Though the darkness hid his face his obvious excitement coursed lust through her veins and she continued her wanton fondling. Our gypsy Ulus Escort woman spread her legs a little wider to encourage his interest – she used her wet and sticky fingers to spread her lips – and was rewarded by an impulsive jerk from his dick.

He started to play with his hard cock – building up speed as the Gypsy plunged fingers into herself with one hand and frigged her clit with the other – the sight of his precum, and the awareness of his building orgasm, took her to the edge – she started to moan and and squirm- then went ballistic as he tugged himself to a massive cum.

He shot his load – a full long stream of cum shooting onto the fire between them – sizzling and spitting as she exploded in a shattering surge of release.

He stood up and drifted back out of the firelight. “Wait,” she called “who are you?”

There was a rustling of the leaves above her and a sexy dark voice called back “The Spirit of the Oak, sweet Gypsy woman – call again whenever you are horny”

The Gypsy woman opened her eyes – and looked around her – the fire had all but gone out her skirt was around her waist – exposed and tingling? – what had happen? – had she dreamt it? That satisfied ├ťniversiteli Escort tingling between her legs – it must have been a wet dream – she had cum in her sleep – wow! A first!

The gypsy woman climbed into her van and stripped off for bed – lying naked on her sheet she fell asleep and dreamt. She dreamt that the Oak Spirit was sitting on the side of her bed stroking her body – lightly down along her arm – across her chest – his finger circling her nipple – watching it start to engorge and stiffen. He cupped the tit – full and heavy – squeezing the nipple up and tight so that his lips could gently brush it – then pulling it into his mouth – savouring it – rolling around his tongue. The gypsy woman’s dream had her reaching for the Oak Spirit’s body in return – stroking the hairs on his arm as her hand drifted to his chest. His head was now working down her body nibbling towards her curly pubes – his destination inevitable.

As his face brushed through her hair her excitement grew, her hands held his head as her pelvis lifted to his face. She heard him sniff her fragrance in- felt the cool air being sucked over her swollen, wet, keen clit. He swung around Yenimahalle Escort and lifted a leg over her head offering his groin and all that it boasted. His cock rested hot and hard against her cheek as she buried her face in his tight like acorns balls, and he snuffed around her eager cunt.

Time blurred as the 2 bodies explored each other – teasing the sensuous glands with noses, tongues, chins, eyebrows, breath. Their pace started to quicken together – the Oak Spirit was doing wonderful things to our gypsy woman – she could not see what he was doing – but she could experience the heavenliness of his touch.

They enjoyed their cums together – his nose sniffing the musk – his tongue deep inside her – his chin lightly rubbing her clit. She licked the skin behind the balls, applying pressure as she wanked his twitching dick over her tits – a generous stickily outcome.

Her dream faded and she slept on – her whole body totally relaxed for the first time in days.

Next morning our gypsy woke late – she lay there remembering the dream – then recognising the tingling in her groin. “Oh dear,” she thought “another wet dream – that’s weird”. She swung her legs to the floor and absentmindedly ran one hand through her hair, the other over her chest. The skin was flaking – there was dried cum all over her tits.

“It must have been real!” she thought – and then noticed the tiny acorn jammed in her tummy button. “mmmmmmmmm I might stop here awhile.”

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Working Together

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You are sitting at your desk on the phone with a customer and you look at your computer and see that you have new email and it is from me. You open it and find that I’m asking if you have a few minutes to discuss a presentation that we need to collaborate on for a meeting that is coming up soon.

You respond back that you are on a conference call for about another hour and you ask if I can stop by after that. Your call continues and after a couple of minutes you see me appear in your doorway. You definitely seem surprised to see me there because you just asked that I give you an hour – but I also notice that you seem pleased to see me.

You smile and your eyes move over my body, I see and feel them move from my face, down towards my breasts, down my stomach to my legs and all the way down to my feet and back up again, slowly and with purpose.

Your eyes take in every detail of my outfit…my tailored crisp white shirt unbuttoned just a couple of buttons to show off a string of pearls and the shirt is just sheer enough so that you can make out a hint of the lace on my bra. My dark grey fitted skirt that falls a couple of inches above my knee…conservative enough for work, but short and tight enough to get the reaction from you that I wanted.

My bare legs and black stilettos pumps that make my legs so long and toned…my hair pulled back in a low ponytail. If anybody else in the office looked at me from head to toe with you do, my reaction to that kind of attention would be annoyance. But when I feel your eyes on me, I feel anything but annoyed. I blush slightly under your appreciative gaze and I also stand so that my back is arched a bit and my breasts are pushed forward a bit…showing off for you.

When your eyes meet mine again, you mouth “You look nice today” and I smile back and mouth “Thank you”. You motion for me to hold on a second and when you do that, you see me step inside your office and close the door behind me. And you seem even more surprised when you hear the lock click into place.

Your eyebrows go up when you realize that I’m not heading towards the chair in front of your desk…I’m walking towards you. You continue with your call, but are clearly distracted, wondering what’s going on. You unconsciously slide your chair back a bit as you realize that I am going to slide in between you and your desk.

My ass slides along the edge of your desk and comes to rest on the edge, right in front of you. One of my legs is positioned in between your legs and the other leg is positioned on the other side of your leg…your knee in between my knees, barely touching them. But it is enough so that my legs are slightly parted and my skirt rides up a little bit. Its not enough for you to see my panties, but it is enough for you to see a flash of my inner thighs.

You have to continue with your call, but your eyes are glued on me as my fingers start playing with the buttons on the cuffs of my sleeves. And they widen as you see that I unbutton one cuff and then the other. I look you in the eye as I smile and move my fingers up to the buttons on the front of my shirt.

As I slowly unbutton the first button, I push my knees together a bit and gently squeeze your knee in between mine. The next button comes undone and you can see the clasp in the front of my bra that is holding it closed. You want to reach forward and undo that clasp, but you let my fingers continue their work. I pull my shirt free from my skirt and finish undoing the last couple of buttons as each side of my shirt falls back slightly. You can now clearly see my stomach and my breasts, still confined by my pretty lacy bra.

I reach up and take out my ponytail…shaking my head so that my hair falls free around my shoulders and then I slide my shirt off my shoulders and down my arms. I toss my shirt at you, but it misses and lands on the back of your chair. I lean forward to get it and my breasts brush against your arm as I retrieve my shirt and toss it on the chair behind me instead. I hear you stammer an answer to a question on the phone…your eyes looking towards your computer screen instead of at me.

I sit back on the edge of your desk and move my hands up my stomach to my breasts. I start to squeeze them gently…one breast in each hand. Pushing them together and running my fingers over my nipples. You see the movement and your eyes are back on me. You watch as my hands tease my tits and you see my eyes close in pleasure when my fingers pinch my nipples through the fabric of my bra.

One hand stays on my breast as my other hand starts to move down my stomach and down my thighs. My fingers move under the hem of my skirt and slowly stroke the inside of my thigh as my other hand continues to stroke my breasts. I move one foot up and rest the edge of my shoe on your chair…between your legs so that I can stroke the inside of my thigh a little easier. When I do this, my skirt rides up higher and you finally get a glimpse S─▒hhiye Escort of my panties.

After a few minutes of my fingers teasing my thighs and breasts, I suddenly stand up and turn around so that my ass is facing you. You see my hand sneaks around to my side and I unzip my skirt. Once the zipper is down, I lean forward and slide the skirt down my hips and ass so you can see that I am, indeed, wearing thong panties and my ass is so close to you.

When the skirt is all the way down, I step out of it and I sit down on your lap. I can feel that your cock is already very hard. I wiggle my ass against you a little as I lean back so that my back is against your chest and the back of my head is resting against your shoulder. I lean back and settle into you and smile as I realize how difficult it is going to be for you to finish your conference call.

You watch my hands move…fingers on one hand tracing up my arm before moving over to run my fingertips over my nipples. You can see my nipples poking at the fabric of my bra and I hear you breathe in quickly when my fingers stop and pinch one of my hard nipples. While watching me tease my tits with my fingers, you realize that my other hand has moved down my stomach and I am tracing my fingers along the edge of my panties…stroking the soft skin right above my panties.

Then I slide my fingers down the silky fabric…running them along my pussy lips, but still on the outside of my panties. You notice that I breathe in quickly when my fingers brush the fabric lightly against my clit and you struggle to pay attention to what’s being said on the phone.

I continue to play with my nipples and my pussy through my bra and panties…enjoying the obvious effect that its having on you. I hear you stammer once when a question is directed your way. When I hear that, I smile and turn my head and kiss you on the neck, just below your ear. I feel your cock twitch a bit at the unexpected sensation of my lips on your skin. Both of my hands are on my breasts and you have a close-up view of me squeezing them whenever you glance down.

Then you notice my fingers reaching towards the middle to the clasp in the front that is holding my tits in my bra. You watch as I undo the clasp and use my hands to push my bra aside…but in doing so, my hands cover my tits and you aren’t able to see them. I lean forward a bit and then turn to smile at you with my hands covering my breasts, clearly enjoying teasing you by not letting you get a full view.

I slowly stand up and take a step away from you…and you see my hands move as I push my bra aside and slide it down my arms…letting it fall into your lap. You drink in the view of my bare back and my thong that hardly covers a thing on my ass. I feel your fingers touch my back and start to slide lightly down my spine and I turn part way around to look at you and shake my head no.

You grin at me and mouth the word “Tease” at me. I wink at you and turn back to face you…my hands down at my sides and you get to finally see my breasts…nipples hard from the teasing I’d been giving them. I slide a finger into my mouth and get it wet before I move it down to move it in a circle around my nipple…getting it wet and making it harder from the sensation of the air in the room hitting my now wet nipple. I pinch it lightly between my thumb and finger and you hear a small moan escape from my throat when I pinch a little harder.

I wet the finger on my other hand and am now doing the same thing to my other nipple. You can’t believe that I am sitting on the edge of your desk wearing nothing but my thong and stilettos, pinching and teasing my nipples while you are trying to remain in control on your conference call. I continue to stroke my breasts…a little more roughly, pinching my nipples harder and you can see how hard they are. Every time I pinch a little harder, I can feel it in my clit and you notice my hips starting to move a little bit.

One of my hands slides down my body and into my panties and you can tell as soon as my finger gently brushes over my clit because I breathe in deeply and pinch my nipple hard with my other hand…pulling at my nipple while I rub my finger over my very sensitive clit. You sit back in your chair, watching me play with myself and feeling your cock get harder.

I slide one of my feet out of my shoe and I move my foot up between your legs again. This time, my bare foot is resting against your balls…I wiggle my toes gently and create delicious friction through your pants. You see that I am holding my panties aside with one hand and my legs are spread apart. You see my other fingers slide down my wet pussy lips. You watch one finger slide into my wet pussy and you hear me breathe a little harder as I push my finger inside of my hot cunt.

I gently stroke my clit with my other thumb as I slide a second finger into my pussy. You can see my fingers are Tando─čan Escort wet with my sweet pussy juice as I fuck my tight cunt with my two and then three fingers. You hear my breathing pick up as my fingers slide in and out and as my hips grind against my fingers. You hear my soft moans start and you know that the people on the phone will start to hear me soon. You cover the mouthpiece of the phone to try to keep the sound away because you don’t want to tell me to stop.

But after a few minutes, I do stop. I slide my fingers out of my pussy and lift them towards my mouth…I taste myself on my fingers…slowly rubbing them over my lips before sucking them clean. I can tell how much you like watching me do that and I slide one finger back inside of me to get it wet again. And then I raise my finger towards you and lean in…rubbing my wet finger onto your lips before pushing my finger inside of your mouth.

You quickly suck my finger…swirling your tongue around it while I smile down at you. You stop quickly when you realize that you need to respond to something on the phone. You look up at me when you finish speaking and I put my hand on your cheek as I lean in to kiss you. You can taste my pussy on my lips still as I give you a quick, sweet kiss.

You cover the mouthpiece of your phone again and whisper “This will only take a few more minutes, I promise.” I smile at you as I kneel down between your knees. My hands are moving over your chest…feeling your nipples and giving them a gentle squeeze through your shirt. You smile and see my hands move down your body to your belt. I lean forward and kiss you right above your belt buckle while my hand finds your hard cock and gives it a gentle squeeze through your pants.

I am happy to see how hard you are already as I grab your cock and move my hand over your shaft before I even undo your pants. You watch my fingers undo your belt buckle and quickly undo your button and zipper. Now I slide my hand inside your pants, but not yet inside your boxers. And again, my hand explores your cock…feeling your hot, hard cock through the fabric of your boxers. Then my hand slides down lower to lightly stroke your balls through your boxers…and I look up at you and grin. I can hardly wait to have your cock.

Your hand caresses my cheek and then strokes my hair as I pull your cock our of your boxers and take it in my hand. There is some precum glistening at the head of your thick cock and I run my thumb up to get some so I can rub it into your shaft. I stroke your cock slowly…gently pulling your skin up toward the head…rubbing your precum in and getting you a little bit harder…the whole time, my face is moving closer and closer to your dick.

I guide the head of your cock towards my mouth, licking my lips before rubbing the head against them…loving the feel of your cock on my mouth. I smile up at you as I guide the head all around my mouth…lightly slapping the head against my waiting lips. I see you cover the mouthpiece of your phone again and I slide the tip of your cock into my mouth…my lips closing around the head, lightly sucking and flicking the tip of my tongue into your piss hole. You groan softly as my lips slide down your shaft…slowly sucking you into my hot mouth.

You can feel me sucking on your cock as it slides deeper into my mouth…you can feel my tongue licking the underside of your cock as it slides deeper into my mouth. And then you feel my mouth start to slide back up…all movements still very slow and deliberate, for now. I slide my mouth up and down your cock, my head raising and lowering onto your cock….my eyes looking up at you as you see your cock stretch my lips open.

You love seeing your cock disappear into my hot mouth and I pick up the pace…sucking, licking, loving your cock in my mouth. One of my hands slides up under your shirt and is caressing your nipples…pinching them lightly at first, then harder as I fuck your cock with my mouth. I can tell that you are anxious for the phone call to end, but it doesn’t sound like you’re going to be getting off the phone anytime soon.

Your hand reaches out to gather my hair up so that you can see my mouth on your cock even better. I take my mouth away from your hot cock for a moment and I hold your cock up with one hand while I slide my tongue down the underside of your cock to your balls. I stroke your cock very slowly as I lick all around your balls…licking your entire ball sack before tonguing each of your balls separately…I suck one into my mouth…sucking on it as I swirl my tongue all around before releasing it and sucking the other into my mouth.

I see your eyes close as I suck on them and I know you love feeling them in my mouth. I hear you respond again to something being said on the phone, so I release your balls and resume stroking your cock while you answer. Occasionally, you feel my tongue flicker out Tunal─▒ Escort to lick your balls again as I stroke you. You feel my other hand reach down to continue to play with your balls while I direct my oral attention back on your cock.

This time when you feel your cock slide into my mouth, you realize that I’m taking it in deeper…you feel your cock into my throat and you feel the tip of my nose against you and you feel your balls against my chin. I hold your cock there…sucking it while it is buried all the way in my mouth. And then I start sliding my mouth up and down your cock again…fucking your cock with my hot, wet mouth and then sucking you all the way back into my throat again.

I feel your hips start to move because you want to shove your cock into my mouth…you want to fuck my mouth…but you can’t because of that damn call. I slide my mouth up and down your shaft….sucking, licking and deep throating you until you are getting close to cumming. I can tell that you are trying to control yourself because you stop moving your hips and you’re not looking down at me as often…and all that does is make me work harder so that you can’t ignore me. I use my hands to tease the inside of your thighs and I want to tease your ass, but I can’t because you’re sitting in your chair.

I take my mouth off your cock and there is a thin line of your precum that connects your cock to my lips still. I tell you to stand up – quietly, but firmly. You shake your head at me to say “no”, but I tell you again to stand up. This time you stand and I push your chair back a little bit. I pull your pants and your boxers down…around your knees and all the way down to your ankles.

Once again, I lick your balls as my fingers start to tease your ass. I take one finger and start at the top of your ass and slide it all the way down…not touching your asshole…yet. Then I stand up and I’m behind you…you turn around to see what I’m doing and then you feel my hands on your back…pushing down so that you’ll bend over the desk a little bit for me.

Once you are bent over, I kiss you down your back…kisses all the way down onto your ass before you feel my hands spread your ass cheeks open. I run my fingertip around your tight asshole and I feel you shudder a little bit when I replace my fingertip with my tongue. I lick your hole…getting it wet, teasing it with my tongue, kissing it gently…and nibbling just a little bit on your cute ass cheeks. I can hear your breathing becoming a little ragged again as you enjoy the delicious sensation of my mouth, my lips, my tongue and my fingers playing with your hot, little asshole.

I stop playing with your ass and stand up again and sensing this, you stand up and turn around as well. We’re facing each other as I kiss your neck and I take your cock in my hand again…I start to slowly stroke you again, loving how hard it is…trying to decide if I am going to make you cum while you’re on the phone or if I will wait until you are off the phone.

You reach out and pinch my nipples while I’m stroking you …all the while you’re on your call, answering questions and trying to keep up with the conversation. I decide what I want and I gently push you back and down so you are sitting on the edge of your desk. I press myself up against you and kiss you on the neck, unbuttoning your shirt so I can push it aside and kiss your collarbone, kiss your nipples…teasing them with my tongue and very gently nibbling on them while my hand is still slowly stroking your cock.

I finally break away and you watch as I step back and turn away from you. I step towards your chair that I had pushed away earlier and I lift one foot up and place it on the chair and slowly bend over…giving you a very nice view of my very wet pussy and my tight asshole. Your eyes cannot look away when you see my fingers reach to play with my pussy…you see me slide my fingers into my pussy and stroke myself gently a few times before I move my fingers out of my cunt and I begin teasing my ass with them.

You watch as I tease the rim of my ass with my fingertips…getting it all wet before slowly sliding one finger inside of my ass. I can almost feel you react to the sight of me bent over in front of you…fingering my ass. I look back at you and I can see your eyes locked in on my sweet ass…I love the look on your face as you watch me fuck my ass with my finger.

When I remove my finger from my ass and slide my fingers back into my pussy to get them wet again, our eyes meet. You mouth “You are so fucking hot” at me and I smile back at you as I then slide two fingers into my tight little asshole and I moan softly when I feel them stroking inside my ass.

With two fingers inside my ass, I really start to fuck myself. I’m thrusting my fingers into my ass and pushing back with my hips….you can tell how much I love the sensation when you hear my breathing pick up…see my eyes close with pleasure and hear my sighs and moans as I start to fuck my hot, wet ass faster.

The sight of me fucking my own ass and the obvious pleasure I am getting from it is more than you can take. You’ve been stroking your cock while hardly listening to your call and all you can think of is how much you want to shove your fat cock into my tight ass.

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My Neighbours

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Big Tits

My Neighbours

Friendly and caring neighbours get together.

I live in a row of six small, detached bungalows, in a small and quiet lane on the edge of a small and quiet town.

My immediate neighbour on my left is Nora, a widow of some four years. Her age is around the sixty mark, it is hard to tell and I certainly wouldn’t ask her. She is Five ft six ins tall, broad and solid with what appear to be full round breasts. I would love to discover more but have no idea how to begin that journey. I am a widower of some eight months standing. Five ft ten ins tall, twelve stone, fit enough to run 3 miles most days. I watch porn on the internet to help me remember what sex is like,

The immediate neighbours on my right are polite but not exactly sociable because Steve is very reserved, but Anne likes to chat with me when I am tidying the front drive and lawn, she has the same timetable as me when our front lawns and drives need attention. Anne is a natural blonde, about Five ft eight tall, slim with proud breasts which she does nothing to lessen the effect of. She and Nora are very friendly, they are in and out of each other’s homes and often go shopping or to the local bingo together.

They both attended my wife’s funeral and the women mothered me for weeks until I was ready to begin living the rest of my life. We went back to our normal routines until he collapsed and went into hospital with a malfunctioning heart valve.

Anne is unable to drive because she has just undergone eye surgery for Cataracts and Glaucoma and I undertook to driving her whenever she wished, for hospital visits to see hubby, or for shopping. It eventually dawned on me that Anne had become a little more closely attentive to my ability to look after the housework and was offering to do my ironing for me, of course I accepted.

I gave the matter some thought and then acted. I invited her to dinner and a couple of drinks on a couple of occasions and then also asked Nora to join us. It became a gossip centre but there was a great deal of laughter and the couple of drinks became a bottle and then a bottle and a half.

One late evening I took Anne to her door as usual, but this time I only pretended to switch the lights on. On the pretence that lights were not working I asked if she had a torch, she told me where to look but I put it on a higher shelf in the kitchen and ‘failed’ to find it. As I guided her towards her bedroom I slid a cushion in front of her and when she stumbled I was ready to catch her but allowed my hand to brush firmly against the side of a breast for a moment. I said that it was not safe for her to be alone in the dark so she should come back with me and use my spare bedroom or should I ask Nora.

Anne said that it was a very thoughtful offer but Nora would be in bed by now and she would be happy to accept my offer.

I collected her nighty and her toiletries and we went back to my place.

My lights were, of course, in working order.

By 10 o’clock she had finished in the bathroom and before she went into the bedroom I reminded her that if she had any problem I was in the next room.

I went to bed, but not to sleep. I left my door open and at 11 o’clock I went and switched the main lights power off and outside her door I scraped a metal nail on some course sandpaper..

At 11.12pm I repeated the Repeat scratching and at 11.17pm I repeated it.

I listened and was certain that I heard movement so I returned to my bed and again left the door open.

I heard her door open so I got out of bed and eased into the hallway. Anne was feeling her way along the wall towards me.

I made a noise and walked into her, making sure that I felt a breast for a moment as I grabbed her when she begins to fall.

I pulled her close to me as I reassured her that it was me, that I had been disturbed by her movements and was coming to see what was wrong. It seemed that the electricity supply must be faulty and I could now understand something of her vision problem and I led her back to bed, made sure she was covered and left, closing her door, switching the power back on and returning to bed.

At one o’clock I repeat the scratching and then again four minutes later and once again shortly after that.

She was moving immediately after the third scratching sound and the lights went on in her room. I returned to my bedroom leaving the door open and got into bed. Anne came in and tried to wake me, by shaking my shoulder and, for some reason, whispering my name. I feigned being fast asleep so did not respond and she stood for a minute then lifted the duvet and got into bed with me. The lights were still on.

She lay still for a few mins then moved closer and then tucked the duvet against her body.

I waited for a couple of minutes then I moved and turned so that I was facing her and my hand fell quite naturally and gently onto her stomach, just above her pubic bone. I kept still and she lay still for a few minutes and then she took my hand and attempted to move it away, but she moved it too far so that it dropped by my side and Etimesgut Escort she had to lower her hand, which put it against my erection. She froze.

There was a pause, a soft intake of breath and then she pressed against my erection and moved her hand along it to the tip, stayed still for a moment and then slid her hand back down my shaft.

Anne removed her hand and turned to face me and a minute later she was feeling my cock, but this time she had put her hand inside my PJ fly slit and then she was holding it, I sighed and turned onto my back and she moved with me and began to stroke my erection. I moaned and lifted my hips slightly as she continued stroking me. I reached for my cock and she removed her hand as I begin masturbating..

The next sound I heard was caused by Anne pulling her nighty up and masturbating.

I felt her stiffen and she began to pant. I stopped moving and rolled to face her again. She took my wrist and moved my hand to her breast and pressed it against her.

I moved a little and this put me hard against her with one hand laying on her breast and my erection pressed against her thigh. Anne turned to face away from me and this has placed my erection against her bottom which is still uncovered. She reached down and moved my cock to the cleft of her bottom and then lifted a soft round buttock so that my cockhead is lodged in her cleft.

Anne began moving her hips backwards and forwards and I realized that my precum and her cum had made her slippery and now my cockhead was against her sphincter and she began to press further backwards

I eased forward and she pressed backwards, I moved forward and she began to roll over onto her stomach.

The pretence was over, her thighs parted and I moved over and into her.

she moaned and slid a hand under her to rub her clit, I asked her if she was ready and she whispered that she had been ready for years.

Her vulva was smooth and her breasts were a little droopy but her nipples were very sensitive. We fucked until dawn, in several positions, multiple locations and both her tunnels. Her nighty was a rag. She was hardly able to stand in the shower so I helped her and took her again in nice warm water.

When breakfast was over I told her what I had done to get her into my bed and then she told me that she had realised very quickly that she was being played, but because she had been masturbating over thoughts of being fucked by me ever since my wife had died she was overjoyed that I thought she was fuckable, Steve used to manage once a week if she was lucky.

Anne had another surprise for me, She and Nora had been enjoying each-other’s bodies for nearly a year. Anne had made a casual remark one day on the way home from a trip to the cinema in a nearby town. It had contained scenes of a lesbian love affair between two married women and Anne had commented that with the way things were between Steve and her in the bedroom she just might contemplate finding a woman to relieve some sexual stress for her.

Nora had laughed but had been quiet for the remainder of the journey home. When they reached home Nora asked Anne if she fancied a hot drink before going back to her house as Steve would be watching the football highlights. Anne agreed and as they drank hot chocolate Nora told her that she had already given in to the desire for some sexual release because she had been without any for a lot longer than Anne.

She had found someone on the internet and although the sex had been good she was unhappy about the woman and her attempts to get her involved in a group sex ring. She hadn’t done it again. She would be willing to try it with Anne because she likes her company. No strings, see how it goes then decide if we have some fun.

Anne said that when she put the cup down, she was shaking with anxiety and lust and her vagina had begun to feel moist. She took her dress and ‘bra off and told Nora that she really was serious about being inclined to try it and here was the chance on a plate, with someone she both knew and liked. Nora finished undressing Anne and asked her to do the same for her.

They hugged and groped, they stroked, felt and probed, kissed and licked their way to a climax. Investigating the differences in their sexual equipment and discovering who liked what and how to delay the onset of an orgasm proved to be fun so they did a lot of that. She arrived home at three in the morning and told Steve that Nora had been ill and she stayed with her until she finally fell asleep.

I walked round to Nora’s house, she was in and I wasted no time in telling her that I was inviting Anne and her to lunch in the one good restaurant we had in town. It was just a little thank you for being such caring and friendly neighbours.

The meal was good and so was the wine so I left my car in the restaurant carpark and we took a taxi back to my place and Anne made coffee.

“Tell me Nora; have you decided against having sex with men since you and Anne get on so well together?” Nora giggled and said that Etlik Escort she had not made such a decision as she had not had the chance to have sex with a man. I pointed out that I lived next door to her and to Anne and I had had sex with Anne so why was she different?”

Nora looked surprised and asked Anne if this was true.

“Only since last night Nora, I think he wants to get you into bed and then he can have either, or both, of us.”

“Is that true, you’re trying to get me into bed?”

“I did not tell Anne that I was, she said she thinks I am, but if I was, would you?”

“You would have to ask me to find that out.”

“Will you come to bed with me?”

“Why should I do that? There is a perfectly serviceable bed through there. Come with me and I’ll show you”

Undressing her was fun because would not let go of my cock. When I did manage it I was looking a woman with a firm body, surprisingly upstanding and firm breasts, muscular arms and thighs and a trimmed vulva.

“Did you do that? It is very neat.”

“No but I would let you do it for me. Anne did it, she likes getting down there. Can we fuck now? I am getting wetter by the minute and the sight of that cock waving about is giving me palpitations.”

I played with her body and she returned the favour until playtime was over and we both knew where things were and who liked what and then she fucked me. She pushed me onto my back, straddled me so that I could get my mouth to work on her sex equipment and discovered that she was indeed, dripping. She spent time stroking my erection and applying her fingernails to the rim of my cockhead causing me to press hard and insert my tongue deep into her vagina.

She began to fellate me and as my semen began to boil she turned around and fed my cock into her vagina then began lifting and lowering herself up and down my shaft, at speed, with vigour. Watching those breasts swinging and bouncing up and down was sheer heaven. I came. I filled her and it squelched past my cock and onto my pubic hair.

She rested with me still inside her, She let me do as I wanted with her breasts and would push a nipple into my mouth to be sucked and nibbled when I asked. Then she began to rotate her hips and as she lifted herself upwards and then lowered back down. She increased the rotation and piston speed until she was fucking me faster than I would have been able to fuck her. Nora was immensely fit and strong and she turned me into spent wreck, but I was sure that my time would come.

It came later day after coffee, when I asked her to let me into the driving seat. She knelt on the sofa, resting her arms on the back, which is when I saw her training weights stores behind it. That explained her ability overcome my attempts to move her when she wanted to remain where she was.

With her thighs wide apart I was able, once again to attend to her clitoris and vagina. I did that but my target was a little higher up and when I licked it she sighed and a hand went down to stroke her clitoris. My tongue was allowed entry on the first attempt and it was with obvious pleasure that her anal passage was open for me to plunder. I used her vaginal juice to lubricate my finger and my then cock slid into it as two of my fingers entered her anus.

I finger fucked her anus as I fucked her vagina and she went into an enormous and violent orgasmic episode. My fingers were being squeezed and my cock was being flattened until she eventually slumped forward against the sofa’s backrest. My time had come. She had reached ignition far too early to bring me off in a sympathetic climax so I was in full operating mode when my cock slid down her rear passage and into her rectum.

It was glorious. I fucked her rear passage with no interference, holding her hips to pull her backwards as I thrust forward and then push her forward as I withdrew t the starting gate and then thrust again. Sometimes slowly sometimes hard and fast and again, she exploded, wailing, sobbing and cursing. I kept her upright, against the sofa’s backrest, I kept my cock in her anus and when she’d stopped shaking, I fucked it again.

I just managed to last until she climaxed for a third time and we finished in style, together. I pulled out of her rear and staggered to the loo. I returned to find that Anne had pulled the seat forward and the sofa had become a bed. She was nude, laying alongside Nora with a hand on Nora’s vulva. I could see that one finger was giving Nora’s clitoris some attention as she kissed Nora.

It was relaxing watching Anne turning Nora into a responsive woman and then into an aroused woman. It was arousing me as well. Anne brought Nora back to lustful life and soon they were attending to each other’s sexual needs as I brought my penis back to life and then spoilt their concentration by inserting my cock into Anne’s vagina as she knelt over Nora.

Nora now had a worms eye view of my cock sliding slowly into Anne’s vagina and then she had the sense to play with Anne’s clitoris and to lick it as I pulled backwards in readiness Eve Gelen Escort for the next thrust. This caused Anne to attack Nora’s sex organs with renewed vigour and that caused Nora to hump upwards and suck or bite something as I stuck a finger in Annes anus which caused Anne to climax and that caused me to pull out, drag Anne off Nora so that I could climb aboard Nora to enter her vagina and fuck her until we climaxed, which did not take long.

We had been fucking each other in one form or another for around about five or six weeks when Anne lost her husband. After the funeral the three mourners went to the pub for a drink. It had a large lounge and was moderately busy so there was a lot of background chatter but plenty of empty seating. Anne had just aroused my interest in life by telling Nora that she was surprised that she felt rand after it was all over. Now she didn’t feel as if she was cheating Steve.

I saw a woman on her own by the window, she was just sitting looking out and sipping a lager, She looked bored to tears. I nudged Anne and she nudged Nora.

“Shall I invite her to join the three miseries at our table?”

“You can but try.”

I crossed over to her table and said that she appeared to be in a sad mood, that we were three friends who were trying to cheer ourselves up after a funeral and we wished to invite her to see if it helped her.

“Are you trying to pick me up?”

“I was trying to be friendly to someone who appeared to need cheering up.”

“Go away.”

I went away and then I had an idea. I told Anne and Dora to go home. They looked puzzled until I smiled and pushed a finger of one hand through a circle made by the thumb and forefinger of the other hand. They left. Shortly after that I left, but returned, bought a pint and sat at the table next to the woman.

“Are you still trying to pick me up?”

“Sorry? I haven’t said a word to you.”

“You did earlier.”

“I had a leak earlier as well.”

“Don’t be crude.”

“Don’t be rude then. I had just been to the funeral of one of those two ladies and you accuse me of attempting to pick you up for some nefarious purpose.”

“Well why did you want me to join you?”

“It wasn’t that we wanted you to join us, we thought you may appreciate a little company to take your mind off what was troubling you. Anyway you obviously don’t appreciate it so let me have my drink in peace.”

A few moments passed and then the wall crumbled.

“I am sorry I was so churlish; can we start again?”

“Are you trying to pick me up?”

She gave me a little smile. “OK I asked for that, Which one of your friends has just lost her husband?”

“The taller one, she’d just buried him but she lost him some time ago.” I did not explain further and she didn’t ask. “The shorter one is also a widow. We are neighbours, they live either side of me and I am a widower. May I buy you another drink? And no I am not trying to pick you up.

“Yes, thank you. I am in no rush to go home, not anymore.”

“I am not prying and I will not be offended if you tell me to stop asking questions but are you in some sort of trouble.?”

“My husband just walked out on me for the bloody cleaner. How the hell can I go there tonight, he is packing and I bet he takes everything he can carry in the car, and I bought that.”

Those friends of mine live in their own homes, on their own. They have empty bedrooms. I know that they will be happy to put you up until you can sort the mess out. Please let me ring them and see what they say.”

After a great list of reasons why she couldn’t, she did and I rang Anne and told her the outcome of our little chat. I had to admit that I still didn’t know her name so I had to ask, it was Jenny, Thank goodness it wasn’t Anne or Nora. I gave Jenny the phone and she received her orders to stay there until Nora drove to the pub to pick us up.

Nora arrived with instruction. We were to drive to Jenny’s house and go with her into the house to collect whatever clothing etc that she would need for a few days. Nora and I were to provide interference protection should it be necessary. It wasn’t, because Jenny’s husband had already gone and he hadn’t trashed anything or taken much that she treasured which meant that we arrived at Annes house with a much more cheerful Jenny.

She spent some time apologising for the way she had behaved when I first spoke to her and then I was sent packing until such time as they thought I may be useful in making sure that Jenny would be able to relax and begin to enjoy a few days of stress relief.

Nora Came and asked if I could arrange a take-away dinner for four and did I have any wine? Did I have? She knew I had a wine fridge and rack in my storeroom. That was just the merest hint of the way the evening’s entertainment was being nudged.

I was allowed a quick check of her breasts before she asked me to join them and set the wheels in motion.

Over a coffee we discussed the situation and Jenny admitted that she didn’t want to go back to her house until the locks had been changer and Anne had already set that in motion, it would be done tomorrow but she had insisted that Jenny took time to decide what she should do for the future and the place to do that was right here. I got the list of what each person wanted on their preferred options of Pizza and garlic bread. Nobody had wanted a big heavy meal.

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Loosening Up Bk. 11 Ch. 16-20

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Chapter 16 — Wyoming

Dave sat on a rather simple but sturdy wooden rail fence. Behind him about thirty feet his loaded motorcycle was parked. What filled his field of view beyond the fenced meadow were the Grand Teton Mountains from far on his left to far on his right.

Dave chuckled to himself. “Here I am, a man with intense sexuality, staring at the mountains named for three tits or teats by French trappers two-hundred years prior. He visually shifted his view to each of the peaks, the tallest nearly 14,000 feet tall.

Far in the distance, across the huge meadow, he saw a German shepherd trot across the field. His mind argued briefly and he conceded that the animal was a single wolf and not a domesticated canine. The wolf looked in his direction and paused in its travels, assessing the risk. Deciding there was none, it continued on across the meadow, disappearing into a small copse of trees to Dave’s left.

Dave identified with the wolf. He also compared the wolf to the attributes the Circle represented. The wolf was intelligent yet independent, with a strong survival instinct. The wolf was always courageous, willing to face any adversity that came its way. The wolf was a leader, in front of the rest of society. The wolf trusted its gut feel, especially for danger; thus, the wolf also represented wisdom that few others had.

Wolves are intensely loyal to each other and to the pack, yet they are free to roam. They are very social creatures. They do what they can to support the good relationships within the pack. The wolf is aware of its inner being — its spiritual connection with the Universe. The wolf is discerning yet willing to address emotional challenges.

Lastly, Dave recalled that the totem wolf is highly sexual and desires intimacy, yet also values freedom and independence. The balancing act was a constant duty of the wolf. He’d even been born under the Wolf totem in the month of March.

He thought about how most of the words he recalled about his totem also applied to the Circle — the members of the Circle and how they behaved with one another. He knew that Dakota would understand. In their discussions, she was unusually aware of the traits that underpinned the ethos of the Circle and also in touch with the spiritual ways of most Native Americans.

Dave periodically inhaled the rare mountain air. The late morning was clear and crisp, and the air empowering and energy laden. He strolled back to his bike and got on, adjusting the helmet on his head, zipping up his windbreaker, and donning some light gloves.

He continued to slowly meander until within the hour he pulled into Colter Village on the shores of Jackson Lake. The backdrop continued to be the Grand Tetons plus a billion trees. Dave also noted the various signs warning about bears and food storage.

Colter Village was a very campy-RVsy-vacation-family sort of place. He was one of the few single people in the vicinity. He found the lodge office and checked in, getting a room in the log cabin-type structure. He unloaded his bike, and then walked to the restaurant for lunch. Thinking of camping out, he recalled his simple mantra when he thought about this part of the trip: ‘I don’t do bears’.

After lunch Dave walked around the edge of Jackson Lake. The whole area was a subset of the Jackson Hole ski area a few miles away. Anything else in this corner of the state consisted of Yellowstone National Park just to the north.

After walking around, he decided he’d do an afternoon run. The temperature was mild, there was a light wind, and he hadn’t exercised for days except for the enthusiastic sex he’d shared with Dakota and Bree in Colorado.

Twenty minutes later, he started out on a run of indeterminant length. He trotted around the various lanes for the campground sites, taking in the sights of various families and their camping situations. There was about every possible combination from a simple two-person tent to a forty-foot recreational vehicle that looked similar to the luxury vehicle his mother and step-father had bought. He’d soon be meeting them in Montana.

After traversing all the roads in the Colter Village area, he went out on the main road and ran along the shoulder. Traffic was very light, so he was able to run on the asphalt road most of the time.

By the time he went out and returned, he figured he’d gone over twelve miles. The run rejuvenated him, and also reminded him that he needed to run more often to keep the rest of his body in shape.

Dave found a patch of grass near the lodge and used that to do some further exercises such as push-ups, sit ups, and the like. He was hot and sweaty when he finished.

Dave had seen a stretch of beach on his trip through the campground. He walked there, stripped down to his athletic shorts and then dove into the water. His swim was very short. The water was icy cold. As he got out, he was laughing; he speculated that someone could die of hypothermia in water that cold after only escort mecidiyek├Ây a few more minutes.

Two young women were sitting on some large rocks watching him as he emerged from the brief swim: one was a blonde, the other a brunette. The brunette said, “That was daring. You’re my favorite shade of blue.”

Dave looked down at his chest and legs; both were more pink than blue. He smiled at the two, “Pink, perhaps. Another ten degrees colder and I would be blue, and any longer I’d be an ice cube.”

The blonde said, “We saw you running out on the highway. You were going pretty fast, at least compared to our usual pace.”

“I was burning off some excesses over the past two weeks.”

“What excesses? What do you mean?”

Dave chuckled and thought of the various diversions since his concert in Albuquerque. He decided to be a little teasing, “I made a couple of new friends and wanted to spend time with them rather than exercising. We ate, drank, and cavorted for the past two weeks.”

“Are they here or are you alone?” the blonde asked.

“The two women are headed back to Albuquerque on their way to Sarasota, Florida; so, yes, I’m alone. How about your two? From here?”

The brunette volunteered, “We’re here from Seattle. We work together on the staff of some trade magazines. Mostly, they’re aimed at high end real estate spenders in the surrounding area, but they’re community based.” She paused and asked, “What do you do?”

Dave had a rehearsed line to give out for that exact question without revealing his rising star status. “I’m tied in with a band and we do special gigs around the country. I make enough to keep the wolves from the door.” His comment made him remember the wolf he’d seen that morning.

“You do anything in Seattle? Might we have heard of you?”

“Not yet. I doubt you’ve heard of me, but we do have something coming up there in three weeks. I have to talk to my agent to get more specifics — the location and so on. There are others that often join us for our gigs including a whole band.”

The brunette said, “If we gave you our emails would you send us information about where and when you’re going to be performing. We’d show up, if for no other reason than to pay homage to another person that loves the mountains.” She gestured at the peaks on the other side of the lake.

Dave shifted the conversation, “I had a spiritual experience this morning just sitting and looking at the Grand Tetons. I think they’re the most majestic mountains I’ve ever seen, certainly on this continent.”

“Oh, we did, too. We hiked around one of the lakes this morning — about a seven-hour loop. It gave us the same kind of metaphysical experience. Even as we speak, we’re sort of decompressing from that.”

The blonde asked, “You camping, in an RV, or in the lodge?”

“In the lodge. I don’t do bears. I don’t even want to think about them being a threat, but all the signs around here sure remind you that they are unpredictable critters.”

“We’re in the lodge, too. We’ll walk back with you if your headed that way?”

“Sure.” Dave pulled his running shoes on his feet and just carried his t-shirt. The shirt was one from his concert in Dallas, but neither girl noticed.

When they got to the lodge, Dave draped the wet shirt over the handlebars of his motorcycle. He commented, “These are my wheels. It’ll dry faster out here in the sun.”

The blonde asked, “I forgot to ask what kind of music do you sing?”

Dave responded, “Usually country, but we do some of popular songs, too; unless they get into rap, punk, or grunge. We like ballads and love songs, but also jazzy stuff that people can dance to.”

Brunette said, “There’s a dance after dinner at the main lodge. Would you join us, please? We’d love your company and you’re alone, too.”

Dave shrugged, “Sure, sounds like fun. I’m Dave by the way.”

“Oh, yeah. Sorry. We’re Lucy Stetson and Naomi Clark.” She pointed at herself and then her blonde friend.

Dave headed for the door to his room. “I’ll meet you here at six p.m. for dinner, if that suits you?”

“Yes, perfect. FYI, the food here is great and they mix a generous cocktail. We were here last night, too.”

After a shower and an hour practicing on his travel guitar, Dave met Naomi and Lucy in front of their room in the row at the lodge and the three went to dinner.

Drinks and inner gave them all a chance to assess one another. Dave chose to be purposefully evasive about his new singing career and rising stardom.

Lucy Stetson was a hefty brunette in her mid-twenties. She had an athletic air about her, which fit perfectly that they’d been hiking around the Tetons and Yellowstone for the previous week. She’d graduated from University of Washington in Liberal Arts, and gone to work for Spanner Publishing, a company that did specialty magazines in the area from Portland to Seattle. She was responsible for selling ads in several of escort bayan the magazines, and was quite successful at it.

Naomi Clark was more of a pixie blonde, but also had that bouncy athletic air about her. She had a bounce to her walk, and Dave guessed that she burned off any excess calories because she was trim and shapely. She described herself as a Beaver, meaning she graduated from the University of Oregon. She blushed slightly at the sexual innuendo of the school’s nickname. She was a year younger than Lucy, and was also on the road a lot selling space in the various magazines.

Cornered about his background, Dave told more about his education, his work for the electric utility, and then working in the management structure of a start-up company making high tech batteries. He also mentioned that he was a pilot and enjoyed flying.

“Are you single?” Lucy asked.

Dave shrugged, “There’s not a simple answer to that question. Let me say that I live with a large group of people and we all love each other, and we willingly give our blessings for them to be with others so long as they abide by some simple rules. Some are married and others are not, but the end result is the same; we feel encompassed by love.”

“Errr, do you mean … I guess sexually?”

“Yes, and romantically.”

“And you’re in open relationships?”

“That’s well put. Yes. What about your two.” He tried to deflect the conversation back to the girls.

“We’re both single. What are the rules you mentioned?”

“The important one is that if we interact with someone outside our community that we need to be sure they are disease free — that they’ve been tested. We test ourselves frequently, too. We also insist that we be kind, loving, caring, and compassionate about the new friends we meet. We want everyone to have a good experience with everyone else.”

Both Lucy and Naomi seemed impressed. “So, if we have test results and flirt with you, we’re not breaking somebody’s sacred vows or something? Will someone get jealous?”

Dave extended his arms out to the side, “No jealousy. Making love is encouraged. Flirt away, but careful; I might flirt back, and then where would you be?” They all laughed. Dave shifted to thinking about the two girls in a more romantic way. They were attractive.

Naomi asked, “What is your group like? You said you lived in Florida.”

Dave tilted his explanation slightly, “Most of us are neighbors. The environment is in what’s called a co-housing situation. Our homes or condos are fairly simple, but we share a large core area that has many shared things in it like a gym, Jacuzzi, sauna, pool, large patio, living and media rooms, meeting and hobby rooms, library, and best of all a major kitchen facility with a five-star chef. We’re very social.”

Naomi rolled her eyes, “I’d never leave. Are you all hippies?”

Dave laughed, “No. Most are professionals in some way — doctors, nurses, business executives, foundation managers, bank and investment managers, and so on. We even have several movie stars and recording artists, and at least one billionaire. There are over two hundred members with slightly more women than men. As may as can, live on site; others live nearby.”

“Why not the other way around in terms of gender balance?”

Dave blushed, “Because I keep inviting cute girls that I meet to join us — or they invite themselves after … flirting.” He smiled at them.

The two girls laughed. Naomi pushed, “There’s something I’m missing.”

Dave continued, “There’s no possessiveness or exclusivity. There’s also great emphasis on equality of the sexes. No one dominates or controls anybody else. I’m guessing you’re trying to define this group from the outside in rather than the inside out. In a way, we defined the lifestyle we wanted and the values we held dear and then set about making it happen. We emphasized certain desirable traits.”

“But …”

Dave said in a matter of fact tone, “Most, if not all of us, are hypersexual. We allow ourselves the freedom to express our sexuality openly and with each other. We have a significant focus on sexually pleasing our partners — the people we love. I guess you could say that we’re devout hedonists. Joy is our focus, that is, making it for one another. Orgasms help in that regard.” He smirked to himself, guessing that the girls might be turned off on that basis.

Lucy gasped, “Wow!” After a long silence while they each ate some of their meals, she added, “That’s so cool. I wish I lived there.”

Naomi looked shocked at her friend, “What? You? You keep turning down dates. I’d be there in a flash.”

Lucy got defensive, “I’m picky. The guys in the print shop are kind of weird. They focus on my boobs and not on me. I also have a rule about fraternizing with customers and workers. Other than that, I never see any other men.”

Naomi laughed, “Well, you do kind of flaunt your tits.”

Lucy shook her chest and laughed, be┼čikta┼č escort “I like to let my boobies breath.”

“Breath? They often leave others gasping for air because they expect total disclosure at any instant, at least with some of your outfits,” Naomi teased.

Dave teased, “Now girls …”

Lucy posed and puffed out her chest towards Dave. She was somewhat upset with her friend. “Do you like my breasts?”

Dave blatantly studied her bosom as though he were a researcher, tilting his head from side to side and frowning in thought as he scientifically ogled her tits and collected visual data from the eye candy. He’d been invited to look and look he did, taking in the perfect roundness of their shape, the deep cleavage her blouse allowed, and their perky appearance. Through the western-wear shirt he could make out her areolas and see the dimples her nipples formed. A small object dropped into her cleavage might not hit skin until it dropped out the bottom of her shirt into her lap. Lucy was stacked.

He said in an evaluative tone in research observation mode, “I love your breasts. I think the quote that comes to mind is something like, ‘Your two breasts are like twin fawns of a gazelle that browse among the lilies.’ It’s Biblical, I believe. I might add, that it seems appropriate that you sit here in the Grand Tetons having the most magnificent breasts, second only to the mountains now shrouded in evening darkness.” He gestured outside the lodge dining room.

Naomi sat back, “That’s kind of romantic and sexy.” She looked down at her own chest, and, he noted, had nothing to complain about.

Dave smiled.

Lucy said, “Thank you. I’m impressed. I think you’re a romantic at heart, aren’t you?”

“I am. I also confess that I tend to love most women — just about all women. They also seem to love me.”

Naomi said, “We came on this trip hoping to meet a couple of guys like you, but there’s only you in the wasteland.”


“The guys we’ve met are unshaven, scruffy, dirty, smelly, crude, unpolished, and most can’t string a sentence together that makes sense. They drag their knuckles on the ground and make odd grunting sounds, too. Most look like a breeding ground for rare viruses.”

Dave laughed, “Your beauty astounds them so and leaves them speechless and both mentally and physically inept in your presence.”

“But not you,” Naomi insisted.

“I’m somewhat older and more experienced. Remember what I just explained to you. I have over a hundred women that I love and that love me back home in Florida. That experience counts for something in the way of ├ęlan with others that I meet.”

Lucy giggled, “All the more reason to be speechless and scruffy.”

Dave contended, “I was raised to be polite and deferential to women — you know, hold the door, help them sit, and so on. I was a total nerd all the way through college — an engineering nerd. I barely dated, although at the time I did have a steady girl. Gladly, she’s still in my life. She’s in the community I talked about.”

Dave thought a moment and asked the girls, “What would be the ideal personal lifestyle you’d like to live in? Think of each part of your life. What self-image do you want? Where and how do you want to work? What are your major life goals? How social do you want to be and what kind of friends? What kind of relationships do you want — how intimate, sexual, and so on? How do you want to foster your spiritual growth? What do you want to do about romance and love, and family? What do you want to do for fun, and personal growth?”

Lucy laughed, “The complete person, in other words, that’s what I’d like to be. Well-rounded. You even mentioned that your friends were hypersexual. I assume that applied to you, as well? I just wanted to tell you that Naomi and I probably fit that description.” She flirted.

Naomi nodded but had a coy smile, “Further, we’ve been deprived all week, so we’re unusually eager to be with a man that we like — someone exactly like you.”

Dave smiled, “I think we’re coming to a common level of understanding here.”

Chapter 17 — Wyoming II

Dave, Lucy, and Naomi sat huddled together on a split-log bench about a hundred yards from the motel and the few lights that might destroy viewing the night sky. Dave had brought a heavy woolen blanket from his room and it was wrapped around all three of them.

The night sky was cloudless and positively brilliant. Stars that one would never see if they lived near a city filled every corner of the sky right down to the horizon. The Milky Way was like a luminous belt of light cutting across the sky and ending behind the mountains. The starlight was so bright that one could safely walk without a flashlight and see where they were going. There was no moon either.

Dave pointed out the Summer Triangle — three stars (Altair, Deneb, and Vega) with a tremendous number of astronomical phenomena inside just that part of the sky. He spoke softly. The words were meaningless, but his attention to the two women was paramount.

They each kissed, their affection and lust growing with each contact. Lucy and Naomi seemed new to each other. He realized he was being included in their tryst. They made it clear that he was highly desired.

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