Chauffeur The Ch. 02

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I feel her kiss on my cheek. “Good morning Didi.”

The only nicer awakening would be Arthur’s kiss, but he’s away on business. I yawn stretch and open my eyes. There she is, standing beside my bed, my maid, Jennifer.

“Mm, good morning Jen.”

She holds my ankle length red satin robe. I slide my arms in, and still standing behind me she wraps her arms around and ties it’s long sash in a bow and gives me a little hug.

I turn around. She’s so sweet. A short slightly plump young lady, with brown hair tied back in a pony tail. Her face is round, with rosy cheeks, a small mouth, and twinkling brown eyes. I sometimes imagine her in a different era. The young bride of an English farmer, or a milkmaid.

“Join me for breakfast in the sun room, dear.”

“Thank you, Didi. I’ll tell Fred you’re up.

When Arthur first brought Jennifer home I wondered what was going on. Had he decided on a three way? I’d asked him one time if he fantasized about trying it. You know? With our driver, Thomas, since we were both enjoying his service, so to speak, separately. But he wasn’t into that idea.

“Dear, this young lady is Jennifer. I’ve hired her as your personal maid. Jennifer, this is your mistress, my wife, Didi.”

Personal maid? What would I need a personal maid for? We already had Milli, the cook Fred’s wife, who did all the housework.

Well, now almost a year and a half later I’ve no idea how I’d survive without her.

Several Months Ago

“Get my tennis things together dear. I think I’d like to wear my peach skirt and jacket set with my pink collarless angora sweater and white ankle boots.”

Tennis and lunch at the club with my best girlfriend Angela today.

We have almost no secrets from each other. She’s the trophy bride to a wonderful older gentleman. She’s my age. They’ve been married for years. They’re both madly in love. She told me some of the very novel ways he satisfies her sexually since he can no longer get an erection.

She thinks Arthur, Thomas and my relationship is sick and perverted. “But I mean that in a good way Darling. It doesn’t make you bad people.”

On the way home Thomas takes us to the cottage. It’s on the last piece of land we bought. Now we own the whole concession block. Set back from the road it’s very discreet. We use it for our private play house. Arthur and I, Thomas and I, or Arthur and Thomas.

Thomas lies on his back on the thick fleece we laid in front of the gas fireplace. I lower myself onto his face, then lean down to his cock. Nothing chases away a cold grey winter day like a leisurely sixty nine in front of a blazing fire. His mouth, tongue and fingers servicing my cunt as I adore his beautiful cock.

When bursa otele gelen escort we get back home I invite him to join us for a drink.

“As soon as I put the car away Didi.”

We have a before dinner drink. Fred ,Milli, Thomas Jen and I. Then since Arthur is away we all eat together in the kitchen.

“Thomas will be home tomorrow. He said he’ll call when they’re an hour out so you can pick him up at the airport.”

“On my phone?”


“About what time? Did he say?”

“He thinks he’ll be home for supper.”

Arthur told me why he hired Jennifer. One of her fellow workers complained to anyone who’d listen that Jen was a lesbian and she didn’t like sharing the lady’s employee dressing room with her. The bitcher was a good worker so he didn’t want to lose her, and the bad press if he fired Jen, if not for the possible law suit wasn’t an option. So his PA suggested some alternatives, and he chose this one and offered Jen the job.

I’ve never ‘been’ with a woman. But I do consider myself to be an adventuress.

Thomas phoned at nine, as usual.

“Darling, what would you say if I were to fuck my personal maid?”

“Mm. Would you tell me naughty bed time stories when I phone home, about what you two do in bed?”

“Mm. Are you alone now? Are you in bed?”

” Yes. I’m wearing the pajamas you gave me for my birthday, the silk ones with the little dragons. What are you wearing.”

“Just my plush mini robe. I just got out of the bath.”


“Thomas and I went to the cottage on the way home from tennis.”

“Did they plow the lane?”

“Yes, and shoveled the walk.”

“What did you two do?”

“Well, as the fire was heating things up, we necked on the couch. I wore my pink angora sweater. Thomas likes feeling me up in it.”

“Don’t we all?”

“He slid his hands under it and molested my tits.”

“What bra were you wearing?”

“You know, I forgot to put my bra on after tennis.”


“Then it was warm enough to put that fleece rug in front of the fire. We stripped for each other and lay down on it. Darling, are you stroking yourself?”


“Well, be careful you don’t go blind.”

“I’ll stop when I need glasses.”

We both chuckled at the old joke.

“Then we had a nice slow sixty nine.”


“It was so nice. The thick soft fleece, Thomas eating me out, and his hard cock in my mouth.”

“Mm. Sounds good.”

“What are you thinking of? My pussy, or Thomas’s cock?’


“Don’t you love having a mouthful of his cock darling? So hard. I had it right in to my tonsils darling.”


“He’s escort bayan almost as good a cunt licker as you, dear. Beautiful tongue action. And his fingers Arthur! Heaven.”


“Are you still stroking, dear? Are you close? Are you nice and hard? Close your eyes dear. Imagine I’m sucking your cock. Can you do that dear? My hot mouth around your big hard pole. I’m sucking. I’m licking. I’m kissing. Can you feel my love dear? Tell me.”

“Aah! I just came.”

“Good baby. I love you. Sweet dreams.”

“You too, love, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

A touch of scent. My knee length pink satin nightie. Spread the red fox throw over the couch at the foot of my bed, facing the fireplace. Call Jennifer’s room.

“Jen, dear, will you come to my room, please?”

“Just give me a moment to get dressed, Didi.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that, just throw on your bathrobe.”

No chickening out now. Jen’s room isn’t out in the servant’s apartments over the garage, it’s just down the hall.

There’s a gentle tap on my door. “Come in, dear.”

She’s wrapped in a worn blue and white striped robe. Must get her a new one for Christmas.

“Here, sit with me.” I pat the fur covered couch beside me.

Her hair is down, brushed and smells of shampoo. Nice.

“Dear, this is a bit personal, but I’m curious. I have to ask.” I take her hand. “Oh, I’ll just say it. Are you a lesbian, dear?”

Fear crosses her face. She blushes and looks down at her lap. “Yes Mam,” she whispers.

“Don’t be afraid dear. I wont fire you. Or hurt you. Have you ever been with a man?”

“Um, yes.”

“Was it a bad experience for you. Don’t mean to pry, Don’t answer if it’s too personal.”

“Oh, no, it wasn’t bad or anything. I mean he’s a nice guy. Sweet. We’re still friends. It just wasn’t um, very, um, you know…?”

“Mm. I understand.” Well, I didn’t really.

We sat silently for a few moments. “Say, why don’t you fetch a bottle of zinfandel and a couple of glasses? We can sit and talk some more. I hardly know anything about you.” I kiss her rosy cheek and off she rushes.

“Cheers, then.”


“So, how old are you, for a start?”

“Twenty seven.”

We chatted. I asked all about her childhood, where she was born and all that. It relaxed me as well as her. I’ll admit to having butterflies in my stomach.

Here goes nothing. “Jen, do you find me attractive, I mean, I’m almost fifty.”

Sweet blush. I can hardly hear her whispered answer. “Yes.” She smiles and looks down.

“I think you’re a very pretty young lady, Jennifer Wrigley.”

“Oh, Mam.”

Now or never. I close my eyes and kiss mudanya escort her lips.. A quick chaste kiss. There I did it! I kiss her more deeply.

Jen’s hand goes to the back of my head. Her tongue invades my mouth. Long, long, slow, sweet kiss.

“I’ve wanted to kiss you for so long Didi.”

“I’m a little nervous. I’ve never done this before.”

“Shush Didi. Relax. Enjoy.”

Jennifer kisses me. She kisses some more. “May I?” Her soft hand slips along the contour of my body. She gently cups my right breast through the satin of my nightie as we kiss.

I pull the bow of her robe’s sash loose.

“Why don’t I take this off?”

The transparent soft material of her white mid thigh length nightie with the cute little puff sleeves and pink silk bows hides nothing. Round and soft and cuddly. White ivory skin. Little pink nipples. Triangle of brown bush. That sweet face and pretty smile. She sits back down and pulls my arm over her shoulder. She takes my other hand and guides it from her tummy to her breasts as we kiss.

“Mm. Jen.”

Her hand slides up under the hem of my nightie. God that feels nice.

She gently strokes my pussy lips.

“We’ll go slow Didi. No need to rush.” Her kisses are so soft and sweet. her fingers do the walking. I stroke her back. Everything about her is so soft. She’s pulled the hem of my nighty up. Her flat palm is rubbing my pubic mound. She nibbles my ear. “You smell divine Didi.” Her finger circles my nipples then slides under the liquid material of my nightie and gently pinches them.


“Thought you’d like that. How about this?” A finger pushes into my pussy as a tongue pushes into my mouth. Then two fingers.

“Lean back.”

Jennifer slides off the couch and kneels. She gently pushes my knees apart. With both hands she strokes the tops of my thighs. She takes my right leg in both hands and strokes. “You’ve such beautiful legs Didi. So long. So strong. God, I’ve fantasized about this moment for so long.” Sweet little kisses up my thigh. I stroke Jen’s hair. She strokes my little bikini trimmed carpet. “I could shave you, and trim you. Any time. Just ask, Didi. Just ask.” She began kissing again.

I rubbed her shoulders. She kissed and licked. She looked up. Such a pretty smile. I smiled back.

“Shall I continue”

“Please.” I whispered.

A long slow lick. Oh My! Another lick. Her fingers spread me. he tongue is licking. She shakes her head sideways. “Mm mm mmm!” Oh!

Three fingers deep inside and a kiss. A gentle kiss. She finds my nub and I’m, away.

We kiss some more. Her kisses taste of pussy. I’ve tasted it before after Arthur or Thomas eat me.

“How do I satisfy you Jen? Show me?”

“Let’s not rush. Why don’t we cuddle in bed?”

We cuddle under the covers. All that smooth softness. I’m so relaxed

“It’s OK Didi, you don’t have to do anything. Lets snuggle and talk about our relationship in the morning.”

I surrendered to my sweet maid, and the sandman.

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