A Fine Start

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She stands softly on the bare stone floor, silks caressing her skin from shoulders to just below her buttocks. A cool breeze moves through the room but that is not what causes her to shiver slightly. She scans the room slowly, raising her head. She sees the tools of her Masters’ trade lying about, the whip, the crop, soft ropes and leather. The harsh looking wooden walls and the various restraints thereon catching her eyes and holding them for a second. Though the room is cool, she feels warmth run through her body, and comfort in all that she sees.

An entrance is made in the room through a door behind her. A slight shudder runs over her though she tries to remain calm. The flush forming slowly over her exposed cleavage betraying her feelings. Heavy boot steps behind her sound throughout the room, her breathing picks up feeling His presence near her. Her eyes down cast before Him, she hears Him come before her, standing not an arm length away. In her lowered gaze she catches the tip of His crop as it moves before her slowly coming in and out of her view as He taps it slightly upon His boot at the calf.

He extends a hand to her cupping her chin and raising it to look into her eyes.

Her eyes gleam in the candle light before Him as He looks into them smiling. Still cupping her chin He brings her mouth to His and kisses her deeply and tenderly. Her body wants to melt into His to touch Him, yet she remains unmoving as previously instructed. Still, the feeling runs through her bringing a heat to her body and a gleam to her eyes.

He breaks off from the kiss and moves behind her, taking the hand from her chin and moving His fingertips along her jaw line, then down the side of her throat and brushing the hair from her shoulder to lie upon her back. Behind her, He strokes her hair down the length reaching the bottom of her shoulder blades. His hand warming it, sending heat through her body.

Still behind her, she senses His movements slightly before she feels the soft leather tip of the crop trace its’ way from her calf to the back of her thigh, from there, lifting the silks from her bottom exposing her to view. She can feel His eyes, knowing that they are traveling along her body from feet to calves, thighs, over her buttocks and up her back. She feels this as if it is a hand moving over her body, caressing every inch of it, awakening it with desire.

She senses a shift in His position, hears the soft rustle of His clothing as He moves in them. The crop comes swiftly away from her buttock lifting the silk with it as it moves through the air. She catches her breath remaining motionless in body. A sigh falls from her lips as, with the crop still raised, a soft feather plume comes from out of sight and caresses her cheek. The bright red plume moves slowly across her cheek and down to her neck then under her chin. Thereon a slight pressure applied to the feather instructs her to raise her head upwards. She does so exposing her throat to the movement muğla escort of the feather. Her hair falling freely down her back, the feather glides down her windpipe to her cleavage playing itself between her breasts caressing the sides of them.

She feels His body, as He reaches around her, so close to hers. His shirt, brushing against her silk covered back the leather of His pants touching her buttocks as He shifts in position to move the feather. Her body pleads with her will to move into Him, to lean her body onto His, touch her skin to His. Her will is strong she does not move except to breath and sigh softly as He continues the movement of the feather.

The feather continues its motion sweeping its vanes along the sides of her breasts. Then, still moving slowly and methodically over the side of her right breast, using the quill to expose it, teasing itself over the nipple hardening it with the touch. As He does this He leans in closer to her, the silk still held by the crop, moved to the side. His body nearly touching her the loose fit of His shirt brushing now along the full of her back, she feels the warmth of her body translated into His own heat. Her head still tilted back He leans in to look over her His hair brushing her cheek, the feather playing on the nipple. Her breathing starts to come faster to her, He places a kiss upon her exposed throat, softly at first, brushing His lips to her skin tasting her and taking in her scent. The lips give way to teeth, incisors brushing against her skin moving over the small bumps forming there. Nibbles travel from throat to shoulder as the feather moves to touch and expose the left breast. As the vanes of the feather find the left nipple He places a deeper kiss upon her shoulder, His body now touching hers making her desirous to be free of the different cloths between them and causing a slight weakness in her knees. Her thin silk robe suddenly feeling constraining to her body she wishes to move free of it, free of the silk along the sides of her exposed breasts, free of the thin silk cording holding the robe closed at her hips, free to have His body touch her skin to skin. She knows this will happen at His choice and remains calm, only her breathing, and the flush across her chest betraying her arousal to Him.

His lips come free from her shoulder, the feather does not stop its movement. He steps slightly into her view standing to her left side. The crop moves slowly down, still holding the silk on its’ leather tip, brushing leather and silk down the length of her spine. When the crop reaches the cording at her hips He thrusts it between cording and robe, trapping the silk from the tip of the crop therein, holding it in place exposing her buttocks with the V made by the pulling of the silks from behind exposing her sex in the front. He smiles into her eyes and removes the crop from her robe. She shudders to be so exposed, but knows what pleasure it will lead to.

He holds the feather up to be rhodope-mugla.org in her view and drops it allowing it to fall to the floor. His hand moves to her face caressing her cheek again and directing her to look into His eyes. She sees intensity in them, desire, and a strong will. It is all she can do to hold her eyes to Him. She ponders for a second trying to look away, over His shoulder or anywhere else, but knows she cannot she must remain locked into His stare.

A motion out of her view produces a sound she is very familiar with, the soft music of a thin chain, metal on metal. From behind her, the hand holding the crop, applies a gentle pressure to her back, moving her body from the waist up slightly forward causing her to arch her breasts. His left hand touches the silk at her stomach, startling her at first. She feels, through the silks, the metal of the clamps as he caresses His hand from her stomach upwards to her right breast. He must not have had the clasping part of the clamp in His hand as when it touched her nipple the cold hardened it further. He places the nipple within the grip of the clamp and adjusts the tensioner until is draws a gasp from her lips, then tightens it further. He moves the clamp for the left nipple across her rib cage, holding the chain between the two in such a manner as to provide a constant tugging pressure to the right nipple, held firmly in the clamp, by allowing it to play out slowly from His hand as He moves it. The unattached clamp slides up the side of the left breast, she feels the soft rubber feet of the clamp move along her skin to the nipple and then grasp it firmly in its’ grip the tensioner sliding to hold it in place.

His eyes blaze into hers His stare bringing lust to her body as He runs his eyes down the fullness of her breasts, the nipples held tightly. His eyes move down from her out thrust breasts to her stomach then to her sex. She wonders if He can see, in the dim light, the dampness forming there reaching her thighs bringing warmth and heat to them.

The hand behind her moves from between her shoulder blades and comes to rest at the small of her back. The crop tip grazing the back of her knee, the hand applies pressure to the small of her back. His foot from behind her taps the inside of her left foot. She spreads her legs open to Him giving Him access to her. His left hand moves from her left nipple down the chain of the clamps, again applying pressure to the clamps except now to both nipples. With one further tug on the chain, He moves His hand down her stomach to the dampness of her sex. His fingers slowly curl through the hair of her pubic area then down further caressing the outer lips of her sex. Two fingers find their way between her legs and move over the length of her there. Her breathing growing to a pant her eyes look wild into His.

His two fingers stir their way into her sex and then a third follows. He looks into her eyes, she is a view of perfection, still, and awaiting His command. He is well aware of what He has done to her, how the feeling of His fingers inside of her thrills her, and the tightness of the clamps bringing her pain commingled with pleasure. He looks down at her, moves His head lower, brushes her face with His hair then turning His head to hers kisses her deeply on the mouth exploring it fully. His three fingers working in and out of her, deeply, and smoothly, her breathing hard, small moans escape into His mouth from her.

His thumb moves to her clitoris as the three fingers still move in her. Her knees go weak for a split second but she does not falter. The pressure of His hand on the small of her back pushes her forward onto His fingers. The flush across her breasts grows to a deep red, her nipples straining in the clamps as her breathing grows more ragged, the movement of her ribcage making her all the more aware of them.

His hand moves from the small of her back still she remains thrust onto his other hand. His thumb applying alternately pressures of different degrees and soft slow circular caresses to her clitoris. She is desirous of release but will not take it of her own accord, she has been well instructed.

She looks at him pleadingly for release. The crop catches her quickly upon her right midthigh, a gasp sounds from her. Her breathing grows hoarse and ragged her eyes fully ablaze. The crop falls upon her again slightly higher. The pain makes her bite her lip so as not to all out scream. She will show no sign of resistance. The crop rises and falls again now upon her right buttock. Her hips begin to rock against His fingers with the mixture of pain and pleasure. The crop now rises and falls across her buttock in time with the motion of His fingers inside her. With every motion thrusting them inward the crop falls, His thumb now caressing her clitoris slowly up and down.

She whimpers softly looking into His eyes her hips now nearly out of her control rocking in cadence to the cropping and the motion of His fingers buried inside her. He looks at her and moves His face close to hers His cheek brushing her, His hair sliding across her face. His mouth moves close enough to her ear that she can feel His breath against her. He tells her that she may allow herself all the pleasure she desires. He tells her that she is beautiful and perfect in her passion. He tells her that that she is dear and well loved. Her knees give way and she falls against Him as she climaxes. The wave of pleasure crashes over her engulfing her in its heat. Her breath comes in sobs now; her body moving with its own will. The animal look in her eyes growing feral. Sounds fall from her lips rising in nature as her pleasure drives her then softening as she calms.

Slowly she regains her self, leaning into Him feeling His heat against her. The crop has fallen to the floor, but she does not recall that happening. His fingers have been removed from her, leaving a void she knows He can fill at will. He lifts her in his arms and carries her to a canopied bed. The sheets have been pulled away already and he lies her there, lying next to her and pulling the sheets to her chin covering her in the warmth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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