A Proper Reaming

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I’m on my knees waiting for you. You stride over, telling me you hope I’m ready because you have a lot planned for me today. I nod and tell you I’m ready Mistress. You order me on my hand and knees, walking around to my ass, and plant a hard swat with your crop. I wince and jerk away, but you tell me that I won’t be able to get away later, before landing a smack on the other cheek.

You pick a plug that’s nice and wide to stretch me out, taunting me that you want me open and loose for what’s coming. You force the end of the plug in just slightly and let go, ordering me to squeeze my ass around it. My ass flexes and you smile as you see my hole pull the toy in farther, hungrily taking it in. It struggles at the widest part, so you shove it in to the hilt, loving my cry of ecstasy and pain.

You make sure it’s snug before walking around to look me in the eye. You bring your face to mine and kiss me passionately. “Just wanted to enjoy your virgin mouth one last time before it’s so very violated,” you say to me with a wink. You love the nervous look in my eyes as you cover them with a blindfold. Making sure my cock is secure and the plug in deep, you order me to stand, laughing as I fight to keep the plug in. Grabbing my cock, you use it to lead me like a leash over to a low table.

You then tell me to get up on the table on my hands and knees, and at this point I think I have a pretty good idea of what’s about to happen. Once on the table, I feel you lock restraints tightly around my wrists and ankles, securing me to the edges. You order me to try and move or get away, smiling when you see I can’t. You lean close to my ear, asking in a teasing tone, “Are you ready to please me? Ready to take anything and everything I have for you and enjoy it?” I nod my head and tell you yes Mistress and thank you.

You tell me to open my mouth and you insert an open gag in. Once it’s tight, you ask me again if I’m ready and I nod my head. You enjoy the sight of me like this, bent over on all fours, mouth and ass exposed and ready. Silently, you open the door and bring a guest in with us, having told him not to make a sound or say anything. The guy walks around to where my head is, and brings his cock to my lips. You grab it and you slowly trace the head across my cheeks, nose, then down the tip of my nose to my lips! I eagerly stick my tongue out to touch the tip, thinking it’s yours. You smile at me not knowing the truth, and push my head forward, taking the head into my mouth and begin slowly sucking and swirling my tongue around it.

Maintaining your grip on my head, you push the cock all the way in, giggling as you watch my throat swell with a real cock for the first time. You begin taunting and toying with me, asking if I like the feel of your cock in my mouth. I nod and begin taking the cock down my throat without your guidance, sucking every inch down to please you. You tell me I’m a good boy and you knew I wanted to suck a cock before quietly walking around behind me.

I’m eagerly sucking the cock that is still in front of me, when I feel a sudden pull on the plug, and out it pops. I have no idea what’s going on, but once the plug is out, I feel the tip of a cock begin pushing into my ass, and as it begins to slide in, I ride back on it, feeling it stretch me and go deeper and deeper. I feel your nails dig into my hips and ass as you grab hold and push your cock into my tight ass.

I can hardly keep my focus on the cock in my mouth with this cock deep in my ass. I feel it push up against something, and then pull back. It pushes in again and I push back against it, and again it stops. Once more it pulls back, and then into me, and this time as I push back, I feel myself open up and with a bit of pain and lots of pleasure, I feel your stomach push up against my ass cheeks as you go all the way in. I’m in instant ecstasy at being in a position like this, filled and fucked from both ends, with your cock buried in my ass and what I think is a toy cock in my mouth.

You start off slow, grinding and rolling your hips against me, pulling the length of the cock out and sliding it back in to the base. Taking your time each way, making sure I feel every but intensely, loving watching my asshole stretch around each vein. I lose focus on the cock in my mouth because I’m so enjoying you fucking my ass, so you lean forward, still slowly thrusting in and out, and grab my hair.

You order me never to stop sucking the cock in my mouth and shove my head back and forth, laughing as I choke on the large cock down my throat. You finally let go and start fucking me harder in the ass, grabbing my hips for better control. As you pull back, you push me forward until the tip of your cock slips from my ass and just as my hole starts to close, you thrust forward and slam your cock back in hard with full force as you pull my ass back onto it. I moan behind the cock in my mouth as my body lunges forward from the force of it and I shake at the sensation.

“Yeah, you like it when I fill your ass with doktor porno cock and fuck you hard?” I nod my head and muffle a yes Mistress. You decide to keep doing just that, pulling your cock completely out of my ass and ramming it fully back in, but faster and faster. You’re getting so wet at my moans of pleasure as you pound my ass over and over, my butt rippling and trembling from the force of your fucking, and my mouth servicing a real cock I don’t know about.

The guy fucking my mouth silently lets you know he’s ready to cum. You thrust forward one more hard time, before slowly withdrawing your cock from in me. Moving in front of me, you order me to stop sucking the cock. I cease my head bobbing back and forth. You move the guy back and take his cock from my mouth, and tell me you’re replacing it with a bigger toy I must continue sucking until you say otherwise. I mumble a reply and you send the guy back around me.

Opening the door you setup the next round of your fun, starting by grabbing another guy with a bigger and thicker cock to my face, and jamming it in my mouth, repeating your orders once more. I immediately close my lips around the cock and start pleasing it as best I can. You smile and ask if I want you to keep fucking me, and after you see my agreement, you decide my ass needs fucked again, but instead of by you, you signal the first guy to fuck me. The sight of his glistening, big, hot cock entering my tight ass nearly makes you cum on the spot but you maintain the illusion it’s you fucking me.

You ask if I like it and want it harder and I say yes, the guy now in my ass starts pounding my ass harder and harder. You can’t help to shove your hand to your pussy and start playing with yourself as you enjoy seeing me on all fours, locked into place, a real cock in each hole, getting fucked from both ends. It doesn’t take much before you cum extremely hard, your legs soaked by your juices.

As you catch your breath, the guy fucking my mouth lets you know he needs to cum as does the guy in my ass. You whisper to them to wait until your signal, which will be removing my blindfold and revealing what is actually going on. You grab a mirror and crouch down next to my head, and lean close to my ear and whisper softly, with a slight tease in your voice, “You’re enjoying yourself aren’t you? Good because there’s so much more of exactly this in store for you today, I hope you can take it. Just know…I love watching you get fucked…”

At this you see the questioning look on my face as my mind tries to sort out what you mean and I realize you can’t be near my ear if you’re fucking me. Just as I start to squirm and struggle, soft cries escaping my lips you hold the mirror in front of my face and rip my blindfold off. You love the look on my face and nervousness in my eyes as I realize I’ve got a real cock buried in my mouth and can see the guy fucking my ass in the mirror. You signal to both of them and before I can react I feel the guy fucking me push forward and hold in tight.

Suddenly I feel his big cock swell in my ass before pumping a huge load of hot cum deep into my ass. I start trying to resist and fight, but you smack me hard and grab my head, holding it in place just as the other guy strokes his cock once more. I feel a sudden rush of hot fluid fill my mouth, so much of it that it starts to leak out the sides of my mouth, the rest sliding down my throat. Both guys pull out and step away. You look me over, loving the small amount of cum leaking from my ass, before picking up the cum on my face and wiping it on my tongue, laughing. You bring my eyes to yours and tell me it’s not over yet and I’ve no choice but to take it.

Stepping back to reveal the room I see several guys standing there, all naked and stroking big cocks and I realize that the two cocks I took are no where near the largest cocks there. You then tell me that your posting to find these guys only specified that they enjoy group activities, and be very well endowed. You then tell me that the only rules are that all orgasms that the guys have must be shot into my ass or down my throat, and that whatever cock I take, I must take a bigger one next, ensuring the last guys are the biggest. I see the guys beginning to lube themselves up, ready for me.

“Who’s next?” you ask. Two guys with cocks at least nine inches step forward. “Hmmmm…which to put where…,” you taunt. You select the guy with the thicker of the two to fuck my ass and the other in my mouth. He steps forward, effortlessly sliding his cock into my mouth as the gag keeps me open from resisting or closing my mouth. You giggle at the sight of my face clearly trying to fight, pleading with my eyes, as his huge cock fills my mouth. I don’t have time to think as you spread my ass open and guide the bigger cock straight into my ass, it sliding in easily through the lube and cum coating my ass.

You watch as my tight hole struggles to adjust to the assault as he starts fucking me fast. Just to further make ensest porno it hell, you reach under and start stroking my cock. You feel me swell immediately hard in your hand, my cock longing for your touch.

“I knew this would make you hard. What a little fucking cock slut, hard and ready to cum with a fat, thick cock in each hole. Cum for me, now,” you order, as you stroke my cock harder and harder. It’s only seconds before a big thick load explodes from my cock, landing on the table beneath me. It feels so fucking good to cum and I moan as it happens, the guy fucking my ass doing it as well since my ass tightened around his cock.

Just about this time, the cock in my mouth is pulled out, and I watch the owner give it a couple good pumps, and jets of cum shoot out and I feel it land in my mouth, slightly dripping off my tongue. As soon as he moves away and before I can process the cum in my mouth, a new cock is quickly fed into my throat in seconds. This one is even bigger and has some pre-cum glistening on it’s tip. I lick the salty precum away, and then quickly wrap my mouth around it.

As I do this, I feel the cock in my ass, which has been pumping in and out this whole time, pull out, and then I feel a stream, then a second, and finally a third jet of cum hit me right above my hole. My ass is so open and sensitive at this point I can feel the cum running from the top, down into my ass and deep inside me. It’s only a moment before my ass again filled with a new cock, and this one slides right in, and begins immediately fucking me so hard that I cry out in pain.

I’m sucking for all my worth on the cock that’s still in my mouth, but it doesn’t take long for that one to be pulled out, and again with just a couple pumps, it jams back into my mouth and shoots its load down my throat, every drop being swallowed from this and the last one.

Before I’m presented with the next cock to suck, I look over at you. You have stripped now, sitting in a chair and have your legs up and one dildo buried into your ass, while with another you are playing with your clit. You have your eyes almost closed, and it looks as though you are about to begin another big orgasm. Just then, you open your eyes and look at me. You see me watching you and give me a big smile and ask, “Having fun?”

All I can do is nod, and the next cock has been shoved into my mouth, and I begin sucking away, jerking back and forth as I’m hammered between two guys, desperate to make them cum with my hot, wet mouth, and my ass squeezing around the cock in it. Over the next 30-40 minutes, I suck and get fucked by what I think has to be every guy there. But then everything stops for a moment, and you, who look pretty happy with yourself, tell me to stop and order the guys to step away. Some guys have gotten cum on my face, covering my eyes. You gently wipe it away, but immediately feed it into my mouth, my tongue licking your fingers clean.

You remove the gag from my mouth slowly and ask, “Having fun my pet?” It takes a moment to stretch my jaw but I answer with a yes. You tell me to beg, tell you what I want. I mumble and you turn my head to yours, ordering me to repeat that.

“Please Mistress,” I beg, “please give me a cock to suck and to fuck my ass again.” You smile, thrilled.

“Do you want bigger or is that enough?” “Bigger, please Mistress,” I plead, knowing what you want to hear.

“Mmmm, and have you had enough cum?” you question.

“No Mistress, this slut wants more cum. I need it filling my ass and mouth Mistress.” You smile in an evil way before saying, “Well my slut, since you asked so nicely, I’ll give you what you want.”

With that you stand up and call forward a guy I haven’t seen as you’ve kept him hidden. “I saved the best for last since you want to be such a whore.” He walks over and I see why, as he has a massive cock, nearly 12 inches, thick with veins and rigid in front of my face. You reach over close to my face and give me the choice, my ass or my mouth. Doubting I can take it in my ass, I open my mouth readily.

“No my slave, this one is just for your ass,” and with that he steps behind me. He walks up to my ass, which is as open as it’s ever been, and puts the tip of that monster at my hole, and begins to push. I can feel my ass stretching and stretching, and suddenly I feel him slide in. He only goes in a few inches then pulls all the way back out. Then he pushes back in and this time goes a little deeper. Everyone is watching this, almost in silence.

He keeps pulling all the way out, waits, then pushes back in, a bit deeper every time. After a few minutes, he’s gotten up to nearly ten inches in me, but I feel like he’s hitting something inside me. You tell me to relax, and as he pushes in, to push back. He pulls out again and then back in. I push as he goes in, and I feel like he almost goes in. Again he pulls out and plunges in, and I push back.

This goes on a couple more time, and then about the 6th time, suddenly I feel erotik porno myself open, and he slides in deeper than ever. He pulls out again, and this time as he gets to the point, I push even harder and he slides all the way in. I feel like I’ve got a telephone pole up inside me, but it also feels so filling I can’t believe it. He then pulls all the way out, then plunges all the way in, and my cock immediately spurts out more cum into the table. “Fuck him…hard,” you say and the cock slowly starts going in and out of my ass faster and harder.

He starts fucking me intensely, driving his cock into me with impunity and mercilessly thrusting so hard my body quivers. Your pussy starts to drip wet again at the sight of my hole struggling to accommodate the giant cock immensely pummeling me. You decide you can’t just sit and watch so you put your cock back on, walk to my front, and shove it in my mouth. You don’t want me to suck it, just bury it deep in my throat as you grind against my face, your clit being teased and you enjoying a perfect view of my ass being plowed.

He keeps pounding me harder and rougher, you muddling my mixed moans of pleasure and pain with your cock, my whole body shaking with each thrust. You can feel yourself freely cumming over and over, so satisfied at my taking your orders and servicing numerous cocks. You lay over top of me, slipping a finger in my ass on either side of his cock and tell him to pull out. He does and you marvel at how gaping my ass is now, able to fit your fist in with little effort.

“God you’re so loose, I love it! I want to see your butt suffer and stretch for me.” At that you tell him to slide his cock fully back in but immediately withdraw. You giggle as my poor hole stretches wide to take it and then barely tightens up before it’s opened again. You tell him to resume fucking me, removing your fingers but staying put to watch me get fucked.

My ass is so tight around his cock that it takes no time for him to be ready to cum. You order him to stop and pull your cock from my mouth. You move the mirror covered with my cum away and tell me to roll over on my back. I twist myself into position and you have the cock put back into my ass.

My cock, which has been totally ignored through all this is standing at its most rigid attention at this point. Seeing this, you then walk over and kneel on the table beside me, throwing your leg over, and you slide onto my cock. You begin riding my cock to the same rhythm as the monster fucking me, and without warning, someone straddles my head and a cock is pushed into my mouth from above.

I just ride the waves of pleasure as I’m used in both ends and have you riding me. You tell all the guys they’re free to do as they please with me and several guys circle around me. “Yes, cum all over my little slut. He’s going to have to lick up every drop!” you tell. The cock in my mouth is pulled out, and its cum hits me on the chin and neck. Soon after, another guy cums, hitting me on the chest. At this point, you begin cumming as the sensation of riding my cock, knowing my ass is being fucked at the same time, and seeing guys use me and cover me in cum is too much for you.

You lean down on me, smearing cum all over yourself, and lock your mouth onto mine. I taste your tongue, and the taste of cum, and then I begin cumming harder than I ever remember. It feels like I’m going to completely drain myself deep into your pussy. As I begin to think again, I realize I’m still being pounded in the ass by that monster cock. I’m not sure what to think, but suddenly it stops deep in me and slowly withdraws. I see you present your ass to him and as he furiously strokes his cock, he begins blowing rope after rope of cum out of his cock and onto your ass, there being so much it dribbles down your ass, coating my balls and ass as well.

When he finally stops, I just lay there with you on top of me, and my cock still buried in you, wondering what will come next. Just about then, you slide off my cock, and immediately put your ass to my face. You barely order me as I start cleaning you with my tongue, licking up every drop of cum from your gorgeous ass.

Once you’re clean, you stand and marvel at what you’ve done to me, with my ass gaping and draining cum, my body coated as more guys came all over me while you were fucking me. You have one surprise left yet for me you say, as you remove my restraints and put on your cock, ordering me to the bed, telling me it’s finally your turn to fuck me.

You grab the mirror covered in my cum and tell me it’s going to be the only lube on your cock as it fucks my ass. You tease me with it, dragging it through slow, rubbing my cum and smearing it all over every inch. As a last insult you ask if it’s enough, but stop me from answering and telling me that it’s going in anyways. You order me on the bed and position yourself under me, pulling my ass down onto your cock. It slips in with no effort at all, causing you to wonder.

You reach around and immediately feel how empty my ass is even with your cock. I ask, practically whimpering and pleading, if that means I’m done, but you grab my chin harshly and lock eyes, telling me, “No you little fucking bitch, that just means we have to put another big…fat…thick cock, into your ass with mine.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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