A Slave’s Exam Pt. 02

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This story is part 2 in a series. While all stories may be read independently they are best enjoyed as a collection. The second portion of this series finds the slave Siannon at the beginning of her exam with Master John and Miss Svetla. These works are fiction, but inspired by real events between a D/s couple and friends. All parties portrayed are consenting adults over the age of 21!


With Master now glaring down at my slick pussy and open legs, and Miss Svetla licking her fingers clean of my wetness the couch suddenly felt like a forbidden comfort. For the first time since Miss Svetla had joined us that evening I was fully aware that I had truly entered the beginning portion of the evening’s examination. As I slammed my legs shut Miss Svetla faked a bite towards my nips, and let out a soft giggle. As I first began to walk toward the bedroom I was intentional in trying to do everything in my power to please my Master and our friendly Domme. Standing on my feet, and slightly shaking at the knees, I attempted to take my first step toward the bedroom and was halted by Master’s looming voice.

“Young lady, get on your knees and crawl. Myself and Miss Svetla want to see your ass”

Master’s words were heavy and I was not happy with having to crawl. The floor was tile was inconsistent in height and would surely leave minor marks on my knees. Plus, crawling was always humiliating as my tits hung out from my chest and I knew my rosebud would be in full view. However, knowing that each of these Dominants were inclined towards corporal discipline I complied, additionally I always wanted to please Master and Miss Svetla. I sunk to my knees and rested half of my weight on my hands. My breast hung slightly from my chest and my ass was now in front of each pair of eyes.

“Drop your back a bit.”

“Open your legs slightly.”

Wiggle your ass too as your crawl.”

Each demand added to the humiliation of my position; however I knew complying was in my best interest. Knowing both Master and Miss Svetla it would not be surprising that even when practicing completed obedience discipline would find its way to me. The tile flooring felt like icicles beneath my hands and knees while the concrete holding each tile together added a distinct scratching sensation to my hands and knees. I was eager to get into the bedroom. The warm bed and restraints seemed more comforting than I initially thought. The crawl took some time considering the position I was placed in, but once in the bedroom I was eager to begin.

“Kneel, rest on your heels girl.”

I did as I was told and rose from my hands settling the back of my legs against my heels. This position felt like relaxing after my crawl and I look a moment to take a deep breath and mentally prepare for the coming instructions. My breasts returned to their natural position and again were resting comfortably at my chest. The skin on each nipple was beginning to pucker and rise, no matter how nervous I was about a scene my body always spoke louder than words.

“Once you are on that bed you have entered your examination. Until Miss Svetla and I tell you otherwise this is a serious slave exam. You will behave obediently and accept your examination regardless of what I prescribe. Do you understand?”

I nodded my head

“Good girl, get on the bed and Miss Svetla will go over the rules.”

As I began to rise from my heels, I looked around the bedroom, but there was little time to notice what may be different. All I could process was the large towel that now covered the bed. Typically, a towel on the bed meant that I was going to squirt, be covered in lube, and fully used.

My desire and lust were growing. Master broke my train of thought,

“We will have you lie on your back to start.”

I lay down across the bed, my head reached the other side of the mattress and my legs bent at the knee allowing my calves to wiggle freely across the smooth sheet. In this position my breasts slightly flatten against my chest, it was even easier to watch me breath as my breast heaved in this position. Master began his work, which was to attach me into the restraints. First each limb was clasped into the cuffs. First Master took my left wrist in his strong and aged palm, he wrapped his fingers around my soft flesh and pulled the soft lining of my cuff around my wrist Next, he slipped the clasp into place and my first climb was cuffed. The remaining three free limbs were slipped into their cuffs, and then my wrists were attached to the restraint hooks that dangled from underneath the bed. The restraints are tough to break free from, and great at restricting my movement. We had them from our first date and with each time together I grew more comfortable in losing my range of motion…however I would occasionally see if I could slip out. Because we had been attached for so long Master was an expert in securing me tightly and in many positions depending on the session’s needs. Tonight, I was being secured in such a way that my arms were xvideos porno above my head, and that my legs were spread eagle and slightly elevated. By forcing my legs in the air Master and Miss Svetla would have access to my pussy and ass at all times. This position also allowed both Dominants to have a view of my pussy at any angle in the room. In this position it was hard for me to get a view of anything happening, I did however have a pillow placed beneath my head, and it was elevated enough so I could see anything happening between my legs, intentional I was sure.

While Master fiddled with finishing touches to the restraints Miss Svetla began with the rules.

“I am so glad you are being compliant Siannon. You look so beautiful and desirable stretched out like this! Your obedience and acceptance are so much different than our first time together. Wouldn’t you agree.”

“Yes Miss. Svetla. Thank you. “

“Oh no no, not anymore. Rule

. During your examination you will call me Nurse Svetla and Master will now be Dr. Master. Any other title will result in less than pleasurable results”

“Yes, Nurse Svetla. I understand”

A cruel and delicious smile broke out across her face. I was playing right into Nurse Svetla’s fantasy. Once before she had taken on this role of Nurse Svetla in our play and it seemed that with medical fetishism her ability to dominate and control women grew.


you will say ‘yes’ to everything we ask you to do. If you protest, I am in charge of your discipline.”

“Yes, Nurse Svetla.”

you will answer questions fully. If you fail to be completely honest, Dr. Master is in charge of your discipline.”

“I understand Nurse Svetla.”

“This can be as easy or as difficult of an exam as you like girl. Your pleasure is in your hands.”

As she told me the final rules she placed one of her hands on each of my breast and took a small squeeze at the flesh, before she fully released my mounds she slowly dragged her long pointed fingernails down across my front. Her nails left pale red marks along her path and I deeply drew in a breath to process the position I was now in. The scratching felt amazing and perked my nipples back up. From my position I could either look up, or straight down at my pussy, in this moment I didn’t know which would be worse. If I chose to look up I would make I made direct eye contact with Dr. Master and Nurse Svetla who were intently gazing down on my predicament.

“Oh Siannon, what have you gotten yourself into?”

Asked Dr. Master,

“The examining position”

“I can see that. Are you ready for the first portion of your exam?”

“Yes Master.”


As the word left my mouth a cane had met with my stomach and a crashing wave of stinging sensation ran through my body. The swift movement and feeling radiated across my abdomen and I was given little time to process the action. The sudden interruption to my desire was sharp and I wanted to wail out in pain.

“Did you forget my rules already patient?”

Nurse Svetla barked harshly while looking down in my eyes. She held a cane in her hand, and she was lightly tapping it against her palm. A disappointing glare coming from her eyes.

“I am sorry, Yes Dr. Master I am ready to begin.”

“Remember what I said Siannon, as easy or as difficult as you make it.”

A chilling warning from Nurse Svetla.

With that Nurse Svetla walked around the bed and placed the cane down, she bent slightly at the knees and picked up a clipboard and pen. Dr, Master knew that the process of someone taking notes about my responses during an examination made me feel more helpless and vulnerable. The perfect combination when testing new limits on a slave. Dr. Master also went to the toy table and picked out two shining black latex gloves. As he began to pull them over his hands, he made eye contact with me. Smiling as I watched them stretch over his hands and bend to his every movement. Dr. Master knew that gloves made my pussy slick and watching him put them on made me embarrassed about the things I desired. I felt my pussy winking again. The gloves surrounded his large, strong, and confident hands, there was little more I wanted than to feel them inside me now.

“This first part should be easy slave, just answer my questions fully and you will be fine.”

He shot me a steely smile from between my legs.

“I am ready Dr. Master.”

With my response Dr. Master and Nurse Svetla walked to the top of the bed and sat on either side of my head, eagerly looking down on my body. Their stares landed heavily on my body and it seemed I had no choice but to look both dominants in the eyes during the question and answer portion of the exam.

“First question, when was your last examination?”

“My last examination was two weeks ago Dr. Master, with you and another couple.”

“Were you satisfied with that last examination?”

“No Dr. Master, I left somewhat yabancı porno dissatisfied.”

“What were you dissatisfied with?”

I felt my pussy beginning to twitch. Answering questions related to past sessions and the sensations I experienced during training were bound to get me wet from the humiliation of outlining all of my desires and fetishes. The swell in arousal was making it challenging for me to concentrate, my thoughts were racing, and my breathing was intensifying. I wanted to beg and ask for someone to touch my pussy, but I remained composed.

Sensing that I was not answering as quickly as desired Dr. Master reached out a hand and pulled at my left nipple. This wasn’t just pulling, no, he was fully stretching the nipple away from my body, twisting the skin fully around the tip of his finger, and gently pinching the most sensitive part.

“Well, what were you dissatisfied with?”

“I was dissatisfied because I do not feel that I was able to endure long enough of an examination. I do not feel that the Doctor was able to stretch my pussy enough, or able to induce enough orgasms to learn about my responses to stimulus.”

With that answer Dr. Master released my nipple and gave it a quick rub in appreciation. Whenever being examined, and questioned, Dr. Master expected long, fully thought out, and matter of fact explanations. The intention was to be clinical and direct, resulting in minor humiliation and deep vibrating sensations to my pleasure centers. I craved humiliation and doing so verbally was one of my favorite sensations. The process of being helpless and exposed to my dominant got me off.

I sighed in relief as the pain subsided.

“What other parts of your body do you feel the Doctor was unable to fully examine? Or did, you just need more pussy examining?”

“I feel as though the Doctor was unable to fully examine my ass. Unfortunately, he did not even have an opportunity to put a finger inside, I think there is more that needs to be tested.”

“Thank you for the honesty slut. Are you getting this all Nurse Svetla?”

“I am, however, I am wondering why our patient would leave an exam feeling dissatisfied?”

“Yes, why would you leave an examination dissatisfied Siannon?”

“Dr. Master, Nurse Svetla I left unsatisfied on my own account. If I were a better patient, I would’ve allowed the Doctor to finish his exam instead of closing my legs.”

“Do you think you will be able to close your legs tonight?”

“No Dr. Master they are being held so wide open, I can feel the cold air against my pussy.”

“They are wide open, and you have no way of closing them. There are just a few questions left, don’t get too desperate too soon.”

“Absolutely! There is no way her body should be touched just yet.”

“How often do you masturbate slut?”

“I masturbate three times a day Dr. Master.”

“Do you always masturbate alone?”

“No Doctor, sometimes I masturbate in front of my Master. He likes to ensure that I am truly bringing myself to the edge of orgasm.”

“Is there anyone else you masturbate in front of patient?”

“When asked I will masturbate in front of other Dominants Dr. Master.”

“I see, how do you feel masturbating in front of others?”

“Dr. Master it is embarrassing to masturbate in front of others. Prior to my training masturbating was very private, I only did it alone. Now I must demonstrate how I please myself to others and it often causes conversations about my pussy and desires right in front of me. I wish it didn’t make me so excited, but it does.”

“That does sound rather exposing. A follow up, does your Master own your orgasms?”

“Yes Dr. Master, he is in charge of all of my orgasms.”

“What else is he in charge of?”

“Dr. Master he is in charge of my pleasure and he owns my body. The way he dominates me makes me so desperate that sometimes I want to explode.”

“Do you feel desperate right now?”

“Yes Dr. Master I feel so incredibly desperate at this moment, however, I am doing my best to behave for you and the Nurse.”

“You are doing just fine slave. Final question, for now, where would you like me to begin my examination?”

“Dr. Master please begin your examination wherever you would like.”

Both Dr. Master and Nurse Svetla looked down at me in disappointment. Nurse Svetla stopped taking notes and the cool expression on Dr. Master’s face was replaced with mild annoyance. They each got up from the bed and began to walk to my legs. Nurse Svetla stopped to the left of my legs and I could feel her eyes staring into my pussy. She let out a small smile, she knew I had failed.

Dr. Master went to the toy table and picked up a small metal wheel covered in spikes. He again looked the toy over and when satisfied picked it up in his glove clad hands. Looking down at me from between my legs he asked once again…

“Where would you like me to begin your exam?”

I couldn’t answer I was frozen. yaşlı porno I assumed being malleable to any starting point would be the correct answer! As I worked over other possible answers in my mind the cold metal wheel met my clit, the small nub of sensitive cells that always protrudes from my lips and was the center of so many sensations. The wheel ran over the pink and quivering flesh, I let out a yelp as I was adjusting to the stabbing sensation. Thousands of nerves hidden beneath the thin skin at my nub were no match for the pointed metal spikes rolling over them. I wanted to snap my legs shut buck the wheel off my clit and lose the sensation, no such luck. Dr. Master held firm in his pressure and continued to roll over my clit.

“Where would you like your exam to begin slut?”

“Wherever Dr. Master wants.”

The sensation continued, now Dr. Master began to press down harder on my clit and roll more slowly, his actions were dragging out the hot stinging sensation between my legs.

“Are you sure? Anywhere I want?”

As I weighed the feeling of the small needles poking into my flesh against the humiliation it would bring to ask for what I really wanted I broke.

“Dr. Master please begin your examination in my needy pussy. I can feel her opening and closing as you run the wheel over my clit. Please oh please will you examine my slutty pussy.”

With that answer the wheel left my skin and two gloved fingers met my lips. Master parted my outer lips with one hand and slid in two fingers from his other hand. My pussy was hot with desire. Dr. Master’s fingers were cool and protected by the slippery latex. As I lie helplessly bound and desperate for attention, I focused on the short moment of pleasure I was receiving. His fingers were large and thick, even two would make most women feel full. I wanted my pussy to contract around them and squeeze tightly holding their width deep inside my walls. He was just barely moving his fingers inside my pussy, teasing me with the minimum movement needed to drive me wild. I was watching the assault from the mirror and his large latex covered hand was buried deep in my cunt.

“This is where you want me to begin? This wet messy hole?”

“Yes Dr. Master please examine my wet and messy hole.”

As I was begging, Doctor Master pushed in and out a few times collecting my wetness as he did so. The rhythmic sensation was meeting against small contractions in my pussy that were so strong I was convinced his fingers would not be allowed back in. When I was finished speaking, I was bright read, with stinging heat at my cheeks, I was breathing heavily. Dr. Master turned to Nurse Svetla who was watching as well, she had begun to rub her clit in response.

“Nurse, do you think we should begin the exam with this hole?”

Before speaking Nurse Svetla looked at my while she rubbed her clit. Still rubbing she bent down between my legs and rested evenly at my pussy.

“Well Dr. John, I think it is clear that our patient wants you to begin with her pussy, but I don’t know if we should?”

The indirect question demanded a response.

“Yes, Nurse Svetla, I want my pussy to be examined first.”

“I think there are better places to start an examination. Consider this Doctor, if we keep the patient right on the edge of desperation, she will be much more compliant for the less fun parts of her exam.”

“That’s a very good point Nurse. However, I don’t want to bring her so close to the edge that her pussy will stop being desperate.”

With that statement Nurse Svetla stopped rubbing at her clit. She walked to the toy table and selected her own pair of gloves. Back down at my open vagina she began to assist Dr. Master. With two fingers still pumping in and out of my hole, Nurse Svetla slid her hand down to my ass and inserted her own two fingers into my rosebud. I continued to watch in the mirror as my holes were stretched by both dominants. I could feel their two fingers pump in synch between the small wall separating my pussy and my ass. The pressure coming from both holes was making me feel full, stretched, and uncomfortable. I had not been double penetrated in many weeks.

“Ohhh Dr. Master, I don’t like how this feel.”

“You don’t? Your pussy says otherwise.”

“And, so does your ass!”

Dr. Master slowly withdrew his fingers, I could hear my pussy begin to lap in wetness as they slid out of my hole. I let out a soft whimper. The sensation in my cunt had felt wonderful and losing the comforting and consistent pumping was not what I wanted to end. Nurse Svetla, however, was still working on my ass and was determined to slide a third finger in. With nowhere to hide my desperation Dr. Master came to my face and swiped the juice from my pussy onto my lips and nose.

“Smell your desire and desperation girl, this is NOT where your exam will begin.”

I was whimpering, protesting, willing as best as I could for the exam to begin with my pussy. However, it seemed that I was, as always, at the whim of my Dominant Doctor.

Dr. Master and Nurse Svetla were a set medical fetish experts who always made their submissive patients feel warm, desperate, and humiliated all over. I had survived the question and answer portion of my exam and things had begun to heat up.

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