A Study In Contrast

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I was home from my NROTC summer term between my sophomore and junior year of college. At the time seemed like it sucked, because as my friends from college were all at home hitting the beach and claiming to get laid while I was on some Navy base or on a ship. Of course one needs to take their claims with a grain of salt. However, given that my folks live (to this day) in a fairly sleepy town north of NYC, and not having wheels, it was boring. Hence I kept my self busy with yard work, running, biking and generally hanging around. And of course this was pre-internet so I was really bored.

There was one nice thing. That was my next door neighbor – Deena. Deena was a very good looking young black woman about my age who went to the local community college and worked in town. She was put together nice, (for any gal not just a black woman) but she had nice legs from playing volleyball and basketball and a nice rack. She had the coloring of the Williams sisters of tennis. I used to see her around after high school but I kept my distance as she was dating someone.

One Saturday during my break and with my folks out of town, I was doing some work in the yard and I hear a loud crash followed by a “Oh Shit’ from her house. As I knew Deena and her family well enough, I approached her house, not knowing who was home or not and called out ‘Hello?’.

Deena was standing there in a pair of spandex work out shorts, loose fitting t shirt and in bare feet with a pile of broken glass at her feet, she says ‘Hey Chris you startled me and watch your feet’. She looked like she just got back from the gym, but I think already had her sports bra off as her rather large tits were hanging free under the t-shirt. I tried not to stare but could not help a lingering look.

“Don’t move” I said, “Where is your broom or dustpan and a pair of your shoes’.

She tells me where those things were, and I hand her the shoes, and start to sweep up. She gives a quick thanks and then says, ‘I see you have done enough work outside, I can clean this up’. It was nice that she noticed me.

“Yeah, I have been doing yard work but then again, there is nothing to do around here at all.’ I added, “Plus many hands make light work, so let me help you finish.’

After a few minutes of cleaning up, and me stealing a peak at her ass and tits, we finish. A passing thought of her and I on the floor right there crossed my mind more than once, but thought better of it.

“Wow, that made a mess,’ she said and added, ‘Thanks alot. I know James would not have helped like that and I guess that is why we never got past where we ended up.’ I thought, ‘ended up’, sounds like they broke up.

“Oh, ended up?’ I said with a faked quizzical/concerned look on my face.

“Yeah we broke up a few months ago.’ She stated. “But, for me it is a good thing, as we dated for a long time, and there are so many nice guys out there that I would have never have met.’ And she smiled at me, ‘Like you Jack, you seem like a nice guy and I don’t meet enough guys like you.’

I blushed a bit and thanked her.

“Well I should be getting back to work.’

Deena said, “Would you like a drink, Coke, Sprite, juice? Its the least I can do.’

“Sure, that would be great’

She heads into the kitchen and tells me to sit out on the deck with the most shade. I never noticed but her folks have a hot tub and the cover was off.

Also it is interesting to see your house, while sitting at someone else’s home. Thinking to myself, yard looks good. And I never thought that she had a ‘straight shot’ look into my room from the deck, but she did.

She comes out, bringing a few glasses of coke that are already sweating because of the mid-summer heat, and a bowl full of chips and salsa.

We spend the next hour or so just catching up on what we have done since high school. Her with community school, work and more recently breaking up with James. She was excited about getting ready to go off to college in Albany after two years of the local community school. I told her of my tales of school and being at sea and some girlfriend but did not go into too much detail.

The day was getting later, and I finally said, “Deena, thank you for the snack and I had a great time catching up, but I do need to finish some things around the house and shower off because this grass and sweat is starting to make me feel grubby.’

Deena replied, “Well Jack, I hope you don’t think I am being forward, but do you have plans for dinner? My folks went to visit my grandparents kind of last minute and I enjoyed catching up and truth be told I don’t have any plans’ She continued, “My dad left some steaks out and if you don’t mind, you can grill them and we can eat them together. I have seen you grilling for your folks all the time, so I hope you don’t mind. I have some things for a salad and some veggies’

It did not take long for me to tell her I thought it was a great idea and we agreed on a time, at about 7.

As I headed over, I was feeling good, and manisa escort of course had a slight hard-on. Damn good looking woman I thought, and was she flirting with me. Nahh…

Never been with a black gal before, mostly blondes and one Asian, but not with a black gal. Could be interesting, or could be she is using me to cook dinner and she gets tired and has to go to bed. Thats the tough thing about being the nice guy, gals can sense it and get what they want but, whatever it is, its better than eating alone.

After finishing some small jobs, showering and paying a little more attention to what I wore, it was just about seven ish so I walked over. I took a look in the mirror, my legs and ass are my best feature as it is a result of tennis, catching in baseball and just being on my feet. I had on a nice pair of black cargo shorts, and a fitted t shirt. Being out on the sea-tour, I was darker than I usually was, and it contrasted nicely to the light blue tee shirt. I have been told that am good looking, but did not know it while I knew her in high school Although since I have been to college, I have gained that confidence. I stand at just under six foot, was then 175 lbs, and I am told a very thick cock and about 7 inches long.

I walk over to her house, and call out to Deena. She answers: “Hey Chris, I left the steaks our on the deck for you, the grill is down there’.

I shouted up: ‘Okay Deena, thanks.’

I soon figured out how to light the grill and get it started. Once the fire was hot, I went up and wanted to see what she was up too.

She was standing there with her back to me barefoot in a yellow sundress Wow, what a contrast. The dark of her skin against the pale yellow of the dress. Her legs look fantastic, and her ass had the right amount of curve to it. James was an idiot.

‘Hey, do you mind if I grab some things for the grill’ I asked her. She showed me where things were, and I went back outside. I tell her it will take about 20 minutes and she said that was great, as she will be ready then as well.

I head down to the grill and in about 20 minutes I am done. I come up to the deck where she is sitting and she smiles at me. She set out some red wine as well as some water.

She says, ‘now that we are 21, it takes the excitement out of drinking, but still, here is some nice wine my folks got as a gift. They don’t drink so I figure we can drink it.’

I agreed and sat across from each other. Dinner was great and so was the company. We continued to make small talk and some small flirtation now and again. Ever so often she would brush up against my leg and leave it there, even just for a few seconds and then slowly pull it away.

Finally, dinner was over and I offered to help clean up. After a few trips to the kitchen, we were done. Then she said, ‘Lets open up bottle number two, we can sit next on the deck near the tub and ill put some music on.’

I said sure, and then some music came on, it was some Al Green. Nice I thought. She called out from the kitchen, “I hope you don’t think I am old fashioned but love Al Green.”

“Not at all” I called back.

She brings out the wine and we sit next to each other. Despite the sun going down and the stars being out, the night was still hot and I noticed she turned the lights and jets on the hot tub on. At the time I did not notice, but when she came out she brought out two towels.

“I hope you don’t mind that I turned this on, thought it would be fun to take a dip if you want, we can still talk but in the tub.’

“Hey that sounds like a good idea and I have no place to go.” As I smile at her taking in her very shapely body as she sat in her chair next to me. She got up and said, “Why don’t you hop in,” she tells me.

Then pausing at the door she smiled, and said ‘Ill be right back’

Well now I am thinking, what to do. I don’t have swim trunks, and am not going to go home, so i figure Ill just get in with my boxer briefs. They are form fitting but oh well. I drop my shorts and take off my t-shirt.

Before I get in, I pour a glass of wine for both her and I, and put them next to the hottub. Then I slide in. I am sitting in the tub and enjoying how good this feels, and then she comes on the deck.

My jaw drops.

She has on a bikini top and kind ‘boy-shorts’ bottom both red, both with white piping along the outside. Her stomach was flat and it complimented the rest of her well toned body. She flashes a big smile at me and says with a devilish grin: “I did not see you bring your swim trunks.’

I confess, ‘No Sherlock I did not, I figure I just have my boxer briefs’

“Well I guess thats okay’ She giggled and slid in across from me.

I hand her a glass and say, “Here is to you and I, and renewed friendships’ She clinks my glass and takes a sip.

We continue to talk a bit, drinking the wine, enjoying the weather, when there was a lull in the conversation. Her leg rests against mine. I just look at her.

She asks, “Can you get kütahya escort me another glass of wine. I would get out but I am getting a chill.’

Shit, I think to myself, I have a raging boner and she is asking me to get out..

“Sure” I stand up and kind of turn away from her as I am a little embarrassed, walking over to the table, get the bottle and slide back in.. I noticed she moved to a position in the tub so that I would sit closer to her and I have no way not to reveal my boner as I slide back in.

“I see you don’t have a problem with the cold’, Deena said. I responded, “No, I don’t, but I can tell you are cold.’ I smile then flash a look at her tits as her nipples were hard.

When I came back in I pour her a glass and this time she is sitting by my side. I put my arm around her, and say: “Will this warm you up?”

She turned to me, “Yes, but I have a better idea” and with that she leans in and kisses me, sliding a bit of her tongue onto mine. I kiss her back a bit deeper than she kissed me and my hand goes on the small of her back, pull her closer. The smell of her perfume combined with the wine was heavenly. After a few moments we break.

“That was nice, I have never kissed a white guy before.’ Deena said. I responded, ‘I have never kissed a white guy either.’ She laughed.

Deena said, “I have a confession: I have been wanting to do this for a while, but as I was dating James I was true to him. He was not so true to me, but that is another story’.

She continued, “Ever since I noticed I can see your room, and see you umm, well naked, I have been wondering what it would be like to kiss you’

Shit thats right. When my folks are away, I walk around my room and house nude.

“Well I guess you liked the show’ I replied.

“I did”

“But I have never got to see you naked.” I coyly protested as my hand moved onto her knee.

“Easy tiger, its only 9 pm’ She replied. With that we kissed again, and this time it was deeper and more aggressive. I held her close. I can feel her tits pressing against my chest. Her hands on ran up and down my arms and then onto my ass. “Feels as good as it looks.’ she cooed.

To my surprise she pushed me back and then sat on my lap and went right back to kissing me. My hands ran along her ass and legs. She slowly gyrated her hips onto my rock hard cock

“MMMMM well its not true what they say about white guys” she giggled.

“And what is that” I ask pretending no to know what she was talking about.

“Well from what ‘they’ say, is that you white guys are all small, not from what I can tell here.’ She said slowly leaning directly into my ear.

My hands wandered up and down her smooth thigh, and caressed her ass over the fabric. Her forehead rested on mine as she slowly grinded her hips on my lap. On the next pass I slipped my hand under the fabric covering her ass and gave a squeeze, then she pushed back and reached behind her and unhooked her bikini. I looked into her eyes, then saw that she had perfected tits. I guessed they were 38d’s and at that age (21) they don’t sag.

I kiss her neck, then worked my way down and Deena cradled my head. I worked my tongue around her nipples, without ever touching her nipples. She groaned.

Then I switched and worked on her left tit, slowly working my tongue around the areola without touching the nipple, putting both of those erect.

“Baby, that is so hot, whatever you are doing feels good’

“I can tell.”

As I slowly switched on and off she slide her hand down my stomach and was slowly stroking my cock through the fabric. She went under the fabric and went low, to cup my balls, which made me groan.

“Lets go inside, Chris, cause you know, some of our neighbors may be nosey.” I laughed and I said, “Well I am looking at a peeping Tom”.

I got out of the tub and at this point my erection was struggling against the briefs, and because of that I can see Deena eyeing me up.

I handed her the towel as she stepped topless out of the pool. I eyed her up just as much.

She led me inside and then into her room.

“You are all wet, why don’t you take off your shorts’ I stood there and dropped my shorts.

“Sit on the bed” she said as she dropped her towel and leaned over, kissed my neck, my hands massaging her ass.

She kissed my nips, teasing me the same way I did to her. She pushed me back and then, looking me in the eyes took off her bottom.

“There,” she said, “Now we are even.’

What a sight. She was beautiful. Her pussy was trimmed but not shaven. Her tits heaved a bit as she was breathing heavy,

She got into bed next to me and started to kiss my chest, then my stomach and then lower. My cock standing at attention as she took one hand and tickled my thigh. Her other hand gripped my shaft, first at the bottom.

She kissed the base first, tongue around the bottom her hands fondled my balls. I let out a groan. She slowly stroked and I can see her tongue working up malatya escort and down my cock, until finally she got to the head of my cock, and she licked my pee hole.

“Jack, you have a lovely cock” she said looking up at me, and I mumbled, “Thank you” in response. She used her mouth to play with the tip of my cock, then she worked her way lower, taking in my shaft inch by inch. As she did my breathing got heavier, especially as she took almost all of it in.

Jesus, no one has ever done that I thought.

Slowly she worked her way back up the shaft and back down. Her hand worked opposite her mouth, doubling the delight. I groaned with delight, and after a few more passes, she said “You like that Jack?”

“Of course,” I responded

But as she got back to my cock I pulled her hips so she would straddle my face for a full sixty nine.

I kissed her thighs, and worked my way higher. This time it was her that let out a groan as I tasted her juices. I could see the contrast of her pink pussy against her dark lips. I slowly worked my tongue inside of her lips and one hand worked her clit.

“Jack, that feels so good” I could feel her gush a bit as I worked my tongue around her pussy.

At this point she slowed sucking my dick, I must have distracted her.

Then I switched it up, and used my tongue on her cilt and my fingers inside of her.

She felt great as a slid a finger in and with that i curled my finger to try to get to that ‘g’ spot for her, and at the same time I used my tongue to circle her clit.

Her thighs were around my ears and I could feel at this point she stopped sucking my dick. She did have one hand she was slowly jerking me but she was concentrating on what I was doing to her as she straddled me.

I worked my mouth and tongue alternating fast and slow over her clit and in and out of her with my fingers. I could feel her gripping my cock a bit less and holding onto the bed sheets. She was getting close

I am in the zone, trying to make Deena cum. I can hear muffled, ‘yes.. don’t stop.. God.. feels so good’ coming from her…

After a few minutes her breathing gets even faster.

She groans, “thats it, don’t stop,, ug ug ugh’

“oh baby, mmmmmmmmmmmmm’

Her toned legs squeeze my head, I feel her trashing about and feel her pussy squeezing my finger as she cums in waves.

After a few waves she slides off of me and moves up towards me, leans in and kisses me.

“Whatever you did, no one has done before, Jack honey that was fabulous’

Although I had not cum yet, both her and I nodded off for a few minutes.

I was half asleep when I felt her stroking my semi hard dick, and it came back to life right away.

She straddled me. Her perfect tits over me, her pussy just above my cock.

“Deena, I did not bring protection’ I said

She responded. “Its okay sweety, I am still on my pill as I was on it with James and I never came off of it, and you are the first man that I slept with since him.’

That made me grow even harder.

She grabbed my cock and gave it some more strokes, and she took it and pointed it right at her lovely pussy lips.

With one hand on my cock and one on my thigh, she lowered herself onto me. It was a great feeling, only my second time going bare back. I could feel every muscle in her pussy wrap about my thick cock.

I hear her groan a bit.. “Jack baby, let me adjust,” as she lowered herself in by inch.

She let go of my cock as it slid almost all in. I could feel the heat from her pussy. She leans in and kisses me.

“You feel great Deena.”

“Shhh just enjoy.”

I go slow with her at first letting her adjust and so I can savor the moment. We kiss each other as we do this, my hands caressing her ass, and making there way towards her ass.

I start to go a bit faster, and on each stroke I can see her juices covering my dick. Its about to send me over the edge.

I pull her towards me with my cock all the way to the hilt.

ANd let it stay there.

“Deena, do you mind if we switch it up and try something else.’

She grins, “Sure, lead the way’

She slides off of me, and I guide her to get into a doggy style. Her great ass in front of me. She spreads her legs to allow me to get in.

I can see again, her great pink pussy against her dark lips.

I put my cock head right at her opening and slide it in. Slowly inch by inch. She leans back into me.

I slide in and out slowly building up pace and as I do so I lean into her kissing her neck. With my free hand I reach under her and rub her clit.

She groans as I match the pace of me fucking her with me rubbing her clit.

I am fucking her as hard as I can now. Just the sounds of my cock sliding in and out of her is what we hear in the room. I can see my cock grow more white with our cums mixed in.

I stop rubbing her clit. I start to groan and fuck her faster

“Cum baby’, she purrs at me.

“MMM it feels that these are ready.’ she says

I push her hard into the bed. She fondles my sack as I have both hands on her hips.

“Oh shit baby, Im gonna cum’ I say

“thats it Jack’, Deena says, “fill me up”

Fucking harder

Then in a wave, I start to cum

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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