A Wife’s Awakening

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A Wife’s Awakening: How My Wife Became a Big Black Cock Slut

~This is a true story about me (Steve) and my wife (Valerie). All events occurred, with a few enhancements for readers’ pleasure.


Val and I had been married for 15 years; she is now 34, and I am 37. We got married because Val was pregnant, and marriage was the best thing to do back then in scenarios such as ours. I had a good job in the aviation field, and this allowed our daughter to go to boarding school.

Val was drop dead gorgeous– tall, sex on legs (so to speak), 5’10”, slim, nice tits–34C, slender waist, very long legs, and blonde hair. I was a little shorter—5’9″, medium build, fair hair, good looking, but no stud.

During the next few years, due to my insecurity, I felt that other people should see my beautiful Val’s naked body. It was just too good for only me to look at; and at my request she had shaved her pussy, and often went without a bra or panties.

Once, when on holiday, she went topless. This caused such a hard on for me; I knew I wanted it to happen again. I enjoyed other people looking at her, my wife, with her amazing tits out. However, this happened only once due to our daughter getting older. She never did it again.

It reached the point where I would leave the curtains slightly ajar, hoping people would see her getting undressed. I would even go upstairs to watch the show myself. On a few occasions, people stopped and looked in, but not knowing what they saw infuriated me.

Then I read in the local paper one day: “Come Visit Our Sauna!” It said that males, females, and mixed were all welcome; clothing optional.

My God, yes! My dream come true! I casually mentioned it to Val, and she seemed interested. Perfect! I did say we would have to be naked, but she just shrugged. She said we could go together on Tuesday nights.

The fateful day came, and I was so worked up. I had waited so long for other people to see her bare naked tits, pussy, everything. Upon entering, we were asked if this was our first time. We said that it was. We were told to just use the sauna for 10 minutes at a time and then shower. More naked Val… oh yes! We were told that if we ever wanted a massage, we should just let the people know. We thanked them, and headed to get undressed. Looking up, I saw a camera. I wondered who watches that.

Both Val and I headed for the showers, taking off our towels. Val was truly naked for anyone to see– her cute, shaved, bald pussy on full view, and me trying to hold my cock down. We then headed for the sauna, but Val covered her bottom. Only her tits were showing. I told her that I thought we should be naked, but she wanted time. It was my turn to shrug.

We greeted everyone in there, and waited for 10 minutes to pass, so Val would be naked again and on show. Casual conversations passed around, but most were enjoying the warmth. It had been nearly 10 minutes when I told Val that we should go shower, but all she said back was that it was warm in there. And there she was, totally naked again; this time people were walking by, and my wife on show. Oh my God, people were looking at her.

God I felt happy! I was letting others see my wife naked, and enjoying it!

We returned to the sauna. People teased and asked if we were back for more, but we just laughed. Then it happened. Two black, God-like guys entered the sauna– huge guys, including their cocks, looking at Val’s tits. They greeted and sat opposite us, semi-erect cocks on show.

Fuck, I was getting a hard on knowing they were looking at Val. I stood up, got my towel, and made excuses to go to the toilet. When I left, her bald pussy was covered. Upon returning, my God, Val was totally naked– pussy on show, legs open, lips could even be seen. What the fuck had they asked her to do it? (Val later told me that they said, “You can see our cocks bitch, let’s see your cunt!”) Thank fuck I had my towel on because I had a massive erection.

Both looked at me, then Val, then her tits and her pussy. Even though I wanted this to happen, they were just so much bigger than me… In all aspects.

“We’ve never seen you in here before,” the Black guys said. Val told them that it was our first time there, and then asked for their names.

“I’m Val, and this is Steve, my hubby.”

“Interesting. tekirdağ escort Well I’m James, and this is my bro, Keith. Pleased to meet you.”

“Likewise,” Val said.

There were a few whispers between them, and some sly grins.

“So you haven’t been in the needle shower yet?” they Black brothers asked.

“What’s that?” Val asked. They offered to show her.

Val stood up, butt naked. I kept my towel on to hide my erection. Keith placed his hand on Val’s ass and moved her outside. Oh my God, I nearly came. A Black man’s hand on my wife’s ass.

“Over there, you see?” they gestured.

Looking over, we saw a shower made up of copper rings.

“Don’t worry, it is not cold,” they laughed. “You try first, Val.”

Val went towards it and looked at me. I nodded, and she went in. The told her to turn it on, and when she did she yelled out,

“Fuck, it’s freezing!” and dashed out. They made her get back in, and Val questioned it. Then they demanded her to get back in for 30 seconds. Val turned her gorgeous, naked body, and went back in.

“Good sub bitch. There you go, there. Boy, she does as she’s told!” They had called my wife a bitch, and I said nothing. “Thirty seconds bitch. Make us proud.”

“I’ll try,” Val said.

“You better, bitch,” James said. They slowly counted down all of the time as Val was screaming her head off. “I like to hear bitches scream.” At 30 seconds, Val fell out, nipples nearly twice as long, and hard as bullets. “Looks like someone needs a Jacuzzi,” they said, laughing to each other. James went up to her, put his arm over her shoulder, and took hold of a nipple. “Look at these!” he laughed. God, Val laughed as well. Fuck, all this was happening too quickly. Not only were guys looking at her. Now they were touching her.

Keith made his way to the Jacuzzi that was sunk into the ground. Val followed, with James still holding her nipple. Val’s open pussy was on full view to everyone in the Jacuzzi. God, I wanted more than a pee now.

Upon returning, I couldn’t believe what I saw. There was my wife, Val, with her legs spread wide and a black hand between her legs, bubbles hiding a little. Then fuck me, her hand went on top of his and seemed to push down. God, she was being fingered; her head arched right back in ecstasy. Fuck, she was being used.

Both looked up at me and smiled. James winked, and I didn’t say or do anything. I just wanted to cum. This went on for more than 10 minutes. Why the fuck did I want this to happen? My wife was being a slut.

“Well, James, time to push some weights. Bring the bitch. Okay, bro?” said James. He stopped fingering my wife, and told her to follow. Like a good bitch, she followed, her naked body on full view to all people climbing the steps. All eyes went to her now used, open pussy. My God, yes! At last she was on full view. They took Val to a bench press and made her lie down; legs wide open over each side of the bench, nipples still hard. My God, what a sight! Keith stood over her tits, while James stood over her head; two long, Black cocks inches from her, and now more than semi-erect. Others gathered around, and I tried to hide, holding my cock.

“Come on, bitch. Let’s see what you can do with these weights.” They were too much for Val; her tits were forced out, and as much as she tried, she couldn’t do it. James bent to help her, his cock now close to her mouth. My God, she reached up and took it into her mouth. Fuck, she started to suck. “Good, bitch,” James said. Here was my wife sucking a black cock with others watching. She was being turned into a black cock slut.

“Let me have some of that,” Keith said. He stuffed his cock into her mouth, and as he looked at me, he said, “Nice bitch, White boy. Suck it good, slut.” Val seemed to suck harder.

“Any fuckers want some of this?” they said to the rest. “We bros believe in sharing.” Fuck, they wanted to see my wife sucking all the cocks in the room.

Ooh, fuck! All I wanted was to see others looking at her naked body, and now she was their slut. More people came with hard cocks, ready to be sucked. Apart from three Asians, the rest were White.

“Give her a job here, James,” one said. In total, Val sucked 9 different cocks; most came in her mouth, a few on her face.

Keith came up to me.

“A word,” he trabzon escort said. “You wanted to see this, didn’t you, boy? Your wife being used like the good slut she is?”

“I just wanted others to see her,” I said.

“Too late for that boy.”

He said, “You wanted this. Four points, White boy. One, when we touched her ass, you said and did nothing. Two, when we got hold of her nipple and squeezed, you said and did nothing. Three, when James was fingering her, the same– you said and did nothing. Four, on top of all this, your wife sucked cock in front of you, with everyone looking. And you say you only wanted us to see her. Get real, cuck! “Now be a good little white boy, and bring your slut whore back here next week, you hear, ok?”

I said, “If Val wants to.”

“Oh, she will,” he said.

Fuck, I was in a different world. My wife had sucked cock in front of me. Yes, everyone in there had used her. She was a total slut, and they wanted us back. My cock nearly burst.

We hardly spoke in the car going home. Val just said that she had fun. She didn’t know that I wanted her to go that far, but I said nothing.

“Steve, did you set all this up?” she asked. Fuck, she thought I had set this up! Oh, my God.

I said, “They want you back, Val. If you want that, Hun, then it’s ok.”

The days passed… Ooh, fuck, would it be the same or worse? My imagination didn’t help. Tuesday came. Val had shaved her pussy real smooth. Fuck, she was getting ready. What could I do?

“Shall I bother wearing panties?” she laughed.

When we got there, I took a deep breath and entered. James and Keith were waiting.

“Here’s our favorite little slut,” they laughed. Val laughed with them. “K, slut, get naked– more of the same for you.” She undressed. “Been shaving that cunt again I see.

“Fancy lifting some weights?”

“If you want, James,” Val said. She went off with James to suck his, and others cocks.

“Bro, have a word with Steve while Val entertains us all.”

Keith called me over.

“Here’s the deal, white boy. We are going to get your slut wife real wet, and then we’re going for a drink at the bar across the road. You will go for a ciggy while we fuck her in the toilets. Any fucker in there, or who comes in, can fuck her as well. You will not come in. Got that?”

I said, “Ok.” “Ok what?” He looked at me. “It’s ‘Sir’ to you now, white boy.”

“Yes, Sir. Ok,” I said.

“Better, cuck,” he laughed.

With my head bowed, I went for my ciggy. My God, he called me a cuck. Well, if I was letting my wife get fucked, I must be one. And yes, I did want this to happen.

My mind filled with visions of Val getting fucked and being used like a slut. And fuck, how many were going to be in there?

I finished my cigarette, and I just had to try and peek. I made my way to the toilets and saw quite a few blacks. I didn’t dare go in.

Then, I heard Val’s voice,

“Fuck me,” she was saying. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

“You want this nigga cock in your cunt.”

“Yes, Sir,” she said.

“Who owns it?”

“You do, Sir. You do,” said Val. “Who can use you, you fucking cunt?”

“Anyone, Sir, anyone.”

“And what’s that between your legs, bitch?”

“My cunt, Sir.”

“Pussies are for making love to; cunts are for fucking, and I want this cunt fucked, Valerie. Valerie you are a good white whore,” said James. “Now open those legs wide, bitch. Let’s see that smooth cunt of yours all open for fucking.”

“Yes, Sir.” Val said.

Oh, my God, she was a black cock slut now for sure– my wife, mother of our child, a fucking whore! How the fuck did this happen? She had been turned. Just then, I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I turned to see Keith.

“What did I say, cuck?”

“Sorry, Sir,” I said. “I wasn’t trying to get in, just listening.”

“Well, let me tell you, white boy. She is getting fucked like never before—black cock-owned cunt now, white boy. The bitch wanted this. I take it she is on the pill, ’cause we are going to nut inside her. Now fill this in, just in case. We don’t want any charges of rape against us.”

It read:

I, Steve Burrows, hereby give access to my wife’s body, to be used at James’ and Keith’s will. She has agreed to all of this, and will be fucked and sivas escort used by others for the duration of one hour. Pictures will be taken with conditions to follow.

“Sign it, cuck.” I did. “View the pictures on the net, white boy,” he laughed. “You wanted us to see her, and now many others can. In order for her to be filled with black cocks, there’s a small price to pay. But if it makes you happy…” Well, he was right. I suppose it was my dream for others to see her naked.

“Go and have another cigarette, cuck. I’m going to fuck her again. She’s a good fuck– true black cock slut. James will bring you the next contract.” He turned and looked at me. “Nine so far, cuck. She’s good. You can lick her out later.”

I turned away and went for another ciggy. My God, nine blacks had fucked her. Will she be able to walk? Then it hit me… My God, not her ass as well.

James called me.

“Go home, cuck boy! Your wife has agreed to another hour. We’ll make sure she gets home all right. We will be contacting you by e-mail. Now, fuck off!” What could I do?

“Yes, Sir,” I said.

Val came back home more than two hours later. She has been well fucked, and was exhausted. She needed sleep. I crept between her legs. I was later told that she had been fucked by 12 Blacks, 3 Asians, and 3 Whites. She got fucked both in her now called “cunt” and ass. She had been used well. Even some double penetrations were done on her. She thanked me, and I looked down at my black-owned wife and smiled. I waited for the mail.

Three days later it arrived to “Cuck Boy Steve, enjoy.”

It had 4 pictures– all of Val getting fucked: First on her knees, with caption: “fucking my bitch.” 2nd with a huge black cock stuck down her throat with caption: “swallow it slut.” 3rd open legged, on her back with cum flowing from the black cock inside of her with caption: “doing as she should.” 4th with her cunt and ass being used at same time with caption: “this is all for you, guys.”

A letter that came with the pictures read:

“Your wife is a good fuck, white cuck. We have agreed to own her if you do the following:

“You will post your name, address, telephone number, Val’s vital statistics, and nude photos (ones with legs open, plus the ones we sent to you) on at least 12 interracial sites, with a maximum of 15 for now. Concentrate on the UK first. Later, this will increase. She will charge, of course, but the money goes to us through our sauna club. She knows the rates, and they will increase with experience. You will state that she is for fucking bareback, if wished, and she does take cum in any hole.

“You will be available to help them, such as holding her cunt open and placing their cocks inside her. You may eat their cum afterwards, if it is their wish, you will suck their cocks if told to do so. Ready for your wife to be fucked? You will answer all inquiries. NO Blacks or Asians will ever be told ‘no.’ She will fuck whoever wants to fuck her, no matter where they are from, or their background or adobe. She will be fucked by the rich and famous, as well as by homeless people. If they see her on the net they can fuck her.

“Though she is Black-owned right now, she is open for future ownership by whomever, depending on payment to me and Keith. This is open for negotiation. Don’t ask your wife because she has already agreed; after all, she is our slut. Plus, cuck boy, your wife has agreed to a few tattoos and body piercings. Talk to her about it. And from now on, all panties and bras are banned, at all times. Even when your daughter is at home, we want her to see your true wife.”

I showed it to Val.

“It’s their size, Hun. But I still love you, and with you not saying anything, I just thought…”

“Yes, you’d become a Black cock-owned whore,” I said. “And these tattoos, what’s all that about?”

“They want ‘nigga meat’ on my ass cheek, and ‘Black cock slut’ above my cunt. Nipples and clit piercings—clit, not the hood .”

“And you’d do this?”

“Well, they do own me,” Val said.

“You want Black cock? I’ll give you Black cock, you fucking whore! All I wanted was for them to see you naked!” I started searching interracial sites all of the time; jerking off to the pictures I had been sent.

“15- Fuck it. 16- Heart in mouth .” I pressed send.

Two hours later, a piece of mail from James came.

“Good boy,” it read.

Thirty minutes later, our first contact by phone.

“Get your slut wife ready for some Black cock, whitey. She in for a treat.”

To be continued…

All comments appreciated

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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