Ami Ch. 02

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It was Friday, the morning of her flight to India. Ami was rushing around the house making sure she had everything for her trip. She was thankful that William had introduced her to the Kama Sutra. It was just what she needed to keep her trip exciting. A devious smile crossed her lips as she reflected back on last night.

William had just finished putting his bags in the car and went back inside to get her luggage. He had time to drive her to the airport before his meeting in Nashville.

When he got to the airport, he parked the car and then helped her check in. He knew that she was nervous about her trip. So he held her trying to keep her calm. He lifted her chin and kissed her passionately. “God, I love you, pet and will miss you!”

Ami laughed and professed with all her heart, “I love you too. I miss you already and I’m not even gone yet!”

He then winked at her and with a devilish grin whispered, “Honey maybe you ought to wait until you get in your hotel room before you read that book. I wouldn’t want you to steam up the windows of the jet.”

She blushed. “Oh you can bet I will wait. I’ll be too hot and excited to relax on that long flight.”

They bade goodbye. He watched and waved at the jet until it was out of sight. He then returned to his car and started driving to his business meeting.

Ami sighed uncomfortably and hoped she did not have to stay for the entire week in Delhi. After a while, reading tired her. She felt a growing urge to look at her book even as she knew that would get her too excited. Instead she drifted off to sleep dreaming about the Kama Sutra.

Although the flight was long, it was bearable. The flight attendants were nice and the weather was great. As they taxied toward the airport all she could think about was a long hot bubble bath and a glass of wine. Then taking a nap, or even better yet, lying on the bed and glancing through the erotic pictures in the book.

She got off the plane, picked up her and went through customs. Afterwards Ami looked around to see if anyone was holding a sign with here name on it. She had no idea what Gopal looked like. As she gazed to her left, not five feet from her was a tall, handsome Indian holding a card with her name on it. She walked toward him. When their eyes met, his charisma caused a shudder that went clear to her clit. She told herself that, for a young man, he was very sexy.

She slowly walked up to him and extended her hand. “Hello, my name is Ami.”

Gopal stood six foot two, with long raven hair, brown eyes, and skin the color sun kissed bronze. He looked her over. Ami’s red hair, beige-colored complexion, full figure, and seductive green eyes framed by glasses made his cock twitch. For an older woman she was stunning.

He bowed and answered, “Hello, Ami. I am your escort Gopal. I hope your trip was a pleasant one. Let me help you with your bags. I have a car waiting for us.”

Ami replied, “Thank-you. It was indeed a long trip, but we were blessed with good weather. I’m staying at the Radisson Hotel. Maybe after you help me to my room, you’d like to join me for some tea.”

He nodded his head in agreement. “That would be nice. By the way, my room is close to yours. That way I can assist you with anything you need.”

He then escorted her to the car. Once inside she began a conversation with him. “Since I know very little about the restaurants here, where would you suggest I go for dinner?”

He replied, “If I may be permitted to ask, can I take you out for dinner tonight? Then maybe we can do a little sight seeing too. “

She responded, “Yes you may. I’ll expect you to pick me up at my room around 6 p.m.?”

He eagerly agreed, “Okay. Dress fancy tonight as I’m taking you to a five star restaurant, because the company is paying for it.”

When they got to the hotel, she checked in as he got the luggage from the car. He then escorted her up to her room. He gave his business card along with his room and cell phone number. After inquiring if there was anything else she needed, Ami told him, “No,” and bade him goodbye.

He offered, “Call me if you need anything,” and left the room.

Ami then sat down on the side of the bed and called William. She was not sure if he was free to talk or tied up in a meeting after reaching only his voice mail. So she left him a message and told him that her flight went well and gave him the phone and room numbers where she was staying along with a promise that she would call him tomorrow. Afterwards Ami began unpacking her suitcase, laying the book on the table next to the bed.

Ami kicked off her shoes, picked up the book, and stretched out on the bed. On second thought she stopped, deciding not to look at then but rather try and take a nap before dinner. She did not want to get too excited, as there was time for that later.

All she did was toss and turn, brushing it off as jet lag. After looking at her watch and seeing it was 4 p.m., Ami climbed out of bed and headed for the shower to freshen up before görükle escort bayan dinner. She took her time, letting the water caress every inch of her body. After applying just enough makeup to look seductive, Ami dabbed her favorite perfume in all the right places. She then, thumbed through her clothes and picked out an aqua blue chiffon dress with matching four inch heels and her cream colored shawl. The colors accentuated her long red hair and green eyes. She then opened the dresser drawer and took out her favorite cream colored lacy garter belt and some nylons. She wanted to look seductive, but not anxious.

After standing up she took a long look at herself in the mirror and whistled, “Wow girl, you are a knockout!”

Gopal sat at the desk in his hotel room trying to read the newspaper. However, all he could think of was Ami. For a mature woman, she was very beautiful. She captivated him from the first minute he laid eyes on her. He loved her confident manner, figure, and wavy long red hair. When she looked at him with those alluring green eyes, it made his skin tingle with desire. He wondered if she felt the same magnetism.

Gopal then looked at his watch and noticed it was time to get ready to take her to dinner. After showering and shaving, he put on his best suit. He looked in the mirror checking everything because he wanted his appearance to be perfect.

He smiled devilishly and snapped his fingers. “You’re such a handsome devil!” Then Gopal walked out the door and down the hallway to her room and knocked.

After it opened, Ami asked him to step inside while she got her shawl and purse. As she walked away, he could not keep his eyes off of her. He wondered how such an older woman could be so enchanting.

When she returned he took her hand and kissed it. “Hello Ami, you look absolutely gorgeous.”

When his eyes met hers, those green eyes framed by glasses sparkled with passion. As he looked downward, Gopal noticed that the dress accentuated her large breasts, thin waist and full hips. Her figure, personality, and voice made him weak in the knees.

They then walked down the hall toward the restaurant. He saw many men and women watching her. The men smiled and he knew they must have been sexy thoughts of her running through their minds. The women smiled, some looked green with envy.

He hailed a cab and they drove off toward the posh restaurant. Once inside they were seated in a cozy hideaway in one corner. The soft light and candle gave it the allure of a romantic liaison. He helped Ami take her seat and they ordered dinner.

All throughout dinner, she couldn’t keep her eyes off of him. For some reason, she was fascinated. His age didn’t really cross her mind. His accent, mannerisms, and sexy smile touched her, sending a jolt of electricity straight to her clit.

She really couldn’t understand why, because she was older and happily married. However, right at that moment she was fantasizing about how it would feel with his lips on her nipples and his cock plunging deep inside her wanting pussy.

As he looked at her, he wondered just how far things would go. Her smile, voice, gestures and fragrance gave him the signals that she wanted to fuck him. He felt his cock stirring, his mouth went dry and he had to take a drink before he could speak. Gopal then asked her, “Ami, would you like to go for a walk with me? There are many floral gardens near here and most of them are illuminated for walks in the cool of the evening.”

She looked surprised and replied, “I did not know that India had floral gardens. That’s a marvelous idea. The cool evening is perfect for a moonlight stroll.”

He got out of his chair and walked around to her. He took her shawl from the back of the seat and then helped her stand up. After wrapping it, around her should and held out his arm for her. He escorted her out of the restaurant in the direction of the garden.

As they walked they talked as if old friends. He loved the way the street lights highlighted her red hair and looked like fiery candles in her eyes.

She loved walking in the cool air and moonlight, it was so romantic. She wished William was there. Ami continued walking, fantasizing what they would be doing if he was.

She was brought back to reality when the smell of a rose tickled her nose. When Ami looked up, she saw before her a beautiful garden that had a babbling brook and statuettes.

She looked over at Gopal and said, “Oh it is so beautiful. I never knew India could be this picturesque.”

They walked along the garden pathway silence for a few moments with her arm in his. Then she spoke, “Gopal, I hope you do not mind me being forward, but I think you are very handsome and sexy.”

He replied, “Oh I don’t mind it at all. If you don’t mind me being blunt, I think you are sexy and beautiful. I would love to kiss your rose colored lips right now, they look so luscious and inviting.”

She stopped and turned toward him. “I’m a long way from home. I really altıparmak eskort miss having my husband with here and sharing things with him. On the other hand, when I look into your eyes I tremble with desire.” She then leaned into Gopal and kissed him fully on the lips.

He pulled her within his arms and kissed her back with all the passion within him. He shook as he looked into her eyes once more. “Ami, I hope you do not mind me being blunt. But I must say what is in my heart. I know I am younger than your husband, but I can’t help it. I want you. I want to feel your naked body against mine as we lay together. My cock is swelling now as I think about sliding it into your hot pussy.”

Ami put her arms around him and gazed lovingly into his eyes. She kissed his cheek and purred, “Well, what we are waiting for? That kiss you just gave me has me burning with desire. I can’t wait to touch you, kiss you and taste your cock.”

They turned around and walked out of the garden. He hailed a cab. They then drove to the hotel, neither of them saying a word. On the way up in the elevator to her room, he just couldn’t resist her. He pulled Ami within his arms and kissed her once more. “Oh honey, you’re so beautiful. I have been looking for a woman like you all my life. I could easily fall in love with you.”

She held his arm as they walked to her room. After unlocking the door they both quickly went inside. She threw herself at Gopal, kissing him hard as her fingers slid down the outside of his pants, caressing the outline of his cock.

He gasped, “Ooooh God. Baby, I’m yours tonight. What would you like to do first?”

She leaned into him and licked her lips seductively. “I want to do something a little different. How do you feel about tying me to the bed and blindfolding me? I just love it when someone ties me up, then taunts me until I can’t take it anymore. It always makes me so fucking hot. I quiver with a climax that resembles a freight train out of control.”

His eyes widened and he eagerly grinned. “Oh Ami, I would love to do that, gently. I don’t believe in inducing pain when I’m having sex.”

She kissed his cheek and winked. “Why don’t you take off your clothes while I get the ties and blindfold from my bag.”

As he stripped she got what was needed. Then she stood there watching him undress. He revealed his muscular physique and hard cock. She flashed him a steamy look and purred while licking her lips. Then Ami hastily stripped off her clothing.

As they walked toward the bed, she noticed the silk bedding had been neatly turned down and rose petals covered them. Then she remembered reading about it in the hotels brochure. It was one of their special traditions. Their aromatic scent added to the atmosphere of the room making it sensuous and romantic. She sat on the bed and handed him the ties, blindfold, and climbed onto the bed.

As he watched her Gopal licked his lips in anticipation as she placed herself spread eagle on the bed. He then tied her gently to the four corners of the frame. He e looked up at her and said, “Ami, those are not tied too tight are they? Are you ready?”

Her eyes lit up and she trembled with eagerness. “Oh yes, I am ready. My clit is throbbing.”

He sat on the side of the bed next to her and placed the blindfold over her eyes. He kissed her before standing and admired then stood up and looked at her. Oh god, her big breasts had swollen nipples that seemed to be begging for his lips. He moved the position of her legs, exposing the most intimate parts of her glistening trimmed pussy. He cock pulsated with a pearly white drop of pre-cum at its tip.

She heard his breathing quicken and knew he was excited. She was not sure where he was or what he would do first. Then she felt him climb on the bed next to her.

He leaned over and blew his breath across one nipple and then the other one and watched them swell and stiffen more.

He continued tantalizing her nipples as his right index finger caressed her naval. Then his finger slowly traveled upward towards her breasts.

The wetness between her legs was now oozing down toward the crack of her ass. She tried to move so he could touch her nipples, but nothing happened. She moaned, anxiously awaiting his touch again.

Gopal made her wait a little longer this time. He wanted to see her beg to be touched again.

Ami arched her back and squealed, “Ooooh please, I beg you don’t stop now!”

He brushed her nipple lightly with his hand, first one and then the other. Then Gopal took a nipple in each hand and began pulling and rolling them. She purred with delight.

Ami pulled at her bindings, and found each one was secure, she could not move. Oh god, she loved the feeling of being completely helpless at the mercy of Gopal’s hands. She shivered with brazen delight and began to perspire and the musky smell of her flowing juices hung heavy in the air around the bed.

He again paused for awhile, not saying nor doing nilüfer escort anything. Then he placed his lips around her left nipple and drew it into his mouth. Holding it between his teeth, he began flicking it with his tongue, repeating the same action with her other nipple. Then as quickly as he started, he stopped and got off the bed.

She could feel his eyes on her. That combined with the cool evening air, made her skin tingle with desire. It seemed like an eternity passed before she felt him on the bed once more

He then began caressing her legs, slowly, with just the feathery touch of his fingertips. They glided upward until his hand rested on her thighs. His fingers then brushed outward to inward on her thigh.

He could see her clit swell and throb, anxiously wanting to be touched. He could see a copious amount of her pussy juice flowing down the crack of her ass.

Slowly he moved his fingers ever closer, pausing then rubbing yet not really touching her pussy. Then he stopped and did nothing.

Ami felt the wave of climax building her breathing quickened. She cried out, “Oh God, touch my pussy baby! Eat me!”

Gopal rubbed her cheek softly. “Shhh my baby, in time I will eat you. For now, you must wait.” He knew if he delayed touching her, it would intensify her climax.

He then moved until his mouth was about a half inch from hers and then blew his breath across lips. He again waited. After a moment his tongue traced the outline of her lips, tantalizing her. He paused and did not kiss her yet.

It was sheer torment, but Ami loved it. She wanted desperately to kiss him and to entangle her tongue with his. She parted her lips and tried to suck his tongue inside her mouth. However, nothing happened.

Then out of the blue he leaned over and kissed her passionately. He felt her ardent desires too traveling right from her lips to the tip of his dick. He loved what she was doing to him; no other woman had ever made him feel this way.

She moaned and returned his kiss unleashing all the passion within her. Then she felt him kiss each cheek, her nose and neck.

When he kissed, licked and nibbled each ear lobe, she felt dizzy. The moisture from her pussy was now dribbling onto the bed.

He then licked his way down to her breasts, taking hold of each globe and while grasping each nipple between his thumbs and forefingers. Gopal lowered his lips to them and as he held them, flicked each one with his tongue.

She arched her back and quivered while moaning incoherently. He stopped again. The delay seemed like an eternity. Ami wished she was untied so she could pull him close.

He then moved between her legs. He got so close to her pussy that the hairs brushed the end of his nose. Then he blew across her juicy flesh. All of the sudden she laid perfectly still and he thought she might have fainted. But then he saw her move.

She moaned from the sensation of his breath on her clit and nearly passed out. However, she mustered up the will to speak and begged, “Eat me.”

He took his fingers and gradually spread her labia. His tongue caressed the inner folds of her pussy while searching for her most sensitive area.

She cried out, “Yes!” and he stopped short of touching her clit.

He uttered, “Be quiet, my precious red-haired beauty.”

He slithered his tongue across her flesh. He then encircled her clit a few times before sliding it deep into her vaginal opening.

Gopal tongue-fucked her as his finger teased her clit, stopping before making her climax.

She bit her lip to fight the urge to scream. Oh God, he was teasing her beyond endurance. She did not know how much more she could take before her body took over.

He then moved up, took his cock in hand, and rubbed it across the inner folds of her pussy repeatedly. Then slowly he slid it inside until his balls were slapping her ass. He began fucking her slowly and deeply, feeling her imminent climax growing. While doing this he intermittently stopped.

He then reached down and began rubbing her clit furiously while fucking her.

“Want me to cum inside you Ami?” he asked.

She moved her head back and forth and shouted, “Yessssssss!”

He held onto her hips and fucked her faster. He felt her climax surge through her as the vaginal muscles milked his cock hard. This triggered his climax and it exploded filling every crevice of her vagina.

He laid there with his cock still inside her for a moment until his member slid from her pussy. Gopal got off the bed, untied her body, and then climbed up beside Ami and removed her blindfold. He kissed her long and hard before looking into her entrancing eyes. “Clean my cock honey. I want you to taste our combined fluids.”

Ami moved and took his member in her hand. She swallowed every inch of his sticky shaft, savoring its intoxicating flavor. As she felt his cock swelling once more she shivered as another orgasm overtook her.

They lay back on the bed holding each other and basking in the afterglow. It was then she told him about the book her husband had purchased for her.

He looked over and asked, “Please go get the book. As we look at the pages together, I’ll tell show you the true meaning of the Kama Sutra. After all we have all week to explore the many sexual positions.”

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