April Showers

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Cold morning fog hung low in the air as I made my way out to deliver newspapers that January night. The time was about 2am and I was a little early. I sometimes regret ever taking on this business. The rising cost of fuel was killing me and my car was falling apart, but there was something that drew me to it. There was one incident in particular that occurred that made me thankful I ran this route. I’ll never forget it.

It happened about 2 weeks ago. When you’re delivering papers you kind of crawl inside yourself and become a little more observant to the world around you. It’s a completely mindless job so why wouldn’t you be keeping your brain active somewhere else. Anyway, close to the end of the route the hour is getting up on 4:30am. In the winter it is still pitch black outside and not many people are stirring about. I deliver to a little rural burg around this time. There is a house on a side road that meets the corner of the main road on which I drive. It is a simple place. It has an older part in the front with a new addition to the back, which added four rooms above a double car garage. A fairly bright light usually illuminates the room in the top right hand corner of this part of the house. When everything else is very dark it’s hard not to notice this seemingly out of place brightness.

The room itself has no curtains and as I drive by I can look freely up into the room and see decorations on the walls within. On Tuesday a couple of weeks ago I drove by and nonchalantly, as I always do, looked into the room. This time I was met with the figure of a young woman. I slowed down a bit, as I have never seen anyone in the room. She looked down at me and smiled. She had short dark hair, but the other features of her face were hard to make out at a distance. Just as I began to turn my head away she took a step back and removed her shirt. She had nothing on underneath and I was greeted with two perfect round tits with small erect nipples waving hello to me as I looked up with amazement. I almost ran off the road. She pressed her naked torso against the glass so I could get a good look. I had to stop the car and as I was about to look up again she was gone. I began to wonder if I had just imagined this.

The thought of this girl flashing her tits haunted me the rest of the morning. I couldn’t stop thinking about her perfect breasts pressed against the cold glass of her window. My cock grew hard in anticipation of this happening again. Perhaps she would show me more. Maybe I should make a sign that she could read from the room that says, “Show me more.” I was crazed with lust and couldn’t wait until the next morning. Before going to bed that night I made two signs. One said, “Show me more”, and the other asked, “What’s your name?” I went to sleep with thoughts of her racing through my lust filled mind.

The alarm woke me at 1:30 this morning. The images of yesterday morning were still fresh in my mind. I wanted to get an early start this morning so a quick shower and coffee was all I had time for. I was out of the house at 2:15 with my signs in tow. I wanted to make it by her house no later than 4am this time. I did the route faster than I ever have and arrived at the lonely stretch of road before her place at 3:45. Looking up the hill toward her house I could see the all too familiar glow of the light within her room. I was filled with anticipation and my cock grew steadily in my pants.

I did the last two deliveries and then made the turn heading up beside her garage and then I took a glance upward toward her window and I slowed down. I could see a shadowy figure moving toward the window. In a moment I was greeted with her face staring down at me. She smiled widely and I could see her face better this time. I put the car in park and held up my first sign, “Show me more.”

She looked down and gave a little grin. With that she stepped back into the recesses of her room only to return a few seconds later completely naked and standing in her windowsill. I almost swallowed my tongue. She hopped down and looked at me with a big toothy grin. Her perfect tits were standing succulently out in front of her. She reached over for something. I could tell she was writing a note. She held the paper against the glass. I could tell plainly that it said “Your turn.”

Not knowing how to do it I just stepped out of the car and dropped my pants. My cock sprang out like a garden hose. As I looked up at the window I could see her smiling and rubbing her pussy. She had an eager hungry look on her face. I reached into the car and grabbed my other sign. I held it high, “What’s your name?”

She reached over for another notepaper. She held it up to the glass and I could see written there the word “April.”

She began writing again but this time it was on a bigger notepaper. She held it up and it said, “Could you come by earlier tomorrow? I’d like you to come up so I can take care of that hard on for you.”

I was speechless. This girl wants me. Resim Yükle I simply shook my head yes and she held up 3 fingers indicating what had to mean 3am. I answered back by holding up the same number of fingers and she shook her head yes in response. She blew me a kiss and I pulled up my pants and returned to the car. She slid gently away from the window. I was cold as hell but it was worth it. I drove away from there with thoughts of ecstasy in my mind. I couldn’t shake the image of her hot, naked body pressed up against the window. My cock was aching. I needed to have some patience and I tried my best to contain myself.

I made arrangements for a sub to do the route for me the next day so I could make it to April’s house by 3am. I went to sleep that night with thoughts of lust running through my mind. I hadn’t really seen any more of her than what the dim light would allow me. I knew she had great tits and a tiny little bush and a big toothy smile, but I couldn’t make out the details. I dreamed of what she would be like and was a little worried about her age. I didn’t let anything bother me though and when the alarm sounded at 1am I was more than ready to get cleaned up and head to her house.

I left around 2:30. Knowing that I didn’t have to deliver the papers this morning was a great load off me. I began the drive to April’s house. I gave myself enough time to stop for some coffee and smokes. I didn’t want to arrive too early. I was a little apprehensive about what I might be getting myself into. After all I’ve never even met the girl. The drive to her house was one full of lust and longing and as I neared her street my anxiety rose even greater. I parked across the street at the old sawmill and looked up from the car at her window. The light was on and I could see her standing in the window but I was too far away to make out much of anything else. I got out of the car and began walking toward her house. As I got closer I could see that she was dressed in some sort of lingerie and she was looking down at me with that big beautiful smile. I stopped just below her window and she held up a note that said, “Go to the garage.” The garage was just under her window but the entry to it was at the side of her house. I waved to her and went to the door.

I waited there for about 3 minutes when I quietly heard someone fumbling with the locks on the other side. Slowly the door opened and I was at last greeted with April. It was still dark and I couldn’t see her as well as I wanted to, but I could smell her. She smelled delicious, like spring rain and apples with cinnamon. She smiled at me.

“Follow me.” She said. “But keep it down. I don’t want to wake my brother.”

I did as she told me but I was a little nervous about there being someone else in the house. April stopped before we reached the interior door.

“My room is the only one upstairs so we’ll be OK once we get there. We just need to be quiet while we’re climbing the stairs. My brother is kind of a light sleeper.”

“Is there anyone else in the house?” I asked.

“No not right now.” She said quietly. “My parents are away on vacation and my brother and me are the only ones here.”

I became very worried about her living with her parents. How old was she? I didn’t want to risk getting in trouble with a minor but she appeared very mature, but I still hadn’t gotten a good look at her.

We continued up the stairs and took a left at the first door at the top. When she opened the door I could tell it was her room. The room I was already all too familiar with from looking in so much. It was nicely decorated with music posters and a lavish bed right in the center. April closed the door behind us as we walked in.

“Sit down on the bed.” She said.

I did as she told me. She had some soft music playing and the lights turned down. She walked up to me and stood there in front of me wearing nothing but a little yellow nightie. It was completely shear and I could see every line and curve of her body underneath. Her bush was prominent toward the bottom and looked as if it were covered in sparse dark hair. April herself was beautiful. Though still hard to determine her age she had a round face with large red lips and big brown eyes. Her hair was full, dark and shiny. She looked at me as if I were to be her next meal. “What are you waiting for?” She said. “Take me now.” She reached down and ran her fingers through my hair.

“Just one thing April. How old are you?”

“I’m 20. Don’t worry. You won’t get into any trouble with me.”

Knowing this was all I needed and I stood up and began my assault with avidity. I drew her close to me. She was so small and petite. I pulled her close and looked deeply into her eyes. I leaned down and kissed her inviting lips and was immediately met with her probing tongue. I returned the favor. She moaned with delight at our kissing. I could tell she was very turned on by her heaving chest and whimperings. I turned her around and gently pushed her back on the bed. She scooted back on the bed all the while staring at me hungrily with her dark, sexy eyes.

Now she lay in front of me and I could see the whole extent of her body. It was the kind of body you would just want to eat for supper. Her legs were gorgeous, tan and muscular. She spread her legs slightly and I could see her dark little bush staring at me from under her nightie. My cock was throbbing as I looked on this gorgeous young woman.

“Take off your nightie.” I said.

She gave me a big smile and reached down to pull the nightie off over her head. In one single motion she was naked. Her tits stuck straight out and were crested with large, hard and dark nipples just begging to be chewed on. I fumbled with my clothes but managed to get them off and then leapt into the bed with her.

What happened next is difficult to describe. You know the feeling you get when something is happening to you that you always wanted to happen and then it does and everything becomes very hazy and animated and the only thought you have is what’s going on right there in that moment? That’s what happened to me. I was lying there with a beautiful girl’s body pressed against mine and the animal in me just took over. We were lying face to face and my left leg was between her legs. She pulled me closer and gave me a long wet kiss as she began humping my leg. I could fell the slimy, warm wetness of her pussy slipping against my leg and leaving a trail of warm sweet juices as she ground herself against me gently. I looked down for a moment and saw her gorgeous young body and noticed how firm her tits were and how her body seemed to beg for my tongue.

In one motion I managed to free myself from the grip of her mouth and legs and I began kissing her chest. She drew a deep breath as I kissed lower just between her breasts. A soft moan exited her lips as I moved my mouth closer to her right nipple. She was still grinding her ever increasingly wet pussy against me except this time it was my stomach. I started at the bottom of her tit just below the prominent nipple and licked and nibbled my way up to the target. Her nipple was very hard and long. I tweaked it with my tongue and got an immediate reaction from her. She moaned softly and ground her pussy against me harder. I took her nipple in my mouth and nibbled and sucked on it. She smelled and tasted like cinnamon, and the aroma drove me crazy as I lapped at her nipple harder.

“Mmmmmm.” She groaned. “Oh, yes I love to have my nipples played with. Ohhhh, God do it harder, oh please play with me.”

Her words drove me crazy. I moved from her right tit to the left so as not to leave anything out. I didn’t get the chance to spend as much time on this one as she had her hand on my head and I could feel her gently pressing down on me, pressing me toward her dripping wet center just below.

“Oh, please, do it to me. I want to feel your hot mouth on my body. Please lick me. I want you to eat my pussy. Ahhhhhh, yes please.”

I kissed all down her abdomen as she continued to thrust herself against me. Her flat belly was tight but with just enough fat underneath that I got a nibble in just above her pubic hairline. I wanted badly to go down to her legs and lick on those gorgeous thighs but she wasn’t going to let me. I could tell she just couldn’t wait as she guided me down to her sweet little pussy.

I lay there propped up on my elbows just in front of her throbbing cunt. She was still bucking gently and moving herself closer to me. She wrapped her muscular legs around my back and pulled herself down. I could feel the heat from her and could smell her slightly musky but sweet scent. The hair around her honeypot was soaked in her juices and I could see juices slowly running out of her. She reached down with her hands and spread her lips apart. For the first time I saw all of her. It was beautiful.

I moved myself close to her pussy and very gently took her left inner lip into my mouth and began nibbling and sucking on it. She drew a sharp intake of breath and her moaning became more guttural and animal like as I licked.

“Oh, God! Oh, shit that feels sooo goooood. Oh, please lick my clit, it’s so hard and it’s driving me crazy. I need to cum so bad.” She said all of this in such a low, throaty and sexy tone that I thought my cock was going to explode.

She spread her lips farther to expose the whole of her hard little clit. I didn’t spend much time admiring it as I dove in on it in a feeding frenzy. She bucked against me so hard she almost threw my head off her crotch. I had her clit locked in between my lips and was sucking and nibbling on it as hard as I dared to.

“Ahhh, yes.” She cried. “Ohhhh, yes give me your mouth, Oh shit I’m gonna cum! Ohhhh, yesssssss!”

She bucked and writhed against my mouth as her orgasm overtook her. She shook as if she was being electrocuted and the sexy sounds she made drove me crazy. The hot juices ran from her pussy and I stopped licking at her clit and put my mouth against her opening to catch some of the sweet runoff.

Eventually her breathing slowed and she stopped rocking back and forth.

“ooooooo. That was so good.” She said with a hint of satisfaction. “I needed that so bad. Do you want me to do you now?”

How in the hell could I say no. My cock was about to burst.

She did me in the same slow fashion that I had done her. She used her tongue to give me a nearly all over tongue bath before coming to rest right in front of my balls. She put her hand under my nutsack and pressed hard against my perineum. I could feel this intense pressure inside of me but it wasn’t uncomfortable. She opened her mouth and took my entire ballsack in very gently. At first I thought this might hurt, but as she began rolling my balls gently around in her mouth it started to feel real good. She kept firm pressure against my perineum with her hand the entire time.

She pulled her head back with my nuts in her mouth and gently released them. My cock was oozing precum so fast it was almost like a small ejaculation. She licked the bottom all the way from the base to the head. She moved her hand from my perineum to my ass and started gently stroking my asshole. No one had ever done this to me but it felt great. She grabbed my cock with her other hand and put the head into her mouth. She bobbed up and down very slowly at first and sucked very hard making a good seal. Waves of pleasure shot through me.

“Oh, God April. Oooh, that feels so good.” I said.

“mmmmm. Just wait.” She said. “It’s going to get a lot better.”

She reached down to her wet pussy and put her finger in. She took the same wet finger and gently pushed it just inside my asshole as she began frantically sucking harder on my cock. I wasn’t going to last long. She was probing deeper into my ass and finally hit my prostate. With the other hand she began pumping my cock while never breaking the seal with her mouth. My orgasm was imminent as I felt my ass tighten on her finger and she sucked harder. She moaned as I unloaded a huge load of cum into her mouth. I thought I would never stop cumming. She sucked all the way through my orgasm and continued long after I had stopped pumping her mouth full of cum.

I thought I had died. I couldn’t move. I was exhausted, but she wasn’t ready to be done with me yet.

She laid her head just above my crotch but from underneath she started stroking my cock. To my amazement I was hard again in no time.

“I need to fuck you.” She said. “I’m gonna fuck you like you’ve never been fucked.”

I was a little worried. Nah, just kidding.

“Show me what you got April.” I said.

She smiled big and started kissing my stomach all the way up to my nipples. She lifted herself up and perched her still wet pussy above my cock. She grabbed my member and put it just at the entrance to her womanhood. She looked deep into my eyes and lowered herself. My cock broke into her and she gasped as she took in the full length of me.

I couldn’t believe how tight she was. I expected it to be tight since she was young but this was ridiculous. As she began to pump she almost lifted me off the bed she was squeezing my cock so hard.

“Oh. Hmmmmm. Your cock feels so good in me.” She said.

She started rocking back and forth as I was buried to the hilt inside her. She milked my cock with her pussy. I could tell she was working her way toward another explosive orgasm as she held her breath in between thrusts and tried to keep herself from screaming.

She laid directly down on me and began pumping very hard and fast.

“Please cum with me.” She gasped. “I’m cumming right now, please cum too.”

“Ohhhh, I am baby just keep fucking.”

She let out a muffled but energetic scream as her pussy clamped down on my cock. I exploded inside her with spurt after spurt of hot cum. I was bucking against her and she was trying to catch her breath. She eventually collapsed on top of me, her body wet from sweat. It felt so good.

We lay there in a sweaty pool of each other’s juices. I can’t remember if we fell asleep or not. Like I said, you never expect this to happen to you and when it does it becomes dream like. I felt her lift her head off my chest and she looked up at me with those gorgeous seductive eyes.

“What are you doing tomorrow morning?” She asked.

I responded. “Well with any luck, I’ll be back right here with you.” I smiled.

“Oh, yes you will.” She said. “Yes you will. What else would you be doing on a cold winter morning?”

I didn’t respond to her. I just giggled. I knew I had to deliver the papers, but I wasn’t going to. I could get my sub to do it for as long as I needed. No way would I miss laying here covered in April’s sweet juices.

I think I fell asleep when I arrived home, dreaming about the next early morning when I could be with April again. I wonder what she would have in store for me this time. Ohhh, the thoughts that go through the mind when you’re horny.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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