Boogie Van Ch. 04

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Clothes Tearing

At my eager nod, Jenni smiled and said, “Let’s not keep that hot water waiting, then.”

She led the way, and I filled my vision with the sight of her curvy hips, and those awesome ass cheeks, full, firm, and well rounded. Just knowing that in a few moments, I would get to see that gorgeous backside without anything in the way, had my cock stirring fast. We stopped by the desk, to get my name taken off the list, the clerk grinned at me as he saw us together, knowing that we were going to be sharing a shower, and a whole lot more.

In our private space, when Jenni stripped naked, and I could ogle her nudity, I eagerly did so. Shoulder length red hair and bright green eyes, full lips, a light spray of freckles across her face and upper chest, grapefruit-sized full, generous breasts. Her red pubic hair was neatly trimmed, oh fuck, I’m a sucker for natural redheads, and I could feel my lust rocket.

She grinned as she saw me filling my eyes, she turned, to display her naked backside, she looked over her shoulder, still with that cheeky grin, and purred, “Do you also like the flip side, Colin?”

Oh yeah, wide hips, the sexy curvy flare, ass cheeks full, firm, and well rounded. The smooth curves, and the solid bodies, get me every time.

I quickly stripped, the sight of her had my cock surging, and I growled, “Oh yeah baby, your body is so hot and sexy, I adore your curves.”

Jenni’s eyes were on my cock, she smiled and she said, “I can see that my body has had quite the effect on you. Colin, I’m so wet, and I am so horny I can’t see straight. I need a good hard dick to ream me out before we hit the shower, so I can calm down a bit.”

She led me into the shower part of the room, there was a countertop with two sinks, and a large mirror next to the shower stall, and she put her hands on the countertop so she was bent at a 45-degree angle. She placed her feet apart and looked behind at me with hungry eyes as I led my cock up to her bubbling juices. The wet heat nudged against the head of my cock, and she moaned, deep in her throat just before I buried it.

“Fuck me hard, fuck me fast, no gentleness, just ram me, and make me cum lover!”

I gave each cheek a smack, she yelped as she felt the sting, then with a growl of lust, I powered my cock in. She let out a loud squeal of pleasure as I parted her nice, tight pussy, and with one hard thrust, my balls slapped against her pussy as I buried it to the max. I started to ram Jenni, building up a fast, hard rhythm, power fucking her nice, tight walls, Escort bayan enjoying her sounds of pleasure as I rode her smooth pink hole, her juices were bathing my shaft, giving me a smooth, fully pleasure filled ride.

I saw her watching the fucking in the mirror, her eyes were hazy with lust as she watched herself being taken.

Jenni moaned, “Oh fuck, feels so good. My beautiful wife Kat likes to…Ummm, yes, so good…strap on her 9-inch dildo, and power fuck me just like that…ahhhhh…I love being fucked real hard…oh yeah, keeping fucking me lover…when I am this horny, Kat gives me the fucking I need…but I still love to milk a stiff hard cock, and feel the rush of hot cum filling my womb…oh yeah, keep going lover, make me cum!”

Happy to do so, my lust at a fever pitch, turned me into a fucking machine. My fingers gripped Jenni’s hips tightly, pulling her hips back against me with each thrust, to accentuate the hard-driving thrust as I continued to pound and jackhammer her cunt hard and fast.

“Yes, yes, keep fucking me hard and fast! I want you to cum for me lover!”

I felt her hand reach between my legs, and she started to toy with my balls. Her body started to shake, and she cried out, “Oh yes, gonna cum, cum with me Colin, cum deep, cream my womb, fuck MEEEEE!”

I felt the clamping down, and the feel of Jenni’s tight walls rippling up and down my shaft, milking my prick took me over. One last thrust and I began shooting stream after stream into her womb, spraying her deep inside with hot rushes of spunk. My growls of pleasure mingled with her loud cries of orgasm as we went over into climax together. The tight hug rippled up and down my shaft, hungrily milking every drop out of me.

Jenni purred, “Oh yes, just what I needed.”

When I pulled back, Jenni said “Shall we take that shower, now that I am calmed down enough?”

She giggled, and I was happy to follow the graceful curve of that sexy rump, the lightly tanned moons perky and smooth. Being an assman, I drank my fill of her sexy naked backside.

Under the shower spray, we soaped each other up, and I felt Jenni’s fingers playing with my cock, which obligingly rose back up. I saw her smile as she felt my cock surging in her hands.

Jenni purred, “I never left a hard cock unfulfilled, and I’m not about to start. Let’s dry off lover, then we can go out to your van, I don’t want to hog the shower. I want it again, that first time was good to burn off the lust, but now I want another Bayan escort hot ride and the time to savor it.”

Accordingly, Jenni slipped on a summer dress and a pair of sandals, she grinned at my expression. Knowing she was naked under her dress and was ready to just strip off once we were in the van, kept my lust perked up. I just pulled on a T-shirt and cutoffs.

“Now lover, move your van over to the blue Kenworth. It’s the one with a small mural just behind the driver’s side door, with the picture of a sleepy kitty, and the word Kat underneath it. I had that artwork created for my lovely wife, to let her know that I’m thinking of her during the time I have to be on the road.”

“Ok baby, give me about 5 minutes, and the A/C will have it cooled down, my uncle made sure I had a high-efficiency system, for days like today.”

I went out and fired up the Dodge, and cranked the A/C on high. I drove into the big rig area and found her wheels easily. Her Kenworth was hauling a 48-foot trailer, I wondered what it would be like to be at the wheel of such a big rig.

After 5 minutes, the inside of the van was nicely air-conditioned, I grinned as I saw Jenni’s sexy shape moving towards me. We were going to heat up the inside, once we got down to it.

I opened the door for her, and she led the way, loosening up her dress, then letting it fall in a heap at her feet, and I again drank in the vision of sexy moons, as she wiggled her hips at me. She lay back, spreading her thighs, inviting me in.

“Oh yeah, now take me as a lover, give me a gentle, loving fuck baby. Colin, would it offend you if I go deep into a fantasy?”

“No baby, you can dream about whatever you want.”

“Umm, thank you lover, now, take me.”

I descended on her, her nipples were stiff, and I sucked eagerly on them, enjoying the way they grew even harder in my mouth.

“Oh yes, Kat sweetheart, suck my tits, you know how much I love it.”

I smiled, I had a feeling she may want a fantasy of her sexy bride. From seeing that picture of her, god, did she pick a smoking hot wife. I wondered if Jenni would tell Kat about our encounter. Maybe she’d tell her while they were making love.

“Fuck me my sweet wife, I can’t wait any longer, and kiss me, you know I adore your kisses while you fuck me!”

Between the spread of her thighs, I nudged against her and drove it in. She let out a cry of pleasure as I buried it, the furnace heat and the pouring of her juices surrounded me, as my balls smacked Escort against her ass.

”Now, kiss me lover, kiss me and fuck me!”

Our lips came together in a tongue-filled swirl of passion, and I started a slow, loving rhythm giving her a loving fuck, and I did some fantasizing of my own. The hot southern Vanessa, god, what a wild fuck that had been.

Jenni broke the kiss, and pulling my head against the side of her head, she cooed, “Now baby, keep making such wonderful love to me my beautiful Kat, oh yes baby, make me cum.”

We moved together, and I started to fuck her a bit faster, her cries of pleasure filling the van. I gave Jenni a long, hard, pleasure-filled ride, savoring the heat and the juices surrounding my cock as I rode her sexy body. I imagined Jenni and her sexy wife Kat together, the idea of Kat, that long blonde hair, beaming smile, sapphire blue eyes, and imagining her body, naked, sporting a 9-inch strap-on dildo and riding Jenni’s hot body, god, the mental vision made my balls start to churn, and I knew I was on the verge.

Jenni cried out, “Yes, oh yeah, take me over baby, gonna cum, gonna cum all over your cock, yes, oh god, FUUUUCCCCKKKKK!”

Her voice climbed to a shriek, and I felt the tight clinch, rippling with that milking pull, and I grunted and growled as my cock let loose, firing a fresh volley of cum into her, enjoying her sounds of orgasmic pleasure as she rode that wave.

I slipped down next to her, and her eyes were luminous, as she gazed into mine.

“Ummm, that was so beautiful, thank you, Colin, for letting me fantasize. You are such a kind and considerate lover, and I am going to let my sexy wife know just what a kind and wonderful lover you are. She’ll turn into a tigress, and she’ll make me eat her pussy until she cums all over my face, then she’ll strap on her dildo and ram my redheaded pussy to a screaming orgasm, hearing about me getting a fucking on the road turns her into a wild bitch in heat. I love it!”

Just before she left, she asked, “Would you like a little memento of our time? Maybe a set of panties?”

“That’s just what I was thinking about!”

She grinned and peeled off the panties she had just donned. They were a purple thong, and I savored the idea that her thong had been wedged up between the sexy cleave of her cheeks. She pressed them into my hand.

“There you go lover, enjoy them, and think of me. I’ll be thinking about you, here’s my cellphone number. When you want to make another trip, I think my lovely wife Kat would be up for a three-way, I know I am.”

I watched her climb into her big rig, the diesel came to life with a roar. She looked out the window, blew me a kiss, and pulled carefully out of the lot, I watched the rig until she was out of sight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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