Cathy , Mark: A Sibling Romance

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Hello. My name is Mark. I have a sister named Cathy. We’re both 19 years old and were born only two months apart. I’m a couple months older than her, so technically, I’m her ‘big brother.’ To this day, she still calls me ‘big brother.’

To be more specific, Cathy is actually my half-sister. Our father, Gordon, impregnated my mom around the same time that he also got Cathy’s mother pregnant. Dad had been fooling around with Cathy’s mom while still married to my mother. Dad was a bit of a ladies man back then as well as a real jerk. He and my mother divorced shortly after she found out he had sired another child with another woman. My father married Cathy’s mother. I ended up living full time with my mom while Cathy lived with our dad and her mom.

Cathy and I grew up together, but not in the traditional way most siblings do. Because my mom and dad were divorced, I only got to see my dad and Cathy every other weekend, most holidays and a few weeks during the summer. Cathy wasn’t a stranger to me, but she might as well have been when we were children. We got along great when we were together, but we lived in different households miles apart and went to different schools when we were really young. It wasn’t until my mom passed away from cancer when I was 15 years old that I moved in full-time with my father, my step-mom Janet, and Cathy.

I resented my father for how poorly he had treated my mother, but he insisted on taking me in and raising me after she passed. That meant that I finally got to live in the same household as Cathy, but I honestly never paid that much attention to her. Cathy and I had always gotten along great, but she and I didn’t hang out together a whole lot when I first moved in. She had her friends and I had mine. Plus, up until that point, I had been busy dating a girl named Lacey, who demanded a lot of my time and attention. That is, until I discovered her cheating with one of my buddies and broke up with her.

I admit that I was a bit despondent for a while after breaking up with Lacey and tended to mope around the house. I really was no fun to be around, but that didn’t stop my sister Cathy from trying her best to console me and cheer me up. She helped nurse me out of my funk. She often suggested that we grab dinner or go out to the movies together or she would hang out by the pool with me. I couldn’t understand why she would want to hang out with her sad sack brother on weekends instead of hanging out with her friends.

Cathy would remind me what a skank Lacey was and often assured me that I would have no problem getting another girlfriend anytime I wanted. My sister really boosted my confidence and made me feel special. I really started to enjoy Cathy’s company and we became closer than ever after I dumped that cheating bitch Lacey.

Cathy had always been a pretty girl, but by her 19th birthday it had become even more apparent to me how sexy she was. Cathy had that sexy girl next door vibe, like Jennifer Aniston. She had been blessed with a pretty face, ample breasts, sexy hips, and a nice shapely ass. Cathy has long straight raven hair, which frames her big brown eyes, button nose, full lips and contagious smile. Back then, I don’t think my sister was fully aware of just how beautiful and sexy she was. At least she never acted like it. She wasn’t the least bit stuck up, like Lacey was. Cathy was extremely shy and never went out on any dates or had a serious boyfriend. I figured that boys were either intimated by her beauty or she was just too shy to realize the effect she had on them.

Sure, I may have noticed that Cathy was hot, but she was and is my sister, and honestly, as sexy as she is, I had never fantasized about her and certainly never masturbated thinking about her, like some brothers apparently do about their sisters. But that all changed the night of Cathy’s 19th birthday. We had a quiet family dinner with our parents, Gordon and Janet, to celebrate Cathy’s birthday with the usual trappings. There was an awesome birthday cake and she blew out the candles and opened her presents and all that stuff. She had a good time, but she was feeling a bit down towards the end of the evening.

“What’s the matter, squirt?” I asked her. I used to always playfully call her ‘squirt’ when she was younger and the nickname just stuck. She stood 5 feet, 8 inches tall and weighed around 110 pounds and was definitely not a little squirt anymore. She affectionately called me ‘big brother’ in return, which was meant as a joke as I was only two months older than her.

She told me that her best friend Liz had gone on vacation with her parents and wouldn’t be around to celebrate her birthday that night. Cathy was bummed that she would be spending her birthday evening alone. I grabbed her and gave her a hug assuring her that there was no way in hell that I was going to allow her to be alone on her birthday.

“I’ve got plans to meet up with Kev and Bobby tonight at the nightclub over in Windsor and you’re coming with me. I want to have the honor of buying you Antep Escort Bayan your first legal drink,” I insisted, trying to cheer her up. After all she did for me, I figured I owed her at least that much.

“Stop teasing me! You know I can’t legally drink until I’m 21,” she responded.

I reminded her the legal drinking age in Canada is 19. “Also, it’s a hot nightclub. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet the man of your dreams who’ll ask you to dance and sweep you off your feet tonight? I’m not taking no for an answer. Hurry up and go get ready,” I insisted, though she already looked great.

Cathy flashed that killer smile she possessed, gave me a big hug and kissed me on the cheek. “You’re absolutely the best big brother a girl could ever ask for. I’ll go change. It won’t take me long. I promise.”

“Hurry up squirt,” I teased her as I watched her run up the stairs.

My buddies and I usually went to the nightclub in Windsor, Ontario to drink and party on weekend nights when we didn’t have dates. It was an opportunity to legally drink and meet girls. Canada is right across the Detroit River and thankfully, it doesn’t take long to get there by bridge or tunnel, other than the hassle of having to pass through customs and border patrol. They frown on young Americans coming over there to drink.

Cathy looked hot as she walked down the stairs in a skin tight red mini dress that perfectly displayed her curvy figure. The plunging V-neck revealed perhaps just a little too much cleavage. Despite this stunning creature being my own flesh and blood, I’m pretty sure my mouth dropped open as I stood and stared at her like a drooling doofus before telling her there was no way she was wearing that skimpy dress to the club.

“Every dude in the place will be hitting on you the minute you walk in the door.”

“Really? You think so?” Cathy was beaming. Then she saw how displeased I was. “Sorry big brother, but this dress is all I’ve got that’s clean. I can change, but it will take me some time to find something else to wear.”

“No, squirt, we’ve got to get going. I told the guys we would meet them at ten. Let’s roll.”

I knew that I would have to spend the majority of that evening monitoring Cathy’s potential suitors. My own buddies, sure enough, immediately started vying for Cathy’s attention and hitting on her the minute we arrived. Whenever my friends came over to the house, they never missed an opportunity to comment on how hot Cathy was and how lucky I was to have her as a sister. She danced most of the night with my buddies and several other random dudes who asked her to dance. She was very popular and danced most of the night. She was hands down, the prettiest girl in the club.

I proudly bought her, her first ever legal bar drink. She selected an appletini, which is a mixture of vodka and apple schnapps. I had one myself and I have to admit that it was pretty tasty, and pretty easy to get drunk on. Now I was going to have to watch my sister’s alcohol consumption. I did not want my little sister getting wasted, since she was now my responsibility. I didn’t drink that much since I had to drive, so I was fairly sober by the end of the evening. I noticed that Cathy appeared to be a little tipsy by the time I told her that it was time to go.

“It’s after midnight and your birthday is over Cinderella. I’ve got to get you home soon or dad will have a fit,” I reminded her

“I’m not leaving until you and I dance. You haven’t danced with me all night, big brother!” Cathy said in a breathy seductive voice.

“That’s because you’ve been busy dancing with every other guy in the place,” I responded in my defense.

“Are you jealous, big brother?” Cathy said teasingly.

Cathy stood up and pulled me by the hand out onto the dance floor. She was dancing a bit provocatively for dancing with her brother. I have to admit though, I was having fun. Just as I was getting into the music, a slow song came on. It was “The Time of My Life,” by Patrick Swayze. I rolled my eyes at the DJ’s song selection and started leading my sister off the dance floor when she stopped me and insisted that I dance with her to the song.

“Call me corny, big brother, but I like this song. Come on. One more dance before we go. Please?” She said sweetly as she flashed her beautiful smile and gently leaned her head on my chest. How could I refuse her?

We started out dancing with each other at arm’s length, like a brother and sister should. I held her right hand with my left and we had our other free hand around each other’s waists. We moved closer together as we danced and soon enough, Cathy had moved her arms up around my shoulders and neck and I held her by her waist. She moved in even closer and pressed her body tightly against mine and rested her head on my chest.

The sensation of my sister’s body rubbing slowly up against mine was intoxicating. I forgot for a moment she was my sister and my hands roamed over her body as I felt the narrowness of her waist and the gentle sloping curves of her hips and lower back. We were no longer dancing like brother and sister. We moved more like lovers. I unexpectedly got an erection. I hoped my sister could not feel its presence pressed against her stomach.

As the song ended, Cathy looked up at me deeply with her seductive brown eyes and smiled. She pulled herself up and kissed me on the cheek and with a warm breath, and whispered in my ear. “I had the time of my life tonight, big brother, and I owe it all to you.”

As the song ended, the voice of the DJ blared through the club, “That song was for Cathy celebrating her 19th birthday tonight! Happy birthday Cathy!”

I stopped and looked at her. “You requested the DJ to play that song?”

Cathy just started laughing. “I love that song. It sort of reminds me of you, big brother. I guess it’s because you look so much like Patrick Swayze,” she snorted as she grasped and squeezed my arms. “You’ve got muscles just like him.”

During the beginning part of the drive home Cathy was extremely talkative for normally being such a shy and quiet girl. She told me that several guys were hitting on and asked her for her number.

“You didn’t give them your number, did you?

“Of course not, silly. I gave them Lacey’s number,” Cathy laughed. Cathy never liked Lacey.

After talking non-stop about how much fun she had and how much she liked appletinis, Cathy got serious all of a sudden and leaned over and laid her head on my shoulder as I drove. I have to confess, it felt nice.

“Thank you again, big brother for a memorable evening. I love you so much. I always have. Even when we were little. I always hated when came to visit and you had to leave and go home with your mom. I’m sorry about your mom, but I’m glad you’re here with us now.”

I didn’t know what to say. Cathy had left me speechless. We had never really talked to each other this intimately. We had never shared our love for each other before like this. Cathy broke the silence with a pointed question.

“Do you love me too, Mark?” She asked in her sweetest voice.

“You’re my sister. Of course I do, squirt. I always have and always will. Count on it. By the way, how many drinks did you have tonight?” She sounded inebriated for only having three appletinis over the course of the night.

She confessed that a couple guys bought her some shots of apple schnaps at the bar to toast her birthday. More likely they were trying to get her drunk with the intention of getting her out of her sexy party dress. I was pissed at myself for not paying closer attention to how many drinks she had, but I lost sight of her several times that night when I thought she was out on the dance floor. I was responsible for her safety and well-being and I felt bad that I let her down. I wanted my little sister to have fun, not get hammered.

The next time I looked over at her, she had fallen asleep on my shoulder. I put my arm around her and she nestled her head into my chest. I looked over at her occasionally as she slept and I drove. She really was a beautiful woman now. I looked down at her cleavage and realized what a sexual being she had become. For a brief moment I wished she wasn’t my sister.

“Why can’t I find a woman like you, sis?” I quietly asked her rhetorically as she slept contentedly, knowing she couldn’t hear me.

As I pulled into the driveway of our house, Cathy was still fast asleep. I tried to wake her but she was still out of it. I walked around to the passenger side and unhooked her seat belt.

“Come on squirt, get up. We’re home,” I announced loudly, trying to wake my sister.

She mumbled that she was awake, but fell right back asleep. I stopped to figure out how I was going to get her out of the car. I grabbed her legs and pulled them towards me and lifted them out of the car and onto the driveway. My sister had long soft silky legs. Her already short dress was bunched up and riding high on her thighs and I had a clear, unobstructed view of her panties. Her panties were pink and very sheer and I could see what looked to be a dark strip of hair between her legs. I felt a bit guilty checking out my sister’s panties and bush. I knew better than to be looking up my sister’s dress in light of her inebriated state like this.

I snapped myself out of it and grabbed her hands and pulled her up towards me out of the car and onto the driveway. She fell forward into me and I caught her in my arms. She woke up and looked up at me and smiled. She was wobbly on her heels, so I had to wrap one of her arms around my neck put one of my arms around her waist to steady her and help walk her to the house. She put her arms around my waist and leaned into me.

“Mm mm. This is nice. Wait until I tell Liz that the hottest guy in the club took me home on my birthday,” she said dreamily.

I walked Cathy up to the house slowly until we reached the porch. We had to stop and sit down so Cathy could take off her high heels. She held onto my arm and leaned on my shoulder as she tried to remove her stubborn heels.

“Come on squirt, we have to get you into bed,” I said.

“You really want to? Oh Mark, I’ve waited so long for this. I had given up hope you would ever make a move,” my sister confessed as she reached up to kiss me on the lips. Not a brother and sister type of peck, mind you, but a full on open mouthed kiss. Her lips felt nice on mine, but I wasn’t about to take advantage of my inebriated younger sister.

“We can’t do this right now,” I said glancing around furtively. “What if our parents or a neighbor saw us?”

“You’re right. Let’s wait until we get into bed,” she said breathily. Her tone didn’t leave much doubt to me what she had in mind. I scooped her up off the porch and carried her inside and up to her bedroom quietly so as to not wake our parents.

I threw back the sheets and gently placed my inebriated sister down in her bed.

“Let’s get you undressed, squirt. Lift up your arms,.” I instructed her.

“Only for you, brother,” she cooed as she lifted her arms and I helped her wriggle out of her party dress as she fell backwards.

I have to admit, some impure thoughts rattled around my head as I looked at her enticing body stretched out on her bed in nothing more than her bra and panties. I could see her areola and her erect nipples through the sheer material of her bra. A small wet spot was developing on her panties between her legs and below her dark bush. My little sister was basically pleading for me to ravish her.

Cathy reached up with her arms and grabbed me by the neck and pulled me down toward her on the bed. She planted kisses all around my face and having found my mouth, intimately French kissed me. I almost succumbed to her warm lips and moist probing tongue right then and there. My erection was insisting I go for it, trying to convince me that I might never get another opportunity like this. Fortunately, my conscience wrestled control back from my penis and convinced me otherwise. I pulled my sister’s arms from around my neck and reluctantly pulled away from her. I pulled the sheets over her and told her to wait for me.

“I need to pee. I’ll be right back,” I lied. I planted a kiss on her forehead.

She smiled sexily and in her bedroom voice said, “Hurry back, big brother. I’ll keep my pussy warm and wet for you.”

I peed and when I came back to check on her, Cathy was already sound asleep. I realized I had made the right decision. I went to my room and stripped naked and crawled into bed. I typically sleep in the nude and usually have no trouble falling asleep right away. Tonight was going to be different.

I laid there uneasy, thinking about my sister. Did she really want to have sex with me or was it just the alcohol? I relived the events of the evening. How she danced so provocatively with me and held me close when we slow danced. I recalled the tenderness of her lips on mine. I pictured her laying in bed, exposed in just her sheer bra and panties. She wanted me to join her in bed. What if I had crawled in bed next to her?

I imagined what my sister’s pussy looked like; what it smelled and tasted like. My cock was hard before I realized what was happening. I was fantasizing about my little sister! It had been a while since I’ve gotten laid. I stroked my cock to an amazing orgasm thinking about my sister and me together in her bed. I had never had an orgasm that powerful and intense in my life. From that moment on, my sister became the object of my desire; my singular obsession and preoccupation.

The next morning I woke up around 9:00 and checked on Cathy. She was still asleep, pretty much how I had left her. I don’t think she moved an inch during the night. I grimaced at the thought of her waking up with a nasty hangover. Since I felt last night’s fun and this morning’s hangover were both my responsibility, I made my sister a nice breakfast of two aspirins, black coffee, burnt toast and greasy scrambled eggs. I tapped lightly on her bedroom door.

“Uggghhhhh… stop that pounding!” She groaned from her room.

As I opened the door, I laughed. “Could morning Sleeping Beauty! Wakey wakey! Big brother made you breakfast in bed!”

Cathy squinted at me through bloodshot eyes. Her hair was a mess and her mascara was running down her cheek and her lipstick was smeared across her lips from kissing me last night. She was a hot sexy mess and I wanted her so bad it hurt.

I put the breakfast tray down next to her as she sat up to eat. Either she was unaware that her breasts were visible to me through her sheer bra or she no longer cared whether I saw them. I tried not to stare. I sat down on her bed across from her and watched her devour her food.

“You’re a life saver, big brother. I needed this breakfast. Thank you!” She paused to eat.

“So. Did you have fun last night?” I probed.

“Absolutely. I just don’t remember too much after we left the club. I might have had a little too much to drink. I remember having a really good time though.” She paused, looking at me for my reaction. “Uh, I didn’t do anything stupid last night, did I?” she asked.

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