Catrion Buys Knickers

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Alexis Brill

Rory was out shopping for Catriona’s birthday when he saw her disappear into M&S. Knowing that he hadn’t been spotted he decided to follow her. Since she had called him that Saturday morning about a month ago they had got together several times and fucked like rabbits. Her birthday was coming up in a couple of weeks and he wanted something special, but he put that idea to the back of his mind for the moment. He knew that the store had a very nice lingerie department, and just knew, well guessed, that this was where she was headed. With so many styles and colours to choose from it seemed to him that a girl could spend hours there just looking, feeling and imagining. He knew as he watched her inspecting various items that she was wondering how this, or that, would feel against her skin – or his.

Catriona picked out a few things to try on carrying them draped over one arm, carefully layered over each other. She is very methodical. He knows her well enough now to know that she is wondering who is watching, what they’re thinking, a slight blush creeps over her cheeks. She is so engrossed, her gaze fixed directly in front of her, thinking about her intended purchases and nothing else, that is until she hears a soft voice and feels hot breath in her ear.

“I can smell you from here. I know your scent from weeks of tasting and smelling you.”

She visibly trembles and turns her head, a smile growing as she looks at Rory. Her first instinct is to grab him and give him a big hug, but her wicked mind already has other ideas. She holds up the top piece of sexy silk and simply asks him if this colour would be good for her. Her eyes are like windows to her mind, betraying all of its secrets. Rory cocks his head to one side and move his eyes from the silk to her and back to the silk and finally says,

“I’m not sure I guess that you will have to try it on before I can decide.”

He can see in her face that this was just the answer she was hoping for. She takes his hand and leads him to the dressing rooms, tells him to sit down and wait.

“I’ll show you what this diyarbakır escort looks like on…be right back.”

She hands him the other items,

“…so your hands have something to do while I’m gone, and to hide what I see in your lap.”

Rory gracefully accepts and watches her disappear into the dressing room, noting to himself third one down on the left.

After a while it seems like she has gone forever. Rory sits there, lingerie in hand, his fingers lightly touching the fabric, sliding the silk between my thumb and index finger, wondering what’s next. Finally, unable to take any more, he leans over the chair and calls down into the dressing rooms,


There is no answer, but he can see that all of the doors are open except the one she went into. He glances around starts toward that closed door. It’s that time of day, very few people around, a few assistants, including the girl who looks after the changing rooms, gossiping by the tills. No one is paying any close attention to the woman in the dressing room and the, apparently, embarrassed ‘friend’ waiting for her. It’s not unknown for those ‘friends’ to wander off to look at the latest gadgets knowing that this could be a lengthy process. He moves back to the door and knocks quietly…


“Yes, Rory?”

“Can I see?”


“Coming out?”


“Can I come in?”


She sees the handle move and the door opening, her heart quickens. She has been standing here looking at herself in this dark red camisole and matching panties, pure silk, lace trim but not too much and wondering what he’d think.

“Is it too garish for me? Does it make me look like a tart? Maybe I should go get the blue one, the one without the lace and try that on before I let Rory see.”

But the gentle knock on the door makes her mind up for her, she’ll let him see and let him decide.

Rory opens the door slightly and sees her standing there looking slightly anxious. He steps inside smiling, reaches for her face with one hand while the other shuts the door behind him. They step closer and share a sweet, slow, careful, breath-taking kiss. Kissing Rory always makes her go weak at the knees. It is only now that she notices his dress code for the day, he’s wearing his kilt, and she knows full well what that means – ready for action. Catriona feels herself responding to him, her pulse quickening under the hand caressing her neck, her breath noisy as she breathes through her nose. He wraps her in his arms searching for her ear with his mouth and whispers

“You smell like heaven!”

He bends his knees and lifts her off her feet breaking the kiss long enough to smile and laugh softly, both realising that they must be quiet here.

“Catriona, can you be very quiet?” he asks, knowing that she can be a bit noisy.

Nodding, she answers “Yes, Rory, if you lead the way I will come quietly.”

Catriona bends and takes the hem of his kilt and lifts it, just as she thought he is going commando, always ready for action. As she come back up she kisses him and turns, puts her hands against the wall other side of the mirror, and shuffles her feet back and apart a little, pushing her arse out towards him. She knows that Rory is hard, and can’t wait to feel him deep inside her. She can see herself in the mirror, and she can see him drop to his knees behind her, then she feels his tongue trace a line from one buttock to the other and back again. Watching in the mirror she reaches back with one hand and pulls the thin strip of material that is the panties to one side, realising that she is now going to have to buy this set. Rory loses no time in tracing her pussy lips with his tongue making her sigh as her clit makes its appearance. Standing he raises his kilt, takes his cock in hand and rubs the head between her pussy lips.

“Inside,” she whispers, “deep inside, fuck me Rory.”

He brings the head into position and pushes gently forward, sliding his cock slowly but firmly deep into her wet willing hole, bringing a gasp of sheer pleasure from her lips.

Rory holds deep inside her for several seconds before starting to fuck Catriona with long slow strokes, noting her gasp with each penetration. He knows that he will have to fuck her harder eventually, and takes note that she is in the process of stuffing her panties into her mouth, a sure sign to increase the pace. As he starts to thrust more quickly he feels her first orgasm, a tiny one but there all the same. He grabs her by the hips and starts to pound his cock into her hard and deep, this will be a test of her ability to keep quiet. He pushes her quickly through two more orgasms, and is impressed that, while not totally silent, no one close would be aware of the sounds. Her fourth orgasm is much more intense, and she really is struggling to hold it all together, it is also enough to set Rory off on the road to his own. They are now both grunting with the effort as he thrusts his cock into her as hard and fast as is humanly possible. It is no more than a few seconds before she tips over the edge into a massively intense orgasm, which in turn triggers his own. He holds deep inside her unable to move as her pussy is contracting tightly around his cock, gripping and milking every drop of juice from it.

They remain motionless for a minute or so, and as Rory pulls out Catriona reaches into her bag and retrieves some tissues to clean them up a bit. Once cleaned up, and she has dressed again, they leave the dressing room seeing the girl in charge returning to her station.

“Everything ok?” she asks.

“Yes thanks” replied Catriona, “he likes everything. Just need to pay up now.”

Turning, she walked off to the pay desk. Rory wasn’t going to miss this and followed closely. As the cashier was folding the garments and bagging them up, as she picked up the panties and gave them a quizzical look before placing them in the bag. Catriona went bright pink with a blush, which was not lost on the cashier who gave her a big wink. Rory simply couldn’t resist a last remark, winking back at the cashier,

“I think it’s time we went back to your place darling so that you can give me another showing…”

By now Catriona was scarlet, and all she could say was

“You’ll pay for that!”

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