Daughters Party Ch. 07

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Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would have sex with half a dozen beautiful teenage girls! Now my dream had come true in a matter of hours, as I had nailed all but one of my daughter’s friends attending an end-of-school party at our place.

I was standing in my 4-person ‘garden’ shower, letting the hot water from the multiple shower heads rejuvenate my tired body…

Just then the bathroom door opened and I heard two girls voices say, “We’re here.”

I froze, hardly believing my ears. Looking through the mottled glass door I could see two forms moving around outside the shower. It appeared they were both taking off their bathing suites. One of the suites appeared to be bright red. My cock came to life as I remembered that Charlyn had worn a red bikini to the pool party.

Charlyn was the sexiest of my daughter’s friends. She just had that look about her – that wild “I can fuck your brains out” look. She is a good-looking girl, not gorgeous, but good looking with dishwater blonde hair straight cut at the neckline. A very tight body with B cup tits that sit high on her chest, a small waste and nice round ass. She had pale green eyes that seemed to always be moving, Always on the prowl like some type of cat.

One of the things that caught my attention the first time I met her was her pierced tongue. Whenever she talked or laughed I’d see that gold stud in her tongue twinkle in the light. Now I was wondering what that stud would feel like rubbing against my quickly expanding cock.

The sound of the shower door opening jolted me back to reality. I expected them to hop into the shower but instead it just hung open a couple feet. Whoever had opened the door had backed away and the steamy warmth of the hot water was now being replaced with cold air.

“Come in or stay out, but close the damn door!” I said over the noise of the shower as I moved under the cascading water, trying to keep warm. When this didn’t work I reached out and cranked the shower control higher and hotter. Billowing clouds of steam filled the large shower stall but still no one entered.

Shit, I thought to myself, damn girls want to play games and freeze my nuts off. “Damn it!!” I shouted and reached for the shower door to close it myself. Just as my hand neared the door four hands came out of no-where, grabbed my arm and yanked me out of the shower.

As my wet feet hit the tile floor I began to slip and slide toward the far wall. As I caught my balance I heard the shower door slam shut behind me. I spun around, ready to smack whoever had pulled me out into the ‘freezing’ bathroom – but nobody was there. I could hear giggling coming from inside the shower. Gingerly I made my way across the wet and slippery tile floor to the shower. I pulled on the door expecting it to swing open easily – it didn’t.

“God damn it,” I roared, “let go of the fucking door!! I’m freezing my balls off out here.” Grabbing the door handle I yanked on it with all my strength. Whoever had been holding it had let go and the thing flew open into my face.

The giggling was now replaced with whoops of laughter as I almost slipped and fell on my ass. Steadying myself I stepped into the shower and moved toward the body I saw in the steamy enclosure intend on tossing whoever this was out on her ass. As I reached for her arms she tried to slip out of my grasp but I was too quick. Reaching around I grabbed her in a bear hug; my hands covered her tits and felt that her nipples were hard and distended. Pulling her wiggling ass against my rock hard cock, I swung around to push her out into the cold bathroom air.

As I turned toward the shower door I stopped – there was Charlyn arms crossed under her tits, standing in front of me with a wicked little grin on her face. At the same moment a warm hand reached down and grabbed my cock.

“Daddy, you try to toss me out of this shower I’ll take your big fat cock with me!” my daughter squealed.

I was stunned for a second and then released my hold on my daughter’s tits and jumped back. Too late I remembered where I was as I bounced my head off the wall of the shower with a dull ‘thud’. Dizzy, I slid against the wall of the shower down to my knees as I grabbed the back of my head with both hands.

“Oh shit daddy,” Maggie exclaimed, “are you OK? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

Torrents of hot water splashed over the three of us as both Maggie and Charlyn appeared next to me. Through the waves of pain bouncing around in my head I managed to open my eyes to see two beautiful pairs of tits. Maggie’s tits were bigger than Charlyn’s, probably a C cup, and were topped with dark brown areolas and long nipples. But it was Charlyn’s tits that I stared at. Aside from being nice tight B cup in size I saw that both of the light pink nipples were pierced with the same type of gold stud that she had running thru her tongue.

Maggie wrapped her hands around my aching head (the big one) and pulled me to her, my right ear ending up ankaraescortbayansitesi.com against her flat belly. Charlyn dropped to her knees in front of me with a worried look on her face. Her green eyes seemed to glow as I looked back at her.

“Are you OK Mr. J?” she asked with real concern in her voice. “We were just having some fun with you. We didn’t mean for you to try to shove your head thru the wall.” As Charlyn said this last bit I saw the corners of her wide mouth begin to turn up and her eyes begin to sparkle. This was followed by a little pixie smile and then giggles as she thought about how silly this whole situation was.

As the pain subsided I began to smile thinking about what had just happened. Only Maggie still slowly rocked back and forth holding my head to her smooth skin, hadn’t yet seen the humor in the situation.

Once Charlyn saw that I wasn’t hurt she rose to her feet, giving me an eye level view first of her flat belly and then her shaved pussy. My heart skipped a beat as I saw the same type of gold stud pierced thru her belly button and peaking out between the lips of her pussy. Damn, she has a clit ring too!! A matched set I mused as the pain in my head was replaced with an ache in my cock.

I tried to stand but Maggie wouldn’t let go of my head so I reached up and tickled her sides. With a shrill squeak she released my head and reached for my hands. I leaned away from her and stood up.

“Damn it! I’m all concerned about you splitting that thick skull of yours and all you want to do is grab a quick feel. I should have known that it would take more than a little concrete and tile to hurt that head of yours.” As she finished speaking Maggie began to giggle too.

We all ended up laughing at what had just happened. Charlyn reached over and pulled the shower door closed. The hot water quickly filled the large shower with a fog of steam. As our laughter died the sexual tension rose. My eyes kept shifting from Charlyn to Maggie and back. Charlyn’s eyes never left my throbbing cock while Maggie seemed to be watching us both, waiting for something to happen.

Charlyn made the first move, reaching out and softly dragging her index finger across my cheek, down my throat and across my chest to my right nipple. She had fairly long fingernails, painted a pale blue, which she now used to play with my nipple. No one had ever done this to me and it felt a little strange and exciting at the same time.

My hands now came to life as I reached for Charlyn’s tits. I began to caress the soft flesh and couldn’t help but finger the gold studs that pierced them both. This caused her to moan, take in a deep breath and thrust her tits into my hands.

Charlyn closed her eyes and dropped her hands as I pulled on the tiny gold studs then twisted them a little, causing her nipples to twist as well. She moaned louder as her areolas puckered in excitement and her nipples lengthened.

Lowering my face to her chest I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth. I marveled at the strange sensation as I swirling my tongue around the hard gold stud. Her nipples were very sensitive and she began to squirm as my tongue played with the stud. Sucking almost all of her tit into my mouth I chewed on the hot flesh.

“OOOhhhh that feels ssoooo good!” Charlyn moaned, “That’s it, bite my tits. Suck on my nipples.” She was pulling my head to her chest now. “God I love having my tits sucked. Do you like my nipple rings Mr. J?”

Hearing her encouragement I redoubled the mauling I was giving her tits. My mouth alternated between one and then the other. My hands squeezing and torturing Charlyn’s luscious tits.

Her hands moved from my head across my chest to my aching cock. One hand began massaging my balls while the other circled the tip of my cock with a feathery touch. I felt her push a finger past the base of my cock all the way to my ass hole then trail gently back to my balls. Her fingers now gripped my cock as she slowly began jacking me off.

I was so engrossed in Charlyn and what we were doing that I had completely forgotten about my daughter until I felt a hand grab a handful of my hair and pull my head away from Charlyn’s magnificent tits.

“Now, now daddy,” Maggie hissed, “look what you’re doing to poor Char’s tits.”

Focusing my eyes I saw that her tits were red and puffy from my attack. But her nipples were also long and rock hard telling me that she loved the attention I was paying them.

“Maggie, you bitch, let go of him!! I LOVE what he’s doing to my tits.” Charlyn whined and releasing my cock tried to pull my face back to her tits. But Maggie just pushed her hands away.

“Trust me Char, if you think his mouth can make your tits feel good, wait till you feel what his tongue can do to your cunt!”

Charlyn’s eyes were wild with lust. She moaned and grabbed my shoulders, pushing me to my knees she pulled my face into her bald cunt. I grabbed her ass with both hands and shoved my tongue as far as I could into her sweet pussy. My nose bumped against the gold stud piercing her clit causing Charlyn’s whole body to shiver. Licking my way up, I sucked the gold stud between my lips and began lapping at it with my tongue.

I wasn’t prepared for it so when Charlyn’s knees buckled and she fell on me I ended up on the floor of the shower with her on top of me, and yes I smacked my head again. I don’t know what was worse the pain or the dizziness. Either way my body decided the best thing to do was to just lay there on the tile and let the world quit spinning. After a bit I became aware of someone shaking me.

“DADDY! DADDY!! PLEASE WAKE UP!!!” Maggie’s face was just inches from mine and she was shouting.

“You don’t have to shout. I can hear you.” I grumbled as I tried to pick myself up. That’s when I discovered that Maggie was sitting on my chest, both hands cradling my head. Looking around I saw Charlyn sitting on one of the corner benches of the shower. Her mouth hung open, her eyes closed she was still breathing heavily trying to recover from the orgasm I had given her by sucking on her clit. It took me another minute or so to remember what had happened and to figure out that I must have passed out the second time I banged my head against the shower floor.

Maggie had leaned over and was shaking Charlyn. “Come on damn it. I know you came hard but we’ve got to get daddy out of this shower before we kill him!”

With Maggie leaning toward Charlyn her tits were jiggling just an inch from my nose. Her nipples were thick and long even though she wasn’t aroused. Her areolas were nice and puffy and I caught myself wanting to reach out and suck on one of these beautiful nipples. Instead I reached up to Maggie’s waste and gently pushed her out of the way as I slowly raised myself to a sitting position.

“Oooooohhhhh,” I moaned, pushing myself onto all fours I crawled over to the closest unoccupied shower bench and pulled myself into it.

“Cute butt daddy.”

I gave my daughter a wry smile, “Thanks sweetie. Yours is awful cute too. Why didn’t you tell me Charlyn had such a short fuse? I’d have put her on the floor before I chowed down!”

“Don’t look at me daddy. I’m always the one who cum’s at the drop of a hat. Char usually lasts a lot longer. Guess it was just your magic tongue.” Maggie smiled at me and gave me an exaggerated wink. “How’s your head?”

“I’m OK. I’ve just got to remember to wear a football helmet next time I take a shower though.”

Maggie began to laugh and so did Charlyn. I looked over and saw that she had recovered and was now sitting us grinning at both of us.

“I’m done with my shower,” I said as I slowly stood up. “I’m going to lay down on a nice SOFT bed and let my poor old head have a rest.”

Once out of the shower I grabbed a towel and began to dry myself off. Wrapping the towel around my middle I headed toward the door when I stopped and with a little grin grabbed all the towels off the shelf. Walking into the master bedroom I tossed the towels behind a chair the slipping onto the king size bed, propping a couple pillows under my head.

After about 40 minutes I heard the shower turn off. A few minutes after that both girls came walking onto the bedroom soaking wet. The pink blush on their cheeks and down their necks and their hard extended nipples told me why it took them so long to finish their shower. Looking as innocent as I could I gave the two wet girls a questioning look.

“Something wrong girls?” I asked as I tried to keep from laughing at them as they stood by the bed. “Could you move back a little – you’re dripping on the bed.”

That did it, they looked at each other and then both jumped on me. While I was a lot stronger I didn’t want to hurt them. It dawned on me how ticklish Maggie is so I began tickling her rib cage. She immediately stopped attacking me and started trying to push away from me. When I grabbed Charlyn and started tickling her I got the same reaction. About the time I thought I had won I felt a pair of hands grab my cock, then a second set of hands grabbed my expanding shaft.

“Stop tickling daddy or you’ll be sorry.”

“And what do I get it I do stop tickling?” I asked. Immediately both sets of hands quit squeezing my cock and began to slowly jack up and down my hard shaft. The pleasure was intense and my hands slid from the girls rib cages to their tits.

Charlyn moved around so that she was facing my hard cock. Maggie moved the other way so that her pussy was pushing toward my face as she crawled between Charlyn’s legs and her lips found Charlyn’s cunt. I didn’t even think about how wrong this was, I just moved my hands to Maggie’s hips and lowered her cunt to my waiting lips.

Her pussy was very wet, guess the girls had been busy in the shower before they came into the bedroom. I slid my tongue down the outer lips of her cunt all the way to her puckered little asshole. I could feel Maggie shiver. Reaming her rose bud ass with my tongue I moved back up burrowing my tongue into her cunt and licking her up to her hard little clit. She tasted wonderful, I couldn’t get enough of this juicy cunt.

As soon as my tongue had hit Maggie’s pussy she shoved two fingers into Charlyn’s cunt. Sucking the gold stud piercing Char’s clit into her mouth my daughter began to torture her friend’s cunt. Maggie alternated between twisting the stud with her tongue then sucking her clit as deeply as she could all the time fucking Charlyn with two fingers.

Charlyn moaned when Maggie began her assault. Grabbing my cock Charlyn first licked my balls one after the other than brought her tongue up to the tip of my cock. Taking a deep breath she began to slowly take my hard cock down her throat. As my daughters assault on Charlyn’s drooling cunt intensified she increased the speed and intensity of her cock sucking. She sucked harder and faster, determined to pull my cum into her mouth.

Maggie was the first to cum. My tongue lashing of her clit had taken its toll. She squirmed against my mouth, jamming her cunt hard into my face. I worked my hand up to her cunt. As I sucked hard on her clit I jammed my index finger into her ass and my thumb into her cunt as far as I could reach. Maggie pulled her head from between her friend’s legs and screamed, then went completely limp as I felt both her cunt and her tight little ass spasm against my fingers.

When Maggie yanked her head from Charlyn’s cunt she pulled hard on the clit stud she had between her lips. This set Charlyn’s orgasm into motion. She felt it start deep in her belly and race to her throbbing clit. As in the shower her body went limp, turning her into a rag doll.

For my part I had almost reached the brink, was almost ready to cum when Charlyn’s wonderful blowjob abruptly stopped. In the next instant my throbbing cock was in the cold air. The only thing my lust filled mind could think of was fucking something – someone – – NOW!

I rolled over onto my knees. Both girls were splayed out on the bed. Two beautiful teenage cunts. Two cunts that I had to fuck. I lifted Charlyn by the shoulders and dropped her head onto the pillows next to my daughter. Yanking her legs apart I shoved my hard cock into her cunt in one savage stroke, slapping my balls against her ass.

“OH MY GOD!” was all she said, then her eyes rolled up in her head and she began to shake as a monster orgasm overtook her. I could feel her cunt grab my thrusting cock – that increased my frenzied fucking. Lifting her hips off the bed I rammed her cunt onto my cock as I shoved as deep as I could into her pussy. I could feel her clit stud jam into my skin I was ramming her so hard. She was still a rag doll and while her cunt felt good I wanted more.

Yanking my cock out of Charlyn’s abused cunt I moved over to my daughter. I pulled her legs apart and grazed her hot cunt with the tip of my cock. Looking up I saw my daughter staring at me; her eyes filling with lust.

“Fuck me daddy. Please fuck me. I’ve wanted that big fat cock in me for the longest time.”

Flipping Maggie’s legs over my shoulders I pushed my cock into my daughter’s cunt. Halfway in I felt her hymen, and stopped.

“God dame it don’t stop, fuck me you son of a bitch! I’ve saved my cherry for you. I want YOU to take it. I want you to be the first daddy.” Maggie was moaning as she tried to pull her cunt onto my cock. Lust took over again and in a savage thrust I was buried to the balls in her no longer virgin pussy.

I froze allowing her tight pussy to get used to my cock. Maggie didn’t say a thing just flexed her cunt muscles against the flesh spike that had impaled her. Slowly I lifted up, pulling my cock about three inches out of her cunt, then just as slowly I pushed it back in until the tip of my cock once more touched her womb.

“Yyyeeesss” Maggie moaned, “god your cock feels better than I ever dreamed it would. It feels like it’s splitting me in half. It feels like it’s about to come up thru my throat.”

The speed of my fucking increased a little and I was not pulling all but the head of my cock out of Maggie before ramming it back into her.

“Do you like fucking me daddy? Do you like shoving that big – fat – long – hard cock into your little girl?”

“Yes baby I do. Of all the girls I fucked today, yours is the tightest, yours is the hottest – – yours is the best.”

“Fuck me daddy. Fuck me like you did Charlyn. Pound my hot cunt with your big cock. Make me cum. Fuck me until I can’t see straight.” She begged

I began slamming my cock into her with long hard strokes, building my momentum until my balls were slapping against my daughters ass as I shoved my cock as deeply into her as I could.

“I’m cum – oh my – cumming daddy. I can feel your cock splitting my cunt and I’m cumming all over it.” Maggie whaled, her legs clinched against my head as her orgasm hit her.

I didn’t slow down, I couldn’t slow down. It felt too good. Feeling her cunt contracting against my cock as I jammed it into her just caused my lust filled mind to want to fuck harder and faster.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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