Double Trouble Ch. 1

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Kayleigh pouted at the mirror, pleased with the effect her new lipstick had on her plump young lips. She looked at her sister, Emma, who was wearing the exact same shade of scarlet and was happy with what she saw. She knew that if it looked good on Emma it looked good on herself because they were identical twins. Born just six minutes apart the eighteen year old girls were physically identical in every way, from their pert D-cup breasts to their neatly trimmed blonde pubic hair. The girls shared a room, and it looked like a bomb site at the moment. Clothes were strewn everywhere, and the twin beds were barely visible.

“So, Em, do you think Daddy’s ready for this?” Kayleigh asked with a giggle.

“Well, he’s about to get the best show of his life, and if he doesn’t appreciate it then it’s his loss!” Emma grinned wickedly at her sister. “Besides, you saw the way he was staring at us in our bikini’s yesterday – he couldn’t keep his eyes off us. We have grown up a lot you know, Kay,”

Kayleigh giggled again, “Yeah, and filled out. The poor bloke nearly had a heart attack yesterday when I suggested we sunbathe topless!”

The girls were dressed in identical short white sundresses, and their nipples were clearly visible through the flimsy material. The effect was very dramatic. A blend of pure white innocence and blonde hair, contrasting with dark scarlet lips.

“Wow, these dresses are really see-through, Em. Are you sure this is a good idea?”

“Kayleigh, it was your idea! Besides who cares how much you can see through these dresses? They won’t be on for long! Come on, follow me,”

The twins made their way out into the garden and headed toward the pool. Their father was standing at the kitchen window, but they pretended not to notice him.

Emma stopped at the edge of the pool and looked enquiringly at Kayleigh. With a wink Kayleigh lifted her dress slowly up over her head, and dropped it to the ground next to her. Emma’s eyes travelled over her twin’s curves, and she licked her lips longingly.

“Go ahead, he’s watching,” Kayleigh whispered. Emma tentatively reached out and ran her hand over her sister’s breasts. Kayleigh shivered and moved closer. As Emma rolled a hardened nipple between her fingers her sister moaned softly. With her other hand edirne escort Emma went lower, slightly surprised when she felt the wetness between those delicate lips. With a sudden movement Emma thrust two fingers deep inside, as she knew Kayleigh loved it a little rough. Kayleigh gasped and her knees buckled as her twin pounded her fingers deeper and harder into her tight pussy.

“Oh, god, Emma! That is so good. You’re going to make me cum. Lick me please while Daddy is watching,” So Emma dropped to her knees and pulled the sticky lips of her sisters wet hole apart to expose the hard little clit that she knew so well.

Craig held desperately onto the edge of the kitchen side, trying to hold the weight of his body as he watched his twin daughters. Every bone in his body felt as though it had turned to jelly. He had fantasised so many times about witnessing a scene such as this, but never dreamed that he would actually see it. He watched as Emma expertly tongued Kayleigh, and groaned aloud as he saw the orgasm hit her hard, her head tipped back as if in sacrifice. He freed his throbbing cock from his shorts and began to stroke it, knowing he could cum in an instant. Suddenly Emma turned towards him, and gestured for him to come outside. Oh, god! They’d known he was there all along! They wanted him to watch them, the little sluts! Hesitantly he emerged from the kitchen, cock still in hand and walked towards the girls.

“I told you so,” whispered Emma, as their father headed towards them. “Look how big and hard that cock is!” Emma quickly removed her dress.

“Well, girls! That was quite something,”

“Did you like it, Daddy?” Kayleigh batted her eyelids innocently.

“I most certainly did, but you realise you have been very naughty and I can’t allow that kind of behaviour now can I?”

“Sorry, Daddy,” The twins chorused, looking down at the floor.

“Firstly, you will get what you have coming to you. That is, I will fuck both of you until you are so sore that you will never want to be touched again. Then I might inform your mother of what naughty girls you have been,”

“Oh, Daddy, no! Please don’t tell her!” Emma cried in surprise. This wasn’t the exact reaction she’d been expecting from her father.

“We’ll see. Anyway, enough of that. Make yourself useful, Emma. Come over here and suck my cock. Make sure you do good, baby,” Emma did as she was told. As she knelt before her father Kayleigh knelt behind her and began to massage her sensitive clitoris.

Craig knew he wouldn’t be able to take much of this. The sight of his young daughter sucking his huge cock was too much, especially whilst she was being fingered by her twin. It took him slightly by surprise when it happened, and Emma gagged as the hot spunk shot deep back her throat. “Oh, yeah, baby. Swallow daddy’s cum,” He felt her swallow it all, and she continued sucking until he pushed her away. “That’s enough you slut,” he said gruffly. “Kayleigh, lick Emma. I want to watch you make her cum now,”

Kayleigh obediently bent her head down and inhaled the sweet scent of her twin’s sex. She licked slowly and delicately from behind wanting to tease Emma, wanting to make her beg for an orgasm. She sucked on her clitoris and rolled the little bud between her lips, grazing her teeth over it ever so slightly.

“Oh, Kay, yeah. Make me cum,” Emma murmured.

“No, not yet. Not until you beg me for it. Tell me how much you want me. Tell me how hot you are because Daddy’s watching. Tell me how you are loving every minute of teasing him,” Kayleigh nibbled harder on the tiny clit between her lips.

“You know it, Kay. I love it, I love you doing this to me and I love Daddy watching. Please let me cum. Please. I want daddy to see me cum for him,” Emma begged.

Inserting a cool finger into Emma’s tight pussy, Kayleigh licked harder and faster until she felt her twin’s muscles clamp tightly around her finger as the orgasm gripped her.

Before she knew what was happening, Kayleigh’s Daddy was behind her, rubbing his once again hard cock along her wet groove. “Mmmm, yeah, fuck me daddy. I want to feel you deep inside me. I want you to shoot it all inside me real deep. Yeah, and then Emma can lick us all clean. And then you can fuck her. You could fuck her in her ass, I bet she’d like that, Daddy,” His daughters words drove him wild, and the sight of her little ass wiggling against him was almost too much. He grabbed her hips and pulled her onto him. She cried out as he impaled her onto his huge penis, his balls pressing against her wet cunt. He began to thrust deeply, hearing his balls slap against her as he did so. She was almost wailing now, and he loved the way she met every stroke with a perfect rhythm. Emma opened her legs in front of them, and began to stroke herself, inserting first one, then two and three fingers. Then, much to Craig’s surprise she started to lubricate her little puckered ass with her juices. He almost climaxed instantly as he watched Emma slide her finger in and out of her ass. His dirty little daughter just winked at him, and moved her finger faster. Watching Emma whilst fucking Kayleigh was the ultimate fantasy for him, and how he managed to hold himself back he didn’t know.

Kayleighs voice brought him back to reality for a second. “Oh, Daddy, cum in me please. I want to feel it in me as I cum, Daddy. Oh, I’m going to cum so soon.”

“Daddy’s going to cum, baby. I am going to cum right now, will you cum for me too?”

“Oh yes!” Kayleigh climaxed, her body shaking violently as her fathers cum filled her tight hole. “Mmmmmm, daddy you’re the best,” Kayleigh sighed as he withdrew from her drenched slit.

“Emma, you keep doing that, baby. You’ll make Daddy all hard again in no time,” Craig said, a little breathlessly. Emma did just that, fingering her tight ass expertly.

“Kay, help daddy out – suck him for me I want him hard so he can fuck my little ass,” Emma said coyly. Without a word Kayleigh took her Daddy’s penis into her mouth and began to suck. She felt him grow hard almost immediately.

“I think he’s ready, Em,” She said, and Emma grinned appreciatively. She flipped over and moved back until Craig’s dick was resting against her hole. She waited patiently as her father cautiously pushed inside her. She squealed as her muscles gave way and he sank deep inside her.

Kayleigh reached below her twin and rubbed her clitoris as she was fucked in the ass by their Daddy. Emma came quickly to orgasm as her ass was pounded. “Oh, Daddy! I love this, I have never cum so many times! Fill my little hole, please Daddy!”

Pulling Emma closer he thrust harder until he could not hold off any longer. With a grunt he released his third load of hot cum inside her sexy ass.

“Wow Daddy, you really are good at this,” commented Kayleigh. “Maybe we should have taken this course of action a long time ago!” She kissed Craig’s cheek. “We’ll definitely have to do it again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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