Fantasy #1

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Teen (18+)

She is sleeping on her side, facing the edge of the bed. She is wearing a t-shirt, no panties. She is not allowed to wear panties when He is home. If He wants to use her, He will, when He wants, where He wants, so no panties. Her cheeks are flushed, she breathes easily in and out of her mouth. She is peaceful. He walks in and looks down at her, sleeping so soundly. He reaches down and tucks her hair behind her ear. She is His.

He unzips His pants. He is aroused. He wants her. He doesn’t care that she is sleeping. She is His. He takes His hard cock out of His pants and rubs it against her lips. She doesn’t respond. She is sleeping very soundly.

He slips His hand behind her head. He lifts her face to His and kisses her lips.

He whispers to her “wake up, I want you”. She opens her eyes sleepily. He gently places her head back on the pillow. He rolls her over onto her back; she looks up at him, blinking the sleep from her eyes. He kneels over her, one knee next to each breast. He places His cock against her lips. He looks deep into her eyes and says “suck me now”.

She parts her lips, an immediate response trained in her by His command, and He slips His hardness inside her warm mouth.

She feels it crossing her tongue, it is something she knows so well, the feel, the texture, the warmth. He is not slow or gentle; He slides it in deep and fast. He knows what He wants. He buries Himself quickly inside her mouth, His entire full pulsing cock surrounded by her hot mouth. She knows how He likes it; she tightens her mouth around Him, making a small place for Him to thrust. He moans in appreciation.

His hands go down gently to her head, caressing xslot her hair. He looks into her eyes with a look of desire and need before He pulls her head to Him and begins to take her mouth. His thrusts are hard and deep, He is no longer gentle but a beast in need. He takes her mouth, pulling her head to Him so that He is so deep inside her throat; her mouth is full of Him. Faster and faster, He thrusts inside her mouth, enjoying the sweet hot wetness of it around Him. This mouth was made to be filled with His cock and He loves the way it feels. He uses it as His right, for it is His, and the thrill of knowing this makes Him hungry, strong and brutal. He slams Himself inside her mouth over and over, wanting to fill her mouth with all of Himself so she never forgets she is His.

She wants Him. She knows nothing else but Him. He is all she desires. He uses her but she wants to be used. She needs to be used. He forces His cock down her throat over and over and she gags. But this is what she was meant for, born for, created for, to be His, to serve Him, to please Him, to take Him. She swallows His cock with love and need and desire, because she is His. He pushes Himself deeper inside her throat and she accepts it as best she can, even though His thrusts are scratching her throat and His cock is so thick it hurts. She wants Him, inside her mouth, inside her throat, filling her being. She wants to taste His cock and His cum. She sucks fast and hard on Him, her hands working on His balls, teasing then, fondling them, and tempting them. She wants His cum. She needs His cum. She won’t stop until He cums.

He pounds away. Her mouth is so sweet. His balls xslot Giriş ache with the need to release. He holds back as long as He can but her mouth feels so good around His cock. He thrusts hard one last time and explodes inside her mouth, filling her throat with His hot cum. She swallows it fast, she knows if she lets one drop escape, He will punish her. She swallows it all with joy, loving the way it tastes, He tastes, and that He has given her this gift.

He fills her mouth again and again and she continues to swallow every drop, smiling with happiness. It is good to be His, she loves Him.

When He finishes cumming, He looks down at her. She is smiling, happy, content, she has pleased Him. He smiles back at her and whispers ‘good girl’ before standing and moving away from the bed. She watches Him, His body gracefully moving about the room. She pulls up her t-shirt and begins to play with her breasts. He stops to watch her. Her nipples are hard and pink. She tempts Him. She is such a seductress. She never stops tempting Him.

He watches her from across the room. She begins to whimper and moan, her hips rising from the bed as she arouses herself. Her nipples are so hard. He looks at them. She is His. She must not forget.

He reaches into the drawer, the drawer where He keeps His “toys”. She cannot see what He is getting. He hides it in His hands. He crosses to the bed and tells her “close your eyes”. She obeys. She must. It is what she does.

His hands go to her nipples. He begins to fondle them, play with them, gently at first. Then He becomes a bit more rough, pinching and pulling on them. He bends down and whispers in xslot Güncel Giriş her ear, ‘so Mine wants to play, does she?’ She can only whimper in response. She feels the pull and hears the sharp clip as He fastens a spring-loaded clothespin on each nipple. She moans as they close around the hard bud and opens her eyes. He is looking at her, looking right into her eyes, like He expected her to open them.

“I said close your eyes.” She does so, immediately, but still He reaches down and, with this thumb and index finger of each hand, pushes the clothespins closed even tighter around her hard nipples. She groans in pain.

He crosses the room. She keeps her eyes closed, she knows better than to look. She hears Him return. His hands slip between her thighs, spreading them. Her body tightens in apprehension. She knows what this means. He places the spreader bar between her legs, opening her up. She shudders. He reaches down to fondle His pussy, a gentle touch. “She wants to play, does she?” He whispers, “Maybe she won’t after I am finished.”

She squeezes her eyes tightly closed as His fingers toy with her pussy. She responds so quickly to His touch, her body so in tune with His, her body wanting His so desperately. He uses both hands on her pussy, pulling at the lips, playing with them, sliding His fingers in and out, and His thumb pressing upon the hard clit. He places another spring-loaded clothespin on each side of the pussy, pulling out the lips to clip it on. Then He takes a third clothespin and attaches it to her hard clit.

“You may open your eyes now, girl” He tells her and she does so, they are filled with tears from the stinging pain. She bites her lower lip to keep from crying out. Instead she whimpers. He looks down into her eyes, smiling. He is amused. He is almost laughing as He says to her, “We will see if she feels like tempting Master in an hour”. And He leaves the room, closing the door behind Him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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