First Time I Had A Cream Pie

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Note from the Author Linda Jean; Please take a minute to read this before you read my story; first I wanted to thank everyone for taking the time to read what I have to say. I write my stories as if I am writing my best friend and trying to relay to them exactly what I went through. While I know a lot of people like this type of writing, I am aware from the negative e-mails that there are some who do not. I get very upset when I get an e-mail from some person who tells me that my grammar is very bad and I should have my stories “proof read” prior to being posted. They of course never give a return e-mail so that is why I am putting this at the beginning of my story. To this person/s I say this. If you feel my grammar is that bad, DO NOT bother reading what I have to say. Trust me I did not write it with YOU in mind. I am not a professional and I defiantly am not an English Major (or Minor for that matter) so as a person from England might say PISS OFF. There I said it and I feel better. For those that read my dirty mind for the enjoyment and sexual stimulation here is more for you to dwell on. Linda

* * * * *

The first time I had sex with a woman, and my first Cream Pie, (it happen just like this, as I remember every nasty exciting detail)

I was to baby sit for a friend of my mom’s, I was to watch her two children for the weekend while she went to Palm Springs. I went over after school so she could get out of town early. When I got to her house she was there, and she told me she made other plans, that her kid’s were at her sister’s for the weekend. She also told me since I was expecting the money for baby-sitting, she would still pay me what I was expecting, and she invited me inside and asked me if I would like to have a glass of wine with her. Having never tasted wine before, I was very elated that she would even ask me, I said yes, and had my first glass of wine. (Many of the firsts that weekend) we went to her kitchen and sat down at the table drinking the wine and just talking.

Shirley (that is her name) asked me not to tell my mom we had wine, I agreed, then she told me that anything that was said there, that we must both agree to keep there, I agreed. Somewhere about the second glass, I don’t know how or when the subject turned, we started talking about sex. I do recall her asking me if I was a woman yet, which I told her yes. She asked me when and I told her a long time ago, but I didn’t tell her with whom, I never would have told her it was my brother Bill. She asked if it was very unpleasant, I told her no. In fact I told her it was very pleasurable and that I really I loved it. She asked me when was the last time I had sex and I told her yesterday after school.

All of a sudden I released that I was not embarrassed talking to her of so personnel matters for some damn reason. Then I realized that I wanted to talk to her more about sex, (looking back, maybe it was the wine). She asked me if I would tell her what happen, so sitting there I told her everything I had ever done sexually (except with Bill that is.) I told her that I normally have sex with two boys after school at my house almost every day, and how I had many boyfriends. She said “I bet you do” I did notice how she was waiting to hear every word from my mouth, for some strange reason I was thrilled that I had her hanging on every word. I knew that she enjoyed listening to me telling her all the nasty things we did and that we do. I decided to tell her about the two boys that I had sex with yesterday after school and I described every little detail.

Shirley asked me if I had ever messed around with other girls, I told her I had heard of it, but have not. I told her I liked boys too much. Shirley said we should go to the living room and relax, so we did, She wanted to hear more, so I went on, every now and then she would say “really” or “I’ll bet that felt good” stuff that only encouraged me to tell her more. Shirley asked me if I ever had a massage. I told her no, that I knew about them, but no one ever gave me one, that my mom would rub my back but that was all. She asked me if I would like one and I told her sure. She had me lay on the couch on my tummy and she knelt next to me. She started very slowly around my neck then my shoulders; she said it would be easier if I took off my blouse. I did, then laid back down. Shirley said since I had told her such a secret, that she should tell me one of hers.

She asked me I wanted to hear about her most memorable experience with a guy. I told her yes, I knew my body, and I knew that I had turned myself on talking to her about my day yesterday. My mind was on sex, and all I could think about right then were those boys and their dicks. How good it felt, how big they where and how I loved the way they kept fucking me. Shirley worked real slowly as she told me about her experience. When she was 18 and it was her boyfriend, she told me how he caressed her, massaged her breast, lovingly kissed, and sucked Escort Bayan Gaziantep her nipples. As she was talking I felt her hands on my back and was very conscious that she was working her way to the sides of my bra then to the back. I felt her un-snap it and at the same time she said, “there, that should feel better, besides, it’s just us girls.” It did feel good; I was having trouble just keeping a steady breath. I saw so turned on in fact that I was thinking of excusing my self to go to her bathroom and masturbate real quick, My crotch felt on fire, I had to climax soon or go crazy, I was just so fucking hot.

I felt her work her hands up my back, and it felt so good. I felt her hands to the sides of my breast, and it felt wonderful, she worked down my back and slowly to my butt. Shirley worked and kneaded my cheeks, it was wonderful. As she worked my cheeks I guess my skirt had some how worked it’s way up enough for her to see I wasn’t wearing panties. She said to me “I see you forgot your panties somewhere today, are you sure that was yesterday that you fucked those two boys and not today before you came over here?” I did get embarrassed then, I told her, that I never wore panties except on the heavy days of my period. I told her that was the only days I would wear any.

She made a humming sound and worked down my legs, all the time telling me how her boyfriend made her feel good, she told me about him licking her between her legs, and how he fingered her to a couple climax’s. When she went down my right leg she massaged the out side of it, when she started to work her way back up, she was working the inside of it, and was opening my legs for her hands to knead my muscles. I felt her fingers working closer and closer to my crouch, and just about the time I expected her to touch it, she moved down the inside of my left leg. I was very horny and I was almost afraid that Shirley might notice. She worked her way back up to my back and then my neck. Then she said, “all right sweet heart, the back is down, now turn over”. I did, and she remarked how lovely I looked as she starting at my shoulders. She started to rub and down each arm, she worked my fingers and back up the arm. After she did both arms she told me it would be easier if we moved to her bed, so I got up and went with her to her bedroom and on arrival, Shirley told me to lay on the bed, but to first take off my skirt.

I guess, she felt my uneasiness, and said, “If it makes you feel better I’ll take off mine also, were all girls here” and so I slipped out of what little I had on and laid down on my back in the middle of her bed. Shirley told me to close my eyes and relax, to think pleasant thoughts. (Hell the only thoughts I had were pleasant nasty sexual thoughts) all I could thing of was how many times I enjoyed a climax the day before. I felt her hands start to massage my feet, she worked the toes, and the bottoms of each foot. (It felt so wonderful) She lifted my right foot up and kissed it. She sucked the toe’s one at a time and as she lowered my foot back to the bed, she kept kissing it. I felt her kiss my ankle, and then she started bringing her kisses up the out side of my right leg. As she worked her way up kissing, she stopped just long enough to say, “This is a lip massage.” Her hands kept rubbing my right leg as she went back to kissing me. It seemed as if she could not get enough pleasure making me feel good. She worked her way up to my hips, and then my side, her hands were now gliding all over my body, she would brush the top of my bush once and a while and then my tummy, and around my breast. It seemed like she was going out of her way not to touch my breast or my bush. (Know I was breathing hard, very hard. I knew this was an outward sign that I was truly hot as hell. I know my pussy; I just knew that right now all kinds of juice was oozing out of me.)

Shirley worked her mouth up to my shoulder, and then she worked down my arm to my hand. There she did the same thing as she did my foot. She kissed it, and then sucked on each finger one at a time after what seemed like forever, she worked back up my arm to my neck. Kissing me all over, my neck, she moved to my face, she kissed my forehead, my brows my closed eye lids, my nose, my cheeks, my ears, where she stayed for a long time. I wanted to touch myself so bad, but I didn’t want to touch myself in front of her. She moved back to my cheeks and then started kissing me around the outside of my mouth. I wanted to feel her soft lips on my lips, but she would not kiss me. She moved to my other ear, and I was going nuts with desire.

I was moaning, and as she kissed me she had to kneel next to me, our bodies were touching, and she felt so nice and soft. Her breast would hang and touching my skin. I was so sensitive to the touch I could feel her hard nipples touching my skin. Slowly she worked her way back to my neck and I swear I never knew how kissing me in and around my ears and neck would make my pussy throb with desire but it did, oh boy did it ever. It seemed that my clit was tingling with each kiss she gave me, I moaned now with each touch because I felt pleasure with her lips gently touching me. (I could not help it). Shirley slowly started to work her way down my left side, down my left arm, to my hand, repeating the process that she did to my right; she then worked back up and then started down my left side. Coming to my left breast, she started to kiss all around it, circling it and slowly making the circle smaller and smaller and each kiss brought her lips closer to my now very hard nipples.

It was a long time before I felt her circling my left nipple, Just as I thought she was going to kiss my nipple and put it in the her wet mouth, she moved away from it to my right breast. There she repeated the process. And like before; just as the only skin left not touched was my nipple, she moved away from it. Right now thinking of that, I can almost feel the heat that I felt that day. I could still feel her mouth start kissing under my bottom lip. I moved to kiss her, but she moved her mouth and started kissing me with very wet kisses down my breastbone. She kissed me down between my breast, and to my belly. On reaching my navel, She tongued it, I recall how I moved my right hand to my crotch, and as my fingers touched my clit, her hand picked it up and moved it to my side.

She stopped kissing me just long enough to tell me not to do that. Then I felt her mouth move down to the top of my red bush. She was now straddling my leg, and I could feel her breast on my thigh, and I swear I felt just for a moment her crotch cuddle my foot. I felt her kiss along my hair patch and she opened my legs up and wide to kiss in between them. She kissed the side of my bush and started giving me wet kisses down the inside of my inner thigh. Down to my calf when she reached my foot she told me to turn over on to my tummy. I did and she started to kiss me going up my other leg on the inner calf, then the inner thigh, as she worked up I kept spreading my legs, and I gave her as much room as I could. She again worked her way to the edge of my bush. My skin was tingling, I could hardly breath, all I could think of was her lips, so wet, so soft, so wanting. Shirley was teasing me,

She was working me to a frenzy. To a state of want that I had never experienced with my brother or any boy or group of boys. She worked her way out to the cheeks of my ass, and she kissed and kissed me all over and worked her way to the top of my ass. Then she started to work down, and as she did, she pulled apart my cheeks, I felt her move down and I felt her start to kiss all around my butt-hole.

I know I had a steady moan coming out of me by then, and I felt her tongue touch me the center of my asshole. Then I felt her as she stuck her tongue in as deep as she could inside my asshole as far as it would go. I was so worked up my whole body shook and I shuddered in a wonderful mind blowing climax. I had not touched my self and she did she touch my pussy yet I was riding a wonderful very hard climax. As I was finishing my climax, Shirley moved her tongue from my ass, and worked her way down my crack, I could feel every nerve in my lips tingle as her tongue touched them, I felt her tongue start to lick up and down my now very open slit. Then she went further down and her tongue found my clit. She stopped only long enough to say with a very hot excited voice “My God you are so wet, you’re oozing with nectar”

I was arching my butt up to give her full access. She did wonderful things to it, and she then began to suck very lovingly on it. I started to feel another strong slow building climax coming on me again. When I finished that one, she rolled me over onto my back and slowly worked her way up my tummy kissing, and kissing. She got to my breast and then she took my nipples and sucked them with love one at a time. After a while she worked her way up to where she was looking right at my face. She lovingly held my face as she knelt over me and kissed me, she kissed me in a way I never had been kissed before. It made me tingle I felt her tongue slowly work it’s way into my mouth, and I sucked on it the way she had sucked my fingers and toe’s. When she withdrew it, I put my tongue in hers.

I felt wonderful and with my opened eyes, I was looking at the most beautiful person that I had ever seen. She was radiant. She finely spoke. She told me we must not tell anyone about this, that no one would understand, and she asked me if I would promise. I agreed, and told her, no one ever made me feel the way she did. She moved and lay next to me, her hand fell to my pussy, and I felt her fingers start to rub my clit and every now and then slide into my hole. She asked me if I liked it, I told her yes and asked her not to stop. She then asked me if I wanted to touch her, I told her yes, and reached for her bush. Her pussy was also open, and she was also very wet and slippery. When my fingers touched her, she moaned very loud, it told me how much she loved it, I worked her the way I would do myself, and as I did, her fingers did the same to me. She brought her lips to mine again, and we kissed again,

She started to move her hips to meet my fingers, as I would slide them into her. She wrapped her arm around me and pulled me tight against herself. Her body shook and I knew she was having a climax. It made me want to work faster and harder to please her, as she was doing to me. When I felt her relax her arm and slow down fingering me, I asked her if I could do to her what she did to me. She said sure, and told me to get above her and to put my legs on each side of her head. I did, and I started to kiss her around her black bush. Her legs were open and I could see her swollen lips, brown on the sides and very pink inside. I could see her hole tiny and open, I licked and kissed the sides, Shirley moaned and would tell me how to lick and kiss, and how to pull in a side lips and suck on it. I felt her fingers working in and out my own hole and I felt her using a finger to go in and out my butt hole.

Taking her lead I started to do the same things she was doing to me, it did not take long before we both were going faster and faster. I had a feeling she was going to climax, and thinking that made me want to climax. Man looking back at all that right now, it is like it was all happening right now, (instead of 17 years ago.)

Shirley and I stayed in her bed till it was very dark outside. We got up and took a shower, washing each other. She fixed us a sandwich, and we had another glass of wine, and she asked me again when my head was clear of lust not to tell a soul, not even my brother. Some time that evening I did tell her about Bill. I told her that we were so close that we had sex almost every night. She also told me to make sure that I never told anyone else that and she asked me to promise that I would not tell Bill what we had done. She told me that I should use protection and if I needed condoms to let her know, she would give me all that I would want. She explained to me that if Bill got me pregnant our baby would be born looking very freakish.

I promised her that I would not tell a soul, and since my folks did not expect me home until Sunday afternoon, I asked her that if I could stay with her till then and she could teach more about sex with another woman. How I recall her smile, of course she told me, I sent the kids to my sisters so we could be alone this whole weekend. She told me how she felt I was a free spirit and that I just may enjoy learning some new things. I told her, I had arranged for my brother to come over Saturday while she was to be gone and that we had planned to have sex all day. Laughing Shirley asked me if I had my period for the month yet. I told her no, she then asked me if Bill would mess with me when I was on my period. I told her no, She said that I should call him and tell him I started my period that afternoon. And we better wait until after I got home and was off my period. I called, and Bill was mad, but I know him, he will get over it…

Shirley made us something to eat we had some more wine. And talked at the kitchen table. She sat across from me with a T-shirt, and asked me how I felt about having sex with a woman; I told her that I loved it. That making love with her was soft and nice. That kissing her was different, that she did not seem to be in any hurry like guys are. I recall she asked how I liked licking her, I told her that I thought it was the greatest thing I have ever tried. As we sat at the table talking, I noticed her right arm was moving. I knew instantly that she was rubbing and fingering herself as we talked. Knowing that got to me and it made me horny, real horny. Some how I knew Shirley was into sex as much if not more than I was. I wanted to turn her on more I loved feeling that nasty. When she asked me, if I ever used anything to masturbate with yet? I told her I had used lots of things, When Shirley asked me what kind of things, I told her that when we started using things in me, no matter what we used, I always had a climax. (Sitting here, remembering this has got me so fucking hot, I never thought I could get so turned on from something that happen 17 years ago, shit I have caused a big wet spot on this chair) I told her that we used pencils, pen’s, eraser’s, hair brush handle, screwdrivers handles, deodorant bottles, wooden toilet paper holders, hot-dogs, pickles, carrot’s, candles, sausage’s, toys and a whole lot more.

She asked me if I ever saw a dildo? I told her, I did not know what she was talking about. She told me it was a rubber thing that looked like a man’s dick, it felt like a man’s dick, but never went soft like a man’s dick. Then she asked me what was the biggest thing I ever had inside of me. I told her I screwed a man that was 27, and his dick was huge. That is when I told her how Bill and I made extra money, that I was having sex for money with men & boys that I had been for the last two years.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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