Handsome Man Cums in My Store

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I wrote about my experience when I went shopping at Victoria’s Secrets. Someone had suggested it would be interesting to read it from the woman’s point of view. Here is my attempt at trying it from a woman’s point of view!


My name is Alice. I am 38 years old. I stand 5′ 7″ tall. I keep myself in shape in our home gym and weigh 128 lbs. I sport a natural 36 C chest. My hair is black and goes down to the middle of my back. I am an assistant manager at Victoria Secrets (VS). I don’t need to work. My husband is a very successful attorney. But I get bored sitting around the house. I am not into the social thing of the rich ladies club. I love my husband, however, he loves his work more than me. He hasn’t touched me in the last 6 months. Honestly, the only time we have sex is when we go on vacation. Even then I think he is thinking about work while he fucks me.

I have a nice collection of sex toys in the drawer next to my bed to keep me satisfied. I like to put on sexy lingerie and pretend my husband is turned on and we have sex. I will then lay in bed and tease my hot pussy for a good half hour with my favorite toy before letting it enter me. I will have 3 or 4 orgasms before I am satisfied. I say satisfied with sarcasm because. I miss the real thing.

My love for lingerie brought me to VS on several buying sprees. One day I saw a help wanted sign. I applied and moved up quickly to assistant manager. Having a college degree in marketing helped.

One evening I was working the closing shift. I saw a very attractive man come in that I guessed to be in his mid 40’s. Later I was surprised to find out he was in his late 50’s. He had black hair with just a few grey hairs on the side. He stood 5′ 11″ tall. Medium, athletic build. He had the look and walk of confidence. He had dark brown bedroom eyes.

I watched him for a while casually looking at different lingerie items. I could feel my nipples getting hard and my pussy getting moist watching him.

I approached him and asked if he needed help. He smiled at me and said, “I sure could.” My god even his smile and voice were sexy. I wanted nothing more than to give him a deep passionate kiss right there.

I asked him, “What size does the lady he is shopping for.”

He went on to explain to me he has a side photography business. He has been doing a lot of Bordeaux photos and needed more sizes and options for the women to use.

Right away I thought how I would love to pose for him and then seduce him.

Together we started to pick out several outfits. I stayed close to him. I loved how he smelled. I purposely pressed my breast against the back of his arm hoping it would turn him on.

My other co-worker closes the gate to the store as the last of the other shopper’s leaves.

“Oh you are closing. Maybe I should come back when I have more time to shop.”

I kartal escort bayan tell him, “Don’t worry, I am closing tonight and can finish up the sale with him. I am no hurry to get home.

We are the only ones left in the store as my co-worker left. I asked him more about his business. I ask him if he got turned on during the photo shoots. He said he didn’t. I asked him if women ever hit on him during photo shoots. He told me yes and has accepted a few offers.

That made up my mind. When we were done checking out I was going to get his number and book a photo shoot. Then he had said something about how these outfits would look on a woman. I had a new plan.

“How about I try a few on for you?”

“Really? That would be great.” He said.

I have him follow me back to the dressing room and have him wait outside. I put on a black lacy bra with a matching thong. I like how I look in this and I stepped out of the changing room. I see him smile big and he can barely get out the words, “I like that.”

I turn slowly to give him a view of my ass and the rest of my body. I felt hot knowing he was checking me out.

I go back in and switch into a black bra with red trim and matching thong. In my wildest fantasies I would have never thought of having an affair. But right now I wanted this man. I step out and give him the same show. He tells me he loves this one. I take a look at him and I can see he is getting hard.

I step inside the dressing room to change again and put on an all red set. I step out and all I can look at is his crotch as he is even harder. From what I could tell he was thick and long. He tells me he loves this outfit too.

The final one is a lacy white one. My pussy is so hot and wet and all I can think about his having that big cock pounding inside me. I slide a finger inside me and rub my clit but stop short of an orgasm.

I look in the mirror. I think he will really like this as you can make out the outline of my dark hard nipples. I stepped outside to show him the outfit. I turned slowly for him. I saw out of the corner of my eye he tried to readjust his cock as my back was turned to him. While facing him I could tell he was looking at my nipples. They were aching for his touch.

“I will take them all. Do you have time to try on one more I saw?”

“Sure, I have plenty of time.”

He comes back with a bra and panty set scrunched up and hands it to me.

I get inside the dressing room and when I take them apart I see he has chosen a shear see through bra and thong. I giggle by his choice but yet I am turned on thinking of him checking me out like this. I look in the mirror and it leaves nothing to the imagination. I know how men have different taste but I like my large dark nipples. I can’t wait to step outside for him to see me. But then I remember. We have security yakacık escort cameras in the hallway. I can’t risk the chance of this being seen on tape by someone. I figure the other outfits were pretty safe.

I call out to him and tell him he has to come in the dressing room because of the security camera in the hallway.

He steps inside the room and I can see his eye go wide. “Wow you are gorgeous.” He tells me.

By now his cock is way too obvious as his pant leg is tenting out. “I thought you don’t get aroused looking at women in lingerie?”

“I’m not looking through a lens. This is different.”

Then he did what I had been wanting him to do since I saw him. He reached up cupped my right breast and ran his thumb across my hard nipple. I about melted into and moaned softly as a jolt of electricity shot from my nipple to my hungry pussy. I brought my left hand up and pinched my left nipple sending another jolt through my body.

For the first time he noticed my wedding ring. He pulled his hand away and apologized saying he was sorry and didn’t realize I was married.

I couldn’t let this end. I stepped in close to him and told him how my husband has no interest in sex. I ran my hand down to his hard cock. God it felt good to touch a cock again. I could feel the heat through his pants.

I looked up at him and he leaned in kissed me. The kiss turned hot a passionate right away. While we kissed I was able to unbuckle his pants and get them to drop to the floor. I reached down inside his boxers and pulled out his cock. I took a look down at his cock. It looked huge and angry in my hand. As I gently squeezed it the head swelled and there we veins popping out.

I mumbled, “Fuck you have a nice cock.”

I cupped his balls and fondled his cock as we kissed. All I could really think about was getting his cock in my hungry pussy. I barley even noticed that he had taken my bra off. He broke our kiss and started to kiss my neck then nipples. Each time he sucked a nipple into his mouth or gently pinched them a jolt of lighting ran through my body making my pussy throb with desire.

He then kissed his way down to my pussy. I was already soaking wet. He pulled my panties down then gently licked my outer lips. I almost came just from that. He slid his tongue inside my pussy. I ran my fingers through his hair then pulled his head tight to my pussy. His tongue and mouth were magic as he played with my clit. In no time at all I was bucking my hips against him having my first orgasm.

“Oooohhhhh Fuckkkkk” I yelled as I came.

I was out of breath when he came up and kissed me. I could taste myself on his mouth. Fuck it was a turn on. He didn’t stop his attack on me. I started to tug and pinch my nipples. I was so glad when he said, “I want to fuck you from behind.”

I turned around hürriyet mahallesi escort and leaned over and supported myself on the bench. I felt the tip of his cock enter me. It was so swollen I was not sure if I would stretch enough to accommodate him. Once the head of his cock got inside me the rest slid in easily. Oh my god, I have never felt so full before. I could feel him hit my cervix. It felt a bit painful yet it felt good.

He started to thrust into me. I met his thrust. He took a hold of my hair and started to gently tug it with each hard thrust. It felt good and I wished he would pull my hair a bit harder. He started to pound me hard and fast. In no time at all I felt his hot seed fill my pussy. My god that felt good to have a man cum in me. I was a bit disappointed because he came so quick and I didn’t get to cum.

But he grabbed my hips and kept on fucking me and he never went soft. He fucked me like this for a good 10 minutes before I had an earth shaking orgasm. My knees started to buckle but he held me up and kept fucking me hard from behind. Once I regained my strength I started to rub my clit with one hand. In no time I had my second orgasm with a loud long “Fuuuuuuuuuuck.”

I looked back at him and said, “My god you know how to fuck a pussy.”

“That’s because you really turn me on. I wanted you since you came over to help me.”

I am not much for giving blow jobs. I never enjoyed it with my husband or any boyfriend. I had never let a guy cum in my mouth. But for some reason I wanted to taste his cum. I looked back at him as he slowly fucked me and said, “I want to taste your cum.”

“Let me see if I can help you out with that.”

He started to fuck me hard and fast again. I had my third orgasm just before he pulled out and told me he was ready to cum.

I got down in front of him and took his big cock in my mouth. I could taste both of our love juices. In no time I felt his cock flinch and a stream of cum landed in the back of my throat. I was surprised and gagged a bit. I had to take his cock out. As I did two more ropes of cum shot out hitting my face and breasts. I took his cock back in my mouth as he erupted twice in my mouth.

I fondled his balls and continued to suck his cock until he was done and started to go limp. I could still taste his cum. It was sweet tasting. I had tasted some pre cum from my husband and it was bitter tasting. This I actually enjoyed.

I stood up and we kissed deeply for a while and he held me in his arms. Finally I told him we have to get going. I have to get home to my kids.

I input all his information into the computer. That is when I was shocked I just got done fucking a 59 year old man. 21 years older than me. But I didn’t care. That was the best sex I had ever had. I gave him an employee discount. As he was leaving I told him to come back again and I will give him a discount. I also work Tuesday’s and Thursdays until closing.

He gave me a kiss and said goodbye.

It’s been a month and I have not seen him yet. I am giving him one more week and if I don’t see him I think I will schedule a photo shoot with him!

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