He Sleeps…

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He Sleeps…..

This Morning

I am at a communal breakfast table in a large house trying to tuck into scrambled egg on toast with enthusiasm. I am on an outdoor activity weekend for people wanting to get fit. This has never been one of my priorities in life, and I am feeling uncertain about the whole thing.

There seems to be a mixture of men and women, all of a similar age (in our 30’s or early 40’s). Some of the others seem to know each other, but I do not know anyone so I am sitting quietly. I tell a lie actually. There is one person here that I feel I know quite well, but I must not think about that…

When we all arrived yesterday evening, I spotted a gorgeous man across the room. It was his smile I noticed first, as it lit-up his whole face. He was modestly tall with short dark hair and he just seemed to have an infectious presence about him. I found myself smiling right at him unselfconsciously and he smiled back. Later in the evening, I caught him glancing over at me. I am small and dark and not unpleasing to look at I think. To my dismay, before it got late I saw him put his drink down and make his way towards the door, clearly leaving. He paused briefly as he walked past me and smiled.

“Goodnight,” was all he said.

Let me tell you what happened late last night. Actually, I may just re-run this in my mind just as it happened for my own pleasure whilst I attack my breakfast….

The Middle of the Night

I wake in the early hours of the morning, stretch and wonder where I am for a moment. Of course, I am in my small room. I am at the fitness weekend. I arrived yesterday evening. After spending a few more moments pondering on my own madness at enrolling on such a thing, the inevitable cannot be put off. I need to find a bathroom. Great.

I pull a long T-shirt over my head to preserve my dignity, and tentatively open my bedroom door. The corridor is long and ill-lit, but I know the bathroom is a little way along on the left. I count the doors I pass on the way so as to find my way back as the door numbers kartal escort are difficult to see in this light. I still feel half asleep, but deal with my bathroom needs and begin to make the trek back to my room.

I pause. Did I count the number of doors correctly? I must have done as the bedroom door upon me reaching it opens easily. I shut the door quietly behind me and then halt with a start. There is just a soft night light glowing to shed a little light in the room. This is not my room! There is a man stretched out fast asleep on the bed! I stand frozen, embarrassed, wondering if I can turn around and sneak out without being noticed.

I can’t help but look at the sleeping figure. It is the man who smiled at me the evening before. I am mesmerised. I just stand and stare…..

He sleeps. It is the middle of the night. It is warm so he has pushed the bedclothes to one side. He lies stretched out in blissful slumber, arms stretched above his head, snoozing deeply. He has a beautiful body with strong looking arms, a firm looking chest, a modest amount of body hair.

I watch for a while. He is a tired man who probably lives his life to the full. I should not wake him. I cannot wake him! His chest gently rises and falls, his breathing is regular, his thoughts and dreams far away.

I want to stroke him.

I want to kiss him.

I must not wake him. I should leave immediately. I cannot leave yet.

I move very slowly to the bed and sit down very gently. He does not move. Good.

Very softly, I stroke his hair in a soothing fashion, hardly touching. He mutters in his sleep, then his regular breathing continues.

I run my hand gently down his chest, stomach, and pause to look at his sleeping cock. My pulse quickens, but I breathe deeply, stay still and silent and continue to just look.

I reach out carefully and run one finger over his balls. His body gives a slight start in his sleep, but then relaxes once more.

I continue to gently stroke, enjoying the feel of this soft vulnerable area. I pause, cumhuriyet mahallesi escort then lightly kiss him, running my tongue over his balls, listening to his breathing quicken slightly. What is he dreaming? I hope he is having a nice dream.

I sense him begin to stiffen. I continue with my soft tongue strokes, teasing, hardly touching, pleasing him whilst he sleeps. He gives a little moan. I pause once more, and he again relaxes.

When I feel he is fully asleep once more, I lower my head to his semi-erect cock. I lick the end of it lightly, run my tongue round the rim, kiss it from top to bottom with tiny butterfly kisses. He must hardly be able to feel this, but I do not wish him to wake.

His cock stiffens in his sleep. I reach out and stroke it, making it really hard and keen. I lower my head slowly, and take it in my mouth. I run my tongue around the tip as I massage gently with my wet soft mouth. He lets out another little moan, but I think he is still asleep.

I begin to taste him as I continue to caress him with my mouth. I cup his balls with both hands and stroke them, one hand on each side, slow soft circular strokes.

I feel his balls begin to move closer to his body. This is good. He is excited, maybe having a great dream. I continue to stroke, to lick, to taste him.

His breathing quickens, his legs part a little of their own accord. I can taste his juices, feel his balls contracting. I continue to lick his cock, stroke his balls with one hand, and with the other I begin to explore further as his legs are now apart.

I brush his tight opening with my exploring hand. He whimpers now. I collect some of my own juices which are flowing freely, and transfer these to his ass. This allows me to softly enter with grace and ease.

I insert my finger a little further and slowly begin to fuck him at the same time as stroking and licking.

He is going to cum soon I think. His balls are small and firm, his legs are trembling as I fuck him in his sleep. My yunus escort tongue and mouth continue to massage him. Too many sensations!

I insert a second finger and feel him shudder with pleasure. It will not be long now. I continue to finger fuck his ass, mouth fuck his cock and cup his balls firmly now.

His body goes rigid for a moment, he cries out in his sleep, I push my fingers deep into his ass as he cums fiercely and hard into my mouth! I lick and swallow all his juices. I must not leave any evidence. He must not know I was here.

I keep his cock in my mouth for some minutes until it stops throbbing and seeping cum. I slowly and gently pull away, ease my fingers out of him, and sit to watch him for a moment before I leave.

His breathing has become deep and regular once more, his cock relaxed, and I decide I must leave him to sleep.

I kiss him on the forehead, quietly stand-up, tip-toe to the door, open it gently and leave. My door is the next one along (thank goodness), and I let myself in, take-off my T-shirt and return to my own bed.

Back to Breakfast

Despite being incredibly excited upon returning to my room the night before, I slept well until morning. I refocus my mind to the present. I have finished my eggs. I push my plate aside and reach out for the glass of juice I poured myself earlier.

I can feel someone approach from behind as I sip my juice. They pause behind my chair. I put the juice down. A warm hand briefly cups the back of my neck. I turn around in my chair to look. It is him. He is smiling.

“Morning darling,” he says. “I wanted to talk to you last night, but was so tired I had to go to bed early.”

“Did you sleep well?” I croak, without making eye contact.

“I did,” he replies, now looking directly into my eyes.

I find myself lifting my head to look directly but shyly at him.

“I had the most wonderful dream,” he whispers with a smile.

He then turns away and walks to the breakfast bar, picks up a plate and looks at the food on offer. He very briefly turns back to look at me once more and smiles. Oh, God. Was he asleep or wasn’t he?

I feel myself blushing, pick-up my juice once more and try to think about the day ahead, find myself smiling. He is not upset or angry it would seem. Perhaps the day will become more interesting…

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