High Noon at the OTK Corral

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The firmness of her round ass caresses my rough hand as I painstakingly slowly slide it up her thigh and beneath her panties. The heat from her idling internal combustion engine is apparent and warms my hand as I gently feel her soft smooth skin. Her warmth is sweeter, because I fully appreciate and understand her deep-seated yearnings to feel a firm knowing hand spank and worship her bottom. She always acknowledged these yearnings as far back as she can remember and she knows these dark needs reside deep within the spirit of her carnal inner animal, in that space reserved for it since her earliest memories. And she knows that unless that space is filled with the pain, ecstasy and the moments of surrender she lives for, the vacuum that remains gives rise to an overall internal driving imbalance.

“You have been doing bad things, little girl, and I am doing this to help you behave, young lady.” I say to her as I look at the clock. It is twelve o’clock noon.

She sighs.

Lying face down and blindfolded over my naked lap with her short dress pulled up, she is at an anxious peace, knowing that I am about to fill her needy carnal void. There is anxious delight because she knows her empty kink cup will be soon filled to overflowing and she has been unable not to compulsively obsess upon this since I instructed her to meet me. I sense her knee tremble and hear her growing breath. My hand stops feeling and gently, slowly squeezes the perfectly apple-shaped ass.

I roll her away from me a bit, unfold my knife and pull her panties away from her near hip, slide the blade under and cut the small strip of material. I roll her back, pull her panties away from her far hip, slide the blade under and cut the small strip of material, then forcefully snatch the remnants of her former panties out from under her through her rump’s cleavage and toss them away.

Almost immediately her skin becomes a sea of chicken skin, goose bumps, a generous even smattering of fleshy pinheads. Her revealed flawless alabaster white ass is perfectly and triangularly framed in tan lives surrounded by a dark, smooth dark even beautiful tan. The contrast of her tan and white coloration evokes faded memories from my childhood of a bitten Orange Cream Sickle ice cream treat and I sense my mouth begin to water.

I place the flat of the blade against the white chicken skin to let her feel the cold. I slowly scrape the sharp edge across her skin from the center of that pure whiteness down to her mid-thigh, like the slow motion manner one strops an old timey straight edged razor. Her legs tremble as I folded the knife and put it away. I wedge my hands between her legs and spread them wide apart. I perceive an audible gasp. Her inner thighs feel like warm velvet as I stroke them alternately, slowly and admiringly with one hand and firmly hold her ass with the other.

“Your ass is absolutely beautiful,” I tell her.

This dream-worthy tush is an awesome work of perfect art that even Michelangelo could never paint or sculpt nearly as beautifully. She sighs as I squeeze it and she gently and almost imperceptively arches her back. I keep her half apple in my grip as I feel the energy flowing both ways between our bodies and minds via the connection between her rear and my hand. I sense an immediate boost, as if I were being injected with some powerful narcotic, and I realize that my universe was rapidly shrinking, contracting until my entire focus, the only worthwhile matter of my present being was the expanding presence of this grown woman’s flawless ass .

“Take off that dress, now, young lady.” I calmly instruct her and she pulls it off over her head. She is not wearing a bra. A thin white well-defined line separates the smooth tan skin of her shoulders from the tan on her back.

I grasp her near inner thigh with my hand as I raise the other. A sharp “Crack!” resounds through the room as my hand smacks her rear. Her whole body flinches and settles back down.

“This is to help you become a better little girl.” I tell her as I observe the slightly pink outline of my hand on her snow white skin.

The details of her everyday life begin to diminish as if the awareness of her everyday life was a scene being viewed through a long zoom lens that is slowly zooming out, making her external world progressively smaller. Her mind was filling the peripheral void left behind on the vast screen of her shrinking consciousness with other things more pertinent to the moment. Her super-sensitivity to her own physical state was trumping all else. Her labored breathing, pounding heart, glowing face, warm touch of my skin against hers, her stinging burning ass is becoming her entire being. She knows, as the mundane continues to fade from her mind, that this feeling surely was the precursor of that sensory avalanche, that perfect storm of fulfillment and exhilaration, for which she hungers.

Amplifying her physical and mental reactions are the sensations of my touch as I leave my hand lingering on her ripe ass, the firmness with which I control her kuşadası escort every move, the warmth she feels welling up from deep inside her being fueled by the heat radiating from the handprint on her rear. The excitement she feels inside her continues to expand, filling her, seemingly pushing her consciousness of the humdrum of everyday life into some small dark corner of her mind, where it soon will temporarily become as completely irrelevant to the moment as the mediocre movie she tried to watch last month. Soon her cluttered world will be for all practical purposes gone. All that will remain is she and I. All that she will feel will be my touch, my warmth, my voice, me!

An effective spanking must never be done too quickly. Time must be allowed between each blow for the recipient to fully savor and appreciate the pain and spreading heat, so I initially gage my blows about a minute apart, always striking the same place on the same cheek.

With every slap to her ass, I leave my hand pressing on its landing zone for a few seconds, appreciating completely the absolute beauty of my adorably submissive baby girl’s naked trembling being and her total obedience, total surrender to and acceptance of my discipline. Then I firmly grasp the hair above her nape with the offensive hand or gently brush the skin on her back, shoulders or arms. My other hand is always between her legs exploring and probing, periodically coaxing the thighs gently back apart, to keep her pussy accessible, so I can feel her up at will, softly sliding my fingers over, around and in between her swelling labia to gage and facilitate her arousal, lightly stroking the entirety of her vulnerable open tush and smoothly shaved mons veneris, leaving only her clit intentionally untouched.

Overcome by the magnificence of the situation, her ass and entire being, I cannot help describing to her between spanks how utterly pleasing to my senses her stunning features are to my eyes. It is a tragedy for a man to not let a beautiful woman know at every opportunity that which is, that which she needs to hear.

The handprint on her rump is getting increasingly red and distinct. My perception of time has slowed to a crawl. I detect wetness and savor her bouquet on my wet fingers.

I intentionally loudly slurp the clear fragrant liquid from my fingers. It is the sweet taste of the elixir of life, a tonic for life’s acute ills, and my fountain of youth.

“Mmmm, delicious!” I pronounce.

Still I maintain my embargo of her wanting clit, because good things come to those who wait… and obey.

I do not know how much time has passed, but I do see that her unpunished cheek was in need of my hand, because on her other cheek my handprint was clearly defined in a red, bright enough to be discerned in the dim light from the lone lit lamp. I have been so focused on my charge that just now become I aware that my cock must have been hard for some time and is now pressing against her tender belly and begging, competing for my attention. It can wait. I have work to do.

I think, “Down, boy!”

And I resume my affectionate battery and now focus entirely upon the other cheek of my lovely little baby doll, whose body is pressed down upon my lap. Time is meaningless, as it no longer exists for nor does it matter to me, but it passes nevertheless as indicated by the approaching uniformity of the color of the hand prints on both cheeks. Still I manage to resist temptation and have meticulously avoided her sweet little love button in spite of the occasional squirm and wiggle that seems to be aimed at trying to make me touch her sweet spot.

With every blow I hear her panting interrupted by a short gasp, sometimes accompanied by a soft moan or whimper.

I feel something tickling my thigh almost like a small insect crawling and I wonder if it is a drop of her wetness dripping down my skin. I take my eyes off her ass, lean over a bit and peer between her legs and see a nearly motionless strand of her viscous fluid bridging the gap from her labia to the top of the snail track that is slowly oozing its way down my thigh. I discern a conspicuous glistening on the edges of her engorged labia and in the small narrow inviting slit between them and decide it is time to give her poor little clitoris some much needed attention.

Sometimes her clitoris hides from me, but it is much easier to find now that it is enlarged and aching. Initially I visually guide a solitary finger directly towards her most holy of holy erogenous zones and, almost as if my finger is a heat seeking missile homing in on the warmth it gives off, I immediately find her slippery little bump. I barely touch and softly brush ever so slightly her throbbing hot wet sweet trigger.

I know when I find her clit, because she always flinches, sighs, gasps, arches her back or any combination of the aforementioned. She does all. I keep teasing her, circling my wet finger around the source of her need, avoiding touching it just enough to assure any lurking orgasm is kept kuşadası escort bayan at bay. I slide fingers inside her slippery vagina. If ever there was a woman ready to be fucked, it was she at this moment.

I hear an utterance from her.

“What did you say?” I ask.

“Please fuck me”, she reiterated more loudly and clearly.

I ignore her pleading for relief, withdraw my fingers and stop teasing her clit with my fingertips. She is on the very edge of coming and she steadily continues to beg for satisfaction for the growing seeds of craving I planted inside her, that are now screaming and fighting to escape from the prison of her will. Her well lubricated vulva guides my thumb into her hot wet pussy. I crook it behind her pubis bone with the web of my thumb pressing on her clit and press my thumb tip on her G-spot. She shivers from head to toe and again becomes still. I almost slipped up and make the dear woman explode twice, but I recognize the signs and deftly avert certain pleasure with a distracting hard slap on her pinked ass. I maintain this delicate balance between my beauty’s agony and ecstasy, keeping her on the cusp of orgasm as her arousal grows. Her pleas become increasingly more urgent in tone, her panting grows more pronounced, and her control is being tested to her limit as that distant faint notion of time passes. It is now time for fucking…

“Get on your knees, NOW, little girl!” I bark.

She complies, spreads her legs as I get behind her on my elbows and look at her sweet little pussy. I spread her labia wide with my fingers. The very edges of her inner lips are a pretty red shade, framing a perfect pink entrance to Nirvana. No more beautiful or inviting flower exists in nature or in man’s imagination.

I teasingly say,” You are such a salacious little slut! You are all swollen and wet and are wanting to, needing to get what’s left of your brains screwed out, aren’t you? Whose little slut are you?”

“Yes, I’m a needy little slut. I am your little slut”, she replies.

“Right answer, my dear little sweet bitch, but you do not have my permission to come yet!” I tell her before I bury my tongue as deep inside her as possible.

She gasps and moans as I leisurely move it in and out of her, fucking her with my tongue, tasting, swallowing her sweetness and savoring her bouquet, my chin pushing against her clitoris at my tongue’s deepest. She is dripping like a leaky faucet in a run-down tenement, soaking my lips, mustache and beard. Soon even my throat is wet from her delectably sweet run-off. She strains, playing whatever mind games she needs to play to avoid letting loose the seeds of the forbidden orgasm that threaten to escape beyond the limits of her capacity to suppress them. The sensations between her legs, the burning on her ass and the conflict in her mind caused by her mandated suppression of her natural response are her entire universe. She tries to beg permission to come. Her lips move. No words escape. No permission is given. A week(?), a day(?), an hour (?) three minutes(?) pass…. What the Hell is time?

I withdraw my tongue from her saturated fuck hole, give her juicy cunt, all the way from below her pulsating clit up to that little cute pink rosebud opening of her ass, one last slow motion lick, lingering around and kissing the latter orifice, letting her know that there is absolutely no part of her that I do not want, nothing I will not do for the benefit of our soon-to-be unleashed passion. I feel the bed shakes as she quivers.

I finish tonguing her ass, lick my lips and get to my knees, place a paddle on her back, grab my hard cock and rub it slowly up and down against her soaked delicious slit. I hear indecipherable unintelligible muttering from my sweet slut.

“Because you have been misbehaving and yearning nasty things, you may only have a little bit of my cock, dearest slut.” I tell her as I insert the head of my dick inside her slippery and ready pussy’s orifice. Her pussy is so temptingly inviting, hot, wet and tight, a man with lesser control might easily suffer a premature ejaculation, but coming is not part of my current plan.

She moans, tries to push back and force me deeper, but I anticipate this and counter by pulling out, grabbing the paddle and sharply, loudly smacking the red on her amazing butt. She responds with a muffled whimper of a cry.

“If you do that again, I will not fuck you tonight, so stop! Understand?” I tell my little girl slut.

“I understand”, she replies, almost inaudibly.

I put the paddle back onto her back, grab her hips and start very slowly sliding about one fourth of my cock in and out of her vagina, telling her, “This is all my bad little slut gets today.”

I hear her whimper and let out a soft short cry.

“Please fuck me!” she pleads.

I ignore her and continue teasing her, fucking her ever so slowly with just the tip of my cock. She continues to beg, whimper and moan as I continue stoking and barely whetting her pussy’s appetite for me. More escort kuşadası time passes, but don’t ask me how much.

I sense she is completely resigned to only being partially fucked, so I tell my beautiful slut, “If you weren’t such a salacious little tasty cunt, you could be getting the whole thing”.

Immediately I shout,” Like this!”, as I forcefully ram home my entire shaft, then pull it back out.

I hear an audible gasp and I resume my slow tease.

“Please fuck me!” she pleads.

I ignore her again. I play the teasing and ramming game over and over, ignoring her pleas to screw her, until it seems like she may be unable to stifle the pending explosive orgasm growing inside her the next time I slam it home, so I change tact.

Without a word of warning, I start sliding just a little deeper inside her with every subsequent slow thrust. I take my time and her anticipation of the cock slam distracts her, so that I am now nearly giving her my whole shaft by the time she realizes her penetration is now deeper and the expected stab from my prick is not forthcoming. Her deep panting is telling me she is dangerously close to orgasm, but in my eyes her wanton state is so irresistibly beautiful, I cannot deny my sweet little adorable baby her release.

I ask her,” Whose little dirty slut are you?”

Her attempted response is merely a muffled noise.

I reiterate, “Whose little dirty slut are you?”

Again I hear only indecipherable murmuring.

“Say it louder, you nasty little whore, or I will not let you come!”

“I am your dirty little slut, your filthy little whore. Please let me come!” she cries.

As I continue her slow motion fucking, I reach around and begin caressing her soaked clit and tell my beautiful little doll, “Give it to me, Baby! Give me all your come!”

Before the words fall off my tongue, she explodes as if she were having a seizure, shaking violently from head to toe, moaning between gasps for air with her realized, most satisfying, most needed release. I endeavor to stoke and prolong this mother of all orgasms as long as possible. The continuing whimpering, trembling, whining, the gasping for air, the twitching, shivering, quivering, shaking and spasms tell me my efforts to give Sweetness a protracted climax are not in vain.

After milking this moment as long as I can, I am overwhelmed by my perception of her enhanced beauty at her time of ecstasy. Women always are twice as beautiful in my eyes when they are coming. I no longer am able to delay my own primal drive. That warm rush welling up from deep within my loins has sneaked up on me and turned into an unstoppable freight train loaded with bliss and, as it fills my entire being, I feel the immeasurable overwhelming pleasure of the only reward that is strong enough to assure the continuance of all life. As I am overcome by my consummation of this act, I sense the spurting of my semen into my darling little slut. I fill her up, empty myself, and leave my cock deep inside my little darling slut to savor her tight hot wet pussy and I look down to admire the sexy tan lines surrounding her pair of red hand prints. I continue manually stroking her trigger, but her tsunami of pleasure is subsiding. The level of her trembling is but a fraction of what is was. The moaning has hushed and I hear only her labored breathing. I feel her still racing, but decelerating pulse distinctly in my cock.

I look at the clock. Three hours have passed, since I last looked.

I slowly pull out of her freshly filled pussy, move out of her way and tell her, “Lie on your back, young lady!”

I help her, making sure she doesn’t fall off the bed as she complies. Then I kneel over her face, dangle my wet cock in her face and tell her, “You are such a salacious slut, making me fuck you and do these nasty things to you, my dirty little girl! As your punishment, lick off our come from my cock, little girl!”

Still slightly quivering, she, without hesitation, obeys with the enthusiasm of a hungry child licking and sucking on a savory Popsicle on a sweltering day. I leave my cock in her mouth and she continues to suck any and all trace, either real or imagined, off me.

“Move over, Baby.” I tell her as the care she is rendering to my cock begins to arouse me once again and I remove it from between her sweet lips.

She complies.

I sit against the headboard and motion for her to lie across my lap and tell her, “You have been such a naughty little slut for making me do such naughty things to my baby. Bare your lovely ass to me again, little girl.”

She obeys.

The firmness of her round pinked ass caresses my rough hand as I painstakingly slowly rub and worship her ass and then slowly slide my hand between her thighs. I feel the residue of our sex and finger paint our wetness down the insides of her thighs and all over her pinked ass. I taste the stickiness on my hand and my cock involuntarily twitches. I see a thin pool of my semen in the crack of her ass, dip my fingers playfully in it, spread it around and slowly slide one semen lubricated finger inside her tight butt. She flinches and gasps. I feel her heart beating around my finger. I raise my other hand and sharply strike her ass. There is just nothing like the sound a wet hand makes when it smacks a wet ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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