House-Sitting Panty Lover Pt. 03

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… As I stood there in the parking lot I felt like all eyes were on me. But why wouldn’t they be? I had substantially bigger breasts than the average busty girl and were wearing a skirt shorter than that of the high school slut.

As I had been standing still for a moment Megan got impatient.

“Come on pretty. Don’t let me get over there and grab your thong and drag you. I bet that would make you feel even more humiliated.”

I instinctively put both my hands on the top of the back of my skirt as I still felt the humiliation of how she caught me.

She took my hand and we walked together into the mall. I had never been that aware of my surroundings before.

“We will start off by finding you a couple of heels as those ballerinas don’t really live up to the rest of your slutty outfit. And I really look forward to see you wobbling around in them as well” she said and laughed to herself.

“Next we will go to Victoria’s Secrets to find some sexy lingerie for you. The owner is a friend of me and Sophie, so I bet she’ll give you a special treatment.” She added.

As she said this and guided me to the shoe store, the comfortable feeling from the car had complete disappeared.

As we entered the store my eyes fixated on a pair of very high red heels with glitter and straps on the front.

Megan spotted me watching the heels and said “A girl wants what a girl wants, go try them on.”

I walked over and grabbed them. They were amazing but I tried to hide my excitement as much as possible. And then suddenly I dropped my head.

“What’s wrong sweetheart?” Megan asked.

“I can’t find them in my size.” I replied.

“Then go over and ask the cute clerk over there if they have any out in the back?”

“I can’t it’s too embarrassing, she will know I’m not a girl.”

But Megan didn’t want any hesitation and she acted on the threat from the parking lot by grabbing my thong and pulling it up to the back of my head.

“I told you not to hesitate didn’t I? If you don’t believe you are a girl, then no one else will. Now grab your tits and go ask, you pussy!” Megan said as she let go of my thong and smacked my ass in the direction of the cute girl.

I grabbed the heels and went to the girl who worked in the store. But I didn’t realize that Megan’s wedgie had pulled my thong above my skirt, so it now was leaning on my small hips for the whole world to see.

“Excuse me.” I stuttered and blushed as the girl turned around.

“But do you have these in a larger size?” I asked as I showed her the shoes.

She looked at me with big eyes but then she just smiled, took the shoes and said “Just a second, then I’ll check for you.”

As she returned Megan smiled and I did as well. But only on the inside. She had another pair in her hands as she walked towards us.

“Here you go. I think these will fit you.” The girl said.

I took them and started trying them on. From my experience with the ballerinas I sat down to put them on.

Megan laughed and I thought it was because she too remembered how I fell putting on the ballerinas. But we got eye contact and she then pointed between her legs. I looked between my own and saw that they were as widely spread as they possibly could be.

I blushed and quickly crossed my legs as Megan laughed. The girl looked partly down in her hands and partly at me, as she had a huge smile on her face. “Don’t you love her pink stained panties?” Megan rhetorically ask the clerk.

I started to put on the heels and is I did this the girl quietly asked Megan “What is going on here?”

“Well me and my friend was taking an extended weekend up here and she was meant to watch our house and dog while we were gone. But I forgot my wallet and when we returned to pick it up we found her dressed up like this.” Megan replied.

“Haha well that must have been somewhat of a surprise.” the girl said.

“It sure was, but I think we’ve turned it into a good situation. Oh and while I remember it, my friend asked me to find some girls for an idea she had so if you are up for some fun let me give you my number?” Megan said.

“I sure am! My name is Mandi.” The girl said.

“Here you go Mandi, nice to meet you.” Megan said as they exchanged numbers.

I had finally put on the heels without showing any more of my thong. And they fitted perfectly.

“I didn’t even notice before, but that red nail polish is so pretty and match your new heels perfectly.” Megan laughed as she pointed at my toes.

I blushed but said thanks. It was another part of my preparation for the weekend, even though I hadn’t quite imagined this scenario.

The girls smiled at me and Megan said “Well take those heels for a walk sweety!”

I did and it went surprisingly well! I felt like a queen walking around my heels. They made my boobs bounce even more than before and I loved it.

But this feeling only lasted shortly until I stumbled on the ballerinas I had thrown on the floor. The new heels and the weight of the gaziantep escort boobs once again swept me of my feet and I landed on all four yet again.

It was a deja vu feeling laying there with my skirt flipped up and I just hoped Megan wouldn’t hump me again right here. I felt so exposed and Mandi had a complete view of my pink silk thong. Why did I pick this tiny skirt?

I quickly got on my feet again and Megan actually just gave me a hand and helped me up as she said “You still got things to learn about being a girl, but don’t worry the day has only just begun.”

I gave her a confused smile as I didn’t know how to feel about her words.

I pulled down my skirt and we agreed on taking this pair of shoes for me to wear today. We then looked for more and when we left the store I carried a bag with FIVE pairs of beautiful heels.

As walked out the store, Megan and I waved at Mandi and she yelled “see ya!” which I didn’t really understand but the thought disappeared few seconds later.

“Next stop Victoria’s Secrets! I am in no doubt this will be your favorite store sexy. And may I say you handle those heels amazingly. One might think this isn’t your first time in heels?” Megan smirked at me.

I looked at her and dragged a “well..” with a shy glimpse.

“Say no more!” She replied with a big smile. “But you might need want a bit more sway in those hips. Like this!” Megan said as she swung her hips excessively. I tried to do the same and she praised me. She walked behind me and I thought it was just to get a better look but in an instant she pulled down my skirt and slapped my ass. I was shocked and my heart was beating in terror and embarrassment. I stumbled a bit but didn’t fall, so I quickly pulled it up again. “What the fuck are you doing?!” I angrily asked Megan. As I turned around she stood laughing with her telephone and filmed me. “Haha I’m sorry. But Sophie and I always pull these small pranks on each other when we’re shopping and I just wanted you to join in on the fun!” She replied. I had seen some of these videos on Facebook. They were like the “pussy-slap” girls from Eighty83Three and I just imagined this day getting even more embarrassing than it already was. “I don’t find it funny when I’m dressed like this.” I said. “Haha stop being so boring and worried. We’re here to have a fun just us girls. And when you decided to put on our clothes you became a part of it.” Megan said. She had the power and I didn’t know what to say, so I just nodded and accepted it. But while we moved on I constantly had a hand on my skirt.

As we entered Victoria’s Secret Megan made a woo-girl sound and shouted “Reginaaa!”

The girl at the desk returned the gesture wooing back shouting “Megaaan!”

They gave each other a hug and Regina asked “Who is this?” while looking at me.

“This is, well we haven’t found a fitting name for her yet, but you can call her princess or whatever you want for now.” Megan replied.

“She sure likes saving on the fabric for her clothes, huh?” Regina said as she gave me the elevator look.

“Sure does!” Megan laughed.

“But well, that might be necessary with the fabric needed to cover those massive tits she’s caring!” Regina said.

They both laughed as I looked down at my boobs and started to regret filling them with so much water.

“I guess we are shopping for her today then?” Regina asked.

“Yes we are. And can you please tell Regina why you need new panties sweety?” Megan said to me.

I froze. I couldn’t tell her that it was because I stained my pink silk panties as Sophie and Megan caught me in their laundry room.

Megan slowly moved her hand towards the back of my skirt and I knew what that meant, so I answered.

“I.. I.. It’s because I stained the ones I’m wearing now.” I said as embarrassed as I could be.

Megan lifted the front of my skirt and said “see, Sophie’s favorite pink silk thong. All cummed-up.”

Regina laughed and said “Well let’s get started. I’ve just received a new collection and I’m sure princess will love it. You can just go to the big changing room in the back, it’s for special customers like you.”

Megan walked me to the room and left me there while they found something for me to try on.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I actually looked quite sexy and the heels did a great job for my legs.

While looking in the mirror I heard the girls laugh and a minute later Sophie walked in with a big bag.

“Sophie?” I said looking at her.

“Admiring yourself in the mirror sexy? I went shopping for you and see what I found.” She said with a huge smile.

As she said it she pulled up two huge breast forms from the bag.

“These where the largest I could find. Based on your balloons I guessed you like them big. Now just trust me and let me help you with this.” Sophie said.

She pulled off my whit top, took off my pink bra and asked me to lie down. She then added some glue to my chest konya escort and put on the two breast forms. She fumbled and played with them and I could feel every little movement they made.

She added some make-up to hide the lines from the forms and after that no one would be able to see they were not my real boobs.

“Now let’s get your bra on.” She said pulling my arms through the straps, fitting the cups on my boobs and then locked the hooks on my back.

“Damn that was hard to lock. I think these forms are even bigger than the balloons.” She said as she started touching them.

And they were, Megan’s big bra was too small and it now worked as an extreme push up bra. This meant that just the bottom half my new boobs were in it. It just covered my nipples.

Sophie gave me my top on and said “With that rack you need something that shows at least some cleavage!” She grabbed a scissor from her purse and cut a deep V-neck in my top and now it showed all of my cleavage and a bit of my bra as well.

As she did this she pulled down the curtain and Megan and Regina stood on the other side, whistling at the sight of me.

“Now we just need a small finishing touch.” Sophie said as she applied make-up on my face. A deep red lipstick, mascara and everything.

“Perfect!” She said.

The other two agreed with Sophie and said that I really did look like a real very busty blonde girl.

I blushed with a smile in a combination of happiness and embarrassment.

“But I think we need to find a bigger bra for her, so she doesn’t wreck your cute bra like she ruined Sophie’s thong, Megan.” Regina noticed and my neighbors nodded.

Megan and Regina had found a lot of lingerie for me to try on and dropped it in the dressing room.

As I pulled down my stained silk thong I felt it sticking up the back of my skirt.

Damn! It had been showing since Megan gave me the wedgie in the shoe store, everybody had been able to see it. I felt humiliated again but continued trying on my new set of underwear.

It was a tiny red lace thong and a matching padded bra with blondes. As I had put it on and I said “I’m ready” Sophie walked in.

“Wow you look great! I can’t believe how real those tits look and every other part of you look so girly as well. Except for that bulge in your panties that is, but we will fix that soon.” Sophie said.

“You know, I really got turned on and inspired when you told us about your fantasies in the car. And as promised I will share one with you as well.” Sophie said in a sexy voice sliding her fingers on my boobs.

“I’ve always dreamt of a guy walking in on me while I was trying on some new lingerie. He would drop his pants and force me to give him a blowjob. And would just be on my knees feeling sexy in my slutty lingerie” She almost moaned.

I couldn’t believe it. Not only was I dressed up as a hot blonde with real massive looking tits, but I was in for a blowjob as well!

“… and I think we could live out this fantasy right here. How would you like that, you naughty girl?” Sophie asked.

“Yeah of course we can!” I smiled back at her with excitement in my voice.

“THEN GET ON YOUR KNEES BITCH. AND SUCK MY COCK!” she screamed at me as she easily pushed me of my heels and down on my knees. As she lifted her cute summer dress she exposed a strapon and immediately forced it in inside my mouth.

I tried to stop her and say no, but she had put her hands on the back of my head forcing me to continue the blowjob. She sat down on the chair as I was on my knees with her girl cock in my mouth.

As she continued I gave in and started giving her the blowjob the best that I could. I licked the tip of the strapon and took my hands on it really trying my best. I was feeling like such a slutty girl.

“That’s better! What an eager cock sucking slut you are! But let me give you a lesson in being a girl. Rule number one of giving a great blowjob, eye contact! LOOK AT ME BITCH!” Sophie yelled at me as she pulled my hair back until she could she my eyes.

I looked up at her and got eye contact. I maintained it as I tried to take as much of her cock in my mouth as I could.

“Yeah that’s it! Deep throat me, you slut!” Sophie said as the pushed my head down on her cock. I gagged but she didn’t seem to care.

With my mouth filled by her cock I suddenly felt someone pulling my red thong to the side.

I tried to turn my head to see who it was but Sophie kept my head on her cock.

“Don’t worry sweety it’s just me.”

I could tell it was Megan by the teasing tone in her voice.

“I see Sophie has shared her fantasy with you, so I might as well share one with you too.” Megan said.

I could feel something wet and warm against my ass.

“Well as she wanted to be forced to give a blowjob while in the dressing room, I’ve always dreamt of unexpectedly getting taking from behind with no way to escape. And well your ass is just in a perfect position kayseri escort to fulfill that fantasy right now!” Megan said as she thrusted her hot and lubed strapon up my ass.

“UUUUUUUUUH!” As she did this I moaned as I had never moaned before!

“That’s right whore, moan at the mercy of our cocks! I love fucking your pussy.” Megan said loudly.

They fucked me hard from both ends! Megan grabbed me by the hips and went balls deep in my ass. Sophie had released her lock on my head but every time I tried to get it out my mouth or lost eye contact, she gave me a slap on my cheek.

There I was in a matching set of red underwear in the back door dressing room of a Victoria’s Secret store getting my ass and mouth filled with cock.

I again gave in to the pleasure and tried to start enjoying it. I could feel my new tits bouncing back forward, even more jiggly than the balloons. I reached down my red thong to help myself on the way.

But Megan grabbed my hand, pulled it away and said “That’s not how girls do it! And you did tell us that you wanted to feel and get treated like a real girl right my sexy fucktoy?!”

As she said this she thrusted even harder. Suddenly I felt my ass getting filled with a hot liquid spurting for every thrust Megan made. And just as I realized she was wearing a cum-strapon I felt my mouth getting filled with the girl cock cum as well.

I gagged but Sophie just said “Swallow it, and then lick my dick clean like a good little slut.”

I did as she demanded when her and Megan finally retreated from my holes. As Sophie pulled it out of my mouth she dick-slapped me twice on each cheek.

“How do you like being a girl now?” Sophie asked.

“Based on how much her boy clitty is stretching that cute thong I think a lot!” Megan answered for me.

“Well that’s good because we have only just started showing you the pleasures of being a girl” Sophie said.

“Now put on your skirt and top, Regina and I have picked out everything else you need for you.” Megan said. I was baffled by what had just happened and just looked out in nothing. Seemingly I looked depressed because Megan then said. “Don’t look so sad sweety. You will have plenty of time to try on some more lingerie later. But since you spend your time getting your ass and mouth filled with girl cock and cum, there is no more time for trying on lingerie.” Even though I felt a bit disappointed of only trying on one set it wasn’t why I was looking depressed. I was just shocked and felt an emptiness in my ass from where Megan’s strapon had been. “Now. Put on your clothes!” Megan said.

“But before you do that I got something for you to wear.” Sophie said as she reached down the bag from where she got the breast forms.

She handed me a buttplug and said “Another fantasy of mine is being forced to have a dildo inside me as I go shopping, so I thought we should live that out as well!”

Megan grabbed it, bended me over and forced it up my ass. She then slid my thong back over it, for it to stay put and the feeling of emptiness was now gone.

I then put on my clothes and walked out the dressing room over to Regina at the counter. I could feel a bit Megan’s cum dripping out my ass and feel the buttplug moving inside as I walked.

“Well you sure are a noisy one!” Regina said as she winked at me.

“And what mess Sophie did with your lipstick! But it’s a tough time being a girl.” she laughed, before she continued.

“I have registered everything but the set you’re wearing, so how do we that?” Regina asked.

The price tag was in the back of my thong, and Megan saw no reason for me to take it off, so she once again got her hand down my skirt, grabbed my thong and pulled it all the way up the counter to Regina.

The buttplug buried deeper in me and I moaned a bit, as she gave me a massive wedgie while registering the thong.

As Regina let go of my thong she said “The bra is on me, if you let me feel those nice and massive tits of yours!”

Before I got to answer she was groping my breasts and grabbing my ass as well. I felt used but despite that a nice pleasure was growing my dick.

“Damn they’re great! I’ve always thought of my own tits as great, but yours beat them both in size and firmness princess!” Regina said.

I felt embarrassed but couldn’t help smiling as I said “Thanks Regina.”

“Well we got a lot more shopping to do sweety. So let’s get going.” Megan said.

“Yeah, but first let grab something to eat and drink, I got hungry from hitting that hot babe!” Sophie added as she smacked my ass.

“Thanks for everything Regina. I know our princess will love the lingerie we have picked out for her.” Megan said as we turned to the exit.

“See ya later girls!” Regina said as we went out the door.

Once again that see you later. Something didn’t feel right about it.

We found a café to get something to eat and the girls of course wanted me to go up and order. They told me their orders. For Sophie a big fat German sausage with extra “cream”, meaning ketchup. And for Megan a hotdog with, guess what, an extra-large juicy sausage.

I went for the counter. The girl behind it looked at my rack with envy in her eyes but kindly asked me for my order. I started with Sophie’s.

“First I’d like a big German sausage w.. UUH!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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