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My friend Jeff and I were on holiday together. The opportunity had arisen for a quick week in the Canaries staying at a guest house.

Jeff was very keen on getting off with a girl, every night he was frisky. At first I thought it was bravado, but I started to realise that, very soon, interesting situations would arise when he brought a girl home. We shared a room and I just wondered how my oversexed friend was going to play this out.

The second night he got talking to a girl. We sat drinking until the early hours, they kissing and cuddling and groping. Jeff seemed to have an impressive bulge in his trousers. When she went to the toilet he announced very matter-of-factly that he was in fact going to shag her, and was it OK to go upstairs and use the room. I felt frustrated, I was so tired, but I said yes. I waited downstairs as they went up, laughing, slammed the door and turned the light on, and then off. I looked up at the balcony and heard nothing. They came down two and a half hours later – she looking dishevelled, Jeff looking mightily refreshed. She wandered off home and Jeff and I went up for sleep.

We got talking to two girls at a club on the 4th night. There was a really naughty one and a rather sweet, but not so pretty one. I sensed that I could not compete with Jeff, so I let him basically choose who talked to who. I had dreaded this situation – I really didn’t want a fling with a girl. I have always felt inadequate about the size of my equipment and my policy had always been to get to know the girl well first, to give her a chance to walk away. On this occasion I was being asked to quickly jump into bed and show off my virility – I didn’t fancy it.

We went back to the room. Jeff talked to the guest house owner and arranged to use another room that adjoined house through louvered doors. Privacy of a sort I suppose. I took a deep breath and got about trying to turn my girl on. It didn’t feel like it was going to well – I mean she was lovely and dark skinned, but I sort of knew my manhood was going to be tested very soon. One thing went to another and we shagged, missionary position, in the sweltering midnight heat. I slipped out a few times and as my confidence sapped I started slipping out all the time until I my dick went from hard to semi-hard, at which point the condom fell off. “Aye Dios” she exclaimed, possibly concerned about the lack of protection, and possibly out of amazement that a condom can just fall off like that. My dick is about 4 inches and I really should get smaller condoms. I knew I had to compensate for my failure so I lowered my mouth to her pussy and licked for all I was worth. She loved it and I was able to go deeper with my tongue than my dick had ever been, and as I did, she started to shudder, her legs wrapped around me. She raised her legs, thrusting her pussy hard into my face and I didn’t flinch as I performed to my very Antep Escort Bayan best. I licked here everywhere down there, I still recall the lovely taste so well. Finally we rolled over to sleep, the cool night air brushing my face, the salty taste of her on my lips.

Meanwhile next door Jeff was stress testing the bed, which was banging away, her moaning like a strangled cat. I realised that, in contrast to the sexual failure that had just happened in my room, next door was experiencing an explosion of carnal ecstasy. Something was driving this girl wild. I heard Jeff laughing, and then groan as the bed must have knocked chunks out of the wall. Then there was the sound of them both slumping on the bed, the triumph achieved, the conquest complete.

The next night I just couldn’t go through with trying to shag my girl again. It might work, but it might not. I made up an excuse that I was going to a concert the other side of town and would be back later. It was partly true, but as I left at 9pm I changed my mind. I was so curious to see what was so special about Jeff. I tiptoed back up the stairs, and when I got to the landing I heard whispering noises. Then someone laughed and I heard some spanish – “pinto” and “chilito” were the words that seemed to make them laugh, then “pequeno”. I now know they were talking about me. The girls were laughing in that over excited spanish way. At first Jeff was querying what they were saying, and saying “really?”. Then I heard him belly laugh and say something like “well my dick is going to have to work twice as hard then”.

I stood there on the landing and I realised I had to see Jeff in action, so when my girl went out to the shower down the corridor I sneaked into ensuite bathroom that was between the 2 rooms, which had the louvered doors on either side. Lord knows why the shower wasn’t in the bathroom where the sink and loo was, but it was a very cheap guest house. I quietly climbed into a towel cupboard and hid.

Probably 20 minutes later they all said goodnight and went to bed. I got out of the cupboard and saw that, in one direction, my girl was in bed, reading. I turned my attention to the other room and peered through the louvers. She was undressing and it was really hot. I felt myself going hard. Then Jeff came out of the bathroom wearing tight briefs. I must admit he was a splendid sight. Slim, strong athletic, quite smooth. With a whopper in his pants and 2 prominent bulges where his balls were. My dick got even harder, maybe even to the point of causing a bulge in my boxers, my balls aching.

He started to kiss her and put his hands straight away on her bum, starting to dislodge her panties. Time seemed to slow down as they got more aroused and Jeff’s member popped out of his pants and started to move relentlessly upwards towards his tummy button. It was enormous, nearly twice my size I would guess, and that was before considering the size of his swollen balls. Soon he had her in doggie position, his back to me. As he pushed more and more on top of her she buckled deeper and deeper into the bed. I could see his huge balls clattering into her and finally I was rewarded with the site of his log thrusting up and down into her, stretching and contorting her as she writhed to accommodate Jeff’s manhood. He was doing press-ups on her, there is no other way to describe it, until finally with one wicked and dominating thrust she howled and wailed and Jeff grunted, his buttocks tense as his balls emptied in pulse after pulse of ejaculations.

I was sweating and shaking, my dick rock hard , not just from the sight of her being to sexy, but in watching Jeff’s performance. I quietly slipped into my girls room, who seemed to be asleep. Opened and closed the outside door to pretend that I can come in from outside, and lay wide awake in bed considering what I just seen. Was I really so under-endowed? Was Jeff twice my size? Was I a man, capable of sexual acts at all? Why were his balls so big? Had his dick really risen past his belly button? I stayed awake all night, vowing that I had to get out of this situation, and yet hoping I could see Jeff’s dick in action again.

The next night we all went to bed as usual after going to a very loud concert. It had been fun with lots of dancing and I was starting to feel good again. But I was mighty tired and made some excuse that I had to go straight to sleep. My girl did not complain, it was as if she was happy not to have sex with me. I fell into a deep slumber, thinking that I only had another couple of days to go, and the pressure would soon be off and I could go back to my job as an accountant.

I woke up what seemed, in my half awake state, to be the sound of rain or water. I rolled over stiffly as the noise stopped. Then it started again and I realised it wasn’t rain. It was coming from behind me, where my girl was sleeping. Something was going on. I could see the louvered doors in the early morning light, and they looked ajar. I pretended to be asleep as I rolled over to face her. The wet sound started again, a sort of tricking and slopping sound, sometimes almost a slapping sound. I plucked up the courage to open my eyes a slit. Her head was not on the pillow – she was sitting, half lying, with her head upright, facing away from the bed. Behind her head was the unmistakable silhouette of a male body, with its flat tummy and pronounced pecs. Either side above her shoulders were the legs of the man facing her. Occasionally in the half-light I could see the dark bush of Jeff’s pubes against her cheeks. It was hot.

It was Jeff. The slapping sound was Jeff’s dick playfully slapping her as she tried to put it in her mouth. When she succeeded in taking in his huge knob she sucked noisily and enthusiastically. Occasionally she’d giggle delightedly “no es el chilito del nino, me gusta tu verga grande”. Jeff is such a bastard. He laughed and said “oh you mean my friend Mr Tiny”. Then his face would stiffen and he’d thrust is hips, his 8 inches sliding, dangerously in my view, down her throat. She’s occasionally cough before slurping once again. You bastard Jeff. I was hard as a rock watching this and my eyes, which had been open only a tiny slit, were not wide open and my head had lifted slightly from the pillow. My girl was so happy, it was nice to see her enjoying her man. And he was her man, I was history. I marvelled at Jeff’s body, so slim, so strong. Such wonderful manly balls, beautiful bush, his thick dick. He was a work of art, a masterpiece entitled “Virile Young Man”.

As I looked towards his square angular shoulders I realised I had been to bold. Our eyes met. My jaw dropped, my eyes wide with excitement, arousal and fear. Jeff is such a bastard! He grimaced and smiled, smirked even. As he did so his face stiffened again and he thrust his cock so hard she gagged. I actually felt sorry for her. Such a bastard. Handsome bastard though. He pumped her mouth even harder, his shaft taking long strokes as he fucked her throat. I could see in the mirror his lean muscular buttocks clenching on every stroke. His balls seemed to grow bigger as they actually started to rise and tense up, so they were close to his engorged shaft. I knew what was about to happen and I found myself gazing into Jeff’s eye’s as if to question what he was really going to do. But he was pushed over the edge, the girl didn’t know what was coming but I did. He slowed down his thrusts and nearly stopped, his giant dick half in her mouth. Then he groaned, looked at me and smiled, and I knew a jet had just hit the roof of her mouth. She was ecstatic but surprised at the same time. She briefly withdrew her mouth to swallow what must have been tablespoonful of heavy liquid.

But Jeff hadn’t finished. His colossal swollen member lurched upwards, propelled by all the manliness in that string and virile body, his buttocks like steel. At its highest point there was a small ooze, then a massive jet shot out in a thick stream. It took me by surprise as it hurtled past my girls ear and onto my cheek, nose and left eye. Jeff groaned again as the girl dived on his cock and tried to inhale all of it as Jeff grabbed her head and tried to ram his cock straight through it. He held her in that position whilst he emptied himself fully, she gulping time after time to ingest surge after surge of his warm ejaculate. I half lay there, cum tricking down my cheek, humiliated. She collapsed on the bed. Jeff didn’t even look at me again. He quickly grabbed his briefs, tried to stuff his dick in them sideways, and paced into the other room. I am sure I heard the other girl laugh, I wasn’t sure. I lay down to sleep, cum still tricking down me. Opening my eyes, I saw my girl was already dozing, a drip of white sticky juice slipping down the side of her chin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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