Marked for Extacy

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It seemed as though the day would never end. My feet ached after being on them so long. I only had 3 more hours to go. Working retail sales sucked at times. I had opened the store that Saturday morning and then volunteered to cover another shift for a co-worker whose daughter got sick. As I watched the clock, I hoped that my husband was having fun with the boys on their fishing outing in the canoe. Actually, from the time they should almost be home now. Home . . . I couldn’t wait . . . A glass of wine, a hot bath . . . and once the boys were in bed, I could get what I really needed . . . Home . . .

As I took my last break, I saw that I had a message from my best friend on my cell. When I called Heather she sounded more frazzled than I was. Her husband Rob can be a real jerk, and it appeared that today he was at his finest. Luckily he had just left to spend the night at their cabin in the mountains, but Heather said she needed a shoulder to lean on and a stiff drink and asked what I was doing after work.

I called my husband to see how his day was. He and the boys had a great time, and since the weather was supposed to be great, they wanted to do it again bright and early tomorrow morning. He asked if I minded. After I told him about Heather wanting to go for a drink tonight, we decided that I would hang out with Heather after work, probably spend the night and he and the boys would get their time. So much for going home . . .

My shift finally ended and I was out the door. I called Heather and was half tempted to tell her I was too tired, and was just going home to get what I needed. But once I got her on the phone I could tell that she really needed to talk, and drink. We decided to try out a bar in the new town center. By the time I drove the forty-five minutes to her house, she was ready to go. She practically jumped in my car as I pulled up.

“Let’s go girl! I need a drink!”

I started to say something about wanting to go home and change, especially after looking at her. She looked ready for a night out in a long black wrap skirt black heels and a white strapless shirt. Me? I was dressed to sell; a pair of black lycra stretch pants, and a white lined, lace top with a “can I interest you in anything” scooped neckline and a pair of black heels. Oh well, it would have to do.

We got to the bar and easily got a table as it was early. We ordered a couple of margaritas and some food and I let her start to vent. The bar was nice, kind of small and cozy with a decent dance floor. The music was a good mix and wasn’t so loud that you couldn’t hear each other talk. As we finished our food and ordered another round of drinks the place was starting to fill up. We sat and chatted a bit and Heather started loosening up as the drinks and conversation eased her stress. Not quite the hot bath and wine I needed, but the margaritas were making me feel pretty good too.

Halfway through our drinks a couple of guys came up and started talking with us. They were cute and very polite. They introduced themselves as Josh and Adam. Josh was 24, he was about six feet tall, dark hair, and about 190 pounds. Not ripped, but a nice build. Adam was 23, about 5’10’ with medium build, blonde hair and “make me melt” blue eyes. We chatted a bit about the bar – how it had a good mix of people from guys their age to old ladies like Heather and I. They had a good laugh at this and we told them that Heather was 38 and I was 37. The conversation flowed easily. As they ordered a round for all of us they asked us to dance.

We danced a couple songs with them. They were perfect gentlemen, keeping their hands and other body parts where they belong when dancing with a lady. We had a few good laughs commenting on others who were a little more flirtatious in their dancing before heading back to the table to enjoy our drinks. The guys each slid in to either side of the booth, letting us both sit on the outsides. Adam was next to me and Josh was next to Heather. Our conversation continued, and they were both perfect gentlemen.

Halfway through our drinks two of their friends, Dave and Doug came over to say hi. After proper introductions, they soon squeezed in next to us at our booth and joined our conversation. Dave was also 24. He was about 5’8″ and stocky. Not fat by any means – broad shouldered and solid. He had light brown hair and brown eyes. Doug was 5″11″, 23 and a tall skinny guy with long black hair.

Dave and Doug proved to be just as much gentlemen as Josh and Adam. The six of us talked, laughed, danced and drank for a few hours before we said we really should stop and head out. The guys said they were going to head home anyway. When I got outside, I looked at my watch and was surprised by two things. First that it was almost 1:30 in the morning, and second by how long I had to stare at the watch to determine that. I don’t get to drink too much and I guess the margaritas were taking their toll. We all laughed as I pointed this Uzun porno out. The guys suggested that we all take a walk around the town center to walk off some of the alcohol. It was a nice warm evening so it seemed like a really good idea.

So we walked for a bit. The clicking of our heels on the sidewalks was occasionally broken up by friendly chatter and laughter. About 10 minutes into the walk, Heather asked if the guys knew where there was bathroom. Adam said his apartment was above the shops on the next block, so we walked there and all took the elevator up. Once inside, Josh plopped on the couch and turned on the TV and I looked out the big window at the view of the town center while Heather took care of her business. Adam asked if we’d like one last drink with them.

Perhaps I was distracted by the view and not really paying attention, but I said “Sure.”

By the time Heather came out, the blender was just stopping and I was asking Josh what he found so interesting about watching guys play poker on TV. He tried to explain and I after told him that playing poker was fun, watching it wasn’t, he asked if we wanted to play poker. I was about to tell him “No” when Heather came out of the bathroom into the middle of the conversation and said,

“Oh cool, so we’re all gonna play a little poker?”

We were locked in. Thanks Heather. Adam arrived with a tray of fresh margaritas. Dave reached for a glass and I was a little surprised as Adam almost yelled at him.

“Hey! That one is for Rebecca, and this one is for Heather! Here take one of these”

Dave sheepishly handed us our drinks before getting one himself. As we were ushered to the table and Adam dug out some cards and I asked what we would be playing for since we didn’t have much money and we weren’t playing strip poker.

After a bit of discussion, and half of the margarita, “Oh my God! Did I already drink half of that?” we decided that the winner would get give a shot of tequila to whoever they wanted. That being worked out the cards were dealt and the game began.

The first hand I surprised everyone, including myself and won. I made Adam take a shot, which he downed quickly and easily. Josh won the next hand and poured a large shot for Heather to drink. Everyone laughed as she coughed after gulping down the shot and the cards were dealt again. This time Adam won, and with revenge in his delicious eyes he pushed the shot glass to me. After I swallowed the golden liquid, I told the guys we had to stop or change the rules. With four of them and two of us, the odds of us passing out or throwing up were high.

We talked about it for a while, and as I sipped the last of my margarita, Dave suggested we play strip poker. I looked at my watch through bleary eyes “2 AM?” I thought. Heather and I looked at each other and she nodded slightly.

“OK” I said. “But we will only play for a half hour.”

Proud of myself for coming up with a rule to prevent us from getting naked in front of these guys we just met, I didn’t even notice the fresh margarita in front of me. I just took a sip and smiled smugly over the glass at the guys.

“No Problem” Adam replied. “But since you made some rules, we get to some rules too. Whoever wins gets to remove one item of clothing, from who they want, and they get to spend one minute removing it. Socks and shoes don’t count so either leave them on or take them off. If someone is losing their last piece of clothes, the winner gets two minutes to remove it.”

Now a sober Rebecca and Heather would have seen that this meant that anytime a guy won, one of us would lose some clothes, and that their hands would somehow be on us in the process. But the ability to rationally think like that left both of us about 3 drinks ago. All we heard was that each hand was going to take another minute longer, therefore there would be less hands to play and less clothes to lose, so we both quickly agreed to the new rule and the first hand was dealt.

Heather was shocked when she won, and giggled when Dave laid down the low hand and she said that he should take something off. Adam directed them to the head of the table where Dave stood in front of Heather. At 5’8″ tall, Heather was as tall as Dave, but with her heels on, she looked down at him. Dave looked up at Heather as she reached down and pulled his Polo shirt over his head, exposing a bare muscular chest.

I laughed as Adam looked at his watch and told her she still had 45 seconds, but she held up the shirt and told him she was done. Sipping my drink I settled in for the next hand.

Any luck I had left me with that hand. With a six high, I knew that I would be the low hand. The question was who was going win and who would they choose. Adam answered the question when he laid down three queens, ushering me to the head of the table by waving them in the air. Even with my 3-inch heels, I looked up at him as I stood before him. Öğrenci porno He nodded at Josh and told him to start the time.

I looked up at him expecting him to reach down and pull my lace top over my head. I have large 36D breasts that look larger than they are on my small 5′ 3″ frame. He reached for me, but instead of pulling my top up, he spun me around. I laughed as I almost fell, but he held me up. His head on my shoulder, he looked at Heather as he said,

“Let me show you what I meant when I said you still had time. This is the proper way to take clothes off when you play this game.”

His breath was hot against my ear as he told Heather this. His hands ran down my sides and tugged at the bottom of my top. Then he ran his hands back up over my top and lightly ran them over my breasts. The other guys all groaned as his hands caressed my breasts and his caress turned to a grope as he squeezed them both, pushing them together and kneading them through my top. I wanted to push his hands away and end the game, but my body was tingling as I remembered what I really wanted tonight. My breasts have always been very sensitive, and my nipples poked at my top as I closed my eyes and leaned my head back on his shoulder. I felt his hands slide back down my sides and lift the bottom of my top before feeling is warm hands on my bare skin beneath. They slid up my tummy as Josh announced that he had 15 seconds left. His hands cupped my lacy bra under my top and he pinched my nipples between his thumbs and fore fingers before sliding back down and pulling my top up.

I held my arms above my head as he lifted my top. As Josh called “time” the guys all cheered as I stood in front of them in a white lace shelf bra. My nipples were clearly poking out of the bra, their outline visible through the lace, the tops of them exposed over the top edge of my bra. I looked at Heather as she smiled at me while she drank her margarita. I went back to my seat and Adam dealt the next hand.

As I watched Adam deal the cards, my mind and body were fighting. My nipples were still trying to cut through the lace of my bra and I could feel all the guys’ eyes on them. My body was warm and aching. As I sipped my drink, I looked across the table at Heather. She looked at me over her glass with smoldering eyes. She gave me a look that usually meant that she was very horny and her husband was in for a wild night. The only thing was, tonight he was miles away in their cabin.

We kept looking at each other as we played out the hand. Our eyes communicating to each other our state of arousal while asking each other what we should do. Her eyes twinkled and she looked happy when Josh won the hand and motioned for her to go to the head of the table. She stood and sauntered to the head of the table where Josh met her. Even with her heels, Josh looked down at her. She looked up in anticipation and started to turn around, expecting the same treatment I had received.

Josh grabbed her, keeping her back to the rest of us as he told Dave to start the timer. His hands ran over her sides and cupped her ass before squeezing her cheeks through her skirt. He gave her a gentle push back and her ass sat on the table. Then he lifted her fully on the table and dropped to his knees in front of her. He gently pushed her knees apart as she looked down at him and giggled as his hands disappeared under her skirt. As Dave called 30 seconds, he lowered his head and disappeared beneath her skirt. I could see his head under her skirt between her thighs. She closed her eyes and her head rolled back as his head moved from side to side and we could hear kissing sounds. She let out a gasp and sat up straight as Dave called 10 seconds. I knew he had to have touched her pussy in some way and I was a little jealous. Her hips were rocking back and forth as Dave called time. She opened her eyes and looked down as Josh came out from under her skirt.

“I still have my skirt on,” she said, “that means I get to keep it on, right?”

“Go ahead and stand up.” Josh replied.

Heather stood up. As she did, her skirt fell down over her long legs, exposing her light blue thong between her firm cheeks. She turned to face us all, blushing a little. Her thighs shone in the light from the wet kisses Josh must have given her under her skirt. As she did a little pose for us, I wasn’t the only one who noticed the dark damp spot between her legs as one of them made a comment about it. Josh just smiled and brought a moist finger to his mouth and sucked it.

“MMMM”, I can’t wait to get more of that.” He said as he sat down to deal.

My mind was racing as the cards were dealt. What the hell!

The cards were dealt as Heather sat back down across from me. She gave me a sly grin as I saw her slap the hands away from her thighs. My mind was trying to figure out the situation as my body started crying for release. As I looked down at my hand, I knew I couldn’t win no matter what my draw was. I was relieved when Heather laid down the winning hand. With a devilish grin, she practically commanded Josh to the head of the table.

“Yes ma’am?” Josh asked as he crossed his arms and looked down on her.

Looking up at him, she ran her finger down his nose, over his lips and chin and straight down his chest. I could tell all the other guys were staring at her ass cheeks parted by her thong, but my eyes followed her finger as she continued down over his flat stomach to his belt and down the zipper line. When she reached the bottom of his zipper, she turned her hand and fully groped his crotch. He groaned when her hand squeezed him, but I barely heard him over my own groan.

“Go ahead and start the time,” she said as her hand quickly pulled his belt open and popped the button of his jeans.

She leaned into him as her hand disappeared into his jeans. I gasped as I saw her hand moving under the jeans, I could tell that she was pumping his cock. As Dave announced that there were 20 seconds left, she pulled her hand out and pushed his jeans down. By the time she worked them down to his ankles, Dave was announcing 10 seconds left, but I barely heard him because I was staring at Josh’s hard cock that was sticking out of his boxers. It was long, probably about 7 inches, and about as big around as a Red Bull can. Heather wrapped her fingers around it and gave it a couple strokes as Dave announced time. As she turned to take her seat for the next hand, Heather pushed her ass against Josh, sliding his cock between her cheeks. She looked back at him and told him that she thought she had the game figured out now.

I sat there in amazement. I just watched my best friend stroking a stranger’s cock. I did this while sitting in my bra in a room full of strangers. My mind was trying to tell me to get up and get out, but my body was telling me to stay and have some fun. My body was telling me this quite loudly.

As Heather took her seat, Adam leaned over and asked me if I enjoyed the show. He was looking down at my breasts, and at first I didn’t understand, until I followed his gaze and saw that I was pinching my nipple through my bra. I blushed as I removed my hand from my breast, and Adam told me to let him know if I needed a hand.

The cards were dealt and I was shocked when I won. Revenge! I stood, knowing the guys were watching my breasts as they bounced and swayed. I took Adam’s hand and led him to the front of the table. My nipples screamed against the bra as I felt the eyes on me. Even in my 3 inch heels, I looked up into Adam’s deep blue eyes. He looked down and grinned. Looking up at him made me tingle.

I wrapped my arms around his waist and pulled him to me, mashing my breasts into his stomach. I turned to the table and asked what I should take off. Amid the cheers for both pants and shirt, I wiggled my ass and started to shimmy down his body, my breasts rubbing down over his crotch. As I squatted in front of him everyone was cheering and I turned, pressing my cheek against his crotch as I told Dave to begin timing me.

My hands slid up his thighs, to his belt and I started to play with the belt, before dipping down and lightly running over his crotch. As I brought them up, I slid them under his shirt, reaching up, feeling his naked skin under my fingers. Still squatting in front of him, I could see from the bulge in his pants that he was enjoying this as I ran my nails lightly over his chest.

I started to stand and buried my head under his shirt. Seeing his young supple skin, I started to lightly kiss my way up over his stomach and up to his chest. I pinched and rolled one of nipples between my fingers before taking it in my mouth and sucking it. I heard him moan as I heard 20 seconds called. I kissed my way over the other nipple and did the same while my free hand reached down and grabbed a handful of his appreciation that was fighting to break free of his slacks. Flicking my tongue over his nipple, I pushed the shirt up over my head as 10 seconds was called.

As I sucked his nipple in my mouth, I looked over at Heather who was looking back at me through glazed eyes. She was sitting facing me, with Dave on one side, his hand rubbing high on one thigh, and Josh on the other, his hand rubbing high on her other thigh. I smiled as I saw her rubbing circles with a finger over her panty, and noted the growing dampness of her panty. I pulled the shirt over his head as time was called, gave Heather a wink and sat down.

As Adam took his seat next to me, the guys pointed out the lipstick marks on his stomach and around his nipples. I smiled as I reached into my purse and applied fresh lipstick to my lips.

The cards were dealt, and Adam leaned over and told me how much he enjoyed that. His hand caressed my thigh and Doug leaned over from the other side and told me he hoped I gave him the same treatment as his hand started to cares my other thigh. Looking across the table, I could tell that Heather was enjoying the other guys’ hands on her thighs. When the cards were played, Doug gave my thigh a squeeze and told me to stand up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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