Miami Heat

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Nights at Jack’s were always fun. Lots of booze, great coke, and a lot of making out. The evening always ended with him going down on me. I was single and in my twenties so it was harmless and hot, and every couple of weeks, it was something I needed. Tonight, we decided to pop up to his friend’s apartment in the same building. I’d met Dan a few times. He was Jack’s age—mid-forties—but looked a bit older. I didn’t find him overly sexy, but he was cute and fun and always threw great parties. After Jack made me a vodka on the rocks, we all did a few lines of coke and found ourselves in need of some excitement.

Plus, I wanted a girlfriend there to laugh with about how cheesy Dan looked in his velour robe. “Let’s call Lisa,” I said. Lisa was a lesbian who had made her way to our group by way of her ex-girlfriend, Sharon. Sharon loved Lisa for one reason: her money. But when a guy came along who had even more, Sharon decided she didn’t really want to be in a relationship with a girl after all and left her without so much as a goodbye. We got the better end of the deal. Lisa was eight kinds of cool, and impossible not to have fun with. I’d never been with a woman, but I found myself more and more attracted to her every time I saw her. Maybe tonight I’d find out if she was attracted to me, too.

Half an hour later, Lisa was at the door, in the mood to party. She looked adorable. Her tanned skin was glowing from the Miami heat, and her shoulder-length dark hair all tousled from the ride over in her convertible. She had a tough girl look about her until she smiled. Then she just looked slightly mischievous and very, very cute.

We sat down on Dan’s groovy white sectional, Lisa within inches of me on my right, and Jack on my left, slyly moving his fingers up the back of my white tank top, unbeknownst to her. Dan saw. He was eyeing us closely as he swirled his drink. I stared at his crotch, wondering if seeing Jack touching me was making him hard. Apparently so. He adjusted himself and winked at me, knowing what I was up to.

“Let’s play some cards,” said Jack, pulling me closer to him by my waist. I smirked at Lisa and took a sip of my drink.

It didn’t take long for my skirt, top and bra to be off. I was never very good at poker and I was certainly no match against two guys who had a weekly game. I leaned back with my cards, looking down and noticing that you could see right through my white cotton panties. After Jack folded his nevşehir escort cards and took off a mere sock—I think he’d prepared for the game by putting on way more clothes than the rest of us had—he held his drink above one of my breasts and we waited for a drop of condensation to fall. I shivered when it did, turned on at the thought of Dan and Lisa watching. I looked up at Lisa and she smiled as she took off her own top. She wore a white lace bra, beautiful against her tanned skin. One strap fell and I felt short of breath, hoping she’d lose the next hand so I could see more. She did. She didn’t take her eyes off me as she reached back to unclasp her bra. Her breasts were gorgeous. On the small side, but so perfectly shaped. Her nipples were dark, so different than my own rose-colored ones, which were now stiff, thanks in part to the air conditioning, but mostly because I was so turned on by the sight of her.

A couple more hands of Texas Hold ’em and Lisa and I were completely nude. The game was quickly put aside for a second round of drinks. Lisa and I stood up and she spooned out some of Jack’s coke with her pinky and held it to my nose. I held her forearm between my breasts and sniffed it in.

“Wanna go in the hot tub?” I asked, licking the rest of the coke off her finger, dying to kiss her beautiful lips.

We walked onto Dan’s balcony, clinking out drinks and laughing at the guys, who were staring at us with stars in their eyes. I held her hand as she stepped into the warm water. The temperature was perfect, not too hot. After easing myself in, I sat opposite her and felt the water bubble against my chest as I tied my long hair into a knot. The guys weren’t far behind us. Jack climbed in next to me and immediately began rubbing my thigh. I ached for his fingers to move higher, but loved the anticipation even more. Lisa could see that I was turned on. She reached down and found one of my feet, pulling it up beside her to massage it. Dan moved closer to me and kissed my neck. I bit my bottom lip, just dying for all their hands to be on me at once.

As Jack continued to stroke my thigh with one hand and touch himself with the other, Dan leaned down to kiss my tits, lifting both out of the water and flicking his tongue across my nipples. I wanted Lisa, though. She was kneading my calf now. I watched her face as I moved my foot inside her thigh, then closer to the dark patch between her legs. I wiggled my toes against her and watched her close her eyes as she held my foot closer and rubbed herself against it. She was as horny as I was. I whispered to Jack and he leaned over to bring her closer to me after kissing her neck and saying something to make her giggle. She glided her way toward me, her face just above the water, her hands quickly working their way up my legs.

Dan was nuzzling my neck now, biting occasionally as I writhed with pleasure. Her fingers finally made their way to my cunt, now engorged with excitement and aching to be touched. She brushed the back of her hand gently against my soft hair. I tried to move my hand down to join in, but Jack grabbed both my arms and held them firmly behind my back. He gently kissed my breasts as the water from the jets bubbled against them. I wanted him to suck them, bite them, grab them firmly in his hands, but he would only lightly lick them and caress them instead, building up my anticipation even more.

Lisa was pressing against my clit now with her palm, and her fingers were teasing my pussy. She’d put one finger in, ever so slowly, then take it out and make me wait for more. “Oh God, please,” I said. “Fuck me—just fuck me…” I was moaning so hard, dying for her to force her fingers all the way in me. Finally, she did, taking me by surprise. Her middle and forefingers were now moving inside me, up and down, up and down.

“You’re so hot,” she leaned up to whisper in my ear. “I can’t wait to taste you.”

She grabbed the back of my head and sat on me in the water now, her legs straddling me and her pussy teasing mine. I broke free from Jack’s grip and put both my hands her ass, squeezing her so hard, she let out a little squeak. We finally kissed. At first furiously hard, but then slowing down to savor each other. She tasted so sweet and her mouth was so soft. So different from the guys, with their scratchy stubble and their pushy tongues.

The four of us soon made our way to Dan’s bed and Lisa and I continued to kiss. She moved her way down my body, nibbling every inch of me and then moving her tongue up and down my pussy. Her tongue was perfect, wet and hot, licking my clit softly then harder as her fingers worked their way in and out of me. She put one finger up my ass and I grinned.

After having my eyes closed for so long, I looked up to see Jack fucking Lisa from behind. Lisa moaned into my cunt, and shoved her face into me with the same rhythm Jack was fucking her with. He was fucking her and staring at me and we locked eyes until Dan’s hard cock was suddenly in my face. He was straddling me, both hands grabbing onto the headboard. I took his dick in my mouth and moved my tongue up and down and around it, with the same intensity as Lisa was licking me. We were all moving in unison now, all getting off, all moaning with pleasure. It was beyond intense. But I wanted more of Lisa.

I moved Dan to my side and grabbed his cock with my hand, pulling it hard and fast until he came. One down, two to go. I then pulled Lisa up to make out with her again before flipping her over onto her back and shoving my tongue deep inside her. She tasted heavenly. Sweet, pungent… pussy. Jack grabbed my hips from behind and shoved his cock in me now from behind. He knew how badly I needed to be fucked. He slammed himself into me so hard it hurt, but he hit my G-spot immediately and I screamed in ecstasy. Lisa moaned as I shoved my fingers in her and felt her pussy swell and get more wet with every lick. Suddenly her back arched and her thighs began to shake. I was moving my fingers upward and forward, in just the place I knew I liked to be touched, while pressing my mouth hard against her clit, humming into it so she could feel the vibrations. Her whole body soon began to shake and she pulled away and screamed.

I was so proud of myself. First time with a girl and I gave her an orgasm. With Jack still inside me, I slowly moved up to kiss her, lying on top of her while Jack kept pounding away at me. She rubbed my clit while he fucked me, and I was suddenly about to cum myself. I grabbed her hair and held her tight, moaning on top of her while I shook and shivered. Jack pulled out after he finished and Lisa and I lay side by side, teasing and licking each other’s tits as we watched him rub his cock for us, both of us grinning with excitement. “Cum all over us, Jack,” I said. His jaw clenched and his muscles all stiffened as he warned us he was about to explode. We squealed when he shot it all over our tits and stomachs. I’d never seen so much cum. I turned to Lisa and kissed her again while I rubbed some of Jack’s cum into her nipple. It stiffened immediately and I felt her hips thrust into mine. Suddenly, I was turned on all over again. But this time, I wanted her all to myself. We turned to Dan and Jack, who could already tell our intentions.

“Why don’t you guys go make us some more drinks—and take your time,” she said. “We’re going to be in the hot tub.”

I couldn’t wait to get wet all over again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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