More Than Simply Dinner Ch. 02

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It had been a long and difficult day for Laura and she had silently counted the minutes until the last half hour of her work was completed. Tired and cranky, she wove her way through the sparse traffic as she drove home. Thoughts crossed her mind, thoughts of things she never dreamed of being possible. Didn’t all couples have arguments? She and Tony had their first real argument over her lunch break and she’d been stewing about it ever since.

“If only he wasn’t so damn stubborn!” she muttered aloud.

It didn’t really matter to her what it was about anymore; it just bothered her they argued in the first place. As she thought about it, she had noticed they had been snappish towards each other over the past few days. Another first. Laura knew he had been having bad days at work and his knees were bothering him more and more, but today had been the last straw when he seemed to blow off a problem she was having as if it wasn’t worth his time.

“He needs to be thumped,” she seethed as memories of the fight came back to her.

Minutes later she pulled into her driveway to find a darkened house. “Great,” she muttered, “he’s probably at the FOP with his buddies telling them what a bitch I am.” Laura killed the engine, switched off the headlights and trudged to her back door. The door unlocked and opened noiselessly as she tossed her purse on the small table nearby and flipped on the kitchen lights. Closing and locking the door behind her, she noticed a note on the kitchen table.

“Come up to the bathroom.”, it read in Tony’s neat, crisp script.

Confused, Laura peeked into the living room and saw no sign of life anywhere. She looked towards the stairs and saw no lights leading above. Shaking her head, she placed her jacket over the back of the chair and turned off the kitchen light.

When she got to the landing, she could see a light beneath the closed bathroom door. Water was running. “I guess he’s home after all,” she thought. She stood in front of the door for a moment before slowly pushing it open.

“I thought I heard you come in,” Tony said softly as he turned off the faucet. The small room was steamed as the water in the tub warmed it. “Close it before you let all the warmth out,” he said while motioning to the door.

Laura stared at him unmoving as if she hadn’t heard. Tony was clad in jeans, his boxer waistband showing slightly, his chest bare. “The door?” he cocked an eyebrow. Laura broke out of her stupor and closed the door.

“What’s going on?” she asked, her voice barely above a whisper.

“I’m so sorry about this afternoon,” he began. “I’m an idiot.”

“I won’t argue that point,” Laura replied, a small smile escaping her lips.

“I didn’t think you would,” Tony answered. “I thought I’d draw you a bath, then get some supper for us.”

Her anger melting, Laura moved to Tony and fell into his waiting arms. “I’m sorry, too,” she said softly as she hugged him close to her. Tony’s fingers combed through her soft, silky hair before he kissed her forehead. Laura’s face left his chest and she stared into his brown eyes. She could still see some sadness behind them. Moving forward, their lips met and whatever had angered them before was forever forgotten.

Laura kissed Tony hungrily and greedily, taking everything from him as his soft lips mashed against hers. His hands found her bottom and he squeezed it appreciatively. Laura moaned inwardly as his hands there never failed to arouse her. Holding her close and tight, he kneaded each soft globe with patience and love. He knew the effect it had on her. She could feel his hardness pressed against her and instantly could feel the tingles begin to arrive between her thighs.

They continued to kiss each other with fervor and passion, something that had been missing for the past day or two. Seconds later, Laura stopped abruptly and looked at Tony. His eyes showed surprise mixed in with a little sadness and melted her even more.

Grabbing him by his waistband, Laura pulled him behind her as they exited the bathroom.

“What about the bath?” Tony protested weakly, still following her.

“I’ll take one later,” she said as she began to unbutton her blouse.

They entered the bedroom and Laura was still holding onto his pants. She backed him to the bed until his heels touched the edge. Quickly, she pushed him backwards and he fell onto the bed in a heap.

“What the….?” he exclaimed.

Before he could react, Laura jumped on top of him, straddling him at his waist. Pulling off her blouse she tossed it over Tony’s face. Sputtering, he moved the cloth from his face and smiled evilly. He loved it when she took charge, but two could play that game. He reached up and gently squeezed each breast through her sheer black bra. Each nipple protruded sharply through the transparent lace. Laura inhaled and moaned as Tony tweaked each engorged nub with his thumb and forefinger. His hands slid slowly behind her and deftly unfastened the hooks before pulling her bra away Uzun porno from her body.

Tony smiled again. He simply loved the way her breasts looked and felt and had since the first time he saw them. He gave them both a tender squeeze once more as Laura trembled above him. Without warning, Tony quickly turned to his left tossing Laura off him. He kept rolling until Laura was pinned beneath him. Laura squealed in surprise before giggling after she realized what he had done.

“Oh my!” she exclaimed, her excitement beginning to build. Her hands rose to Tony’s shoulders and rubbed them lovingly. She loved the feel of his skin against her hands.

Tony bent forward and took her left nipple in his mouth and sucked on it lightly.

Laura inhaled sharply and arched her back, involuntarily pushing her breast into Tony’s face. “I love it when you do that,” Laura murmured. Tony grinned his approval.

Tony’s tongue continued to swirl around her nipple while his left hand found her right breast. He lightly rubbed it until it firmed by his touch. Laura shuddered and groaned beneath him. She could feel warmth and moisture spread between her thighs and she opened her legs slightly in anticipation. Reaching forward, Laura found his hard penis through his pants and began to rub it softly.

Tony released his mouth from her nipple and grinned. “It’s about time,” Tony teased from above. “I thought I’d never get any loving from you.”

“You’re a punk,” Laura retorted as she continued her ministrations. “I’ve never let you down before.”


Tony bent forward again and kissed Laura softly. Looking beneath him, he said, “You’re overdressed.”

“So are you,” she replied.

“I guess we should remedy that,” Tony suggested.

“I agree.”

Within seconds, they were both naked and holding each other by the bed. Looking into her soft blue eyes and stroking her hair, Tony said softly, “I love you, babe.”

Her eyes looked into his and saw nothing but love staring back. The sadness was gone and happiness had taken over. “Show me,” Laura whispered.

Tony led her back onto the bed and placed her on her back. Smiling, he straddled her once more near her feet and began to kiss her ever so softly around her breasts. Painfully slow, at least by Laura’s definition, Tony’s lips grazed her skin downward past her ribs to her belly button. Laura giggled lightly and secretly wished he would go just a little bit faster.

His lips met her light blonde pubic hair and he inhaled greedily, taking in her sexy musky aroma. He kissed the crease from her upper thigh down to the side of her outer labia, then did the same to the other side. Laura’s trembles became more pronounced as her fingers ran through his hair. “Oh Tony,” she moaned softly. “Don’t stop, baby.”

Tony grinned as he slowly made his way down to the inside of her thighs. Wanting more, Laura opened her legs wider and exposed her wonderful sex to him. Tony’s heart leapt at this movement as he was face to face with her moist, sweet center. He never tired of seeing her open and waiting for him. Her inner thighs were soaked from her sweet juices and she was beginning to pant in anticipation of his next move. She could see him inch closer and could feel his breath against her thighs.

His nose touched the hood of her clit and he nuzzled it gently and lovingly. Laura felt a tremor go through her and was surprised at its intensity considering how innocent his gesture was. She groaned loudly as she tugged on his hair. Oh, she wanted it so badly! She wanted his mouth and tongue all over her clit and vulva, but he seemed in no hurry to do either at that moment. Instead, he simply kissed her all around her labia, never touching her clit in the process. Laura was aching to release her tension and she was beginning to actually hurt down below.

“Tony,” she begged, “please stop teasing me.”

Tony pulled back a few inches and grinned at his love. “How badly do you want it?” he asked.


“How badly?”

“Oh, Tony! I need to come so badly….please….”

Not wishing to make her wait any longer, Tony pressed forward and let the tip of his tongue flick against her protruding sensitive nub. The effect was immediate as Laura felt orgasmic lightning go through her.

“Oh Tony, oh Tony,” she panted as her head lolled from side to side.

Her hands moved to the back of Tony’s head as his tongue moved from her clit to the bottom of her opening. Slowly and patiently, Tony’s tongue licked her from stem to stern, causing Laura’s head to spin deliriously.


Again, his tongue flicked lightly against her clit and almost sent her over the edge. Her breaths were rapid and ragged as she quivered uncontrollably.

Suddenly and without warning, Tony forced his mouth over her entire clit and started to suck and lick it at the same time. The effect upon Laura was instantaneous as her first orgasm exploded within her.

“Toneeeeeee….!” Öğrenci porno she wailed as spasm after glorious spasm wracked her body.

Tony’s mouth eased its grip around her clit, but he continued to suck gently as Laura’s spasms began to wane. After a few seconds Laura lovingly pushed his face away from her, giggling from the sensitivity, and Tony understood. Her hand was between her thighs, her forefinger gently thrusting inside. Laying down beside her, Tony kissed her sweetly, his lips and tongue showing Laura his love for her. Laura took her hand away from her opening and lathered his penis with her secretions. His semi-limp penis became hard instantly and he let out a low moan.

Breaking their kiss, Laura said, ” Thank you.” She looked at his smiling face and saw nothing but joy staring back at her.

As she continued to stroke him, Tony’s tongue protruded between his teeth, a sure signal that she was pleasing him. Briefly, she thought of straddling him for a “69” session, but she dismissed it just as quickly. Knowing his mouth and tongue, she would come again way before he would and she didn’t want that to happen. She had her pleasure; it was his turn now.

“How do you want me?” she asked him sweetly.

“From behind,” he panted.

Laura smiled to herself. From his answer she knew he was very horny and would probably come very quickly once inside her. She also knew he wanted to be in charge for awhile. Even though they didn’t use that position very often, Laura really loved the feeling of Tony pounding her hard from behind.

“Just a second,” she smiled wickedly. She scooted down on the bed and took him in her mouth. Her tongue swirled around his mushroom crown and she coated his head and shaft with her saliva. When he was thoroughly lubricated, Laura crawled to the head of the bed on all fours and pointed her shapely bottom in the air as she lowered her face to the pillow, turning her head to the left.

Tony moved quickly behind her and positioned his rigid shaft at her sopping entrance. He didn’t care how sore his knees were because most of his pain was forgotten whenever Laura presented herself to him in this manner. Her butt was so wondrously shapely and he could hardly keep his hands off it whether she was clothed or not. He moved his penis between her lips in a circular fashion, rubbing it against her clit and lubricating it more with her flowing juices. Before entering her, he wrapped his arms around her middle and kissed the back of her neck and down her spine, something he always did for her in that position. Laura shivered from the excitement it gave her.

Tony’s hands moved from her belly to her hanging breasts and he squeezed them lovingly. He could feel her hard nipples in the palms of his hands and this excited him even more. After a minute or so, Tony straightened slightly and once again pressed his penis to her entrance. Carefully and slowly, he pushed forward. Laura gasped from his welcomed intrusion.

Even though she was horny and wanting him so badly, Laura’s entrance was small and Tony had to be careful not to hurt her whenever he first tried to enter her. Within a second or two though, her sweet center opened wider for him and he was inside her all the way and completely enveloped by her velvety walls. She loved the way he felt inside her, the fullness and the wonderment of being connected in that way. In her heart, she knew she would never tire of making love to him.

Tony always felt as if he was in a vise whenever they made love, but her lubricating juices always allowed him the movement he needed. Tony moved slowly at first, holding onto Laura’s hips for balance and nothing more. Laura groaned appreciatively as her insides were awakened once again. Tony smiled and increased his pace slightly, not wishing to lose control too quickly, although he knew it would probably be a losing battle.

Laura could feel her excitement begin to build quickly once again as tingling tremors of pleasure swept through her. She shivered and shook as Tony continued his steady pace. “Harder,” she whimpered, “please.”

Tony quickened his pace as his grip on her hips tightened and their bodies started to smack against each other. Each time Tony pulled back, the tremors inside Laura grew stronger as her excitement began to ascend.

“Oh Tony, oh Tony,” she whimpered weakly. Her strength was beginning to weaken from her long day and she could feel the tingles within her ebb ever so slightly. It was then she felt him beginning to pulse within her.

“It’s coming,” Tony grimaced behind her. He pushed himself into her hard and held onto her hips.

Laura always loved the feel of him shooting his seed into her and this time was no exception. Tony grunted and groaned as each stream of his sperm shot into her. It was a few seconds later when his eruption ceased and he could feel himself softening within her. He pulled out slowly before rolling to his left and flopping down on the bed beside her.

Tired, yet aroused and fulfilled at the same time, Laura eased herself down next to him and his waiting arms. This was another thing that she loved about their lovemaking: They always cuddled and held each other until they either fell asleep or decided to go for another session.

“Thank you,” she whispered as she settled against his chest. “I really needed that.”

“Anything for you, babe,” he replied.

Tony wrapped his arms around Laura and held her close. Listening to her steady breathing and smelling her fresh scent, Tony thought about how far they’d come in such a short time. If someone had told him that he would be in love with a woman almost half his age after only six months of knowing her, he would have thought them to be crazy, but here he was with this wonderful woman in his arms.

He never thought he would ever understand her attraction to him. Why him? Why now? It wasn’t something they discussed much. Laura would laugh and make fun of him whenever he said he was too old for her. ‘Let me decide if you’re too old,’ she would say before kissing him. Her hand would then slip down to his crotch and she would feel his hardness begin to build almost instantly. ‘Nope, not too old,’ she’d laugh.

Tony kissed her cheek and hugged her. He never tired of holding her, touching her…loving her. A smile appeared on her face and she kissed his chest, giggling lightly when his hair tickled her nose. She settled once more and sighed. It was a contented sigh, a sigh of a woman totally fulfilled and loved. Somehow, she had caught lightning in a bottle when she met Tony, although it really didn’t surprise her that she fell for an older man. She had never dated men her age, always preferring them to be 5-10 years older, but Tony was by far the oldest to occupy her time. He didn’t look his age nor act it and Laura always thought he looked to be in his early to mid-thirties.

Laura’s fingers moved along his hip until they found the scars on his right side. Tony jumped from the sensitivity at first, then relaxed and let her play. His scars fascinated her, especially the puckered lines and ridges and the feel of them against her fingers. She admired him in the fact that he never shied away from showing them to her and didn’t mind her fascination with them. Of course, they were just another part of his body and being that she loved.

Laura’s head slowly lifted from Tony’s chest. She smiled at him before wriggling from his grasp by scooting down until her face was even with his scar. Slowly and sensually, Laura began to kiss his injured side. Her lips felt the puckered skin and she heard a little groan escape Tony’s mouth. She let her tongue graze in and around the puckered area, flicking it along every groove and indentation.

“I love it when you do that,” Tony said, looking down to her.

“I know,” Laura smiled before resuming.

A few seconds later, Laura noticed his softened penis laying on his thigh. Hoping he wouldn’t notice too quickly, Laura deftly began to kiss her way towards it. As soon as she kissed the tip of his soft mushroomed head, Tony let out another groan and his once soft penis started to stiffen. With her mouth and tongue, Laura took his head and sucked on it slowly, drawing it into her mouth and letting it pop out before doing it again.

Soon, Tony was hard once more. Laura’s head bobbed up and down as she sucked and licked his penis from shaft to head. With her free hand, she gently massaged his fuzzy balls.

“God, Laura, that feels so good,” Tony said through clenched teeth. By then, he was moving his hips in rhythm with her mouth and loving every second of it. He always loved it when she took him in her mouth. Yet, as much as he was enjoying what she was doing to him, there was something missing.

Placing his hands on her butt and hips, he began to pull her over him. Although she wasn’t sure what he wanted at first, Laura’s heart skipped a beat when the realization hit her. ‘Oh my God,’ she thought, ‘we haven’t done that for a long time!’ Without hesitation, Laura got on her knees and swung her leg over Tony until she was straddling his face.

Tony grinned from ear to ear at the sight above him. Her pussy was glistening from sweat and her own juices. Her labia was puffed slightly and her clit was engorged. Tony drew her near with his hands.

Laura’s mouth was still sucking on Tony’s head when she felt his tongue flick against her clit. Immediately, a tremor went through her.

“Oh my….,” she moaned, letting his penis fall from her mouth. Her body trembled and she waited impatiently for his next action.

Wasting no time, Tony took her clit in his mouth and sucked it hard, drawing it between his teeth and tugged on it. His tongue got into the game by flicking her clit very lightly, just enough to let her know it was there.

She knew it was there, alright. “Oh Tony,” she moaned as tremor after tremor invaded her, “I wanted to do this before…” Selfishly, she wanted to ride this one out for a long time, but she wasn’t sure if her body would cooperate. Tony certainly wasn’t helping matters because he knew exactly what he was doing and was determined to send her into orbit.

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