Moving The Goalposts Ch. 03

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Author’s Note: This story contains strong cuckold themes. If you find this type of story offensive then please read no further.


It wasn’t until after a very late breakfast and a drive to the coast via a pub – I guess we both needed a couple of shots of Dutch courage — that Annie was ready to relate the events of the previous evening. In a quiet spot sitting on a bench looking out across the sea to a distant horizon Annie dutifully commenced her account.

“Paul picked me up from work as arranged,” she began.

“How were you feeling?” I suddenly blurted out but she shot me a look; a look that made it very clear that she would be telling the story in her own time and on her own.

“As he drove me away from the office,” she continued, “I remember a part of me was just hoping that he would take me straight to his flat; that I could just fuck him and get it all out of my system and then come home to you. But he didn’t. Instead he took me down to a restaurant by the river for a meal and then we went on to a bar the other side of town for a few more drinks. I met a few of his friends, they all seemed quite nice; it must have been gone 10 when Paul and I finally left the bar and walked to his flat which happened to be just around the corner.” She paused for a bit and stared into the distance. I think we were both acutely aware that we were coming to the ‘important’ stuff.

“I’d been enjoying myself,” she said abruptly, looking up at me. “I felt like I was a teenager again, out on a first date, that wonderful mixture of nervousness and excitement. Paul had been charm itself and apart from a slightly longer than necessary greeting kiss in the car, hadn’t done anything to suggest that we were anything other than friends. I remember thinking at the time how glad I was that he was being discrete; you know, in case anyone that we knew might see Paul and me together. Funny the things you think of sometimes.” She smiled at me nervously before carrying on.

“When we got to Paul’s flat he opened some wine and put on some mood music and dimmed the lights. I remember thinking it was all a bit of a cliché but I didn’t mind. In a strange way it kind of helped; let me feel like I was still in control. I was feeling quite merry but without being drunk. We started smooching and while we swayed to the music we started sharing our wine with each other. It was all quite sexy and romantic; like much of the evening it I felt like I was 20 again.

“I can’t remember exactly how it happened but suddenly we’d put the wine down and Paul was slowly pulling my dress up and over my head while we continued smooching. He let it slip onto a nearby chair leaving me dressed in just my bra, panties, stockings and heels. He moved away from me to take a better look and as he did so he let out a long whistle of approval that made me feel really good.

“So I started to dance as provocatively as I could for him and as I did he started undressing, all the time watching me wriggling sexily in front of him, until he too was down to just his underwear. The atmosphere seemed to be alive – it was all so unbelievably sexual. I was so turned on Sam; so fucking hot. I could actually feel my pussy leaking into my panties.” She looked at me questioningly as if seeking my understanding.

Despite feeling as if I was shaking like a leaf I managed to nod affirmatively. “It’s okay Annie,” I mumbled as supportively as I could although I was starting to feel increasingly apprehensive at the thought of what was to come.

“As I swayed I stared at him; at his handsome face and his deep dark eyes; his toned and shiny black body naked now except for a pair of tiny silk red briefs that were straining to accommodate his — his – cock…” Her voice tailed away. She drew in a deep breath as if she was composing herself.

“Our eyes were glued to each other. Paul moved back to me pulling me to him, pressing his body against mine and as we wrapped our arms around each other we slid into a long sensuous lingering kiss.

“It felt so good being against his hard strong body; I seemed to melt into him and as he took my weight, he slowly danced me into the bedroom. We were still kissing; standing at the bottom of his bed when suddenly, somehow I knew what I needed to do. I started moving down his body, my kisses covering his face and then his neck; then down across his firm torso so very black and beautiful, until I came to his bulging briefs. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anything as much as the cock hidden inside.” She paused again but as I looked at her I could see that she was far away.

“I was kneeling on the floor in front of him staring at his bulge. I could smell him, smell his sex and I loved it. I started planting kisses all over his straining bulge, worshipping it as I knelt there in front of him. I wanted so much to please him. I kissed it, I licked it, I nibbled it all over and I could hear by his breathing and the way that his cock was swelling that I was pleasing him. I put my hands on his arse cheeks and mobil porno pulled his bulge against me, breathing in his muskiness until it was almost driving me crazy.” She paused as a shudder coursed through her.

“If you don’t want to go on we can stop” I whispered convincing myself that I was worried that she might just breakdown completely. But deep down I knew it was me who was the closest to the edge.

“No it’s okay. I want to carry on. No, I must — I must carry on. We’ve got to do this. I want to get as much as I can out now, at least while I feel able to.”

“B–but you don’t have to put yourself through this.”

Suddenly she rounded on me her eyes blazing. “Of course I have to put myself through this Sam,” her voice rising in volume as she stared at me. “For fuck’s sake don’t you understand! We made a promise and there were NO fucking exceptions. I’m not proud of myself Sam. In fact I’m ashamed at what I am going to have to tell you — ashamed of how I behaved with Paul. But not telling you won’t change anything. Once we start deciding what we will and will not tell each other then we — we — we might as well …” She turned away as her voice tailed off.

“I’m sorry,” I said quietly. “I’m being stupid.” She looked back at me and suddenly I saw a flicker of my old Annie looking back at me the way she did when we were having fun; lovingly and with genuine affection.

“No you’re not love,” she said softly. “You’re not being stupid. None of this is easy; none of this is easy for either of us.” We sat in silence for a while feeling the soft sea breeze rippling past us. I don’t know what I was thinking but Annie was obviously preparing for the next chapter of her tale.

“I brought my fingers round and slipped them over the waistband on either side of his briefs and as I started to roll them down I saw the head of his cock start to appear and I heard Paul whisper ‘oh yes baby’ in a deep voice. I carried on rolling his briefs down. I felt almost hypnotized as his big black snake started to spring slowly from them; little by little.” She paused chuckling quietly to herself. I smiled back in recognition of her obviously inappropriate description. The moment of light relief clearly helped her gain back some confidence and she quickly carried on.

“Then all of a sudden it sprung free and the deep purple bulb at the head of his cock swayed across my face. For a moment I just knelt there letting it loll against my face, feeling its hardness against the softness of my cheeks and letting it slide across my salivating mouth. I even carried on staring up at it as I moved slowly down his leg with little kisses, all the while pulling his briefs with me until they were right to the floor and I was on my knees in front of him.

“I felt Paul step out of them and spread his legs a little. I was still watching his cock; now almost fully hard as it swayed with the sudden movement. As I carried on kissing him up his other leg Paul started encouraging me, telling me things like what a hot little bitch I was, such a sexy slut, the sexiest tease he’d ever met — stuff like that. By then I don’t think it mattered what he said. Whatever it was I simply and literally lapped it up.

“Soon I was back facing his cock. I bent forward and started licking all over his sack feeling the large balls inside sliding against my tongue. The smell and feel of him was overpowering and I couldn’t stop myself. I slid one hand down my front and inside by panties. I was so hot and gooey down there it was incredible. I could feel my clit poking out of its hood like a tiny cock. I can’t remember it ever getting that big before. I soaked my fingers in my pussy juice and started rolling them across my bud making my whole body shiver.

“I was looking up the length of his cock and could see a blob of precum glistening on the tip and oh Sam,” she looked at me her eyes glazing over, ‘Oh Sam I needed that nectar so very, very badly.” Slowly she slipped out of her reverie and continued.

“With my other hand clasping Paul’s thigh I held myself steady and started licking up and down his cock. By now my eyes were locked onto Paul’s and I was rolling my pussy back and forth across my fingers. I kept lifting myself as straight as I could trying to take Paul’s knob head into my mouth but every time I did he just pushed himself up leaving me tantalizingly short; just licking the edge of his swollen helmet. At one point he said something like; ‘two can play the tease game bitch’ and I nearly collapsed. I was so desperate to get his cock in my mouth. I needed his cock so badly. I was frantic, grinding my palm against my clit, moaning at him to let me suck it.

“What happened next is a bit of a blur; I remember Paul was teasing me; he kept asking me the same question. ‘What do good bitches say if they want some black meat’ as I failed again and again to get him into my mouth. I was desperate and just moaned at him ‘Oh I need your cock — oh Paul — I need it so much.’ At some point I reached up with my left alman porno hand to try and pull his cock down but he grabbed me by the wrist and put it back on his thigh. I tried to raise myself and got up on my haunches but he pressed my shoulders down keeping me tantalizingly close.

“I was almost out of control; moaning at him to let me taste his sweet, sweet cock; begging him; moaning at him, ‘please, please, please’ over and over. Then suddenly he smiled and whispered ‘That’s a good little white girl’ and looking down at me he took the pressure off my shoulders enough for me to lift up and get his glistening knob-head in line with my mouth.”

By this time I think I was shaking so much I wasn’t sure how much more of her brutal exegesis I could take. “Shall we leave the rest till later” I asked turning towards her. “I think we both need a break.”

“No Sam, no break, not here. Just let me finish – just finish this bit. There’s still quite a lot left even then.” She lowered her eyes again as if all of a sudden her shame was not just for what she had done but how long it had gone on for. “We can finish that off later but not this bit. Not now I’ve got so far.” Again we sat in tense silence while Annie collected herself.

“I started running my tongue across his cock head all the while getting closer and closer to that luscious globule of precum that I wanted so badly. I could feel my orgasm rising from deep within me. It seemed so far down but I knew it was on its way. I felt Paul’s precum on my tongue as my orgasm started. I remember thinking it seemed the sweetest thing I’d ever tasted. I opened my mouth wide and took his cock inside as far as I could as the first waves flowed through me as his cock throbbed against my tongue. As my whole body shuddered crazily I was only dimly aware of his cock slipping deeper and deeper into my throat muffling my screams. At one point I thought I’d collapse but my mouth clung on to his cock and I was still sucking him as the waves finally started to drift away.

“Once I’d finally recovered I set about pleasuring him in earnest. I kept letting his cock nearly slip out of my mouth before dribbling my saliva all over it and then pushing my mouth back down over it. Each time I was taking a little bit more of it. I had no idea how I got so much inside; probably sheer lust I guess.

“At one point he reached down as his cock slipped from my mouth and holding it out started to tap the bulbous head on my tongue. I just crouched there pushing my tongue out as far as possible letting it bounce up and down, feeling its strength, and all the time I was staring up at him. Oh Sam, I felt so wonderfully submissive just squatting there looking up at my man while I pleasured him solely with my mouth.

“I don’t know how long I sucked and licked and gently nibbled his cock but it seemed to go on forever. And then suddenly without warning he started erupting, his cock pulsing as spurts of his cum splashed against the inside of my mouth. At first I nearly choked but I wanted to take it all, every last drop so when my mouth was full I let the remainder spurt on my face until his spasms finally subsided.” She paused for a moment and smiled as if she was reliving that moment.

“There was so much of it — I never realized men could produce that much.” She glanced nervously at me. Probably realizing the unintended criticism of me in what she had just said she quickly continued.

“It was dribbling down my face and out of my mouth but I was determined to have it all so I swallowed the load he had deposited in my mouth before dutifully licking all of the cum off of his beautiful cock. And when it was glisteningly clean, and still without taking my eyes of him for a single second, I used my fingers to clear as much of his cum as I could from my face. I was feasting hungrily on them as he looked down on me crouched on my…” Her voice trailed off and she just sat there. The silence was unbearable.

I asked the first question that perhaps predictably and embarrassingly came into my head. “Was he bigger than me?”

“Yes,” she said quickly her eyes downcast as she spoke.

I followed with the equally banal, “Was he better than me?”

She suddenly turned on me her eyes blazing again. “Sam. Stop it will you. Look he was – he was – just different!” Her tone, now a mixture of frustration and anger, stung me.

“Did he like the sexy underwear you wore for him?” I snapped back desperate to regain at least a modicum of control. Suddenly it was Annie in trouble, blushing, clearly unaware that I had known what she had worn and looking for all the world like a child caught red handed stealing sweets. As I sat looking at her as she stared anywhere but straight at me, the penny finally dropped.

“You bought them for him didn’t you?” She just sat there staring at the ground in front of her. “You fucking bought them for Paul. Didn’t you?” I said as firmly as possible trying desperately to hide the shaking anger that was starting alexis texas porno to overwhelm me.

“Yes,” she said quietly. “Yes, I bought them for Paul,” her voice slowly coming back to nearer its normal volume. Then before I could prompt her she carried on.

“At the wedding; while Paul was – well you know what he was doing; he must have looked down and seen my white panties because he whispered in my ear ‘mmm very nice – white and lacy – very pure – but – I think – black is – our – favourite — colour,’ all the while alternating his words with nibbles on my ear.” We sat in silence for a few minutes, and then with me letting it all soak in she carried on.

“When I bought them I honestly tried to convince myself that they were for you, to try and make up for being so stupid as to let Paul touch me the way he had; to give you an evening to remember.” She sounded as if she was close to tears.

“I took my new purchases straight home and tried them on. Even as I started attaching the stockings to the garter belt I could feel myself getting wet. I added the bra and panties and then some makeup, but much heavier that I usually wear. I wanted to look like a slut for you I guess. I found my highest black heels and then stood in front of the mirror. I put on some music and looked at my reflection. I clearly remember thinking how sexy I looked, wiggling my hips and running my hands all over my body, flicking my tongue out provocatively; flirting with my ruby lips. I don’t know why but it suddenly seemed so natural.” She took another long deep breath before continuing.

“I tried to picture you watching me Sam; I tried so desperately for it to be you. But every time I got going, every time I rubbed myself through my panties or cupped my breasts through my bra as sluttily as I could; whatever I did, in the end it was always Paul watching me. You just seemed to evaporate. In the end I couldn’t stop myself and just gave in to it and did it for him, wanting to please him as I brought myself to a shattering orgasm. I think deep down even then I knew that I was simply practicing for the real thing…” Again her voice trailed off.

“Did he fuck you while you wore them?” I asked stupidly.

“What do you think Sam!” she spat back and with that she got up and started walking back to the car. It wasn’t until I got up to follow her that I realized that despite the various shocks I’d just experienced my cock was rock hard.

We drove home without mentioning Paul. The events of ‘rest’ of the evening were clearly out of bounds for the foreseeable future so we descended into the comfort of idle chit-chat; had I sorted out the weekend with Nick when was Annie’s car’s MOT due, etc. We even stopped at a favourite restaurant on the way!

When we finally got home I opened a bottle of wine and poured us each a large measure. As we ploughed through it and onto a second the atmosphere began to relax. We started taking about the ‘safer’ side of her evening, what Paul’s friends were like; what she had eaten at the restaurant; what the food was like; we even somewhat bizarrely discussed whether we should give it a try!

From there we moved to discussing the episode in a kind of abstract way. A sort of general ‘what are we like?’ For her part Annie admitted that she was glad she had got it off her chest; that the last month had been an emotional rollercoaster what with the week of craziness with Jo and now her encounters with Paul. She had loved the raw almost animalistic sex she’d had the previous evening but couldn’t see herself surviving it on a regular basis; she laughingly suggested she was just getting too old for it!

For my part I told her I was proud of her, proud that she had the courage and strength to go through with it and that she obviously still had the looks to pull younger men! She laughed and said she loved me more than ever. We laughed together at the craziness of it all. What had happened now seemed more like the games we had constantly been playing than anything ‘real’ and as the mood softened the details of the rest of the evening slowly emerged.

“After I’d finally lapped up as much of Paul’s cum as I could he pulled me up and almost threw me on the bed. I rolled over, wriggling my body, pulling my panties off and spreading my legs wide apart; pushing my pussy up for him. It was only then that I noticed his cock again. I couldn’t believe it; it was still erect Sam; still standing proudly to attention as he approached.” We were back in the flow. But it wasn’t frightening anymore, just pure excitement. “He got onto the bed with me, flipping me over onto my front with my head facing the bottom of the bed. And as he did so he unclipped my bra and eased it off.” She paused momentarily.

“Go on,” I groaned as I felt her breath on my ear as she snuggled closer to me. I was lying back on the sofa stroking my cock while Annie was running her finger nails up and down my ball sack.

“I looked up and for the first time noticed the huge wardrobe mirror and my reflection staring straight back at me. I remember thinking that I didn’t look like any of the women in the porn movies we’d watched. Even when they were being fucked senseless they were always so well manicured; perfectly presented; as if they’d just come out of makeup.

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