My Friend’s Mom Offers Me a Job

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John and I had been good friends ever since Kindergarten. One of us was always staying over at the other’s house, and our families became close as well. John’s mom, Karen, thought I was terrific and she loved to have me around, so I wasn’t too surprised that summer when she called my father and asked if I wanted a job at the daycare center where she worked.

From what I could gather Karen was in her mid-thirties, but I always found her very attractive. She was about my height, 5′ 10,” and she was slim with medium-length brown hair. I had occasionally caught glimpses of her cleavage, and her breasts looked like the perfect size. I had never had any obsession with her, especially since there were so many other attractive women in my life, but when I walked into her office that day I was reminded of the sexual attraction I had occasionally felt.

“Hey, Mike,” Karen said cheerfully as I walked into her office on the second floor.

“Hi, Karen,” I said as I surveyed her office. Her office wasn’t big, just a desk with a computer, a filing cabinet, and some other seats against the wall. After taking a seat, I had a chance to check out Karen since she was finishing typing something on the computer. She was dressed unusually casually, wearing a white blouse and a skirt that came up to just above her knees as she was sitting. I don’t think she saw me looking at her legs as she turned and smiled at me.

“Hi, sorry, I just had to finish something on the computer. So, you think you might want to work here this summer?”

“Yeah, I’d like to make some money.”

“Well, I would love to have you around.” When she said this I caught a strange tone in her voice, and I noticed that she was looking at me almost desirously. “Um, hold on, I have something to give you actually.” As she said this she got up from her swivel chair and walked to her filing cabinet, which was across the room from where I was sitting. What happened next completely surprised me. Karen had never flirted with me, but that day she seemed charged with a sexual energy from the moment she had said hi to me when I walked in.

She opened a bottom drawer of her filing cabinet and bent over to get something out. Her skirt was too short tekirdağ escort and as she bent over more and more of her legs were exposed to me. When she was fully bent over, it looked as though she were inviting me to come up behind her and enter her with my growing erection. To surprise me even more, she looked over her shoulder and smiled at me as though she were purposely teasing me as she was going through her files. Finally she pulled out a piece of paper from a file and stood up, but I was already fully erect, and I could feel my strong erection against my leg as she sat back down in front of me.

“Ok, here it is,” she said as she looked over the paper. “This is a description of what your job would be like if you wanted to work here.” She extended the paper to me, but I knew if I stood up she would see my powerful erection, so I tried to extend my arm as far as I could without standing up. Karen saw I didn’t want to get up, and I suspected that she knew why, so she leaned forward and extended the paper farther. As she leaned forward though, her blouse fell slightly open and I caught a perfect glimpse down her shirt of her alert breasts. She leaned back in her chair again as I looked over the paper. “Alright, Mike, I think that’s all, just call if you want the job.”

“Thanks, Karen.” I was about to get up when I realized my penis was still throbbing underneath my jeans, and I could not get up without Karen seeing my erection.

“Mike, I don’t want to be mean but I have some work to do, so you can leave now.” I realized I would only arouse more suspicion if I didn’t get up and leave, and since I thought I could make a quick movement toward the door, I did. As I stood up I began to walk quickly to the door, but it was not fast enough. “Mike,” Karen said sounding almost concerned. I was facing away from her, towards the door, so I answered without turning around, which probably seemed strange. “Yes,” I said with a nervous voice.

“Mike, turn around. What’s the matter?” I took a deep breath and decided to accept whatever humiliation was facing me; after all it wasn’t like I had done something wrong. When I turned around, Karen had her eyes locked on my crotch, where there was a visibly large erection.

“I’m sorry, Mike, is that because of me?” Karen asked apologetically. I tried to say something but my head was spinning. “Well, now that I’ve seen it I might as well be honest,” she said as she got out of her chair. “I purposely showed myself off to you, to see if I was still attractive.” Her voice had a sadder tone to it as she continued. “I just felt like I was getting old, and I wanted to make myself feel attractive, but I shouldn’t have done this to you.” My erection had subsided and I walked towards her and embraced her.

“It’s ok, I understand,” I said as she hugged me strongly. “Mike, will you fuck me?” She said while breathing heavily from desire and her subsiding sadness. I said nothing but stepped back from her and unbuttoned my pants and let them drop to the floor with my boxers. Karen licked her lips and got on her knees in front of penis, which was growing erect again. “Oh, yes, I love having a dick in my mouth. It makes me feel so good,” Karen said as she took my cock with both hands and licked the tip of it. Her tongue worked its way up and down my erection until she looked up at me and took all eight inches into her warm mouth.

Looking down at her with her cock in my mouth and her breasts almost spilling out of her white blouse, I nearly came, but instead she pulled me out and stood up again. I was a little disappointed because it had been so quick, but she saw the look on my face and said: “Don’t worry, I just down want you to cum until you have a chance to fuck me.” I had never heard her talk like this but it just turned me on more and my already hard cock was throbbing eagerly. As I stood there she unbuttoned her blouse completely and took it off. After removing her bra, she stood before me with her wonderful breasts completely bared and only wearing her mini skirt and high heels.

“Karen, I want to fucking shove my cock inside you,” I said as I looked at her slim legs and full breasts. “Mmm, that sounds nice Mike, let me see your cock first.” She took my erection in her hands as we stood before each other and she stroked it while telling me through her look how much she wanted me inside of her. “Ok, I’m ready.” She reached back and pulled up her skirt over her ass, and of course she wasn’t wearing any underwear. She leaned over her desk and told me fuck her, so I did. I came up behind her and glided my cock into her tight pussy as she leaned over her desk. I felt her warmth on the tip of my erection and then entered her about two inches.

She started to plead for it. “Please fuck me, Mike. I want all eight inches of your fucking cock inside of me.” I entered her more, hearing her moan slightly as I completely shoved my erection inside of her cunt. “Oh, yes…” she gasped slightly as I felt my balls touch her ass. I had entered her slowly but I decided to pick up the pace. “I’m going to fuck you so hard now,” I warned her as I pulled out slightly in preparation of my faster pace. Karen just pleaded for it. I started pumping my cock in and out of her and the sensation against her wet pussy was wonderful. I reached forward as I pumped her cunt and took one of her breasts in my hands.

“Do you like my tits?” Karen gasped as I massaged her breasts vigorously while fucking her. “Oh, yes! Fuck me!” she screamed as I pumped harder and harder. Papers were falling off her desk and she was moaning and writhing as I fucked her harder and harder.

“Mike, this is it, keep fucking me I’m going to orgasm!” I was surprised at my ability to hold out as she collapsed on her desk in orgasm. Her legs gave out and I had to hold her to keep her from falling off the desk.

“Just keep fucking me until you come, Mike, it feels nice,” Karen said lazily. After about thirty more seconds of fucking her limp body, I came. I exploded inside of her and she stirred slightly at the amount of cum that was pouring into her. It was the greatest feeling ever and I when I finally stopped cumming, I collapsed on top of her.

“Thank you, Michael, and I look forward to seeing you here over the summer. I want you to stop by my office occasionally.” Karen had cleaned herself up and we were both fully dressed standing before each other. She was trying to act as normal as she could after our session, but finally looked at me and thanked me for the wonderful fuck. I just looked at her up and down and remembered how wonderful her breasts felt, and how wonderful it was to fuck her.

More to come in future stories about Mike’s work at Camp…

Look for “Fucking Carla”

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