My Medical Result With Nurse Sonia

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Before I got the job I had to apply for many employment agencies. And indeed after a couple of months I got a call from one of the employment agencies in a commercial district,informing me to report to their office because I was hired so I was told to go to their office ASAP.

Upon reaching the office, I was received by the secretary.

“Are your documents sir? Can I see your medical results?” she asked, checking my papers.

“I’m sorry miss, I haven’t undergone a medical test yet…” I said sheepishly.

“Ok, go to Manila then and have your medical exam there. go to this clinic in this address. They are the ones authorized to conduct a medical exam for our agency. Return here once you get the result. And if you’re given a clean bill of health, I’ll prepare the papers for your contract signing. Ok?”

Not wasting any time, I went to Manila and reached the said clinic after a few hours. I told the attendant/nurse who sits at the information desk about my business there.

“Oh, I’m sorry sir, the doctor’s out due to an emergency call. But you can return tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. so that you’ll be the first out-patient in line for a check-up,” the nurse said.

I had no choice but to go home. The only consolation was that I had the confidence to be hired once I get my test result.

I arrived at the clinic one hour before the clinic which is located at the third floor of a commercial building. I stated my business to the guard and told me to proceed to the third floor since the nurse had already gone there.

I was surprised as I reached the said floor because the corridor was dark, except for the light coming from the clinic. I knocked and she came out from one of the rooms.

Sonia, (her name), was in her late 30s or early 40s, standing 5’8 in height (5 inches taller than me), with a 37-32-36 figure. She was wearing the typical nurse outfit but it seems it was a bit tight for her as her “love handles” slightly protrudes from her waist while her cleavage gaziantep escort was very prominent especially when she bent down to pick up some papers that fell to the floor — obviously she was doing some paperwork. Her face has a mature resemblance to Ms. Pia Moran, local celebrity of the 80s.

“You came too early,” she remarked, her face expressionless.

“I’m sorry. I want to avoid the traffic mess.” I replied. I turned sideways because I felt awkward — my cock began to stiffen after seeing her boobs when she bent down. I was wearing my white shirt tucked in my jeans as a dress code when applying in an employment agency.

“That’s alright. What are the tests to be conducted on you? Hmmm?”, she asked as her piercing eyes gazed at my protruding zipper but tried to pretend it was nothing.

I showed her the form from the secretary, shaking. Now I was the one sweating profusely.

“So you’ll have an x-ray , blood and urine examination. The x-ray lab will open around 9 a.m. so we’ll test your urine and blood test first,” Sonia said nonchalantly.

She gave me the tube vial for the urine sample and told me to go to the rest room around the corner. I ran and walk at the same time since my cock was already rock hard and I was getting embarrassed that somebody might see me this way. I unzipped my pants as soon as I got into the restroom but I was having a difficult time releasing my pee. I guess my cock really went rock hard when it was released from my pants. I was getting impatient for my cock to soft so I decided to jack it to release some of the “tension”.

I jumped in surprise when Sonia shouted from the other room.

“Are you done. sir?” she asked.

“Uuhh, almost there,” I replied awkwardly. I jacked my cock off hurriedly and closed my eyes, trying to imagine some erotic scenes that would quickly release my load and have my piss on the tube.

Suddenly I heard Sonia answered back but she was now behind me.

“No wonder you’re taking too long to finish your business, you’re masturbating.”

Surprised and embarrassed, I offered a thousand apologies.

I’m sorry miss, I son’t know what came over me.”

I awkwardly replied.

“well, don’t be. I am a nurse ako and this is not my first time to see a man’s genitals. I can even assist you in solving your problem if you want to expedite things. This is not new to me, you know…”

Without any warning she faced me and squatted on my side then grabbed my penis as if she was just getting a banana. She began rubbing my cock hurriedly. It felt so good that I don’t want to end it.

“Hey…cum already!” Sonia was beginning to be impatient.

“I…I can’t miss…I am having a hard time…sorry Nurse Sonia, it feels good…”

She rubbed it more for two minutes, then she grabbed my cock even more and started licking on the pre-cum oozing from my penis hole.

“Uhmmm…almost there…cum on…”

To make sure no sperm will stain the floor, she sucked at it greedily. She was moaning from delight. Then she asked me again while my penis was on her mouth.

“Come inside my mouth. I don’t want the clinic to smell funny or have white stains on the floor…”

Those words turned me on. After a few more minutes I gave a muffled moan when my spunk exploded in her mouth. I saw her looked at me with bulging eyes, signaling that my come has filled her mouth. She sucked my cock for a few minutes and released it when she felt that there was no more juice left in my shaft.

To my surprise my cock did not soften one bit; instead, it seems it became bigger when Sonia sucked it but she was not a bit surprised at all. I think she was expecting it and was not showing it.

She grabbed my hand and took me to the cubicle. She pulled her panties down without taking her nurse uniform off to reveal her hair-trimmed pussy. She pulled down the bowl cover and sat down, legs spread. She took my cock and guided it into her slit.

“Get your cock inside me, quick! Patients will arrive in a few minutes…” she was panting.

She didn’t need to say anything. As soon as my cock found it s target I slammed it down hard. She gave a slight shriek.

“Uuhhh…that hurts…take it easy boy…ooohhhh..shit…that feels good…”

I fucked her slow at first. Everytime I pull out white cream was covering my cock.

“Fuck me…fast!Ohhhh…I-I am…cominggg! Shit!” She gave a muffled wail when she came. I could feel her pussy contracting, pulling my cock more inside.

She gave a yelp when I grabbed her tits and massaged it for a while. After a few minutes I grabbed one nipple and sucked on it greedily while massaging the other one. I did this alternately to her delight.

“Come on…stop it…enough…the doctor will be here in minutes…Enoughh…ohhhh…fuck…I am cumming again…Unghhh!” she wailed as I continued to fuck her pussy and and suck her tits at the same time.

“Here I come Miss Sonia…Am about to come too…”

“Go ahead…cum inside me…don’t want the clinic to smell funny…it would be embarrassing…fuck me…fuck me more!”she pleaded.

I felt something in my inside that needs to be released so I hammered Mam Sonia’s pussy harder and harder when I felt something spit from my cock. I pressed it into her more for a few minutes while she gave a long “Aaahhhhh”. Her pussy quivered on my cock as she did this. I lay on top of her for a few minutes.

As I was about to stand up she grabbed my head and gave me a hard kiss, followed by a suck in my tongue. We sucked each other’s tongue and fondled each other’s bodies. Obviously the lust subsided when she hurriedly pushed me away. My cock gave a sloshing sound as my cock was pulled from her dripping wet pussy. We dressed up afterwards. She left me in a hurry to go back to her station while I continued to pee on the tube for the sample. Luckily my cock gave way and started filling up the tube.

After a few days I got the result and went to my assigned work station. I never heard from Mam Sonia after that quickie in the office.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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