My Niece Rachael, the Confession

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It was noon on Sunday and already 100 degrees in our L.A. suburb. I had just finished mowing the lawn in the backyard. I put the mower away and turned on the TV that hung on the wall under the patio.

The ceiling fan which hung over my weight bench was at full speed. I sat there dripping with sweat try in vain to cool off. I was wearing only my gym shorts but in that heat I still felt over dressed. I changed the TV to the Dodger game and tried to decide if I really had the energy to workout.

Inside my wife Marie and our niece Rachael were betting each other if I was going to workout like I told them I was. Rachael wagered that I would and Marie thought otherwise. Rachael’s rational was that I was not in that great of shape without discipline. Marie was somewhat taken back by her comment.

“Do you think Dave is attractive?” asked Marie.

“Well I think he takes really good care of himself. You both do. I think you guys are in better shape than most people my age” Rachael’s responded.

“He is really sexy…” Marie said under her breath.

“Especially when he’s all covered in sweat like that.”


“Sorry, I’m just saying.”

With that they watched as I loaded the barbell with weights.

That night Marie asked if I needed a massage after my long day of hard work. I loved her massages because she never offered unless she was extremely horny and this was no exception. She oiled my back and gave me a nice rub down, mixing in a few kisses along the way.

“Turn over” she said.

I rolled over onto my back and she straddled me wearing only one of my t-shirts. She rubbed my sore pecs and abs before moving down to my legs. As she rubbed my thighs she maneuvered her hands into my shorts. There she found my semi-hard dick just waiting for attention.

After stroking me for a minute or two she pulled my shorts down just enough to allow my dick to spring out passed the waist band. She fondled it a little more before taking it in her mouth. She sucked and licked and kissed my dick with an urgency she never had before.

“Baby newcratos stop or I’m going to cum!” I moaned.

She kept working my dick sucking hard on just the head working her tongue back and forth just under the tip.

“Oh shit baby!”

She pulled her head away as the first burst of man juice shot skyward. She squeezed and stroked me until the last drop of cum was milked from my worn-out dick. She then bent over and kissed the head as if to say it good night.

“What was all that about?” I asked.

“You looked so good today, all covered with sweat and working-out.”

“Thanks, I’m glad you noticed.”

“I wasn’t the only one.”

I gave Marie a confused look.

“Rachael was pretty impressed as well. I think she may have a little crush on you.”

I could feel my face turning red not from embarrassment but from the thought of my first encounter with Rachael just three weeks earlier.

“I think a girl as pretty as Rachael has her thoughts on boys her age not on a man that’s older than her Dad.”

“You really think that?”

“Of course she probably has three or four boyfriends.”

“No I mean do you think she is pretty?”

“Of course, how could you not. She certainly is not the 12 year old tomboy I was picturing when we agreed to let her move in.”

“Have you ever fantasize about fucking her?”

“Ok there is a big difference in thinking your niece is pretty and wanting to fuck her. Where did that come from?”

“Well we’ve been together along time and I see the way other women look at you. I just always fantasized what it would be like to watch you fuck someone else.”

“Oh come on, you’re not serious?”

“Yes! Dead serious.”

“But Rachael?” I asked as images of Rachael’s naked body danced through my head.

“Mmm hmm.”

Marie couldn’t control herself sitting on her knees beside me on the bed. She reached between her legs and started to rub her pussy. She was as hot as I’ve ever seen her. She was rubbing her pussy so hard and fast it looked like she was trying to start a fire. She put newcratos giriş one hand behind her and leaned back. She let out a screamed and shot a stream of cum out onto the sheets. I knew she was a squirter because she has done it before but the stream that shot out of her was the stuff of legends.

She fell forward holding her crotch and shaking as if being shocked by electrodes. She then laid on her side and tried to come down off that gigantic orgasm. I put my arms around her and she nestled up close to me.

“Will you fuck her for me?” Marie whispered.

“Yes Baby, I will fuck her for you.”

And with that she fell asleep.

I gently kissed Marie and left her asleep then went downstairs for some water. When I got into the kitchen I found Rachael standing there in her short sheer night gown. She had a big smile on her face.

“Sounds like you two are having a good time up there.”

“Want to join in?” I asked.


“No I’m serious.”

“Marie would kill you if you even hinted at it.”

“What if it was her idea?”

“Dream on Uncle.”

“I’m not kidding she wants to watch me to fuck you.”

“S-h-u-t U-p! She said that?”

“Yes and then she fucked herself into that screaming orgasm.”

“No fucking way?”

“Yes she did and it was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“Hotter than this?” Rachael asked while quickly flashing me her perky tits.

“Yes, but those a close second.”

Rachael smiled and turned to get a glass out of the cabinet. I walked over to her and started kissing the back of her neck. She reached back and desperately tried to free my rapidly hardening cock.

“What if Aunt Marie comes down?”

“She’s sound asleep and besides this is what she wants.”

With that Rachael quickly pulled my dick out of my shorts and guided it into her tight 18 year old pussy. I pounded her against the counter watching her round ass flatten as my body pressed hard against her.

She turned around and sat on the counter. I put her legs up to my shoulders and again put my hardened steel dick into her hot wet pussy. I stoked in and out of her, long slow strokes. My session upstairs with Marie was over so quick, I want this to last.

I watched as my dick glided in and out, over and over. The straps of her night gown slid off her shoulders revealing those perfect breasts. I let her legs fall from my shoulders and she quickly wrapped them around me, pulling my deeper inside her.

I leaned forward and kissed the valley between her beautifully round boobs. I worked my way to her nipples gently sucking and pulling on them with my lips.

I pulled back to again watching my dick enter my beautiful young niece. Her pussy looked so good I had to pull out and lick that sweet little cunt. My tongue worked her pink flesh and bulging clit till she was on the verge of cumming.

She pushed me away and we moved to the dining room. I sat down on one of the chairs and Rachael backed onto me with moves that would make a stripper proud. She bounced her ass up and down stroking my cock between her cheeks. Again I put my dick inside her drenched pussy and she slid herself up down my pole.

She turned to face me and this time instead of taking me inside she rubbed her pussy on my dick pinning it to my lower stomach. She rubbed back and forth kissing me with the passion of a long lost lover. I reached down and grabbed my dick and placed back inside Rachael. She again started up and down my shaft as my finger probed her back door. Slick from the juices flowing from her pussy my finger easily slid inside her ass. I could feel my dick moving in and out of her pussy through the thin wall of flesh that separated her two holes.

“Get your finger out of there or it’s going to make me cum” she said.

I wanted her to cum because I couldn’t hold back any longer. I took her nipple into my mouth and lightly nibbled on it. The combination of dick, finger and mouth was too much. Rachael exploded in ecstasy.

“OH GOD! OH GOD!” she yelled.

I shot my load deep inside her, the juices of our orgasms mixing together before dripping out into my lap.

Rachael held onto me resting her head under my chin. As we both struggled to catch out breath I thought “what a night.” Better still what a show Marie would soon get…

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